Game #3169011

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+31 X
-5 TS

86% | 1552 X | 1452 TS

-22 X
-3 TS

85% | 1486 X | 1471 TS

-13 X
-2 TS

84% | 1421 X | 1473 TS

-31 X
-3 TS

70% | 1339 X | 1406 TS

-34 X
-5 TS

62% | 1256 X | 1374 TS

+4 X
+3 TS

96% | 1688 X | 1514 TS

+47 X
+4 TS

84% | 1469 X | 1444 TS

+23 X
+2 TS

81% | 1436 X | 1418 TS

+16 X
+3 TS

73% | 1384 X | 1344 TS

-5 X
+5 TS

55% | 1218 X | 1313 TS

Chat log

00:00:05MYuksel -ap go
00:00:07GottHasstMich and lion top
00:00:07GottHasstMich tc viper bot
00:00:07MYuksel no iam top
00:00:07XXL -SP
00:00:07GottHasstMich lion me top
00:00:07MYuksel with u
00:00:07IamSoUnluckY ok
00:00:07XXL -AP
00:00:07IamSoUnluckY ok
00:00:07curdi how we gonna lane
00:00:07XXL nope
00:00:07GottHasstMich no u arent
00:00:07XXL lion
00:00:07Norrebro dud
00:00:07GottHasstMich epic bullshit
00:00:07XXL is with me
00:00:07MYuksel yes iam i dont go down
00:00:07IamSoUnluckY -.-
00:00:07GottHasstMich STFU
00:00:07XXL he is with me
00:00:07GottHasstMich u dont take 2 ranged
00:00:07Tough well
00:00:07GottHasstMich bot
00:00:07Tough i hate them
00:00:07j22koer go ap
00:00:07IamSoUnluckY decide guys
00:00:07Norrebro i decide lanes ok
00:00:07XXL why not?
00:00:07MYuksel iam also ranged
00:00:07curdi you can go ap anyway
00:00:07Tough they dont know the fucking rules
00:00:07MYuksel rubick ranged
00:00:07Tough so they can wait a bit
00:00:07GottHasstMich srsly tc + jugger
00:00:07curdi dont really care
00:00:07XXL yup
00:00:07GottHasstMich total bullshit
00:00:07j22koer :D
00:00:07curdi we are waiting here too
00:00:07MYuksel iam rubick
00:00:07Norrebro stfu now
00:00:07XXL its not
00:00:07MYuksel u retard
00:00:07Tough u wanna play a game?
00:00:07XXL and
00:00:07XXL he
00:00:07XXL is rubick
00:00:07XXL idiot
00:00:07Norrebro dude
00:00:07Norrebro -ap
00:00:07Tough Yeah?
00:00:07MYuksel tc for noorebro
00:00:07XXL -ap
00:00:07Tough really?
00:00:07curdi so you're just chewing ur own leg
00:00:07Tough im scared
00:00:07Tough what sould i do?
00:00:07Tough fuckers
00:00:07IamSoUnluckY -.-
00:00:07Tough -ap
00:00:08XXL we dont care
00:00:08que2stress -ap
00:00:11curdi big deal
00:00:25curdi so
00:00:26curdi lanes
00:00:26XXL pl?
00:00:30XXL did they git
00:00:31Tough wr mid i would say
00:00:33Norrebro y
00:00:33XXL got
00:00:33curdi me sven top`?
00:00:34IamSoUnluckY lanes?
00:00:36curdi mm
00:00:37que2stress -swap 5
00:00:39j22koer -swap 2
00:00:41XXL lion is with me
00:00:43XXL imba
00:00:43XXL with me
00:00:56Tough u can take mid wr?
00:00:57Norrebro michael
00:01:00MYuksel ?
00:01:02curdi well
00:01:03Norrebro skill din 1 spell
00:01:07que2stress let me mid
00:01:07curdi then it's 2 melee top
00:01:07MYuksel ye ofc har også
00:01:17Tough than lets sven or roof bot
00:01:23Norrebro så ka i måske fb
00:01:24Tough i dont give a fuck such long i get farm
00:01:28MYuksel lvl 3 go or ?
00:01:28j22koer :D
