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Chat log

00:00:05VanillaThunder hahaha :D:D:D
00:00:09AliBaba panda sillincer spec
00:00:12VanillaThunder am and lyc^^
00:00:13Saintor fuck me
00:00:15VanillaThunder me lyc woods
00:00:19Saintor always slot 5
00:00:20rtg800 ye
00:00:21rtg800 get it
00:00:23AliBaba :D
00:00:29rtg800 say what you have
00:00:29VanillaThunder i just wait theyr picks
00:00:30AliBaba what do you have ?
00:00:31Fant axe puck juuger
00:00:35Saintor ill pick slark
00:00:38AliBaba k
00:00:38VanillaThunder so pick a solo hero top
00:00:39Butcher1 slardar or venge
00:00:39Saintor only carry :D
00:00:41AliBaba :D
00:00:41AliBaba it
00:00:43AliBaba its fine
00:00:46Saintor alibaba
00:00:50Saintor u go supp or what
00:00:52VanillaThunder get lad
00:00:54AliBaba hmm
00:00:55VanillaThunder slad
00:00:58AliBaba cant play sillincer
00:01:01Saintor come down
00:01:04rtg800 axe good
00:01:11DraineWaker pugna,bone,alchi
00:01:11rtg800 ill mid
00:01:14VanillaThunder saintor is not bad
00:01:16AliBaba -swap
00:01:18Rasmus.Seebach -swap
00:01:19Saintor pick
00:01:19AliBaba -swap 1
00:01:19Saintor tank
00:01:22VanillaThunder so dont let him farm
00:01:24Rasmus.Seebach .swap 5
00:01:28Rasmus.Seebach -swap 2
00:01:28Saintor we need a big tank
00:01:31AliBaba y
00:01:33DraineWaker i cant play alchi
00:01:48Saintor i think u must xd
00:01:50Saintor bone is weak
00:01:52DraineWaker i wont
00:01:54Saintor go pugna
00:01:56DraineWaker im serious
00:01:56Rasmus.Seebach share slarky
00:02:06DraineWaker i will bone
00:02:08Saintor k
00:02:09Saintor go ahead
00:02:21AliBaba let me play him
00:02:22AliBaba ?
00:02:24AliBaba want magnus
00:02:29DraineWaker -swap
00:02:29AliBaba magus ?
00:02:30Saintor u cant swap
00:02:31Saintor anymore
00:02:31AliBaba -swap
00:02:31DraineWaker too lat
00:02:32DraineWaker =(
00:02:33AliBaba -swap
00:02:47DraineWaker where u want me
00:02:49DraineWaker mid or top?
00:02:56FBI ,iddd
00:03:10AliBaba let me mid :D
00:03:37AliBaba why are cent bot ?
00:03:51FBI forest
00:04:08Fant ss cent
00:04:40acchilies ss silence...
00:04:42acchilies top
00:05:06Saintor fuckm e
00:05:15Saintor im going
00:05:15Saintor top
00:05:25Saintor kill
00:05:41Saintor luci target
00:05:50Saintor b
00:06:04AliBaba need to gang lycan
00:06:48rtg800 gank bot
00:07:06rtg800 axe go
00:07:20FBI oo
00:07:25DraineWaker ss mid sry
00:07:44rtg800 ss clinkz
00:07:46rtg800 re
00:08:14rtg800 i come top
00:08:25acchilies which1 to doom??
00:08:41DraineWaker ss
00:08:46Saintor deni me
00:08:48Saintor or w8
00:08:52Saintor gj
00:09:06Saintor bnoe
00:09:06Saintor bone
00:09:08Saintor u need orchid
00:09:10Saintor u know ?
