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Chat log

00:00:00Smokeer [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... Galgar with 74 seconds.
00:00:05edgarass rd
00:00:05Debil -rd
00:00:05Fxx. rd ?
00:00:05edgarass rd
00:00:05Tomkyy-Pr0 -rd
00:00:05Fxx. -rd
00:00:10Tomkyy-Pr0 ban
00:00:16Tomkyy-Pr0 ban
00:00:16keevin what ban?
00:00:16keevin its RD
00:00:16Mircea.N KEEVIN STFU
00:00:16Tomkyy-Pr0 yeah
00:00:16edgarass roof
00:00:16edgarass ban
00:00:16keevin ?
00:00:16Fxx. ban SD
00:00:16Mircea.N u are new STFU
00:00:16Tomkyy-Pr0 roof
00:00:16Tomkyy-Pr0 play
00:00:16keevin didnt know, sorry
00:00:20Debil ban
00:00:23Mircea.N sd and roof banned
00:00:23Debil skelton
00:00:23Debil king
00:00:23edgarass tomkly pro dont forget to buy chicken and share it
00:00:23Fxx. pink say ?
00:00:23nimetu -roof
00:00:23Tomkyy-Pr0 who is sd
00:00:23Fxx. k
00:00:23Tomkyy-Pr0 ok
00:00:23Galgar omni is in the pool aswell
00:00:23Debil -roof
00:00:23edgarass roof and SD BANNED?
00:00:23Fxx. so , SD ,and ROOF BANNED
00:00:23Galgar y
00:00:23Tomkyy-Pr0 who is sd
00:00:23edgarass sd iis shadow demon
00:00:23Galgar s
00:00:23edgarass near zeus
00:00:23Tomkyy-Pr0 ok
00:00:25edgarass with purple mantle
00:00:30Fxx. eredar (SD)
00:00:39edgarass i go ogre
00:00:42Smokeer autopick great
00:00:47keevin I can play clock/bala decently
00:00:48Mircea.N take omni if u can..
00:00:52Tomkyy-Pr0 i go mid ok
00:00:53Tomkyy-Pr0 pls
00:00:57Tomkyy-Pr0 purple
00:00:59nimetu Nope.
00:01:01Galgar i can pick it but not a great omni
00:01:03Tomkyy-Pr0 ok no mid
00:01:11Galgar swap if someone can
00:01:19edgarass tomkyy u buy chick dont forget
00:01:21Mircea.N swap me ..
00:01:25Tomkyy-Pr0 ok
00:01:28Mircea.N just say what u want
00:01:29edgarass i hate fucing omni
00:01:32Mircea.N we need disablers
00:01:33Fxx. debil , BUY CHICK
00:01:38Galgar venge is fine aswell
00:01:38edgarass and dont take anycarries pos
00:01:42keevin come top anyone who wants to kill
00:01:43Mircea.N venge ?
00:01:44Fxx. huskar - buy chick
00:01:50edgarass me
00:01:50Galgar ye
00:01:55edgarass good combo
00:01:55Mircea.N -swap
00:01:58Mircea.N -swap 2
00:01:59Galgar -swap 4
00:02:00keevin ya
00:02:06keevin Axe u buy courier?
00:02:09nimetu 4 melees. What you think when you pick?
00:02:21edgarass share axe
00:02:27Tomkyy-Pr0 i know
00:02:31Mircea.N lines cap ?
00:02:34edgarass u read rules
00:02:36edgarass ?
00:02:39Tomkyy-Pr0 yeah
00:02:43edgarass that happens prety rarely
00:02:43Tomkyy-Pr0 yes
00:02:46edgarass with new palyers
00:02:59Mircea.N huskar u good player ?
00:03:36keevin heroes only
00:03:37keevin please
00:03:52Fxx. gj
00:03:53Mircea.N gg
00:04:03keevin ..
00:05:22edgarass warded
00:06:03Fxx. ss
00:06:41nimetu ss
00:06:53Mircea.N shit
00:07:00Mircea.N sry
00:07:53Fxx. ss
00:07:54Fxx. !
