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75% | 1395 X | 1386 TS

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74% | 1355 X | 1407 TS

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+2 TS

72% | 1329 X | 1408 TS

+19 X
+6 TS

72% | 1355 X | 1377 TS

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88% | 1506 X | 1476 TS

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82% | 1421 X | 1473 TS

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63% | 1305 X | 1327 TS

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53% | 1108 X | 1419 TS

Chat log

00:00:00J0te [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... Aleks875 with 54 seconds.
00:00:05Galgar -hhn
00:00:13Aleks875 pink
00:00:24Aleks875 me legion
00:00:24Aleks875 plz
00:00:24Flex- lol
00:00:24Aleks875 take him
00:00:24Galgar ns?
00:00:24Aleks875 if u can
00:00:24Aleks875 for me
00:00:24J0te u nooob
00:00:24Flex- -omni
00:00:24Aleks875 hate unmanered ppl
00:00:24nigulas süec
00:00:24nigulas -spec
00:00:27J0te play aba like 1st time
00:00:29Flex- who wants pudge
00:00:29Flex- ?
00:00:33Pufff-Reis me
00:00:34Aleks875 2th
00:00:37J0te skill up
00:00:38J0te bob
00:00:38moods hate ppl who take aba and go mid acrry
00:00:42Laier my pudge you fagggggggggggggggggggg
00:00:44Laier :D
00:00:52Flex- you want pudge
00:00:53Pufff-Reis swap flex?
00:00:55Flex- give me fletcher
00:01:00Flex- bone fletcher
00:01:02kAlleMustDie omni and spec banned?
00:01:03Flex- -swap 2
00:01:05Pufff-Reis -swap 1
00:01:05Flex- yes
00:01:18Flex- laier top
00:01:20Flex- :D
00:01:20Aleks875 good
00:01:25Flex- pudge mid
00:01:27Galgar where i go?
00:01:28Flex- or the other way arround
00:01:30Flex- you decide
00:01:35Galgar k
00:01:38Pufff-Reis wont mid
00:01:44Flex- k
00:01:47Flex- laier mid
00:01:48Flex- pudge top
00:01:54moods take eh
00:01:56nigulas get lina/tied
00:01:58nigulas lina
00:01:59Aleks875 buy chicken pro
00:02:00nigulas would be
00:02:05Galgar flex i gp orc asap?
00:02:05moods lina or ride y
00:02:07Galgar u
00:02:13Aleks875 the best from the best nice
00:02:13Flex- what ? :D
00:02:16Flex- -hhn
00:02:22kAlleMustDie im up?
00:02:23moods y just dont fail again pls
00:02:28Galgar orc
00:02:30Flex- cm
00:02:32Flex- you come bot
00:02:34Aleks875 I play good legion
00:02:36moods y
00:02:36kAlleMustDie roger
00:02:38moods like aba
00:02:41Flex- you can roam
00:02:41Galgar eem
00:02:41Laier sick game we have
00:02:42Flex- actually
00:02:45J0te hahaha as if not op hero
00:02:46Aleks875 aba not my hero
00:02:46Galgar pudgeu farm or i?
00:02:48Flex- i gave you huskar mid
00:02:52Flex- what are you complaining about
00:02:55moods why mid than?
00:03:00Laier the picks
00:03:01Laier the players
00:03:04Laier everything sucks
00:03:07Aleks875 dont know
00:03:10moods cool guy
00:03:11Flex- agreed
00:03:13Flex- pool was shit though
00:03:15kAlleMustDie haste
00:03:19kAlleMustDie omw mid?
00:03:23Laier never played huskar so :D
00:03:24Aleks875 just dont fail
00:03:24Flex- k
00:03:27Flex- omfg
00:03:31kAlleMustDie naah
00:06:01Laier mid miss
00:06:02Laier bot
00:06:39que2stress ehm
00:06:41que2stress why didnt that work
