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87% | 1514 X | 1446 TS

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Chat log

00:00:00sandii [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... Pojetz with 71 seconds.
00:00:12KolleBolle rly rly strange
00:00:18sandii mm
00:00:19KolleBolle this game is like 10 years OLD
00:00:221m4n5h0w i knew it
00:00:22Shiningstone Visage Omni Gyro
00:00:261m4n5h0w shining stone on my team
00:00:27extremewaari take omni
00:00:35Shiningstone ok
00:00:351m4n5h0w y take omni
00:00:371m4n5h0w with spec
00:00:37KolleBolle and peoples comps
00:00:381m4n5h0w ownz
00:00:43vaityl alchemist antro
00:00:45KolleBolle cant handle it now days
00:00:46sandii fairie doom mirana
00:00:50vaityl geomancer
00:00:541m4n5h0w mira swap?
00:00:581m4n5h0w draw
00:00:59sandii what u got?
00:00:59KolleBolle they most HAVE WOODEN STONAE AGE COMPUTERS
00:01:001m4n5h0w dk
00:01:011m4n5h0w tinker
00:01:09sandii pff
00:01:131m4n5h0w sucky ;)
00:01:151m4n5h0w chars
00:01:18sandii ye
00:01:251m4n5h0w i do draw otherwise
00:01:25Guf gonna be ugly, spec with repel
00:01:31Pojetz lol, they have pa and am
00:01:31sandii tbh i dont want to
00:01:371m4n5h0w kk
00:01:48Guf great lane u guys, mortred vagina
00:01:48extremewaari but sebra and kolle play them
00:01:51extremewaari so dont worry
00:01:54sebralane da fak
00:01:55Pojetz -ma
00:02:00sandii idd
00:02:00Pojetz :D
00:02:01sandii :D
00:02:01sebralane oke imbalane
00:02:02vaityl GO IM
00:02:02Guf learn to pick rly
00:02:03sebralane its lsot
00:02:041m4n5h0w and i got silence
00:02:051m4n5h0w for antimage
00:02:09sandii got doom
00:02:10Guf u picked last idiot
00:02:10sebralane learn to faking load
00:02:11Shiningstone me top?
00:02:11sandii x)
00:02:161m4n5h0w y
00:02:18sandii oh no
00:02:22extremewaari u pull
00:02:24KolleBolle talk with sebra tard
00:02:24sebralane i dont watch this fakign loadscreen for 5 mitues
00:02:25sebralane tard
00:02:26vaityl pull
00:02:28KolleBolle game ruiner
00:02:37extremewaari go pull
00:03:211m4n5h0w i hate obsi
00:04:30Shiningstone aaa
00:04:58Pojetz o shit
00:04:59Pojetz didnt see
00:05:00Pojetz that -.-'
00:05:05Pojetz fucks hit me
00:05:101m4n5h0w laggs
00:05:36Pojetz doom uwanna change lane?
00:05:44sandii no
00:07:04sandii lmao
00:07:08sandii how the fuck did that happen
00:07:23Guf fuck this fucking shit
00:07:28vaityl mana
00:07:32Guf havent procced once
00:07:381m4n5h0w ^^
00:08:041m4n5h0w wtf
00:08:081m4n5h0w couldnt interupt
00:08:101m4n5h0w that arrow
00:08:35extremewaari b
00:08:371m4n5h0w ss
00:08:38sandii die fag
00:08:44Stonetorl no u
00:08:47Shiningstone use clar
00:08:49sandii ty
00:08:51vaityl ss
00:09:00Pojetz fuck
00:09:03Pojetz doom go bot
00:09:05Guf ss
00:09:08sandii no
00:09:11Pojetz k
00:09:14Pojetz sebra win then
00:09:36sandii id just eat extremes farm
00:10:17Guf 25% chance my ass
00:10:201m4n5h0w ^^
00:10:29sandii :I
00:10:301m4n5h0w ur really unlucky
00:10:311m4n5h0w with that
00:10:38Guf :D
00:10:381m4n5h0w :D
00:10:54Guf :D
00:10:551m4n5h0w wuop
00:11:13Pojetz gg
00:11:17Pojetz fuck idiot doom
00:11:27sandii l2p
00:11:28vaityl ss
00:11:311m4n5h0w bitch
00:11:38Pojetz i dont cear i go top
00:11:51extremewaari bot ss3
00:11:55sebralane fak this shit
00:11:55extremewaari 2
00:11:56sebralane 30 cs
00:12:51sandii nice lane top huh
00:12:511m4n5h0w wanna feed me with rambo anti?
