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-21 X
-1 TS

97% | 1717 X | 1623 TS

-5 X
-1 TS

68% | 1284 X | 1396 TS

+15 X
-1 TS

66% | 1271 X | 1392 TS

+13 X
-2 TS

65% | 1323 X | 1329 TS

-43 X
-2 TS

52% | 1166 X | 1356 TS

+32 X
+2 TS

93% | 1608 X | 1512 TS

+15 X
+2 TS

84% | 1432 X | 1484 TS

+6 X
+2 TS

69% | 1300 X | 1387 TS

+18 X
+2 TS

60% | 1242 X | 1367 TS

-10 X
+3 TS

53% | 1193 X | 1334 TS

Chat log

00:00:00Zulu [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... Zulu with 48 seconds.
00:00:17magaso if i dont pick
00:00:17magaso pause
00:00:17Smokeer me chen or wr
00:00:17BoNeshaw ban phoenix
00:00:17atte someone lich?
00:00:17NeverbACKdOwn smokeer?
00:00:17Smokeer nah
00:00:17Smokeer chen or wr
00:00:17Smokeer only
00:00:17atte lich
00:00:34KeLToS we need another carry?
00:00:46BoNeshaw some semicarry mby
00:00:52KeLToS weaver is semi
00:01:03BoNeshaw naa weaver is carry
00:01:05atte -swap 2
00:01:14GottHasstMich why always sniper
00:01:15chodaboy so boring es
00:01:15GottHasstMich this shithero
00:01:17chodaboy -hhn
00:01:17BoNeshaw sniper mid
00:01:18GottHasstMich is a freekill
00:01:18chodaboy -di
00:01:21atte -swap 4
00:01:22BoNeshaw cent jungl me solo top
00:01:23chodaboy get dazzle
00:01:25KeLToS allways? omg i havnt played him some time
00:01:29GottHasstMich i dont mean u
00:01:31GottHasstMich in generel
00:01:31Smokeer chen better
00:01:34GottHasstMich general
00:01:36chodaboy no
00:01:37GottHasstMich hes hyped imo
00:01:38NeverbACKdOwn get somthing for atte?
00:01:40NeverbACKdOwn and play es
00:01:40KeLToS no its not picked in gc
00:01:40Smokeer dazzle i suck
00:01:41chodaboy its not better
00:01:41KeLToS ever
00:01:42NeverbACKdOwn imo
00:01:44GottHasstMich buddy
00:01:46atte wr tide top chen forest sf bot
00:01:47chodaboy dazzle ten times better
00:01:47Smokeer wr i wanted
00:01:49GottHasstMich last 4 silver games
00:01:50GottHasstMich 3 games picked
00:01:51GottHasstMich :)
00:02:05GottHasstMich and always failed
00:02:05Smokeer u will see
00:02:05GottHasstMich but np
00:02:08Smokeer how i play dazzle
00:02:12BoNeshaw outpicked like shit
00:02:13GottHasstMich im looking forward to your sniper :)
00:02:15KeLToS h
00:02:15Smokeer dont blame me
00:02:30magaso ots ;pst
00:02:30chodaboy top?
00:02:31chodaboy -hhn
00:02:31chodaboy -di
00:02:31Strom share
00:02:32magaso cause u noobs
00:02:35KeLToS just gang sf in mid and we will be fine
00:02:35magaso cant pick
00:02:38Smokeer klater
00:02:44Smokeer done
00:03:05Strom choda, don't fail now
00:03:21chodaboy i only fail
00:03:21Smokeer i go asap medd
00:03:25chodaboy when i get naps in team
00:03:28chodaboy that u wont ban
00:03:31Smokeer xDDDD
00:03:33Smokeer nice talk
00:04:00NeverbACKdOwn pane gushi
00:04:01NeverbACKdOwn talle
00:04:06Strom mõttetu
00:04:13NeverbACKdOwn ei harasime
00:04:21Strom mitte lvl1 gushiga
00:04:24Strom mul mana pole ollagi
00:04:24GottHasstMich ofc
00:05:25NeverbACKdOwn neil cent ka raisk
00:05:30NeverbACKdOwn võime ganki saada
00:05:38Strom nice rune luck
00:05:42Zulu ss
00:05:49atte saw it earlier
00:05:50Zulu 1 re
00:05:53Strom uu
00:06:19Smokeer wrong hotkey