00:06:59Laier since when bala slow has had ministun?
00:07:06Laier bala inc top
00:07:08Laier with rune mby
00:07:25kAlleMustDie ss2
00:08:09kAlleMustDie omw mid
00:08:31Laier bala inc top
00:08:32Laier care
00:08:36Laier go
00:08:36Laier there
00:09:13nigulas 4 here?
00:09:14nigulas gj
00:09:14nigulas team
00:09:19Laier nice block bara
00:09:23Aleks875 4 up
00:09:25Aleks875 no miss
00:10:02Flex- :DD
00:10:03Galgar flex inc
00:10:03Laier fuck
00:10:14Aleks875 up ss
00:10:16Flex- so many ppl bot
00:10:16Galgar bat
00:10:52Flex- hahaha
00:11:08Aleks875 shrededr idiot
00:11:16J0te trolollol bara lvl 6
00:11:20J0te non pull lane
00:11:57Galgar shit
00:12:23Aleks875 shreder first time this hero?
00:12:40Galgar inc
00:12:51Galgar b
00:12:52kAlleMustDie care
00:12:55Galgar ns inc
00:13:15Galgar ?
00:13:18Laier this fucking clinkz :DDDDDDDDDD
00:13:28Laier hope you fucking die
00:13:46Flex- 1 multi shot
00:13:48Flex- and i would have
00:13:50moods me meka btw
00:13:54Laier and?
00:14:06J0te not sure if real moods or fake
00:14:15Galgar go kill mid
00:15:04kAlleMustDie guys..
00:15:15Aleks875 me
00:15:17Aleks875 invis
00:15:17que2stress jeje
00:15:18que2stress sry
00:15:22nigulas empty bottle
00:15:23que2stress was on phone till now
00:15:26Galgar bala invis
00:15:26Aleks875 omg
00:16:34Galgar ns
00:16:55Galgar next time flex ban ns
00:16:56Galgar shit hero
00:17:00Galgar b
00:17:01Flex- huskar
00:17:02Flex- shoudl rape
00:17:07Galgar huskar low skilled
00:17:09Galgar as u see
00:17:11nigulas care
00:17:13Flex- well
00:17:19Laier 'bara talking?
00:17:21Flex- cant be asked
00:17:23Laier funny
00:17:29nigulas 5 bot..
00:17:31Aleks875 i go for wards
00:17:53que2stress hm
00:17:57que2stress i thought
00:18:00que2stress they were allies
00:18:01que2stress :D
00:18:17nigulas i have no ulti
00:18:18nigulas so
00:18:19que2stress how is the game going
00:18:19nigulas im useless atm
00:18:21que2stress i have no idea
00:18:41Galgar this comander
00:18:44Galgar is fucking shit
00:18:52Flex- just dodhge him bro
00:18:55Galgar i cant
00:19:00Galgar if bala slow and he ulty me
00:19:07Galgar take tower
00:19:17Galgar 3incbot
00:19:20Flex- 4 inc
00:19:34kAlleMustDie come dwon
00:19:36nigulas got gem
00:19:38nigulas mby they have wards
00:19:40Flex- bat rider
00:19:41Galgar show me
00:19:41Galgar them
00:19:50Galgar gem
00:19:51Galgar omg
00:19:54Flex- omg
00:19:54Flex- :D
00:19:58Laier can ff
00:19:59Galgar toldu to ban ns
00:20:00moods go push
00:20:00Laier clinkz useless
00:20:03moods dont make this lte
00:20:04moods late
00:20:05Flex- ns
00:20:05Aleks875 go rosh
00:20:06J0te mby i got blink
00:20:07Flex- dude
00:20:09Flex- i was looking at hoeres
00:20:12Flex- both pudge
00:20:13nigulas y
00:20:13Galgar ns is to op
00:20:13Flex- and
00:20:15Flex- huskar
00:20:17Flex- can beat
00:20:18Flex- easy mid
00:20:26J0te moods are u real or fake
00:20:27nigulas got dd
00:20:28nigulas need that
00:20:29nigulas aegis
00:20:29kAlleMustDie come!
00:20:30nigulas got gem
00:20:38Flex- go for it
00:20:38moods im not the real moods
00:20:39Galgar hook
00:20:41moods but moods is my nick
00:20:43J0te kk
00:20:59moods stupid
00:21:02Pufff-Reis gj