00:08:03Galgar going dfonw
00:08:04Mircea.N who
00:08:05Fxx. CARE!!!!!!!!§
00:08:05Debil gang
00:08:30Mircea.N afk 1 minute
00:08:32nimetu ss
00:08:36edgarass ss2
00:08:59Fxx. still miss
00:09:02Tomkyy-Pr0 noob
00:09:05keevin let me 1...
00:09:05keevin man
00:09:08edgarass re venge
00:09:10keevin need secret shop
00:09:14edgarass re 2
00:09:51nimetu ss mid
00:09:58Mircea.N 10x
00:10:05Tomkyy-Pr0 gj
00:10:07Tomkyy-Pr0 viper
00:10:07Mircea.N b
00:10:08keevin gank to
00:10:11keevin top
00:10:13keevin go
00:10:16Mircea.N omw
00:10:31Fxx. omg
00:10:31Fxx. heal me
00:10:36edgarass go viper
00:10:39edgarass coward
00:10:39Mircea.N not now
00:10:43Fxx. FUCK U
00:10:44Fxx. OMNI
00:10:49Fxx. full mana
00:10:50Fxx. and no heal
00:10:51Fxx. ...
00:11:01Tomkyy-Pr0 gang
00:11:03Tomkyy-Pr0 ok
00:11:07edgarass viper noob
00:11:08edgarass coward
00:11:11Fxx. love this 13% players ...
00:11:32keevin Alche go...
00:11:33keevin axe
00:11:34Smokeer orage
00:11:37Tomkyy-Pr0 y
00:11:39Smokeer nice build ur skills
00:11:40edgarass ss2
00:11:41Fxx. viper again miss
00:11:41Fxx. ,.,
00:11:43nimetu stop spamming signal
00:11:46edgarass re1
00:11:53Fxx. go
00:12:03edgarass ss2
00:12:04keevin //////
00:12:07edgarass re1
00:12:10nimetu stop spamming axe
00:12:23Tomkyy-Pr0 omg
00:12:26Tomkyy-Pr0 noobs
00:12:32Smokeer well 4 bot
00:12:51Fxx. fuck off
00:13:30Smokeer swap veng?
00:13:33Galgar oom
00:13:34Smokeer ok
00:13:36edgarass noobs idiots
00:13:37Galgar sorry
00:13:45Mircea.N ss ogre rune top
00:13:57Smokeer this huskar
00:13:58edgarass not enough mana
00:13:59Smokeer ..
00:14:10Fxx. guys
00:14:12Fxx. allways focus
00:14:14Fxx. viper
00:15:02Smokeer 4 bot
00:15:02Smokeer zzz
00:15:12Debil ty
00:15:31Fxx. VIPER !
00:15:32Fxx. allways!
00:16:02Fxx. fuck...
00:16:07Fxx. this is SOOOO unbalanced
00:16:09Fxx. teams
00:16:10Smokeer no
00:16:11Fxx. teams
00:16:12Smokeer morph
00:16:13Smokeer u suck
00:16:19Tomkyy-Pr0 gj
00:16:21Tomkyy-Pr0 all
00:16:30Fxx. why the hell u fuckinf focus bala / alche (tanks)
00:16:38Fxx. focus VIPER !
00:16:39keevin b
00:16:40Smokeer why u didnt ewave
00:16:42Smokeer double kill
00:17:04Smokeer oom
00:17:25Mircea.N -ms
00:17:58edgarass alche u idiot u see minimapo?
00:18:03edgarass u fucking moron
00:18:06edgarass doie
00:18:10Smokeer mana boots
00:18:11edgarass noobtard
00:18:23Smokeer near me mana
00:18:29danstefan sry
00:18:30Fxx. omg
00:18:30danstefan on the phoe
00:18:32edgarass u idiots ruin my game
00:18:39edgarass fucking leave the phone when playinf
00:18:40nimetu Manners up!
00:18:49Galgar all going mid
00:18:50Tomkyy-Pr0 we win = team works
00:18:51edgarass all mid
00:18:54Fxx. allways 1. viper guys
00:18:55Fxx. please
00:18:56Fxx. !
