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Chat log

00:00:09Wrrcy furion magnus weaver
00:00:13In0S skeleton dzzzle viper es rubic
00:00:21SmF~Yoissue SKYwrath bala venge
00:00:28veuncent ogre doom na i could play furi
00:00:39mansikka anyone ud? last pick goes for that epic
00:00:47Rule -swap 3
00:00:48TrustNoGoblin -swap 5 Doomy play ud?
00:01:08Doomy got razor wind pit
00:01:22mansikka take pit
00:01:23Doomy i can ud if u want
00:01:24veuncent dont forget chick
00:01:25mansikka pit imba
00:01:25veuncent sniper
00:02:06mansikka skill stun and heal aura
00:02:08Doomy we are 2 melee top
00:02:13Wrrcy and lol?
00:02:13mansikka with 2 heal
00:02:15Wrrcy pit ud xD
00:02:40Doomy ss
00:03:15mansikka :/
00:03:20mansikka fire sucks
00:03:33Doomy uszefull for push
00:03:41Doomy be quiet i skill more the 2 others
00:03:46mansikka ok
00:03:51mansikka :)))
00:04:00Doomy just 1 lvl
00:04:04mansikka okay
00:04:48In0S luci
00:04:53In0S fuck off with that pull
00:04:56In0S we have pushers
00:05:05TrustNoGoblin ss mid
00:06:13veuncent urn or soul ring?
00:06:20TrustNoGoblin vangarad ss mid re ss mid
00:07:28Wrrcy ss
00:07:28Wrrcy dowm
00:07:45TrustNoGoblin ss mid
00:08:43Doomy ss
00:08:50Doomy re ss mid care care mid
00:11:54veuncent does the bonus from the wolf i ate disappear after eating some other creep?
00:12:14veuncent anyone? the fuu wp
00:13:52Wrrcy give bottle
00:14:41SmF~Yoissue sprout him
00:14:47TrustNoGoblin luci ur retard
00:14:51veuncent thanks
00:15:15TrustNoGoblin luci go top famr u mororn
00:15:16TrustNoGoblin wtf
00:15:18TrustNoGoblin u fucking noob
00:15:22veuncent :D
00:15:26Doomy what item?
00:15:33Wrrcy alt f5
00:15:34Wrrcy 4
00:16:17Doomy lag
00:16:19Doomy ffs
00:16:43veuncent up chick pls
00:17:40Doomy ffs
00:17:43Doomy unpalayble
00:17:54SmF~Yoissue just go woods
00:17:57SmF~Yoissue we dont need you
00:19:15Doomy cant play
00:19:16SmF~Yoissue JUST
00:19:16SmF~Yoissue GO
00:19:17SmF~Yoissue WOODS
00:19:18SmF~Yoissue fARMING
00:19:21SmF~Yoissue AND SU
00:19:28veuncent to aghanims, or not to aghanims, that's the question
00:19:57Wrrcy omg
00:20:25Wrrcy omg
00:20:26Wrrcy guy
00:20:26Wrrcy stop Leave ffs weave? leave pitlord
00:21:13Wrrcy !
00:21:49Wrrcy OMG GUY LEAGVE
00:21:49Wrrcy LEAVE
00:21:52SmF~Yoissue pit
00:21:52SmF~Yoissue you
00:21:52SmF~Yoissue lag Gtfo
00:21:52SmF~Yoissue every 3 sec
00:21:52SmF~Yoissue fix
00:21:52SmF~Yoissue or leave
00:21:52SmF~Yoissue or report seriously
00:21:52Doomy o rly?
00:21:55Doomy i cant do a thing
00:21:57Wrrcy guy quit
00:22:00Wrrcy press f10 u can leave
00:22:03Wrrcy and piss off!
00:22:03Doomy no dl nothing
00:22:03Wrrcy r u srs?
