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Chat log

00:00:00zonskass [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... Smokeer with 49 seconds.
00:00:04Soulyah -rd
00:00:05slc2 cool
00:00:05Laier _RD_
00:00:07Mercury -rd
00:00:07Laier _DR_
00:00:13Laier blah
00:00:14Laier shit pool
00:00:17keevin ban leoric?
00:00:17keevin imba buff since new version.
00:00:17slc2 can u get me weaver soulyah?
00:00:17Vangelis spec
00:00:17Vangelis ns
00:00:17zonskass vangelis
00:00:17slc2 oh no ban him
00:00:17Vangelis hangi meile uks
00:00:17Laier ban ns
00:00:17Mercury weaver
00:00:17Laier !
00:00:17keevin can u pick me
00:00:17keevin NS?
00:00:17Laier nssss plx
00:00:17zonskass accept my request
00:00:17Soulyah spec
00:00:17keevin im decent
00:00:17Vangelis y??
00:00:19Mercury ns anyone?
00:00:20keevin can u reserve me NS?
00:00:21Vangelis y
00:00:22Soulyah sure
00:00:23Vangelis ,me
00:00:23slc2 weaver spec banned
00:00:30Soulyah :S
00:00:30keevin I wont let u down dont worry.
00:00:34keevin ah
00:00:34Soulyah any other wishes?
00:00:35Vangelis zonkass what
00:00:35keevin ;\
00:00:36Vangelis ?
00:00:38keevin no
00:00:39keevin np.
00:00:40Laier pudgeeeeeeeeee
00:00:41zonskass friend request
00:00:42keevin ty anyways:)
00:00:46slc2 get rhasta
00:00:50Vangelis i accept no one :D
00:00:51Soulyah i getz him pdggge
00:00:53Smokeer i want pudge :(
00:00:55Mercury get me ogre
00:00:56Vangelis only 2 friends i know irl
00:01:00zonskass i will be first then :D
00:01:03slc2 get rhasta for lane with me
00:01:03Mercury -swap 2
00:01:04Soulyah he be hookin
00:01:04Vangelis -swap 1
00:01:07Soulyah i want bs
00:01:08Aleks875 ok
00:01:08Mercury ns mid?
00:01:14zonskass we will always in ssame team then
00:01:16keevin meh
00:01:18Vangelis vs pudge
00:01:18slc2 get rhasta
00:01:19Vangelis y
00:01:19keevin dont like any of these
00:01:19keevin -clear
00:01:20Laier -swap 1
00:01:21Soulyah -swap 3
00:01:22slc2 get rhasta
00:01:25Laier first time pudge
00:01:26Mercury dont want?
00:01:26slc2 get rhasta
00:01:27Laier wippiii
00:01:27Laier :DDD
00:01:29Vangelis i want
00:01:30Vangelis to mid
00:01:31Vangelis vs pudge
00:01:32Vangelis ofc
00:01:33Mercury k
00:01:34slc2 and last dazzle
00:01:40keevin nah
00:01:43keevin dazzle is bad
00:01:46keevin against their heroes.
00:01:49slc2 ohh shit....
00:01:51keevin -clear
00:01:53slc2 get tc
00:01:54slc2 ct
00:01:55Mercury axe woods?
00:01:56keevin cud use razor.
00:01:56Soulyah dazzle is never bad:PP
00:01:57slc2 tc
00:01:58Smokeer y
00:02:00Smokeer i think
00:02:01keevin believe me
00:02:02keevin dazzle
00:02:02keevin is bad
00:02:03slc2 get tc
00:02:03Mercury puck solo bot
00:02:03keevin against
00:02:05keevin bala ogre puck
00:02:06keevin :))
00:02:11Laier ill come pull top
00:02:13zonskass go axe together top
00:02:15keevin Me top
00:02:16slc2 alekz ur so bad
00:02:16keevin or what?
