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95% | 1699 X | 1497 TS

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84% | 1408 X | 1493 TS

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81% | 1384 X | 1475 TS

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61% | 1292 X | 1312 TS

Chat log

00:00:00nigulas [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... Laier with 52 seconds.
00:00:04nigulas ap?:D:D:D
00:00:07PinaryB :D:D:D:
00:00:07Laier wtf
00:00:08mrk g1g1g1g1
00:00:09McNabb lal
00:00:28Maxy WTF
00:00:29Laier pick smart ^^
00:00:29Maxy WTF
00:00:30Maxy WTF
00:00:31nigulas :D
00:00:34skyZ ap?
00:00:34mrk võta alla mingi farmer
00:00:39Maxy "pick smart""
00:00:40Maxy -random
00:00:43nigulas :D
00:00:49BeSt0ned all ban heros picked^^
00:00:50Aleks875 can i mid?
00:00:55nigulas no :D
00:00:56Laier naix?
00:00:57nigulas u are otop
00:01:00nigulas furi mid
00:01:01Aleks875 (
00:01:08nigulas bane legion top
00:01:08Aleks875 fury can wood
00:01:12GottHasstMich THIS
00:01:13GottHasstMich IS
00:01:13McNabb im woods
00:01:14GottHasstMich DOTA LEAGUE
00:01:14nigulas lya is wood
00:01:16GottHasstMich !!!!!!
00:01:18Aleks875 ok
00:01:19mrk bane go top
00:01:22GottHasstMich NACK NACK NACK
00:01:27Aleks875 then let me bot
00:01:30Aleks875 i want solo
00:01:36Aleks875 with my ult
00:01:39BeSt0ned let me top
00:01:41Aleks875 we good with lycan
00:01:41BeSt0ned ill pull
00:01:46McNabb nigulas lich
00:01:48McNabb _
00:01:55McNabb fast
00:01:59Aleks875 blue
00:02:01Aleks875 me bot ok?
00:02:03nigulas share
00:02:04nigulas no
00:02:04nigulas u are
00:02:05nigulas top
00:02:05Maxy Be aware... slark lothar inc
00:02:10GottHasstMich pause plxxxx
00:02:11nigulas :D
00:02:12GottHasstMich 10 secs
00:02:15GottHasstMich asshole
00:02:16Maxy let him.
00:02:21Laier wtf you tard doing
00:02:21GottHasstMich such a fag u are
00:02:25nigulas 10 sec is over
00:02:25nigulas 1
00:02:25nigulas 9
00:02:25Laier stfu
00:02:25nigulas 8
00:02:25Laier nerd
00:02:25nigulas 7
00:02:25nigulas 6
00:02:25nigulas 5
00:02:25nigulas 4
00:02:25nigulas 3
00:02:25nigulas 2
00:02:25nigulas 1
00:02:25Maxy not 3 secs
00:02:55Maxy mrk serb?
00:03:14GottHasstMich pathetic u are
00:03:16GottHasstMich Niggalas
00:03:17Laier fucking prick stun?
00:03:59Laier es
00:04:01Laier wtf you doing?
00:04:33Laier es
00:04:33McNabb y
00:04:38Laier so i can kill him
00:04:51GottHasstMich so..
00:04:52Laier stuin
00:04:54GottHasstMich now im playing lagfree
00:04:56GottHasstMich such an assohle
00:04:58Laier fuck you
00:05:04GottHasstMich furi inc
00:05:04GottHasstMich top
00:05:10Maxy n
00:05:11GottHasstMich or not
00:05:16Laier ff
00:05:19Laier this es is freaking tar
00:05:20Laier d
00:05:46GottHasstMich go potm soon
00:06:01Laier stun
00:06:03Laier wtf: DDDDD
00:06:13GottHasstMich ....
00:06:13Laier ahhahahahah
00:06:13nigulas haha
00:06:14Laier this es
00:06:15Laier :DDDD
00:06:20Maxy how?