00:21:03kAlleMustDie ...
00:21:04Galgar f cm
00:21:04moods stupid rosh
00:21:10J0te y no wards
00:21:11Aleks875 i think u checked for wards
00:21:17nigulas we killed
00:21:18nigulas that nub
00:21:20Galgar itakeor flex
00:21:20Galgar ?
00:21:24nigulas night in a sec
00:21:25Laier rofl
00:21:25Flex- hmm
00:21:26Laier you kidding
00:21:28Flex- :D
00:21:58moods gogo
00:22:00Galgar u ulty wrong guy
00:22:01Galgar toaly
00:22:05nigulas MOVE
00:22:06moods dont block bala
00:22:11que2stress rofl
00:22:16que2stress i block him
00:22:18Galgar usless
00:22:19Galgar aegis
00:22:21Flex- yup
00:22:27Galgar u should have taken it
00:22:28Laier ofc when these fucking tards leave me alone there
00:22:36moods y
00:22:39moods go with all mid
00:22:39Laier full hp clinkz and full hp cm
00:22:44Flex- wasnt full hp
00:22:45Flex- bro
00:22:48Flex- and really
00:22:48kAlleMustDie no mana noob
00:22:48Laier sure
00:22:50Flex- cant help there
00:23:05kAlleMustDie hook
00:23:28que2stress ah lol
00:23:28que2stress :D
00:23:32que2stress all back
00:23:34nigulas bat afk
00:23:38Galgar need to kill that ns
00:23:39moods -afk
00:23:41Galgar and take gem
00:23:54Flex- no kidding ?
00:23:55Flex- :D
00:24:17moods still need to push
00:24:18Laier its illu
00:24:19Laier tard
00:24:29Aleks875 w8
00:24:34Aleks875 got lothar
00:24:54moods gem
00:25:00J0te fUUCUUK KCK KCK
00:25:00nigulas this fucking
00:25:01nigulas ogre
00:25:02nigulas and commander
00:25:03nigulas pls
00:25:05nigulas go kill urselves
00:25:05Aleks875 ty for w8
00:25:12J0te aleks
00:25:15J0te is noob
00:25:22moods dont blame me
00:25:23Flex- ulti him ?
00:25:27que2stress whom else?
00:25:29moods u got gem and dont checked ward spots
00:25:29J0te lothar noob
00:25:29nigulas u see pudge
00:25:30nigulas and still
00:25:32nigulas get hooked
00:25:33nigulas like a retard
00:25:34Flex- i get top tower
00:25:48Aleks875 ah fuck
00:25:49kAlleMustDie n
00:25:56kAlleMustDie oom
00:25:57Aleks875 -afk
00:26:01J0te low brain
00:26:05J0te dont make lothar
00:26:09J0te for imba hero
00:26:13que2stress lothar stupid on commander
00:26:14Laier wait
00:26:18J0te Yeah
00:26:19Aleks875 stfu
00:26:25Aleks875 and look ur invent
00:26:39Flex- ns no new gem
00:26:43kAlleMustDie mkb <3
00:26:45Aleks875 u just fail it
00:26:46Flex- :D
00:26:48Aleks875 go 4v5
00:26:54kAlleMustDie scout
00:26:55Pufff-Reis -st
00:26:56que2stress whats wrong telling that ur inv is stupid?
00:27:02Flex- will do
00:27:21Galgar kill
00:27:22J0te lothar is fucking stupid
00:27:22Galgar ns
00:27:24Laier you guys are so slow
00:27:30que2stress u need tank tiems
00:27:31que2stress ac
00:27:42Aleks875 stfu failers
00:27:58Laier rampage?
00:28:08que2stress 3
00:28:09que2stress 2
00:28:09que2stress 1
00:28:12que2stress no
00:28:17Flex- sry
00:28:18J0te bITCH
00:28:18Flex- was low on mana
00:28:22Flex- only when he used stickes
00:28:23Aleks875 failers
00:28:23kAlleMustDie :(
00:28:24Flex- i got magic stick
00:28:24J0te invis bitch
00:28:27que2stress u fail i
00:28:28kAlleMustDie i counted on you
00:28:29que2stress u
00:28:34que2stress u must save ur ulti for bone
00:28:37kAlleMustDie maybe i chose the wrong way
