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82% | 1424 X | 1431 TS

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57% | 1241 X | 1340 TS

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48% | 1149 X | 1315 TS

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27% | 1057 X | 1234 TS

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-8 TS

82% | 1442 X | 1422 TS

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78% | 1421 X | 1383 TS

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51% | 1171 X | 1335 TS

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-49 TS

NEW | 956 X | 1063 TS

Chat log

00:00:00Stonetorl [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... mby_next_time with 90 seconds.
00:00:16SvK~FrE3.KiLL chceš niečo janco?
00:00:16Vaj.CO sec
00:00:16SvK~FrE3.KiLL k
00:00:16horsesarse ban phoenis/tb imo..
00:00:16Vaj.CO lesh
00:00:16Vaj.CO zabanuj
00:00:16Vaj.CO ns
00:00:161m4n5h0w shut up noob
00:00:16Momdsiw i want phoenix
00:00:16Momdsiw i own with it
00:00:16j22koer :D
00:00:16SvK~FrE3.KiLL ns
00:00:16j22koer what was that
00:00:161m4n5h0w phoe
00:00:16horsesarse 8) <-- im the boss
00:00:20SvK~FrE3.KiLL naix na fp
00:00:21SvK~FrE3.KiLL lepšie
00:00:23SvK~FrE3.KiLL nie?
00:00:23j22koer there was a good sugetions
00:00:28Vaj.CO ako chces§
00:00:31horsesarse su noob
00:00:36horsesarse 8)
00:00:421m4n5h0w gah what shit
00:00:441m4n5h0w i want troll :(
00:00:45SvK~FrE3.KiLL som čakal že naixa banne
00:00:461m4n5h0w wishes?
00:00:471m4n5h0w fast
00:00:491m4n5h0w wishes?
00:00:501m4n5h0w fast
00:00:50mby_next_time pydge
00:00:511m4n5h0w wishes?
00:00:51mby_next_time me.
00:01:06mby_next_time wishes come true <3
00:01:11mby_next_time christmass <#
00:01:131m4n5h0w they take sd
00:01:211m4n5h0w gimme troll now :)
00:01:23SvK~FrE3.KiLL les mid
00:01:25SvK~FrE3.KiLL gyro zp
00:01:27SvK~FrE3.KiLL solo
00:01:271m4n5h0w i woods troll
00:01:281m4n5h0w -swap 4
00:01:29Momdsiw ok
00:01:30mby_next_time -swap 1
00:01:311m4n5h0w i dont care fore rest
00:01:32mby_next_time let me bot
00:01:33mby_next_time then
00:01:34horsesarse i take wd mby
00:01:381m4n5h0w do sd
00:01:39mby_next_time go wd
00:01:391m4n5h0w best
00:01:411m4n5h0w sd
00:01:42mby_next_time or sd.
00:01:44mby_next_time with tiny top.
00:01:45horsesarse meh
00:01:511m4n5h0w im woods
00:01:521m4n5h0w hf
00:02:07mby_next_time remember about chiken
00:02:10mby_next_time -hhn
00:02:10horsesarse yy
00:02:111m4n5h0w pudge mid
00:02:12mby_next_time -don
00:02:121m4n5h0w better
00:02:13horsesarse im used to it
00:02:20mby_next_time so lich bot
00:02:25mby_next_time dont let doctor solo bot
00:02:26mby_next_time -clear
00:02:281m4n5h0w lich warding
00:02:291m4n5h0w and stuff
00:02:331m4n5h0w wd bot is fine
00:03:101m4n5h0w go fb bot
00:03:221m4n5h0w ok?
00:03:26horsesarse sure
00:03:36Momdsiw nice lane :S
