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93% | 1676 X | 1497 TS

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93% | 1691 X | 1451 TS

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85% | 1471 X | 1508 TS

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73% | 1427 X | 1361 TS

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59% | 1309 X | 1323 TS

Chat log

00:00:00NwC.CooL-T [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... Lafrenzz with 85 seconds.
00:00:16mrk i want invo
00:00:16yeW- k
00:00:16yeW- who wants spec
00:00:16yeW- o phoe
00:00:16NwC.CooL-T ban spec
00:00:16Yuriko i want roof or warlock
00:00:16yeW- k
00:00:16Lafrenzz phonix
00:00:16mamyka and pick wl for nwc
00:00:16yeW- he gets wl
00:00:16NwC.CooL-T ban spec
00:00:16yeW- someone go pl then?
00:00:16yeW- spec
00:00:18NwC.CooL-T we cant stop spec
00:00:26Yuriko for me?
00:00:26yeW- tiz true
00:00:29Lafrenzz me
00:00:30Yuriko ok
00:00:30BoBo.Ftw i go vip
00:00:31Lafrenzz mid
00:00:32Yuriko i'll go roof
00:00:37yeW- mamyka
00:00:39yeW- what u want
00:00:46mamyka kunka
00:00:46Lynge roof tank
00:00:47yeW- invo?
00:00:48Lynge i go carry
00:00:51mamyka go inv
00:00:51Yuriko i go radi ac
00:00:53Lynge 2 lastpicks get supporters
00:00:54yeW- lol
00:00:55yeW- k
00:00:56yeW- :p
00:00:59Lynge ups
00:01:00mrk ur one of the 2
00:01:02mamyka i didnt see invo
00:01:02Lynge i am last ^
00:01:04mrk :D
00:01:04Lynge epic
00:01:05BoBo.Ftw yew midd?
00:01:06Lynge kinda first game
00:01:13mamyka yew swap?
00:01:16yeW- gief le void
00:01:16yeW- ye ofc
00:01:23yeW- ofc for swap
00:01:25Yuriko i'll pull and stuff
00:01:25yeW- u can take mid if u want
00:01:41mamyka void for you?
00:01:46yeW- ye
00:01:50yeW- meh
00:01:51mamyka see?
00:01:52Lynge void?
00:01:53Lynge kidding?
00:01:58yeW- give sk
00:01:59mamyka say
00:02:07Yuriko you have exort?
00:02:07mamyka -swap 1\
00:02:08Yuriko invo
00:02:08Lynge get Wards Void
00:02:08yeW- -swap 5
00:02:11mamyka -swap 1
00:02:12Yuriko we can fb from behind
00:02:12mrk nothing yet
00:02:22Yuriko i slow and u hit
00:02:24Yuriko magna dead
00:02:24Lynge Warlock
00:02:28mrk i go for
00:02:29mrk qw
00:02:39Yuriko well.. try anyway
00:02:49mrk we can kill lv 2 ez
00:02:55mrk ur spell + snap
00:02:55Lynge eeeezzyy breeesy
00:02:56Yuriko go fb from behind.. easy
00:02:57yeW- go put those wards what u waitin for :D
00:03:09yeW- -ma
00:03:16yeW- if my farms good i might go diffu
00:03:35yeW- ss
00:03:39yeW- re
00:04:15mrk go
00:04:49Yuriko magnus
00:04:50yeW- share
00:04:53yeW- mb
00:04:54yeW- :D
00:05:01mamyka srey
00:05:04yeW- S
00:05:30yeW- pull
00:05:37yeW- pls
00:05:43Yuriko oom
00:06:12mrk tell me when
00:06:13mrk we dive
00:06:17Yuriko next
00:06:18Yuriko wave
00:08:18Lynge go gang Woods
00:08:23Lynge Woods
00:08:34yeW- ss
00:08:45Lynge MY
00:08:48NwC.CooL-T faggot
00:08:52yeW- care mid
00:08:53NwC.CooL-T slowpok
00:08:59mrk dive
00:09:00Yuriko go
00:09:06Lynge ss SK
00:09:09Lynge re
00:09:17BoBo.Ftw :D
00:09:19Lafrenzz :D
00:09:27Lafrenzz ss
