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Chat log

00:00:00WantedZip [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... Tough with 53 seconds.
00:00:04WantedZip AP
00:00:05WantedZip -AP
00:00:06falloutNV -water red
00:00:06Nickless HAVE FUN
00:00:08Soulyah -ap
00:00:33edgarass cant find tc
00:00:37KeLToS hidden
00:00:41KeLToS secret shop
00:00:44WantedZip :D
00:00:46edgarass where tc?
00:00:46KeLToS under str
00:00:46WantedZip OMG
00:00:46Tough strengh
00:00:46Tough *
00:01:02WantedZip really ?
00:01:02Tough u will find it
00:01:02edgarass whrere?
00:01:05WantedZip u cant find it ?
00:01:07Tough i trust u
00:01:07WantedZip OMG
00:01:10edgarass whic house?
00:01:10KeLToS WE TRUST
00:01:10WantedZip top
00:01:10WantedZip 4
00:01:10HuaRong hhahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah]
00:01:13falloutNV nvm i play sk 1 time :S
00:01:16Nickless strenght
00:01:20Tough first time?!
00:01:20Nickless right one
00:01:23Soulyah hes lying
00:01:26Soulyah hes a good plaer
00:01:27Soulyah player
00:01:28falloutNV no
00:01:32WantedZip REALLY :D
00:01:33WantedZip OMG
00:01:35HuaRong :D
00:01:36falloutNV i play dota 4 month :()
00:01:36edgarass wtf
00:01:37WantedZip HAHAHA
00:01:45WantedZip we have a nap in da house
00:01:47KeLToS ok...
00:01:47KeLToS dude
00:01:47edgarass which house?
00:01:47KeLToS u can see top 4 house
00:01:47Tough STRENGH
00:01:47Tough LOOK THERE
00:01:47edgarass top 4 from left?
00:01:47KeLToS its in one of them
00:01:50Tough AT SENTINEl
00:01:50falloutNV tuper random
00:01:53Tough SENTINEL
00:01:54HuaRong str sentinel
00:01:58Soulyah ;DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDdd
00:01:58falloutNV -random str
00:02:00falloutNV tupe
00:02:03WantedZip HAHAHA
00:02:04Soulyah ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaa
00:02:06falloutNV -random str
00:02:11Tough GJ!
00:02:15WantedZip OMG
00:02:17WantedZip CLAP FOR HIM!
00:02:18KeLToS slow`?
00:02:22Tough did it already
00:02:23Soulyah this silver?
00:02:26KeLToS har du slow
00:02:26WantedZip dunno :D
00:04:06KeLToS we focus dazzl
00:04:23Soulyah ?
00:04:25WantedZip ?
00:04:32Soulyah dont denie
00:04:41WantedZip love u so much
00:05:05KeLToS go sk
00:05:13Soulyah omg
00:05:14KeLToS dude'
00:05:30WantedZip ss
00:05:32KeLToS ok lvl 4
00:05:32KeLToS we go
00:05:33WantedZip re
00:05:34McNabb k
00:05:50Tough failed
00:05:51Tough ary
00:05:54Nickless gj
00:05:57Nickless edgar
00:05:58Nickless :D
00:06:21edgarass b
00:06:28Tough hook
00:07:17KeLToS i pull
00:07:19McNabb k
00:07:48Tough ss
00:08:04KeLToS dazzle go
00:08:06McNabb k
00:08:20Soulyah ss
00:08:20WantedZip HAHAHAHA
00:08:23WantedZip HOOK :D
00:08:26Nickless :)
00:08:32Tough .
00:08:47Tough gnang bot
00:08:54Tough awesome
00:08:58WantedZip veno .D
00:09:02WantedZip ss
00:09:10WantedZip re
00:09:12falloutNV ss2
00:09:12Nickless aa
00:09:13HuaRong ss
00:09:20Tough ss 2
00:09:33WantedZip ss
00:09:45Soulyah ssimd
00:09:47Soulyah re
00:10:07Soulyah omw top
00:10:09Soulyah 20s lti
00:10:09WantedZip ss
00:10:21Soulyah 5s
00:10:24Soulyah WE GO
00:10:39edgarass have ulti
00:10:44Nickless k
00:10:46KeLToS vent
00:11:07Soulyah dont die now i go mid
00:11:09Tough ss 2 bot
00:11:11rtg800 ss 2
00:11:46Soulyah booooo
00:11:50edgarass lets push one tower
00:12:13Tough gj+
00:12:38KeLToS ulti
00:12:39KeLToS ?
00:12:40KeLToS aa?