00:01:30MYuksel k
00:01:31curdi sven can mid and gang
00:01:36Tough sven mid?
00:01:38Tough nah
00:01:39MYuksel come here lets check
00:01:41MYuksel if they wards
00:01:42MYuksel ward
00:01:44Tough purley fail vs netherdrake
00:02:03Tough u really go mid..
00:02:06que2stress or wr come mid
00:02:07Tough than get bottle and wars
00:02:09que2stress we go both mid
00:02:17Tough rune top
00:02:22MYuksel kom top hvis han har lvl up 7
00:02:23curdi swap lanes if viper there
00:02:26MYuksel nvm
00:02:33que2stress tc
00:02:37MYuksel care
00:02:55IamSoUnluckY sry
00:02:56IamSoUnluckY phone
00:03:08Tough i pill
00:04:05GottHasstMich i pull
00:04:07MYuksel k
00:04:39MYuksel lolz b
00:04:45GottHasstMich -.-
00:05:00Tough tc ss mid
00:05:01Tough care
00:05:03que2stress ss mid
00:05:03que2stress y
00:05:09Tough re
00:05:34MYuksel kill
00:05:35MYuksel eazy
00:05:39Tough invis bot
00:05:41Tough come gang sven
00:05:43GottHasstMich sec
00:05:44GottHasstMich go
00:06:16que2stress well cant gang no mana :>
00:06:21Norrebro ss mid
00:06:41XXL t.t
00:06:52Tough wp <43
00:06:52que2stress take
00:07:01Watari soz was a bit failing
00:07:03Watari was on phone
00:07:03Tough nah
00:07:06Tough was all perfect
00:07:12XXL sto
00:07:13XXL it
00:07:16XXL random hitting
00:07:20Watari had to mouse click
00:08:14XXL ss 2
00:08:15XXL bot
00:08:23MYuksel ss top
00:08:30Norrebro mid sstill ss
00:08:41que2stress ss tc
00:09:24XXL omfg
00:09:55que2stress ss md
00:09:57MYuksel here tango
00:10:03IamSoUnluckY oom
00:10:03IamSoUnluckY !
00:10:04Norrebro ward runes
00:10:05MYuksel got mana boots
00:10:05GottHasstMich need 1 creep
00:10:07GottHasstMich for ring
00:10:23IamSoUnluckY trewgyhrjkoiul0plkjufdcsx
00:10:23XXL ely
00:10:25que2stress i cmoe
00:10:25Tough gj
00:10:29Norrebro sven invis
00:10:30XXL he is too noob
00:10:33IamSoUnluckY cant
00:10:41IamSoUnluckY play normalt touchpad
00:10:47IamSoUnluckY cant turn it off
00:10:48IamSoUnluckY -.-
00:10:59Norrebro lion
00:11:02Norrebro can u ward rune
00:11:06IamSoUnluckY owm
00:11:15XXL ss 2
00:11:15XXL bot
00:11:19XXL re
00:11:29que2stress ss mkd
00:12:06XXL oink
00:12:09XXL gank
00:12:09XXL pl
00:12:17XXL PINK*
00:12:37que2stress #care top
00:12:39que2stress es wuith rune
00:12:51Norrebro ss sven
00:13:00Norrebro re
00:13:12Tough they got dust
00:13:44MYuksel ss
00:13:45GottHasstMich ss top
00:13:47Watari gj
00:13:50XXL pink
00:13:50Tough same<4
00:13:52XXL i am not
00:13:52XXL kidding
00:13:54XXL gank
00:13:57Tough sorry for death
00:14:01Watari nah
00:14:05Watari that was a good trade
00:14:15XXL he is 9
00:14:18XXL can u rly
00:14:39MYuksel gj
00:14:41GottHasstMich u2
00:14:42XXL ss
00:14:59Tough this dazzle
00:15:01Tough <33333
00:15:07Watari oh they had rubik
00:15:11Watari thought it was ours
00:15:15Norrebro pro shit
00:15:32Tough ur kidding me
00:15:33Watari i tp bot soon
00:15:34Tough sven or?
00:15:41GottHasstMich sec
00:15:43j22koer ss