00:09:10DraineWaker yy
00:09:12Saintor good
00:09:22rtg800 ss mid
00:09:23rtg800 re
00:09:57DraineWaker ss mid
00:09:58DraineWaker going bot
00:10:07FBI b
00:10:09rtg800 omw bot
00:10:12Saintor lycan
00:10:13Saintor had no man
00:10:16FBI bb
00:10:32FBI gj
00:10:37rtg800 i play this so bad :D
00:11:17VanillaThunder doom rdY?
00:12:20rtg800 i come
00:13:37DraineWaker slark
00:13:39DraineWaker can u pounce
00:13:39Saintor y
00:13:45Saintor punce?
00:13:47FBI hlp btm
00:13:54DraineWaker on kasha :)
00:13:58Saintor ah
00:13:59Saintor he
00:14:00Saintor flies
00:14:03VanillaThunder why u didnt doom slark doom?
00:14:03DraineWaker <3
00:14:10rtg800 gank slark
00:14:13AliBaba care
00:14:14acchilies got no mana...
00:14:16FBI ss
00:14:16acchilies zero...
00:14:37Saintor they think they can beat me with slard XD
00:14:47Saintor gank
00:16:17VanillaThunder guys what was this?
00:17:05Saintor why do u
00:17:06Saintor ward line
00:17:07Saintor :P
00:17:23FBI b3
00:17:56DraineWaker omw slark
00:18:06Saintor caere bone
00:18:52AliBaba ffs fbi
00:19:03FBI ?
00:19:10AliBaba stun mby ?
00:19:17FBI was on d
00:19:18FBI cd
00:19:23AliBaba you had full mana ?
00:19:24VanillaThunder b
00:19:27DraineWaker lycan will rosh
00:19:41FBI so i waited for cd
00:19:44FBI but late
00:19:56Saintor b
00:19:57DraineWaker 4!
00:19:57Saintor care
00:21:06DraineWaker push twr
00:21:15rtg800 shiit
00:21:17rtg800 well
00:21:26rtg800 goes
00:21:42Saintor ris
00:21:42Saintor b
00:21:45Saintor to much risk
00:22:13FBI b
00:22:46Saintor i'll be back
00:22:49Saintor xD
00:22:51DraineWaker ;D
00:23:08DraineWaker ROSH
00:23:10DraineWaker ROSH
00:23:12VanillaThunder can anyone get gem plz
00:23:13Saintor no
00:23:14Saintor MID
00:23:15Saintor MID
00:23:16Saintor they need
00:23:18Saintor die fisrst
00:23:22DraineWaker i thought
00:23:25DraineWaker motherfucking lycan
00:23:28DraineWaker rosh
00:23:38rtg800 wards
00:24:29Saintor fuck that
00:24:38Saintor they
00:24:38Saintor hav
00:24:39Saintor gem
00:24:41Saintor on slasdar
00:24:42Saintor don't die
00:24:45Saintor wen eed him dead
00:24:48Saintor bn
00:24:48Saintor b
00:24:53FBI lol
00:24:54Saintor -.-
00:24:56Saintor there is gem..
00:25:04Saintor we gotta
00:25:05Saintor gank huge
00:25:29VanillaThunder b
00:25:31Saintor SLADAR
00:25:32Saintor FIRST
00:26:11VanillaThunder b
00:26:15Saintor kill fuckign sladar
00:26:16Saintor just do it
00:26:18Saintor gem
00:26:45VanillaThunder why no b ffs
00:26:46DraineWaker take
00:26:47DraineWaker car
00:26:47Saintor gimme that gem
00:26:47DraineWaker on me
00:28:20Saintor let them waste all money on dusts
00:28:32Saintor tower
00:28:34Saintor focus
00:28:36Saintor :D
00:28:38DraineWaker im 4-0-6
00:28:42DraineWaker far satisfied
00:28:43DraineWaker f
00:28:44DraineWaker for now
00:28:49Saintor yea
00:28:54Saintor u're being lucky, sladar has focus on me
00:29:16FBI b
00:29:45DraineWaker -ms
00:30:16DraineWaker true slark
00:30:17rtg800 noone has tp :D
00:30:19DraineWaker and the true is
00:30:21DraineWaker the fucking slard
00:30:22DraineWaker is noob
00:30:26DraineWaker ;D
00:31:06FBI lol why they focus cet?