00:09:34Lynge go Woods Void
00:09:38Lynge or not
00:09:53Lynge Go
00:09:57Lafrenzz ss
00:10:04Lynge CMON TARD
00:10:06NwC.CooL-T retard
00:10:08Lynge U GOT 500 hp
00:10:10Lynge and u run
00:10:12Lynge fucking pussy
00:11:11Lynge Woods
00:11:22mrk ss
00:11:23Lynge WAKE UP
00:11:23mrk ss
00:11:24mrk lots
00:11:35yeW- -ma
00:12:03Lynge WOODS
00:12:05Lynge VOID
00:12:05Lynge WOODS
00:12:23holostoi ??2
00:12:25holostoi SS2
00:13:01Lynge my
00:13:18yeW- lol
00:13:19Yuriko mana
00:13:42yeW- def bot mb
00:14:38mrk ffs
00:14:42Yuriko sk is fat
00:14:44mrk shoulda went asap
00:14:46mrk not turn around
00:15:12mrk they coming top
00:15:14yeW- up courier
00:15:14Lafrenzz why are roof and void farming same place
00:17:46yeW- help?
00:18:00mrk roof
00:18:04mrk why running :D
00:18:08mrk ah oom
00:18:17mrk roof
00:18:18mrk roof
00:18:18mrk roof
00:18:37Yuriko brainlag
00:18:55Lynge go
00:19:20Lynge b
00:19:20BoBo.Ftw gg noob
00:19:34BoBo.Ftw die
00:19:35yeW- looloolo
00:20:12mrk top
00:20:12mrk help
00:20:25mrk go ult void
00:20:35mrk -ms
00:20:37holostoi report
00:20:37Lynge go top
00:20:38holostoi ty
00:20:41BoBo.Ftw :D :D :D :D
00:20:46holostoi 17 min
00:20:52BoBo.Ftw i ll report u
00:20:54Lafrenzz agha in 350
00:20:55BoBo.Ftw motherfucker
00:20:55holostoi ok
00:20:56holostoi np
00:20:59Lafrenzz let me
00:21:01Lafrenzz agha soon
00:21:29Lynge me
00:21:30Lynge haste
00:22:12holostoi bob
00:22:22BoBo.Ftw nice items magnus
00:22:26BoBo.Ftw go bronze
00:22:27holostoi ye
00:22:28yeW- ^^
00:22:33Lafrenzz ok lets push mid
00:22:36Lafrenzz ulti with agha
00:22:43yeW- too much fail
00:22:44yeW- top
00:23:09mamyka coldsnap + slow roof
00:23:32Lafrenzz mid
00:23:35mrk sk needs regen
00:23:57Lafrenzz push
00:24:43mrk rofl
00:25:06mrk no need to run there
00:25:08mrk we knew they have ults
00:25:14mrk sk died magnus died
00:25:17mrk just stay far ..
00:25:36Lynge just stay distance invok and make heavy shit
00:25:44yeW- haha
00:25:46yeW- u'd be dead
00:25:51yeW- if they'd use gyph
00:25:56yeW- got difu
00:26:56yeW- wards?
00:27:03Lafrenzz need all
00:27:05yeW- illu
00:27:49Lynge go
00:27:50Lynge go
00:27:50mrk bait
00:28:09Lafrenzz go again
00:28:18Lafrenzz void stay out
00:28:38mrk ROFL
00:28:39mrk VOID
00:28:41mrk THE FUCK
00:29:15mrk haha
00:29:17mrk nice
00:29:26mrk track
00:29:34Lafrenzz roof what items u going now
00:29:39Yuriko ac
00:29:41Lafrenzz k
00:29:54Yuriko b
00:29:58yeW- hw about some daggers lads
00:30:49Lynge void item?
00:31:57Lynge MID
00:31:58Lynge gogo
00:31:59Lynge no SK
00:32:04Lynge ROOF
00:32:09yeW- why dont u go
00:32:10yeW- 2 bot
00:32:17Lafrenzz mid tower
00:32:25Lafrenzz fast
00:32:27Lafrenzz sk dead
00:32:28yeW- well b now
00:32:28Yuriko why not top
00:32:31Lynge MI
00:32:32Lynge MID
00:32:39yeW- pipe vipe?
00:32:46mrk dagger enigm
00:34:16mrk -ms
00:34:19mrk -ms
00:34:22Yuriko why does void have no iteams
00:34:26Lafrenzz VOID GET ITEMS MAN'
00:34:58Lafrenzz mid
00:35:19Lafrenzz ulti in 20
00:35:28Yuriko rosh?
00:35:38mrk they have
00:35:39mrk blink enigma
00:35:39mrk bkb