00:19:07danstefan nice items axe
00:19:08edgarass axe go
00:19:16Tomkyy-Pr0 ty
00:19:16Mircea.N 10x
00:19:17keevin REgen top
00:19:22keevin Alche
00:19:45Smokeer b
00:20:04Fxx. swap ?
00:20:08edgarass fu i go farm
00:20:10edgarass cowardsa
00:20:10Galgar shield
00:20:35danstefan go farm with ogre moron
00:20:37danstefan you will carry
00:21:13nimetu Banning these 2 whiners/spammers. So they could learn abit.
00:21:25Smokeer cd
00:21:31keevin axe and ogr?
00:21:34Mircea.N ill make mana boots too
00:21:36nimetu yes
00:21:37Smokeer y
00:21:37edgarass lol
00:21:41Tomkyy-Pr0 and
00:21:43edgarass u are funny
00:21:44Tomkyy-Pr0 alchimist
00:21:47keevin rather childish.
00:21:47edgarass for what ban me?
00:21:49Mircea.N -ms
00:22:00nimetu Manners+Spam!
00:22:04edgarass cause u viper suck too
00:22:18keevin ???
00:22:22keevin why do u come all down
00:22:25Galgar tpo
00:22:26Fxx. lets go def down
00:22:26keevin when u see im farming there
00:22:31edgarass to euin your farm
00:22:33keevin go woods/top..
00:22:49danstefan b
00:22:51Fxx. def down !
00:23:04edgarass wait me
00:23:09Mircea.N b mid
00:23:11Mircea.N NOW
00:23:20Mircea.N retard
00:23:22keevin gj
00:23:33edgarass bot
00:23:36Fxx. tower and port up
00:23:40edgarass all bot
00:23:45edgarass ff
00:23:48Mircea.N go go
00:23:50Mircea.N i support
00:23:53keevin axe?
00:24:02Mircea.N u;re slow
00:24:08Tomkyy-Pr0 me
00:24:10Mircea.N u should wave
00:24:13Mircea.N direclty
00:24:23Galgar care
00:24:23Galgar b
00:24:35Mircea.N b
00:24:43Mircea.N yhey regrouped
00:24:54edgarass alche nice items
00:24:55Fxx. stay here
00:25:02edgarass rradi soon
00:25:06Fxx. go swpa !
00:25:09Fxx. viper
00:25:19danstefan wtf
00:25:24Smokeer luck hook
00:26:20edgarass b
00:26:21keevin def mid go
00:26:23edgarass b
00:26:25keevin nah
00:26:26keevin stay mid
00:26:31Fxx. b
00:26:38Fxx. b
00:26:46Fxx. rege
00:26:46edgarass axe dagger
00:26:47Fxx. shop
00:26:48Debil yes
00:26:51Tomkyy-Pr0 focus morplhing
00:27:29keevin axe is not even close
00:27:30keevin to dagger..
00:27:44Fxx. we need to kill alche
00:27:53danstefan BITE ME
00:28:01danstefan ok?
00:28:25Galgar my fail :D
00:28:29Smokeer xD\
00:29:06Tomkyy-Pr0 kill morphling
00:29:12Smokeer b
00:29:12Tomkyy-Pr0 pls
00:29:14Fxx. rosh
00:29:15Fxx. now
00:29:16keevin how?
00:29:18keevin they got mass heals
00:29:18danstefan b
00:29:24Fxx. fast
00:29:28Smokeer no wards
00:29:29danstefan pls let me buy
00:29:30Smokeer canrt rosh
00:29:33keevin go
00:29:34keevin buy
00:29:38Tomkyy-Pr0 all
00:29:39Tomkyy-Pr0 ss
00:29:40Tomkyy-Pr0 /
00:29:40Tomkyy-Pr0 ?
00:29:40Tomkyy-Pr0 +
00:29:54edgarass all rosh
00:29:59Smokeer blue u smart
00:30:00Fxx. ...
