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56% | 1168 X | 1395 TS

Chat log

00:00:20FirstBlood -kael
00:00:20Vangelis i want
00:00:20Vangelis aa
00:00:20atte what want?
00:00:20rtg800 i want penis
00:00:201m4n5h0w i take whats needed
00:00:20Smokeer i go weaver
00:00:20Doomy ban weaver?
00:00:201m4n5h0w ban weaver
00:00:20atte XD
00:00:20atte ck
00:00:20atte ck
00:00:20Vangelis fb
00:00:22Vangelis plz pick me
00:00:22Vangelis aa
00:00:24Zagor get me trall
00:00:30atte Elephant Man - Uku Bit
00:00:34FirstBlood ok swap then
00:00:40Vangelis we could do naga aa lane
00:00:40Zagor swap?
00:00:42atte y
00:00:44Vangelis or aa slard
00:00:45Vangelis ?
00:00:46Zagor ty
00:00:53FirstBlood slardar i want
00:00:541m4n5h0w atte want?
00:00:55ForbeateN NOOOOOOOOOOO
00:00:57Vangelis -swap 1
00:00:58ForbeateN WEAVERRRR
00:00:58Smokeer me
00:01:00ForbeateN NOOOOOOOOO
00:01:011m4n5h0w nah
00:01:03Vangelis get viper
00:01:031m4n5h0w atte or me
00:01:03Smokeer or i pick jugg
00:01:04Vangelis for mid
00:01:04Vangelis ?
00:01:10Vangelis -swap 1
00:01:10FirstBlood -swap 2
00:01:13Vangelis -clear
00:01:14Vangelis -hhn
00:01:16Tough not aa nessaj?
00:01:21Vangelis ck banned
00:01:22Tough ah
00:01:22Zagor get levi some1
00:01:23Tough fail
00:01:23Tough y
00:01:261m4n5h0w mid or top?
00:01:33Doomy someone tide?
00:01:35Vangelis panda tide good picks imo
00:01:37atte wtf :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD smokeer ingame
00:01:39Doomy i wood
00:01:40Vangelis panda tide gyro pugna wisp
00:01:42Zagor atte what u want?
00:01:42atte fuck didnt notice fast enough
00:01:48atte we will see
00:01:52atte fuck my lina taken
00:01:55Vangelis smokeer tells me i am noob
00:01:58Vangelis and i am bad
00:01:58Doomy tide?
00:01:58Zagor ?
00:01:59Vangelis so you win
00:02:00Vangelis np
00:02:061m4n5h0w pugna?
00:02:10Smokeer did i tell?
00:02:10atte give me alch
00:02:12Smokeer when
00:02:12FirstBlood go fb
00:02:13atte -swap 5
00:02:13Smokeer xD
00:02:17Zagor -swap 1
00:02:21Tough got ball
00:02:25Tough i come as well?
00:02:27atte jugger thrall will bot
00:02:30atte and weaver top
00:02:31Smokeer i forest
00:02:32Vangelis i got
00:02:32Smokeer then
00:02:34Vangelis cold feet
00:02:34Doomy no
00:02:37Doomy of course no
00:02:38atte enigma will forest
00:02:391m4n5h0w ur bot jugger
00:02:40Doomy ffs
00:02:42atte you will farm bot
00:02:43Doomy ur bot jug
00:02:45Smokeer ok 4v5
00:02:46Vangelis ball us
00:02:47Vangelis :D
00:02:47Smokeer i emo
00:02:49Tough y^^
00:02:57Vangelis thrall focus
00:02:58Vangelis imo
00:03:02Vangelis h
00:03:04Vangelis i take
00:03:13FirstBlood lol
00:03:15FirstBlood noob
00:03:171m4n5h0w trilane bot
00:03:181m4n5h0w care
00:03:181m4n5h0w fb
00:03:21Tough y
00:03:22Smokeer dotn care
00:03:23Tough because u cant wait
00:03:25Tough gj
00:04:13Vangelis i do double
00:04:14Vangelis pull
00:04:17FirstBlood k
00:05:17Zagor ss
00:05:36FirstBlood care aa
00:06:04FirstBlood ¨trall
00:06:37Vangelis suht pro oled
00:06:37Smokeer this thrall ruin creep
00:06:39Vangelis ma vaatan
00:06:43Smokeer i dont care
00:06:59Smokeer thrall farm i let him
00:07:13Vangelis i pull
00:07:13Vangelis again
00:07:14atte thrall jugger farm
00:07:251m4n5h0w try to gank