00:31:12VanillaThunder b
00:31:19VanillaThunder b
00:31:20VanillaThunder !
00:31:27Fant me b
00:31:28VanillaThunder dont be greedy
00:31:36Saintor we need
00:31:37Saintor push
00:31:38Saintor all way
00:31:38Saintor down
00:32:20VanillaThunder anyone gem?
00:32:34Fant take
00:33:36VanillaThunder b
00:34:04Saintor gem
00:34:06AliBaba hmmm
00:34:13Saintor that dude bought gem again
00:34:20DraineWaker why no1 tells me
00:34:25DraineWaker orchid is not 3x this shit:D
00:34:29Saintor not anymore
00:34:30Saintor -.-
00:34:32Saintor u didntk now ?XD
00:34:36DraineWaker no
00:34:36VanillaThunder reuse
00:34:37DraineWaker :D
00:34:37Saintor it was before update
00:34:39DraineWaker didnt use it so far.
00:34:46Saintor we cant
00:34:46DraineWaker that means
00:34:47Saintor lsoe this
00:34:49DraineWaker didnt play bone too long
00:34:53Saintor bone
00:34:57Saintor u gotta focus
00:34:58DraineWaker ?
00:35:01Saintor sladar or luc
00:35:01DraineWaker kasha?
00:35:04Saintor luci
00:35:04DraineWaker ok
00:35:05DraineWaker .
00:35:06Saintor hes my weknss
00:35:27DraineWaker GEM
00:35:27AliBaba fucking idiot
00:35:28DraineWaker lycan
00:35:29Saintor why u go
00:35:32Saintor in with ulti on ur head
00:35:33Saintor they have gem
00:35:42DraineWaker didnt know that he
00:35:44DraineWaker does have
00:35:44DraineWaker gem
00:35:45DraineWaker =(
00:35:48Saintor i said 100 times
00:36:30DraineWaker omw
00:36:30DraineWaker mate
00:36:51acchilies b
00:37:21DraineWaker can some1 buy me healing salve
00:37:21DraineWaker plz
00:37:23DraineWaker -.-
00:37:49AliBaba aaarh
00:37:50rtg800 what a gay hero
00:37:50AliBaba :D
00:37:50VanillaThunder :D
00:38:46VanillaThunder haha sick
00:38:48DraineWaker wp <3
00:38:53Saintor we can win this with some
00:38:54Saintor smart moves
00:38:56Saintor like smokes
00:38:57DraineWaker true
00:39:20DraineWaker take it
00:39:21DraineWaker slark
00:39:24DraineWaker i have invi
00:39:26DraineWaker no need
00:39:27DraineWaker ;)
00:39:33Saintor smoke is for team
00:39:36Saintor not even mhs
00:39:37VanillaThunder take wards anyone
00:39:37Saintor can see u
00:39:39Saintor when u do smoke
00:39:42VanillaThunder sentry
00:39:43rtg800 gogo
00:39:49rtg800 illus
00:40:47DraineWaker FUCK
00:40:48DraineWaker bash
00:40:48DraineWaker -.-
00:41:04DraineWaker wp man
00:41:13DraineWaker haha
00:41:18DraineWaker hahaha rofl
00:41:20Saintor xd
00:41:22rtg800 ffs
00:41:25DraineWaker OWNED
00:41:25DraineWaker :D
00:41:26rtg800 that faggot is so lucky
00:41:28rtg800 every time
00:41:49rtg800 just
00:41:50rtg800 b
00:41:51DraineWaker u need bash
00:41:52rtg800 and go with 5
00:42:02DraineWaker and no1 can give u a shit
00:42:09VanillaThunder go gathern ow
00:42:12DraineWaker u just wp
00:42:14Fant soon hes out of diffusal
00:42:15DraineWaker far better than me
00:42:16VanillaThunder all 5
00:42:16Fant then gg
00:42:20Saintor aa
00:42:26Saintor i know
00:42:26Saintor i need
00:42:27Saintor bash
00:42:31Saintor just
00:42:32DraineWaker mate?
