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55% | 1234 X | 1333 TS

Chat log

00:00:16TheyCallMeHaci ban commander
00:00:20TheyCallMeHaci norrebro good with it
00:00:21TheyCallMeHaci atte u therE?
00:00:21atte y
00:00:21atte obv there is
00:00:21atte some good heros
00:00:21Yuriko ban lycan
00:00:21atte :DD
00:00:21TheyCallMeHaci if he ban lycan then ban commander plz
00:00:21TheyCallMeHaci he ban first
00:00:21atte wicked wicked
00:00:21atte we can force them to pick magina but no sd here to counter it
00:00:21atte weaver is a total shithero btw vs magina so dont take it
00:00:21Yuriko magina isnt that strong
00:00:21TheyCallMeHaci i can ud
00:00:21Yuriko I'll pick ud for u then
00:00:21TheyCallMeHaci <3
00:00:21atte NORREBRO
00:00:21atte BAN
00:00:21Norrebro am
00:00:21atte lyca
00:00:24TheyCallMeHaci ff he pick commander
00:00:25Vangelis who
00:00:25Vangelis can
00:00:26Vangelis ud
00:00:27Vangelis ?
00:00:29atte ff he pick xin
00:00:31Yuriko commander cant carry
00:00:34Yuriko xD
00:00:36atte ok he bad
00:00:37TheyCallMeHaci get ud commander
00:00:42Vangelis who
00:00:42Vangelis can
00:00:43Vangelis xin
00:00:52Yuriko why commander
00:00:53atte i dont play this shithero
00:01:03TheyCallMeHaci that hero imba middle
00:01:04Yuriko its bad hero
00:01:06TheyCallMeHaci i can
00:01:10Yuriko nono u ud!
00:01:16TheyCallMeHaci anyone ud ?
00:01:17TheyCallMeHaci plz
00:01:19Yuriko get me jugger
00:01:25atte hahahah no fuck no
00:01:25Yuriko -swap 4
00:01:28TakinBackMyLove me weaver
00:01:28TakinBackMyLove bot
00:01:29TheyCallMeHaci -swap 2
00:01:31TheyCallMeHaci anyone ud ?
00:01:42TheyCallMeHaci gangstar plz ud you ?
00:01:50gangstar1990 i go dk
00:01:56atte gangsta pick me necro
00:02:02najk me bot
00:02:03TheyCallMeHaci pick him necro
00:02:05Yuriko do that
00:02:05najk weaver solo top?
00:02:06TheyCallMeHaci so we win
00:02:07atte neeecro
00:02:07TheyCallMeHaci -swap 1
00:02:12TakinBackMyLove y
00:02:12atte -swap 4
00:02:13Yuriko :)
00:02:14atte -swap 5
00:02:14TakinBackMyLove weaver
00:02:15TakinBackMyLove you solo
00:02:16TakinBackMyLove top
00:02:21gangstar1990 i wanna ud then
00:02:23najk cent bot and i woods?
00:02:24atte -swap 5
00:02:24gangstar1990 -swap 1
00:02:27Nickless y
00:02:27Vangelis yes
00:02:28TakinBackMyLove no
00:02:30TakinBackMyLove cent
00:02:31Yuriko awesome
00:02:32TakinBackMyLove with me
00:02:34TakinBackMyLove i toss him
00:02:37TakinBackMyLove and he stun
00:02:41TakinBackMyLove = 1 kill
00:02:42Vangelis commmander
00:02:44Vangelis forest
00:02:47najk ye
00:02:53najk cent bot with tiny and i go woods
00:03:06TakinBackMyLove pause to sec plz
00:03:06atte .
00:03:06Vangelis ????
00:03:06Yuriko we dont have enough stuns
00:03:06Vangelis HOW LONG AND WHY
00:03:06TakinBackMyLove 321
00:03:15TheyCallMeHaci i pull first
00:03:18Yuriko great
00:03:28TheyCallMeHaci if not warded
00:04:00TakinBackMyLove give
00:04:01TakinBackMyLove heal
00:04:02TakinBackMyLove ing
00:04:02TakinBackMyLove plz
00:04:07TakinBackMyLove ench
00:04:10TakinBackMyLove ty
00:04:30TheyCallMeHaci he is good with lesh so care
00:04:34Zajeb b
00:04:36Zajeb 3
00:04:39gangstar1990 k
00:05:10TakinBackMyLove rdy
00:05:12TakinBackMyLove cent
00:05:15TheyCallMeHaci nice
00:05:17Nickless y
00:05:20TheyCallMeHaci but dont feed him
00:05:20TakinBackMyLove how
00:05:20TakinBackMyLove can
00:05:21TakinBackMyLove you die
00:05:24TheyCallMeHaci he normally plug
00:05:24TakinBackMyLove van?