00:03:411m4n5h0w easy enigma
00:04:03Momdsiw how?
00:04:07Kuningas wasnt looking :D
00:04:09Momdsiw lol
00:04:18SvK~FrE3.KiLL he had haste...
00:04:21Momdsiw ok
00:04:57Momdsiw top alne is kinda hard
00:04:581m4n5h0w safe some mana
00:05:001m4n5h0w for ganks
00:05:02horsesarse y
00:05:141m4n5h0w pulling some
00:05:49Momdsiw i got 2cs
00:05:54horsesarse ss2
00:05:55Momdsiw cant go even hititng range
00:06:14SvK~FrE3.KiLL every lane is hard now
00:06:22mby_next_time s
00:06:29mby_next_time re
00:06:36Momdsiw well lich makes lane always hard
00:07:01Momdsiw they denysevery creep
00:07:05Momdsiw cant get even xp
00:07:251m4n5h0w ty
00:07:25Momdsiw gang top pls
00:07:27horsesarse np
00:07:41j22koer :D
00:07:53mby_next_time BLAG
00:07:53horsesarse darn
00:08:10SvK~FrE3.KiLL enigma down solo lane?
00:08:14SvK~FrE3.KiLL are you kidding me
00:08:15Kuningas no
00:08:16horsesarse ss
00:08:28Momdsiw you have lvl 1 stun?
00:08:33horsesarse ss sk
00:08:41SvK~FrE3.KiLL leo
00:08:43SvK~FrE3.KiLL go down
00:08:55JasonStatham ffs
00:08:57horsesarse gj
00:08:59JasonStatham fucking hard
00:09:02mby_next_time care
00:09:03mby_next_time mid
00:09:03Vaj.CO ss
00:09:041m4n5h0w pulling
00:09:05mby_next_time re
00:09:07Momdsiw naix should gang
00:09:09Momdsiw i cant do anything at top
00:09:15SvK~FrE3.KiLL ok lich
00:09:16Momdsiw hardly can be on xp range
00:09:17mby_next_time ss
00:09:18mby_next_time care
00:09:21mby_next_time care
00:09:22mby_next_time ss lesh
00:09:33Momdsiw go then
00:09:47horsesarse ss
00:09:58horsesarse enigma ss
00:10:011m4n5h0w ty
00:10:09horsesarse np manaboots soon
00:10:17Vaj.CO pudge roams
00:10:18Vaj.CO so care
00:10:21Vaj.CO every time
00:10:27mby_next_time re mid
00:10:371m4n5h0w no
00:10:371m4n5h0w b
00:10:52horsesarse gj
00:10:58SvK~FrE3.KiLL omg
00:11:001m4n5h0w ^^
00:11:00Momdsiw bot so good also xD
00:11:02horsesarse we are good tream :D
00:11:071m4n5h0w y
00:11:09horsesarse wait
00:11:12horsesarse wait
00:11:15horsesarse 1 sec
00:11:17mby_next_time ss mid
00:11:17mby_next_time are
00:11:39mby_next_time pink mid-.-
00:11:55Momdsiw why lesh dont go inst aihm
00:12:06Vaj.CO his ulti?
00:12:14Momdsiw he was stunned
00:12:18Vaj.CO lol
00:12:27Momdsiw you need to use only stun he maybe dies
00:12:30Momdsiw or few hits
00:12:361m4n5h0w sk enigma miss
00:12:371m4n5h0w bot
00:12:38horsesarse ss
00:12:44horsesarse darn
00:12:55horsesarse lesh got me behind tower
00:12:57SvK~FrE3.KiLL gyro go mid
00:12:59horsesarse hes bot
00:12:591m4n5h0w y
00:12:59SvK~FrE3.KiLL for farm
00:13:011m4n5h0w saw
00:13:04Momdsiw lich is now there
00:13:21mby_next_time COOL
00:13:26mby_next_time fucking naix luckyt
00:13:36mby_next_time rot didnt catch him when i hooked -.-\
00:13:38JasonStatham FFFFFS
00:13:40JasonStatham FUCK TROLL
00:13:48SvK~FrE3.KiLL younoobs...
00:13:49Vaj.CO stop sux guys
00:13:49Stonetorl dd
00:13:52Momdsiw why you try kill him