00:07:271m4n5h0w enigma
00:07:301m4n5h0w we will double kill
00:07:37Smokeer thrall cant harras
00:07:38Smokeer talent
00:08:02atte ss mid
00:08:02atte care
00:08:07atte re
00:08:36atte rune still bot
00:08:46Smokeer thrall spam aa thu
00:08:50atte reuse
00:08:511m4n5h0w ingma gank
00:08:541m4n5h0w enigma
00:08:56FirstBlood try them again
00:08:59Vangelis y
00:09:03Vangelis thrall first
00:09:05Doomy not 6 yet
00:09:06Zagor ss
00:09:31ForbeateN lol
00:09:431m4n5h0w k then i kill allone
00:09:441m4n5h0w ^^
00:09:48ForbeateN ss
00:09:50Doomy u dont need me
00:09:55ForbeateN care
00:10:021m4n5h0w was close that i die
00:10:051m4n5h0w and dont get my ulti
00:10:13Doomy k
00:10:27ForbeateN gj
00:10:57atte ss
00:11:01FirstBlood w8
00:11:01Vangelis got ult
00:11:06FirstBlood go
00:11:111m4n5h0w stunn
00:11:241m4n5h0w b
00:11:34Tough gang weaver sladar
00:12:03Smokeer nice ulit
00:12:08ForbeateN ss
00:12:13ForbeateN ss
00:12:211m4n5h0w didnt watch
00:12:22Tough gj
00:12:231m4n5h0w blink plz
00:12:251m4n5h0w sry
00:12:28Doomy np
00:12:31Doomy my bad
00:12:48atte rofl
00:13:07atte slard has rune
00:13:09atte rege?
00:13:24rtg800 nice
00:13:26Tough gj
00:13:38Tough come to me
00:13:58Smokeer atte top
00:13:59Smokeer xDDDd
00:14:01Smokeer not mid
00:14:04Smokeer if mid 2 kill would
00:14:13atte obv
00:14:14atte ;:DD
00:14:16Smokeer obc
00:14:191m4n5h0w he ported bevore fight
00:14:31Vangelis zzz
00:14:32Vangelis i want
00:14:33Vangelis to make
00:14:33atte they were
00:14:33Vangelis urn
00:14:34Vangelis :D
00:14:34atte all alive
00:14:36Smokeer u believe in wrong person
00:14:38atte we 4
00:14:41atte when i port top
00:15:10atte fucking aa
00:15:29Zagor jhaste
00:15:30Vangelis cd ult
00:16:061m4n5h0w imba teamfeed
00:16:14rtg800 bad ball
00:16:211m4n5h0w gj
00:16:24atte mid tower
00:16:30Doomy imba black hole
00:16:311m4n5h0w i take farm
00:16:321m4n5h0w y
00:17:11ForbeateN b
00:17:23Doomy ffs thrall
00:17:32Zagor no mana dude
00:17:41Doomy was just 2 hit
00:17:57atte hah
00:18:09Vangelis let's
00:18:11Vangelis start pushing
00:18:13Vangelis they got imba late
00:18:36atte ult
00:18:37atte omg
00:18:381m4n5h0w wtf
00:18:43ForbeateN ty
00:18:441m4n5h0w wrong hotkey
00:18:451m4n5h0w wuhey
00:18:49Vangelis lothar viper
00:18:50Vangelis ? :D
00:18:551m4n5h0w spmmed 2x next to t
00:18:55Vangelis havent see that in 2 years
00:18:59ForbeateN :)
00:19:141m4n5h0w haha
00:19:19Tough <3
00:20:36Vangelis viper
00:20:41Vangelis your build is really bad
00:20:561m4n5h0w let me in peace
00:21:08FirstBlood tp
00:21:29ForbeateN b
00:21:49atte b
00:21:50Vangelis forbeaten
00:21:51atte care
00:21:51Vangelis do you know
00:21:55Vangelis what people usually do vanguard
00:21:56Vangelis on viper
00:21:59Vangelis no loth
00:22:041m4n5h0w haha
00:22:081m4n5h0w wp
00:22:08Doomy so fed slard
00:22:16ForbeateN incredible skill
00:22:18ForbeateN slardar
00:22:19ForbeateN gj
00:22:30FirstBlood i know
00:22:351m4n5h0w viper neraly loths
00:22:36FirstBlood i hear it every day :D
00:24:57ForbeateN should have gone vanguard
00:25:01Vangelis WELL OFC
00:25:02Vangelis :/
00:25:23atte slard
00:25:291m4n5h0w k
00:25:42atte go with 5
00:25:45atte we
00:25:51atte go
00:26:01ForbeateN b
00:26:15ForbeateN 5..
