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-17 X
-3 TS

72% | 1404 X | 1325 TS

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-2 TS

41% | 1076 X | 1287 TS

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-1 TS

33% | 1051 X | 1303 TS

-35 X
-5 TS

29% | 1111 X | 1236 TS

-48 X
-2 TS

22% | 952 X | 1256 TS

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+1 TS

84% | 1481 X | 1436 TS

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+2 TS

62% | 1252 X | 1372 TS

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+12 TS

30% | 1063 X | 1257 TS

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+43 TS

NEW | 1048 X | 1018 TS

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+29 TS

NEW | 952 X | 1059 TS

Chat log

00:00:03Eternity -ap
00:00:10poskus u dont need to swap
00:00:10Hexar -hhn
00:00:38Eternity mhm lanes
00:00:43extremewaari wr mid
00:00:46Eternity venge get wards
00:00:51Eternity mhm sec thinking
00:00:56Hexar who is top whit me?
00:01:01Eternity me and panda needs farm
00:01:04extremewaari pa onmi top
00:01:06Eternity panda?
00:01:07Eternity can you mid?
00:01:11extremewaari bara vome bot
00:01:14poskus ghmzzz
00:01:15Hexar fu
00:01:16Eternity vs mort or wind
00:01:18Eternity i think
00:01:18extremewaari pa have to take farm
00:01:18Hexar icant farm the
00:01:20Eternity you can?
00:01:23Hexar there if they make pulls
00:01:24PriMo lned
00:01:24Eternity lich solo top
00:01:25poskus ok
00:01:25Eternity rest bot
00:01:27extremewaari pa need more farm than u
00:01:29m1shjaAa ?? ?????? ?????,
00:01:33Hexar noshit
00:01:33poskus trilane
00:01:34poskus risky
00:01:35poskus but
00:01:36mamyka go bf
00:01:36poskus why not
00:01:36m1shjaAa ???? ???? ?????? ???? ???
00:01:40Hexar sa top
00:01:41Eternity venge got stun?
00:01:43extremewaari pa top
00:01:46m1shjaAa host make triple lane
00:01:47poskus go fb
00:01:48m1shjaAa yes
00:01:54Eternity share
00:01:55Hexar ward this pull
00:01:57extremewaari ofc
00:02:07Eternity dude we stun and you use your spell aa
00:02:34extremewaari b
00:02:35Hexar gank
00:02:44Oili ss 1 top
00:02:45mamyka wards
00:02:49Hexar its 3lane
00:02:51Eternity let me farm
00:02:53Hexar fucking shit
00:03:01Hexar u getstun ur dead
00:03:30Eternity venge you can roam
00:03:32Hexar make pulls
00:03:49Hexar omni go
00:03:50Hexar pulöl
00:03:58Eternity venge you can roam
00:04:08Eternity guys let me farm.
00:04:09Oili ty
00:04:18extremewaari dont afk
00:04:23mamyka u cant last hit lowbob
00:04:32Hexar why
00:04:32Hexar u
00:04:33Hexar take l
00:04:35Hexar lasthits
00:04:35Hexar ?
00:04:37Eternity hrhr not if you and aa try it too
00:04:40extremewaari becouse u afk
00:04:43Hexar i
00:04:45Hexar am not afk
00:04:45Hexar tard
00:04:46mamyka see
00:05:27poskus lags
00:05:35Oili i pull next
00:05:36Hexar gainmj
00:05:50PriMo ss
00:06:24m1shjaAa i pull next
00:06:34poskus mis
00:06:34poskus mid
00:06:35poskus care
00:06:38Galgar mis
00:06:39Galgar lich
00:06:44Eternity ss
00:06:56extremewaari nvm
00:07:10Eternity 3 bot.
00:07:18poskus read chjaty
00:07:26Eternity just saying tard
00:07:27extremewaari aa
00:07:35poskus relax bro
00:08:01m1shjaAa loooool
00:08:09mamyka gg slardar
00:08:14Oili pulling
00:08:18m1shjaAa owm up
00:08:24TryMe_ ss mid
00:08:24Oili nvm
00:08:24Eternity ss3
00:08:28TryMe_ re
00:09:01Hexar heal me asap
00:09:07Galgar go omni
00:09:10Hexar healme
00:09:29PriMo ss mid?
00:09:30m1shjaAa owm bot
00:10:34mamyka lol
00:10:38Oili salve
00:10:44Hexar ty
00:11:02Hexar allss
00:11:07TryMe_ ss mikd
