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95% | 1664 X | 1525 TS

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89% | 1554 X | 1479 TS

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82% | 1469 X | 1453 TS

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72% | 1345 X | 1402 TS

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87% | 1508 X | 1472 TS

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81% | 1444 X | 1435 TS

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55% | 1263 X | 1315 TS

Chat log

00:00:00Laier [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... Jouez with 103 seconds.
00:00:02Laier WP
00:00:15Laier who wants what?
00:00:20Jonnija AA
00:00:20Jonnija would be fun
00:00:20Strom i want shredder
00:00:20Jonnija ah
00:00:20Jonnija cant
00:00:20Jonnija with strom on team :D
00:00:20Jouez idc, i ll own anyway :)))
00:00:20Jonnija else ill get gameruin ban
00:00:20Laier ill play shredder if possible :)
00:00:20PeterLars any omni
00:00:20Jonnija with midas lothar or smthing like that
00:00:20Strom nah laier
00:00:20Strom don't do it
00:00:20Strom it sucks
00:00:20Strom better give it to me
00:00:20Laier most fun in pool
00:00:20PeterLars ANY OMNI
00:00:20Soulyah BAN FFS
00:00:20Strom dude, look at that troll
00:00:20Laier its not rocketscience you know?
00:00:20Laier just ban
00:00:20Strom it's fun!
00:00:20PeterLars naix
00:00:20PeterLars STFU
00:00:20KeLToS stfu
00:00:20marsbar2k :D
00:00:20PeterLars i am thinking
00:00:20Jonnija :D
00:00:20Jonnija good joke
00:00:20Laier am banned?
00:00:20Laier kk
00:00:20Soulyah SAW 2
00:00:20PeterLars naix
00:00:20Soulyah is about to start
00:00:20creeeeeee ban omni
00:00:20Soulyah 15min game fast
00:00:21Laier OMNIII
00:00:23Soulyah AM NAIX
00:00:28Soulyah whatever
00:00:39Jonnija AAAAAAAA
00:00:46Laier get me kunkka strom
00:00:51Jonnija AAAAAAAAAAA
00:00:58PeterLars -swap 2
00:00:59Jonnija cree m2ngid ise?
00:00:59KeLToS -swap 1
00:01:00KeLToS -clear
00:01:06Jonnija v6i tahad
00:01:07Jonnija midagi
00:01:08Jonnija ?
00:01:13creeeeeee no siin on kõik kohutavalt igavad herod
00:01:17Laier -swap 4
00:01:18Strom -swap 1
00:01:21Strom nice, thanks
00:01:22creeeeeee sellega vähemalt natukene huvitav
00:01:26Laier who wants mid?
00:01:31Strom not me
00:01:33Laier or nvm
00:01:34Laier ill go
00:01:36Jonnija POWER OF DS AND AA
00:01:41Jonnija WE
00:01:43Jouez last pick ? :/
00:01:44Jonnija ah kunkka 2
00:01:46KeLToS fb bot
00:01:52Soulyah yesyes
00:01:58Strom panda good
00:01:59Soulyah we can manage us 2
00:02:00Strom krobe good
00:02:00Soulyah i think
00:02:02Strom pugna good
00:02:10Jonnija we can have
00:02:12Jonnija top solo
00:02:12Jonnija 2
00:02:14Jonnija as i try
00:02:15Jonnija to wood
00:02:16Jonnija with this
00:02:22KeLToS we need pipe asap
00:02:23Soulyah top tuskar
00:02:24Soulyah ?
00:02:24KeLToS thd
00:02:30Soulyah ah or ur mates
00:02:30Soulyah 3
00:02:31Jerkku who is mid
00:02:33Jonnija so vacum torrent
00:02:34Jonnija aa ulty
00:02:36Strom let aa solo, it's good fast 6
00:02:36PeterLars TUSKAR
00:02:38KeLToS pipe
00:02:40KeLToS needed
00:02:46Soulyah whats that
00:02:55Strom share chick
00:02:55KeLToS a black dildo
00:02:58Soulyah xD
00:02:59KeLToS with balls
00:03:22Soulyah go from woods jugger ill blok
00:03:40PeterLars harras
00:03:41Strom regen bot
00:03:56Strom take regne krobe
00:04:00Strom nah
00:04:03Strom why you use salve? :D
00:04:16Jonnija meanie
00:04:18PeterLars ^^
00:04:20Jonnija thats my gold
00:04:29Strom dude
00:04:30Soulyah HAHA
00:04:34Soulyah nice:D
00:04:36KeLToS thx
00:04:38Strom you gotta watch minimap