00:15:44j22koer up
00:16:00Tough sven
00:16:03Tough was what that?
00:16:04que2stress what is my fault?
00:16:06que2stress if u get
00:16:08que2stress chicken
00:16:09que2stress stun
00:16:11que2stress and all=?
00:16:16Tough lion
00:16:22Tough run next to you..
00:16:24que2stress y
00:16:26que2stress and anyway
00:16:33que2stress u make him cast everything on you
00:16:40Norrebro why
00:16:44Norrebro u didnt go mid
00:16:45Norrebro ffs
00:17:24Norrebro no dust
00:17:28Tough care
00:17:29XXL i got
00:17:32Tough tubick got dobblewalk
00:18:00Watari they had no armor
00:18:07Watari so they'll explode
00:18:30MYuksel tp
00:18:34XXL rly
00:18:40GottHasstMich oink oink
00:18:58GottHasstMich lemme farm pls
00:18:58GottHasstMich ..
00:19:00GottHasstMich k
00:19:01j22koer manan
00:19:03MYuksel k
00:19:49Watari sissy roof
00:19:55Norrebro go top
00:19:57j22koer with no man
00:19:59j22koer mana
00:20:01Norrebro inc
00:20:47que2stress why didnt we kill lion?
00:20:48Watari didnt know u'd explode that fast
00:20:49Watari so
00:20:52Watari bad grave, soz
00:21:00que2stress and no wards to see tc
00:21:07Watari we had
00:21:09IamSoUnluckY mana
00:21:13MYuksel cd
00:21:18Watari he came from there
00:21:25que2stress but stunned there
00:21:33MYuksel plant
00:21:34MYuksel wards
00:21:37IamSoUnluckY y
00:21:40IamSoUnluckY come
00:21:41IamSoUnluckY mana
00:21:51Norrebro all bot
00:22:03j22koer 20 sec fgor ult
00:22:38Watari why no tp
00:22:39Norrebro twr
00:22:43que2stress what do
00:22:44Watari sven?
00:22:46Watari stun
00:22:47Watari ...
00:23:07Watari we had early grip but now we're losing it
00:23:16Norrebro def
00:23:40que2stress then plant better wards pl
00:23:41que2stress z
00:23:47Watari :DD
00:23:49que2stress focus rubick
00:24:00MYuksel gogo
00:24:39Watari such a bad teamplay from us.
00:24:43que2stress ye
00:24:46que2stress why u still run
00:24:53que2stress if u see yunero miles behind you?
00:24:58MYuksel k
00:25:18MYuksel mana
00:25:20IamSoUnluckY who carry gem?
00:25:23IamSoUnluckY cd
00:25:56Tough let me top
00:25:58Tough than got diffu
00:26:05MYuksel i got invis ?
00:26:41Watari omw
00:27:02que2stress as long as pl farms
00:27:06que2stress there is no need to fight
00:27:09Norrebro go mid
00:27:45GottHasstMich that stun
00:27:47GottHasstMich too very long
00:27:53GottHasstMich and now dont tell me
00:27:54GottHasstMich about cd
00:28:14curdi why is dazzle there :s
00:28:17Watari when did that viper get bkb
00:28:19IamSoUnluckY viper
00:28:20IamSoUnluckY man
00:28:22que2stress 5 min ago?
00:28:26Watari ye
00:28:28Watari but still wondering
00:28:33Watari since he had so bad early
00:28:36XXL lemme
00:28:38XXL pls
00:28:47Watari towers=op
00:28:51XXL omfg
00:28:52XXL stop it
00:28:54MYuksel lol
00:29:00XXL yeye
00:29:01GottHasstMich imba viper
00:29:01XXL random
00:29:02XXL hit
00:29:03XXL ad
00:29:04GottHasstMich tells u to stop it
00:29:04XXL steal
