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+1 TS

96% | 1625 X | 1593 TS

-12 X
+2 TS

90% | 1547 X | 1484 TS

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74% | 1365 X | 1417 TS

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66% | 1258 X | 1407 TS

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84% | 1447 X | 1466 TS

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81% | 1525 X | 1351 TS

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79% | 1403 X | 1435 TS

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78% | 1430 X | 1401 TS

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77% | 1449 X | 1368 TS

Chat log

00:00:08Laier no wl
00:00:09Laier ff
00:00:13curdi no sven q.q
00:00:16Laier zip
00:00:16Laier ban am and lyca
00:00:16WantedZip :)
00:00:16Laier get me xin?
00:00:16curdi lotsa gay heroesss
00:00:16WantedZip he will pick
00:00:16Laier dont think so
00:00:16que2stress ok
00:00:16Laier he picks furi or phoenix
00:00:16sandii can play tree
00:00:16que2stress any wishes?
00:00:16curdi lyca magus am phoenix furi xin naix roof
00:00:16curdi !!!!
00:00:16Usires ban lyca give him tree
00:00:16Laier just go for it okey?
00:00:16Usires go
00:00:16Laier easier to handle xin than lyca or am
00:00:16que2stress there is
00:00:16WantedZip k
00:00:16Usires i go venomancer of 666
00:00:16xTimmins- rod of atos
00:00:16que2stress am lycan yin phoenix
00:00:16sandii bs is there :E
00:00:16Laier any disable counters xin early
00:00:16Laier and mid
00:00:16Laier so ..
00:00:16que2stress -am
00:00:16WantedZip lycan
00:00:23WantedZip u want xin ?
00:00:25Laier y
00:00:30Laier furi would be nice also?
00:00:32que2stress get
00:00:34que2stress leshrax
00:00:34Laier or rubick and abba :9
00:00:36que2stress roof
00:00:38que2stress sk
00:00:41que2stress sandking
00:00:43pWny- clash combo ;)
00:00:45pWny- great idea
00:00:45xTimmins- i go bs
00:00:48xTimmins- he rapes xin
00:00:49Usires ember spirit?
00:00:51Usires wtf is that
00:00:52Usires rofl
00:00:52Laier eh miks otat venon tommosest poolist :o
00:00:54que2stress bs is ok
00:00:56sandii its imba!
00:00:56que2stress but get
00:00:58que2stress before
00:01:00Usires have played now 2 games after 3months break
00:01:00sandii pick tree mulle
00:01:01que2stress roof
00:01:02que2stress get roof
00:01:03pWny- leshrac
00:01:04que2stress for lastpick
00:01:05Laier want furi mid?
00:01:05WantedZip gimme furi
00:01:07curdi ei hyvita pelaa muit
00:01:09pWny- please gimme leshrac
00:01:10xTimmins- can i mid
00:01:10xTimmins- vs xin
00:01:12curdi huvita*
00:01:13que2stress picking bs
00:01:15Laier take lion rubick
00:01:15que2stress was stupid
00:01:15Laier naix
00:01:19WantedZip -swap 3
00:01:20Laier -swap 1
00:01:22xTimmins- not really
00:01:23que2stress why cant u pick leshrac instead first
00:01:25sandii well not entirely, its gay against roof
00:01:28pWny- no he is the only silence hero
00:01:31que2stress i mean
00:01:31pWny- it was great to pick him
00:01:33que2stress picking bs
00:01:34xTimmins- ur gyro was stupid
00:01:37que2stress as first pick
00:01:38Usires ¨ota lion
00:01:39Usires mulle
00:01:43sandii sk siis?
00:01:43que2stress go leshrac
00:01:47Laier lastpick get sk or naix?
00:01:47que2stress leshrac sk
00:01:51Usires no k
00:01:52Misha randomed rubick :OOO
00:01:53Usires jumaliste
00:01:56Usires -swap 4
00:01:58sandii -swap 3
00:01:58Janske I take aba
00:02:00Laier naix or sk
00:02:04sandii eiks toi oo kans lion? =DD=
00:02:05Laier or abba
00:02:05que2stress bs
00:02:05pWny- -hhn
00:02:06Laier :)
00:02:06pWny- -di
00:02:07pWny- -don
00:02:08que2stress u gonna play vs
00:02:09pWny- where i go?
