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Chat log

00:00:17BridgeJumper bah all carry heroes
00:00:17BridgeJumper ban omni
00:00:17extremewaari omni
00:00:17PinaryB gogoog ba
00:00:17PinaryB loooool
00:00:17Casberry u are+
00:00:17PinaryB im capt :D:D
00:00:17Mr.Frog capt
00:00:17Mr.Frog hey
00:00:17extremewaari tell me
00:00:17Mr.Frog pick me trax
00:00:17Mr.Frog pls
00:00:17extremewaari no
00:00:17Mr.Frog wont fail
00:00:17PinaryB -ck
00:00:17BridgeJumper pick weaver, if u dont play i can
00:00:17OrokuSaki looollllllllll
00:00:17Mr.Frog pls?
00:00:17BridgeJumper or BH vs weaver
00:00:23edgarass bridge where u played before?
00:00:30BridgeJumper dotaleague and pickup
00:00:38OrokuSaki dont play trax plz
00:00:40PinaryB get ud
00:00:40cooper undy pick
00:00:41PinaryB pls
00:00:42edgarass these games are pretty eroios
00:00:43PinaryB i get bh
00:00:45Mr.Frog yy sure
00:00:49extremewaari take cm abb
00:00:51edgarass get ud
00:00:52PinaryB pick ud for some1
00:00:52extremewaari or cm ck
00:00:55AliBaba i take cm
00:00:56extremewaari take cm ck
00:01:01OrokuSaki ck banned
00:01:06Casberry get me necro or something
00:01:08extremewaari cn abba
00:01:30edgarass no ore carries pls
00:01:31Mr.Frog gg
00:01:32Mr.Frog ff
00:01:40PinaryB naix woods?
00:01:47cooper y
00:01:48Casberry who wnats ud ?
00:01:54AliBaba omfg
00:01:54BridgeJumper u dont'?
00:01:57Casberry no
00:02:00BridgeJumper -swapall
00:02:02BridgeJumper take then
00:02:03Casberry -swap 5
00:02:04PinaryB go top
00:02:11BridgeJumper and buy chicken for the swap :D
00:02:11edgarass say ss pls
00:02:11PinaryB necro solo bot
00:02:14BridgeJumper so i can get wards
00:02:20BridgeJumper i get wards u get chicken plz
00:02:24extremewaari share
00:02:29PinaryB ud atro top
00:02:31edgarass necro solo bot?
00:02:35PinaryB y
00:02:37AliBaba why smoke ?
00:02:43PinaryB check wards
00:02:44PinaryB rune*
00:02:47BridgeJumper doh iu mis
00:02:55AliBaba -water 233 0 233
00:02:55PinaryB no hcick?
00:02:56AliBaba ?
00:02:56OrokuSaki one bot
00:02:59BridgeJumper i wait for gold for chicken
00:03:01Mr.Frog aba wisp bot
00:03:02AliBaba he come bot
00:03:02Mr.Frog -.
00:03:17OrokuSaki wisp....
00:03:22extremewaari wispo bot
00:03:22OrokuSaki youre supposed to ward the pull
00:03:26OrokuSaki wtf
00:03:38AliBaba care i pull.
00:03:38BridgeJumper i bought wards and chicken so plz share your healing bane
00:03:39AliBaba or ?
00:03:56Mr.Frog cm
00:03:58Mr.Frog -.-
00:04:30Mr.Frog go atro
00:05:24AliBaba i pull..
00:05:26AliBaba and kill after
00:05:40Mr.Frog you don have frostbite?
00:05:45AliBaba no :)
00:05:51Mr.Frog gj
00:05:55AliBaba su..
00:05:55Mr.Frog we had 2 kills
00:05:58Mr.Frog y
00:05:58Mr.Frog sure
00:06:44extremewaari mid ss
00:06:56BridgeJumper hurt
00:06:57Mr.Frog if some
00:06:58Mr.Frog 1
00:06:59Mr.Frog use
00:07:00Mr.Frog my hero
00:07:02Mr.Frog again
00:07:04Mr.Frog ill unshare
00:07:05edgarass Care
00:07:30OrokuSaki kill naix
00:07:31BridgeJumper heal plz
00:07:35gis.harren y
00:07:37BridgeJumper tahnsx
00:07:49Casberry ss
00:07:58extremewaari mid ss
00:08:10BridgeJumper hurt ta
00:08:11BridgeJumper just hit
00:08:14BridgeJumper he has no heal
00:08:22extremewaari gj
00:08:34gis.harren u8
00:08:57gis.harren cs
00:09:05extremewaari mid ss
00:09:07extremewaari care tp
00:09:08extremewaari top
00:09:26BridgeJumper bad invis they saw
00:09:32PinaryB nope
00:09:36BridgeJumper eys
00:09:55AliBaba ss
00:09:59AliBaba sorry
00:09:59AliBaba re
00:10:00PinaryB ss mid
00:10:29gis.harren heal
00:10:30gis.harren plz
00:10:35gis.harren ty
00:11:04BridgeJumper -st
00:11:30gis.harren i max stun
00:11:43gis.harren okay ss ?
00:11:46Casberry ffs
00:11:47extremewaari said
00:11:48gis.harren 4 bot
00:11:50gis.harren oki
00:11:51edgarass waht?
00:11:55edgarass he was getting away
00:11:55Casberry +dude sleep in my ulti ??
00:12:04Casberry i fucking ulrtiooed him
00:12:08edgarass why u us eulti if i can slleep hi?
00:12:39edgarass have ulti
00:12:57edgarass idiot
00:12:58edgarass fastes
00:13:16gis.harren b
00:13:31edgarass ss2
00:13:33edgarass re.