00:06:20Smokeer zzz
00:06:24chodaboy ^^^
00:06:50Strom gonna come for sniper
00:07:05Zulu ss
00:07:13atte gut
00:07:14chodaboy imba
00:07:16atte me rune
00:07:17Strom rune tp
00:07:21KeLToS tide mid
00:07:29GottHasstMich a shame u didnt saw him earlier but nmv..
00:07:35KeLToS how the fuck can i see him
00:07:37GottHasstMich i saw him 5 secs before he went for gush
00:07:42GottHasstMich he was visible
00:07:47GottHasstMich on minimap
00:07:58GottHasstMich nvm
00:08:17Zulu tide bot
00:08:18Zulu care
00:08:21Strom go abba
00:08:25GottHasstMich u wanna go wr ?
00:08:25Strom when he comes
00:08:30Strom he no boots
00:08:31BoNeshaw too hard
00:08:33BoNeshaw but ok
00:08:35GottHasstMich go
00:08:42GottHasstMich ?
00:08:47GottHasstMich easy
00:08:54atte hahaha
00:08:54BoNeshaw y well eh faild
00:09:09GottHasstMich double edge owns him
00:09:10GottHasstMich imo
00:09:13GottHasstMich lowbob heor
00:09:15GottHasstMich heor
00:09:18GottHasstMich hero*
00:09:20GottHasstMich -.-
00:09:20KeLToS ss
00:09:20Zulu ss
00:09:22Zulu 3
00:09:24atte ss
00:09:25BoNeshaw y
00:09:28BoNeshaw but he has to fail
00:09:29KeLToS re
00:09:30chodaboy pull
00:09:32BoNeshaw u got no boots
00:09:36BoNeshaw still he ran to u :F
00:09:37KeLToS pls crow
00:09:39KeLToS or wards
00:09:39atte care
00:09:41GottHasstMich y
00:09:43GottHasstMich that was kinda shit
00:09:43GottHasstMich :D
00:10:04atte ss
00:10:10Zulu 1 re
00:10:21Strom damn, that double wraith
00:10:22BoNeshaw sweet
00:10:23Strom so much dmg
00:10:25GottHasstMich gogo feed
00:10:26GottHasstMich :)
00:10:27KeLToS crow
00:10:27KeLToS pls
00:10:47Zulu ss
00:10:48chodaboy kill that silencer now
00:11:00GottHasstMich omw mid
00:11:06KeLToS hf
00:11:28BoNeshaw go
00:11:47Smokeer 100g to medd
00:11:48Strom ok
00:11:48GottHasstMich :D
00:11:50NeverbACKdOwn täiesti putsis
00:11:50NeverbACKdOwn :D
00:11:51Strom top lane weaver needs gang
00:11:53BoNeshaw lol
00:11:54chodaboy u tell me i dont fail
00:11:54GottHasstMich how stupid this wr is
00:11:56GottHasstMich u saw this?
00:11:57GottHasstMich xD
00:12:01BoNeshaw nop
00:12:02BoNeshaw :)
00:12:21GottHasstMich just a sweet situation
00:12:22GottHasstMich :)
00:12:37Smokeer got medd then gang
00:12:49GottHasstMich i opene
00:12:57GottHasstMich :x
00:13:13GottHasstMich i go mid
00:13:24KeLToS take
00:13:44Strom lol
00:13:44chodaboy omfg
00:14:00chodaboy dazzle go gank
00:14:11BoNeshaw miss
00:14:14chodaboy get silencere
00:14:21chodaboy or go away and gank
00:14:40GottHasstMich hes getting better
00:14:47BoNeshaw y
00:14:48BoNeshaw just farm
00:15:08BoNeshaw 3,2k
00:15:12GottHasstMich np buddy :9
00:15:13chodaboy nice
00:15:14chodaboy take farm
00:15:18chodaboy keep it up
00:15:19Smokeer boots
00:15:19Smokeer xD
00:15:47Smokeer some1 get wards?
00:15:51Smokeer i had no money
00:15:53Smokeer oh
00:15:53Smokeer got
00:15:54Smokeer zzz
00:16:15magaso denying gives x ?
00:16:19Strom sure
00:16:21chodaboy if u wanna gank that
00:16:22magaso k
00:16:25chodaboy get dusts
00:16:28GottHasstMich go
00:16:30Smokeer harras
00:16:53atte sniper so dominated
00:16:54atte :DDD
00:16:59BoNeshaw relic almost