00:11:23TryMe_ re
00:11:33Hexar omni
00:11:34Hexar heal me
00:11:37Eternity no money for tp
00:11:37Eternity ^^
00:11:40Oili 60mana
00:11:40mamyka ???? ????? ????
00:11:40Hexar after i stun him
00:11:41PriMo ??? ?? ???? 3 ?????? ??
00:11:46PriMo ?????
00:11:47Hexar y coz u heal mort
00:12:05TryMe_ ss mid
00:12:08m1shjaAa ss CARE!
00:12:08m1shjaAa ss CARE!
00:12:32Eternity get some wards bot, go gank and lemme get my farm
00:12:50mamyka ??
00:12:52mamyka nc
00:13:09Galgar :S
00:13:10Oili sry misclick
00:13:19poskus gang wr
00:13:22poskus i cant catch it
00:13:32Galgar need wards too top getting ganked so hard
00:13:37Eternity i got 1 stun
00:13:40Eternity no sprint no ulti
00:13:57TryMe_ place
00:14:19Eternity i farm bot
00:14:20poskus gj
00:14:20Eternity totally oom
00:14:27m1shjaAa 2 here up
00:14:28Eternity panda cs?
00:14:33poskus 33...
00:14:39poskus had spikes
00:14:40Eternity even mine is better
00:14:52PriMo lol
00:14:57m1shjaAa fuck it
00:15:25mamyka h8 this fuckin game
00:15:36Hexar toweer
00:15:42mamyka i never save this fuckin farm for you slardar
00:16:14TryMe_ -ms
00:16:35m1shjaAa oom(
00:17:21poskus aa feedzx
00:17:24mamyka lol
00:17:34mamyka mb coz i save all farm for slardar?
00:18:09PriMo b
00:18:09Eternity omw top
00:18:10PriMo b
00:18:11PriMo b
00:18:14PriMo lol
00:18:16PriMo nob
00:18:25PriMo noob
00:18:29Eternity all top
00:18:30Eternity move
00:18:31poskus noob
00:18:32poskus go in
00:18:33poskus and yulti
00:18:34poskus ffs
00:18:37PriMo lol
00:18:49Hexar tower
00:18:55Galgar shield me
00:18:57poskus noob
00:19:02PriMo ty
00:19:07Galgar next time :)
00:19:12Eternity STOP GAMERUIN
00:19:16PriMo ? ???? ????????
00:19:17Galgar or was on cd?
00:19:25Eternity no wards
00:19:26Oili hit a bit too late sry
00:19:27Eternity you steal my farm
00:19:28mamyka lol
00:19:30Eternity you dont listen to me
00:19:34Eternity you farm no teamplay
00:19:35Hexar push topp
00:19:35Galgar k
00:19:35Eternity you feed
00:19:36Eternity srsly
00:19:42Eternity and you cant set your ulti
00:19:45mamyka coz i save all farm fo you
00:20:08mamyka have nt money for buy iteams and now uoi blame me gj slardar
00:20:11Eternity MOVE
00:20:31Hexar b
00:21:16PriMo ??????? ? ?????? ?? ????
00:21:19Galgar need to farm
00:21:29Hexar sa teed kiire bfi nuud?
00:21:50Eternity -ii
00:21:55Hexar gogogo
00:22:20extremewaari oom
00:22:25m1shjaAa go help slard
00:22:34PriMo ....
00:22:44mamyka u rly need farm
00:22:45Eternity PANDA STILL NO AGHAS
00:22:46Hexar push
00:22:47Eternity comon
00:22:48Hexar 2 tower
00:22:52Eternity i went for teamplay
00:22:52mamyka su plz
00:22:57Eternity while you had 20 mins freefarm
00:23:01m1shjaAa stop talk pla
00:23:01Eternity and you still got nothing
00:23:03m1shjaAa plz
00:23:06m1shjaAa stop talking
00:23:06Eternity fuck off
00:23:07m1shjaAa play
00:23:09Eternity 3 supports 0 wards
00:23:31Eternity W?
00:23:32PriMo ??????
00:23:37Eternity wp venge
00:23:38Eternity wp
00:23:43PriMo ff
00:23:55TryMe_ b
00:24:09mamyka farm
00:24:25Hexar farmi topis
00:24:27Hexar gal
00:24:31Eternity n1 save venge
00:24:34m1shjaAa fu
00:25:14mamyka lowbob
00:25:22poskus noone comes
00:25:23poskus ffs
00:25:23poskus :DD
00:25:33PriMo ?????? ???? ???? ????????? ??????????????
00:25:40mamyka [p
00:25:43mamyka xz
00:25:49poskus theyve been killing me in our side of tge map for good 30 secs
00:25:52poskus noone even moves
00:25:53poskus :DDD
00:26:10mamyka ?? ? ?????
00:26:11m1shjaAa gather
00:26:17extremewaari my rune
00:26:18mamyka ????? ? ?????? ????? ???? ???????
00:26:25poskus gather 4 what? :D
