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Chat log

00:00:21coolass lol
00:00:21creeeeeee -wlock
00:00:21Nickless lich
00:00:29Nickless can someone play krob
00:00:34Aerwyn i can
00:00:36RomyD82 why not bara ban?
00:00:47Aerwyn u want nickless?
00:00:50Nickless ill take him mby
00:00:57Aerwyn krob?
00:00:59creeeeeee get venge
00:01:01Nickless bara
00:01:03Aerwyn k
00:01:04coolass ye
00:01:07coolass bara goodddd
00:01:09creeeeeee stunssss
00:01:11creeeeeee :)
00:01:15Nickless take pugna if osme1 can play
00:01:18Aerwyn i pck u bara?
00:01:22Nickless k
00:01:25coolass i can play pugna
00:01:31kowitch magnus or venge?
00:01:31Aerwyn -swap 1
00:01:35Nickless -swap 4
00:01:36creeeeeee venge we need
00:01:36Nickless -clear
00:01:42Aerwyn i'm mid?
00:01:42RomyD82 so pugna
00:01:45Orre pugna,bs, venge?
00:01:45Nickless pls ward this place here
00:01:45RomyD82 or venge>?
00:01:48creeeeeee pugna
00:01:48coolass venge imo
00:01:53Nickless y stunner
00:01:59creeeeeee lina will kill himself to ward :)
00:02:02Orre lanes?
00:02:04coolass last pick
00:02:06coolass remember chick
00:02:07Nickless enigma
00:02:10Aerwyn well, i go mid, right?
00:02:11VanillaThunder axe woods?
00:02:11creeeeeee kunkka solo top
00:02:12Nickless with blink if possible
00:02:13creeeeeee axe woods
00:02:16creeeeeee pugna venge bot
00:02:19Nickless y
00:02:24Nickless enigma woods btm
00:02:28creeeeeee bot just decry and venge stun + blast
00:02:31RomyD82 im woods
00:02:31creeeeeee hardcore dmg
00:02:31Nickless me btm rest up
00:02:47Rotkiv chick
00:02:55Orre -afk
00:03:00Rotkiv venge buy chick ..
00:03:04RomyD82 man i like these hosts
00:03:06holostoi ???? ???
00:03:06RomyD82 i have no lag
00:03:06Rotkiv venge afk
00:03:06Orre -afk
00:03:06Rotkiv -afk
00:03:06coolass -afk
00:03:06holostoi rune top
00:03:06coolass blue
00:03:06Aerwyn -afk
00:03:06coolass dont u see
00:03:06Rotkiv venge are you here?
00:03:06kowitch do i build damage or support?
00:03:06coolass shall i solo top?
00:03:06holostoi -afk
00:03:06coolass or what
00:03:10creeeeeee get chick
00:03:11Rotkiv support
00:03:13creeeeeee and go stun + waver
00:03:16Rotkiv and get shick
00:03:18Nickless u and void
00:03:21coolass zzzz
00:03:23creeeeeee stun + wave
00:03:24Nickless try fb btm
00:03:25Rotkiv shae
00:03:38Nickless go
00:03:46VanillaThunder ss top
00:03:58Nickless gj
00:03:59Nickless b
00:04:02Orre 3 bot and no venge
00:04:17Orre could have saved me
00:04:22holostoi i top?
00:04:31Nickless y
00:05:09Orre lets kill veng
00:05:25VanillaThunder pull plz
00:06:59Aerwyn ss mid
00:07:36VanillaThunder gang top would be nice
00:07:37Nickless ss mid care
00:07:41Rotkiv after pull
00:08:06creeeeeee i come top
00:08:08creeeeeee wait me
00:08:09creeeeeee then go
00:08:16Rotkiv ss?
00:08:49creeeeeee ss
00:09:01creeeeeee lets kill mid
00:09:06creeeeeee go stun
00:09:43Orre ss
00:09:45Orre re
00:10:07Aerwyn ss mid
00:10:11coolass ye fuck this
00:10:15coolass stupid
00:10:27Aerwyn enigma
00:10:28Aerwyn kill pugna
00:10:48Orre oom
00:10:53creeeeeee me too
00:11:12Nickless up charged
00:11:15Nickless kunkka
00:11:21RomyD82 dont push hes lane
00:11:44VanillaThunder ss?