00:28:45Aleks875 3-9
00:28:46Flex- prolly
00:28:46Aleks875 idiot
00:28:48Flex- shoudl have went my way
00:28:51kAlleMustDie y
00:28:53Aleks875 why u take this hero
00:28:59que2stress doesnt make less true what i am saying
00:29:01nigulas why cant u guys jsut buy
00:29:02nigulas sentry?
00:29:03nigulas dust?
00:29:13J0te kk
00:29:31Galgar take
00:29:31Flex- me
00:29:32Flex- plz
00:29:32Galgar flex
00:29:38J0te play like men now
00:29:43Flex- bat has dust
00:29:49nigulas got gem
00:29:51nigulas stick together
00:29:51Aleks875 said noob and afk
00:29:53nigulas ccheck rune
00:29:56nigulas wards..
00:30:04Laier why the fuck you run there
00:30:06Galgar ithink smoke
00:30:07que2stress commander
00:30:10que2stress rememebr to ult bone
00:30:10Laier when you all were near bot
00:30:16Laier go
00:30:58J0te trolololo
00:30:59kAlleMustDie nice battle
00:30:59J0te commander
00:31:01J0te u so bad
00:31:01Flex- gem there
00:31:04Flex- GEM
00:31:05Flex- GEM
00:31:06Flex- GEM
00:31:09Galgar gotit
00:31:10Flex- destroy it
00:31:15nigulas WHY CANT U N OOBS
00:31:16nigulas FOCUS
00:31:18nigulas ANY1?
00:31:19Flex- ME
00:31:20nigulas i lost
00:31:21nigulas 1.4k
00:31:25nigulas o n fucking gems
00:31:25J0te i ulted bone
00:31:26nigulas cuz u guys
00:31:27Flex- did i guess right ? :D
00:31:29nigulas are retarded
00:31:30J0te what else u want
00:31:32nigulas no
00:31:33Galgar so
00:31:35nigulas u are useless
00:31:37nigulas piece of shit
00:31:38nigulas 3 hit
00:31:39Flex- :(
00:31:44Flex- bat got me
00:31:46J0te bala mad
00:31:47Flex- no one focused me
00:31:52J0te y
00:31:57J0te im only skill playe
00:31:58J0te r
00:32:15J0te dno why i play here seem like noobs
00:32:18Galgar basher
00:32:18Galgar on ns
00:32:19Galgar :D
00:32:20nigulas :D:D:D
00:32:20J0te axaxaxa
00:32:21nigulas u are lastpick
00:32:22Galgar go kil
00:32:23nigulas for a reason
00:32:25nigulas my daer
00:32:26Flex- need it
00:32:26Galgar i got gem for that
00:32:26nigulas progamer
00:32:29Galgar commander
00:32:30Aleks875 russian unmaner
00:32:32Aleks875 bob
00:32:34J0te i play with pros
00:32:34Aleks875 its all
00:32:37J0te but im baned
00:32:55Flex- 2k hp
00:32:56Flex- P[aper
00:32:57Galgar same
00:33:06nigulas I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:33:06moods lol
00:33:10J0te commander is noob
00:33:10que2stress well commander windwalk will kill you easily
00:33:26J0te imba hero
00:33:26Flex- True
00:33:27J0te but sux
00:34:00Aleks875 here gg
00:34:08Laier what an awful game
00:34:08Aleks875 shreder was perfect
00:34:09Laier really
00:34:13Laier shittiest of the week
00:34:19J0te commander is so bad
00:34:27Aleks875 4-12
00:34:29Flex- b
00:34:29Flex- b
00:34:30Aleks875 2th place
00:34:30Flex- b
00:34:54Galgar gem
00:34:55Galgar there
00:35:02nigulas WOW TEAM
00:35:10Flex- :D
00:35:18Flex- i need
00:35:19Flex- hot
00:35:22Flex- and not give a fuck
00:35:28nigulas stuck
00:35:45Flex- que
00:35:47Flex- That hero
00:35:47Galgar :D
00:35:49Flex- is farm heavy
00:35:56Flex- huskar
00:35:57Flex- they low hp
00:35:58Flex- and roshing
00:36:00Galgar gem where there
00:36:16que2stress so not good if u are at phone the first 20 min
