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Chat log

00:00:15Guf phoenix
00:00:151m4n5h0w hey
00:00:151m4n5h0w i already typed phoenix..
00:00:151m4n5h0w hmm
00:00:15Kanki its gufs ban first
00:00:15holostoi tral
00:00:151m4n5h0w bara
00:00:34chodaboy tiny and lion
00:00:35Skinkemaden no shit ?
00:00:37chodaboy i go tiny
00:00:441m4n5h0w i go tin
00:00:451m4n5h0w y
00:01:01Kanki someone want something?
00:01:03Kanki thrall?
00:01:04Marhalt y
00:01:09Marhalt lion
00:01:131m4n5h0w cent //magnus/tc
00:01:18Marhalt u?
00:01:25Kanki lets see what they pick
00:01:27Kanki hmm
00:01:35Kanki gimme tc
00:01:38Marhalt t8?
00:01:40Marhalt ?
00:01:40holostoi magnus or cent?
00:01:42Kanki tauren
00:01:44Marhalt whats?
00:01:44chodaboy wd
00:01:45chodaboy wd
00:01:461m4n5h0w cent
00:01:47chodaboy wd tauren chieftain
00:01:51Kanki tauren chieg
00:01:55Kanki -swap 5
00:01:57Guf get hick
00:01:58Guf chick
00:02:02Marhalt -swap 3
00:02:031m4n5h0w vr top
00:02:051m4n5h0w viper bot
00:02:091m4n5h0w with cent Guf lanes?
00:02:13chodaboy lol
00:02:15chodaboy -hhn
00:02:15chodaboy -di
00:02:41Marhalt lanes ok?
00:02:43Guf y
00:02:44Kanki y
00:02:44Guf fine
00:02:56Kanki i start u use ring and lightning
00:03:01Kanki dead
00:03:01holostoi warded
00:03:51Marhalt bad lane u think?
00:04:06Skinkemaden dude
00:04:27Marhalt wd
00:05:06chodaboy wp lanes
00:05:081m4n5h0w ^^
00:05:17chodaboy braindead cap
00:05:32holostoi ss1
00:06:00Kanki come kill bot also
00:06:38holostoi ss1 bot
00:06:47Buttons fml
00:06:57holostoi re
00:07:20Marhalt come top
00:07:39chodaboy wp cap nicee
00:07:42holostoi wp
00:07:441m4n5h0w u die
00:07:47holostoi not ban trhall
00:07:48chodaboy u suck dick
00:08:00chodaboy razor freefarming mid
00:08:01chodaboy wp
00:08:02Marhalt ss
00:08:03chodaboy u fucking noob
00:08:191m4n5h0w nice more ganks
00:08:241m4n5h0w less misses
00:08:58Marhalt .-.
00:09:03Marhalt top?
00:09:061m4n5h0w range
00:09:10Skinkemaden rdy ? Lion until they control lower lane its ok since we have bad players top
00:09:28Marhalt kj
00:09:48Kanki that was stupid
00:09:49NwC.CooL-T i pull
00:09:52Skinkemaden oh well
00:09:58holostoi ss2
00:09:59NwC.CooL-T tiny go help gank
00:10:00Kanki knew they were waiting there
00:10:25Kanki kill mid
00:10:26Marhalt ss1
00:10:28Buttons ss 2 top
00:10:34Buttons re 1
00:10:42holostoi ss bot 2
00:12:02Marhalt thrall's gonna make me cum
00:13:21Marhalt its a hard world
00:13:25Skinkemaden y thought u had another stun
00:13:27Guf cruel didint check mana or anything
00:13:45Marhalt cd finished just a sec beofre i died
00:13:47Marhalt less
00:14:26Marhalt yes guys
00:14:28Marhalt cmon
00:14:29holostoi why u retard cap dont ban thral????!!!!!!
00:14:31chodaboy tpo
00:14:42Marhalt im your cheerleader
00:14:49chodaboy HAHA THIS TINY
00:15:00chodaboy good lord u suck
00:15:32Kanki haste
00:15:42Guf me someones slippers
00:15:45NwC.CooL-T nice def top
00:15:48NwC.CooL-T more farm bitches took em
00:15:53holostoi nice ban
00:15:57Guf mine
00:16:00holostoi u baneed useless bara
00:16:03Guf ty sure sure
00:16:27chodaboy mid
00:17:07holostoi wp tine oom
00:17:10holostoi vs creep
00:17:111m4n5h0w wp cent
00:17:131m4n5h0w fuck you care guys no ult yet
00:17:20holostoi toss me tard
00:17:26Kanki omw top
00:17:59Marhalt yes guys
00:18:03Marhalt rape'em massive fights
00:18:05NwC.CooL-T tine where you stan? for 15th min lol
00:18:18NwC.CooL-T you fucking lowbob use mana on mobs
00:18:18holostoi he used stun on wwod creep
00:18:21NwC.CooL-T retard
00:18:22holostoi and waas oom
00:18:29chodaboy HAHAHAHA
00:18:31chodaboy imba cap omgh failed with range lol
00:19:10NwC.CooL-T noob
00:19:441m4n5h0w fail
00:19:46Kanki haha
00:19:59Kanki imba
00:20:00Guf lol removed :P id like to get kills also lmao
00:20:12NwC.CooL-T carry good item 18 min
00:20:49Kanki lion :D
00:20:51Kanki get boots :D wohooo he has em :D
00:21:07Marhalt :D
00:21:15Kanki mana
00:21:29Marhalt before i bought 2 sticks instead of boots
00:21:32Marhalt miss click
00:22:06Kanki =)
00:22:07NwC.CooL-T .!. shit 2 rors
00:22:10chodaboy dont know how to use bird? lamo
00:22:13chodaboy share
00:22:17NwC.CooL-T fu
00:22:19chodaboy wr get wards
00:22:29Buttons ffs com e
00:22:42chodaboy toss cent
00:22:43chodaboy ffs drop pls
00:22:43Marhalt dont kick me .-.