00:12:45falloutNV ss
00:12:48Soulyah 0 tps
00:12:50Soulyah nice team
00:12:52KeLToS ulti aa
00:12:57WantedZip oom
00:12:57Nickless come
00:13:01Nickless tc
00:13:07Soulyah HOLD TPS
00:13:14Tough still ss
00:13:15Soulyah v6tame mid
00:13:55KeLToS need manaboots
00:13:57rtg800 nice fog
00:14:06Soulyah tlen
00:14:17Soulyah go tower
00:14:37edgarass care hook
00:16:20Soulyah dazzle
00:16:21McNabb bot tower
00:16:22McNabb go
00:16:22Soulyah skill ulti
00:16:27Soulyah always skill ulti
00:16:28HuaRong k
00:16:28KeLToS i can solo top tower
00:16:29KeLToS veno go bot
00:16:37Soulyah def bot
00:16:37Soulyah all
00:16:49Nickless too late
00:16:51Nickless lets fast
00:16:52Nickless top
00:17:05KeLToS then u puill
00:17:05KeLToS omfg
00:17:08KeLToS wtf is wrong with u
00:17:10edgarass wtf
00:17:17WantedZip well
00:17:19WantedZip 5 bot
00:17:20edgarass veno no pulling
00:17:21edgarass go for towers
00:17:22WantedZip easy top
00:17:25Soulyah we win this
00:17:30Nickless it was accident
00:17:44Soulyah 10 to ulti
00:17:46Soulyah dont dnie
00:17:48Soulyah omg
00:17:49Nickless no
00:17:50Nickless ulti
00:18:02Soulyah dive sk
00:18:36McNabb ff
00:18:41edgarass oidiots
00:18:49Soulyah got agha
00:18:53falloutNV :)
00:18:58edgarass dont run away friom rhastas wards
00:19:16edgarass all bot
00:19:18edgarass go tower
00:19:18Soulyah wp sk
00:19:19edgarass all
00:19:23edgarass no more fucking going alone
00:19:47Soulyah start moving from bot agan
00:19:47edgarass if i stun dont attack
00:19:48rtg800 4 bot
00:20:30Tough dazzle
00:20:32edgarass idiots
00:20:32Tough grave :/
00:20:36Soulyah it was on me
00:20:36edgarass fucking dont attrack iff i stun
00:20:37HuaRong cd
00:20:39Tough a
00:20:40Tough okay
00:20:40edgarass u noobs
00:20:40Tough sry
00:20:46HuaRong usu on wl
00:20:46KeLToS y were noob
00:20:48KeLToS where is tc
00:20:49Soulyah go bot AGAIN
00:20:51Soulyah got 2 ultis
00:20:53edgarass i stun and ulti can u fucking do that?
00:20:53Soulyah with agha
00:20:59edgarass retard team
00:20:59WantedZip slow like my shit when it goes out of my ass
00:21:00KeLToS we dive behind tower
00:21:07Soulyah keep pressure
00:21:12Soulyah we win every fight
00:21:17edgarass morrons
00:21:29Soulyah hooki
00:21:29KeLToS care now
00:21:36rtg800 help
00:21:39McNabb lol
00:21:45edgarass ff
00:21:48Nickless ff
00:21:48KeLToS min 25
00:21:49edgarass rhasta wtrf u farming?
00:21:51WantedZip at 25 newbs!!
00:21:52WantedZip !
00:21:53rtg800 tank
00:21:53Nickless :D
00:21:55rtg800 your infernals
00:21:55KeLToS im noob?
00:22:01edgarass u farming all the time
00:22:04KeLToS u said it urself
00:22:05edgarass we need your disable
00:22:07KeLToS mr i cant find tc
00:22:09edgarass idiot
00:22:14KeLToS i might hit them
00:22:29Soulyah b
00:23:01KeLToS stick ur blink up ur small anus
00:23:10WantedZip ^^
00:23:17Soulyah w8 for my ulti
00:23:44McNabb great
00:24:03HuaRong b
00:24:17Soulyah gather
00:24:18Soulyah for top
00:24:31Soulyah rune
00:24:40Soulyah come top ppl
00:24:52Nickless ????????????????????
00:24:58Tough ?
00:24:59Soulyah toptop
00:25:22edgarass if i stun
00:25:24edgarass i will ulti
00:25:28edgarass so fdont fucjking hit them
00:25:29Soulyah ward it here
00:25:30edgarass pls
00:25:30KeLToS su
00:25:36KeLToS u flame 2 much
00:26:08WantedZip wp dazzle
00:26:10edgarass krobe silence ulti?
00:26:12McNabb ff
00:26:14Soulyah why no me?
