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-36 X
-1 TS

98% | 1702 X | 1603 TS

-39 X
-1 TS

62% | 1281 X | 1338 TS

-11 X
-1 TS

54% | 1205 X | 1373 TS

-35 X
-3 TS

56% | 1258 X | 1298 TS

+13 X
-1 TS

56% | 1218 X | 1310 TS

+1 X
+5 TS

74% | 1370 X | 1391 TS

+22 X
+1 TS

74% | 1359 X | 1392 TS

+25 X
+1 TS

70% | 1333 X | 1378 TS

+44 X
+2 TS

69% | 1290 X | 1406 TS

+30 X
+1 TS

68% | 1216 X | 1482 TS

Chat log

00:00:04Maier wait
00:00:09Maier has any1 got ember spirit ?
00:00:17Tough cree
00:00:19zonskass enigma blodseker alchemist
00:00:20Maier -ii
00:00:21Maier -water red
00:00:23Tough i think i go mid with furi
00:00:25Maier -weather rain
00:00:26sandii got magus omni pl
00:00:31Maier i will get ck
00:00:33Maier get OMNI
00:00:34Tough mira
00:00:36Fxx. s1 swap ?
00:00:37Tough cree
00:00:39Tough u wanna mid?
00:00:40Fxx. ench , sven , troll
00:00:40zonskass give me naixpls
00:00:43creeeeeee yes
00:00:46creeeeeee i'd like that
00:00:53atte tuskar techies sylla
00:00:55atte :DDDDDDDDDDD
00:00:56atte swap
00:00:58zonskass :DD
00:00:58Fxx. techi for me
00:00:59Maier venge come top then
00:00:59Fxx. please
00:01:00Fxx. !
00:01:02Momdsiw invoker bara clinkz
00:01:03slc2 pls no tech
00:01:04Fxx. ench , sven , troll
00:01:05Momdsiw haluuks jonku
00:01:07atte anna invokeri
00:01:08Fxx. give me techi
00:01:09atte saat tuskarin
00:01:09Fxx. !
00:01:12curdi wards for bot
00:01:14Fxx. fast techi !
00:01:16Momdsiw haluisin itekki kyl invoo :P
00:01:17Fxx. its my favorite hero
00:01:18Momdsiw no annan
00:01:22creeeeeee great picks
00:01:23atte -swap 2
00:01:23Fxx. i had 85% on dota-league
00:01:23creeeeeee gj
00:01:25Momdsiw -swap 1
00:01:26creeeeeee really
00:01:42Momdsiw saanks solo botin
00:01:44atte what you have
00:01:46creeeeeee gang invo mid
00:01:48creeeeeee at lvl
00:01:49creeeeeee 3
00:01:49Maier share
00:01:50creeeeeee or sth
00:02:09Maier -ms
00:02:28Maier go pull
00:02:35sandii hiihih
00:02:36curdi ss
00:02:41Maier 2 MISS
00:02:42Maier CARE
00:02:45Tough 3 lane bot
00:02:47sandii 2 bot 1 woods
00:02:48Tough care
00:02:50zonskass /w DotaKeys: off
00:02:52zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:02:53zonskass /w DotaKeys: You control Engima [f,c,d,b]
00:03:27slc2 let me farm?
00:03:32creeeeeee gang mid fury
00:03:33creeeeeee soon
00:03:34Momdsiw go omni?
00:03:37Momdsiw ahh
00:03:38Momdsiw lol
00:03:40Momdsiw you dont have slow
00:04:02Maier kill troll
00:04:09slc2 enigma come kill
00:04:11creeeeeee mid fury
00:04:12curdi g
00:04:14Momdsiw no
00:04:16Momdsiw naix has no slow
00:04:21Fxx. hahahahhahaha
00:04:31Fxx. 3 sec stun full dmg , at 3. lvl
00:04:55Momdsiw naix
00:04:58Momdsiw take the fucking slow
00:05:21Maier kill again soon
00:05:24Momdsiw naix take the slow
00:05:24Maier asap
00:05:26Momdsiw you ruin our lane
00:05:29Momdsiw we cant even kill