00:35:50Lafrenzz rosh
00:35:52Lafrenzz fast
00:35:58mrk they must be coming
00:35:59mrk camp
00:36:40yeW- this team t_t
00:37:06Lynge 5 dead
00:37:07Lynge rax
00:37:14Lynge ill def
00:37:38Lynge 1 rax
00:37:38Lynge and b
00:37:48yeW- lmao
00:37:49Lafrenzz rax
00:37:50Lynge RAX
00:37:51Lynge ALL IN
00:37:57mrk b
00:38:02Yuriko wrong way
00:38:28mrk they may go rosh now
00:38:47mrk gather
00:38:48mrk fast
00:38:51yeW- lemme top
00:39:08Yuriko need 50 gold plz
00:39:13Yuriko leave me cata
00:39:42mrk all miss
00:39:45Lynge WARDS
00:39:45Lafrenzz gather
00:39:54Lafrenzz rosh
00:40:02Lynge GET DUST
00:40:03Lynge ffs
00:40:11Lynge invis us roof
00:40:34Yuriko do same thing again
00:40:34Lafrenzz push bot
00:40:34Yuriko lol
00:40:41Yuriko they'll come
00:40:42Lafrenzz nvm take rosh
00:40:54mrk yep
00:40:55mrk they coming
00:41:05Lynge CARE
00:41:10Lynge HELP
00:41:16mrk rofl
00:41:17mrk seer
00:41:45yeW- ur ulties magnus
00:41:47yeW- sick shit
00:41:58Lafrenzz ROSH
00:42:17Lynge i take?
00:42:19mrk y
00:42:20Lafrenzz y
00:42:28Yuriko i go top
00:42:30Yuriko or not
00:42:33Lynge i take bot invoker
00:43:01yeW- I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:43:02Lafrenzz got refresher now
00:43:08Lafrenzz badass
00:43:09Yuriko go top
00:43:19Lynge no
00:43:21Lynge i need regen
00:43:30mrk not really
00:43:32mrk come tp
00:43:36Lynge i run :D
00:43:47Lynge gogogoog
00:44:04yeW- b
00:44:07yeW- let tower die
00:44:20BoBo.Ftw will be hard fight
00:44:22yeW- ye
00:44:24yeW- 4 infs
00:44:43Lynge farm?
00:44:46Lafrenzz push here
00:45:01yeW- bb
00:45:02yeW- b
00:45:16mrk hmm
00:45:18mrk felt like something was missing
00:45:38Lafrenzz -apåm
00:45:42Lynge -apm
00:45:45mrk -apm
00:45:48Yuriko -apm
00:46:00Lafrenzz gg
00:46:04BoBo.Ftw wp
00:46:06Lafrenzz u
00:46:08Lafrenzz 2
00:46:18Lafrenzz infernos just rape :D
00:46:22BoBo.Ftw y :D
00:46:28mamyka wp viper joke?
00:46:36Lafrenzz haha he was better than u
00:46:44Lafrenzz but inferno with DS vaccum
00:46:45Lafrenzz gg
00:46:46mamyka but not wp
00:47:02BoBo.Ftw kunkk with sange is talking
00:47:11yeW- always gimme mg
00:47:12yeW- dmg
00:47:15mamyka viper vs 100 hp on 30 min
00:47:20BoBo.Ftw it s joke
00:47:29BoBo.Ftw are u fucking serious?
00:47:33mamyka 30 min u have 1000 hp viper
00:47:49BoBo.Ftw i need dps
00:48:00Lynge go
00:48:00Lynge go
00:48:01Lynge go
00:48:03Lynge i go noW
00:49:16mrk rofl
00:49:22Yuriko lol
00:49:41Lynge TOP
00:49:43mrk oom
00:49:45Yuriko i got it
00:50:02mrk wait
00:50:03mrk chick
00:50:04mrk i bring
00:50:09mrk reuse
00:50:11Lynge Sweet
00:50:33yeW- deny
00:51:22Lafrenzz push
00:51:24Lafrenzz bot
00:51:45Yuriko no tower top btw
00:51:47Lafrenzz COME BOT
00:51:51mrk or
00:51:53mrk push top
00:51:55yeW- omw
00:51:55Lynge PUSH TOP'
00:51:56Lynge u2
00:51:56mamyka if
00:52:00mamyka you dont come
00:52:02Lafrenzz COME
00:52:03Yuriko wait then
00:52:34Lafrenzz help them
00:53:19Lynge gg
00:53:19Lafrenzz gg
00:53:21Lynge vøf
00:53:21Yuriko gg
00:53:24yeW- cancer prevails
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