00:05:27Yuriko xD
00:05:28najk go
00:05:54najk cent
00:05:54TheyCallMeHaci why no tomb ?
00:05:55najk go with tiny
00:05:58najk toss
00:06:00TakinBackMyLove rdy ?
00:06:01TakinBackMyLove cent
00:06:02Nickless pls...
00:06:19atte ohh
00:06:19Nickless its ok
00:06:23TakinBackMyLove nety
00:06:25TheyCallMeHaci nice
00:06:25TakinBackMyLove next
00:06:26TakinBackMyLove tiem
00:06:26TakinBackMyLove come
00:06:28TakinBackMyLove to me
00:06:30Nickless y
00:06:31Norrebro nice miss
00:06:33Norrebro jugger
00:06:34Nickless lets mid
00:06:46TheyCallMeHaci ud
00:06:48TheyCallMeHaci u fail with tomb
00:06:50TheyCallMeHaci lvl up it full
00:06:52TheyCallMeHaci its totally imba
00:06:57Yuriko yes
00:07:02Yuriko max tomb at 7 plz
00:07:11Nickless go mid
00:07:12Nickless gogo
00:07:15TheyCallMeHaci and when they try to kill u then tomb
00:07:17TheyCallMeHaci and run
00:07:25TakinBackMyLove cent
00:07:26TakinBackMyLove you cant
00:07:26TakinBackMyLove gang
00:07:27TakinBackMyLove mid
00:07:29TakinBackMyLove without
00:07:30TakinBackMyLove boots
00:07:36atte fuck
00:07:44TheyCallMeHaci my boots
00:07:48najk coming
00:07:50Yuriko chicken will respawn
00:07:50atte sry
00:07:51TakinBackMyLove need
00:07:51TakinBackMyLove cent
00:08:22atte 'lesh
00:08:23TheyCallMeHaci k
00:08:25atte top
00:08:32TakinBackMyLove ¨'
00:08:35TakinBackMyLove gg
00:08:37TakinBackMyLove cent
00:08:37TakinBackMyLove ffs
00:08:43Norrebro go
00:08:59gangstar1990 2 hits omg
00:09:01gangstar1990 wak eup
00:09:07TakinBackMyLove give
00:09:08TakinBackMyLove healin
00:09:20najk TINY
00:09:23Zajeb gfang bot pls
00:09:41atte go
00:09:42atte go
00:10:04TakinBackMyLove go
00:10:04TakinBackMyLove cent
00:10:04atte you so slow
00:10:06Vangelis get twr
00:10:08TakinBackMyLove cent
00:10:13Nickless toss
00:10:14atte we had ward there
00:10:15TakinBackMyLove yopu
00:10:17TakinBackMyLove suck
00:10:17TakinBackMyLove hard
00:10:28Nickless screw u
00:10:57Norrebro kill
00:11:16TakinBackMyLove hr
00:11:21TakinBackMyLove om fg
00:11:22TakinBackMyLove this
00:11:22TakinBackMyLove cent
00:11:23TakinBackMyLove so
00:11:24Nickless STFU
00:11:24TakinBackMyLove fucking
00:11:25TakinBackMyLove bad
00:11:25Nickless NOOOB
00:11:26TakinBackMyLove go
00:11:26TakinBackMyLove stun
00:11:27Nickless STFU
00:11:28Nickless NOOB
00:11:30TakinBackMyLove tyou dumb nab ass
00:11:31Nickless TINY
00:11:32TakinBackMyLove THIS FUCKING CENT
00:11:39Vangelis oh wait
00:11:44Vangelis it is the 2 vanguard centa ? :DDD
00:11:48atte yeah we lost to him
00:11:49atte earlier
00:11:58atte for him
00:12:06TakinBackMyLove bravo'
00:12:15gangstar1990 sry was shiping
00:12:16Nickless mana
00:12:18Nickless can u get it
00:12:20Nickless tard
00:12:24atte for him being in our team with centaur
00:12:29Norrebro gogo
00:12:34atte *
00:12:49TheyCallMeHaci b
00:12:57gangstar1990 some controls my hero sometimes
00:12:59gangstar1990 stop that
00:13:06atte not me
00:13:10Yuriko not me
00:13:16gangstar1990 i iwll look in game osmetimes
00:13:18Zajeb this is stupid
00:13:21Nickless gj
00:13:23Nickless btw
00:13:26atte dont go
00:13:28atte jugger
00:13:33atte 2late
00:14:19Norrebro cent useless
00:14:26Norrebro look cent
00:14:27Norrebro plz
00:14:39TheyCallMeHaci b
00:14:43Nickless u can shut up or play
00:14:44Nickless choose
00:14:50atte ehm
00:14:50Nickless cuz i ignore u tard
00:14:51atte 1 nuke
00:14:52atte tiny dead
00:14:56atte doublekll
00:14:58atte mb triple
00:14:58najk apperaintly not
00:15:01Nickless :D
00:15:02Nickless i see
00:15:30TheyCallMeHaci is this a radi juggeR?