00:30:02edgarass viper
00:30:03danstefan so noobs
00:30:09danstefan i wont joi nyou if you dont
00:30:12danstefan dead
00:30:17danstefan balanar dead
00:30:35danstefan go b
00:30:42Smokeer why u all back
00:31:01keevin HELP ?
00:31:02keevin GUYS?
00:31:03danstefan MORPH
00:31:05danstefan FOOLDS
00:31:16Smokeer blue
00:31:17keevin Gj.
00:31:18Smokeer u shit
00:31:20Fxx. WHAAAAAAT?
00:31:21Tomkyy-Pr0 u
00:31:22Fxx. WHY THE HELLu
00:31:22danstefan focus morph
00:31:23Smokeer we would kill bala
00:31:26Tomkyy-Pr0 u?
00:31:27Fxx. U GO 2. TIME ON ROSH ?
00:31:28Fxx. WHY ?
00:31:28Smokeer early
00:31:30Tomkyy-Pr0 u??2
00:31:39Smokeer idiot
00:31:40danstefan I WILL WIN THIS FOR YOU NOW
00:31:40Fxx. yes
00:31:43danstefan just listen to me
00:31:44Fxx. i said , go bala
00:31:46Tomkyy-Pr0 i buy dagger
00:31:47keevin Lets hope so
00:31:47keevin :D
00:31:49Fxx. and 3/5 go rosh ...
00:31:52Smokeer 1v5
00:31:59Smokeer 5v1 i mean
00:32:01Smokeer u
00:32:04Fxx. i have got rly bad , bad , bad , bad team
00:32:15keevin iomnw
00:32:15Galgar b
00:32:15Galgar b
00:32:16keevin Omw*
00:32:16Mircea.N b huskar
00:32:17Mircea.N b
00:32:18Mircea.N b
00:32:21Fxx. and allways , when u DONT KILL VIPER 1.
00:32:24Fxx. WE LOST FIGHT !
00:32:28Fxx. and he have got lothar now
00:32:30Fxx. buy dusts !
00:32:32Mircea.N come
00:33:05danstefan buy wards?
00:33:15danstefan let me top?
00:33:17danstefan more money?
00:33:23Fxx. GOOOOOO
00:33:25Fxx. why u ?q8 ?
00:33:26Fxx. w8 ?
00:33:29danstefan b
00:33:29Smokeer u will back
00:33:31edgarass b
00:33:34danstefan we are so dead
00:33:47Mircea.N b
00:34:00edgarass axe just tp and frt skill
00:34:00Mircea.N fast
00:34:00Smokeer no rosh
00:34:06Galgar get towers
00:34:15Smokeer b
00:34:16danstefan go go go
00:34:17Mircea.N gang
00:34:18keevin BLINK
00:34:18keevin go
00:34:27danstefan dont
00:34:30keevin Ogre can u get wards?
00:34:31danstefan DONT BE NOOBS
00:34:39danstefan THYE IWLL COME BACK
00:34:40danstefan STAY HERE
00:34:46keevin need obs
00:34:48keevin ogre can u get?
00:34:50Mircea.N stay all
00:35:04Tomkyy-Pr0 sry
00:35:27keevin this silence
00:35:27keevin :D
00:35:28keevin so epic
00:35:29Smokeer morpg doenst know what is ulit
00:35:33Fxx. this system is unbelevable
00:35:40Tomkyy-Pr0 no mana
00:35:42Fxx. this team have got max 60 I1
00:35:42nimetu Leave me alone fxx.
00:35:45Fxx. IQ
00:35:53Fxx. i cant win this alone
00:35:54Fxx. cant
00:35:57Fxx. its imposible
00:36:07keevin stop whining
00:36:14Smokeer morph fucking get ur ulit
00:36:15Fxx. so play with this team
00:36:19Fxx. and u understand me
00:36:44Galgar havent seen you done anything extraordinary that would make any differense
00:36:45danstefan B
00:36:45danstefan B
00:36:45danstefan B
00:36:46danstefan B
00:36:46danstefan B
00:36:46danstefan B
00:36:47danstefan B
00:36:47danstefan B
00:36:53Galgar you got the kills in teamfights coz of support
00:36:57Smokeer huskart wtf??