00:02:12Laier misha mis oot ollu? ei o paljo näkyny :D
00:02:14que2stress furion
00:02:16que2stress u want vs furion?
00:02:18xTimmins- yeah pls
00:02:20Misha dota 2
00:02:21que2stress leshrac bot
00:02:26que2stress i go top with tree
00:02:27WantedZip is down
00:02:27Laier kaikki nobot pelaa sitä
00:02:28que2stress sk go bot too
00:02:28Misha siel servut 24h alhaal
00:02:31Usires so
00:02:34Usires 2 heroes who can escape
00:02:37Usires gets easy lane
00:02:38Usires huh
00:02:40curdi aba top imo
00:02:41Laier vaui oks muka parempi?
00:02:43xTimmins- and u got
00:02:43Usires pro cap 666
00:02:45xTimmins- double aoe stun
00:02:54que2stress lesrhac
00:02:55que2stress u go bot
00:02:56pWny- i will max edict
00:02:57Misha on se kyl parempi
00:02:58que2stress tree
00:02:59que2stress u go top
00:03:04que2stress leshrac
00:03:05que2stress bot
00:03:10Misha varsinki nyt tuntee sen, ku pelannu 2kuukaut dota2
00:03:11pWny- dude
00:03:12sandii jo on
00:03:14pWny- tell it maybe earlier
00:03:18que2stress i did?
00:03:32que2stress when i say i go top with tree
00:03:34pWny- sry my fault
00:03:35que2stress it means
00:03:36que2stress u go bot
00:03:47pWny- xin will rape me hard downlane
00:03:52pWny- we got no antipull
00:04:06Laier älä ny intoile :D
00:04:22Laier pullaa?
00:04:23Laier ja go sit
00:04:27Laier taino meikä pullaa
00:04:56pWny- miss xin
00:05:28WantedZip ss
00:05:29pWny- b
00:05:32Misha lessu
00:05:32Laier go
00:05:56que2stress pull this one
00:06:02sandii y
00:06:26Laier onneks toi nobo skillaa salamaaaaaaa
00:06:28Misha stäkkää mielummi
00:06:40Laier ei jaksa venaa
00:07:02Misha -ms
00:07:04pWny- come woods
00:07:08pWny- wards
00:07:34Laier go
00:07:34pWny- send him to tower
00:07:39Misha en sit tiiä mitä sunhero tekee
00:07:46Janske ss treant
00:07:52Janske re
00:07:58Laier mun hero tappaa
00:08:23Janske ss
00:08:28Laier uusiks vaa heti ku mahollist
00:08:28pWny- crix
00:08:31Misha joo
00:08:32Misha lessu
00:08:32pWny- lets go rubick
00:08:39pWny- wait my 4
00:08:46pWny- k
00:08:48Misha stäkkään
00:09:21pWny- stun xin
00:09:36WantedZip ss
00:09:41Janske ok
00:09:48Janske roger that
00:09:58que2stress k i come gang bort
00:10:12que2stress or rofl
00:10:15Laier waittt
00:10:17Misha no mana for all
00:10:17que2stress what are u doing?
00:10:23pWny- i wanna leave lane
00:10:23Laier et tarvi ku disable
00:10:35pWny- go
00:10:38que2stress nope
00:10:42que2stress there is 3
00:10:44que2stress and furion
00:10:51xTimmins- up
00:10:51xTimmins- chick
00:10:52que2stress now
00:10:55Laier tän ulti on saman tyyline sit ku stormil
00:10:55que2stress go
00:11:01Misha ok
00:11:25pWny- WTF furi ulti
00:11:45que2stress rofl
00:11:45que2stress :D
00:11:46Laier mitää
00:12:16que2stress furi inc mi
00:12:31Laier tapetaa taas se phoenix
00:12:35Misha joo
00:12:35Laier ainii mut vittu
00:12:36Laier sul dive
00:12:39Usires olis ulti
00:12:40Usires stun
00:12:47sandii joo
00:12:48Janske dive
00:12:50Laier go
00:13:18sandii :D
00:13:22sandii jo oli
00:13:28sandii ei mul ollukkaa manaa kaikkee
00:13:31sandii suoraan
00:14:01curdi guess i get us a mek
00:14:21Laier tarvis manaa
00:14:43Laier mennää mid
00:14:46que2stress -afk
00:15:00Laier eiku vittu
00:15:01Laier tapetaa lessu
00:15:06Laier koska bootsi cd rdy?