00:29:04GottHasstMich :D
00:29:06XXL my farms
00:29:08Norrebro not gem man
00:30:03Norrebro b
00:30:06Norrebro b
00:30:06Norrebro b
00:30:07Norrebro b
00:30:08Norrebro b
00:30:08Norrebro b
00:30:15GottHasstMich gem
00:30:15IamSoUnluckY gem
00:30:16IamSoUnluckY gme
00:30:18Norrebro gem
00:30:18Norrebro gem
00:30:19GottHasstMich omg
00:30:20GottHasstMich GJ
00:30:20GottHasstMich VIPER
00:30:29Norrebro lion idiio
00:30:31Norrebro idiot
00:30:33IamSoUnluckY y
00:30:34IamSoUnluckY me
00:30:34Norrebro who told u
00:30:35IamSoUnluckY i told
00:30:37IamSoUnluckY i asked
00:30:37Norrebro to buy gem
00:30:40IamSoUnluckY who carry
00:30:40IamSoUnluckY gem
00:30:42IamSoUnluckY no1 says
00:30:47Norrebro noobshit
00:30:55XXL rly
00:30:56Norrebro dont buy it noob
00:31:40Tough hmm
00:31:42Tough manta or ?
00:31:46MYuksel i take .
00:31:50Watari hot?
00:31:51Watari dunno
00:31:55Tough kay..
00:32:01curdi manta butter ac
00:32:05curdi something like that
00:32:14curdi i can get vlads later on
00:32:34Tough b
00:32:40j22koer they smoked?
00:32:41GottHasstMich lol norre
00:32:43GottHasstMich u have gem ffs
00:32:48GottHasstMich and chase
00:32:49GottHasstMich a dazzle
00:32:58que2stress dunno as there are no wards
00:32:59Watari they have gem.
00:33:08Watari so think why no wards
00:33:21que2stress buy dusts all
00:33:25que2stress lotta winwalk they have
00:33:29curdi dazlle should get a jango
00:33:31curdi we dont have 1
00:33:35Watari kk
00:33:57XXL i come
00:34:02MYuksel b'
00:34:24MYuksel viper take
00:34:30que2stress ja gem on tc
00:34:36Watari ...
00:34:47que2stress go?
00:34:50Watari REPORTED
00:34:51j22koer bait
00:34:53Watari CREEP STEAL
00:34:53GottHasstMich dont
00:34:54GottHasstMich b mid
00:34:55GottHasstMich all invis
00:34:56GottHasstMich bbb
00:35:09MYuksel go
00:35:13Norrebro come all
00:36:05Watari viper blink
00:36:07curdi dont give rubics ulties...
00:36:12j22koer yeah
00:36:14j22koer no shit
00:36:14curdi ulties to rubic*
00:36:15que2stress that would be very nice
00:36:16curdi fucks us up
00:36:23MYuksel did i ulti ? with treant ? or ?
00:36:24que2stress just cast ur invis
00:36:27curdi y
00:36:28Watari should focus that rubi fast
00:36:29MYuksel k
00:36:31que2stress instally after ur ult
00:36:39Norrebro take twrs
00:37:21Norrebro need all
00:37:23XXL yep
00:37:25XXL comin
00:37:39IamSoUnluckY b
00:37:41XXL -ms
00:37:52IamSoUnluckY some1
00:37:54IamSoUnluckY gone at
00:37:55IamSoUnluckY rosh
00:38:12Watari dont ult to save me...
00:38:24Norrebro roof
00:38:40Norrebro omg
00:38:42XXL ofmg
00:38:43XXL use
00:38:44XXL skills
00:38:47XXL this
00:38:48XXL dmg
00:38:50XXL stealer
00:38:52XXL omfg
00:38:57MYuksel ?
00:39:02XXL u know ur skills?
00:39:04XXL t.t
00:39:15MYuksel no iam noob
00:39:15Norrebro roof got gem
00:39:21j22koer ioi
00:39:23j22koer stopü
00:39:34j22koer ffs
00:39:54XXL dont saytc getting bf ?
00:39:56XXL xD
00:40:30que2stress w8 me
