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+17 X
-2 TS

96% | 1764 X | 1499 TS

-20 X
-1 TS
73% | 1351 X | 1418 TS

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-2 TS

63% | 1326 X | 1330 TS

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60% | 1281 X | 1347 TS

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57% | 1286 X | 1310 TS

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81% | 1475 X | 1414 TS

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80% | 1493 X | 1369 TS

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80% | 1439 X | 1422 TS

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66% | 1373 X | 1306 TS

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60% | 1253 X | 1381 TS

Chat log

00:00:00svents [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... mby_next_time with 87 seconds.
00:00:04Soulyah -rd maksa altkäe maksu tra banni lock
00:00:16poskus ban or take phoe for me
00:00:19svents wl banni kindlalt
00:00:19Aerwyn good pool
00:00:19Soulyah ma t6mban sfi
00:00:19Soulyah ei koti yldse muu
00:00:19Soulyah :D
00:00:19svents laier m2ngib seda paska hullult ok aga lock Kindel ban
00:00:19svents yeah
00:00:19Soulyah või
00:00:19Soulyah wishes?
00:00:19Soulyah phoenix?
00:00:20poskus me phoe
00:00:21Laier -sf
00:00:21Soulyah v6ta talle see lycan on seal mis tiba hirmutab. :S kk
00:00:21Soulyah NORMAL
00:00:21poskus ban phoe
00:00:21Soulyah mine putsi ahv
00:00:21Laier wanna play it?
00:00:21svents :DDd
00:00:21poskus NIOCE
00:00:21svents nice plugg :D
00:00:21Soulyah lyca
00:00:22svents didnt get his sf:D
00:00:22Laier soulyah you wanna play sf?
00:00:27mby_next_time sf / lyca banned.
00:00:27Aerwyn ... wlock neil nüüd amm
00:00:27Aerwyn hmm
00:00:27Laier i can change my ban to phoenix if you wanna play sf so badly :D
00:00:27Soulyah lyca
00:00:29svents no i wanted to play sf
00:00:29Soulyah go pick
00:00:32Soulyah lyca sf banned
00:00:35Strom !BANNED: Shadow Fiend & Lycanthrope
00:00:36poskus phoe me pls
00:00:37Soulyah v6ta tide
00:00:43Soulyah tide nayone?
00:00:49poskus somebody u play it? Es For me need to win
00:01:07Soulyah PLZ get tide AND es
00:01:08Laier strom take fat carry
00:01:09Soulyah and we fucking rape
00:01:11mby_next_time yep or wait
00:01:16Laier ... u can pick me trall also
00:01:17poskus somebody?
00:01:18Laier so lastpicks carry? y thrall
00:01:20mby_next_time 11111
00:01:20Strom look ..
00:01:21svents ma teen thralli
00:01:22Strom this is a cow
00:01:23svents trapea
00:01:25svents homo
00:01:26Strom cow = fat
00:01:26poskus -swap 2
00:01:27svents vitt
00:01:27mby_next_time :DDD
00:01:32Laier you are cow -swap 3
00:01:35svents tra minu thrall
00:01:36Laier get sven
00:01:36svents :(
00:01:37Strom and he carries a big totem
00:01:38Laier and something
00:01:40Laier aa sd sile Ära vingu koguaeg
00:01:43Strom so obviously fat carry
00:01:45sebralane ;:D mmm
00:01:49Laier :DDD
00:01:50Laier ff
00:01:52svents keri perse ahv
00:01:55svents :D soulya
00:01:56Laier these bronze games are so fucking awesome sebr bara nykke tra
00:02:02sebralane ok Hästi
00:02:06Strom share chick
00:02:07DeMiaN sven
00:02:08Laier drow top
00:02:09DeMiaN let me top tahtsin öelda mulle*
00:02:09Laier sven bot
00:02:09poskus lanes?
00:02:10Soulyah i make diffu
00:02:13Soulyah idc
00:02:13Aerwyn sure
00:02:16mby_next_time so i go bot also
00:02:19Laier es top
00:02:23DeMiaN yeah es top
00:02:25DeMiaN better
00:02:26Soulyah lol
00:02:28Soulyah our lineup
00:02:29Soulyah :D:D
00:02:30mby_next_time -hhn
00:02:31mby_next_time -don
00:02:32Laier kinda gay
00:02:35mby_next_time funny shiet aint it
00:02:39Laier but we got drow
00:02:40Soulyah u nigger bannedmy sf
00:02:41Soulyah :((
00:02:41Laier its funny huh? Funny shit if we lose
00:02:43mby_next_time -clear
00:02:46mby_next_time -water red
00:02:50DeMiaN cmon laier stop bitching
00:02:50mby_next_time yep
00:02:57Laier i told you can change it
00:02:58Strom !