00:02:16Soulyah chick
00:02:17zonskass here
00:02:17keevin -clear
00:02:19Soulyah chicken
00:02:20keevin ill go chck
00:02:21Smokeer my item
00:02:22keevin razor
00:02:25keevin ;x
00:02:25keevin w/e
00:02:27Smokeer sure
00:02:30Mercury dont
00:02:32slc2 rhasta with me
00:02:34Vangelis yeah don't
00:02:34Mercury go pull
00:02:35DayDream go woods
00:02:36Vangelis that is too risky
00:02:37Mercury for puck
00:02:38keevin pudge razor top?
00:02:39DayDream and pull alot
00:02:43slc2 no
00:02:45keevin I mean
00:02:46keevin bot*
00:02:47keevin sorry
00:02:48keevin +D
00:02:49slc2 come here rhasta
00:02:49DayDream do doublepulls
00:02:52keevin warding, sec
00:02:55slc2 nice
00:02:57Soulyah bot
00:03:01Smokeer if there wards?
00:03:03Soulyah razor
00:03:04keevin wtf
00:03:05zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:03:05keevin razor
00:03:06keevin ward?
00:03:08DayDream just farm
00:03:10slc2 aleks why do u always pick bad?
00:03:13zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:03:17DayDream and gank
00:03:20Aleks875 razor bad?
00:03:20keevin Its not bad
00:03:20Soulyah lol
00:03:22zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:03:24keevin but why do u buy wards
00:03:25zonskass /w DotaKeys: You control Shadow Priest [t,g,d,w]
00:03:25keevin I told u
00:03:26keevin Iw ill support
00:03:32keevin u are supposed to be the carry here.
00:03:50DayDream ss2
00:03:50keevin focus dazzle.
00:03:53DayDream re
00:04:44keevin ..
00:04:48keevin man
00:04:49keevin u have 0 cs?
00:05:35slc2 kil when ur lvl 3
00:05:35Vangelis tee gank mid ka
00:05:36Vangelis ogre
00:05:37Vangelis mingi hetk
00:06:09keevin PLEASE
00:06:11keevin damn
00:06:20keevin 1 hit
00:06:21keevin and he dies
00:06:21slc2 i would be dead if i followed
00:06:26keevin but
00:06:28keevin why dont u hit him
00:06:29keevin ????
00:06:33Vangelis go
00:06:33keevin jesus christ
00:06:36keevin he was dead in 1 hit
00:06:37keevin and u
00:06:38keevin go
00:06:40keevin cancel animation
00:06:41keevin for no reason
00:06:45Vangelis MIS SA TEED
00:06:50Vangelis ff
00:06:52Soulyah they see me rollin'
00:06:54Smokeer i cant fqarm forest
00:06:54Soulyah they hatin'
00:06:59Smokeer no items tehre wards
00:07:19Smokeer mad?
00:07:25Vangelis y
00:07:28keevin ss ogre
00:07:29keevin top
00:07:41keevin stun
00:07:42Aleks875 axe 1 lvl
00:07:43keevin him..
00:07:46Aleks875 and die 2 times
00:07:47DayDream ss2
00:07:47Aleks875 XD
00:07:51DayDream 1
00:07:52keevin stun him
00:07:52Soulyah Lol
00:07:54Soulyah naaablets
00:07:55zonskass ss rasta
00:07:55DayDream re
00:07:59slc2 no u need 2 start
00:08:02Smokeer ns mad
00:08:02Smokeer gg
00:08:04Smokeer ff
00:08:05Smokeer 25
00:08:05keevin not really
00:08:11keevin ur stun is short
00:08:15keevin he can easily cast grave after that.
00:08:18Smokeer i feel emo i dont want really
00:08:30keevin jesus
00:08:33Laier oops
00:08:36Laier wrong button :D
00:08:54Vangelis ss bs
00:09:08keevin gj
00:09:19DayDream b
00:09:23Laier was checking my chickens
00:09:33keevin haste.