00:06:28nigulas they so smart
00:06:37GottHasstMich palying with lags since u didnt let me fix it
00:06:38GottHasstMich fucktard
00:06:48mrk theres
00:06:51mrk 8 other people
00:06:52mrk to pause
00:06:55mrk noone wanted
00:07:03Laier i paused 3 times
00:07:04Laier so stfu
00:07:10mrk he cant unpause
00:07:13mrk alone
00:07:15mrk so wtf?
00:07:19GottHasstMich he did
00:07:20GottHasstMich all time
00:07:23mrk he cant
00:07:25mrk unpause
00:07:32GottHasstMich ofc he can..
00:07:37Laier no1 else unpaused than nigulas
00:07:39Laier so stfu prick
00:07:40GottHasstMich u can only pause 2 times
00:07:41GottHasstMich ...
00:07:45Maxy 3
00:07:45GottHasstMich but unpause unlimited
00:07:47mrk and unpause as much
00:07:48mrk no
00:07:53mrk or yes
00:07:54mrk i dont know:D
00:07:59GottHasstMich ss bot
00:08:07Maxy really?
00:08:08Maxy ty
00:08:10GottHasstMich np
00:08:11Maxy ah
00:08:12Maxy sorry
00:08:13Maxy you lagg
00:08:14nigulas dd
00:08:29mrk ah ye
00:08:30mrk it is
00:08:30skyZ i sleep u sutn
00:08:32mrk limit to unpause
00:08:34mrk as much as pause
00:08:37GottHasstMich nope
00:08:40GottHasstMich .........
00:08:41mrk yep
00:08:42mrk try it
00:08:44GottHasstMich NO LIMIT TO UNPAUSE
00:08:48mrk not ur own
00:08:49Laier you can unpause as many times you can
00:08:50mrk but others
00:08:51mrk there is
00:08:52mrk no:D
00:08:58nigulas tulen mid
00:09:04nigulas cd
00:09:17nigulas EH
00:09:55Maxy i take top solo
00:09:55Maxy than
00:10:19GottHasstMich go
00:10:19Laier kill him
00:10:27Laier stun
00:10:43GottHasstMich OMG
00:10:49Maxy why you come mid
00:10:50GottHasstMich JUST ATTACK ?
00:10:51Maxy when i come otp
00:10:52Maxy you come otp
00:10:52Maxy .
00:10:58Laier mby wanted to kill him
00:11:00Laier buit you just suck
00:11:51skyZ lets go lich got ulti
00:12:17GottHasstMich HI
00:12:19GottHasstMich EVEN WITH LAGS
00:12:21GottHasstMich NIGGALAS
00:12:25nigulas ur too pro
00:12:26BeSt0ned slark?
00:12:27nigulas i have 10 hp
00:12:28nigulas :D:D
00:12:29GottHasstMich 0 mana
00:12:39GottHasstMich just a plessure to kill u
00:12:49nigulas np
00:12:51nigulas ive killed u 2x
00:12:52GottHasstMich have to kill that lycan
00:13:02GottHasstMich go
00:13:31mrk bane:D
00:14:38GottHasstMich RUN AWAY
00:14:39GottHasstMich IDIOTS
00:14:47GottHasstMich my team rns
00:14:49GottHasstMich when u ulti
00:14:50GottHasstMich so sweet
00:14:53GottHasstMich wp maxy
00:15:03GottHasstMich 2sec stunned would ve been enough
00:15:07Aleks875 they faer me
00:15:10Aleks875 fear
00:15:12BeSt0ned you got never mana for leap
00:15:13Maxy it stuns
00:15:16Maxy 1.75
00:15:17Maxy sec
00:15:18Maxy ;D
00:15:20Laier this game isj ust a bullshit
00:15:41mrk gg
00:15:54nigulas gem
00:16:00Maxy ward
00:16:16GottHasstMich check
00:16:23GottHasstMich es
00:16:23GottHasstMich come
00:16:24PinaryB lothars...