00:03:00Laier if you wanna play sf
00:03:04Soulyah :P
00:03:06Soulyah nvm that:D
00:03:08Soulyah fb mid
00:03:12sebralane omw
00:03:13mby_next_time rune top.
00:03:13Soulyah tle
00:03:13svents teeme mid fb
00:03:13Soulyah tle
00:03:14Soulyah mid
00:03:27Laier you are going down anyways
00:03:39Laier sup sd
00:03:43Soulyah mine ra sd
00:03:53Laier you got some invi guy here?
00:03:55Soulyah ye
00:03:57Laier :DD
00:04:01svents tra:d
00:04:02Laier such a pro moves
00:04:16svents well sd itard
00:04:58DeMiaN strom let me ?
00:05:02poskus ss2
00:05:06poskus re
00:05:09Strom hey I'm fat carry
00:05:24Soulyah fatal op ära raiska oma mant nii
00:05:42svents mai tahtnud et ta clarityt saaks kasutada mmm k
00:05:55Soulyah flying?
00:06:03Strom you should take more last hits, and push less sorz mul mana bootse asap vaja et tidega omada topi
00:06:09Strom it's not wise to push creeps under their tower
00:06:17DeMiaN yes but u try lasthit too
00:06:19DeMiaN so i can't only lh
00:06:40Strom I do less dmg thatn you
00:06:41Strom so slowi
00:06:58Laier asd nja gg
00:07:02svents tra see fog
00:07:03Soulyah we dive
00:07:06Laier ck ss top
00:07:07Laier rune
00:07:15Strom k
00:07:19Soulyah :D
00:07:45poskus b
00:07:47Strom top needs help
00:08:03Soulyah :Dd
00:08:07svents gg :D :D
00:08:13Strom yo
00:08:18svents _;D:DDD
00:08:19poskus \ss2
00:08:23poskus re
00:08:27svents tra tule veel koos sinuga homo :D
00:08:27Soulyah no
00:08:31Soulyah raiskasin raha ära
00:08:33Soulyah seega np minu paha ka aga samas leidsin et freefarmi aeg ja sain 500g ma oleks tangodega meiod välja söönd sealt
00:09:01svents ma raiskasin just ennem viiamse tango ära:D
00:09:09Laier ck ss still
00:09:10Laier bot mby
00:09:29Aerwyn no mana
00:09:37Laier fuck yuou
00:09:42sebralane heal us
00:09:46Laier you had 170 mana
00:09:46poskus no
00:09:48Laier and you dont stun
00:09:49Aerwyn LOL
00:09:49poskus saving for ulti
00:09:50Soulyah ss
00:09:51Soulyah ss
00:09:51Soulyah ss
00:09:53Aerwyn i had 120 mana
00:09:53Soulyah ma tlen top
00:09:54Aerwyn stupid
00:09:59svents trax siis oot
00:09:59Aerwyn i got now 180 mana
00:10:05mby_next_time b
00:10:21Laier ff
00:10:39Soulyah es ka
00:10:41mby_next_time sven
00:10:45Aerwyn go
00:10:47Soulyah nvm
00:11:02Soulyah tlge midi
00:11:03Soulyah 1
00:11:04svents tulen midi
00:11:09mby_next_time nap
00:11:11mby_next_time we could have him sul lvleid vaja totu
00:11:25Laier rubick gang mid las ma tegelen gangimisega
00:11:28mby_next_time kk aga kui siin oleme siis kiire ko ja naglad
00:11:32Laier wait
00:11:34Laier next wave
00:11:35mby_next_time kk
00:11:43svents mul pohhui lvlitest
00:11:47svents ma roamin
00:11:48mby_next_time sd here
00:11:53Soulyah selgsa
00:11:55Laier y
00:12:06Laier miss top?
00:12:24mby_next_time gg[]
00:12:24Soulyah gjgj
00:12:25mby_next_time ff
00:12:26Laier cant you say misses?