00:37:10danstefan LET ME FARM I GO MORE GOLD
00:37:10Fxx. no
00:37:13Fxx. i have gto kills
00:37:20Fxx. cause u first 20 min listening me
00:37:21Galgar didnt say dfont
00:37:27Fxx. now u ignore me
00:37:29Fxx. and no use brain
00:37:33Fxx. and we start loosign
00:37:41edgarass all mid
00:37:43Galgar go push couple of more towers
00:37:47Galgar mid gaining nonthing
00:37:48Fxx. go try to push
00:37:50Fxx. its DAY!
00:37:52keevin Could u buy obs
00:37:52keevin ogre
00:37:59Galgar b
00:38:00Tomkyy-Pr0 sry
00:38:01Galgar huskar
00:38:05Mircea.N stay all 5
00:38:08Mircea.N christ sake
00:38:09keevin need 600 for agha
00:38:14Fxx. i dont wanna play this game anymore
00:38:15Fxx. I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:38:16Smokeer morph no ulit
00:38:17Mircea.N I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:38:18Smokeer we cant push
00:38:19Fxx. totaly tard team
00:38:20keevin stop whining
00:38:35edgarass rosh
00:38:42Galgar why da hrell you wanna push mid right now
00:38:53keevin 150 ags
00:39:04Mircea.N lets defend
00:39:05Fxx. enjoy rosh
00:39:26keevin b.
00:39:27danstefan dotn go
00:39:28danstefan yo uare 3
00:39:30keevin wait for me
00:39:31keevin 1 min
00:39:34Smokeer morpg fuckign use ulti alch
00:39:35Smokeer radi
00:39:45danstefan go back
00:39:46danstefan now
00:40:07danstefan :D
00:40:08keevin wtf guys? ..
00:40:09danstefan b
00:40:11danstefan i can rebuy
00:40:15danstefan tower > death
00:40:23keevin Viper
00:40:28nimetu not without wards atm
00:40:31nimetu they together
00:40:34keevin I have aghanims
00:40:35keevin free ward.
00:40:42Mircea.N u go vladi clock ?
00:40:45Smokeer no
00:40:47Tomkyy-Pr0 all go
00:40:56Mircea.N i think its a good idea to go vladi
00:41:00danstefan omg you did aganim on balanar ? =))
00:41:17Fxx. np , 5vs3 (2 dead) my team go farm forest
00:41:22Fxx. please , end this
00:41:23Fxx. fast
00:41:39danstefan =))
00:41:47Smokeer fxxs lied u
00:41:49Smokeer all time
00:41:53Smokeer ill banreq
00:41:54Fxx. y
00:41:57Fxx. i m leeir
00:42:00Fxx. they are blind
00:42:00keevin please
00:42:03keevin stay allied chat
00:42:04Fxx. keevin
00:42:05Fxx. SU
00:42:09keevin we're not interested in your fairy tales
00:42:45Fxx. ..
00:42:57keevin Stay mid
00:42:58keevin I push top
00:43:11danstefan b
00:43:15keevin stay mid I saisd.
00:43:21keevin keep both lanes pushed.
00:43:23danstefan you said?
00:43:29danstefan balanar are you in chatrged here?
00:43:43keevin no but its obvious that im the best player in here.
00:43:50danstefan ahahahahahaha
00:43:51danstefan =))
00:44:05edgarass alche
00:44:06edgarass b
00:44:09Fxx. gj alche
00:44:11Fxx. please push it
00:44:14Mircea.N stun
00:44:20Fxx. this game is soooooo bad
00:44:22Smokeer manners bannable?
00:44:28keevin Guess so
00:44:29danstefan i cant die anymore
00:44:32danstefan now i am jsut imba
00:44:36Fxx. i know
00:44:37danstefan really
00:44:40Fxx. bala , viper too
00:44:43Galgar I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:44:45keevin hmm?