00:15:40Yuriko i go mom basher
00:15:43atte BoT i think
00:15:54Yuriko fine
00:15:55atte fuck this i farm top
00:16:00TheyCallMeHaci def mid
00:16:02atte i go meka btw
00:16:03atte care
00:16:08atte cant tp
00:16:23atte ..
00:17:04TheyCallMeHaci funny lvl 5 guy
00:17:13Zajeb funny vs trilane
00:17:17Zajeb 0 gangs
00:17:20Zajeb so fu
00:17:24TheyCallMeHaci funking
00:17:24TheyCallMeHaci noob
00:17:27TheyCallMeHaci ud
00:17:31TakinBackMyLove This cent
00:17:45gangstar1990 you control so i unsahere
00:17:55TheyCallMeHaci well
00:17:57atte hi 44mana
00:17:59TheyCallMeHaci i waited
00:18:01TheyCallMeHaci 10min
00:18:07TheyCallMeHaci and u didnt tomb
00:18:09TheyCallMeHaci idiot
00:18:21Vangelis hmm
00:18:23Vangelis does linken
00:18:24Vangelis block duel
00:18:25Vangelis ?
00:18:30Norrebro go
00:18:36TakinBackMyLove think so
00:18:44atte yeah ok
00:18:46najk gj
00:18:52atte lets 5
00:18:52TakinBackMyLove go
00:19:06atte take some towers
00:19:07atte so
00:19:10Norrebro i come
00:19:12atte you get manaboots
00:19:27Yuriko god i suck
00:19:31TheyCallMeHaci nuke
00:19:40TheyCallMeHaci i fuckin
00:19:41TheyCallMeHaci didint
00:19:43TheyCallMeHaci get 10+
00:19:45TheyCallMeHaci cuz u to slow
00:19:53TakinBackMyLove vamnge
00:19:54TakinBackMyLove why
00:19:56Vangelis why
00:19:57TakinBackMyLove dont you go
00:19:57Vangelis you go
00:19:58Vangelis farm
00:19:58TakinBackMyLove him
00:19:58Vangelis ?
00:20:03TakinBackMyLove cuz i need my dagger
00:20:03TakinBackMyLove mby ?
00:20:10TakinBackMyLove newbtard
00:20:11Vangelis take tower
00:20:11Vangelis mby
00:20:12Vangelis ?
00:20:13TakinBackMyLove next time
00:20:16atte go push 5 mb
00:20:22TakinBackMyLove use beatles so he go back..
00:21:14atte haha
00:21:23Yuriko need dirge
00:21:25Yuriko in fights
00:21:28atte if we are 5 y
00:21:33TheyCallMeHaci oom
00:21:33gangstar1990 ha dno money for tp
00:21:41atte get manaboots
00:21:45gangstar1990 soon
00:21:46atte thrall also
00:21:49TheyCallMeHaci wtf
00:21:50TheyCallMeHaci suciedE?
