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Chat log

00:00:09que2stress any wishes?
00:00:15Homeostat0000 hm
00:00:17BoBo.Ftw mort
00:00:18Homeostat0000 nw for me
00:00:18que2stress -
00:00:18SapphireEyes o nowe teamy zrobili
00:00:18Homeostat0000 or warlock solo
00:00:18que2stress ud
00:00:18Nethouse.Lanaya ?
00:00:18Homeostat0000 wl most imba hero in pool atm
00:00:18SapphireEyes nie msyalem ze beda
00:00:18que2stress u get wl
00:00:18SapphireEyes takie jak na stornie
00:00:18SapphireEyes d
00:00:18que2stress i pick
00:00:18Homeostat0000 sure
00:00:18SapphireEyes nic nie pamietam z tego
00:00:18Homeostat0000 thx
00:00:18Strom dazzle
00:00:38Homeostat0000 pool is very promissing for a good game ;p
00:01:06Nethouse.Lanaya solo bot
00:01:16que2stress pick me sd if possib
00:01:24Homeostat0000 okay
00:01:30Homeostat0000 lets make trilane with mort
00:01:31que2stress and get slardar
00:01:32Homeostat0000 and 2 solos?
00:01:46Homeostat0000 -swap 1
00:01:50Nethouse.Lanaya range
00:01:51que2stress -swap 5
00:01:55Strom no
00:01:57Homeostat0000 so im solo ok?
00:01:59Strom na good too
00:02:01que2stress wl solo mid
00:02:04que2stress mort top
00:02:11que2stress venge dk bot
00:02:17que2stress i come top with mort
00:02:19Zajeb 5 meelee
00:02:33Strom well we don't need visage or a carry
00:02:35Zajeb cansome1difussal?
00:02:37Casberry no siutable range
00:02:39holostoi we need ward bot
00:02:43Zajeb we need for wl
00:02:55Strom na top then
00:03:17Strom take it
00:03:20Nethouse.Lanaya wpadnij na gank
00:03:25Nethouse.Lanaya jak będę miał 3-4 level
00:03:27Homeostat0000 miss
00:03:28Strom don't come mid
00:03:30Strom ..
00:03:51Nethouse.Lanaya miss
00:03:53Nethouse.Lanaya re
00:04:57SapphireEyes ale poczekal
00:04:57SapphireEyes d
00:05:06P3PSI ¨ss bot
00:05:12SapphireEyes ward
00:05:21Homeostat0000 miss mid
00:05:22Strom mid mis
00:05:27Strom ok mid re
00:05:27Homeostat0000 he went base
00:05:30Strom he got invi rune tho
00:05:35Nethouse.Lanaya chodx
00:05:49Zajeb burn mana
00:05:59Nethouse.Lanaya warda mają ;d
00:06:09Homeostat0000 fucking delay
00:06:22SapphireEyes y
00:06:22Zajeb shitlane top
00:06:23SapphireEyes tez wpadlem
00:06:24SapphireEyes na to
00:06:40Nethouse.Lanaya tutaj wardy to x
00:06:43Nethouse.Lanaya to robią ;dd
00:07:37Zajeb gj
00:08:03Strom kill top
00:08:05Homeostat0000 MISS
00:08:13Zajeb ss
00:08:42Nethouse.Lanaya sory
00:09:12Strom mid mis
00:09:21Homeostat0000 go
00:09:27holostoi axe
00:10:00Strom re mid
00:10:28Casberry gj
00:10:32Zajeb u2
00:11:09SapphireEyes k mam buty
00:11:09SapphireEyes d
00:11:14P3PSI ss bot
00:11:16Homeostat0000 only me some delay?