00:15:10Misha 10
00:15:13Laier k
00:15:14Laier go sit
00:15:15Misha 3
00:15:22Laier go
00:15:26Janske mid ss
00:15:38Misha mitä kävi?
00:15:40Laier huhuuu mitä sä teet
00:15:44Misha wtf
00:15:49Laier miks vitus idlaat siel metäs
00:15:50Misha miten jouduin tonne
00:15:53xTimmins- i knew u would
00:15:53xTimmins- d it
00:15:55Misha oon jumis
00:16:07Laier ok... :D
00:16:16Usires i put it to go ages ago coz thought would tp
00:16:19Misha en tajuu miten jouduin tonne jumiin:D
00:16:21pWny- great
00:16:25pWny- invi me in fights roof please
00:16:26pWny- edict goes on
00:16:27pWny- lol
00:16:29pWny- jus imba
00:16:31Misha siihe varmaa kasvo just puu :D
00:16:39Laier dive
00:16:39Laier go
00:16:43Janske w8
00:17:44Misha got sk ulti
00:17:58Laier 1hp
00:18:18xTimmins- charg
00:18:19pWny- lets push
00:18:21pWny- we are imba together
00:18:21xTimmins- charge and i sielnce
00:18:22xTimmins- xin
00:18:22pWny- clash team
00:18:24que2stress sec
00:18:25Usires deny
00:18:26que2stress sec
00:18:26Usires deny
00:18:36xTimmins- im gonna farm the wood
00:18:40Usires k comin mid
00:18:41Laier abba havent skilled heal?
00:18:41Laier wtf
00:18:49pWny- after i activate edict
00:18:51pWny- invi me roof
00:18:52pWny- and i run in
00:18:59sandii k
00:19:33que2stress imba
00:19:34que2stress taem :D
00:19:38que2stress where are the tps
00:19:41Misha roof ulti
00:19:47Misha lets kill
00:20:07que2stress ok that was n1
00:20:08WantedZip ^
00:20:09Laier this fucking abba is a joke
00:20:10WantedZip sucky aba
00:20:24Misha u blocked me nice furi
00:20:31Misha lost like 5sec
00:20:34WantedZip k
00:20:35Laier abba should get banned
00:20:36Misha could have been there with roofs ulti
00:20:36WantedZip pro
00:20:39pWny- lets get push top tower
00:20:42Misha it was unlucky block tho :/
00:20:52que2stress roof try not to give them ur ult
00:20:56xTimmins- ^^
00:20:59sandii :d
00:21:02Laier lvl 1 heal
00:21:03Laier gg
00:21:03xTimmins- to much to expect
00:21:05xTimmins- form sandii mate
00:21:08sandii :D
00:21:13Janske you're lame
00:21:13sandii well he doesnt have it anymore!
00:21:18que2stress y
00:21:18Laier says abba with lvl1 heal :D
00:21:22xTimmins- np if they steal it
00:21:28xTimmins- his hood will defend him
00:21:30que2stress CAN
00:21:31que2stress U STUN?
00:21:44pWny- i used
00:21:48pWny- u was dead before
00:21:51que2stress y
00:21:52que2stress i know
00:21:54pWny- lvl 1 stun sorry
00:21:54que2stress thats why i blame you
00:21:59curdi up chick?
00:22:04Laier kato misha
00:22:06Janske feel free
00:22:11que2stress i go farm
00:22:12Laier näät noi paskat tos tornil?
00:22:13que2stress teamfights
00:22:16Misha joo
00:22:19que2stress useless if u dont stun em
00:22:25pWny- i used it dude
00:22:25Laier vittu
00:22:26pWny- im sorry
00:22:27Laier ehti hävii :D
00:22:29pWny- i was 2 far away
00:22:31Laier oisin voinnu telee täst siihe
00:22:34pWny- lvl 1 stun is so small
00:22:36xTimmins- alot missing
00:22:45Misha aika jees
00:22:51Janske go kill top
00:23:04Usires gimme tango
00:23:05Usires ?
