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Chat log

00:00:07Idx rd
00:00:07chodaboy -rd
00:00:07N2xy -rd
00:00:07chodaboy baby
00:00:07The_13abyKnight -rd
00:00:07chodaboy xd it is
00:00:18chodaboy mym
00:00:18chodaboy ?
00:00:18chodaboy u play in MYM?
00:00:18BehlenAeducan yes?
00:00:18BehlenAeducan yes
00:00:18chodaboy or fake?
00:00:18N2xy lol
00:00:18BehlenAeducan why would i fake :D
00:00:18chodaboy dono
00:00:18N2xy fake.. its fake
00:00:18chodaboy u want something?
00:00:18N2xy :D
00:00:18BehlenAeducan np
00:00:18chodaboy ban Sniper
00:00:18The_13abyKnight -doom
00:00:24yazzu btw there is no banns in RD mode, banns on XD
00:00:30BehlenAeducan this is xd
00:00:31The_13abyKnight -.-
00:00:33yazzu k
00:00:37chodaboy sniper doom banned
00:00:45chodaboy get SK AND ENIGMA
00:00:47chodaboy pls
00:00:51chodaboy we need good heros
00:00:53N2xy sk
00:01:01Idx just get a bunch of gangers
00:01:09chodaboy ur sick with that?=D
00:01:09BehlenAeducan i go their woodz and gang mid
00:01:18Mouhija i can qop ???
00:01:21The_13abyKnight yazzu wards pls
00:01:25yazzu k
00:01:27Mouhija solo top!???
00:01:28chodaboy get enigma
00:01:28chodaboy pls
00:01:29chodaboy no
00:01:31chodaboy enigma pls
00:01:33Mouhija no enigma
00:01:36Mouhija we have chen
00:01:40Mouhija tt
00:01:41chodaboy enigma and bara
00:01:43h0vSa me and qin together
00:01:44The_13abyKnight Lesh + Na together
00:01:45The_13abyKnight btw thx
00:01:52chodaboy sk enigma bot
00:01:53chodaboy akasha top
00:01:57chodaboy -hhn
00:01:58chodaboy -di
00:02:09chodaboy or chen
00:02:12chodaboy u go their woods+
00:02:13yazzu im where?
00:02:15yazzu bot?
00:02:15chodaboy ?
00:02:17BehlenAeducan at start yes
00:02:20chodaboy ok
00:02:23chodaboy akasha dont feed pls
00:02:24BehlenAeducan need to nerf sf as much as possible
00:02:27chodaboy hope u can handle
00:02:32chodaboy y
00:02:42Mouhija i will feed
00:02:43Kapo- i got bot then?
00:02:45Mouhija np
00:02:51chodaboy idx and yassu sux
00:02:52chodaboy hard
00:03:15QiN not
00:03:16h0vSa CLOCK BOT
00:03:17Idx sry
00:03:17QiN bot
00:03:21h0vSa sry caps
00:03:26Idx ofc..
00:04:17BehlenAeducan wanna go tinker?
00:04:28BehlenAeducan let em push
00:04:29BehlenAeducan deny
00:04:29N2xy we can
00:04:35chodaboy reg top
00:05:01BehlenAeducan go
00:05:12yazzu holy shit
00:05:20yazzu bitch is in our woods
00:05:33BehlenAeducan gj
00:06:30Mouhija they will push top fast...
00:06:40chodaboy CARE TOP
00:07:22chodaboy FREEFARMING
00:07:41N2xy coming
00:08:00yazzu sty miss
00:08:44chodaboy lets kill top
00:08:53chodaboy lesh
00:08:57chodaboy na
00:09:29yazzu -.-
00:10:02BehlenAeducan care mid ss
00:10:03Mouhija i has nothinh
00:10:16chodaboy ffs
00:10:23Mouhija i had nothing ffs
00:10:24chodaboy Could have killed
00:10:30chodaboy sk
00:10:35chodaboy and merlini
00:10:38chodaboy need to gank sf
00:10:42yazzu rocket missed o.0
00:10:44BehlenAeducan kinda need lvl5
00:10:56Idx sand..
00:11:04chodaboy miss mid
00:11:34chodaboy GANK MID
00:11:44yazzu no mana for rocket
00:12:00chodaboy misss mid
00:12:15yazzu miss 2
00:12:19chodaboy fucking shit
00:12:21chodaboy NO WARDS
00:12:22chodaboy no ganks
00:12:38Mouhija miss
00:12:40Mouhija na
00:13:05BehlenAeducan -cs
00:13:12yazzu pussy
00:13:41N2xy sf coming topo
00:13:44N2xy taking rune
00:13:55yazzu omw top
00:14:12Mouhija miss na
00:14:31chodaboy sk go roam
00:14:33chodaboy enigma wards
00:14:50chodaboy why?
00:15:00N2xy top
00:15:01N2xy go
00:15:03N2xy got ulti
00:15:09chodaboy enigma
00:15:26chodaboy ENIGMA
00:15:29chodaboy TP MID
00:15:31yazzu lols
00:15:35chodaboy care top
00:16:44chodaboy WARDS or loose
00:17:16BehlenAeducan FU
00:17:25chodaboy MNID MI D
00:17:26chodaboy midmid
00:17:33chodaboy SK
00:17:34chodaboy ENIGMA
00:17:49chodaboy fucking ret
00:17:49chodaboy s
00:18:14chodaboy ff
00:18:16N2xy lol
00:18:17chodaboy this team
00:19:33Idx hmm
00:19:49chodaboy DOT?
00:19:52chodaboy U DONT HAVE DOT?
00:20:06BehlenAeducan hero lose
00:20:13chodaboy no
00:20:17chodaboy player loose
00:20:23chodaboy look at this enigma and akasha
00:20:24chodaboy sk?
00:20:26BehlenAeducan enigma totaly useless
00:20:30Kapo- aha
00:20:36Kapo- why so
00:20:42chodaboy allways lost with u in team kapo
00:20:46chodaboy have never won
00:20:51N2xy ult=
00:22:50BehlenAeducan na is a really good pick in this game :/
00:23:26chodaboy outplayed
00:23:29chodaboy bye noobs
00:23:35BehlenAeducan cu
00:23:36chodaboy but with kapo its allways 4v5
00:23:51yazzu should i make linken?
00:25:16chodaboy LOOK AT SK
00:25:22chodaboy he doesnt stun
00:25:26chodaboy ff
00:25:31BehlenAeducan ff
00:25:35N2xy i wanted you to die
00:25:40Idx he kills you with 3 hits, not sk's problem i guess
00:25:44N2xy you only talk and talk
00:25:46N2xy just shut up
00:25:51N2xy and die once more
00:25:58N2xy cuz i let it happend
00:26:00chodaboy so sucky
00:26:02chodaboy no ganks mid
00:26:04The_13abyKnight STFU and play the game
00:27:11The_13abyKnight nakkermig
00:27:16The_13abyKnight niggermik
00:27:36The_13abyKnight win
00:27:38The_13abyKnight before 30
00:27:48The_13abyKnight guys we go mid together
00:27:50The_13abyKnight before 30
00:27:51The_13abyKnight and win
00:27:56The_13abyKnight come yellow
00:28:07yazzu ill tp i sec
00:29:20chodaboy n2xy overrated as hell
00:29:42N2xy you too. dony worry
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