00:05:31slc2 lvl 4 morron..
00:05:36Momdsiw why not lvl 1 or 2?
00:05:46Momdsiw we cant kill at lvl 4 anymore
00:05:47Momdsiw -.-
00:05:51Fxx. again
00:05:51Momdsiw fucking retard
00:05:53Momdsiw they have omni
00:05:53Fxx. this is rly funny
00:05:58Fxx. guys
00:05:58slc2 if enigma here we can
00:06:02Fxx. i cant alone up
00:06:09Fxx. vs 3 (2 stuners)
00:06:22Tough reg top
00:06:25Fxx. venge miss up
00:06:46Maier MISS
00:06:46Momdsiw enigma go gang
00:06:46Fxx. np
00:06:48Fxx. so ignore me
00:06:57zonskass kil
00:07:03Fxx. nesay totaly free farm
00:07:04Fxx. !!!!!!!!!!!
00:07:08Fxx. and i have got 0 creeps
00:07:18sandii omg
00:07:18sandii ..
00:07:20Tough y
00:07:22Tough missclick
00:07:25Maier re
00:07:26Maier troll
00:07:26atte ss potm
00:07:36atte re
00:08:00atte haha
00:08:04Fxx. still miss 2
00:08:15Maier furi
00:08:16Maier tp
00:08:19Tough cd
00:08:19Tough wait
00:08:21Maier k
00:08:23Maier lemme know
00:08:23Maier when
00:08:31atte ss
00:08:32Tough wait
00:08:33Tough adfterpill
00:08:57Momdsiw enigma
00:08:57Maier mkay
00:08:58Momdsiw wake up
00:08:59zonskass no mana
00:09:01creeeeeee ss mid
00:09:06sandii ss bot
00:09:21Fxx. nessay still miss
00:09:21Momdsiw venaa
00:09:22Momdsiw tuu ballii
00:09:25atte wardi
00:09:30Momdsiw jaap
00:09:35Maier he is tower hugging
00:10:13curdi mid miss 2
00:10:13Fxx. 3. time 3 gang me
00:10:22Fxx. and i all the time spam " i need help up"
00:10:25Fxx. and u totaly ignoring me
00:10:26Momdsiw swap lane
00:10:32atte mee
00:10:44atte WTF
00:10:45atte WTF
00:10:48Momdsiw hieno
00:10:49atte siis
00:10:50atte MEE
00:10:50creeeeeee :D:D:D
00:10:52Maier misclicked ?
00:10:52atte ÄLÄ OTA MUA
00:10:54atte y
00:10:57Momdsiw ai tulit vahingpos mukaa
00:10:58Maier happens
00:10:58Momdsiw en kattonu
00:10:59atte mitä venailet
00:11:14atte emmä haluu sun kaa vihun vieree tollases tilantees
00:11:17creeeeeee just kill that naix few more times
00:11:21Momdsiw no elä vittu seiso mun vieres sit
00:11:24Momdsiw ku katon vihuu
00:11:25creeeeeee omw bot for it
00:11:26Momdsiw en missä ite oon
00:11:32atte juoksin kokoaja karkuu
00:11:46Maier MISS
00:11:48Maier re
00:12:32Momdsiw pro
00:12:35sandii ss bot
00:12:36Fxx. funny game
00:12:37Fxx. rly
00:12:38Momdsiw this troll
00:12:38Momdsiw feeds
00:12:40zonskass kill
00:12:41zonskass naix
00:12:42slc2 yeye
00:12:45Fxx. su tuskar
00:12:46Fxx. rly
00:12:46Fxx. ...
00:12:51Momdsiw why you pick siht and feed
00:13:06sandii :DD
00:13:11curdi meh
00:13:12Fxx. i rly ignore kids like u
00:13:13Momdsiw no farm stunner is okey but no farm carry sucks
00:13:14Fxx. tuskar
00:13:14sandii oh curdi
00:13:20sandii u wouldnt have need to swap tbh
00:13:21atte slow
00:13:23curdi ye
00:13:26sandii had repel on and im faster
00:13:52Momdsiw really
00:13:52Fxx. 5. time ganged
00:13:53Momdsiw 0-5
00:13:53Momdsiw xD
00:13:59curdi kill naix
00:14:01curdi 2.0