00:13:39BridgeJumper b
00:14:47edgarass fyuck shit
00:14:50edgarass weaver came
00:14:50gis.harren gj
00:14:58gis.harren ill bring u b 10 sex
00:14:59extremewaari u2
00:15:02edgarass undying i come top
00:15:04edgarass we kill
00:15:16edgarass have manaboots
00:15:20OrokuSaki ty
00:15:22edgarass and ulti
00:15:23gis.harren np
00:15:26BridgeJumper nice
00:15:27edgarass go cm or lanya?
00:15:28AliBaba ss
00:15:28BridgeJumper need the mana
00:15:34BridgeJumper lanay
00:15:41edgarass cm
00:16:00AliBaba atro miss ?
00:16:14AliBaba gr8
00:16:19OrokuSaki find naix?
00:16:22gis.harren y
00:16:33BridgeJumper why he no invis?
00:16:35Mr.Frog no wards
00:16:36Mr.Frog gj cm
00:16:39Casberry dunno
00:16:49AliBaba dont talk.. you are lastpick..
00:16:51edgarass sleep lev 2
00:16:51AliBaba please shhh
00:16:54Mr.Frog ahahah
00:16:56Mr.Frog so what>?
00:17:00AliBaba please..
00:17:02AliBaba stfu..
00:17:29gis.harren abba i needed u to jump :)
00:17:39OrokuSaki sey
00:17:40OrokuSaki sry
00:17:41gis.harren u ran a little to far away when i was sleeped :)
00:17:49extremewaari ty
00:17:51Casberry fuck
00:17:52OrokuSaki np
00:18:00OrokuSaki oom
00:18:02gis.harren go
00:18:33extremewaari nice
00:18:45gis.harren np
00:18:58Mr.Frog steal more g
00:18:59Mr.Frog j
00:19:00edgarass care top
00:19:02edgarass w
00:19:23Casberry god fuxck
00:19:25Casberry im stupid
00:19:30BridgeJumper necro u noob :D
00:19:31BridgeJumper :D
00:19:33BridgeJumper yeah l ooked bad
00:19:42OrokuSaki why would you pick lanaya when he first pick gondar
00:19:48BridgeJumper we have so good counter for weaver
00:19:51BridgeJumper necro and bane ulti
00:19:52OrokuSaki you know he has track right
00:20:45BridgeJumper cm
00:20:52gis.harren they got sight for u ?
00:20:55BridgeJumper twr
00:21:07gis.harren weed need to kil atropos he got gem
00:21:57PinaryB bitches have gem
00:22:11PinaryB get tower
00:22:14PinaryB 3 dead
00:22:16BridgeJumper give me gem im tank
00:22:23Casberry y
00:22:40gis.harren we need to kill atro ...
00:22:45PinaryB b
00:23:16edgarass b
00:23:35edgarass fucking hate rweaver
00:23:37gis.harren gj
00:23:40Casberry gets bad
00:24:16BridgeJumper gem on cihcken and one on me
00:24:19edgarass lanbya there
00:24:20edgarass vare
00:24:21gis.harren undying got the gem now ?
00:24:39edgarass tower mid
00:25:14AliBaba gem
00:25:27PinaryB gj
00:25:41BridgeJumper go nex
00:25:48gis.harren wee need to fokus same hero :D
00:25:53edgarass b
00:25:54PinaryB go b
00:25:55BridgeJumper ahve tomb
00:25:56PinaryB you are 3
00:25:57Casberry +b
00:25:57edgarass b
00:26:03edgarass bot twr
00:26:21BridgeJumper siht almsot destrpoed1
00:26:22BridgeJumper me first
00:27:16AliBaba lenaya ..
00:27:28BridgeJumper how did u drop two gems?
00:27:31AliBaba most fail pick efter.
00:27:40AliBaba ever *
00:27:43OrokuSaki yeah
00:27:44Mr.Frog most fail brain ever
00:27:50AliBaba yeah you ?
00:27:58Mr.Frog y you
00:28:09BridgeJumper i shiva
00:28:11PinaryB rosh?
00:28:12BridgeJumper or want ac?
00:28:28Casberry have shivca
00:28:36gis.harren def
00:28:40BridgeJumper i ac then
00:28:46BridgeJumper brb
00:28:49PinaryB go rosh
00:28:51PinaryB lanes pushed
00:29:00BridgeJumper bane look out
00:29:04edgarass mega lag
00:29:04BridgeJumper they will know
00:29:14edgarass i guard
00:29:18edgarass i ulti weaver
00:29:24PinaryB and necro 2
00:29:38edgarass all if
00:30:02BridgeJumper go rax
00:30:05BridgeJumper oh he bvack
00:30:10Casberry he reboughrt
00:30:40Mr.Frog \
00:30:43Mr.Frog kILL TOMB
00:30:54OrokuSaki useless brown
00:30:59Mr.Frog sure
00:31:04Mr.Frog I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:31:07OrokuSaki I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:31:08AliBaba I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:31:17AliBaba thanks lenaya
00:31:21Mr.Frog mid free farm
00:31:24BridgeJumper rax
00:31:26Mr.Frog necro free farm
00:31:27edgarass rax
00:31:32Mr.Frog and i am useless
00:31:34AliBaba y
00:31:36Mr.Frog cm no brain
00:31:36OrokuSaki yes you are
00:31:40edgarass b
00:32:22gis.harren I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:32:24gis.harren -ff
00:32:25gis.harren !ff
00:32:28edgarass wp team
00:32:29Mr.Frog go dd
00:32:30Mr.Frog I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:32:37edgarass i liked u all :)
00:32:48edgarass early gem rocks
00:33:11OrokuSaki I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:33:14BridgeJumper -st
00:33:17BridgeJumper 6k bounty :D
00:33:17extremewaari I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
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