00:44:45danstefan they are noobs
00:44:48Fxx. u cant stop us 20 min ago
00:44:54Fxx. but my team dont listening me
00:45:02Fxx. and now we lost
00:45:07Galgar can you just shove it
00:45:08Fxx. cause i have got 13% max player here
00:45:08Galgar plz
00:45:09edgarass blaa care
00:45:12Galgar your ignorent kdi
00:45:15Galgar just shove it ok
00:45:31Fxx. enjoy lost ,cause u dont know play dota
00:45:33Fxx. thats all
00:45:36Galgar i dont
00:45:38keevin allies
00:45:39Galgar perhaps
00:45:39edgarass b
00:45:39Smokeer fxx u dont know play dota
00:45:41Galgar but at least
00:45:41Smokeer ur fault
00:45:45Tomkyy-Pr0 b
00:45:49Galgar i am mannered ab out it
00:45:54Galgar you know a bit
00:45:57Fxx. end this shit please
00:46:06Tomkyy-Pr0 b
00:46:07Galgar And act like the new kuroky
00:46:17Tomkyy-Pr0 b
00:46:35Fxx. PUSH IT PLEASE !!!!!!!!
00:46:37Fxx. why u toying
00:46:42keevin gj
00:46:42Fxx. my suports cant stop u now
00:46:50keevin allies
00:46:57Fxx. soooo miss dota-league
00:47:02danstefan y me to
00:47:05keevin SIG? :D
00:47:10keevin worst place ever
00:47:13danstefan not true
00:47:15danstefan anyway
00:47:18danstefan way better than ehre]
00:47:18keevin that's like
00:47:23keevin one step better than garena pubs.
00:47:31keevin you should consider playing in decent leagues
00:47:32Galgar well
00:47:36keevin or cw's
00:47:36Galgar if you play bronze
00:47:40keevin still pub
00:47:42Galgar its ought to be this
00:47:46Fxx. system at dota-gc is rly bad
00:47:47Fxx. rly bad
00:47:52keevin first game here
00:47:52Fxx. 1/10 games only balanced
00:47:54keevin wanted to try this out
00:47:58keevin since RGC is down most of the time
00:48:03keevin and DLG is full of noobs
00:48:14keevin and MGN.DL full of spamming russians.
00:48:16Galgar hmm RGC was good as long as you got a game going :D
00:48:16danstefan axe you fuckinmg faggot
00:48:25Fxx. bala , u think , u are good player ?
00:48:26keevin where did u paly in RGC?
00:48:39keevin venge?
00:48:46Galgar pff long time ago i guess the system has changed I was there when just 20 players in channels
00:48:51Galgar and they were putting it together
00:48:53keevin yea
00:48:55Galgar like testing and shit :D
00:49:00danstefan nooo
00:49:04danstefan need some armor
00:49:05Smokeer did morph ulit?
00:49:07danstefan and blade mail
00:49:19edgarass go mid
00:49:20edgarass bala
00:49:49keevin anyways
00:49:51Smokeer give me gem
00:49:52Smokeer omnki
00:49:53keevin there are no active leagues anymore at dota1
00:50:03Galgar ; /
00:50:05danstefan today is my birthday btw
00:50:07danstefan :D
00:50:09keevin grats!
00:50:16danstefan and tomorrow its my name day
00:50:21Smokeer grats
00:50:22Tomkyy-Pr0 b
00:50:25Tomkyy-Pr0 car
00:50:30Tomkyy-Pr0 care
00:50:57Fxx. ogre kill huskar 1vs1
00:51:04Tomkyy-Pr0 :D
00:51:11danstefan where is chick
00:51:16Smokeer come
00:51:17Smokeer wtdf
00:51:21nimetu You know how to bind it?
00:51:25keevin hi clock
00:51:26keevin :D
00:51:28Smokeer ok its morph
00:51:33Smokeer morph is emo ^^
00:51:38Smokeer wait when i die
00:51:42Fxx. B
00:51:45danstefan b
00:51:45keevin Just ignore him
00:51:49keevin best solution
00:51:52Smokeer yes
00:51:54Smokeer i know
00:53:06Fxx. omnbi , and u tell me , i m slow ?