00:04:44Strom and not use salve after I say regen bot :d
00:04:59Jonnija ta lastpick mis ootad
00:05:16Strom hug tower
00:05:18Strom yurnero has boots
00:05:35PeterLars harras him
00:05:52Soulyah ill check rune m8
00:06:22Strom ye that "hug tower" part still stands
00:06:28Strom don't go away unless you got boots
00:07:18Jerkku stun ffs
00:07:25PeterLars no with the tower
00:07:41Jonnija :D
00:07:41Jonnija :D
00:07:42Jonnija :D
00:07:43Soulyah uh
00:08:00creeeeeee krt ma seda telekat jälgin
00:08:01creeeeeee :D
00:08:15Laier lion mid
00:08:30creeeeeee tapame
00:08:38Soulyah farm
00:08:42Soulyah those creeps
00:08:42Soulyah xD
00:09:17marsbar2k ss
00:09:30Soulyah im ded
00:09:39Soulyah or not
00:10:02Strom bot yurnero mis
00:10:04Strom lion too
00:10:07KeLToS ss
00:10:22Soulyah any1 made urn?
00:10:25Strom re yurnero
00:10:28marsbar2k gj with wards
00:10:29marsbar2k jakiro
00:10:33Laier mid miss
00:10:49KeLToS up chick pls
00:11:00creeeeeee tule tapame
00:11:04Jonnija mul 100 elu
00:11:06Jonnija ja kana pole
00:11:07marsbar2k ss
00:11:07marsbar2k care top¨'
00:11:23creeeeeee 2ss
00:11:48Laier ff
00:11:57Laier y jonnija
00:11:58Laier go die there
00:12:02Jonnija i wont :D
00:13:17Jerkku care
00:13:20Jerkku kunkka inc
00:13:59Strom mis top 2
00:15:26Soulyah y fail
00:15:27Soulyah my
00:15:39Jonnija 8 deaths in 12 min
00:15:40creeeeeee oh god
00:15:42PeterLars HAHA
00:15:48Strom unfortunate
00:15:53creeeeeee this fcin tuskar is everywhere i go
00:16:17Laier zzz
00:16:19Jonnija woah
00:16:21Jonnija life goes down so fast
00:16:23Laier so smart
00:16:32Jonnija yeah its lost
00:16:43Jonnija so outleveled
00:16:49Soulyah dive
00:16:51PeterLars thd or lion get wards plz
00:16:59Jerkku i focus on meka and pipe
00:17:57Laier jugger
00:17:58Laier behind you
00:18:38marsbar2k urn
00:18:52Jerkku ...
00:18:54Jerkku help ?
00:19:40marsbar2k noob
00:19:42marsbar2k souljah
00:19:44Soulyah i lag
00:19:47marsbar2k :D
00:19:47Soulyah sit pc
00:19:49marsbar2k u always do
00:19:52Soulyah shit*
00:19:56Soulyah cooling system is fked
00:21:58Soulyah hea lag
00:21:58Jonnija MH
00:21:59Soulyah ausalt
00:22:00Laier fuck that skill is so retarded
00:22:01Laier really
00:22:21Laier krobe build something usefull
00:22:25Laier like vangu and hood
00:22:59Jouez lion
00:23:21Soulyah :D
00:24:16Strom someone
00:24:21Strom care krobe
00:26:01Laier such a retard game
00:26:02Laier so boring
00:26:05creeeeeee ye :S
00:27:17Jerkku oom
00:28:03Soulyah thx
00:28:05Soulyah :D
00:28:07creeeeeee :D
00:28:08creeeeeee np
00:29:13Soulyah :D
00:29:14Soulyah haha
00:29:17Soulyah minge vittu 6lid
00:29:20Laier tower
00:29:22creeeeeee awww
00:29:23creeeeeee :D
00:29:31marsbar2k let it fall
00:30:40Strom aa kõik elus või :d
00:30:41Laier why you dive
00:30:51Strom I got kinda narrow visioned there
00:30:54Strom hoped you kill the rest
00:30:55Strom :d
00:31:09Jouez warded
00:31:09Laier well jugger got away with 10hp
00:31:16Soulyah any1?
00:31:17Strom that's why I was chasing him
00:31:18KeLToS u
00:31:20Strom to get him down
00:31:27Strom but yeah he had bunch of backup
00:31:48Soulyah gj
00:32:09Jerkku got pipe
00:32:28Soulyah dont tp base jakiro
00:32:30Soulyah watch the map
00:32:52Soulyah i wana puffpuff
00:32:57Soulyah i wana pffpuff
00:33:02Soulyah gimmie that greengreen stuff
00:34:45Jonnija :D
00:34:46Jonnija D:
00:34:50Jonnija cmoon
00:34:51Jonnija so close
00:35:05Jonnija laier vs what hero
00:35:06Jonnija u were mid
00:35:09Jonnija that u got 0 farm?
00:35:30Strom tc was probably mid
00:35:35Strom dunno for sure
00:35:39Jonnija tc was top
00:35:49Jonnija jugger mid?
00:35:54Laier nope