00:12:53Pojetz :D
00:13:05Pojetz my game is over
00:13:07Pojetz i m feeder now
00:13:12Pojetz no items no boots
00:13:23extremewaari tp
00:13:31sebralane ss
00:13:47KolleBolle guf
00:13:56KolleBolle that was the ah
00:13:581m4n5h0w ^^
00:13:58KolleBolle cant
00:13:59KolleBolle find
00:13:59extremewaari gj
00:14:03KolleBolle words
00:14:38KolleBolle well feeded
00:14:42KolleBolle whores
00:14:42KolleBolle ff
00:15:35vaityl ss
00:15:36vaityl 2
00:15:38vaityl top
00:15:391m4n5h0w care
00:15:421m4n5h0w atrop inc
00:15:53sebralane ss
00:16:16vaityl reg mana
00:16:18vaityl )
00:16:19extremewaari top rune
00:16:24Guf :P
00:17:041m4n5h0w atrop inc bot
00:17:31Pojetz k2i putsi neeger
00:17:36Pojetz :S:S
00:17:46Pojetz mida vittu ma m2ngin sellest, kui nii perses k6ik nyyd
00:18:14sebralane gank this shit pls
00:18:40Guf omg
00:18:45vaityl )
00:18:48vaityl bad
00:19:301m4n5h0w oom
00:19:401m4n5h0w good port doom
00:20:16extremewaari lets kill bot
00:20:21sandii im oom
00:20:241m4n5h0w oom
00:20:26extremewaari k no then
00:20:441m4n5h0w i got noob ass lothars ready
00:21:20vaityl guf
00:21:23vaityl russia?
00:21:26Guf no
00:21:31vaityl ?
00:21:34Stonetorl reg
00:21:38Guf danish
00:21:581m4n5h0w y
00:22:23vaityl varded
00:22:26vaityl now
00:23:221m4n5h0w why dont you slow panda....
00:23:44sandii :DD
00:24:39vaityl go all
00:24:42vaityl mid push
00:25:341m4n5h0w stop porting to help !
00:25:35sandii no sentää waari sai 2 tappoa
00:25:36vaityl fuckin shit
00:25:53sebralane go end tghis shit
00:25:55vaityl denai
00:25:55sebralane i have manta
00:25:56vaityl denay
00:26:08sandii -ms
00:26:12sandii -ms
00:26:32sebralane we go win or farm to lose?
00:26:42Guf come mid
00:27:00extremewaari b
00:27:191m4n5h0w pmw
00:27:24Shiningstone lol
00:27:39Guf omg how many are u
00:27:39vaityl I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:27:42sandii :D
00:27:45vaityl game loose
00:27:471m4n5h0w 5 at the most
00:28:05Guf just go together
00:28:12KolleBolle atro says you ben you use you sap to steal from those that need farm
00:28:19KolleBolle and the cap that feeded mid
00:28:26KolleBolle and those that not ganged bot?
00:28:32vaityl FUCkin
00:28:35vaityl nab
00:28:39sandii b imo
00:28:43KolleBolle yes you are u know
00:28:46vaityl am
00:28:47KolleBolle but keep it for youself
00:28:50vaityl good man
00:29:12vaityl spectr and tarxex
00:29:19vaityl kill all
00:29:31vaityl the radiance
00:29:32sandii -ms
00:29:321m4n5h0w some more wards would be super nice
00:29:35vaityl for 5 min
00:29:411m4n5h0w shit obsi hex
00:29:421m4n5h0w nearly
00:29:54Guf push mid now last chance
00:29:571m4n5h0w omw top
00:30:26sandii b top
00:30:301m4n5h0w INVIS
00:30:311m4n5h0w FZZZZ
00:30:37vaityl gj guf
00:30:47sandii -ms
00:30:49vaityl am lol
00:31:09Guf get rosh
00:31:18Guf while they are dead
00:31:29sandii ;(
00:31:37Guf ffs
00:31:48KolleBolle they got wards
00:31:50KolleBolle and
00:31:51KolleBolle spec
00:31:55KolleBolle and all alive
00:31:55sebralane why should i get a rosh for u
00:31:59sebralane soo bullshit
00:31:591m4n5h0w we really can win this
00:32:00KolleBolle nice to get rosh
00:32:00KolleBolle :D
00:32:11Guf -.-
00:32:15vaityl go
00:32:20Shiningstone b drf?
00:32:41Shiningstone ops
00:32:45sandii :)
00:33:421m4n5h0w SPEC
00:33:431m4n5h0w FFS
00:33:451m4n5h0w FOCUS ANTI
00:33:46sebralane doom hurtalot
00:34:00sandii yes yes
00:34:02sandii just wait
00:34:041m4n5h0w always doom anti or destroyer
00:34:05sandii i get 1 lvl more!