00:40:49Norrebro b
00:41:01XXL b
00:41:07XXL b
00:41:10XXL to the tower
00:41:32XXL a
00:41:33XXL towa
00:42:07Tough b
00:42:07MYuksel oom
00:42:29MYuksel i go vlad next
00:42:49Tough butter basjer
00:42:50que2stress #care
00:43:08XXL sit
00:43:17GottHasstMich bb
00:43:23GottHasstMich ultra
00:43:23XXL omfg
00:43:23GottHasstMich stupid
00:43:25XXL how
00:43:26XXL stupid
00:43:27MYuksel u could ulti
00:43:27XXL u are
00:43:33MYuksel ninja guy
00:43:35GottHasstMich and suicide ?
00:43:35MYuksel u could ulti
00:43:36GottHasstMich lol
00:43:38GottHasstMich AND ?
00:43:39MYuksel eeee hno
00:43:40GottHasstMich wouldnt kill him
00:43:43GottHasstMich and i would be dead
00:43:44XXL with lion
00:43:45XXL ult
00:43:46XXL u would
00:43:47XXL ..
00:44:12XXL see
00:44:13XXL suicid
00:44:14XXL more
00:44:23XXL man
00:44:25MYuksel lost wp
00:44:55Norrebro nice def jugger
00:45:13MYuksel jugger pro
00:45:28GottHasstMich idd
00:45:39curdi roof can u finish that mek o.o?
00:45:51Watari -ms
00:46:02que2stress get ac
00:46:04que2stress pl
00:46:07Watari goog roofie
00:46:15Tough first butter
00:46:22Tough b top
00:46:23Tough aöö
00:46:24Tough ALL
00:46:26XXL at
00:46:27XXL this
00:46:28XXL towa
00:46:31XXL Zzz
00:46:41Norrebro b
00:46:47Norrebro b
00:46:49Norrebro they got gem
00:46:57que2stress b
00:47:24j22koer D
00:47:25que2stress wtf
00:47:26j22koer b
00:47:26que2stress hopw stupid
00:47:27que2stress are youi
00:47:27Watari :D
00:47:28j22koer yea :D
00:47:37j22koer was good assult team :D
00:47:37MYuksel NICE TEAM
00:47:46Watari thought that i'd just cancel his tp and roof would invis me again
00:47:50Watari since he can do it from invis, yes?
00:47:52j22koer ou
00:47:53que2stress he can
00:47:57j22koer i can
00:48:08j22koer tought we eould fuck him up
00:48:12Watari haha
00:48:16j22koer wr
00:48:18Watari we did by cancelling his tp :d
00:48:19Norrebro dont use whirlwind late game
00:48:21j22koer ;D
00:48:25XXL xD
00:48:27GottHasstMich lol
00:48:27XXL did
00:48:28XXL he
00:48:29XXL ?
00:48:30XXL .DD
00:48:31GottHasstMich i did
00:48:31MYuksel ye
00:48:42GottHasstMich so he cant cast shit on me
00:48:43j22koer -music orc1
00:48:47XXL xD
00:48:48Norrebro ..
00:48:51MYuksel lol you fighted
00:48:52MYuksel with it
00:48:54GottHasstMich OFC
00:48:56MYuksel trying to dmg him with it
00:49:00GottHasstMich AND NOW STFU
00:49:04GottHasstMich FIGHTED
00:49:09MYuksel fuck english
00:49:12MYuksel learn game
00:49:17GottHasstMich u saying
00:49:20GottHasstMich go next suicide pls
00:49:22GottHasstMich and give entry
00:49:22Norrebro nice comeback
00:49:24que2stress back
00:49:34Norrebro ....
00:49:34XXL lemme
00:49:35XXL 100 g
00:49:41Norrebro b
00:49:46MYuksel gj
00:49:46XXL t.t
00:49:47XXL wp
00:49:50XXL guys
00:49:50GottHasstMich GJ ?
00:49:54que2stress need new dustrs
00:49:56GottHasstMich nothing happend
00:50:00GottHasstMich just keep ur fucking mouth shout
00:50:02Tough need 200 till bf