00:35:55Strom nop
00:35:57Laier that tuskar
00:36:27Jonnija lol with agha illus deal 140%
00:36:28Jonnija dmg
00:36:40creeeeeee but it wont duplicate us
00:37:05Jonnija do we even have
00:37:06Jonnija anything
00:37:08Laier you guys keep fighting mid without me :D
00:37:09Jonnija to dublicate?
00:37:17Strom enemy heroes only
00:37:19Strom allies dont work
00:37:19Jonnija yes
00:37:23Jonnija but we dont even have
00:37:24Jonnija anyone
00:37:26Jonnija with farm :D
00:37:33Strom huh?
00:37:35Strom it works on enemies
00:37:36Strom not us
00:37:45Laier nice vacuum :D
00:38:08Jerkku oom
00:38:36marsbar2k b ?
00:38:40Soulyah bait?
00:39:07Jonnija WTF?
00:39:39Soulyah :LD
00:39:43Soulyah i love u
00:39:43Laier this krobe is just stupid
00:39:46Laier running in like a moron
00:39:48Strom 5 guys next to our fountain, sounds good
00:40:07Laier look
00:40:09Laier anda gain
00:40:11Laier hes dead :D
00:41:05Soulyah hehe
00:41:20Jonnija i look so cool while hexed
00:41:21Jonnija btw :D
00:41:58Laier and that tuskar had even shittier farm than me
00:42:06Jonnija is that
00:42:08Jonnija an excuse?
00:42:12Jonnija he is lastpicl D:
00:42:19Laier what do i need excuse for anyway?
00:43:12Strom guys lets kill top
00:43:19Jonnija tc has invis
00:43:21Jonnija so cant kill
00:43:22Strom so?
00:43:24Strom I got dust
00:43:25Strom what is this?
00:43:31Jonnija whats dust
00:43:32Laier jugger rosh
00:43:32Jonnija ?
00:43:32Jerkku go mid
00:43:33Jerkku ?
00:43:36Laier they rosh
00:43:49Laier aa
00:43:50Laier ulti rosh
00:43:51Laier now
00:43:58PeterLars why so much hate
00:44:06Strom easy kill
00:44:17Laier take rosh now
00:44:18Laier for us
00:44:39Soulyah :S
00:44:59Laier gg
00:45:02Laier dno where you guys are
00:45:09Laier I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:45:20creeeeeee mana pole v? :(
00:45:25Soulyah mkm
00:45:26Soulyah :D
00:45:28creeeeeee :D
00:47:16Soulyah Lol
00:47:55Strom krobe, prepeare for bot def pelase
00:47:57Laier aa?
00:48:10Soulyah vot sulle kooki moosiga
00:49:32Jonnija I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:49:47Strom lets push mid/gang
00:49:51Jonnija lol
00:49:53Jonnija 2 sides down
00:49:58Laier kinda late for that
00:50:07Strom never late
00:50:20Strom get entry
00:50:28Soulyah hm
00:51:03Soulyah WORTH IT
00:51:13marsbar2k :D
00:51:49Soulyah till death
00:51:49Soulyah 1v1
00:51:55Laier *dont run bitch
00:51:56Soulyah pussy tc
00:52:22KeLToS no go
00:52:48Soulyah i follow u sir
00:52:53KeLToS nothing 2 do
00:53:22Laier gather
00:53:23Laier 5 base
00:53:26Laier b now
00:53:31Jonnija zzz
00:53:32Jonnija just ff
00:53:35Jonnija 50 min allready
00:53:37Laier i have
00:53:40Strom fuck no
00:53:54Laier dont go
00:54:03Jonnija no basetower
00:54:05Jonnija freerax
00:54:15Soulyah let lanes
00:54:16Soulyah push
00:54:18Soulyah or
00:54:24Jerkku hieno
00:54:31Jouez stupid go
00:54:37Laier coming from krobe+ :DD
00:54:45Jonnija BEST
00:54:46Jonnija LAIER
00:54:47Laier check replay and see what you been doing whole game
00:54:49Jonnija BEST KUNKKA
00:54:49Jonnija ever
00:54:50Jonnija :D
00:54:54Jouez idc, i was phoning first 20min :D
00:54:57Soulyah into gg
00:54:57PeterLars LOL
00:54:57PeterLars ^^
00:55:01Jonnija strom
00:55:03Jonnija u can ban
00:55:04Jonnija gameruin
00:55:08Jonnija he admited
00:55:08Laier dont really care what you been doing 4-20 krobe without vangu or hood
00:55:11Jonnija 20 min phone
00:55:18Laier imo you just ruined game
00:55:23Jouez was just a lie 4 my bad playing ;)
00:55:28Jonnija :D
00:55:28Jonnija :D
00:55:33Jonnija gameruin ban
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