00:22:04Doomy if i leave i will be banned ur worth it for ruining our game
00:22:38SmF~Yoissue pit
00:22:38SmF~Yoissue lord
00:22:38SmF~Yoissue leave
00:22:38SmF~Yoissue immediatly
00:22:38In0S I will report him
00:22:38SmF~Yoissue or ban
00:22:38Wrrcy or u will get a ban
00:22:40Wrrcy th
00:22:44TrustNoGoblin b
00:22:45TrustNoGoblin b
00:22:48Doomy connection problem
00:22:51Doomy if i leave
00:22:52Wrrcy FU!
00:22:53veuncent really?
00:22:53Doomy dont ban me
00:22:56Doomy not my fault
00:23:00Doomy first time happen
00:23:01SmF~Yoissue OFC IT IS
00:23:13SmF~Yoissue fix connection before starting a game He starts to lagg me now
00:23:13SmF~Yoissue drop him
00:23:13SmF~Yoissue lol we cant
00:23:13Wrrcy !drop 3
00:23:13Rule aaaaaaaaa
00:23:13Rule aaaaaaa
00:23:13Rule a
00:23:13Rule a
00:23:13Rule a
00:23:13Rule a
00:23:17veuncent balance? Who goes
00:23:22Wrrcy i guess sniper
00:23:22In0S luci
00:23:22mansikka i guess domom
00:23:22Wrrcy k
00:23:22razorsky luci
00:23:23veuncent seriously? :D
00:23:28mansikka y gtfo
00:23:30veuncent gl then
00:23:53SmF~Yoissue -ms
00:23:57Wrrcy -msa
00:26:38mansikka share
00:26:50SmF~Yoissue -ms
00:27:00mansikka stop freezing
00:27:10Wrrcy tell me why?
00:27:15mansikka so it can move
00:27:18Wrrcy stop using my control
00:27:22mansikka :D
00:28:18mansikka share
00:28:30Wrrcy do not use me
00:28:34mansikka im not using u ty
00:29:25mansikka push mid all
00:29:41Wrrcy heal me
00:30:53Wrrcy !
00:33:16Wrrcy ^^ rofl...
00:33:47mansikka dont use pit
00:33:48SmF~Yoissue DIRGE
00:33:50SmF~Yoissue YOU ARE THE TANK
00:33:52SmF~Yoissue IDDOT GO FIRST
00:36:10SmF~Yoissue b
00:36:14SmF~Yoissue stupid to show
00:37:59mansikka DONT USE PIT
00:40:49Wrrcy lets play with piy
00:40:50Wrrcy pit
00:41:02SmF~Yoissue b
00:41:02SmF~Yoissue b
00:41:03SmF~Yoissue b
00:41:07SmF~Yoissue b
00:41:27In0S !ff
00:41:33mansikka WTF
00:41:36SmF~Yoissue iodiot
00:41:37TrustNoGoblin I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
00:41:42TrustNoGoblin !ff
00:41:42In0S I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:42:29razorsky !ff
00:42:36In0S !ff
00:45:49mansikka now go end
00:45:57Wrrcy what a command
00:46:05SmF~Yoissue blue u suck badly
00:46:09mansikka ok
00:46:18SmF~Yoissue sorry but check stats
00:46:21Wrrcy bad command from a captain
00:46:29mansikka its good
00:46:34mansikka come on ffs
00:46:39mansikka why u go b
00:46:44Wrrcy u have to go to bed?
00:46:46SmF~Yoissue noo need to push mid
00:46:47mansikka yes
00:46:47SmF~Yoissue #+
00:46:50Wrrcy #kk
00:46:53mansikka idiots
00:46:58Wrrcy lets end
00:46:58Wrrcy fast
00:47:03Wrrcy for his mother they have gem
00:47:47SmF~Yoissue wait
00:48:36TrustNoGoblin !ff
00:48:45In0S !ff
00:48:47In0S .ff
00:48:49In0S -ff
00:48:51razorsky !ff
00:48:55razorsky .ff
00:49:06Rule !ff
00:49:10TrustNoGoblin !ff
00:49:13TrustNoGoblin I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:49:15Rule !ff
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