00:23:45que2stress ah that abba isa fat
00:23:53xTimmins- he got
00:23:55xTimmins- armlett
00:23:59xTimmins- its nice
00:24:01pWny- and PB
00:24:01xTimmins- he goes carry
00:24:02sandii yeah luls, he played 0-10 lastgame D:
00:24:11que2stress last game
00:24:13que2stress does not count
00:24:14pWny- we need meka
00:24:22WantedZip omg
00:24:22sandii im making pipe
00:24:22que2stress last game we got this necro and this yunero
00:24:24que2stress u cant win
00:24:26que2stress with those guys
00:24:27xTimmins- XD
00:24:27Laier =
00:24:28Laier ?
00:24:31Janske use treant
00:24:31sandii :d
00:24:32xTimmins- u cant win with neverbackdown
00:24:32pWny- jugger was not that bad ;)
00:24:34Janske umm
00:24:36que2stress the pick
00:24:38que2stress is the prob
00:24:39Laier use trees?
00:24:41xTimmins- no
00:24:42xTimmins- i outplayed u
00:24:44xTimmins- so did pwny
00:24:45Janske creeps
00:24:51Misha i stun
00:24:52que2stress i send them 3 top
00:24:53pWny- the antipull wards was gg
00:24:55que2stress cause i didnt
00:25:01que2stress want to play that game
00:25:04que2stress so let me chat :D
00:25:07pWny- I HATE XIN SOOOO MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!
00:25:37Laier abba gimme tp
00:25:39Laier i come back in sec
00:25:55Janske now I should be your friend
00:26:05Janske after total humiliation
00:26:06Laier suht läppä
00:26:11xTimmins- go xin
00:26:11que2stress roof
00:26:11pWny- go all mid
00:26:12pWny- roof
00:26:16sandii omw
00:26:16Laier i still wonder why you didnt lvl heal
00:26:16Janske anna ny ees takas
00:26:18Laier gogo
00:26:41Laier ei voi antaa tp:t takas jos cd's
00:26:52Janske jaanii
00:27:05Janske juu, tuo heali ei ole vaan mun tyyliä alussa
00:27:05que2stress and need bkb now on ya
00:27:10Janske otan sen myöhemmin
00:27:11Laier heron paras skilli
00:27:14pWny- i hit stun 2 times this fighrt
00:27:15Laier earlys
00:27:17sandii got pipe
00:27:19Laier jos meinaa kuolla ni senku tappaa ittesä
00:27:21Laier ja säästää omii
00:27:22Janske phase bootsilla shieldin kanssa meno on paljon kovempi
00:27:39sandii care
00:27:51xTimmins- MA
00:27:51xTimmins- MAN
00:27:54Laier kui vitusti toi tekee muka dmg
00:27:54xTimmins- I SHOULD DO ME
00:27:55xTimmins- NOT HIM
00:27:57xTimmins- FFS
00:28:00curdi rupture
00:28:02curdi ja juokset
00:28:04curdi ..
00:28:08Laier olin paikallani
00:28:09Laier ja ultasin
00:28:10Laier muute hyvä
00:28:44Janske go b
00:29:14pWny- abaddon is a joke
00:29:18pWny- roof please invi me
00:29:25sandii i was oom there
00:29:35Usires furi had dusts
00:29:35Misha why not helping abba
00:29:36Usires anyway
00:29:38Misha u got ulti :/
00:29:38sandii yup
00:29:41Usires get tower
00:29:42curdi vähä ehk turhaa lähet 6 levuu isompaa strygii haastaa
00:29:44Laier en kans tajuu
00:29:46pWny- anyway gg
00:29:50Laier no mihin vittuun mä siit lähen?