00:14:02curdi 2-0
00:14:03Fxx. 0 time my team help me
00:14:06sandii y
00:14:10Fxx. no swap , no help , ignore me
00:14:12Momdsiw 0 time you help your team?
00:14:14Fxx. no miss reported
00:14:22Fxx. enjoy lost now
00:14:26creeeeeee kill nigma top
00:14:28Momdsiw you lost this to us
00:14:31Momdsiw for your useless heor
00:14:44creeeeeee or troll
00:14:48Maier trees
00:14:52Momdsiw you cant do anything in team battles since you cant farm and have no disabling skills
00:14:53creeeeeee GOGO
00:14:54atte why you go
00:14:59slc2 why not?
00:15:06slc2 they couldnt kill me
00:15:27Fxx. 6. time ganged
00:15:30curdi furi
00:15:31slc2 up chick?
00:15:35Maier sorry furi
00:15:38Maier that was my bad
00:15:41zonskass i see wich real mirana with that santa cap :D
00:15:42Maier trees were blocking me
00:16:06Momdsiw wow
00:16:09atte ss omni
00:16:11creeeeeee -st
00:16:18Momdsiw all your deaths are not by gangs
00:16:21Momdsiw retard
00:16:22sandii :D:D
00:16:23atte re
00:16:26sandii failing this
00:16:29sandii failing htis denies
00:16:31creeeeeee nigma has dagger
00:16:32Momdsiw if you die 1vs1 to laning ck it aint gang
00:16:33creeeeeee care
00:16:33curdi dagger
00:17:28zonskass reuse
00:17:53Maier lemme use first
00:17:54Maier chick
00:17:56Maier for armlet
00:18:04Maier reuse
00:18:06Maier ty
00:19:00Maier get mid
00:19:33Maier mid
00:19:34Maier go
00:19:35Maier impo
00:19:38atte care
00:19:44atte we got no wards
00:19:45creeeeeee got dd
00:19:46creeeeeee kill em
00:20:31curdi that fucking emp
00:20:35Maier yea
00:20:44sandii dd bot
00:20:44Maier only sure way is a soul ring
00:20:51Momdsiw why sny?
00:20:57slc2 why not
00:21:02Momdsiw heavens halberd would be better
00:21:27slc2 i did just looked at it i might try it
00:21:35Momdsiw not anymore
00:21:39Momdsiw since oyu have sange effect
00:21:43zonskass gogo
00:21:47Momdsiw maybe abyssal blade
00:21:54Momdsiw it has 2 sec disable
00:21:57Momdsiw skill
00:22:04slc2 gogo
00:22:13atte naix
00:22:16atte fast reactiontime
00:22:27atte potm ulti
00:22:28atte lol
00:22:36atte naix omg
00:22:37atte :DD
00:23:17zonskass trol when we fighting do ulti
00:23:19curdi oom
00:23:22creeeeeee :/
00:23:56creeeeeee ffs that emp :D
00:24:22curdi naix
00:24:39sandii ;(
00:25:02sandii phone
00:25:03Fxx. bad tree :-)
00:25:06Tough :D
00:25:19curdi invo tped top
00:25:20curdi and eni dead
00:25:26zonskass our woods earded
00:26:24atte def
00:26:27sandii dd bot
00:26:40curdi oom
00:26:43zonskass epic noobs farmers
00:27:35sandii gonna be lagging the next 2min
00:27:51Momdsiw onks max ms phaseil
00:27:56atte ei viel
00:28:00atte -ms
00:28:03atte 507 vast
00:28:09Momdsiw paljo ilma
00:28:10sandii noob
00:28:11sandii :D
00:28:12atte -ms
00:28:13Maier reuse
00:28:15atte 448
00:28:17Momdsiw k
00:28:25curdi go woods
00:28:26curdi smoke
00:28:55atte fight
00:28:56creeeeeee cRE