00:16:35Laier ty es for failing top lane
00:16:42GottHasstMich def
00:17:01Maxy b
00:17:03Maxy b
00:17:04Maxy wtf
00:17:13mrk gege creepi dagon
00:17:14mrk :D:D
00:17:15nigulas hea dgon :D
00:17:16nigulas y
00:17:21mrk ta nii väike ei saa pihta
00:17:28mrk puud ka mingi 10x clickin
00:17:59Laier -ma
00:18:06McNabb why u come
00:18:20Laier gg
00:18:21Laier ff
00:18:36Laier es 17min wand
00:18:37Laier epic
00:18:51BeSt0ned coz top was useless^^
00:18:52nigulas OMG
00:19:06nigulas yuno want to hit creep?:D
00:19:06Laier you were fucking useless top
00:19:09nigulas and imiss arrow
00:19:13Laier i would have kills but you fucking cant fissure
00:19:16BeSt0ned what should i do?
00:19:18BeSt0ned yyy xD
00:19:20BeSt0ned you are magic ofc
00:19:24Laier fucking use your skill?
00:19:24Maxy gem
00:19:25Maxy GEM
00:19:26Maxy GEM
00:19:27Maxy GEM
00:19:41Maxy GEMN
00:19:56skyZ coem go tult
00:20:12skyZ who controlled me
00:20:17nigulas dno
00:20:21McNabb furi
00:20:22nigulas tp cd..
00:20:38skyZ ty for wasting my ulti
00:20:47Maxy "let's join ap"
00:20:50nigulas twr
00:20:55McNabb oom
00:20:56Maxy "ok let's pick phoenix xin lycan furi""
00:21:16Maxy "let's pick fucking bane who got 12 to all atts"
00:21:24Maxy Go fucking play something else.
00:21:41nigulas cd
00:21:45nigulas arrowil
00:22:04nigulas b
00:22:04Laier wp bot lane
00:22:05Laier wp es
00:22:10GottHasstMich thx bro
00:22:14McNabb omw
00:22:22BeSt0ned we know, all the other guys are bad
00:22:24mrk lol..
00:22:27BeSt0ned you are highpro
00:22:34Laier you failed to sooooo badly
00:22:47Laier 1 fissure from you and they would been dead @ lvl 2
00:23:37nigulas teeme ära selle toweri
00:24:10GottHasstMich def
00:24:13GottHasstMich bane here
00:24:19Maxy aetkogdsaojkjodgasjogdajogadjogadjogadjoagdjoagjoagjoagjagojagosagjsoajgosajgosjoagsjoagsjoagsjoagsjoagsjogasjgaosgjaosjgaosjog
00:25:04mrk -afk
00:25:15Laier es 0 ulti from you in this game?
00:25:16skyZ finishf ast
00:25:20Maxy FOFF
00:25:21Maxy ALREADY
00:25:25Maxy ALL PICK
00:25:26Maxy ANYMORE
00:25:28Maxy IDIOTS
00:25:45BeSt0ned just outpicked
00:25:54Maxy OUTPLAZED
00:25:55Maxy COUSIN
00:26:04nigulas NO
00:26:04nigulas gem
00:26:08Maxy Hard time
00:26:22McNabb oh comon
00:26:48Laier pinaryb 1 sick phoenix :D
00:27:02Aleks875 slark with gem
00:27:06BeSt0ned where is your farm ember?
00:27:11Laier what farm? :D
00:27:18Laier havent been farming since min 2 because you cant stun
00:27:21PinaryB I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:27:25GottHasstMich gem
00:28:12mrk up soon
00:28:13mrk oh
00:28:13mrk now
00:28:26skyZ gow ith smoke
00:28:46Aleks875 lol
00:28:51Maxy like a boss
00:28:52Aleks875 what it wwas
00:29:01GottHasstMich FAST
00:29:01skyZ how?