00:13:54JasonStatham CANT PLAY THAT LINE FU
00:13:59JasonStatham i dont they gank
00:13:59SvK~FrE3.KiLL stun
00:14:03JasonStatham i stunned
00:14:04JasonStatham lol
00:14:08JasonStatham im not a fucking idiot
00:14:09Vaj.CO so start move
00:14:10Vaj.CO ffs
00:14:12JasonStatham fuck that line
00:14:15Vaj.CO stop stay on lane
00:14:28Vaj.CO w8
00:14:33mby_next_time go...
00:14:36SvK~FrE3.KiLL lich will kill U
00:14:36SvK~FrE3.KiLL b
00:14:381m4n5h0w i do rosh
00:14:51SvK~FrE3.KiLL comnig
00:14:52SvK~FrE3.KiLL to me
00:15:05mby_next_time SPELL
00:15:06mby_next_time TINY
00:15:24SvK~FrE3.KiLL -afk
00:15:28SvK~FrE3.KiLL enigma afk...
00:15:37Kuningas you sure?
00:15:38mby_next_time tiny -.-
00:15:40Momdsiw are they stills earchign me xD
00:15:40j22koer y
00:15:42Vaj.CO gg
00:15:43Vaj.CO noobs
00:15:44j22koer i know
00:15:44Vaj.CO rly
00:15:50Vaj.CO lvl11
00:15:54Vaj.CO ff
00:16:181m4n5h0w care
00:16:50Vaj.CO we have to gang troll
00:16:52Stonetorl all coming top
00:17:061m4n5h0w 2 bot
00:17:08Vaj.CO leo pls
00:17:16Vaj.CO its ur last game with carry
00:17:29mby_next_time 'HAHAHAHA
00:17:341m4n5h0w mid
00:17:37mby_next_time these ulties <3
00:17:48SvK~FrE3.KiLL but same is gg
00:17:56Vaj.CO b
00:18:06Vaj.CO b
00:18:28horsesarse damn myu bad
00:18:36horsesarse fking telephone :D
00:18:44horsesarse hard to play at same time :/
00:18:48mby_next_time kk :D
00:19:28Vaj.CO eni get dagger
00:19:33Vaj.CO only dagger u need
00:20:01SvK~FrE3.KiLL coming
00:20:07Vaj.CO b
00:20:28Vaj.CO b
00:20:29Vaj.CO eni
00:20:30Vaj.CO get tp
00:20:31mby_next_time for real?
00:21:09Momdsiw utli enig if psosbile
00:21:15SvK~FrE3.KiLL omg
00:21:15mby_next_time BIIIITICH
00:21:28Vaj.CO fu
00:21:39SvK~FrE3.KiLL tiny dager
00:21:40mby_next_time for real that game rapes for me
00:21:41mby_next_time -st
00:21:48Vaj.CO ofc :D
00:22:20Momdsiw thats not allowed
00:22:26Kuningas what?
00:22:29Momdsiw creep steasling
00:22:31Momdsiw stealing
00:22:37Kuningas you stole my creeps
00:22:38Kuningas idiot
00:22:41Momdsiw i hitted them?
00:22:42Momdsiw first
00:22:44Momdsiw 2 times
00:22:48Momdsiw and after it
00:22:50Momdsiw you come to take them?
00:23:00Momdsiw its bannable
00:23:00Kuningas are you dreaming
00:23:01Kuningas ?
00:23:10SvK~FrE3.KiLL that leo
00:23:29Vaj.CO i hope its my last game with leo
00:23:56Vaj.CO dont feeed
00:23:57Vaj.CO ffs
00:24:08Vaj.CO go
00:24:08Kuningas why do you whine so much?
00:24:10Stonetorl imma invis
00:24:13SvK~FrE3.KiLL počky
00:24:15Vaj.CO pudge is low
00:24:21Vaj.CO lothars
00:24:26SvK~FrE3.KiLL trol
00:24:29Momdsiw has lotahr
00:24:42Vaj.CO gg
00:24:56Vaj.CO too many noobs in team
00:24:58SvK~FrE3.KiLL -afk
00:25:03Vaj.CO i hate it
00:25:04Vaj.CO ffs
00:25:051m4n5h0w i get ready to rosh
00:25:16Vaj.CO leo leave
00:25:19Vaj.CO if u want win
00:25:20SvK~FrE3.KiLL leo
00:25:20Vaj.CO :D
00:25:21SvK~FrE3.KiLL enigma pls