00:34:06vaityl hex spectr
00:34:12vaityl or traxex
00:34:131m4n5h0w repel omni+
00:34:15Guf GATHER NOW
00:34:31KolleBolle lost
00:34:32KolleBolle b
00:34:33KolleBolle to
00:34:34KolleBolle bas
00:34:36KolleBolle e
00:34:37sebralane reuse
00:34:56vaityl wtf
00:34:58KolleBolle b
00:35:00KolleBolle door
00:35:00vaityl WTF
00:35:02Guf cant backdoor
00:35:16Guf not allowed on gc
00:36:031m4n5h0w only on main towers
00:36:051m4n5h0w not allowed
00:36:191m4n5h0w b
00:36:211m4n5h0w b
00:36:231m4n5h0w 5 sec
00:36:241m4n5h0w and im back
00:36:42sandii lmao
00:37:011m4n5h0w repel
00:37:021m4n5h0w really...
00:37:051m4n5h0w omni
00:37:081m4n5h0w me or spec
00:37:251m4n5h0w gj
00:37:30sebralane pointless pointless pointless
00:37:32sebralane why just not take a tower and rax
00:37:32KolleBolle rage plugg
00:37:32Pojetz finally i have
00:37:32Pojetz farm
00:37:32sandii :D
00:37:32KolleBolle his disables is everthing in this game
00:37:34vaityl this fail
00:37:35vaityl wtf
00:37:35vaityl FAWF
00:37:35vaityl A
00:37:35vaityl AS
00:37:35vaityl SD
00:37:35vaityl DAS
00:37:35vaityl AS
00:37:35vaityl D
00:37:35vaityl DA
00:37:35vaityl ASD
00:37:35Pojetz start was crasy
00:37:39vaityl wtf?
00:37:391m4n5h0w ur dead
00:37:421m4n5h0w u dont need pause
00:37:54sandii -ms
00:38:021m4n5h0w spec getting tank items?
00:38:08extremewaari maybe hot
00:38:121m4n5h0w would be nice
00:38:14extremewaari y
00:38:19vaityl nedd PUSH BASE
00:38:20Pojetz -cs
00:38:22sandii ill get guirass
00:38:24vaityl or loose
00:38:291m4n5h0w sounds good
00:38:321m4n5h0w or get agha refresher
00:38:37sandii nah
00:38:401m4n5h0w double ulti would help a lot
00:38:59Shiningstone ilu
00:39:04sandii so would guirass
00:39:16sebralane go mid
00:39:171m4n5h0w a disabled am and obsi would help more
00:39:20sebralane or whatever
00:39:25sebralane top no tower etc
00:39:35sebralane they pushing
00:39:37sebralane da fak
00:39:48Guf go
00:40:071m4n5h0w woop woop
00:40:21Guf illu top
00:40:21vaityl illusion
00:40:44sandii lmao
00:40:45sandii what
00:40:50sandii the fuck was that
00:40:521m4n5h0w thats why
00:40:561m4n5h0w agha refresher would own
00:40:57sandii he has gem
00:41:00sandii am has gem
00:41:01sandii thats why
00:41:111m4n5h0w help spec
00:41:11Pojetz y
00:41:11sebralane get this retard
00:41:11Pojetz i ll coming
00:41:11sebralane omni cant heal him
00:41:11sandii heal + repel him omni
00:41:11sebralane manta cd allmost over
00:41:111m4n5h0w repel on nec
00:41:11Guf -ii
00:41:11sebralane od can u rebuy?
00:41:11Guf no
00:41:11sebralane sucks
00:41:11Guf very
00:41:11sebralane we lose top tower
00:41:11Stonetorl i can tp after we kill this guy
00:41:11sebralane if creeps attack they base tower
00:41:11sebralane we can go rax?
00:41:11sebralane top rax
00:41:11sebralane ther no tower
00:41:11sebralane canw e?
00:41:11KolleBolle nopps
00:41:11sebralane od u play atro if he drops this fight :D
00:41:11KolleBolle creeps must be in base
00:41:11Guf only if there are creeps in the base
00:41:11Shiningstone yy
00:41:11sebralane well if creeps attack they base tower
00:41:11Guf yy i will take him
00:41:11Shiningstone heal by meka
00:41:11Shiningstone puri is on cd
00:41:11Shiningstone repel is cd too
00:41:11Shiningstone first will ult after mek
00:41:11Shiningstone ult
00:41:11Shiningstone or leave :(
00:41:111m4n5h0w if he drops
00:41:111m4n5h0w its u :/
00:41:11Shiningstone yy
00:41:11sebralane panda hace clap?