00:26:181m4n5h0w lucky stun alch
00:26:181m4n5h0w ^^
00:26:27atte well he stood there to hit creep
00:26:34atte didnt see me stunning or something
00:26:341m4n5h0w y
00:26:40FirstBlood go de
00:26:42FirstBlood def
00:26:47Tough 4 vs 5?
00:27:02FirstBlood stay on hill
00:27:05FirstBlood befind the tower
00:27:11atte regen bot
00:27:11atte enig
00:27:121m4n5h0w should i go radi?
00:27:151m4n5h0w or link
00:27:18atte you can radi
00:27:241m4n5h0w i take farm bot
00:27:28Vangelis at least
00:27:30Vangelis go str treads
00:27:31Vangelis viper
00:27:31Vangelis ...
00:27:34Doomy radi y
00:27:38atte they mid
00:27:40atte with sentry
00:27:47Doomy def tw
00:27:521m4n5h0w they come bot
00:27:53Doomy ?
00:28:06Doomy no dust
00:28:10atte none has janggo?
00:28:15Zagor i have
00:28:16Doomy thrall do?
00:28:20atte ok
00:28:22atte so i dont make
00:28:23Vangelis viper
00:28:25Vangelis ????
00:28:25Doomy i buy dust
00:28:341m4n5h0w bot
00:28:341m4n5h0w 3
00:28:351m4n5h0w 4
00:28:48atte def y
00:28:54Tough b
00:28:56atte enig go
00:28:56FirstBlood b
00:28:59atte grab few
00:29:04Vangelis viper
00:29:05Vangelis ????
00:29:12ForbeateN coming
00:29:18ForbeateN go
00:29:19ForbeateN now
00:29:21FirstBlood i need bkb
00:29:21ForbeateN we see
00:29:27Vangelis insta
00:29:28Vangelis enigma
00:29:32FirstBlood enigma
00:29:33FirstBlood first
00:30:03Doomy i have to stay b
00:30:10Doomy or they kill me first
00:30:20Smokeer jsut behind
00:30:22Tough sladar?
00:30:26Tough why u stay with me for eni?
00:30:30Tough not*
00:30:38Zagor u have bkb eni?
00:30:40Doomy some dust could be awesome
00:30:46Doomy no
00:30:47Zagor ill go dust
00:30:49Doomy just axe
00:30:52Doomy got dust
00:30:55Doomy ...
00:30:581m4n5h0w bot
00:31:22ForbeateN b
00:31:35Vangelis -ms
00:31:36atte rosh
00:31:491m4n5h0w need jugger ward
00:31:50Doomy i stay b
00:31:56ForbeateN they are roshb
00:32:06Smokeer slow?
00:32:14atte god
00:32:23atte b
00:32:26Tough b
00:32:27ForbeateN haha
00:32:28ForbeateN go
00:32:29ForbeateN kill
00:32:30ForbeateN rosh
00:32:311m4n5h0w bkb slad
00:32:32rtg800 gogo
00:32:52FirstBlood go him
00:32:57FirstBlood i will defend you
00:32:58atte enig
00:32:59atte go
00:33:16atte : D
00:33:17FirstBlood enig
00:33:19atte when they all there
00:33:21ForbeateN y
00:33:27atte care
00:33:30Doomy they never stick
00:33:39Vangelis rosh
00:33:39ForbeateN b
00:33:39Vangelis fast
00:33:39atte they were 4 in roshpit
00:33:40Vangelis cast
00:33:46atte but weaver used bugs
00:33:48Doomy if one stunner away
00:33:49Tough sakdar take
00:33:50Doomy im fucked
00:33:54atte yeah but wasnt
00:33:57atte since slard cant stun you
00:34:21Vangelis viper
00:34:22Vangelis full hp
00:34:24Vangelis ????
00:34:331m4n5h0w xaxa
00:34:531m4n5h0w didnt see shit lina
00:34:53Vangelis viper
00:34:54Vangelis ?????
00:34:56Vangelis VIPEr
00:34:56ForbeateN ?
00:35:02Vangelis really
00:35:04Vangelis your item build
00:35:051m4n5h0w b
00:35:05Vangelis ?