00:26:34Hexar heal
00:27:13extremewaari b
00:27:25Hexar slow
00:27:26Hexar him
00:27:27extremewaari b
00:27:44m1shjaAa lol u ceen mort?
00:27:46m1shjaAa D
00:27:51m1shjaAa or only panda does)
00:28:09Hexar tower
00:28:27m1shjaAa got dust
00:29:10Eternity care
00:29:12Eternity nerub
00:29:26PriMo ? 1 ????
00:29:37PriMo ????? ??? ??????
00:29:47poskus slard
00:29:48poskus u suck
00:29:52mamyka true
00:29:58Hexar gogogo
00:29:58mamyka lowbob
00:29:59Hexar bot
00:29:59Hexar tpp
00:29:59extremewaari pa go bot
00:30:02extremewaari tp
00:30:04m1shjaAa TRY TO WIN BOB
00:30:05Galgar already on it
00:30:12Hexar invis
00:30:13Eternity check ya items after 25 mins freefarm
00:31:00m1shjaAa LICH
00:31:10m1shjaAa ahahahahahaha
00:31:10poskus ;DDDDDDDDDD
00:31:12poskus this lich
00:31:14poskus is awesome
00:31:23poskus why dont u ulti first
00:31:26PriMo ????? ?? ??????
00:31:26poskus when there are no creeps?
00:31:40poskus I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:31:44PriMo I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:31:56Hexar kuidas farm on?
00:32:01Galgar decent
00:32:06poskus not even 1 goo
00:32:06PriMo ??? ?? ????? ??????? ????????? ??????
00:32:11poskus good lich ult
00:32:12mamyka one tiome all with gem or wards
00:32:15Galgar aga mitte superhea algus läks metsa
00:32:22poskus its too late bro
00:32:53Hexar urepel him
00:33:30Eternity mort items=?
00:33:44m1shjaAa b
00:34:20PriMo ???
00:34:32mamyka gg slardar
00:34:37Galgar hahaha :D
00:34:37Eternity xD
00:34:41Eternity i made 3 guys lowlife noob
00:34:43mamyka we cant go with outgem
00:34:45Eternity then i ran away
00:34:47Eternity healed myself
00:34:50Eternity and joined again
00:34:56Hexar healme
00:35:00poskus pls
00:35:01poskus just
00:35:02poskus I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:35:28mamyka i h8 u na
00:35:32extremewaari :)
00:35:37Hexar he love u
00:35:43mamyka i hope we soon get gem
00:35:47poskus not
00:35:50poskus gem is important ghere
00:35:52poskus dude..
00:35:53poskus not gem
00:36:02poskus if we get gem we just loose it
00:36:03poskus u are
00:36:05poskus useless
00:36:06poskus totally
00:36:08poskus thats the problem
00:36:10Hexar dust on them
00:36:13Hexar on vs
00:36:15extremewaari bara
00:36:17Hexar dea
00:36:18Hexar dead
00:36:20Hexar 2
00:36:36mamyka all plz gather
00:36:40Hexar move ur creep
00:37:14mamyka dead
00:37:47Hexar heal
00:37:47PriMo ? ????
00:38:12poskus ":DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
00:38:14poskus :DDDDDDDDDDDD
00:38:16poskus :DDDDDDDDDDD
00:38:19poskus after i die
00:38:22poskus they start moving
00:38:26poskus thats sooo funny to watch
00:38:41extremewaari pa have now free farming^^
00:38:46extremewaari pa make now bkb
00:38:46poskus guys now explain me
00:38:49poskus whyn u didnt come
00:38:51poskus while i was
00:38:52poskus still alive?
00:38:55Galgar y
00:38:58Eternity cuz i had 150 hp.
00:39:04m1shjaAa go i swap
00:39:09poskus yea i know but
00:39:10poskus everybody
00:39:11Eternity he s b anyway
00:39:11poskus else?
00:39:12poskus :DD
00:39:14poskus best place
00:39:15poskus for lich
00:39:17poskus to ulti
00:39:22poskus and he fuckin wont come
00:39:33poskus fuck this team
00:39:38Hexar gotbkb soonm
00:39:45extremewaari good
00:40:01poskus only 1 guy plays decent this game...
00:40:01Hexar ffs
00:40:01Hexar f plugers
00:40:01TryMe_ i let myself swap
00:40:01poskus and know he might be gone
00:40:01m1shjaAa (
00:40:05TryMe_ or not
00:40:11Galgar repel
00:40:48Eternity i missed 9 attacks