00:11:26Strom mid mis
00:12:00que2stress this game is lost
00:12:03que2stress no gangs
00:12:04Homeostat0000 nope
00:12:07que2stress from our side at all
00:13:23SapphireEyes sureletsb
00:13:24SapphireEyes all
00:14:04que2stress venge buy wards plz
00:14:09P3PSI k
00:14:26Homeostat0000 go gank them
00:14:28Homeostat0000 vs stop famroing
00:15:01holostoi b
00:15:01que2stress venge we need you :(
00:15:13que2stress now
00:15:16que2stress we dont need you anymore
00:15:25que2stress venge now we are dead
00:15:27Homeostat0000 we fucking do need u vs
00:15:36Homeostat0000 not like that
00:15:50Homeostat0000 go teamfight with my ulti
00:15:53Homeostat0000 with venge too
00:15:58Homeostat0000 go
00:16:17que2stress only mort farms
00:16:20que2stress rest goes gang
00:16:21que2stress need wards
00:16:28Homeostat0000 i need farm too after ulti on cd
00:16:41SapphireEyes o kod leci
00:16:43Zajeb got vlads
00:16:45SapphireEyes na polasacie
00:16:46SapphireEyes d
00:16:57SapphireEyes tzn konczy sie
00:17:48Strom na, why don't you use your 3rd skill there?
00:18:03que2stress now it goes
00:18:04que2stress with team
00:18:10Homeostat0000 farm me mort and dk
00:18:12SapphireEyes za malo calla przyskillowalem
00:18:14Homeostat0000 vs pls 1 set of wards
00:18:17Casberry not used to :/
00:18:40Homeostat0000 get him?
00:18:42Homeostat0000 carefully
00:18:59Homeostat0000 fine
00:19:03que2stress dk needs farm too
00:19:06holostoi care
00:19:12Homeostat0000 i am number 2 farmer here
00:19:15Homeostat0000 with agha and refre
00:19:18Homeostat0000 game is ours
00:19:32que2stress xe blink
00:19:33que2stress !
00:19:57Homeostat0000 4s
00:20:07que2stress go
00:21:09Homeostat0000 who touched ;(
00:21:31Homeostat0000 aba ganked by ghouls
00:21:42Homeostat0000 vs
00:21:44Homeostat0000 u farm we lose
00:21:52que2stress venge
00:21:56que2stress u must come with team
00:22:00que2stress we have the gang team
00:22:06que2stress but we get ganged cause u farm
00:22:07P3PSI just say where 2 go
00:22:12P3PSI i farm :P
00:22:13que2stress where i am
00:22:13P3PSI haha k
00:22:17Strom 5 msi cre
00:22:23Nethouse.Lanaya go
00:22:30Homeostat0000 gather?
00:23:08Nethouse.Lanaya lepszy teamplay mają ;d
00:23:27Homeostat0000 back mid
00:23:27SapphireEyes dziwic sie jak sami tam ejstemy na 5
00:23:30que2stress make bkb mort
00:23:35Homeostat0000 back
00:23:42Homeostat0000 get ur farmsright
00:23:47Homeostat0000 bkb mort and dk
00:24:14Zajeb get blademails for pa
00:24:16Zajeb bitch
00:24:22Homeostat0000 dumb
00:24:26Homeostat0000 to go there
00:24:27Strom weird
00:24:31Strom I imagined you would jump him
00:24:32SapphireEyes was
00:24:33BoBo.Ftw well i got twr
00:24:33SapphireEyes dagger cd
00:24:34SapphireEyes d
00:24:37BoBo.Ftw at least :/
00:26:53P3PSI takee ?
00:26:54que2stress take it
00:27:00SapphireEyes more mana
00:27:00SapphireEyes d
00:27:14Strom we really should kill that mid tower
00:27:18Strom it's annoying
00:27:48Nethouse.Lanaya nice
00:28:03Homeostat0000 ulti cd
00:28:05holostoi heal
00:28:10Homeostat0000 why even def
00:28:12que2stress I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:28:23Homeostat0000 stupid suicides
00:28:24que2stress 3 invis
00:28:27que2stress 1 dagger
00:28:29Homeostat0000 u know we can still win like boss
00:28:34que2stress we cant
00:28:35Homeostat0000 just play careful
00:28:37SapphireEyes we got
00:28:38que2stress mort is going bf
00:28:39SapphireEyes 2 towers
00:28:40SapphireEyes )
00:28:52Homeostat0000 rosh
00:28:53Homeostat0000 go all
00:29:05Homeostat0000 yy
00:29:05Homeostat0000 all
00:29:10Homeostat0000 focus tc kka
00:29:48Casberry fuck that infernals ..