00:12:28Laier for real i kno :D
00:12:30Soulyah let me farm npw
00:12:33Strom well, no, as you can see
00:12:38Laier retards
00:12:46mby_next_time strom you r in bad mood
00:12:47mby_next_time or high? ma teen janggo siis
00:12:50Soulyah uued wardid ka kutid
00:12:51Strom no?
00:12:56sebralane ma teen bootsis siis
00:13:06mby_next_time doesnt look like.
00:13:07Strom I'm not the one raging here
00:13:15svents mina ei osta ühtki wardi enam
00:13:19Soulyah rape bot
00:13:21svents k6ik m2ngud ma üksi warde ostnud
00:13:23svents minge perse
00:13:24Laier and you clearly cant say fuckings misses
00:13:27Laier ck top again
00:13:30Laier and you both dead probably Türa ära hala mees ma ostsin juba warde mul ult silence
00:13:50DeMiaN kill mid mana on?
00:13:50DeMiaN es
00:13:51svents ss tle siia annan mana ja tulen ringi
00:14:29Laier stun ck
00:14:30svents sup?
00:14:33Laier not fucking thrall :DDD no poh
00:14:40Soulyah ye
00:14:44svents ärge tulge keegi ära ULU
00:14:54sebralane D: me tapame sinu suurimat hirmufaktorit koguaeg
00:15:02svents :DDD ja soulya on 7-1
00:15:25Soulyah oota svents
00:15:29Soulyah tle siia svents ajastaks tiba ette?
00:16:12svents mai saa ju
00:16:20svents tra siis poleks keegi mu ultiga pihta saanud
00:16:22svents jumal
00:17:08poskus tower
00:17:10Soulyah ostke tp
00:17:10Soulyah plz
00:17:15Soulyah plz tra daggeri ostma et järgi jõuda neile
00:17:16Soulyah plz
00:17:16Soulyah plz
00:17:26mby_next_time oh lol
00:17:34Laier kjill mid
00:17:34Laier got ult
00:17:57poskus tide ulti?
00:18:01svents no
00:18:03sebralane ok
00:18:12poskus ff
00:18:13sebralane gg
00:18:15poskus wtf
00:18:16poskus ?
00:18:20poskus so we go or not?
00:18:27svents i said no ulti
00:18:28svents cd no meie lastpick on taun
00:18:42Laier wtf
00:18:43Laier ytiou do taga kolm herot läheb towerit võtma
00:18:48Strom denied it
00:18:52poskus top care
00:18:52svents sebra ju
00:18:53Laier why the fuck
00:18:55Laier was going woods with it
00:18:56sebralane suu kinni munn
00:18:58Strom to put it out of its misery
00:19:01svents :DDD
00:19:02svents u mad? XD
00:19:09Laier you are a fucking retard today you know that?
00:19:10Aerwyn tower pro rage hjah
00:19:28Strom you've advertised your opinion before too tlen
00:19:42Soulyah diffu olemas siis teised ka kasti
00:19:53sebralane endal pole ultitki
00:19:59DeMiaN new wards pls
00:20:25poskus lol thrall
00:20:34Soulyah kuhu te ronite omg
00:20:37mby_next_time got tide u;to
00:20:38Soulyah ?
00:20:38sebralane l2hen ka sisse?
00:20:39mby_next_time ulti ei näind, et teisele stunni pani
00:20:41mby_next_time but on cd.
00:21:13Soulyah def top
00:21:28Aerwyn b
00:21:31Laier got ulti
00:21:34Aerwyn k
00:21:36DeMiaN we just 3
00:21:43mby_next_time omw top slowly
00:21:43Laier zzz
00:21:44Laier wake up
00:21:55mby_next_time diffu nesej already.
00:22:06Laier ok ff
00:22:07Aerwyn wtf????
00:22:12DeMiaN focus fucking phoenix
00:22:29Aerwyn wtf we go 3v5 warlock, even with ur ulti
00:22:32Soulyah lock jumala pohh
00:22:35Soulyah diffuga golem maha:D y
00:22:43Laier because it kills them all if this prick wouldnt have diffu allready
00:22:49svents lategame imba ju agha ja refu peal aga tavaliselt captenid on egoisitd ehitavad, enda perfect buildi
00:23:00Soulyah :d
00:23:08poskus b
00:23:13Soulyah tlen
00:23:14Soulyah tapame ai nigger :D
00:23:41Soulyah raibe
00:23:45poskus bot? y
00:23:48Soulyah y
00:23:48poskus all
00:23:49Soulyah all bot
00:24:00poskus they all come
00:24:14Laier guess we wont def
00:24:29Laier 12 sec till ulti
00:24:31Laier disable ck
00:24:41DeMiaN focus phoenix
00:24:41Laier got it
00:24:42DeMiaN ult
00:24:42DeMiaN pls
00:24:43Laier disa ck
00:24:45Laier so i can ulti
00:24:47Laier no
00:24:49Laier focus ck
00:24:50Soulyah i dont rly wana tank
00:24:50svents why u waste dive like this?