00:11:44coolass care
00:11:46coolass qop ss
00:11:48coolass and axe
00:12:07kowitch ss 2 top
00:12:10Orre ss
00:12:30coolass charge
00:12:40creeeeeee wait me also
00:12:46creeeeeee or nvm
00:12:47creeeeeee just go
00:12:48holostoi ty
00:12:56Rotkiv pullin
00:13:02creeeeeee kill lin
00:13:14Nickless omw
00:13:34coolass yes
00:13:34coolass cool
00:13:35coolass ff
00:13:37VanillaThunder bara charged
00:13:55coolass just ff
00:13:57coolass no chance
00:13:58coolass bad lanes
00:14:21Rotkiv omg ship
00:14:39Orre check statuses against bara
00:14:53Nickless what ff are u normal
00:14:55RomyD82 maybe u buy some wards
00:14:57Nickless they have no late
00:15:00RomyD82 before u cry like this
00:15:03creeeeeee lina again
00:15:09coolass i wont buy shit fr you
00:15:09RomyD82 lina
00:15:14RomyD82 for me
00:15:15RomyD82 ?
00:15:15Nickless lina pls
00:15:18RomyD82 for u mate
00:15:18Nickless be teamplayer man
00:15:32Orre fu
00:15:34coolass this is ridiculous
00:15:36coolass no ganks
00:15:38coolass no nothing
00:15:41coolass this aint dota
00:15:43RomyD82 def bot
00:15:48coolass this is amai retarded
00:15:55Aerwyn enigma, ulti=
00:16:04coolass i have no gold cuz noobs play bottom
00:16:12coolass and now my hero is useless
00:16:16RomyD82 no
00:16:19RomyD82 u are useless
00:16:23Nickless charged
00:16:39Rotkiv b?
00:16:41coolass i go farm mid
00:16:49RomyD82 ofc u need farm
00:17:23Aerwyn go
00:17:29VanillaThunder go mid
00:17:40creeeeeee kill
00:17:57creeeeeee how slow can you be
00:17:58creeeeeee rly
00:18:21Aerwyn ....
00:18:26Aerwyn lina
00:18:31Aerwyn wtf were u waiting for??
00:18:37Rotkiv get xc
00:18:44coolass :D
00:18:45coolass :D
00:18:47coolass u cant b serious
00:18:58kowitch -ma
00:19:11Rotkiv i go farm dagger
00:19:37RomyD82 go tower
00:19:54Rotkiv wards
00:20:09Aerwyn b
00:20:14Aerwyn no mana
00:20:24Aerwyn wards
00:20:25Aerwyn more
00:20:30RomyD82 def mid
00:20:33RomyD82 i have ulti
00:20:39Aerwyn gj
00:20:41Aerwyn go mid
00:20:43Aerwyn kill all
00:20:57Orre bad
00:21:03Aerwyn wp
00:21:04Aerwyn gj
00:21:06creeeeeee mkay
00:21:08creeeeeee 10 sek disabled
00:21:12Aerwyn åush
00:21:13Aerwyn push
00:21:15Aerwyn mid all
00:21:19creeeeeee we cant farm guys
00:21:27creeeeeee void will overfarm us any time
00:21:32creeeeeee have to keep ganging/pushing
00:21:41holostoi b
00:21:55Aerwyn wards
00:22:00Aerwyn enigma
00:22:08creeeeeee plant those wards
00:22:10creeeeeee and lets gamg
00:22:11VanillaThunder go gather now
00:22:20creeeeeee come now
00:22:24RomyD82 cd ulti
00:22:30coolass i pick
00:22:45Rotkiv omg
00:22:54creeeeeee no x?
00:22:55Rotkiv why i dindt call?
00:22:58VanillaThunder did
00:23:29Nickless he baits
00:23:48Aerwyn hmm
00:23:52creeeeeee dont hook up
00:23:54RomyD82 fucking phone
00:24:30Aerwyn gj
00:24:36Aerwyn ..