00:26:16Soulyah :S
00:26:17WantedZip :D
00:26:21Tough wp capo
00:26:21WantedZip well
00:26:22Tough cap
00:26:26WantedZip Dazzle rescued a lot
00:26:33Soulyah all did rly good
00:26:39Nickless y
00:26:40WantedZip TRUE
00:27:05Soulyah :D
00:27:08Soulyah we raombos
00:27:09Soulyah rambos
00:27:11falloutNV :D
00:27:56Tough hate
00:28:07WantedZip or u stupid
00:28:19edgarass dont fdie pls
00:28:21rtg800 -stats
00:28:38Soulyah go rosh
00:28:42Soulyah ward
00:28:44KeLToS come mid
00:28:45Soulyah needed
00:28:48edgarass all
00:28:49Nickless ALL MID
00:28:57WantedZip pudge
00:29:03Soulyah viper come
00:29:06Soulyah u take aegis
00:29:13KeLToS w8
00:29:14Soulyah ward here
00:29:36Soulyah that was a nice surprise:D
00:29:41HuaRong y
00:29:41rtg800 indeed
00:29:46Soulyah doesnt matter
00:30:12edgarass b
00:30:19Soulyah we go and fight them again
00:30:25falloutNV smoke
00:30:39edgarass go roshj
00:30:42Soulyah just need ward
00:30:44Soulyah uphill
00:30:58Soulyah gather
00:30:59Soulyah piude
00:31:01Soulyah viper
00:31:03edgarass rosh all
00:31:06KeLToS get dust for that cunt
00:31:08Soulyah stop farm
00:31:10Soulyah come her ei geal
00:31:12Soulyah i hea
00:31:19Soulyah we smoke here
00:31:27edgarass ulti
00:31:29Soulyah viper goes in scouts with lthar
00:31:33Soulyah check
00:31:42KeLToS lets go rosh
00:32:30edgarass rosh go
00:32:31Soulyah huh
00:32:32rtg800 tundus nagu hea idee
00:32:35Soulyah no
00:32:38Soulyah ei tehta nii
00:32:40McNabb cant
00:32:41Soulyah nagu mu master plaan:D
00:32:43Tough they got sentries
00:32:46KeLToS 5 dead?
00:32:49Soulyah well
00:32:53KeLToS no dmg :D
00:32:54Soulyah this was the last fight we can lose
00:32:55Soulyah not anymore
00:32:56edgarass i come
00:32:59Soulyah remember to target krobe
00:33:03rtg800 3rd one in a row :D
00:33:19KeLToS cunt
00:33:28Tough now dont target krobe
00:33:28Soulyah krobe aegis
00:33:30Soulyah what a waste
00:33:36Soulyah target yes
00:33:38KeLToS some
00:33:39Soulyah he loses his ulti
00:33:39KeLToS come
00:33:40KeLToS smoe
00:33:40Soulyah and is useless
00:33:41KeLToS smoke
00:33:47Tough nah
00:33:47KeLToS here all
00:33:49Tough he has aegis
00:33:51Nickless i iwll go piep
00:33:52Tough so he didnt lose ulti
00:33:53Nickless pipe
00:33:56edgarass me pipoe
00:33:57Soulyah i
00:34:00Soulyah if u wake up
00:34:01KeLToS get dazzle or wl
00:34:02Soulyah ulti gone?
00:34:02Nickless k
00:34:03KeLToS then we can go
00:34:14Tough nah
00:34:18Tough if he dying with ulti
00:34:20Tough he still have ulti
00:34:23Soulyah lame
00:34:25Tough wait
00:34:30Tough dont target krobe
00:34:33Soulyah maybe good hook
00:34:34Tough focus every1 else
00:34:35rtg800 aegis doesnt affect cd
00:34:42rtg800 so he shouldnt have it
00:34:42Tough its not with cd
00:34:44Tough if ulti is on
00:35:09WantedZip gg
00:35:09edgarass I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:35:24Soulyah lo
00:35:27Soulyah forgot fatalbonds
00:35:28Soulyah :d
00:35:30KeLToS tc didnt stun wl :D
00:35:36edgarass spiked
00:35:37KeLToS a
00:35:39KeLToS ahahah
00:35:44Nickless keltos
00:35:47Nickless u are idiot
00:35:51Nickless :))
00:35:52KeLToS yes dickless
00:35:53Nickless :D
00:36:07Soulyah b
00:36:11Soulyah got refu too
00:36:14Tough awesome
00:36:14Tough thx
00:36:15Tough :D
00:36:17rtg800 :)
00:36:31Soulyah 60s
00:36:32Soulyah we go
00:36:40rtg800 -stats
00:36:54edgarass mid all?