00:24:52Soulyah phoenix can
00:24:57DeMiaN go i sile
00:25:05mby_next_time es iniotate
00:25:06mby_next_time ...
00:25:09mby_next_time it's all
00:25:18Laier b
00:25:30mby_next_time fucking usel;ess thanks guys :)
00:25:48sebralane traõ
00:25:51sebralane pane seda diffut
00:25:54sebralane kolemile
00:25:57sebralane nahhui me surema peame
00:26:01Soulyah wtf
00:26:03Soulyah panin:D:D
00:26:06Soulyah a creebile siis:D
00:26:09svents rofl
00:26:10svents tr
00:26:12Laier drow making lothar
00:26:17Laier how about you making bkb so you can do something?
00:26:30Soulyah gangime?
00:26:34poskus trax lothar soon 5 minutiga 22 creep killi
00:26:37Aerwyn should i get blink first, or just bkb? nüüd 17 minutiga 2 :D
00:26:44Soulyah :D
00:26:47Strom you need treads
00:26:57Strom but, get blink first I think
00:27:02Laier sven should be the 1 with lothar
00:27:03Aerwyn i got money for it now
00:27:05Laier and drow with bkb
00:27:12Strom lol no
00:27:15Strom laier, you got it reversed imo gank ja go jah
00:27:19Laier no
00:27:26Laier sven can get near and 2 hit with ulti
00:27:29DeMiaN let it go laier thinks he is dotamaster
00:27:31Laier drow cant do shit without bkb
00:27:40Strom 3+ bot
00:27:52Strom why go vs 3+ ?
00:27:56Strom ck with dd too
00:28:30svents nii pikk silence -.- tide ouwnat ära praeg :( isegi nende svenil on dagger :D
00:29:01Soulyah kas keegi
00:29:03Soulyah vladi teeb?
00:29:27svents ma farmin daggeri ära ei saa nii o rly
00:29:45svents no tra kas ma sain lanel m6ne creepkilli w?
00:29:50svents tra 3 cs oli lanel nop :D no ma ütlen 5-7 min olime 2 kesi lainel siis tuli juba igast gangi sellle ajaga 22 criipi
00:30:35svents ok daggu olemas peame gangima
00:30:56Soulyah see warded
00:30:56Laier bait
00:30:58Soulyah ja tal invi
00:30:58Laier go top all
00:31:00DeMiaN y
00:31:00DeMiaN yyy
00:31:06Aerwyn toptop
00:31:07svents phoenix u go in first with ulti
00:31:10svents i come also then in
00:31:17svents so they cant hit egg
00:31:20mby_next_time pwned? Sort of
00:31:34mby_next_time :P
00:31:41DeMiaN get tower
00:31:42DeMiaN i have tp
00:31:43sebralane tra
00:31:44poskus wp sd
00:31:45sebralane m7
00:31:47DeMiaN will def bot
00:31:48sebralane telefon Wait until our combo "starts" to work
00:31:56Laier get another tower
00:32:03svents wow sebra sul m6ni s6ber w?
00:32:06sebralane ema
00:32:08sebralane :D :D
00:32:11svents :DDD
00:32:26mby_next_time tadam
00:32:31Soulyah svents?
00:32:32Soulyah :D
00:32:33Soulyah i mean
00:32:33svents pwned?
00:32:34Soulyah phoenix??
00:32:38Aerwyn ...
00:32:42mby_next_time dopnt feel like that
00:32:46svents mis ma j2lle tegin???