00:42:32Saintor no money yet
00:42:37rtg800 get rosh
00:42:42Saintor cming rape
00:42:43rtg800 soon
00:42:45DraineWaker lets do
00:42:45rtg800 kill them before
00:42:51VanillaThunder b
00:42:52VanillaThunder plz
00:42:53VanillaThunder w8 mne
00:42:59VanillaThunder b
00:43:00VanillaThunder run
00:43:19Saintor finish
00:43:20rtg800 ffs
00:43:21VanillaThunder ffs
00:43:23VanillaThunder why?????
00:43:26VanillaThunder gg now
00:43:32rtg800 slardars fault
00:43:45rtg800 again
00:43:47Saintor gem
00:43:47rtg800 so lucky
00:43:51rtg800 like wtf
00:43:57DraineWaker go finish?
00:44:19rtg800 hahahahaha
00:44:22rtg800 hahahaha
00:44:24rtg800 ok
00:44:26rtg800 everytime
00:44:30rtg800 you escape with 1hp
00:44:36DraineWaker thats pro :)
00:44:41DraineWaker fair enough
00:44:42DraineWaker :D
00:44:54Saintor mda
00:45:00Saintor if i have mana
00:45:01rtg800 get rosh
00:45:03Saintor i wont run from u xD
00:45:31DraineWaker damn
00:45:34Saintor np
00:45:35Saintor go
00:45:36Saintor kill
00:45:37Saintor bone
00:45:38Saintor i need u
00:45:39Saintor go
00:45:41VanillaThunder all 5 now
00:45:42Saintor rest
00:45:42DraineWaker omw
00:45:43Saintor defgends
00:45:49VanillaThunder meet with smoke
00:45:56DraineWaker 2 hits half hp
00:45:58DraineWaker :/
00:46:08VanillaThunder and get slark
00:46:43VanillaThunder push
00:46:44Saintor u want me dead Oo
00:46:46VanillaThunder dont hunt
00:46:53rtg800 just wanna play abit
00:46:58VanillaThunder focus rax
00:46:59Saintor ALL MID
00:47:11rtg800 y
00:47:11rtg800 rax
00:47:37rtg800 rax
00:48:03DraineWaker dudes?!
00:48:12DraineWaker B
00:48:32DraineWaker ahahhaha
00:48:36DraineWaker roflmao
00:48:39Fant like wtf
00:49:01DraineWaker GEM
00:49:01DraineWaker ;D
00:49:05Saintor DEF
00:49:06Saintor I GO
00:49:07Saintor FINISH
00:49:07DraineWaker fiinish this agony
00:49:10DraineWaker plz mate
00:49:11VanillaThunder !!!
00:49:19VanillaThunder thanks cata
00:49:22DraineWaker im omw
00:49:29FBI why deied rax ffs
00:49:30acchilies that was so nice of it... :
00:49:35Saintor we break
00:49:36Saintor mdi
00:49:37DraineWaker lets do it
00:49:37DraineWaker mate
00:49:44rtg800 BD
00:50:07VanillaThunder just deff
00:50:53DraineWaker thats ma boy
00:50:56DraineWaker <3 :)
00:50:59acchilies i think that this is bd??
00:51:01rtg800 yeah
00:51:04AliBaba bd
00:51:05AliBaba b
00:51:05rtg800 BACK DOOR
00:51:05AliBaba b
00:51:06AliBaba b
00:51:07rtg800 BANNED
00:51:07FBI bd b
00:51:09acchilies should we report it??