00:17:05GottHasstMich omw
00:17:06GottHasstMich top
00:17:07GottHasstMich get nvm
00:17:10atte only with timing fissures
00:17:12atte 50cs now
00:17:18Strom nice
00:17:39chodaboy GRAVE U FUCKING NAP
00:17:43chodaboy omfg
00:17:59chodaboy levi
00:17:59chodaboy es
00:18:03chodaboy best ulties in game
00:18:03Smokeer look sf blame me
00:18:05chodaboy and u dont gank?
00:18:07Smokeer why he whine about dazzle
00:18:08Strom dude
00:18:08Smokeer ^^
00:18:11Strom we just ganked sniper
00:18:24atte dude levi moving all the time
00:18:32NeverbACKdOwn weaver has relix
00:18:36NeverbACKdOwn btw
00:18:41Strom yea weaver is super fat
00:18:43atte standard
00:18:53NeverbACKdOwn boneshaw cs?
00:19:13NeverbACKdOwn get top tower?
00:19:18Strom can't vs weaver
00:19:35Smokeer cant vs?
00:19:35Smokeer xD
00:19:39Strom well I meant with two
00:20:13BoNeshaw not that great cs but doesnt really matter
00:20:32Strom radi anyway, yeah
00:20:35NeverbACKdOwn just saw relix at 15 thought u must have monster
00:20:37NeverbACKdOwn cs
00:20:40GottHasstMich getting my dagger
00:20:41GottHasstMich then go
00:21:00atte *you can farm relic in 10min
00:21:19chodaboy dont buy dust and gank
00:21:23GottHasstMich care
00:21:27Strom I bought dust & used it on weaver
00:21:50chodaboy HELLO
00:21:51atte fucking sile
00:21:53Strom choda, focus more on farming
00:22:00chodaboy when u take my farm
00:22:02chodaboy i should focus more
00:22:05Strom I have 22cs
00:22:06chodaboy when u buy more wards
00:22:07Strom what farm
00:22:09chodaboy i chould focus more
00:22:19GottHasstMich getr him
00:22:31chodaboy wp
00:22:34atte ty
00:22:48Smokeer silence
00:22:58Strom yeah that global really fucked things up
00:23:10GottHasstMich dd
00:23:11atte what fucked things up was
00:23:12atte 2
00:23:12Strom they're together
00:23:13atte v
00:23:15chodaboy no wards
00:23:16atte 5
00:23:41chodaboy an early gem
00:23:50chodaboy would change the game
00:23:59Strom we could push
00:24:02chodaboy soon its lost
00:24:06atte ahh sf making lothars
00:24:09atte enough said
00:24:35BoNeshaw def mid
00:24:48chodaboy ff
00:24:58Strom fight?
00:25:00atte 'i go next wave
00:25:03Strom k
00:25:36atte cd on fissure
00:25:39atte 0.1sefc
00:25:51Strom casual regen rune
00:27:13KeLToS let me pls
00:27:20Smokeer he ward planted
00:27:24atte got ulti
00:27:29Smokeer go
00:27:38atte need sf
00:27:45Strom wait
00:27:46Strom I heal
00:27:46Smokeer need tide then fine
00:27:53chodaboy wait for me
00:27:55chodaboy lothar ulti
00:28:02Strom got dagger too
00:28:03atte b
00:28:04atte b
00:28:04atte b
00:28:04atte bb
00:28:05atte b
00:28:19atte let em push if they want
00:28:24Strom ye
00:28:24atte now
00:28:25atte someone
00:28:26atte bait
00:28:27atte like
00:28:28atte wr
00:29:18GottHasstMich gr8
00:29:22NeverbACKdOwn get rosh?
00:29:23NeverbACKdOwn or mid?
00:29:23GottHasstMich now we see what outpicked means
00:29:24GottHasstMich ...
00:29:26atte mid
00:29:27Smokeer mnid
00:29:41BoNeshaw sniper get tp
00:29:43BoNeshaw they pushin
00:30:10Smokeer es
00:30:11Smokeer sorry
00:30:14Smokeer xD
00:30:14atte ?
00:30:15atte :DD
00:30:38atte all bot
00:30:42BoNeshaw silencer