00:32:48Soulyah tulge
00:32:49Soulyah top
00:32:49Soulyah 1
00:32:52Soulyah sa tegid 6igesti
00:32:53svents tra koguaeh j22n teile jalgu perse
00:32:54Soulyah phoenix pani segast
00:33:04mby_next_time bot top rune spots noob sellepärast. :D
00:33:06mby_next_time are warded
00:33:10svents lappa kotte:D Kuidas sa üldse pokkerit tajuda saad, kui siin ei taju.. :D
00:33:21Laier gang tide
00:33:27sebralane v2iksed vitud
00:33:28mby_next_time 3 top
00:33:30Soulyah gather
00:33:30Laier all top
00:33:31mby_next_time 4 top
00:33:31svents mul nii sitt l2pakas
00:33:31Laier not 3
00:33:34svents fps max 3
00:33:38sebralane 2ra jonni nab
00:33:39Laier 20sec till ulti
00:33:39svents 30 sebra
00:33:44Strom b then
00:33:45Strom I shop
00:33:45svents nuub l6uad sul pole üldse õigust rääkida
00:33:48Laier no
00:33:49Laier come here
00:33:49svents _:DDD
00:33:52Soulyah ward
00:33:52sebralane ok
00:33:54Laier 5sec
00:33:54Soulyah someone? oota siis
00:34:03mby_next_time 5
00:34:04Laier you guys need to disable that ck
00:34:04mby_next_time care chikeni tirisid siia :D
00:34:11Laier so he cant eat golems in first 10 secs
00:34:15Soulyah 30s
00:34:16Soulyah then tide
00:34:17Soulyah b
00:34:17Soulyah b
00:34:17svents ulti cd
00:34:21Laier go there
00:34:22Laier go
00:34:24Aerwyn gogo
00:34:29sebralane its a trap!
00:35:00Soulyah nad lendavad k6ik mle peale
00:35:02mby_next_time HAHAHAH
00:35:03Soulyah ei saa v2ga miskit teha:D y
00:35:05mby_next_time SVENTSED
00:35:05sebralane blink
00:35:06sebralane gogog ja kui sakukud
00:35:10sebralane hilja
00:35:11poskus I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:35:11svents tra:D siis gg
00:35:14poskus teamfighters
00:35:19svents mul oli ulti cd
00:35:23Soulyah ye
00:35:23svents mingi 5 seci veel
00:35:24svents tra
00:35:24Soulyah well np
00:35:29Soulyah ma j22n väga kaugele
00:35:29Soulyah nyyd siis saan mina insta :D
00:35:41Soulyah tide on ees
00:35:44Soulyah see j22b ellu
00:35:45svents 1 golemoni peab kohe maha v5tma diffuga
00:35:48svents muidu perses
00:35:55Soulyah ma ei suuda:D
00:35:59Soulyah suren nii insta:D nojah tänapäeval antakse nii raha :D
00:36:32DeMiaN gang sd or tide
00:37:05svents mis ma teeen üldse ac?
00:37:05sebralane tulge
00:37:06Laier ck makes bkb = gg
00:37:07Soulyah gather
00:37:16sebralane smoke
00:37:17sebralane gogo tangimaks pead saama
00:37:29Laier all miss
00:37:30Laier care
00:37:32Laier they smoke rosh?
00:37:50Aerwyn def
00:37:53svents HY
00:37:56mby_next_time HI
00:37:59Soulyah i stay bacjk
00:38:00Soulyah remeber
00:38:02Laier def base
00:38:04Laier not that tower
00:38:06Soulyah u go
00:38:07Aerwyn ye
00:38:15svents phenix go in ifrst
00:38:16Laier es focus ck with blink?
00:38:17Laier if possible
00:38:18svents i come also then in
00:38:24Strom like I've done every single battle?
00:38:24Soulyah yea we have r back
00:38:26Soulyah ur
00:38:32Laier havent watched really
00:38:40Laier y
00:38:45Soulyah eredar mine ka XD
00:39:30poskus I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:39:33svents rofl
00:39:35poskus nessaj gj
00:39:41poskus u so imba Te olete puhtad retid ju Mida vittu
00:39:42svents phnoenix this was so shit ulti
00:39:44sebralane juma kyll phnix
00:39:48poskus i dont give a shit
00:39:52svents so bad ulti from u YOUR A FUCKING NOOB Go to bnet
00:39:56poskus i dive do ulti
00:39:57DeMiaN go
00:39:57DeMiaN rosh
00:39:58DeMiaN ffs (even worse than bronze)
00:40:06svents but this ulti sucked so badli
00:40:09Laier sven tank
00:40:09poskus and u all suck
00:40:10Laier i heal
00:40:12Aerwyn k
00:40:19poskus we need to be agresive casue else we fucked
00:40:21Soulyah we need
00:40:23Soulyah ry
00:40:24Laier they will come tho
00:40:24Soulyah rly
00:40:25poskus get blink stun form sven and es
00:40:27Soulyah not to do that:D
00:40:28Laier they got obs here
00:40:28Laier :D
00:40:32DeMiaN they dead
00:40:33Soulyah yea well
00:40:33Aerwyn np
00:40:34mby_next_time it passed
00:40:36mby_next_time i think
00:40:41poskus so if we wait we die imediately
00:40:49sebralane b mid
00:40:54Laier nvm
00:40:58mby_next_time gem
00:41:00mby_next_time on souluas.
