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+63 X
+8 TS

96% | 1763 X | 1459 TS

+11 X
+2 TS

95% | 1651 X | 1549 TS

+47 X
+2 TS

89% | 1539 X | 1486 TS

+49 X
+2 TS

83% | 1477 X | 1427 TS

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+2 TS

72% | 1344 X | 1403 TS

-52 X
-2 TS

95% | 1626 X | 1593 TS

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-2 TS

95% | 1661 X | 1547 TS

-15 X
-2 TS

85% | 1515 X | 1451 TS

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-2 TS

80% | 1418 X | 1440 TS

-68 X
-2 TS

78% | 1444 X | 1393 TS

Chat log

00:00:07Netukka razor bane skele
00:00:12majava silencer bara riki
00:00:13Netukka boring crap
00:00:16mrk invo omni potm
00:00:18Zajeb who wants phoenix??
00:00:22majava i can
00:00:24extremewaari puck ns sylla
00:00:25Strom drow bat pit
00:00:30atte swap potm
00:00:31extremewaari who want ns?
00:00:34atte rubick panda ursa
00:00:35Netukka i go skele
00:00:36majava sile bara riki
00:00:41Zajeb get me bara
00:00:41atte me bad rubick..
00:00:45mrk ursa
00:00:45majava -swap 5
00:00:46mrk ?:D
00:00:47Strom give me shredder please
00:00:53atte god
00:00:53Zajeb -swap 1
00:00:59mrk panda
00:01:01extremewaari some1 want this?
00:01:08mrk -swap
00:01:09atte -swap 3
00:01:10mrk -swap 1
00:01:10Norrebro thrall venge treant
00:01:11chodaboy shall i woods?
00:01:15atte choda troll
00:01:17atte -----
00:01:19atte brb smoke
00:01:23sandii rhasta magnus tb
00:01:27Netukka i would rather go bot
00:01:28majava zajeb chick??
00:01:29Norrebro give me bat?
00:01:31extremewaari rhasta?
00:01:32Strom hmm
00:01:32Zajeb fuck
00:01:33Strom ok
00:01:34Zajeb i forgot
00:01:38Norrebro for venge or thraall treant
00:01:40Zajeb will buy in 1 min
00:01:42Zajeb ok?
00:01:42majava kk
00:01:47Strom give me hmm
00:01:49Strom venge
00:01:53atte CHICK NEEDED
00:01:54Zajeb forgot i was lastpick
00:01:54Strom -swap 2
00:01:56Norrebro -swap 4
00:01:59Zajeb sry team
00:02:04Netukka str power
00:02:14sandii ei ollu mitää mitä pikkais
00:02:19Netukka oisit rastan
00:02:21extremewaari jep
00:02:24sandii njom
00:02:34sandii kattosin vaa et
00:02:42Netukka pull
00:02:49majava noeone MID
00:02:50Norrebro troll pull
00:02:53extremewaari top ss
00:02:54chodaboy no shit
00:03:02atte hi
00:03:31sandii jaa nii
00:03:36sandii oltais melkee voitu tappaa toi
00:03:37Netukka wee
00:03:53Zajeb ty
00:04:03Netukka venge ss
00:04:03Strom rune top
00:04:08Netukka re
00:04:25majava SSMID
00:04:31Norrebro use slow man
00:04:48Norrebro oh its choda
00:04:50Netukka im oom
00:04:57chodaboy lol
00:05:34Strom did you take top rune?
00:05:41chodaboy no
00:05:41atte y
00:05:43chodaboy -hhn
00:05:48mrk up chick?
00:06:05Strom rune top
00:06:09chodaboy i pull
00:06:13majava SSMID
00:06:19mrk stun
00:07:02mrk ss2
00:07:09Netukka kaikki lanet hävii vitusti :/
00:07:22majava SSMID
00:07:26mrk ss2
00:07:30Norrebro go ns
00:07:34mrk boots
00:07:37Netukka ss
00:07:38Netukka 2
00:07:40Netukka venge panda
00:07:44atte :DDD
00:07:48Netukka re
00:08:34Norrebro troll
00:08:36Norrebro wtf
00:08:37Norrebro oh
00:08:39Norrebro choda
00:08:41Norrebro nvm
00:08:42chodaboy yeah
00:08:46chodaboy blame me
00:08:47chodaboy naplet
00:08:54atte ss
00:08:54Norrebro u went suicide 1v3
00:08:56Norrebro but ok
00:08:58Norrebro not ure fault
00:09:02chodaboy bara came
00:09:05atte re
00:09:05chodaboy no miss
00:09:16mrk still ss2
00:09:19Strom swapin su kõrvale kui näen teda
00:09:41Strom nii ei saa
00:09:44Strom sul low hp jbua
00:09:47mrk tra
00:09:49mrk hate
00:09:57mrk ta 6
00:10:13chodaboy rune bot
00:10:50Strom thuis phoenix
00:10:51atte hahaha
00:10:53Strom came as a surprise
00:11:02Strom was already looking liek we will win that battle
00:11:02mrk how come
00:11:03Strom but oh well
00:11:05mrk 5
00:11:06mrk bot
00:11:06mrk :D
00:11:30atte well need wards
00:11:31sandii y
00:11:34atte needed at 6min
00:11:37atte when 1st
00:11:39atte bara
00:11:40atte inc
00:11:41atte charge
00:11:44Strom does it look like I have money
00:11:56atte ss
00:11:59sandii E:
00:12:06atte i didnt
00:12:06mrk tra