00:30:43atte but no ultis yet
00:30:45BoNeshaw cant u ult?=
00:30:50BoNeshaw afte rthey jump
00:30:50Zulu tryed
00:30:54Zulu tried*
00:30:58NeverbACKdOwn sec
00:31:01atte well sf obv playing singleplayer
00:31:01NeverbACKdOwn i regen
00:31:02Strom I need to regen
00:31:03atte could take tower
00:31:04Smokeer again
00:31:04Smokeer wtf
00:31:08Smokeer oh
00:31:37KeLToS cent pipe`?
00:31:40GottHasstMich y
00:31:44GottHasstMich going for it
00:32:07atte fight
00:32:15chodaboy wait for me then
00:32:17GottHasstMich they coming
00:33:09GottHasstMich unreal
00:33:15BoNeshaw o lol levi ult left
00:33:22Strom had mana issues for ulti in first fight
00:33:30NeverbACKdOwn epic choda
00:33:31NeverbACKdOwn epic
00:33:33atte XD
00:33:37atte temeka strikes back
00:33:39Smokeer epic
00:33:42chodaboy what?
00:33:51chodaboy ur fight was epic
00:33:56BoNeshaw dust someone
00:34:05atte big sf
00:34:18Strom choda, the fuck are you doing there
00:34:24chodaboy chillin
00:34:33Strom like I went to home
00:34:36Strom regenned
00:34:37Strom went to farm
00:34:39Strom came back
00:34:41Strom regenned
00:34:43Strom and I look at the map
00:34:44KeLToS take lane pls
00:34:47Strom you're still there :D
00:35:11Smokeer gank?
00:35:13Smokeer gather
00:35:14chodaboy got bkb now to
00:35:48Smokeer famers
00:35:48BoNeshaw -afk
00:35:49Smokeer zzz
00:35:57Smokeer weaver farm forest?
00:36:04Strom dd abba at rosh
00:36:06Strom or near it
00:36:11chodaboy he was mid
00:36:12KeLToS rosh
00:36:14KeLToS ?
00:36:25Strom looks like rosh to me
00:36:26atte can we
00:36:46atte global..
00:37:18chodaboy b
00:37:19Strom I guess the plan was to go back
00:38:00Smokeer troll
00:38:02chodaboy need to get gem
00:38:06NeverbACKdOwn brb
00:38:13Strom vision isn't the problem imo
00:38:18Strom we just need better teamwork
00:38:25GottHasstMich btw
00:38:27GottHasstMich awesome ulti silencer
00:38:45atte need to push
00:38:47Zulu there was fight so i used it. how should i know u would back
00:38:56atte wr sf bait
00:38:56GottHasstMich i didnt ment it ironic lol
00:38:58atte rest
00:38:59GottHasstMich es couldnt cast ulti
00:38:59atte blink in
00:39:03GottHasstMich he blinked that moment
00:39:05GottHasstMich was rly good ulti...
00:39:10Zulu :)
00:39:14GottHasstMich they could have catched us there so bad
00:39:21Smokeer i can buy gem
00:39:23Smokeer some take
00:39:25atte go botlane
00:39:31GottHasstMich abba already has pipe
00:39:32Smokeer some take
00:39:32BoNeshaw roshan
00:39:33GottHasstMich 2 doesnt stack or?
00:39:34GottHasstMich ._.
00:39:37KeLToS smoke in
00:39:46atte tide
00:39:48atte you take gem
00:39:50atte b
00:39:52atte wait all
00:40:08atte SF
00:40:09atte SF
00:40:10atte SF
00:40:17GottHasstMich mana pls
00:40:21KeLToS smoke rdy
00:40:22KeLToS meet
00:40:26BoNeshaw roshan now
00:40:28Strom if I take gem
00:40:32Strom we need to move with 5
00:40:36Smokeer y
00:40:36Strom otherwise I'll die too fast
00:40:40Smokeer 5 always forever to finish
00:40:47KeLToS me?
00:40:50BoNeshaw i take
00:40:54atte care now
00:40:56atte and all
00:40:57atte can we
00:40:59atte go with 5
00:41:05GottHasstMich ?