00:21:59atte we go now
00:22:02atte take bottower
00:22:03atte ok not
00:22:10TheyCallMeHaci this is lost
00:22:14atte rofl
00:22:16Norrebro mine
00:22:18Yuriko go bot
00:22:19Yuriko i tp
00:22:28TheyCallMeHaci tomb
00:22:39Norrebro mid
00:22:40TheyCallMeHaci should not let u play him
00:22:41TheyCallMeHaci fuckin
00:22:43TheyCallMeHaci eazy hero
00:22:47TakinBackMyLove im the only one with mana boots ?
00:22:56TakinBackMyLove jeez
00:22:56TheyCallMeHaci ¨just tomb!
00:23:16TakinBackMyLove omw
00:23:19Nickless toss
00:23:20Nickless me
00:23:22TheyCallMeHaci w8
00:23:23Yuriko go 5
00:23:27Yuriko with dirge ulti we kill easy
00:23:32TheyCallMeHaci tomb
00:24:17atte rofl
00:24:26TheyCallMeHaci stupid
00:24:27TheyCallMeHaci go so far
00:24:33atte y
00:24:51TheyCallMeHaci bloodstone
00:24:53TheyCallMeHaci nice
00:24:53gangstar1990 b
00:24:54gangstar1990 b
00:24:54gangstar1990 b
00:24:54gangstar1990 b
00:24:55gangstar1990 b
00:25:04atte yeah
00:25:05atte ..
00:25:07TheyCallMeHaci blind i think
00:25:12Yuriko what happened
00:25:16TheyCallMeHaci he killed me
00:25:17TheyCallMeHaci woods
00:25:18TheyCallMeHaci 3
00:25:21Yuriko ah
00:25:21Yuriko kk
00:25:22TheyCallMeHaci and then u should go b
00:25:24Yuriko great
00:25:41atte def mid.
00:25:49Yuriko go
00:26:03Yuriko dirge ulti
00:26:04Yuriko and go
00:26:50Yuriko :D:D
00:27:09Yuriko aura will kill
00:27:13Norrebro wever
00:27:15Norrebro helop dude
00:27:22atte enough is enough.
00:27:33atte no need to kill shitweaver
00:27:35Yuriko one does not simply kill atte
00:27:41Yuriko nor 2
00:27:43Yuriko nor 3
00:27:46Yuriko .D:D
00:28:00atte expect next fight
00:28:02atte so much focus
00:28:13atte care
00:28:22atte reuse
00:28:25atte chick
00:28:31Yuriko warded
00:28:57TheyCallMeHaci nice tomb
00:28:59atte now they top
00:29:03atte but np
00:29:05atte i have pipe now
00:29:05Vangelis wait
00:29:06Vangelis tomb
00:29:19TakinBackMyLove OMFG
00:29:19Yuriko we can still kill with dirge ulti
00:29:22Yuriko it gives so much dmg
00:29:27TheyCallMeHaci agha
00:29:27atte got pipe
00:29:35atte fight
00:29:40Yuriko focus lesh
00:30:13TheyCallMeHaci guys
00:30:14TheyCallMeHaci ?
00:30:19TheyCallMeHaci focus lesh '?
00:30:25TheyCallMeHaci what about that ?
00:30:31TheyCallMeHaci nvm
00:30:45TakinBackMyLove focuz
00:30:46TakinBackMyLove necro
00:30:46gangstar1990 sholed i go agha?
00:30:47TheyCallMeHaci be happy that i ultied and hold him away
00:30:48TheyCallMeHaci bitches
00:30:52atte mid tower
00:30:55TakinBackMyLove fuck the others
00:31:01Yuriko ye
00:31:04Yuriko we got tomb
00:31:06gangstar1990 me agha?
00:31:16atte or another pipe
00:31:20atte vs lehs good
00:31:35TheyCallMeHaci lesh
00:31:36TheyCallMeHaci coming
00:31:37TheyCallMeHaci b
00:31:50TheyCallMeHaci hacks
00:32:03atte kill
00:32:20gangstar1990 b
00:32:20gangstar1990 b
00:32:36atte kinda need to fight with 5
00:32:37Vangelis why
00:32:38Vangelis you empty
00:32:39Vangelis bottle
00:32:40Vangelis :D ?