00:36:19que2stress i realized that
00:36:27Laier you guyus take this game still too seriously
00:36:28Laier just ff it
00:36:29Aleks875 if u get blade mail vs bone
00:36:32Aleks875 we can win
00:36:36Laier cm
00:36:38Laier first item bkb
00:36:40Galgar b
00:36:41Flex- :D
00:36:44Flex- thats a good item
00:36:45nigulas commander
00:36:46Pufff-Reis -st
00:36:46nigulas needs to make
00:36:47kAlleMustDie i sold few..
00:36:47Laier and this realy is silvergame?
00:36:48nigulas helbred
00:36:49Laier is it?
00:36:50Pufff-Reis -clear
00:36:50que2stress yep
00:36:52que2stress helbered
00:36:52que2stress ac
00:36:53Pufff-Reis -st
00:36:53que2stress is win
00:36:56Flex- come
00:36:57Flex- rosh
00:36:57Flex- fast
00:36:59Aleks875 lol
00:37:02Flex- galgar
00:37:03Aleks875 why u learn me
00:37:03Flex- or hexar
00:37:04Flex- w/e
00:37:06Aleks875 look ur stats
00:37:07que2stress cause u suck
00:37:07Galgar gogoog
00:37:09Galgar ;D
00:37:10J0te CAUSE U SUCK
00:37:14Aleks875 8-7
00:37:15que2stress ure stats
00:37:16que2stress are
00:37:17que2stress because
00:37:17Galgar take
00:37:18que2stress ur team
00:37:18Aleks875 and 7 cose u
00:37:20Flex- i will
00:37:20que2stress FUCKING
00:37:21J0te LOTHAR BOBO
00:37:25que2stress ´pushes you
00:37:28Aleks875 ?????
00:37:30nigulas ult shreder
00:37:31Aleks875 ????? ????
00:37:35nigulas b
00:37:35nigulas b
00:37:36nigulas b
00:37:36nigulas b
00:37:36nigulas b
00:37:37nigulas b
00:37:39Flex- im a cutie
00:37:40Flex- :D
00:37:58nigulas why prolong
00:37:59nigulas finsih
00:38:01nigulas u got aegis
00:38:02nigulas etc.
00:38:08Laier why not ff?
00:38:36Galgar hook
00:38:41que2stress b
00:38:46J0te I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:38:47Galgar tower
00:38:48Galgar tower
00:38:49J0te !ff
00:38:49Aleks875 ??????
00:38:50J0te /ff
00:38:51que2stress why dont u focus bone :D
00:38:53J0te .ff
00:38:54J0te _ff
00:38:56J0te ,ff
00:38:59J0te 1ff
00:39:03Aleks875 stfu
00:39:05Aleks875 loser
00:39:09Aleks875 dont spam
00:39:25Galgar gem on bs
00:39:27Galgar ns
00:39:28Galgar *
00:39:30Flex- :D
00:39:31Flex- bs
00:39:34J0te remove dota
00:39:38J0te instal LoL
00:39:39J0te play
00:39:59nigulas just ff
00:39:59Galgar ge,
00:39:59nigulas I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:40:00nigulas I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:40:00Galgar gem
00:40:02Aleks875 gg bone
00:40:04J0te stronk comander
00:40:05Aleks875 u was good
00:40:08nigulas this commander
00:40:08moods u were
00:40:09nigulas does circles
00:40:11nigulas around
00:40:12nigulas huskar
00:40:34nigulas flex carrys with gondar
00:40:36nigulas =
00:40:37nigulas imba
00:40:39nigulas silver game
00:40:43nigulas st
00:40:44nigulas clinkz.
00:40:51Aleks875 pro
00:40:55Aleks875 really
00:40:58Flex- im not saying shit
00:40:58Aleks875 Jote
00:41:01Flex- just enjoying the rape
00:41:03moods I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:41:04Aleks875 russsian bob
00:41:08J0te dipshit
00:41:14J0te dno how u 3rd
00:41:26J0te play like 1st time
00:41:39que2stress I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:41:45J0te ALEKXEY
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