00:28:57creeeeeee nigma
00:28:57Maier b
00:29:37slc2 let me jump into u?=
00:29:41Fxx. hahahahhaha
00:29:43curdi eyes
00:29:47Fxx. 20 HITS on furi
00:29:49Fxx. 0 bash
00:29:59Fxx. this game is rly totaly funny
00:30:03Momdsiw did you evne use the miss spell
00:30:07curdi glad you enjoy it
00:30:11Momdsiw I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:30:26Momdsiw did you know that your nuke makes them miss 60% attacks
00:30:27Momdsiw troll
00:30:49creeeeeee b
00:30:54sandii im oom
00:31:01creeeeeee could use new wards
00:31:02curdi u dont have any mana items :s
00:31:15sandii ur gives 50% !
00:31:18sandii regen :D
00:31:28atte -ms
00:31:34atte -ms
00:31:34creeeeeee my item gives some also :D
00:31:46zonskass -ms
00:31:50Maier we should rosh soon
00:32:00zonskass -ms
00:32:04atte i bait top
00:32:07Tough any1 knows what makes rod of atos "cripple"? :D
00:32:15sandii 50% slow ive heard
00:32:15creeeeeee 50% slow
00:32:18creeeeeee for 4 sek
00:32:19Tough thx
00:32:34creeeeeee b
00:32:37creeeeeee take mid fast
00:32:38creeeeeee fury
00:32:41creeeeeee its low
00:32:42atte b
00:32:52Maier dont
00:32:52Maier b
00:33:00sandii why not :(
00:33:30creeeeeee come gang
00:33:31creeeeeee forest
00:33:33creeeeeee or bot
00:33:37Maier get smoke
00:33:38Maier and lets rosh
00:33:58atte wtf
00:34:01atte OPMG
00:34:01zonskass :D
00:34:01atte OMG
00:34:02atte WTF
00:34:09atte cree
00:34:11atte ban that guy
00:34:11Momdsiw ahh fuck bought wrong item xD
00:34:12sandii reuse
00:34:13atte after game
00:34:14atte pls
00:34:17Fxx. i like the move it move it
00:34:19sandii use chick?
00:34:23Fxx. for ?
00:34:23atte yeah
00:34:24atte :DDD
00:34:30Fxx. u totaly ignore me , all the time ?
00:34:39Momdsiw yea
00:34:44Momdsiw mayube the used /ignore fxx
00:34:50atte ::DD
00:35:06sandii smoke
00:35:42Momdsiw he has heavens halbred vs naix
00:35:48Fxx. dota-gc , allways same here
00:35:54Fxx. 9/10 games unba?lanced
00:36:04Momdsiw because you pick shit
00:36:05Momdsiw and feed
00:36:22atte 10/10 when retard telling he wants techies and has 100%winrate with it in dotaleague
00:36:26atte then picks troll goes 0 200
00:36:26sandii :D
00:36:37Maier swap ?
00:37:16Momdsiw range?
00:37:18Momdsiw kmode
00:37:19atte RANGE
00:37:19Momdsiw idot
00:37:25atte god
00:37:25Fxx. hahahahah
00:37:26atte I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:37:27Momdsiw hahah
00:37:27atte ban him
00:37:29Momdsiw pro troll
00:37:31zonskass this trol epic
00:37:32Fxx. totaly , exgtremly 0 bash in games
00:37:38Momdsiw you can fucking use range
00:37:38Momdsiw mode
00:37:41Momdsiw it has slow also
00:37:48Fxx. invoker save nesay with tornado
00:37:53Fxx. this game is rly epic
00:37:54curdi b
00:37:56Momdsiw and you cant play that hero
00:37:59Momdsiw that saved him
00:38:08Momdsiw onks tää viel silveri
00:39:34Maier HELp
