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Chat log

00:00:09XXL heeiii!
00:00:09Yuriko damn
00:00:12Yuriko what a pool
00:00:12c-yanker ?
00:00:14Yuriko who wants dirge halo halo
00:00:17Yuriko or doom
00:00:18c-yanker yuriko
00:00:20Tough doom
00:00:20c-yanker u want me to mid now?
00:00:20c-yanker -clear
00:00:20Zajeb i want und
00:00:20mansikka moro
00:00:20Tough doom here
00:00:20Yuriko depends on what I pick
00:00:20Yuriko ok
00:00:20Yuriko lets pick dirge and doom for them
00:00:20mansikka ompas tylsä pool
00:00:20mansikka vois pelaa sniper
00:00:20Zajeb ban shredder or ns
00:00:20Yuriko i'm banning stupid vampire
00:00:20XXL ookoo
00:00:20mansikka :D
00:00:20XXL ite vois ud
00:00:20extremewaari äske 25-2 zeus :P
00:00:20mansikka Xd
00:00:20c-yanker today?
00:00:20Yuriko there are 3 heroes i'd like to play
00:00:20Tough hello, hello anybody out tere?
00:00:20Tough there*
00:00:20mansikka banni joku invo
00:00:20Zajeb i hate commander so much
00:00:20extremewaari invo
00:00:20c-yanker fu
00:00:20c-yanker :D
00:00:20extremewaari some1 ud?
00:00:20Yuriko balanar
00:00:20mansikka xxl ud
00:00:23XXL snoin
00:00:26Yuriko taking doom for u..
00:00:27XXL ääh
00:00:30Tough merci
00:00:31c-yanker for who?
00:00:33XXL ku osaa ees kirijottaa
00:00:34extremewaari tuu mumble
00:00:35Tough me
00:00:38XXL toki
00:00:43XXL sulle?
00:00:44XXL mikä
00:00:45c-yanker any sladar?
00:00:48extremewaari ota mulle hmm
00:00:49Yuriko you should
00:00:50Zajeb sure
00:00:51extremewaari pitäiskö sf
00:00:55c-yanker to late -.-
00:00:56extremewaari joo
00:00:56XXL ifu want
00:00:58c-yanker im roaming
00:01:00c-yanker get a solo top
00:01:00extremewaari sf
00:01:04Tough u want?
00:01:04XXL -swap 1
00:01:04extremewaari -swap 2
00:01:08Tough im doing solo top
00:01:11Yuriko mortred
00:01:14Zajeb i go pit or sladar?
00:01:17c-yanker sladar
00:01:20Tough really motred?
00:01:20c-yanker needs
00:01:23Yuriko yes
00:01:23c-yanker against goblin
00:01:24c-yanker armor
00:01:27Yuriko -swap 3
00:01:27Tough -swap 1
00:01:31extremewaari PIT
00:01:33extremewaari and
00:01:38Yuriko doom can mid?
00:01:38extremewaari venom
00:01:40extremewaari pit venom
00:01:40Yuriko or i go
00:01:41extremewaari or
00:01:42XXL mennääkö johki omaa kannuu?
00:01:44Tough vs sf?
00:01:44extremewaari pit rex
00:01:45Tough not good
00:01:48Tough let me top
00:01:52extremewaari ju
00:01:56Tough i can handle solo
00:01:57Tough top
00:01:57XXL mee ni seuraan
00:01:57extremewaari good
00:01:59c-yanker tough
00:02:03c-yanker get damage aura
00:02:04Tough y?
00:02:07Tough dude y
00:02:09oo0OoO0oo i 7ant 7oods shouldve picked that commander
00:02:12Tough im not playing doom first time
00:02:13Tough :D
00:02:14extremewaari tuu tähä missä oon jo
00:02:17c-yanker yy well
00:02:19c-yanker many ppl get cents
00:02:20Yuriko its his second time..
00:02:20c-yanker instead
00:02:27Tough totally retartded^^
00:02:31c-yanker i come when u match their lvl
00:02:33Tough retarded
00:02:37c-yanker gonna fuck up sf early
00:02:48Tough COMMANDER?
00:02:53Tough ah its kurdi
00:02:54oo0OoO0oo going 7oods
00:02:54XXL tuus ny
00:02:54Yuriko thats wrong side
00:02:55XXL :D
00:02:55Yuriko to gank
00:02:59extremewaari tuu tähä missä oon
00:03:00c-yanker nope
00:03:05Tough haste
00:03:06c-yanker lemme
00:03:07c-yanker haste
00:03:08XXL en voi sit mölyy
00:03:11c-yanker wtf
00:03:13c-yanker who is bot?
00:03:17c-yanker sladar solo bot?
00:03:20Tough kurdi
00:03:23Tough is totally retarded
00:03:30oo0OoO0oo and your mama is hot
00:03:51c-yanker why sladar
00:03:51c-yanker ?
00:04:08Yuriko you should time your stuns
00:04:12c-yanker i know
00:04:17XXL laff
00:04:19XXL pls pull
00:04:22Lafrenzz u do
00:04:22Yuriko ranged one usually uses first
00:04:34XXL ok
00:04:38XXL but better if i get levels
00:04:40XXL :d
00:04:49XXL well
00:04:50XXL warded
00:04:57Tough why i have kurdi
00:05:00Tough in my woods?
00:05:08Yuriko ?