00:22:43Guf i will
00:22:43Marhalt i can do better i swear!
00:22:43Marhalt dai coglione
00:22:43Marhalt riconnettiti
00:22:43Guf sorry m8, but at this point ur hero is less important
00:22:43Marhalt y i know
00:22:43Marhalt :)
00:22:43Marhalt no prob us 3 have massive combo
00:22:43Kanki we can kill them at once if magnus gets eveyone in ulti :D :P
00:22:43Kanki we just ulti with thrall and its gg
00:22:43holostoi awf and i hope for kills ^^,
00:22:43Kanki well u have ur wawe but u should do it right after ur stun of course
00:22:43Kanki if u have mana im not gonna steal like that lets be real. :D razor is the only 1 who really needs kills we are just backround fuckers tbh
00:22:43chodaboy we can still win
00:22:43Marhalt fucking rex
00:22:43chodaboy if tiny and cent gets dagger
00:22:431m4n5h0w they kick lion now
00:22:43chodaboy -ma
00:22:43Marhalt i'll make him
00:22:431m4n5h0w whats ur choice?
00:22:43Marhalt a dirty sanchez
00:22:43Marhalt me
00:22:431m4n5h0w blue
00:22:43Guf lion Well Was nice to play with ya :)
00:22:44Marhalt me 2
00:22:45Marhalt bb
00:22:48Skinkemaden bb
00:22:49Skinkemaden wp
00:23:17chodaboy can i take?
00:23:20chodaboy who takes?
00:23:211m4n5h0w sure
00:23:29holostoi lol
00:23:34holostoi if u sold
00:23:52Kanki we could push a little
00:23:52chodaboy we need some wards
00:23:56chodaboy we can win this
00:23:57chodaboy EASY
00:24:00chodaboy if we play together can i sell lions boots? :p
00:24:26Guf sell with lion k not enough mana i think but lets try
00:25:04holostoi we cant win
00:25:041m4n5h0w 500 for dagger
00:25:14chodaboy ofc we can
00:25:16holostoi couse viper sholud make vangward not hood
00:25:211m4n5h0w both
00:25:26holostoi and viper should make phase not pt
00:25:34chodaboy spread out
00:25:34holostoi viper ur ms
00:25:38Skinkemaden all inc
00:25:41holostoi 440
00:26:03holostoi go go viper win this
00:26:10chodaboy stfu
00:26:13chodaboy learn the game
00:28:041m4n5h0w neeeded for dagger
00:28:41Kanki again bot
00:28:43Kanki get raxes
00:29:18Skinkemaden tiny got dagger
00:29:34chodaboy just need to focus the right hero
00:29:39chodaboy daggger
00:29:551m4n5h0w Haha
00:30:48chodaboy farming woods while we fight
00:30:53Buttons dude you know nothing
00:30:57chodaboy b
00:31:01chodaboy haha
00:31:04chodaboy yeah i sure do
00:31:06chodaboy u suck
00:31:13Buttons i came asap
00:31:15Buttons fucktard
00:31:21chodaboy heard of tp?
00:31:30Buttons yh tp int odeath to save your noobass
00:31:31chodaboy we we
00:31:35chodaboy need to go together
00:31:39Buttons then why go alone
00:31:49Guf use again
00:31:52chodaboy soon cent dagger
00:31:55chodaboy and we can initiate
00:31:59chodaboy just famr
00:32:121m4n5h0w get dagger
00:32:12holostoi we cant play with lowbob viper in team
00:32:131m4n5h0w cent
00:32:26Guf come bot
00:32:45Kanki omw
00:32:51Kanki check
00:33:00Guf just bot
00:33:05chodaboy cent go
00:33:13Guf come now
00:33:33holostoi nice toss
00:33:371m4n5h0w nice blink
00:33:52holostoi i blink good
00:33:55Kanki nice ulti rexxar :D
00:33:571m4n5h0w i tossed good if you dont blink
00:33:57Kanki if they drop we have to take that rax in eleven minutes
00:33:57holostoi we win))
00:33:571m4n5h0w its over well if they will drop
00:33:571m4n5h0w with less than 8 players we will still win it
00:33:57Kanki ye if we can
00:33:57Kanki because im not sure if the game will continue or it might be cancell also it wont be cancelled we have 2x kills i think it was that rule 2x kills, raxes or smth like that use to be
00:33:57Kanki well we will see in a sec :P y :p omw to dps
00:33:57Kanki it would be so stupid if it gets cancelled
00:33:57Guf lol
00:33:57Kanki skinkemaden
00:33:57Kanki wake up aaaa they are here uhaha. :D
00:33:571m4n5h0w gg
00:33:57Guf he is out
00:33:57Kanki really?
00:33:57Guf He logged of repel -.-
00:33:57Kanki omg fucking idiot :D
00:33:57Guf :D
00:33:57Kanki cant he put it back on
00:33:57Kanki or it wont help?
00:33:57Guf he is not in the game anymore well fuck it we will destr base in 3-4 min
00:33:57Kanki mkay...
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