00:25:28j22koer b
00:25:49horsesarse ty!
00:25:53j22koer np
00:25:54horsesarse close one
00:25:59mby_next_time you should toss him to naix :>
00:26:04j22koer :D
00:26:07horsesarse :D
00:26:20horsesarse go help rosh
00:26:35j22koer b
00:27:06Kuningas we are gonna win!
00:27:14JasonStatham impossible to do anything thats why i feed
00:27:14Vaj.CO rofl
00:27:19SvK~FrE3.KiLL WITH YOU FEED?
00:27:21mby_next_time someone tped with you
00:27:23mby_next_time so longer tp?
00:27:26Kuningas we are gonna win
00:27:28JasonStatham okay il be with naix all the time
00:27:30SvK~FrE3.KiLL but
00:27:34JasonStatham then lets see u whine
00:27:37JasonStatham fucking nolifer
00:27:44mby_next_time :D
00:28:03Momdsiw buhaha
00:28:05mby_next_time how the fuck i can be faster then you?:>\
00:28:05horsesarse :D
00:28:06Momdsiw out plays
00:28:13horsesarse y
00:28:18mby_next_time rather lesh and naix
00:28:19mby_next_time but kk
00:28:20SvK~FrE3.KiLL b
00:28:20SvK~FrE3.KiLL omg
00:28:24SvK~FrE3.KiLL idiot
00:28:27Momdsiw ?
00:28:27Kuningas no
00:28:29Momdsiw i took you solo
00:28:31Kuningas i am gonna kill them
00:28:33mby_next_time outplayed us.
00:28:37mby_next_time well it wasnt hard
00:28:45Vaj.CO ffs
00:28:45Vaj.CO go
00:28:46Momdsiw full hp pudge vs gyro?
00:28:46Vaj.CO all
00:28:52SvK~FrE3.KiLL gyr
00:28:52mby_next_time easy one?
00:28:591m4n5h0w su
00:29:04Kuningas did you see that?
00:29:13j22koer they baited me
00:29:41j22koer 11
00:29:41Kuningas see
00:29:43j22koer hp
00:29:43j22koer :D
00:29:44Kuningas i told you
00:29:45j22koer naix
00:29:45horsesarse lol naix
00:29:48Kuningas we will win
00:29:52SvK~FrE3.KiLL infest powa
00:29:52Momdsiw ?
00:29:561m4n5h0w we have to go together again
00:29:57horsesarse 11 hp
00:29:59j22koer y
00:30:001m4n5h0w wads gank
00:30:001m4n5h0w end
00:30:00Momdsiw he has armlet
00:30:05SvK~FrE3.KiLL no armleted
00:30:05horsesarse oh ok
00:30:20Vaj.CO just dont feed
00:30:23Vaj.CO buy dusts
00:30:25Vaj.CO and we win
00:30:291m4n5h0w new wards plz
00:30:40Vaj.CO troll stupid
00:30:42Vaj.CO not bkb
00:31:11Vaj.CO oom
00:31:12Vaj.CO ffs
00:31:12Momdsiw you sure need vbasher naix
00:31:12Kuningas we owned them
00:31:13SvK~FrE3.KiLL stun
00:31:23Momdsiw stun troll
00:31:24Momdsiw sk
00:31:28JasonStatham okay
00:31:51Vaj.CO 0:7 2:10 bad dream
00:31:53Momdsiw well we have 3 nice aoe
00:31:59JasonStatham dont whine pls
00:32:17JasonStatham it was impossible to farm
00:32:18horsesarse argh
00:32:23SvK~FrE3.KiLL dusts
00:32:23horsesarse tank first :P
00:32:32Momdsiw impossibul
00:32:35SvK~FrE3.KiLL kupim gem jak na teba :D
00:32:36Momdsiw why pick farmer then
00:33:02SvK~FrE3.KiLL mine
00:33:111m4n5h0w ancient creeps
00:33:121m4n5h0w and i got bkb
00:33:32SvK~FrE3.KiLL STOP
00:33:34SvK~FrE3.KiLL sorry
00:33:36horsesarse mid all
00:33:39SvK~FrE3.KiLL one time more
00:33:46SvK~FrE3.KiLL stop