00:32:46TheyCallMeHaci kinda lost
00:32:46atte and could just push
00:32:54atte care
00:32:55atte lol
00:32:56atte dont die pls
00:32:59Yuriko wait for dirge and go
00:33:05atte damn no
00:33:05Yuriko kill lesh
00:33:06Yuriko easy
00:33:07atte you can fake it
00:33:10atte but dont go die
00:33:12Yuriko well
00:33:14Yuriko put tomb and ulti
00:33:19atte ..
00:33:29Norrebro srsly?
00:33:30atte lesh back in 10sec
00:33:34Norrebro go in noobs
00:33:40Yuriko rofl
00:33:48Norrebro gogio
00:34:01atte ,...
00:34:07atte WHY GO DIE
00:34:08Norrebro twr
00:34:09Norrebro raks
00:34:13atte fuck this
00:34:23atte rly
00:34:49Vangelis bot too
00:34:50Vangelis ?
00:34:50atte its 1 fucking rax
00:34:53atte y
00:34:57gangstar1990 gogo now
00:35:00Norrebro go
00:35:01atte and shouldnt be that
00:35:01Norrebro cent
00:35:02Norrebro tank
00:35:06atte but everyone just dying
00:35:07atte for nothing
00:35:12Norrebro cent
00:35:14Norrebro tank vbot
00:35:16Nickless b
00:35:19TakinBackMyLove no
00:35:19TakinBackMyLove why
00:35:24Vangelis now too late
00:35:25Vangelis n
00:35:27Nickless BACK
00:35:28Nickless I LAGG
00:35:29Nickless FFS
00:35:30Nickless BACK
00:35:37TakinBackMyLove sure
00:35:38TakinBackMyLove newb
00:35:49atte now we go push mid1
00:35:52Yuriko ye
00:35:57atte dirge
00:36:01gangstar1990 mom buy tp
00:36:01atte why didnt you buy that pipe
00:36:14gangstar1990 agha bete ri think
00:36:19atte no.
00:36:20atte not here
00:36:42Norrebro def mid
00:36:47Norrebro tp
00:36:50Vangelis cd a bit
00:36:54Vangelis 10 s
00:36:55Vangelis cd
00:37:23Yuriko b
00:37:24Yuriko b
00:37:36Zajeb I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:37:42gangstar1990 jugger up?
00:37:45TakinBackMyLove use
00:37:46TakinBackMyLove bugs
00:37:47gangstar1990 down i mean
00:37:49atte i just need to ask
00:37:50atte what the fuck
00:37:53Vangelis used before
00:37:56atte everyone doing
00:38:21atte cd pipe
00:38:22TheyCallMeHaci to stronk
00:38:27najk bot
00:38:28najk ?
00:38:53Yuriko -afk
00:38:54Yuriko dirge..
00:38:59atte omg
00:39:19Nickless tiny
00:39:21Nickless gimme bottle
00:39:22Nickless man
00:39:22Nickless pls
00:39:28Nickless OR EVEN MANA
00:39:33Nickless noob
00:40:05TheyCallMeHaci best
00:40:05atte so aware of what is happening
00:40:06TheyCallMeHaci thrall ever
00:40:06atte :DD
00:40:06Vangelis :DDD
00:40:16TheyCallMeHaci how did
00:40:17TheyCallMeHaci lesh
00:40:19Vangelis barrier best spell
00:40:19TheyCallMeHaci get all that item
00:40:20atte yeah thrall is suicidal
00:40:34TheyCallMeHaci he was lvl 5
00:40:36TheyCallMeHaci while i was 9
00:40:39Vangelis whjy you
00:40:41Vangelis drop items
00:40:42Vangelis ...........
00:40:56atte shit
00:41:02atte would die
00:41:09Norrebro me rune
00:41:10Yuriko what do we do
00:41:18Norrebro then go bot
00:41:20Zajeb I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:41:20TheyCallMeHaci ff ?
00:41:23atte win 1 fight
00:41:23TheyCallMeHaci I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:42:13atte nomana
00:42:48atte I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:42:51TheyCallMeHaci ahh
00:42:52TheyCallMeHaci gg
00:42:57TheyCallMeHaci bot did good
00:43:08najk gg team
00:43:12Yuriko I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:43:17TakinBackMyLove sty
00:43:29gangstar1990 I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
00:43:30atte gg, game good :DDD team best :DDD
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