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98% | 1745 X | 1607 TS

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81% | 1479 X | 1392 TS

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72% | 1371 X | 1378 TS

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-3 TS

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62% | 1283 X | 1360 TS

Chat log

00:00:00mamyka [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... mby_next_time with 48 seconds.
00:00:17mby_next_time dat pool.
00:00:17Sepetos mmm
00:00:17Sepetos what should i ban
00:00:17Sepetos -axe
00:00:17PeterLars lol
00:00:17PeterLars who u want :d
00:00:17Sepetos 10carrys
00:00:17mby_next_time jakiro
00:00:17Sepetos :D
00:00:17mby_next_time for sure
00:00:17HuaRong go all agi
00:00:17PeterLars void
00:00:22HuaRong spec?
00:00:23Sepetos this i wanted
00:00:25Sepetos :X
00:00:25PeterLars anyone am?
00:00:29PeterLars i knew it
00:00:30A-tzangol go fast push
00:00:32A-tzangol no am imo
00:00:35PeterLars y
00:00:39A-tzangol but no heroes
00:00:41A-tzangol to push it so fast
00:00:42A-tzangol too
00:01:12mby_next_time sepe you're mid or no?
00:01:16Sepetos yes
00:01:20mby_next_time kk
00:01:21mby_next_time good
00:01:23A-tzangol thd
00:01:25A-tzangol get thd
00:01:34RalleBrazil -swap 3
00:01:35PeterLars last one
00:01:36PeterLars thd
00:01:39Isdronningen -swap 4
00:01:46Isdronningen -clear
00:01:56mby_next_time why naga...
00:01:59mamyka i go qop oke?
00:02:01A-tzangol u dont want mid weaver?
00:02:02PeterLars no
00:02:04PeterLars nerub
00:02:04Sepetos well
00:02:07HuaRong we need naga
00:02:07Sepetos not bad actually
00:02:08A-tzangol panda
00:02:09A-tzangol wards
00:02:10A-tzangol for btm
00:02:14Sepetos we got 3 good deffers
00:02:17Sepetos and 2 imba carrys
00:02:24Sepetos naga stops that weaver easy
00:02:25mby_next_time actaually i dont believe in hua rong carrying but whatever.
00:02:28A-tzangol qop
00:02:31A-tzangol get my wards
00:02:33mby_next_time jakiro naga bot
00:02:34Sepetos just need him throw nets
00:02:35Sepetos ^^
00:02:37RalleBrazil dont got money and its not a
00:02:40PeterLars share
00:02:40RalleBrazil rule
00:02:49A-tzangol i have bought wards
00:02:50A-tzangol tard
00:02:50PeterLars SHARE
00:02:56A-tzangol i just said you to pick em up
00:03:06Isdronningen rune bot
00:03:32PeterLars harras that spec
00:03:34Kanpu3a ss2
00:04:23mby_next_time ff
00:04:25mby_next_time -hhn
00:04:26mby_next_time -don
00:04:27mby_next_time -water red
00:05:48Sepetos need flying
00:06:19Sepetos flyin?
00:06:28Sepetos midmiss
00:07:19Sepetos fLYING FFS
00:07:39RalleBrazil oom
00:07:43Isdronningen ss top 1
00:08:12Sepetos gang mid plz
00:08:34mby_next_time ss bane
00:08:35mby_next_time re
00:09:04mamyka ss jaki
00:09:06HuaRong ss
00:09:49HuaRong ss2
00:10:41cooper s1
00:10:47mby_next_time 3 top
00:10:52HuaRong ss
00:10:55mby_next_time ss 2
00:10:57Sepetos gang mid
00:10:58PeterLars fuck iff
00:11:02mby_next_time re all 3 top
00:11:10mby_next_time akasha mnissing
00:11:11mby_next_time care mid
00:11:24A-tzangol me