00:29:52Laier ku mul ulti niskas
00:29:54pWny- we got not 1 signle tower till now ;D
00:29:59que2stress now
00:30:00que2stress 1
00:30:05curdi ei mut miks lähit sen päälle
00:30:07Laier katoin et toi abba oli vieres viel ku menin inee
00:30:10Laier ja sit se lähteeki juoksee basee
00:30:11sandii ill make meka
00:30:14que2stress y ty
00:30:22que2stress have jango now
00:30:23Laier ja tosiaa sil oli ulti
00:30:35Janske se ei tarkota et se mut pelastaa
00:30:40Janske kun ne ei vaan hyöki muhu
00:30:41Laier :DDD
00:30:48Janske jos on noin vähän hp
00:30:51Laier healaat omii ku ulti pääl
00:30:52Laier saat hp
00:30:53Laier vaikeet
00:31:05que2stress mid
00:31:12Laier go
00:31:12Laier i tp
00:31:13que2stress try to get rubick first
00:31:14que2stress bs
00:31:41Laier voitko vaik hiilaa?
00:31:51Laier '
00:31:53Laier huhuu?
00:31:59Misha et huomannu mua veno?
00:32:00pWny- lets def bot
00:32:02pWny- plz
00:32:11pWny- let him
00:32:11Janske go b
00:32:13pWny- defend base
00:32:21xTimmins- 30 sec im re
00:33:08que2stress no wards
00:33:20pWny- ya
00:33:26pWny- watch my farm dude
00:33:29pWny- im papaer
00:33:40Laier go push
00:33:44que2stress ...
00:33:47Laier shieldaa
00:33:49Laier meen inee
00:33:53pWny- defend in base
00:33:54pWny- maybe
00:34:00Usires EQWj
00:34:01Usires ??
00:34:35Misha janske
00:34:35xTimmins- I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:34:36que2stress epic
00:34:39que2stress its not lost
00:34:40Misha käytä sun healii ku ulti pääl
00:34:41que2stress we only fight
00:34:43xTimmins- roof sucks to much
00:34:43que2stress 4v5
00:34:44que2stress or 2v5
00:34:46sandii :D
00:34:46Misha se antaa sulle kans hipaa
00:34:48que2stress instead of 5v5
00:34:56Laier otat damagee ultis = saat hp:t
00:34:56Janske käytin mut vähä myöhä
00:34:58Janske s
00:35:00Janske tiedän
00:35:01Laier jote hiilaa aina omii tai nukee vihuu
00:35:07Janske juu kyl
00:35:20Misha ja siks heali on hyvä skillaa ekana maximille
00:35:26Janske no
00:35:28Misha ku se räjäyttää sun shieldin lvl 3
00:35:32Janske jos oisin skillannu sen
00:35:34pWny- we have to turtle it
00:35:34xTimmins- trust me its lost
00:35:34Misha voit nukee
00:35:40xTimmins- sk is very bad so is roof
00:35:40Misha nii siis tulevaisuudes
00:35:43Misha ainaki mun mieles
00:35:44Janske oisin luultavasti failannu koko pelin
00:35:44xTimmins- and pwny got abad start
00:35:44Misha t
00:35:46Laier ni oltas voitettu early fightit helpommi jos sul ois heal
00:35:50Janske parempi että pelaan niin kun osaan
00:35:54pWny- anyway
00:35:55que2stress u have non bkb
00:35:57pWny- we got lost no racks
00:35:58Janske kun se että koitan olla joku saatanan mahtisonni
00:35:58pWny- its min 32
00:36:00pWny- in 5 misn
00:36:00xTimmins- y im not gettin bkb
00:36:02pWny- we will rape em
00:36:02Misha joo ei sil mitää välii oo
00:36:06Misha voitettuha tää on
00:36:07pWny- min 40
00:36:13que2stress u should get
00:36:14que2stress bkb
00:36:16xTimmins- no
00:36:22Laier shieldaa sit mut ain
00:36:26Janske y
00:36:28Laier ku meen inee ni paukkuu lämää
00:36:30pWny- still no meka
00:37:03pWny- oom
00:37:04Laier taaskaa et healannu ultis :/
00:37:04pWny- mom
00:37:07pWny- good fight
00:37:07Janske healasin
00:37:08pWny- !!!