00:29:04skyZ with ulti=
00:29:09Maxy y
00:29:22mrk gg
00:30:07Maxy he kills ya
00:30:42Laier es
00:30:47Laier how about buying that fucking dagger
00:30:49Laier before you die
00:30:56BeSt0ned stoned^^
00:30:58Laier you had money
00:30:59Laier no you don
00:31:40Aleks875 ^^
00:31:52Aleks875 ult soon
00:32:00Maxy ward
00:32:22GottHasstMich rly
00:32:23GottHasstMich this hero
00:32:26GottHasstMich just wtf
00:32:56McNabb gem
00:32:57GottHasstMich gem
00:32:58GottHasstMich GEM
00:33:06GottHasstMich :<
00:33:32GottHasstMich kill
00:33:33GottHasstMich for gem
00:34:04Maxy let me those
00:34:06skyZ go all finish
00:34:06Maxy i get extra money
00:34:12McNabb gief gem back
00:34:21Laier too bad they are so fed at start
00:34:59Maxy So sad to see aleks own
00:35:01Maxy so fucking sad
00:35:08Aleks875 hahaah
00:35:39mrk oh
00:35:42mrk :DDDDDDDDDdd
00:35:56GottHasstMich OFC
00:36:01GottHasstMich fucking
00:36:01GottHasstMich es
00:36:06GottHasstMich why u dont come and kill both ?
00:36:07GottHasstMich ._.
00:36:12Laier hes noob
00:36:15nigulas why is this fucking legion
00:36:17Laier realized it @ start allready
00:36:18nigulas soloing all the time?
00:36:22McNabb ask him
00:36:23skyZ cause hes noob
00:36:23Aleks875 get damage
00:36:25GottHasstMich 9 9 9
00:36:27mrk why
00:36:27GottHasstMich its like 6 6 6
00:36:29mrk u need damage
00:36:30GottHasstMich just turned aroun
00:36:31mrk when we can just end
00:36:32mrk thegame
00:36:34GottHasstMich @_@
00:37:09McNabb go mid
00:37:09Maxy zou know
00:37:09McNabb all
00:37:11McNabb legion
00:37:13Maxy ???? that
00:37:14Aleks875 ok
00:37:15Maxy you could buy
00:37:16Maxy gem
00:37:17Maxy ?
00:37:26Laier like we could leave this base
00:38:05McNabb legion not there
00:38:06McNabb agin
00:38:23nigulas legion
00:38:24nigulas u SUCK
00:38:27nigulas ur next to es
00:38:29nigulas u can disable him
00:38:32nigulas with ur aoe spell
00:38:38Aleks875 i try dibale
00:38:39Aleks875 him
00:38:41nigulas if we lose this
00:38:42Aleks875 but he tped
00:38:43nigulas ur banned
00:38:55Aleks875 abn for what?
00:38:57Aleks875 ban
00:39:03nigulas gameruin?
00:39:07Aleks875 i dont
00:39:10nigulas rosh is up
00:39:10Aleks875 look my kill
00:39:11nigulas yes u do
00:39:13nigulas we try to push mid
00:39:14nigulas 2x
00:39:16nigulas with 5
00:39:16nigulas u are
00:39:17nigulas bot
00:39:18nigulas randoming
00:39:25nigulas ja mrk
00:39:26nigulas hoia ulti
00:39:28nigulas es jkaoks
00:39:30nigulas et see munn
00:39:31nigulas ei saa ks
00:39:34McNabb cant take gem
00:39:48Maxy wp
00:39:50Laier fucking smart move
00:39:50GottHasstMich u guys
00:39:51Laier :D:D:D:D:
00:39:51GottHasstMich blink
00:39:54GottHasstMich and farm
00:39:55GottHasstMich thats smart
00:39:56GottHasstMich gogogogo
00:40:05nigulas -st
00:40:06mrk care
00:40:07mrk es ulti
00:40:09McNabb care es
00:40:32BeSt0ned pls dont go in
00:40:33BeSt0ned nonono
00:40:52Maxy nice arrow
00:40:53Maxy ;D
00:40:55Laier smart move slard + phoenix
00:40:55Laier wp
00:40:57nigulas well
00:40:59nigulas shot it before
00:41:00nigulas sleep
00:42:16nigulas SLEEP
00:42:17nigulas tard
00:42:18GottHasstMich ATTACK
00:42:20GottHasstMich ME
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