00:51:14AliBaba slark
00:51:14AliBaba b
00:51:14rtg800 SLARK BANNED
00:51:14FBI b
00:51:15AliBaba bd
00:51:17FBI stop
00:51:19Saintor bd not allwoed?
00:51:23Saintor lol
00:51:24DraineWaker bd is allowed
00:51:26DraineWaker ...
00:51:27rtg800 bb
00:51:30Saintor its allowed
00:51:30VanillaThunder just deff now
00:51:31Saintor i read
00:51:32Saintor today
00:51:33rtg800 go back to your eurodota
00:51:34Saintor why u lie´+
00:51:35DraineWaker ITS ALLOW
00:51:36DraineWaker FFS
00:51:41VanillaThunder and then go all 5 and end
00:51:43Saintor go raed again
00:51:45DraineWaker noob u lose late
00:51:47VanillaThunder b
00:51:51VanillaThunder dont risk now
00:51:59Saintor u cant win this
00:52:00DraineWaker its allow
00:52:02Saintor everyone knows that
00:52:04Fant get gem lycan
00:52:07VanillaThunder ty
00:52:08rtg800 yeah
00:52:12rtg800 you just backdoored 3 rax
00:52:14VanillaThunder all 5 and go
00:52:16DraineWaker slark
00:52:20DraineWaker i wont go without u
00:52:20DraineWaker xD
00:52:26VanillaThunder meet
00:52:38DraineWaker omagad
00:52:38rtg800 fuck slark
00:52:39Saintor down
00:52:40rtg800 kill others
00:52:40Saintor go back
00:52:41DraineWaker basher now
00:52:44Saintor we break top
00:52:45acchilies i just read... it is forbiden to enter a base without creeps...
00:52:46DraineWaker :D
00:52:51DraineWaker DEF ALL
00:52:53DraineWaker yellow go base
00:52:54DraineWaker me and slark
00:52:57DraineWaker go def
00:53:06rtg800 CIME FFS
00:53:50Saintor def
00:53:51Saintor i go
00:53:52Saintor break top
00:54:00Saintor all def
00:54:01Saintor exept
00:54:02Saintor bone
00:54:10DraineWaker go top
00:54:12DraineWaker ;)
00:55:12Saintor bone rax
00:55:13Saintor full
00:55:20DraineWaker i done rax
00:55:28Saintor not full :D
00:55:40DraineWaker soon, my friend :)
00:55:52acchilies should we report this??
00:55:56rtg800 ofcourse
00:56:02DraineWaker ok
00:56:03DraineWaker lets talk now
00:56:03rtg800 100% bannable
00:56:06DraineWaker a bit.
00:56:09Saintor :D
00:56:11Saintor down is next
00:56:11Saintor target
00:56:33VanillaThunder all gather now
00:56:35VanillaThunder try go
00:56:51rtg800 yeh, go
00:57:01Saintor gp
00:57:02rtg800 share courier?
00:57:08Saintor dont die
00:57:09Saintor w8
00:57:09DraineWaker i push
00:57:14rtg800 get rax
00:57:58VanillaThunder I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
00:58:06DraineWaker i done all rax
00:58:06DraineWaker ;)
00:58:08Saintor sorry, but i dont let ppl win with carry
00:58:08Saintor XD
00:58:10Fant !ff
00:58:24acchilies who will report??
00:58:24DraineWaker DIE
00:58:26DraineWaker :D
00:58:29rtg800 :(
00:58:31DraineWaker wp mate slark
00:58:39Saintor u too guys
00:58:40rtg800 9-9-9
00:58:46rtg800 i am in harmony
00:59:01Saintor the end is near.
00:59:03rtg800 whyd i get linken
00:59:05rtg800 needed hex
00:59:09VanillaThunder yea^^
00:59:16Saintor wp !! gg
00:59:20rtg800 gg
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