00:37:09pWny- haha
00:37:12Laier et ees ku katoin koko aja
00:37:18Laier yritin itekki healaa mut tuli stunni sit just
00:37:19Janske sk
00:37:23sandii he got my ulti btw
00:37:25Usires yeah bad sk
00:37:26Janske no joo
00:37:27Laier se kuoli furin dagonii
00:37:29Janske jaa
00:37:32Janske no sit en kerenny
00:37:40sandii and no meka"
00:37:54sandii pwny, what are u doing?
00:38:06Usires ward
00:38:06Usires it
00:38:26Usires they come again
00:38:33que2stress y base
00:38:52que2stress rosh
00:38:54xTimmins- dagger sk
00:38:55xTimmins- finally
00:38:57Janske rosh?
00:39:01que2stress rosh
00:39:03que2stress check
00:39:10Usires been awhile
00:39:12Usires 190mins
00:39:12pWny- lets make smoke
00:39:15Misha got roofs ulti
00:39:16pWny- smoke up here
00:39:16Laier go mid
00:39:16Usires just no fuckin idea of that panda
00:39:17que2stress y
00:39:17pWny- come
00:39:22Janske all together
00:40:06Laier miks abba juoksee nois fighteis karkuu ku sul on ulti jäljel ja manaa noi vitusti
00:40:17Usires anmd your crystalys etc
00:40:18pWny- go rosh now
00:40:20Usires fuckin retarted
00:40:23xTimmins- i dont care
00:40:27Usires so pls shut your fuckin face about items
00:40:28xTimmins- me > u this game
00:40:32Usires not even close
00:40:35xTimmins- and all other games
00:40:42sandii got meka
00:40:44Usires ive played 5dotas in half yer
00:40:44Janske b
00:40:47Usires still better
00:40:49Janske they are alive
00:41:08pWny- smoke run?
00:41:11Usires been my ultis
00:41:13Usires why we aint losing this
00:41:14Usires yet
00:41:14xTimmins- its alive
00:41:16pWny- make rosh
00:41:19que2stress been u eraly
00:41:22que2stress we could have lost it
00:41:23Usires i know
00:41:34Usires cud been bs if tard made bkb
00:41:47xTimmins- ULTI CD
00:42:06Laier taaskaa et healaa ultis
00:42:13pWny- holp
00:42:14pWny- hlp
00:42:19curdi siihe vissii hävitää :D
00:42:27pWny- now rosh
00:42:28pWny- and its gg
00:42:30curdi furi wasnt with us
00:42:30Misha are we going to go with 5
00:42:34Misha or blue still afking?
00:42:35Laier vissii hävitää siihe et abbal ei o hajuukaa mitä se tekis nois fighteis
00:42:47Janske ei ookkaa
00:42:50Janske tuurilla vedetään
00:42:53curdi imo pitäs focusaa tota strygii
00:42:55Laier a) älä shieldaa ikinä ittees
00:43:01curdi tai munaa jos semmosta tulee
00:43:15Laier they taking rosh
00:43:16Janske no se oli 4v5 muutenki
00:43:25xTimmins- WE NEED TO END
00:43:25xTimmins- LOL
00:43:27sandii sit vois kai tehä sen shivan, jos sen joskus saa
00:43:31pWny- go rosh
00:43:33pWny- finish him
00:43:34pWny- smokerun
00:43:34xTimmins- I LEAVE IN 5 MIN
00:43:35pWny- and go gg
00:43:38Laier no hävitää tää ku ei meil oo tankkii
00:43:40Usires lets not fi nish
00:43:42Usires bans to him
00:43:43Usires gg
00:43:46Usires dun matter if we lose
00:43:48sandii :D
00:43:49Usires if he gets ban
00:44:03xTimmins- y np
00:44:07que2stress go get rosh
00:44:08Laier go with 5?
00:44:17Janske go all alone from every direction
00:44:29xTimmins- gogogo
00:44:32Laier they here
00:44:34Janske ok
00:45:18Laier hävittii just 100 - 0 toi fighti
00:45:22pWny- yeah
00:45:23pWny- great
00:45:25Misha mikset käytä sun phase bootsei?