00:40:48Eternity srsly
00:40:55m1shjaAa i seen
00:40:57mamyka coz u need farm man
00:41:04m1shjaAa mwhile mort was owning me)
00:41:13mamyka lol
00:41:13Eternity i was next to you
00:41:14mamyka ahaha
00:41:15Eternity stupid noob
00:41:16Eternity ..
00:41:23poskus can
00:41:23poskus e
00:41:24poskus we
00:41:25poskus ff?
00:41:26m1shjaAa and u was hitting mort
00:41:28mamyka me and lich kill only one hero
00:41:29mamyka wp
00:41:30m1shjaAa why i am noob&
00:41:31Hexar rosh now
00:41:31mamyka slardar
00:41:39Hexar move creep
00:41:41Hexar to rosh
00:41:42Eternity 2 10 talking?
00:41:47mamyka u rly need farm
00:41:53mamyka coz u need farm
00:41:56Eternity you need farm?
00:42:00Hexar tule v6ra
00:42:01Hexar see
00:42:02Hexar aegis
00:42:03mamyka i save it for you
00:42:06m1shjaAa where to put wards?
00:42:06mamyka in lane noob
00:42:09Eternity you tried to lasthit
00:42:09Eternity noob
00:42:12poskus dont worry venge
00:42:13Eternity stop lie
00:42:14mamyka lol
00:42:14poskus its done..
00:42:32poskus anyway wp venge
00:42:34poskus nice try slard
00:42:35poskus and u 2
00:42:36poskus suck
00:42:43Eternity said panda
00:42:44Eternity without items
00:42:44Eternity after 40 mins freefarm now
00:42:44poskus freefarm
00:42:44poskus 40 mins
00:42:44poskus omg
00:42:45poskus this guy
00:42:45poskus :D
00:42:50extremewaari i make vladi for u bara
00:42:52m1shjaAa u all only talk
00:42:53poskus i leftr lane
00:42:54poskus lvl 7
00:43:05Eternity then you got lvl 7 mins 25?
00:43:09poskus nop
00:43:24extremewaari kill
00:43:28m1shjaAa b
00:43:29m1shjaAa b
00:43:30m1shjaAa b
00:43:31m1shjaAa b
00:43:47Eternity lucker^^
00:43:56Galgar luck is part of the game took a risk :p
00:44:00Eternity ye :/
00:44:14Galgar besides i had aegis ;)
00:44:19mamyka I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:44:19Eternity i know
00:44:23mamyka wp slardar
00:44:27Eternity but i would escape anyway after kill ;)
00:44:29mamyka stupid iteam
00:44:30Eternity thx
00:44:33Galgar true
00:44:38Hexar but u dident
00:44:44Hexar kle
00:44:46Hexar ma teen selle m2ngu
00:44:47Eternity i can kill em 2v1
00:44:53poskus :D
00:44:54Hexar 2ra siis viitsid nata ootata ma k2in poes
00:44:54Hexar 2ra
00:44:56Eternity and you cant kill 1 4v3
00:44:57Eternity ^^
00:44:58Galgar noh
00:44:58poskus anyway lich plants a ward
00:44:59Hexar ostan paar õlli
00:45:00mamyka if yoiu farm mkb u ill own all
00:45:09poskus then sees nerub cming
00:45:09Galgar nonoh
00:45:10poskus invis
00:45:12poskus does nothing
00:45:12poskus :D
00:45:19Hexar mitte endale:D
00:45:21Galgar jood etsiga ? või üksi
00:45:28Hexar emale talle
00:45:33Galgar a
00:45:34m1shjaAa go help me to put wards
00:45:40poskus no need venge
00:45:41poskus its gg
00:45:47extremewaari love that aa
00:45:47Eternity if you dont want to play dota
00:45:47m1shjaAa russians do not surrender
00:45:50Eternity stop this panda
00:45:53Hexar freekill:D?
00:45:54mamyka slardar have farm and me and venga no
00:45:56extremewaari y :p
00:45:58m1shjaAa go up plant wards
00:46:03mamyka so this is so stupid mr cap
00:46:18mamyka tripline need for push not for late
00:46:21TryMe_ go
00:46:26mamyka ur bad cap
00:46:38PriMo I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:46:41m1shjaAa I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:46:44Eternity wind carried this^^
00:46:46Eternity gg
00:46:47Eternity I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
00:46:52Hexar Wind na is best lol
00:46:54Oili gg wp ty
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