00:41:04DeMiaN shit
00:41:11Laier just stay b
00:41:13Laier and shoot everything else
00:41:17Laier except ck :D
00:41:19Soulyah who got the aegis?
00:41:22sebralane sven
00:41:24Soulyah smoke
00:41:24Soulyah new
00:41:25Soulyah plz
00:41:28Aerwyn wards
00:41:28Aerwyn :/
00:41:30Soulyah got gem too
00:41:41Laier drow what you making next?
00:41:44DeMiaN helm ?
00:41:45sebralane es hyppab
00:41:46sebralane ja gg
00:41:47sebralane :D
00:41:49Laier manta imo
00:41:50Aerwyn care
00:41:51Soulyah traxil bkb
00:41:56DeMiaN i need lifesteal bit
00:42:02Laier b allready
00:42:04Soulyah kuradi
00:42:07DeMiaN got bkb and tp
00:42:08DeMiaN ..
00:42:09Soulyah v6tke see es kini kuidagi
00:42:11Laier and? :D
00:42:12Soulyah et see pede ei hyppaks siis nad feilivad tra
00:42:18Soulyah fuck that
00:42:20poskus b
00:42:22DeMiaN u don't see my point ?
00:42:22Soulyah no
00:42:26poskus def top
00:42:36Strom 5 mis, care
00:42:53Aerwyn base
00:42:55poskus b
00:43:19Soulyah kohe refu sellel gg a niway me ei saa combot tööle 100%
00:43:41Laier b
00:43:42Laier dd
00:43:43Aerwyn b
00:43:44Aerwyn b
00:43:44Aerwyn b
00:43:49Strom he has ulti, manta & illusion rune
00:43:51Strom gonna be fun
00:43:56Laier :D
00:44:04Soulyah smoke
00:44:05Soulyah ?
00:44:06Laier all with manaburn
00:44:09DeMiaN they have ward ?
00:44:12DeMiaN here ?
00:44:14mby_next_time dunno
00:44:14Laier dno
00:44:16sebralane wait
00:44:18sebralane its cmong
00:44:20Soulyah yy
00:44:23DeMiaN need 100 for yasha
00:44:26Laier doesnt mean you have to go there and check
00:44:26Aerwyn gang with smoke?
00:44:26Laier :D
00:44:34Aerwyn gang?
00:44:35Laier such a boring game?
00:44:37Soulyah phoenix goes first
00:44:42Aerwyn gang with smoke :)
00:44:42poskus no
00:44:49Soulyah kinda y
00:45:02Strom don't run too ahead
00:45:16Soulyah ward it
00:45:20Laier go bot
00:45:23Soulyah omg pole:D
00:45:24DeMiaN y
00:45:25DeMiaN they'll def
00:45:27DeMiaN stay here
00:45:27poskus b
00:45:28poskus def
00:45:29Laier they @ our forest
00:45:35Aerwyn gogo
00:45:38DeMiaN get tp
00:45:39DeMiaN fast
00:45:40DeMiaN for top
00:45:40Laier go
00:45:41Laier no
00:45:42Laier go bot
00:45:56Laier care for tide
00:46:02DeMiaN b ?
00:46:05Aerwyn gogo
00:46:07Laier b
00:46:10Laier sven
00:46:10Laier b
00:46:10Laier b
00:46:15Aerwyn ?
00:46:51Laier sven hit?
00:46:59Laier :DDD
00:47:00Aerwyn stun 100% of the rime
00:47:02Strom this kinda sucks
00:47:03Soulyah gg and now some useless cunt gets kills : (
00:47:12Strom everyone needs to listen to captain
00:47:18DeMiaN well we said b
00:47:21DeMiaN and if i didn't tp
00:47:21Aerwyn ok, sry my bad.....