00:41:08chodaboy 1 ward
00:41:12Strom I'm ready for moving
00:41:13chodaboy imba shit
00:41:16atte no use of wards
00:41:18atte when you cant
00:41:20atte teamplay
00:41:22KeLToS whypush
00:41:22atte at all
00:41:23atte big sf
00:41:28KeLToS were the lategame
00:41:32atte now
00:41:33atte bait mid
00:41:36atte and we jump
00:42:03Smokeer ok gem
00:42:05Smokeer i guess
00:42:06Smokeer abba
00:42:17GottHasstMich we still need wards
00:42:55Smokeer wtf
00:43:03Smokeer weaver was there
00:43:09Strom ofc, all 5 there
00:43:15Strom I went home
00:43:16chodaboy maybe
00:43:16atte so bad
00:43:19Strom didn't want to loose gem
00:43:19chodaboy buy some wards?
00:43:20GottHasstMich ah
00:43:20GottHasstMich lol
00:43:21GottHasstMich srry
00:43:22chodaboy and we can see
00:43:22GottHasstMich -.-
00:43:23atte FOR A PUSH
00:43:23GottHasstMich hotkey
00:43:23BoNeshaw np
00:43:25GottHasstMich script
00:43:35Strom hey man
00:43:36atte SF
00:43:37atte COME
00:43:38atte WITH
00:43:38Strom I'm ready for pushing
00:43:38atte US
00:43:39Strom lets go
00:43:40atte FROM
00:43:41atte LANE
00:43:42atte PUSH
00:43:56atte 'AND WAIT ALL
00:43:58atte THEN GO PUSH
00:44:06atte but no
00:44:07chodaboy we have no wards
00:44:10chodaboy we will loose
00:44:19atte you rly
00:44:25atte no understanding
00:44:27atte of this game
00:44:28atte so
00:44:39atte def mid
00:44:48Strom 15s cd
00:45:03Smokeer 20sec cd again ulit
00:45:05BoNeshaw i bait
00:45:07BoNeshaw got aegis
00:45:08atte sniper
00:45:25GottHasstMich they like him more
00:45:26GottHasstMich go mid tower
00:45:27GottHasstMich :D
00:45:28chodaboy what is the wards doing on chick
00:45:33atte ffs
00:45:39KeLToS cool
00:45:40GottHasstMich idiots
00:45:42GottHasstMich :D
00:45:45Strom need to def base
00:46:08BoNeshaw ups
00:46:11BoNeshaw sorry
00:46:12atte now wr bait
00:46:13atte and sf
00:46:20BoNeshaw reuse hawk
00:46:21atte farm there
00:46:21Strom wr / dazzle
00:46:24Strom take wards from chick
00:46:31magaso fucktards
00:46:33magaso where is n
00:46:34atte push the lane
00:46:35magaso my items
00:46:35magaso ffs
00:46:37BoNeshaw base
00:46:39GottHasstMich ?
00:46:43atte follow
00:46:43atte rdy to blink
00:46:43GottHasstMich rageplug
00:46:43Strom don't go alone to plant tho
00:46:43Smokeer balance me
00:46:43GottHasstMich xD
00:46:48Smokeer ok
00:46:49GottHasstMich would be too funny
00:46:49Strom just carry wards with you
00:46:52Strom and plant when good spot
00:46:53Strom we pass by
00:47:07atte keep on pushing
00:47:12KeLToS aba
00:47:14atte i got smoke for us rest
00:47:15BoNeshaw -cs
00:47:15atte wr
00:47:15KeLToS close 2 butter
00:47:16NeverbACKdOwn what about mid
00:47:16KeLToS let me wood
00:47:17GottHasstMich 2 pipes doesnt stuck or?
00:47:19Zulu abba
00:47:22BoNeshaw it doesnt
00:47:23GottHasstMich stack*
00:47:24Zulu lest anti ward
00:47:27Strom carry tps
00:47:36magaso hye dont
00:47:38magaso i gues\
00:48:37chodaboy this dazzle
00:48:40chodaboy so bad
00:48:42chodaboy it hurts
00:48:42Smokeer this sf
00:48:44magaso take gem
00:48:44magaso ffs
00:48:49Smokeer grave? i save es
00:48:49Smokeer and
00:48:51NeverbACKdOwn well we have no lategame carry