00:11:29Sepetos GANG PLZ
00:11:31Sepetos I NEED FARM
00:11:32A-tzangol leave it
00:11:33A-tzangol qopv
00:11:35Sepetos CANT GET IF U DONT GANG
00:11:37HuaRong ss2
00:11:37Sepetos and plant wards
00:11:42PeterLars fuc off
00:11:57Sepetos midmiss
00:12:01Isdronningen gj
00:12:03mamyka sleep?
00:12:04A-tzangol gang mid
00:12:05mby_next_time re 3 top
00:12:10mby_next_time ss bane ./ akasha
00:12:11mby_next_time care mid
00:12:54Sepetos u fuckin retards
00:13:00Sepetos i cant fuckin win this if u dont support
00:13:01Sepetos no wards
00:13:05Sepetos no good gangs
00:13:08Sepetos rhasta should be ganging
00:13:11A-tzangol me rune
00:13:20Kanpu3a i die
00:14:09A-tzangol gangmid
00:14:10A-tzangol need one
00:14:32mamyka comming
00:14:34cooper s1
00:14:42Sepetos ff
00:14:48Isdronningen ss top
00:14:49Sepetos u retards cant get wards
00:14:50Isdronningen going mid
00:14:50Sepetos really
00:14:52Isdronningen care mid
00:14:54Sepetos how fuckin retards can u b
00:14:56Sepetos 3supports
00:14:58Sepetos 0 supporting
00:15:20mamyka u w8 for steal?
00:15:23mamyka right?
00:15:26Sepetos g ot ulti
00:15:27Sepetos kill someone
00:15:48A-tzangol guyz
00:15:55A-tzangol b
00:15:56A-tzangol btm
00:16:01A-tzangol b
00:16:01A-tzangol btm
00:16:02A-tzangol b
00:16:13mamyka noob
00:16:21mamyka panda total noob
00:16:24RalleBrazil lol
00:16:28RalleBrazil nothing to do tard
00:16:31mamyka fuckin retart dont use slow w8 for steal
00:16:33mamyka wp noob
00:16:49Isdronningen coming bot
00:16:49mamyka u dont need use ulti for naga
00:16:50Isdronningen for gang
00:17:06A-tzangol ffs
00:17:07A-tzangol dude
00:17:08A-tzangol wtf
00:17:08Isdronningen sry
00:17:48HuaRong b
00:17:51mby_next_time we can ff anyway
00:17:54Isdronningen b
00:18:02A-tzangol towers
00:18:08mby_next_time he got sacred in secunds
00:18:13A-tzangol b
00:18:14A-tzangol panda
00:18:15A-tzangol ffs
00:18:21Sepetos and?
00:18:34mby_next_time and we can ff as i said
00:19:24Sepetos FUCKIN NOOBS TEAM
00:19:26Sepetos WTFS
00:19:33mamyka come bot
00:19:34Sepetos worst team ever
00:19:38PeterLars go from top
00:19:39Sepetos tought this was silver
00:19:47Kanpu3a ))))
00:20:42Sepetos supports fail we need to do this with carrys
00:20:47Kanpu3a su
00:20:49Kanpu3a plz
00:20:52Kanpu3a playing
00:21:01Kanpu3a only crying
00:21:10A-tzangol my bad
00:21:15mamyka ofcv ur
00:21:23Kanpu3a see?
00:21:26Kanpu3a ormore
00:21:35A-tzangol when weaver had radi go push
00:21:37A-tzangol we need towers
00:21:39Kanpu3a idiot
00:21:47Sepetos ofcourse invis
00:22:02Kanpu3a fuckinf spectra
00:22:10Sepetos u learn to support
00:22:16Kanpu3a fu!
00:22:33Sepetos now u put sentry :D
00:22:40Isdronningen coming bot
00:22:42mby_next_time please faster next timed :d
00:23:08A-tzangol kill
00:23:09A-tzangol btm
00:23:09RalleBrazil let me have it
00:23:21A-tzangol go qop
00:23:26A-tzangol go panda
00:23:55mamyka tnx
00:24:07A-tzangol missclick
00:24:09A-tzangol ffs
00:24:09Sepetos FUCK U GUYS
00:24:13Sepetos never helping
00:24:19Kanpu3a su
00:24:20mamyka gg trall
00:24:25mamyka w many fail here