00:47:22Strom next time I won't come help, I'll just call it entry
00:47:26DeMiaN we would have no raxx top
00:47:28Soulyah tleb vladi w??
00:47:37Laier sven fucked up that
00:47:38Laier np
00:47:49Aerwyn ye, my bad, should have go b
00:47:51svents ma teen ac mul pohh
00:47:54svents ei oska sittagi teha
00:47:56Laier oh rly? :D vot see on pro farm
00:47:58Aerwyn XD ja sa vingud
00:48:01Laier you jump in alone et sa pead warde ostma
00:48:05Laier 1 have tp'd allready etc
00:48:09Laier lemme farm bot
00:48:10Laier for refu
00:48:12Aerwyn boring game, wanted to get some battle :D
00:48:14svents tra kui sa näeks kui ma cmiga m2ngin :D
00:48:15Laier drow lemme farm
00:48:18DeMiaN man
00:48:24svents tra vaatasin mul cmiga siin 90 m2ngu :DDDDDD
00:48:26Laier man i dont give a shit if you get manta
00:48:32Laier my refresher > your manta any time
00:48:32DeMiaN well
00:48:46Soulyah care now
00:48:49Strom care sven hot
00:49:00Aerwyn :) Hurty hurty
00:49:03Aerwyn so much dmg
00:49:10Laier svne make bkb
00:49:11Strom hmm, what happened with that bkb?
00:49:13Aerwyn i'll
00:49:14Aerwyn next
00:49:21svents so much dmg with hot?
00:49:22Strom they just disable you like this :/
00:49:22sebralane regen and go smoke im fullbuild in a minute
00:49:24svents i dont think so Wait for it. ;)
00:49:26Laier sven let me bot
00:49:28Laier for refu
00:49:28Laier dont go
00:49:33Aerwyn k
00:49:35Aerwyn fine
00:49:38Soulyah gather
00:49:39Soulyah new rosh
00:49:45Soulyah smoke
00:49:49sebralane ihve
00:50:01DeMiaN where the fuck are ther
00:50:06mby_next_time im dead bored.
00:50:06Aerwyn dunno
00:50:06DeMiaN they
00:50:18Aerwyn smoke?
00:50:29Soulyah have to b
00:50:29DeMiaN 200 for manta
00:50:35Strom you kinda suck at this farming
00:50:38Strom don't you have fatal bonds?
00:50:47Soulyah ROSH UP
00:50:48sebralane wtf
00:50:50mby_next_time rosh alive
00:50:54Laier why would i fatal creeps :D
00:50:54Soulyah googogo
00:50:59Strom to get some last hits
00:51:07Strom I would have gotten like 700 from those creeps
00:51:08Strom you got 350
00:51:10svents ward siin
00:51:11svents b
00:51:12svents b
00:51:12svents b
00:51:12svents b
00:51:13svents b
00:51:19poskus warded
00:51:19Strom waste of creeps
00:51:20Aerwyn gogogo
00:51:26Laier 10 for refresher
00:51:29Strom b
00:51:30Strom b
00:51:30Strom b
00:51:30Strom b
00:51:31Aerwyn NOW
00:51:31Strom b
00:51:31Strom b
00:51:31Soulyah phill
00:51:32Strom b
00:51:32Strom b
00:51:32Soulyah go
00:51:32Strom b
00:51:33Strom b
00:51:33Strom b
00:51:33Strom b
00:51:35DeMiaN omg
00:51:36Aerwyn ...
00:51:39Soulyah go uphill
00:51:40Aerwyn pink, omg
00:51:40Strom we can't go without wl
00:51:40DeMiaN ck with aegys = lost
00:51:43Aerwyn y
00:51:44Soulyah GO
00:51:49Aerwyn wiuh
00:51:53DeMiaN thank god
00:51:54Soulyah camp
00:51:54Laier b
00:51:55Laier mby?
00:52:10Aerwyn ?
00:52:12Aerwyn kill+
00:52:12DeMiaN smoke go
00:52:13Aerwyn ?
00:52:13mby_next_time dat chiken ya im pretty good
00:52:15Soulyah patience
00:52:18Strom don't mess around with that 750g chicken
00:52:25DeMiaN from here
00:52:35Aerwyn go or not??
00:52:38Aerwyn just def
00:52:38Laier just wait base
00:52:39Aerwyn ...
00:52:41DeMiaN make up ur mind ...