00:39:36Maier BOT
00:39:41sandii no need
00:40:01sandii gj
00:40:23atte ^HAHA
00:40:24Momdsiw ei vittu
00:40:26Fxx. 0 BASH
00:40:28Momdsiw ostin uusiks värän itemi :D
00:40:30sandii x)
00:40:32Fxx. totaly ussless troll
00:40:38atte "0BASH"
00:40:38atte :_DD
00:40:53creeeeeee i got 1 bash now
00:40:54creeeeeee btw
00:41:02creeeeeee and you cant hope for bashes whole game
00:41:02Momdsiw I bought 2 times ghost scepter when i wanted to buy talisman of evasion
00:41:07creeeeeee go finish mid
00:41:12sandii :DD
00:41:14sandii go mom
00:41:18curdi some1 take wards
00:41:20curdi from courier
00:41:27sandii -ms
00:41:41Maier waste aegis
00:41:41Maier now
00:41:45slc2 def mid
00:41:46Maier and repel me
00:41:46Maier please
00:41:48curdi use
00:41:50curdi dont awste
00:41:51curdi waste
00:42:05sandii ops
00:42:53zonskass slow
00:42:56zonskass slow
00:43:00creeeeeee kill troll
00:43:15atte I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:43:16atte go ff
00:43:18Fxx. end it please
00:43:29atte YOU CAN JUST FF
00:43:30Fxx. i dont wanna play dota at this server
00:43:33atte all ff and quit
00:43:33sandii :D
00:43:40Momdsiw ^^
00:43:40curdi :DD
00:43:42Fxx. totaly ego ingoranst only here
00:43:45curdi :DD
00:43:46atte yeah mb it is the best for everyone
00:43:50Fxx. fucking vote sd
00:43:50curdi agreed
00:43:50Momdsiw :P
00:43:52atte if you stop playing on this server
00:43:53Fxx. and nobody swap
00:44:05atte ragee ku en swapannu techiesii sille
00:44:07atte :DD
00:44:09creeeeeee dont blame oters
00:44:09atte hieno mies
00:44:11creeeeeee u had 3 heros
00:44:13curdi perus
00:44:17creeeeeee and you played as shit
00:44:20Momdsiw "nobody swaps" he only asked for techie xD
00:44:26Fxx. sven (not hero for me)
00:44:27Fxx. troll
00:44:34sandii oh someone was hitting me :o
00:44:39creeeeeee b
00:44:39Fxx. and 3. dont know what , some tard hero
00:44:47sandii i made a radi :o
00:44:52creeeeeee cant help
00:44:55creeeeeee aegis went to rosh already
00:45:22atte where you from?
00:45:26atte russia or somalia?
00:45:28creeeeeee if u lose it to naix or sb
00:45:33slc2 mogudishie
00:45:53Fxx. i pown 5/6 games
00:45:56Maier radi omni :D
00:45:57Fxx. but still loosing games
00:46:00sandii :D:D:
00:46:01atte :DD
00:46:01curdi in bronze *
00:46:03atte obv
00:46:06atte Fxx.
00:46:10atte pls tell everyone
00:46:14atte where you are from
00:46:14Momdsiw you have been lucky with team
00:46:18Momdsiw then
00:46:19atte cant wait to hear this
00:46:25Fxx. atte
00:46:30Fxx. who care
00:46:54atte pls tell
00:46:58atte where are you from
00:47:05Momdsiw shamed of hes nation?
00:47:26zonskass troll stil farming
00:47:36curdi gege
00:47:36slc2 f
00:47:37slc2 I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:47:41zonskass I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
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