00:24:28A-tzangol i just tped
00:24:30Kanpu3a and play
00:25:02cooper amana
00:25:08Kanpu3a axyu
00:25:29A-tzangol push some
00:25:39PeterLars get wards
00:25:39Sepetos tower top
00:25:42mby_next_time 3 mid.
00:26:23mamyka TRALL?
00:26:28A-tzangol stf
00:26:32mamyka sleep more fuckin retard
00:26:57Sepetos ur never ganging anywhere
00:27:01Sepetos that i could just ulti and come
00:27:03mby_next_time fucking trying to get daggfer
00:27:04Sepetos u fuckin passive fucks
00:27:14Kanpu3a ok
00:27:46mby_next_time got dagger.
00:27:54mamyka weaver
00:27:59PeterLars stfy
00:28:01PeterLars stfu
00:28:05mamyka rly guys wake up plz
00:28:59Isdronningen miss click :D
00:29:17Sepetos toptower ---
00:29:35PeterLars GET WARDS
00:29:37PeterLars omg
00:29:39PeterLars 3 support
00:29:42PeterLars and no wards
00:29:47mamyka open ur blind eyes
00:29:48Isdronningen i buy soon
00:30:40A-tzangol gj pro qop
00:30:42A-tzangol say something
00:30:52Sepetos how the fuck he was me
00:31:02Sepetos nooooob :D
00:31:05mby_next_time ya :d
00:31:16mamyka sleep
00:31:20Sepetos not tower even yet
00:31:24Sepetos what rhasta did in that fight
00:31:29mby_next_time rofl
00:31:43Kanpu3a spectra
00:31:46Sepetos toptower now
00:31:46Kanpu3a what u want
00:32:10Sepetos TOPTOP
00:32:15A-tzangol weaver
00:33:57A-tzangol we must push
00:34:08mby_next_time bane
00:34:30mby_next_time god how ilove that thrall
00:35:22Kanpu3a I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:35:23Sepetos zap
00:35:29Isdronningen think we gonna win
00:35:31Kanpu3a stop this
00:35:53Sepetos naga and others
00:35:58Sepetos u understand take weaver down?
00:36:08A-tzangol coe
00:36:09A-tzangol come
00:36:43mby_next_time I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:37:03A-tzangol go mid
00:37:04A-tzangol i tp
00:37:05A-tzangol qop
00:37:06A-tzangol go mid
00:37:09Sepetos this is what happends when supports doesnt know how to play support
00:37:11Sepetos again no wards
00:37:15Kanpu3a fu
00:37:17Kanpu3a FU
00:37:20mby_next_time warded was killed with unwarding
00:37:24mby_next_time and they were obvious in woods
00:37:26Sepetos just bunch of noobs
00:37:28mby_next_time so dont eve try blameing us
00:37:35mby_next_time taht action you id yourself
00:38:15A-tzangol dd top
00:38:20PeterLars fuck it
00:38:57Kanpu3a ff all
00:39:02Sepetos naga only runs
00:39:04cooper I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:39:06Sepetos not even trying to kill anyone
00:39:09Sepetos putting illus to fight
00:39:12Sepetos how fuckin bad are u
00:39:17Sepetos if u can farm but u cant play
00:39:18HuaRong tanking :G
00:39:19Sepetos why u pick carry
00:39:23HuaRong :D
00:39:24Sepetos take hero u press one button
00:40:23mamyka b?
00:40:37Kanpu3a stop deff idiots
00:40:42Kanpu3a agggrrrr
00:40:43Isdronningen never back down
00:40:45Sepetos u just got banrequested noob
00:40:49Kanpu3a fu
00:40:52Kanpu3a kiss my ass
00:41:00Kanpu3a fucking mid
00:41:08Kanpu3a only cry
00:41:14Kanpu3a and die
00:41:29Kanpu3a "ban"
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