00:53:07Galgar you know your ultimate can make wonders morph
00:53:37keevin Does basher and MKB stack?:P
00:53:49keevin anyone knows?
00:53:53edgarass nice
00:53:56edgarass go one by one
00:53:56nimetu no it doesnt
00:53:57edgarass tards
00:54:00keevin :(
00:54:01keevin ok
00:54:03keevin wanted to buy this new item
00:54:04nimetu mkb overrides
00:54:08Fxx. guys , this could me sooo easy game
00:54:08keevin ok.
00:54:13Tomkyy-Pr0 all go
00:54:36Smokeer sec get blademail
00:55:34Fxx. bala , agha
00:55:35Fxx. ...
00:55:35danstefan push all?
00:55:41edgarass all and not one by one
00:55:45Galgar neverending nichkt
00:55:48nimetu Start with bottom then!
00:55:49edgarass all mid?
00:55:52edgarass ok
00:56:17danstefan shit :D
00:56:55edgarass what happened to go all?
00:57:00edgarass fucking bala
00:57:01danstefan cool we loose now :D
00:57:03edgarass farmer shit
00:57:12danstefan get tower
00:57:13danstefan balana
00:57:31Fxx. GO PUSH MID
00:57:34Fxx. s1 def DOWN
00:57:36keevin tower died there
00:57:39keevin just keep on pushing
00:57:42keevin see?
00:57:44keevin u have room bot now
00:57:45keevin to rax.
00:57:51keevin if someone was top now
00:57:55keevin we couldve gotten the rax easily.
00:57:57edgarass morrorns
00:57:59edgarass dont die
00:58:05edgarass if we go all 5 wee win fight
00:58:06keevin Top
00:58:07keevin all
00:58:08keevin go toip
00:58:08danstefan i am loosing points cause of this morons
00:58:14Fxx. u dont lose
00:58:17Fxx. we cant win this now
00:58:24Galgar halp
00:58:27danstefan still loose points if i have low stats
00:58:59keevin u see?
00:59:00danstefan wait me and go
00:59:02keevin rax bot down.
00:59:05keevin push mid now u guys.
00:59:38Fxx. back door
00:59:41Galgar BD
00:59:41Fxx. ...
00:59:43Galgar WTF
00:59:44keevin its allowed.
00:59:46Mircea.N BD
00:59:47Galgar No
00:59:48Fxx. not , it isnt
00:59:57Tomkyy-Pr0 all rosh
00:59:57keevin orly
01:00:01Galgar yes
01:00:02Mircea.N fucking noobs
01:00:02Tomkyy-Pr0 do and we win
01:00:04edgarass its allowd on all towers exept base towers
01:00:10keevin this is not a tower
01:00:15edgarass can we go all togethjer pls teams?
01:00:18Fxx. what now ?
01:00:19edgarass u all suck going one by one
01:00:20danstefan ha
01:00:21danstefan fooled you
01:00:21keevin ff?
01:00:30edgarass b
01:00:36danstefan lol
01:00:43Fxx. its closed ?
01:00:44Galgar and
01:00:45Fxx. ir ?
01:00:47Fxx. or ?
01:01:01Tomkyy-Pr0 go for
01:01:04Tomkyy-Pr0 rosh
01:01:05edgarass no push
01:01:06Fxx. what now pink ?
01:01:07edgarass fuck rosh
01:01:10Fxx. when s1 bd rax ?
01:01:15Tomkyy-Pr0 ok
01:01:17Tomkyy-Pr0 push
01:01:22Tomkyy-Pr0 all
01:01:29danstefan no
01:01:31danstefan why me
01:01:31keevin ggwp
01:01:55Fxx. rly
01:01:57Fxx. what now ?
01:02:05Fxx. why u are silent ?
01:02:23nimetu i will look it over and ban him.
01:02:24Galgar i go ask
01:02:42keevin I didnt read the rules but afaik bd is allowed in every league/platform
01:02:49keevin anyways feel free to report me
01:02:51keevin I dont really mind
01:02:57Galgar not the christmas tree
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