00:50:02GottHasstMich with your 0 skills
00:50:09XXL w8 me
00:50:10Watari some1 will come
00:50:25que2stress then why u satay
00:50:40Watari thought we could gang
00:50:42Norrebro ward
00:50:44que2stress who is we?
00:50:47Tough get top
00:50:47Watari team
00:50:49Watari whole team
00:50:52que2stress there was no one
00:50:53Watari who were near
00:50:57Watari well we were
00:50:58XXL i take
00:51:00Watari in the beginning
00:51:02que2stress they rosh
00:51:05Watari get top tower
00:51:06Tough we cant
00:51:06Watari for rosh
00:51:33Norrebro all top
00:53:01Tough everytime
00:53:05Tough we splittet
00:53:08Tough b sven
00:53:10Tough prot
00:53:27curdi well if we're in a clusterfuck we're getting royally fucked by tc
00:53:30curdi y'know
00:53:39Tough get dust!
00:53:40Tough PFWEOHFOPWE
00:53:48XXL need
00:53:50j22koer use gem
00:53:50XXL HoT
00:53:55j22koer im not carring it
00:54:02MYuksel we should push
00:54:19Norrebro b
00:54:29XXL i come
00:54:30que2stress b
00:54:50Norrebro b
00:54:50Norrebro b
00:55:06Watari finally sven decides to stun
00:55:08Watari 10sec
00:55:13Watari just running around
00:55:29Watari nice
00:55:38Watari omw bot tower
00:55:45Norrebro pl got gem
00:55:50Norrebro jugger
00:55:55Norrebro u already wasted ulit
00:55:58Norrebro why did u go
00:56:14que2stress tree can u try
00:56:19que2stress not to give them overgrowth?
00:56:20XXL i got it
00:56:25j22koer im trying
00:56:27IamSoUnluckY ok
00:56:30j22koer but he was fast
00:56:30que2stress just canst
00:56:34que2stress cast invbis
00:56:35MYuksel den er tabt
00:56:37que2stress instantly after
00:56:38j22koer y i know that
00:56:38que2stress just cast it
00:56:41j22koer i know i know
00:56:45j22koer he was realy fast
00:57:47que2stress why
00:57:50que2stress do u hunt all the time?
00:57:51XXL i def
00:57:53XXL 1
00:57:53MYuksel i def
00:57:53XXL *
00:57:54MYuksel u go
00:57:57curdi ?
00:58:25MYuksel 3 dead go
00:58:41GottHasstMich gem
00:58:42GottHasstMich gem
00:58:42GottHasstMich gem
00:58:43GottHasstMich kill it
00:59:16Norrebro illus hurt
00:59:30XXL yup
00:59:34XXL got
00:59:35XXL HoT
00:59:36XXL now
00:59:42Norrebro make butter
00:59:48XXL yep
00:59:58Norrebro wtf man
01:00:12XXL roof
01:00:14XXL 1900
01:00:14XXL hp
01:00:15XXL me
01:00:16XXL 2100
01:00:20XXL 3100
01:00:25Norrebro roof no items
01:00:26que2stress buy dusts
01:00:28XXL yep
01:00:30XXL know it
01:00:31XXL still
01:00:33XXL he is tank
01:00:35que2stress tree
01:00:49MYuksel iam tired........
01:00:57que2stress plan?
01:01:01Tough get smoke
01:01:05MYuksel bf would be nice on tc
01:01:10MYuksel cuz ilu
01:01:14XXL na
01:01:14XXL no
01:01:15XXL need
01:01:19XXL shiva
01:01:21curdi meh got hex now :/
01:01:21MYuksel go mid ?
01:01:21XXL would be nice
01:01:25MYuksel iam on it
01:01:30XXL 1 def
01:01:32MYuksel lion def
01:01:33que2stress gather
01:01:35IamSoUnluckY i can def
01:01:38XXL k
01:01:42XXL need