00:33:46SvK~FrE3.KiLL it
00:33:50Kuningas _D
00:33:59Kuningas we are winning
00:34:06Kuningas anyway
00:34:07Kuningas so
00:34:08Vaj.CO gg
00:34:20Vaj.CO gyro
00:34:21Vaj.CO rofl
00:34:31Momdsiw miss clicked the troll xD
00:34:36SvK~FrE3.KiLL enigma, leo and gyroo :D gg
00:34:371m4n5h0w good that
00:34:41Vaj.CO y
00:34:421m4n5h0w good taht bkb came
00:34:42Momdsiw hmm?
00:34:431m4n5h0w ^^
00:34:43JasonStatham gg
00:34:43Kuningas we are pros
00:34:47Vaj.CO ye
00:34:50Vaj.CO on garena
00:34:55Momdsiw i didnt feed so much
00:34:59SvK~FrE3.KiLL :D
00:34:59Momdsiw + i had imba lane for solo
00:35:10Vaj.CO u sux
00:35:11SvK~FrE3.KiLL je mi zle
00:35:14SvK~FrE3.KiLL z nich
00:35:20Kuningas yea
00:35:23Kuningas you suck
00:35:25SvK~FrE3.KiLL bd
00:35:27Momdsiw says guy who lines mid vs retard
00:35:31mby_next_time o rly?
00:35:351m4n5h0w no bd
00:35:39horsesarse oom
00:35:44mby_next_time k then .
00:35:561m4n5h0w was in base
00:36:001m4n5h0w from mid
00:36:21SvK~FrE3.KiLL but without creep
00:36:301m4n5h0w and?
00:36:321m4n5h0w i was in base
00:36:341m4n5h0w with creeps
00:36:361m4n5h0w and went bot
00:36:381m4n5h0w so no bd
00:36:42SvK~FrE3.KiLL from bot lane?
00:36:451m4n5h0w no
00:36:47SvK~FrE3.KiLL so?
00:36:481m4n5h0w i went from mid
00:36:501m4n5h0w mid tower
00:36:511m4n5h0w rax
00:36:53Momdsiw lesh why no items with those stats :O
00:36:541m4n5h0w then bot
00:36:571m4n5h0w i entered base with creeps
00:36:57Momdsiw cs?
00:36:591m4n5h0w visible
00:37:031m4n5h0w --> no bd
00:37:35Momdsiw mana boots leo
00:37:40SvK~FrE3.KiLL DUSTS
00:37:55Vaj.CO lol
00:37:59JasonStatham sa saad bani nii
00:37:59SvK~FrE3.KiLL ou
00:37:59horsesarse lets end 8)
00:38:01SvK~FrE3.KiLL idioted
00:38:021m4n5h0w if you hook one would be great
00:38:02Vaj.CO u would get gem :D
00:38:14Kuningas ei saa ju:D
00:38:191m4n5h0w well we owned bot wd :)
00:38:20JasonStatham loe reegleid dumbfuck
00:38:22horsesarse y
00:38:40SvK~FrE3.KiLL I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:38:47SvK~FrE3.KiLL ideš este?
00:38:48Kuningas ei no mega hea m6te on t6siselt m2ngida
00:38:56Kuningas kui saad 100% p2he
00:39:16JasonStatham GG
00:39:19Vaj.CO bg
00:39:22SvK~FrE3.KiLL enigma and leo won :D
00:39:26Vaj.CO i cant tell u wp
00:39:32Vaj.CO cos u didnt
00:39:36Vaj.CO but they fed u
00:39:40JasonStatham so sad that you take every lost game so in to your hearts
00:39:42horsesarse trollpower
00:39:54Momdsiw I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:39:58SvK~FrE3.KiLL trol?
00:39:59Vaj.CO i just hate play with noobs
00:40:01SvK~FrE3.KiLL power, :D
00:40:06Momdsiw why you add silver then?
00:40:11JasonStatham we cant all be pros dumb fuck
00:40:12Momdsiw retard?
00:40:23JasonStatham if ur so pro why arent u 100% fucking cunt
00:40:33horsesarse :)
00:40:34horsesarse gg
00:40:38Vaj.CO i am not best
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