00:35:19FirstBlood B
00:35:46FirstBlood b
00:36:04ForbeateN creeps stucked me..
00:36:09ForbeateN so buged f game
00:36:10Vangelis why are you making
00:36:12Vangelis sange yasha
00:36:28Vangelis why
00:36:29Vangelis tell us
00:36:29Vangelis ?
00:36:39ForbeateN need hp
00:36:44ForbeateN ms
00:36:44Vangelis make manta
00:36:45Vangelis ?
00:36:49Vangelis manta is 10 times better
00:36:50Vangelis for viper
00:36:54Vangelis make bkb
00:36:55Vangelis ?
00:36:56ForbeateN stop talking to me
00:37:34atte care
00:37:35Doomy smoked
00:38:08Doomy weaver got radi?
00:38:08Vangelis weaver
00:38:09Vangelis radi
00:38:10Vangelis ....
00:38:111m4n5h0w y
00:38:14FirstBlood go
00:38:20FirstBlood weaver withnot tp
00:38:20Vangelis weaver no tp
00:38:37atte MAN
00:38:45FirstBlood heal
00:39:23ForbeateN b
00:39:27Doomy ULTI FOR THAT JUG?
00:39:30Doomy ur no serious
00:40:011m4n5h0w blademail maybe?
00:40:06atte third skill
00:40:07atte omg
00:40:13Zagor im dead in sec
00:40:19Zagor so cant do shit
00:40:19Smokeer ghost just
00:40:501m4n5h0w sry
00:40:541m4n5h0w thought you can kill him easy
00:40:551m4n5h0w ...
00:40:58Doomy y and jug wasted his ulti
00:41:05atte I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:41:15FirstBlood PERMA HEAL ON ME
00:41:24Tough wait
00:41:26Tough got meka
00:41:401m4n5h0w thrall just played mega stupid
00:41:48Zagor and u played good?
00:41:521m4n5h0w 10x better
00:41:58atte yeah me and thrall fail here
00:42:05Zagor im last pick
00:44:08atte wait
00:44:10atte all gather
00:44:11atte roshtime
00:44:13atte or fake it
00:44:18FirstBlood b
00:44:19Vangelis THEY ARE IN OUR FOREST
00:44:23Vangelis chick went to their forest
00:44:28FirstBlood w8 for me
00:44:35atte take it
00:44:391m4n5h0w ward
00:44:41atte they coming
00:44:421m4n5h0w heal ward
00:44:48Doomy no ult
00:45:00Doomy weaver t
00:45:11atte viper invis
00:45:17Tough b pls
00:45:19Tough wait me
00:45:20Smokeer b
00:45:24Vangelis 1 mid
00:45:25Doomy no ulti
00:45:561m4n5h0w cant
00:45:56atte xd
00:45:58atte y
00:45:581m4n5h0w perma stunn
00:45:591m4n5h0w sux
00:46:051m4n5h0w bash in the second i ulti
00:46:061m4n5h0w haha
00:46:071m4n5h0w ^^
00:46:07Vangelis huskar
00:46:08Vangelis why
00:46:10Vangelis are you farming
00:46:11Vangelis :D
00:46:11atte I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:46:15atte gg
00:46:26Smokeer df
00:46:27Smokeer fsd
00:46:281m4n5h0w viper so bad
00:46:33atte yes
00:46:361m4n5h0w same to tusk
00:46:36ForbeateN urn me
00:46:38ForbeateN pls
00:46:47ForbeateN ty
00:46:52ForbeateN -ms
00:47:02Smokeer no ulit
00:47:341m4n5h0w WTF
00:47:351m4n5h0w F
00:47:361m4n5h0w SHITTING
00:47:371m4n5h0w BAH
00:47:411m4n5h0w cant ulti
00:47:41atte does the
00:47:421m4n5h0w ever
00:47:501m4n5h0w wp slad
00:47:51Vangelis >?
00:47:55atte slow from tuskar effect to castanimations?
00:48:05atte like bat slow
00:48:13Doomy I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:48:18atte I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:48:32Smokeer this thrall
00:50:00Doomy thrall
00:50:371m4n5h0w :D
00:50:44Vangelis paris pro oled jah smokeer
00:51:02Smokeer 47min ur ulit 3 times?
00:51:10Vangelis ?
00:51:13atte pls
00:51:16atte dont talk to him
00:51:20Smokeer ty
00:51:39atte he wont get it and starts arguing you playing bad
00:52:45Vangelis damn atte is no match for smokeer skill
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