00:48:51GottHasstMich i get it with bird
00:48:52Smokeer whine mroe grave
00:48:53chodaboy ur loosing the game
00:48:53Strom damn
00:48:54Strom almost
00:49:03KeLToS stop
00:49:05NeverbACKdOwn choda if someone is losing the game its you
00:49:06KeLToS we got it
00:49:09BoNeshaw 2 gems
00:49:10GottHasstMich 2
00:49:12chodaboy how come?
00:49:15GottHasstMich :D
00:49:15chodaboy NO WARDS
00:49:15atte :DD
00:49:18chodaboy NO GRAVE
00:49:18magaso LD
00:49:19atte no
00:49:20atte dude
00:49:23magaso 1 for reserve
00:49:24magaso :DD
00:49:28GottHasstMich aighta
00:49:29atte if you dont even have micro to play sf
00:49:34atte fine pick it loose with it
00:49:38chodaboy micro?
00:49:41atte dont blame else for loosing
00:50:24magaso take off wards
00:50:29Zulu come
00:50:39atte tide take gem
00:50:46atte 1 lost fight its over anyways
00:50:49Smokeer i cant plant wards
00:50:52Smokeer i need 5
00:50:52Zulu abba
00:50:54Zulu come
00:50:56GottHasstMich 48 will spawn
00:51:05magaso thye come
00:51:06magaso on uds
00:51:08magaso dust
00:51:08magaso wait
00:51:09atte fast
00:51:12magaso wait
00:51:21BoNeshaw 1 scout
00:51:43GottHasstMich clever to focus a cw
00:51:44GottHasstMich :D
00:51:52atte I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:51:53GottHasstMich thats the reason u lose
00:51:54GottHasstMich :D
00:52:07atte dunno who focus you
00:52:11GottHasstMich focusing the tank with damage return
00:52:13GottHasstMich ultra high skilled
00:52:14GottHasstMich :D
00:52:15atte tryin to ult as many as can
00:52:24KeLToS heal
00:52:24atte but obv
00:52:25Strom I didn't foucs you, I just hit you once so you die
00:52:41atte but you know
00:52:43KeLToS ty
00:52:47GottHasstMich well i got nearly 3k hp so it will need more than one dude last hitting me
00:52:48GottHasstMich :P
00:52:57Strom you got stuck in our 3x aoe
00:53:05GottHasstMich with 60% left
00:53:05GottHasstMich :)
00:53:10GottHasstMich pipe ftw
00:53:24GottHasstMich just saying, i mean i dont mind
00:53:30GottHasstMich you can focus me as much as u want
00:53:53KeLToS no go
00:54:18Strom rosh still alive?
00:54:22GottHasstMich im coming
00:54:22atte nah
00:54:23NeverbACKdOwn ye
00:54:23Smokeer dead
00:54:28NeverbACKdOwn what?
00:54:38chodaboy still no wards up
00:54:38chodaboy hahah
00:54:46Smokeer y
00:54:46Zulu got smoke
00:54:47KeLToS mepls
00:54:47BoNeshaw sniper u can have
00:54:48Smokeer abba gem
00:54:53GottHasstMich they focus me!
00:54:54GottHasstMich all time
00:54:55GottHasstMich :(
00:54:59Strom rosh was alive after all
00:55:05chodaboy we cant focus cent
00:55:07GottHasstMich that hairy boys!
00:55:08chodaboy need to focus sniper
00:55:14atte smart
00:55:36NeverbACKdOwn I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:55:37Strom tried to focus sniper
00:55:42Strom but sf, you were focusing abba it seems
00:55:43Strom :D
00:56:02GottHasstMich :POD1
00:56:21GottHasstMich :P
00:56:28Strom I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:56:33Smokeer I surrender! [4/4 of Sentinel]
00:56:42KeLToS sniper for u
00:56:43KeLToS cent
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