00:52:45Soulyah stay
00:52:46Aerwyn k, wait at base
00:52:52Soulyah w8
00:52:55Soulyah let them come here
00:53:04poskus lets push
00:53:08Strom thrall has no items
00:53:12svents nad ei tule baasist v2lja
00:53:12poskus coem on
00:53:14Soulyah gogoog
00:53:22Laier incoming
00:53:22Laier b
00:53:39poskus I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:53:41svents I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:53:44svents ffige ära
00:53:46svents mai viitsi
00:53:49sebralane hgg
00:53:50sebralane I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:53:51Soulyah miks te nii sitad olete:d
00:53:54Aerwyn gj
00:53:55Laier go mid
00:53:55svents mei saa
00:53:59Strom gem
00:54:00Aerwyn push it :)
00:54:05DeMiaN rosh ?
00:54:07svents nad ei tule baasist v2lja ju
00:54:07Laier no
00:54:08poskus we cant wion it
00:54:08Laier miod
00:54:11poskus nessaj useless
00:54:12svents ja me ei saa alustda
00:54:17Strom I got pretty fun combo
00:54:19mby_next_time dat check crow.
00:54:21Strom blink + ulti + fissure
00:54:24Soulyah useless?
00:54:26Strom and thrall glimpse be back to safety
00:54:30mby_next_time :D
00:54:31Soulyah i cant fucking come there with illus
00:54:33Soulyah if u dont go on es
00:54:36Soulyah he blinks and instas all
00:54:39Soulyah since he has agha as well
00:54:41Laier bot after
00:54:43Laier tower low
00:54:56poskus bot this game got lost because u fucked up at beginning with tide
00:55:07Aerwyn drow
00:55:08Aerwyn rax
00:55:09Aerwyn and b
00:55:10Soulyah def
00:55:11Aerwyn rax and b
00:55:39Strom well got rax
00:55:39Strom so
00:55:40Laier can bo
00:55:41Laier if needed
00:55:43Soulyah fast push
00:55:44Soulyah 8+s
00:55:47Soulyah 1 defs
00:55:47Strom ye me too
00:55:51Laier but dont think so
00:56:09Laier svents cmon
00:56:10Soulyah tlen
00:56:11Soulyah v6tame
00:56:12Laier leave him alone :/
00:56:14svents :DDD
00:56:16Soulyah sa tangi
00:56:21Soulyah PUSH BOT ALL
00:56:23Soulyah WE GET RAX
00:56:24Laier ck getting aegis i think
00:56:24Soulyah maybe
00:56:27Soulyah :D
00:56:47Laier y
00:57:08Laier 'gogo
00:57:11Laier go
00:57:11Soulyah b
00:57:23Aerwyn CKCKCK
00:57:51svents tra tahaks suitsetama minna
00:57:53Laier come bot
00:57:55svents vittu see m2ng
00:57:57DeMiaN have to def
00:58:00Aerwyn ............
00:58:00Laier :DDD
00:58:07Laier you are so pathetic
00:58:07Strom nothing to do bot
00:58:10Strom rax already dead there
00:58:12Soulyah wear dusts
00:58:13Laier not 1
00:58:13DeMiaN true
00:58:13Soulyah and
00:58:15Soulyah INSTA LOCK
00:58:18Soulyah we jump
00:58:21Strom that ranged rax is worthless
00:58:22Strom lets go top
00:58:24Soulyah so he cant ulti
00:58:27Aerwyn we only need to push top
00:58:48Soulyah we have to start phoenix is right
00:58:50mby_next_time btw
00:58:56mby_next_time funny noone yet bought veil
00:59:01mby_next_time i got it .
00:59:02Laier was going next
00:59:15Laier cmon ;D
00:59:20Laier leave me alone
00:59:28Soulyah def now
00:59:31Soulyah remember insta lock
00:59:45Laier es go in ulti upon youuuu
00:59:47DeMiaN so ?
00:59:48Laier and gg
00:59:53Soulyah kasuta next fight trumme ka:D
00:59:55Strom I ulti only in good spot
01:00:18Soulyah FIGHT
01:00:18Laier go es
01:00:18Laier now
01:00:18DeMiaN LAGG
01:00:19Soulyah KARAMBA ah türa tal ref I surrender! [4/4 of Sentinel]
01:00:37poskus I surrender! [4/4 of Sentinel]
01:00:37Soulyah 1??!?!
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