00:06:21c-yanker heal up
00:06:25Yuriko go
00:06:26extremewaari SHARE CHICKWEN'
00:06:27c-yanker heal
00:06:43extremewaari VENGE SS
00:06:44c-yanker lol
00:06:45extremewaari ?
00:06:45Yuriko gj?
00:06:46c-yanker windows pop upo
00:06:49Yuriko lol
00:06:50XXL se roamaa
00:07:18c-yanker coming mid again
00:07:23extremewaari mid ss
00:07:27Yuriko next
00:07:28Yuriko wave
00:07:31c-yanker yy
00:07:34Yuriko i block a bit
00:08:08Yuriko care top
00:08:16Tough kurdi
00:08:18Tough come gang
00:08:38c-yanker ezzz
00:08:42Yuriko :D
00:08:50Lafrenzz dude
00:08:53Lafrenzz let me get mana boots
00:09:12Zajeb help bot
00:09:21XXL b
00:09:21XXL man
00:09:23Yuriko well its dirge
00:09:26Tough KURDI
00:09:27c-yanker i got bottle for u
00:09:28Tough SUCK MY DICK
00:09:32Zajeb ss 2
00:09:33Lafrenzz dont get why u take my farm
00:09:38Lafrenzz i need mana boots
00:09:55c-yanker SERIUISLÆY`?
00:09:56mansikka :DDDDD
00:09:56Yuriko :D:D
00:09:57c-yanker SDGHIP
00:10:00c-yanker what a joke
00:10:05Tough kurdi calced
00:10:08Tough u gonna suck dicks
00:10:08c-yanker that heal to fucking up
00:10:09Tough in hell
00:10:18c-yanker coming mid again
00:10:36Tough ss
00:10:45Lafrenzz let me farm here
00:10:49Zajeb ss 2
00:10:50Zajeb care
00:11:30Tough KUDI
00:11:32Tough GO FUCKING GANG
00:11:35Tough U RETARDED
00:11:36oo0OoO0oo shhh
00:11:42oo0OoO0oo "oh its kurdi "
00:11:50Tough alright
00:11:52Tough ban incoming
00:11:59oo0OoO0oo 7hy ??
00:12:04oo0OoO0oo iam 7ooding
00:12:14Yuriko warded
00:12:15Yuriko i think
00:12:18c-yanker they got wards
00:12:18extremewaari venger
00:12:22c-yanker y
00:12:27c-yanker just dive
00:12:30c-yanker when u see him
00:12:42c-yanker WTF?
00:12:45Tough ff u didint need to die for it cunt
00:12:59mansikka ok
00:13:02mansikka didnt see him
00:13:34Yuriko CRIT Fair enougj
00:13:35Yuriko FFS
00:13:45Yuriko 0 crits
00:13:47Yuriko seriously
00:13:50Yuriko i'm gonna pee on my monitor
00:13:56Tough make a vid Do it brotha
00:14:23Yuriko go
00:15:05Yuriko go sf
00:15:16c-yanker b
00:15:21oo0OoO0oo start gang
00:16:04XXL mennää
00:16:05XXL päälle Theres your crit. :D
00:16:31Yuriko bf in 300 commmander geting pretty imba alrdy lets just push with our mass
00:17:25Yuriko just farm that sf guy
00:17:35Yuriko :D
00:18:05c-yanker just shitty picks
00:18:23Lafrenzz hold them pit
00:18:28Yuriko just go
00:18:58Yuriko go
00:18:59Yuriko he stuck
00:19:06Zajeb why commander plays lkike pussy
00:19:07Lafrenzz hold them
00:19:07extremewaari ty fuckign noobs
00:19:14XXL 10 seccaa
00:19:15XXL venaa
00:20:29Yuriko kill sf and then dirge keep on pushing?
00:21:09Yuriko go we are so fucked late
00:21:18XXL all mid
00:21:19c-yanker just gotta pro long
00:21:19XXL and go
00:21:37Yuriko yeah
00:21:38Yuriko how
00:21:50Yuriko dont def this one
00:22:47Yuriko go sf?
00:22:49Tough doom on sf
00:22:50Tough or dirge=
00:23:04mansikka B?
00:23:07Yuriko i cant go first obviously
00:23:35XXL towa
00:23:36XXL towa
00:23:45c-yanker more carry next time
00:23:47c-yanker its imba shit
00:23:49XXL melee rax
00:23:52XXL if can
00:23:54Yuriko dirge + pit anyway
00:23:58c-yanker well my wards will finish
00:24:15extremewaari bn
00:24:17extremewaari b imba wards :DDDDDDDDDDDDD i go aghna ?
00:24:46XXL push topline
00:24:47XXL next
00:24:49XXL lane*
00:25:21mansikka i tp us top
00:25:30Lafrenzz ty
00:25:34Lafrenzz mana
00:25:35XXL sup?
00:25:44Yuriko -_-
00:27:00Tough ty #venge
00:27:16c-yanker this is simply outpicked
00:27:18c-yanker nothing els
00:27:27Yuriko dirge and pit kinda autowin
00:27:29mansikka oh
00:27:30mansikka nv
00:27:31c-yanker not rly
00:27:34c-yanker if we just had some support
00:27:37c-yanker but we got 0
00:27:41c-yanker 0 aoe
00:28:39Tough dirge
00:28:41Tough ms?
00:28:43Tough 1000? :D
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