00:45:27Misha :D
00:45:34que2stress tree good this time
00:45:36pWny- i need meka
00:45:36Misha I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:45:37Usires shoulåd rosh
00:45:37Usires now
00:45:37Janske no ni, ja nyt focusasin teidän shieldimistä ja hiilimistä
00:45:37Laier kinda gg
00:45:41Janske eikä menny yhtää paremmi
00:45:44curdi mite kusette nii huolel :/
00:45:45que2stress bs dead
00:45:48que2stress and bs needs rosh
00:45:48pWny- arcane boots someone??
00:45:51Misha en voi tehä mitää
00:45:54Misha tarvittais gemi
00:45:54pWny- i will go
00:45:57Misha nii noi ei vois initatee
00:45:58Usires i get top
00:45:59Janske toi roof pääsee aina tekeen ulti
00:45:59Usires then agha
00:46:04Janske ja kaikki menee perseelleen
00:46:23pWny- b
00:46:24que2stress b
00:46:32pWny- edict is so great
00:46:35que2stress get rosh
00:46:38pWny- k
00:46:40que2stress bs come
00:46:51Usires dudes
00:46:53xTimmins- i dont want aegis
00:46:55que2stress have no vision
00:46:55xTimmins- i want allmid
00:46:56Usires so dangerous
00:46:56xTimmins- and end it
00:47:10que2stress then lesh take aegis
00:47:13pWny- j
00:47:15que2stress INC
00:47:33que2stress good
00:47:35que2stress that u go rosh bs
00:47:38Usires so fuckin retarted
00:47:46que2stress LOL
00:47:47sandii älä
00:47:47que2stress HOW BAD
00:47:48que2stress CAN TRHIS
00:47:49que2stress TEAM
00:47:50xTimmins- I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:47:50que2stress BE
00:47:50xTimmins- I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:47:51xTimmins- I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:47:51xTimmins- I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:47:53curdi otin axes
00:47:54Usires dont ff
00:47:55que2stress BS
00:47:55pWny- i can rebuy
00:47:56Laier ottiks joku sen mun axe
00:47:56que2stress WHY
00:47:57que2stress DID U
00:47:59Usires bans to that retard
00:47:59que2stress GO THERE
00:47:59Laier anna takas
00:48:07que2stress if u dont go to rosh
00:48:09que2stress why go
00:48:11que2stress when there are 5?
00:48:15curdi otetaa raksut
00:48:15Laier mite ne hävis to :D
00:48:27Janske niillä ei ollu roofin ulti
00:48:37sandii aika moinen ostaminen olus
00:48:40sandii :d
00:48:42sandii ulos*
00:48:48xTimmins- I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:48:55que2stress this imba team :D
00:49:07sandii no vittu jee
00:49:08que2stress would have easily won
00:49:09xTimmins- just ff now
00:49:12que2stress if u could do teamplay :D
00:49:17Usires he lost on purpose
00:49:19que2stress but u think farming mid
00:49:20pWny- I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:49:23que2stress is better than getting rosh
00:49:24Usires isnt that fuckin obvuous
00:49:46que2stress well at least we can push now
00:49:46Laier jaa
00:49:48Laier kävis b
00:49:49Laier ja finishais
00:49:52Usires paljo pelit muuttunu täällä
00:49:55xTimmins- I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:50:00pWny- we can -?
00:50:00Usires retardia jengiä jopa silveris
00:50:00sandii onne kyl vähä
00:50:01que2stress #1
00:50:03pWny- dont think so -.-
00:50:05que2stress 1 bkb on bs and win
00:50:06Laier ei sinänsä
00:50:07Usires niinku bnetis olis
00:50:08pWny- vs furi
00:50:10pWny- 2 lanes lost
00:50:11pWny- its gg
00:50:11Laier usires ei pärjää vieläkää :DDD
00:50:13Janske veno
00:50:14Laier ei vaa
00:50:14sandii :D
00:50:21sandii vähä väliä tämmösiä tiimejä
00:50:21Usires sun heroa en oo edes nähny
00:50:29curdi ._. forgot i didnt have tp
00:50:32Usires ennen ku nyt
00:50:38Laier mut eikö oo iha kiva?