00:24:43coolass lol.
00:24:55Nickless it would be better if void use ulti when i hit them with charge
00:25:02Nickless so they cant atack me
00:25:13creeeeeee gather mid again
00:25:18RomyD82 i got ulti
00:25:22creeeeeee or not
00:25:32Aerwyn wards
00:25:34Aerwyn enigma
00:25:35Aerwyn :((((
00:25:43Orre bara inc imo
00:25:43RomyD82 i have
00:25:45Aerwyn aa
00:25:46Aerwyn good
00:25:46Nickless charged
00:25:47Aerwyn :D
00:25:48coolass ye
00:25:53Nickless ?
00:26:18coolass oom
00:26:28RomyD82 kill that freaking ward
00:26:34creeeeeee they saw you
00:26:35creeeeeee btw
00:26:40Orre lul
00:26:46RomyD82 imba ward
00:26:47RomyD82 :D
00:26:49Aerwyn :D
00:26:49Aerwyn ye
00:27:07creeeeeee come
00:27:09Aerwyn go place
00:27:12Aerwyn wards enigma
00:27:13Aerwyn :)
00:27:15RomyD82 yy
00:27:15kowitch i get focsud
00:27:16VanillaThunder can we do just 1 good combo?
00:27:21kowitch we need axe
00:27:21VanillaThunder axejump my ulti
00:27:23RomyD82 stop using my hero pls
00:27:24Nickless this is our game
00:27:27VanillaThunder and akasha
00:27:32Aerwyn ye
00:27:34creeeeeee kill him
00:27:47coolass charge
00:27:48coolass qop
00:28:22creeeeeee torrent not working on bara it seems
00:28:30Aerwyn CREEPS
00:28:30VanillaThunder yea
00:28:31Aerwyn FOREST
00:28:32RomyD82 maybe let me kill him
00:28:33Aerwyn ENIGMA
00:28:34RomyD82 so i wont die
00:28:36RomyD82 fucker
00:28:44RomyD82 lol
00:28:47Aerwyn u should run to forest kill one creep :)
00:28:48coolass WTF
00:28:49coolass D:D::D:D.
00:28:50Aerwyn with ur skill
00:28:50coolass :D:D:D:D:D:
00:28:57RomyD82 ye
00:29:01creeeeeee what took you so long axe?
00:29:02RomyD82 i thought
00:29:03creeeeeee could of insta enigma
00:29:05RomyD82 i last hit axe
00:29:07creeeeeee you were just behind me
00:29:08RomyD82 and thats it
00:29:09RomyD82 but no
00:29:20Rotkiv i was far away .. and i didnt no why venge didnt swap or stun him
00:29:28kowitch i was silenced
00:29:34Rotkiv how?
00:29:38kowitch dunno
00:29:43Orre krob
00:29:48Nickless care
00:29:53Rotkiv no krobe was there when olny enigma
00:30:09Rotkiv why .. dont wait me
00:30:15Aerwyn push
00:30:16Aerwyn mid
00:30:38VanillaThunder well done guys
00:30:47Rotkiv I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:30:55kowitch I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:30:55VanillaThunder rly how can we lose this?
00:30:56coolass nice
00:30:57coolass heal
00:31:01Nickless np
00:31:11kowitch they have epic ultis
00:31:14coolass hmm :d
00:31:24Nickless good try anyway
00:31:36creeeeeee 5 def now
00:31:37creeeeeee mbu
00:31:41holostoi b
00:31:47RomyD82 i got ulti
00:32:01Orre FUUUU
00:32:21VanillaThunder .d
00:32:23Aerwyn push
00:32:23VanillaThunder EPIC
00:32:24Aerwyn mid
00:32:24Aerwyn mid
00:32:25creeeeeee so
00:32:25Orre fucking void
00:32:25Aerwyn rax
00:32:27Aerwyn got ulti
00:32:27Aerwyn mid
00:32:32Nickless y need push
00:32:35creeeeeee kunkka didnt even use ult?