00:37:14Soulyah at tower
00:37:14Soulyah now
00:37:17Tough b
00:37:55Tough gj
00:38:16WantedZip b
00:38:22Soulyah if spawn
00:38:24Soulyah go mid
00:38:27Nickless pipeS
00:38:41McNabb i got
00:38:42Soulyah we go md
00:38:43Soulyah mid
00:38:48Nickless cuz 2 arent enough
00:38:53Nickless :S
00:38:56Soulyah b
00:39:05Soulyah sk has ulti
00:39:07Soulyah i got 2
00:39:07edgarass pipe 100
00:39:08Soulyah 4 golems
00:39:08KeLToS svenne banan
00:39:11KeLToS svenne banan
00:39:13Soulyah sure raxes
00:39:13falloutNV :)
00:39:17McNabb smoke
00:39:22KeLToS dusttttt
00:39:25Soulyah come man
00:39:32KeLToS lets go them behind
00:40:12McNabb I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:40:22Soulyah lock too op hero
00:40:27edgarass we wplited
00:40:34WantedZip tc stun so fucked me up :D
00:40:34WantedZip haha
00:40:47KeLToS he had lag
00:40:51Nickless :D
00:40:51KeLToS oh no sorry
00:40:53KeLToS spike
00:41:00Tough :D
00:41:04Soulyah :D
00:41:10Nickless gg
00:41:15Soulyah y
00:41:15Nickless :)))
00:41:23falloutNV wp wl :)
00:41:26Soulyah u2
00:41:27Tough yeah
00:41:29Tough wp all :)
00:41:29McNabb I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:41:42Nickless I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:42:16HuaRong b
00:42:16rtg800 b
00:42:39Soulyah kill?
00:43:16Soulyah got 4 golems
00:43:20Tough thx
00:43:35Tough rosh back
00:43:38edgarass we have 2 pipes?
00:43:41HuaRong go
00:43:46McNabb told u
00:43:46Nickless as is said
00:43:52Soulyah no rosh
00:43:54Soulyah just end
00:44:00Tough pls rosh
00:44:02Tough comeon
00:44:05Soulyah fine
00:44:05McNabb I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:44:13WantedZip I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:44:19Soulyah :S
00:44:23WantedZip lost :(
00:44:26Soulyah ye
00:44:29Soulyah not banning wl
00:44:30Soulyah :S
00:44:30WantedZip we could have won this
00:44:36Soulyah no way lol
00:44:38WantedZip if tc could stun
00:44:40WantedZip in start
00:44:43WantedZip And my ulti
00:44:44WantedZip with veno
00:44:45WantedZip gg
00:44:46WantedZip gg
00:44:51Soulyah my golems
00:44:51Soulyah gg
00:44:54WantedZip LOL
00:44:58WantedZip ur life dead
00:45:01Soulyah :D
00:45:02WantedZip before u could do shit
00:45:13Soulyah go rambo
00:45:15Soulyah viper
00:45:41WantedZip SEEEEEEE :D
00:45:50Soulyah it as totally my failt
00:45:53rtg800 what just happened
00:45:59Tough dafuq
00:46:00Soulyah i failed
00:46:01WantedZip No golems ? :D
00:46:05Soulyah i was
00:46:08KeLToS all mid
00:46:08Soulyah scratching my nose
00:46:10Soulyah lol
00:46:11WantedZip HAHAHAHA
00:46:13Nickless :D
00:46:13Soulyah then dead
00:46:15falloutNV :DDD
00:46:16WantedZip btw
00:46:22WantedZip i was scratchin my ass :D
00:46:25KeLToS go mid
00:46:26KeLToS ppl
00:46:29Soulyah eww, too much info
00:46:32KeLToS y
00:46:33WantedZip :D
00:46:34WantedZip u like
00:46:35KeLToS i know his ass
00:46:35KeLToS irl
00:46:36KeLToS OMFG
00:46:38KeLToS BIG ASS
00:46:38WantedZip :D
00:46:44KeLToS and hairy
00:46:46KeLToS SCARY
00:46:50WantedZip he licked ?
00:46:52Tough ;D
00:46:53KeLToS :D:D
00:46:53Soulyah come bot again
00:47:15Soulyah go
00:47:15KeLToS nej
00:47:16Soulyah rapez0r
00:47:41McNabb okj
00:47:52McNabb 4 golems on little me
00:47:57Soulyah ye
00:48:06Tough MAMA IN DA HOOOD
00:48:17McNabb i dont like u ether
00:48:44Soulyah WRNG
00:48:45McNabb go thorne?
00:48:45Soulyah WRONG
00:48:49Soulyah go ff
00:48:51Soulyah 1 more neede
00:49:08Soulyah Stupid ass rhasta targets me
00:49:13Tough uhöwegfuweiöfgweiö
00:49:14Tough QFPIHEpiqwew4f
00:49:16WantedZip OWNED :D
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