00:12:06mrk se
00:12:07atte tell you
00:12:09atte bara coming
00:12:09atte ?
00:12:18extremewaari gj
00:12:19extremewaari go
00:12:26mrk see a+ ei tööta mõnikord
00:12:29mrk millest see tuleneb, tead?:D
00:12:37Strom et tower ei ründaks?
00:12:39mrk ja
00:12:42mrk tulen invi
00:12:44Strom tundub random mulle
00:12:48chodaboy venge gank?
00:13:13Norrebro 4
00:13:15Netukka ofcmyhorse
00:13:19atte :DDd
00:13:30atte we need all top also
00:13:33atte if we gonna fight
00:13:42chodaboy lol
00:13:43chodaboy u tp
00:13:46atte :DD
00:13:46chodaboy wihout hp or mana
00:13:46chodaboy wp
00:13:48chodaboy pro
00:13:48mrk tower+sk
00:13:49Norrebro team urn :D
00:13:49mrk have soulring
00:13:50mrk ulti
00:13:51mrk sup
00:14:32Norrebro only 1 kill
00:14:34Norrebro ff
00:15:21Strom damn 4
00:15:34atte they always 4
00:15:47Strom we should take some towers down
00:15:52Strom so they can't tp to help so fast
00:16:59mrk ff
00:16:59chodaboy lol panda drunk?
00:17:03atte ff
00:17:06Strom well that went well
00:17:07Norrebro ff
00:17:31mrk bat+troll should be epic on paper
00:17:35mrk guess we didnt have the luck
00:17:35majava TROLL
00:17:36majava GO
00:17:39mrk or something
00:17:40sandii got dagger
00:17:45Norrebro choda playing troll
00:17:55Norrebro remember that
00:17:58Strom b bot
00:17:59Strom b bot
00:18:01mrk b
00:18:02mrk b
00:18:02mrk b
00:18:03mrk b
00:18:07mrk our woods
00:18:08mrk 2+
00:18:16atte :DDDDD
00:18:18atte :DDDDDDDDDDD
00:18:19atte its
00:18:20Strom it was said
00:18:22Strom come on atte
00:18:28Strom blinked + said in chat
00:18:31atte yeah didnt rly pay attention
00:18:45atte face it
00:18:46atte we lost this
00:18:49Netukka me gusta
00:18:55Strom I dominated my lane
00:19:07chodaboy yeah
00:19:07majava TWR
00:19:07atte yeah me also
00:19:08chodaboy no ganks
00:19:10atte untill a point
00:19:10chodaboy thats why
00:19:13atte where we have
00:19:17atte troll doing nothing
00:19:19atte and we die
00:19:19chodaboy not 1 gank top
00:19:23chodaboy instaed they ganked us
00:19:23atte 4v5
00:19:25Norrebro troll stfu
00:19:31Norrebro we could make a lot of kills
00:19:39Norrebro if only antoher played ure hero
00:19:51Norrebro but u are so bad
00:19:54chodaboy haha
00:19:55chodaboy stuf
00:19:55atte cant rly fight
00:19:57chodaboy l2p bat
00:19:59Norrebro i only lose with u
00:20:02Norrebro on team
00:20:11Norrebro kinda sad
00:20:24chodaboy wp
00:20:25Strom damn, too good magna ulti
00:20:30atte push throne
00:20:34chodaboy to bad bat
00:20:40atte you
00:20:41atte :DD
00:20:46atte you dont affect
00:20:47chodaboy cant do anything
00:20:48atte in any games
00:20:49atte result
00:20:50chodaboy when they gank
00:20:51chodaboy stfu
00:20:52chodaboy atte
00:20:53atte so why you even talk
00:20:55chodaboy overrated
00:21:00sandii :D:D:
00:21:07mrk btw always useful
00:21:09mrk to say picks
00:21:10mrk not insta
00:21:11mrk troll
00:21:20chodaboy stfu
00:21:21chodaboy naplet
00:21:23atte -sd
00:21:24chodaboy dont gank top
00:21:27atte en ois ees joinannu
00:21:29Norrebro choda
00:21:30Norrebro plz
00:21:31Norrebro stfu
00:22:04atte throne
00:22:07Strom not happy with this game
00:22:12atte en deffaa
00:22:15sandii :D
00:22:15atte yeah me neither
00:22:23atte supposed to be the last game
00:22:23Norrebro blame choda
00:22:24chodaboy sd imba
00:22:27atte then i see mode -sd
00:22:27chodaboy yeah
00:22:30chodaboy what should i get then?
00:22:31chodaboy techies+
00:22:33atte and choda in my team
00:22:38chodaboy stfu
00:22:40chodaboy u suck hard
00:22:41chodaboy u lost mid
00:22:48atte :DD
00:22:50chodaboy no misses on bara
00:22:52chodaboy and no ganks
00:22:53chodaboy gg
00:22:57Norrebro guys choda
00:22:57chodaboy how the fuck should i farm
00:22:58atte ok
00:23:00Norrebro dive 3 heros
00:23:00chodaboy when they gank me
00:23:02atte you brainless so
00:23:04chodaboy i dive?
00:23:04chodaboy yeah
00:23:08chodaboy good lord
00:23:12chodaboy if u could have played bat
00:23:31mrk ggwp
00:23:43Zajeb team urn wins
00:23:51chodaboy stfu
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