00:50:44Usires en tiedä mitä se tekee
00:50:48Usires en tiedä mitä se tekee
00:50:49Janske GEM
00:50:52Janske gem
00:50:53Janske gem
00:50:57Janske under roof
00:51:01pWny- lool
00:51:02Janske ok np D
00:51:03curdi :)
00:51:03Janske :D
00:51:06pWny- LOOOOL
00:51:10Janske they didn't see it
00:51:11Janske yet
00:51:12pWny- phoenix
00:51:15Janske tp
00:51:18Usires oltais voitettu tämä kyllä ellei toi bs noi idiootti
00:51:21Janske prophet
00:51:38Janske look for gem
00:51:41Janske aha
00:51:41sandii eipä ton ruskeen itemitkää iha parhai ole
00:51:42Janske lol
00:51:51xTimmins- yo push
00:51:51xTimmins- pls
00:51:53pWny- let BS stay def
00:51:54xTimmins- just push
00:51:57pWny- just stand there
00:51:58pWny- at throne
00:51:59pWny- and def
00:52:00pWny- alone
00:52:01xTimmins- u win
00:52:02pWny- and we go
00:52:16xTimmins- go as 5 and ul win
00:52:24curdi ::nogidins
00:53:21pWny- dagger out
00:53:23sandii ei
00:53:24sandii ei ei
00:53:27pWny- usires
00:53:29xTimmins- go all for throne man
00:53:35Usires was blocked
00:53:38curdi too strong def
00:53:38sandii jaa
00:53:38Laier wonderin how the fuck you managed to lose this game :D
00:54:02Janske lyol
00:54:09Misha ei voi antaa endaa
00:54:11Laier zip
00:54:14Laier why you so quiet
00:54:17sandii ei
00:54:19que2stress bs no bkb
00:54:22que2stress loses the game
00:54:25Usires ei ku ton yhden pellen pitää lähteä
00:54:28Usires siks pitää venyttää
00:54:31sandii jep
00:54:52Laier mitä itemeit lessul o? :D
00:54:58Usires treds
00:54:58sandii braceri
00:55:00sandii :D
00:55:01Laier :DD
00:55:08sandii se o aika kovis
00:55:24que2stress u see bs=?
00:55:27que2stress u need bkb
00:55:32que2stress go
00:56:02Laier you guys win
00:56:04Laier we cant do shit!
00:56:08Usires olis ollu niin helppo voitto ellei toi jätkä tahallansa
00:56:09sandii miksei mulle anneta tappoja yhtää :(
00:56:13que2stress we cant either :D
00:56:13Usires yrittäny hävitä
00:56:26Laier tp?
00:56:26que2stress abba inc
00:56:27pWny- crix
00:56:38sandii abba gem
00:56:46pWny- we have to stop that abba
00:56:48Laier abba jahtaa yht creeppii onnessaa
00:56:49que2stress no
00:56:52que2stress all others
00:56:56Janske en kyl oo onnellinen
00:56:56sandii idd
00:57:00pWny- yeah
00:57:03Laier sait pakit viikonloppuna?
00:57:06pWny- just dont focus abaddon
00:57:13pWny- if all ohters are dead
00:57:14pWny- kill him
00:57:16Janske enpä oikeestaan
00:57:19pWny- focus furion
00:57:19Laier höh
00:57:20pWny- or
00:57:21Usires now he idles
00:57:21pWny- veno
00:57:23pWny- if he cant use ulti
00:57:29Usires lets banrequest
00:57:29Laier vois mennä farmaa mettää :DD
00:57:38Janske vois kokoontua
00:57:45Janske kuin kansallinen kokoomus konsanaan
00:57:46Laier otan nopee 600 ni sit
00:57:58que2stress -afk
00:58:18pWny- hes gone
00:58:25Usires hes retard
00:58:30pWny- no
00:58:34pWny- he plays a way beter then u
00:58:39Usires u think
00:58:39Janske ok
00:58:39que2stress nope
00:58:41Usires ROFL
00:58:46Laier joo
00:58:50Laier rubixille vaa siit aegis
00:58:53Usires and i can uu 2 mates
00:58:57Usires 2 who fucks this game up
00:59:09que2stress bs lost the game
00:59:14pWny- QWOOHOO
00:59:18pWny- IMBA STUN
00:59:31Janske go throne
00:59:43pWny- xD
01:00:05que2stress -afk
01:00:09pWny- -afk
01:00:12pWny- ^1
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