00:09:35keevin I go gank
00:09:38slc2 jep
00:09:43Aleks875 fuck this
00:09:58Vangelis bs tuleb tapab su kohe ara
00:10:23Smokeer i ahvent feel care
00:10:26keevin DAZZLE
00:10:31keevin focus
00:10:32keevin dazzle
00:10:32keevin man
00:11:11Soulyah yes i ff
00:11:14Soulyah too shitty team
00:11:23Smokeer u got smokeer np
00:11:29slc2 b
00:11:32Vangelis aleks owns smokeer every day
00:11:35Vangelis in feeding
00:12:21Smokeer come??
00:12:40keevin oh god
00:12:46keevin im not going to support here anymore
00:12:50slc2 haha
00:12:54Smokeer ns get lost
00:12:54slc2 i cant do magic dude
00:12:56DayDream mid ss bs
00:12:58slc2 no crit
00:13:01keevin u cant do anythign
00:13:01DayDream inc top
00:13:03keevin it seems.
00:13:04DayDream nvm
00:13:09keevin even lasthitting is a problem.
00:13:13slc2 haha
00:13:16slc2 sure;)
00:13:16Vangelis we need to push
00:13:17keevin so,
00:13:18keevin whats ur cs
00:13:19keevin ?:)
00:13:22slc2 25
00:13:24slc2 35
00:13:29keevin xDDD
00:13:36Aleks875 they all time gang with 5
00:13:47keevin razor
00:13:48keevin get
00:13:50keevin vanguard pipe
00:13:54Aleks875 ok
00:14:05keevin out of range
00:14:07keevin stryg
00:14:07keevin sorry.
00:14:09Soulyah np
00:14:11Vangelis i regen
00:14:12Vangelis then go mid
00:14:14Vangelis take mid tower
00:14:20slc2 leave me dude
00:14:28slc2 fuck off
00:14:37Soulyah def
00:14:38Soulyah mid
00:14:39Soulyah people
00:14:40Soulyah NOW
00:14:52slc2 ¨aleks fuck off
00:15:01Aleks875 when i must go
00:15:02Aleks875 rosh?
00:15:04Aleks875 or what
00:15:09Aleks875 stfu leo
00:15:16slc2 haha yea do that
00:15:27Soulyah gg ff
00:15:30Laier wp rhasta :D
00:15:31Laier ff
00:15:38keevin what can i do
00:15:39keevin tell me
00:15:42keevin the next time
00:15:43Soulyah why blame rhasta
00:15:43keevin i pick a carry
00:15:43Smokeer ns crying
00:15:46keevin in this shithole
00:15:48Smokeer and u ff i dont udnerstand
00:15:50keevin full of bad players
00:15:53Soulyah well
00:15:57Soulyah sk and razor
00:15:57keevin pudge u have
00:16:00keevin boots and a ring of regen
00:16:00Soulyah are learning the map
00:16:01Soulyah xD
00:16:03keevin after 13 minutes?
00:16:08keevin xD
00:16:10keevin dont make me cry
00:16:14keevin u should have hood already.
00:16:18Mercury ns
00:16:19Smokeer but i say this pudge
00:16:20Mercury farm
00:16:21Vangelis get bot
00:16:23Vangelis tower
00:16:24Laier kinda hard with autoattack aleks on lane: )
00:16:27Vangelis also
00:16:29Vangelis need flyting
00:16:32keevin should make it even easier
00:16:33keevin for u.
00:16:44slc2 rhasta take=?==
00:16:46DayDream b
00:16:51Vangelis plz
00:16:52Vangelis flying
00:16:53Vangelis !