00:32:35coolass doesnt matter that much
00:32:36coolass we won
00:32:37creeeeeee how great is that
00:32:40coolass its 90% sure
00:32:46Rotkiv its over .. they got 50 times better picks and now void should be getting good farm
00:32:49VanillaThunder i got silenced by krob
00:32:50Nickless lets just take it to the bank :D
00:32:52creeeeeee i dont give a fuck about it anymore
00:32:54creeeeeee had 5:0
00:32:55coolass ^^
00:32:56Nickless with rax mid
00:32:58creeeeeee now 8:7
00:33:04Nickless wp guys
00:33:19creeeeeee and now you ult to nothing
00:33:22holostoi b
00:33:40RomyD82 :D
00:33:43RomyD82 damn
00:33:47Aerwyn sry, nothing i could do :/
00:33:51RomyD82 ye i saw
00:33:58RomyD82 thoughyt i would blink out but
00:34:10VanillaThunder go
00:34:20VanillaThunder I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:34:23creeeeeee I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:34:24Rotkiv I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:34:30Orre NO CD AT ALL
00:34:31Aerwyn push
00:34:47Aerwyn top
00:34:47Aerwyn go
00:34:48Aerwyn all
00:34:53Aerwyn need towers
00:35:13Aerwyn tp
00:35:15Aerwyn some1
00:35:46Rotkiv why
00:35:51Aerwyn b
00:35:51Aerwyn b
00:35:55Aerwyn no bara
00:36:06Aerwyn all top
00:36:07Aerwyn bara
00:36:11Aerwyn 'when i got ulti
00:36:12Nickless il charge
00:36:24RomyD82 gather and win this
00:36:29Aerwyn ye
00:36:30Aerwyn all top
00:36:35Aerwyn gather
00:36:41Aerwyn rosdh first?
00:36:57Aerwyn rosh
00:36:57creeeeeee roshin
00:36:58Nickless lets try
00:36:58Aerwyn and top
00:37:00Aerwyn gogo
00:37:03Rotkiv we cant do shit
00:37:04Aerwyn enigma
00:37:06Aerwyn stay b
00:37:07creeeeeee with wards
00:37:07Aerwyn rdy to blink
00:37:08Rotkiv I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:37:10Rotkiv plz
00:37:10creeeeeee we would win the fight
00:37:11Rotkiv I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:37:11creeeeeee atm
00:37:13Nickless y
00:37:20Rotkiv gogo
00:37:20creeeeeee go
00:37:22Aerwyn kill
00:37:22creeeeeee GO
00:37:24Aerwyn enigma, rdy
00:37:39Rotkiv OMG
00:38:01Nickless wp
00:38:01VanillaThunder ty pugna
00:38:32RomyD82 let him rampage man
00:38:33coolass pugna wards
00:38:36coolass insta me
00:38:39coolass almost
00:38:41coolass if i ulti
00:38:51Aerwyn top
00:39:09Nickless ill push bot a bit hten charge top
00:39:12Aerwyn all come top
00:39:13Aerwyn now
00:39:49Aerwyn go top
00:41:26RomyD82 rax
00:42:01coolass omg
00:42:02coolass u did it
00:42:06Aerwyn :/
00:42:08Nickless 2 sides done
00:42:20Aerwyn all gather bot
00:42:28RomyD82 dont worry
00:42:30RomyD82 we got this
00:42:33Aerwyn :D
00:42:37Aerwyn ye we do ;)
00:42:40Aerwyn just want to finish
00:42:43RomyD82 kk
00:42:48VanillaThunder go ff plz
00:42:50Aerwyn all bot
00:42:51Aerwyn come
00:42:54Rotkiv jep
00:42:58Aerwyn void
00:43:00Aerwyn let's wait them
00:43:17Aerwyn k
00:43:17Aerwyn go
00:43:54Aerwyn PUSH
00:44:14Orre OMG
00:44:26coolass READD GUys!
00:44:32Orre hate void ....
00:44:34Orre :D
00:44:58creeeeeee type ff kowitch
00:45:08kowitch I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
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