01:01:42XXL u
01:01:42GottHasstMich omw
01:01:45GottHasstMich 1 sec
01:01:48Norrebro they rosh
01:02:03XXL see
01:02:05XXL wtf
01:02:07XXL stun em?
01:02:08XXL sdgfhjn
01:02:11GottHasstMich e
01:02:11XXL t.t
01:02:12MYuksel he did
01:02:12GottHasstMich he did
01:02:13Norrebro i did
01:02:14que2stress rosh
01:02:14XXL left me
01:02:15XXL aline
01:02:23XXL now
01:02:23Norrebro ure own fault man
01:02:24XXL thye can
01:02:25XXL push
01:02:25XXL mid
01:02:30GottHasstMich they roshing
01:02:30GottHasstMich now
01:02:33XXL yup
01:02:34XXL and
01:02:36Tough NOW ALL MID
01:02:36XXL before
01:02:36MYuksel gg wp
01:02:37Tough JUST GI
01:02:37MYuksel I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
01:02:40Tough go
01:02:40XXL I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
01:02:43Norrebro lol
01:02:48Tough NOT HUNT
01:02:48GottHasstMich i love this morons
01:02:49GottHasstMich rly
01:02:49GottHasstMich :D
01:02:50XXL thats
01:02:50XXL it
01:02:52GottHasstMich failing
01:02:53GottHasstMich and then ffing
01:02:54XXL i dont habe money
01:02:54GottHasstMich g_G
01:03:00XXL thats end
01:03:03XXL of the game
01:03:26XXL yur
01:03:28XXL wtf
01:03:32Norrebro gem
01:03:39Norrebro why
01:03:45Norrebro did u destroy gem
01:03:46GottHasstMich no space
01:03:49Norrebro lion
01:03:52GottHasstMich lol lion
01:03:54GottHasstMich why dont drop
01:03:55GottHasstMich fucking
01:04:32Watari get rax
01:04:49que2stress trere back
01:04:54Norrebro get new gem lion
01:05:42XXL b
01:06:07que2stress 1 def mid?
01:06:07XXL so
01:06:10XXL storn illus
01:06:11curdi i will
01:06:11XXL lame
01:06:14XXL strong*
01:06:17Watari should've been me
01:06:31MYuksel they got gem
01:06:36Norrebro gg jugger'
01:06:56Norrebro what were u doing?
01:07:01GottHasstMich UM LET ME THINK
01:07:04GottHasstMich push ?
01:07:07GottHasstMich bad luck
01:07:09GottHasstMich thats all
01:07:12que2stress gogo mid
01:07:28Norrebro u are really dumb
01:07:29MYuksel thx
01:07:38que2stress pushh all lanes
01:08:07que2stress tree
01:08:07que2stress b
01:08:11Norrebro mid
01:08:57Watari this is so stupid game
01:08:58Norrebro go throne
01:08:58MYuksel end time
01:09:01j22koer it is
01:09:01MYuksel lion def
01:09:03curdi well..
01:09:04j22koer im so tired
01:09:14XXL if he doesnt
01:09:15XXL got money
01:09:18XXL we can end
01:09:26GottHasstMich this pro talk
01:09:27curdi no buybacks <.<
01:09:27Tough dont die sven .<.<
01:09:27GottHasstMich enjoying it
01:09:49j22koer sven has mega blink
01:09:51j22koer so he wont
01:09:53MYuksel end
01:09:54MYuksel go
01:10:07Tough COME
01:10:08Norrebro focus throne
01:10:12Norrebro throne
01:10:12Tough SVEN PLS
01:10:13Tough OPKLS
01:10:14Norrebro dont chase
01:10:20Watari sven u lost us the game
01:10:20Watari gj
01:10:26Watari wp sven
01:10:26GottHasstMich gg
01:10:26Norrebro gg
01:10:26Watari wp
01:10:28Watari bg
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