00:41:11Guf who goes?
00:41:11Stonetorl ye
00:41:11Pojetz omni
00:41:111m4n5h0w omni
00:41:11Guf k
00:41:11sebralane instapause too after
00:41:11sebralane soo if wount be fair fight
00:41:11Guf glad its omni tbh
00:41:11Shiningstone can you play with my heroe after I leave?
00:41:11sebralane ye hes slow
00:41:11sebralane fak me...
00:41:111m4n5h0w y
00:41:11sebralane repel isent soo imba
00:41:11Guf his repel fuck me :P
00:41:11sebralane cuz he only repels himself
00:41:111m4n5h0w thats why
00:41:11Pojetz use ulti
00:41:111m4n5h0w you have to go
00:41:11Pojetz just
00:41:11Pojetz use ulti
00:41:11Pojetz and go
00:41:111m4n5h0w cause we still can use ur support
00:41:11Pojetz :D
00:41:12Shiningstone yy
00:41:20Pojetz OMG
00:41:25Guf leave omni
00:41:25KolleBolle WTF
00:41:32sebralane da fak
00:41:33sandii gem
00:41:33KolleBolle that
00:41:34sebralane this shit
00:41:35KolleBolle lagg
00:41:371m4n5h0w gogo
00:41:40KolleBolle made me die
00:41:41sebralane we cant hill him anymore
00:41:45Guf I can
00:41:49Guf ez
00:41:53sebralane we need new gem
00:41:56Pojetz i take staff of wizardy
00:41:57Pojetz for agha?
00:41:571m4n5h0w y
00:41:59Pojetz k
00:42:01Guf but i gotta get doom down before i get ult
00:42:04Pojetz t
00:42:05Pojetz ty
00:42:11sebralane thatwhy we need gem
00:42:13sebralane he has lother
00:42:15Pojetz or meka too?
00:42:15Guf y
00:42:18extremewaari take it
00:42:29Pojetz ty
00:42:30Guf they rosh
00:42:31sebralane if u hex doom
00:42:34sebralane i make him oom
00:42:38sebralane soo u can get spec
00:42:38Guf did last fight
00:42:43Guf took him out in my hex
00:42:45sebralane y that worked well
00:42:451m4n5h0w rosh
00:43:07sandii -ms
00:43:16sebralane fak me
00:43:16sandii -ms
00:43:17sebralane again
00:43:24Guf i take
00:43:27sebralane mort go
00:44:021m4n5h0w destroy gem
00:44:04sebralane gem cd
00:44:09Guf sux
00:44:10extremewaari b
00:44:12sebralane proling
00:44:14sebralane 3 min
00:44:15sebralane imo
00:44:17Guf some1 get dust
00:44:30Pojetz need 200 more then end
00:44:30Guf selling atro items
00:44:50Guf heart
00:44:51Guf ouch
00:45:06sebralane 2 min
00:45:141m4n5h0w come
00:45:141m4n5h0w nec
00:45:18Pojetz y
00:45:261m4n5h0w time to lose
00:45:261m4n5h0w ^^
00:45:38extremewaari have ulti rdy
00:45:42sandii 1k for guirass btw
00:45:43extremewaari just push
00:45:43Pojetz wait me now
00:45:52Guf mort try get trax or necro
00:46:02Pojetz i m nice tank
00:46:11Guf trax low hp, need 2 crits or so
00:46:171m4n5h0w spec is tank
00:46:17sebralane dont die
00:46:27sebralane some sekunds more
00:46:48sebralane fak mee
00:46:541m4n5h0w push 2 lanes
00:47:01extremewaari i push mid
00:47:041m4n5h0w no
00:47:07extremewaari and i can come fight with myulti
00:47:081m4n5h0w you go with support
00:47:15KolleBolle soon bkb
00:47:181m4n5h0w i cant stand 1 minute vs destroyer
00:47:23sandii tbh i need my guirass
00:47:511m4n5h0w ok gather
00:47:521m4n5h0w together
00:48:05Guf gotta take the fight while i got aegis
00:48:07Guf only chance
00:48:52sebralane cmmon
00:48:53sebralane what now
00:49:30Guf I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
00:49:34KolleBolle seba well done
00:49:34KolleBolle :D
00:49:361m4n5h0w throne
00:49:38sebralane u dont go in when i go
00:49:39sebralane why
00:49:40KolleBolle fight alone
00:49:42Guf got doomed
00:49:46sebralane da fak
00:50:061m4n5h0w gj
00:50:061m4n5h0w team
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