00:17:00DayDream bs inv
00:17:08Vangelis ogre axe daz
00:17:10Vangelis come bot
00:17:12keevin :X
00:17:12Vangelis lets take the tower
00:17:15Smokeer soon dagger
00:17:16Soulyah warded
00:17:17Smokeer later
00:17:18Soulyah i guess
00:17:24Smokeer u mad at me
00:17:25keevin all ss
00:17:25keevin care.
00:17:26Smokeer dont call me just
00:18:02Soulyah razor no 2nd skill
00:18:02Soulyah gg
00:18:11Laier you think he can link?
00:18:26keevin ff life
00:18:30Laier you guys are so fast :D
00:18:55keevin LEO
00:18:56keevin ?
00:18:56Soulyah :D:D:D:
00:19:04keevin ff
00:19:13zonskass bangelis will you add?
00:19:13Aleks875 funny
00:19:13keevin this is ridiculous
00:19:28Aleks875 rasta w8ig leo wth 50 hp and 0 mana
00:19:29Aleks875 ahahah
00:19:37Vangelis osta ara
00:19:40Vangelis ja hakkame pushima
00:20:28Laier sk runs full hp
00:20:30Laier norm slc2
00:20:43keevin shouldnt have listened to u leoric
00:20:46DayDream axe try to get more than 1 in ur call
00:20:46keevin when u cried for rhasta
00:20:52Aleks875 reason lose
00:20:55keevin next time u can go support and ill pick a carry
00:20:57Aleks875 no treamplay
00:20:57Smokeer tehre was 1
00:21:01keevin because its obvious that u are not going to carry this
00:21:02keevin nor is razor.
00:21:02Vangelis go bot tower
00:21:07Aleks875 they play and gang with all team
00:21:08slc2 they gang 5 and we got l8 what can we do nothing...
00:21:21keevin its because
00:21:23keevin u guys cant lasthit.
00:21:43slc2 ohh ok
00:21:47slc2 that why loose?
00:21:54keevin if u had
00:21:55keevin items up
00:22:02keevin it wud be easier.
00:22:03Soulyah outpicked
00:22:04Soulyah thats all
00:22:04slc2 i got 2 deads dude
00:22:17Laier ye ill go eat
00:22:18Laier good luck
00:22:18slc2 and u say that dazzle is bad omg...
00:22:33keevin FF this
00:22:34keevin jesus
00:22:56keevin claymore
00:22:59keevin on SK
00:23:01Soulyah xDDDDDD
00:23:09keevin as if he ever hits them
00:23:12keevin its like: bala nukes him
00:23:13keevin hes back to base.
00:24:19keevin pick a freaking support next time ty.
00:24:41slc2 keevin what is it that u dont understand?
00:24:43Mercury b
00:24:44Soulyah teine pela
00:24:45Soulyah saan
00:24:46Aleks875 someone idiot control me
00:24:48Soulyah sellise tiimi
00:24:48Soulyah :d
00:24:50DayDream b
00:24:56Vangelis no ma ei saa aru
00:24:58slc2 keeving are u fuckin stupid or something?
00:25:02Vangelis miks adminnid ei vaata aleksit
00:25:08Vangelis ja kohe banni esimene mang ei pane
00:25:10keevin ?
00:25:11keevin what
00:25:25Soulyah no mis see claymore sk parem on
00:25:26Soulyah :D
00:25:37keevin he got battlefury soon
00:25:39keevin be carefull
00:25:42Vangelis no slc2 on midagi mangib vist hasti
00:26:26slc2 put wards dude
00:26:40Soulyah :DD
00:26:41keevin ff
00:26:51keevin just
00:26:52keevin let them finish
00:27:14slc2 ff
00:27:16keevin go throne
00:27:21Aleks875 battefury rdy
00:27:24Vangelis !banreqeuest aleks
00:27:24Aleks875 run all
00:27:26Aleks875 to base
00:27:32Soulyah worst item EVER
00:27:33Soulyah on sk
00:27:34Soulyah bf
00:27:35Soulyah xDd
00:27:59zonskass :D
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