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Chat log

00:00:17jakkihirki anyone want
00:00:17jakkihirki skywrath ogre magi lol. :D
00:00:17Banana OGRE naa nty :p
00:00:17vaityl NS
00:00:17jakkihirki rubik
00:00:17Skinkemaden bala so imba pool
00:00:54Lafrenzz look at my horse, my horse is amazin :DD
00:00:58Sepetos -swap 1
00:00:59jakkihirki -swap 2 vaityl can i have ogre? :p
00:01:33vaityl no
00:01:37vaityl im ogre mm shit
00:01:49vaityl im bad aba
00:02:01vaityl no plat hiw well u didint tell me what u want
00:02:05vaityl him
00:02:07Skinkemaden -swap 5
00:02:07soya -swap 1
00:02:35Skinkemaden omni
00:02:36Skinkemaden top
00:02:47extremewaari troll bot?
00:02:53Lafrenzz they lan
00:02:55extremewaari k
00:04:10Sepetos -ms
00:04:49Lafrenzz LOL
00:04:57Lafrenzz thought it was npc
00:05:01extremewaari me2 magnus
00:06:05Skinkemaden haste
00:06:05Skinkemaden storm they are seriously triying to kill one 1 us
00:06:09Skinkemaden ffs careful dng wuso gogoo
00:07:37Banana N1
00:08:19Lafrenzz REPEL oh u went back lol
00:08:27Banana :d
00:08:45vaityl pul pls
00:08:52jakkihirki mid miss
00:09:04extremewaari top ss 2
00:09:09Skinkemaden ss
00:09:15Sepetos flying?
00:09:19Skinkemaden care
00:09:20Skinkemaden 6
00:10:16extremewaari top ss
00:10:17extremewaari 2 ss down down re
00:11:35Lafrenzz ¨move
00:12:12extremewaari throww me
00:12:17extremewaari and i heal u
00:12:31extremewaari no then im oom only shield mana
00:13:33vaityl care ss??/ banana if u ask who used ur char then me
00:14:11Banana np saw that rocket coming
00:14:17Banana tho had other plan
00:14:55vaityl wtf
00:14:55Lafrenzz -cs this is not good
00:14:55vaityl no rmk mhm
00:14:55jakkihirki well he disconnected mumble
00:14:55vaityl 11 minut
00:14:55jakkihirki this is not looking good well jakki should win this for us or bad far? farm?
00:14:55jakkihirki well
00:14:55jakkihirki repel will save him mm tru maybe go for diffusals?
00:14:55jakkihirki right now even that master plan fails in long run. : / well i need vladi and phase boots and i could go for diffu but that ruins my icy-ng attack doesnt it? fucking hell : (
00:14:55Lafrenzz haste top stprm,
00:14:55jakkihirki well he's out mhm
00:14:55jakkihirki balance
00:14:55jakkihirki he dropped
00:14:55Skinkemaden omni looooool
00:16:00vaityl stop
00:17:53jakkihirki hmm
00:18:04jakkihirki i just hoped you gang even use one skill before i come -_- perfect timing as always
00:19:21jakkihirki i have bottle :( sell sepes items? cani take those ironwoods?
00:21:11jakkihirki ye rest sale?
00:22:23vaityl b
00:22:23vaityl bbb
00:23:17jakkihirki he's coming ack forgot that part of ulti o.O
00:24:25jakkihirki tiny inc top
00:25:22jakkihirki wards too much to ask?
00:25:53vaityl check
00:26:05jakkihirki we could take him down
00:26:13vaityl noo
00:27:01jakkihirki HAHAAHHA
00:27:06vaityl cd
00:27:08vaityl stun
00:27:14jakkihirki just laughing
00:27:18jakkihirki to magnuys
00:27:20jakkihirki magnus*
00:27:25Banana :O
00:28:09Banana :D lool uu scary blink
00:30:38jakkihirki totally forgot that
00:30:39jakkihirki troll
00:30:40jakkihirki get dust
00:30:42Banana :D
00:31:16jakkihirki go with four care banana blink shit
00:34:19jakkihirki hmm
00:34:21jakkihirki weird
00:34:23jakkihirki bug
00:34:31soya I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel] what is? :P
00:34:48jakkihirki that lust sound oh i havent played with sounds for years
00:35:21vaityl get dus
00:35:22jakkihirki sometimes they save your life
00:35:22vaityl t tru
00:35:26jakkihirki like windwalk
00:35:29Banana i have
00:36:55jakkihirki after this
00:36:56jakkihirki roshan mhm
00:37:11jakkihirki wait
00:37:45vaityl retard chik :D
00:38:01vaityl pipe meka arcan vg:D
00:38:01jakkihirki i deny top
00:38:42jakkihirki oom :/
00:39:16Guf -disable help
00:39:27jakkihirki aba make that new item
00:39:30jakkihirki good against troll mm k i have already basher?
00:39:44Guf -enable help
00:39:48jakkihirki relic+bashher oh imba
00:40:19jakkihirki no t
00:41:27jakkihirki :D any other item suggestions?
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