00:29:50que2stress we have no entry
00:29:53que2stress they have 4
00:29:54Nethouse.Lanaya y ;dd
00:29:56que2stress we cant win :)
00:30:17Homeostat0000 doesnt mean anything
00:30:20que2stress oh
00:30:22que2stress it doe
00:30:25Homeostat0000 if vs swaps aba
00:30:29Homeostat0000 its our fault
00:30:31Homeostat0000 not picks'
00:30:37Strom b
00:30:48que2stress i know
00:30:52que2stress but still its lost
00:30:58Homeostat0000 no
00:30:59Homeostat0000 trust me
00:31:03Homeostat0000 i got lotta experience
00:31:05Homeostat0000 we can winn
00:31:06que2stress if mort goes vf
00:31:07que2stress bf
00:31:10que2stress instead of bkb
00:31:10Homeostat0000 yes thats bad
00:31:10que2stress it is
00:31:16Homeostat0000 but dk needs bkb
00:31:27Homeostat0000 and when he has it
00:31:30Homeostat0000 playable
00:31:41holostoi b
00:31:44que2stress b
00:31:47Homeostat0000 vs u drunk?
00:31:49que2stress go turtle
00:32:14Homeostat0000 we should go smoked
00:32:21Homeostat0000 buy smoke kill them before they meet
00:32:24que2stress no we should turtle till we have 2bkb
00:32:24Homeostat0000 they have shitpciks
00:32:54Homeostat0000 get gem
00:32:55Homeostat0000 GEM
00:32:56Homeostat0000 someone
00:32:59que2stress not yet
00:33:01que2stress dk needs
00:33:02que2stress when bkb
00:33:03Homeostat0000 focsy tc
00:33:04Strom b
00:33:24Nethouse.Lanaya idę
00:33:27Nethouse.Lanaya do ciebie
00:33:27que2stress wait till bkbs
00:33:29Homeostat0000 no gem no go
00:33:34Homeostat0000 yeah lets turtle for short
00:33:42Homeostat0000 although smoke moveout is better
00:33:50que2stress we wont kill thenm
00:33:53Strom guys, lets gather & push
00:33:54Homeostat0000 care
00:33:55Homeostat0000 4 miss
00:33:57Homeostat0000 and u go/
00:34:04Strom top tower good target
00:34:06Strom lets take that
00:34:45Homeostat0000 omw
00:34:46Homeostat0000 i got ulti
00:34:48Homeostat0000 we win fight now
00:34:51Homeostat0000 dont get initiated
00:35:00Homeostat0000 go catch them now
00:35:01Strom best not to go 4v5
00:35:18Strom lets push mid raxes when 5 alvie
00:35:24Zajeb soon
00:35:25Homeostat0000 there is tc with lothar rofl
00:35:26Zajeb 10 sec
00:35:27Homeostat0000 and na
00:35:32que2stress #and kunka
00:35:34Homeostat0000 with gem we got big big chance
00:35:38Homeostat0000 LOL kka too
00:35:53holostoi care
00:35:58Zajeb mid
00:35:59Zajeb go
00:36:01Nethouse.Lanaya yes
00:36:03Strom ye kunkka come
00:36:04Nethouse.Lanaya soon
00:36:05que2stress get fucking bkb now mor
00:36:05Strom we need ya
00:36:10BoBo.Ftw yy
00:36:11que2stress go plant
00:36:12Nethouse.Lanaya sure give me 30 sec
00:36:15P3PSI k
00:36:17Homeostat0000 bad
00:36:17Homeostat0000 bad
00:36:22Homeostat0000 bad idea
00:36:22Homeostat0000 back
00:37:05Strom damn infernals
00:37:09Strom well tkae that rax
00:37:13Homeostat0000 def
00:37:13que2stress u dont use slow wl?
00:37:30Casberry dont underestimate them
00:37:50Strom yea need 5 for pushes
00:37:55Strom na, don't start without 5 next time
00:37:59Homeostat0000 really weak players they are
00:38:02que2stress y
00:38:06que2stress so are we
00:38:15Strom I'll take top for acp lease
00:38:25Homeostat0000 gather
00:38:27Homeostat0000 stop woodijng
00:38:28holostoi pa blink
00:38:29Homeostat0000 gather
00:38:41Homeostat0000 meet
00:38:49Homeostat0000 we cant solo
00:38:55Homeostat0000 just for the sake of not dying
00:39:00Homeostat0000 buy smoke vs
00:39:01que2stress skill slow now wl
00:39:02Homeostat0000 and we gank
00:39:07Homeostat0000 k but
00:39:13Homeostat0000 doesnt matter
00:39:15que2stress let me bait mid
00:39:17P3PSI take smoke
00:39:18Strom ok lets push mid with 5
00:39:18que2stress go back pa
00:39:20Strom we need raxes
00:39:41Nethouse.Lanaya lol
00:39:47Nethouse.Lanaya that was so stupid
00:40:02SapphireEyes \
00:40:03Casberry kinda
00:40:08Strom ok this is getting serious
00:40:08que2stress farm pa
00:40:10Homeostat0000 rax
00:40:11Homeostat0000 go rax
00:40:12Strom no more stupid battles
00:40:13Homeostat0000 no farm
00:40:13Strom we go with 5
00:40:25que2stress ye ok i def
00:40:29SapphireEyes i oculnt move there
00:40:30SapphireEyes d
00:40:50que2stress oinly tower
00:40:53Homeostat0000 b
00:41:01que2stress ...
00:41:04Zajeb push now
00:41:06Homeostat0000 not the way u should play it
00:41:26Strom push mid guys
00:41:28que2stress now our mid gone :D
00:41:29Homeostat0000 worst execution of push ever
00:41:37Strom miiiiiiid
00:41:45Casberry wait
00:41:53Homeostat0000 go
00:42:32Homeostat0000 FUCKS SAKE
00:42:34que2stress buy out
00:42:38Homeostat0000 who?
00:42:47que2stress no one ff it
00:42:58Homeostat0000 rofl not close to lost
00:43:03Strom top nwo
00:43:05que2stress they only get 2 sides :D
00:43:06Homeostat0000 just neeed some coordination
00:43:07Homeostat0000 and brains
00:43:29Strom b
00:43:40que2stress if pa had some good items
00:43:43que2stress we had a chance
00:43:45Homeostat0000 she can turtle
00:43:45que2stress but with bf
00:43:48que2stress no chance
00:43:49Homeostat0000 we cant lose any more fights
00:43:52Homeostat0000 but turtle np
00:44:27Homeostat0000 check
00:44:41Zajeb we bought 0 wards :D
00:44:45Zajeb and we won
00:44:48que2stress let me bait
00:44:50Strom not won yet
00:44:50Homeostat0000 push a bot btm
00:44:53Homeostat0000 no bait rofl
00:44:57Homeostat0000 u die 1sec
00:45:09Homeostat0000 bringing smoke with chick
00:45:11Homeostat0000 we do it gank way
00:45:21Zajeb they ro
00:45:22Strom check rosh yes
00:45:27que2stress whatever
00:45:32Strom care smoke gang too
00:45:37Homeostat0000 check
00:45:45Strom get b
00:46:06que2stress u ff now?
00:46:10Homeostat0000 1 fucking gem
00:46:12Homeostat0000 and game is won
00:46:14que2stress no
00:46:17que2stress 1 fucking gang
00:46:18Homeostat0000 no1 wanted to buy it
00:46:19Homeostat0000 !f
00:46:21Homeostat0000 I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:46:21que2stress and game could be won
00:46:24Zajeb wp
00:46:26holostoi bkb on pa
00:46:33que2stress dk pick
00:46:35que2stress was stupid too
00:46:38que2stress so what
00:46:56holostoi are u kidding me?
00:47:02holostoi bob
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