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+19 X
-5 TS

54% | 1217 X | 1317 TS

-9 X
-2 TS

50% | 1151 X | 1280 TS

-27 X
-20 TS

NEW | 1119 X | 1154 TS

-5 X
-5 TS

17% | 996 X | 1182 TS

-35 X
-3 TS

15% | 927 X | 1240 TS

+10 X
+12 TS

45% | 1140 X | 1291 TS

+17 X
+2 TS

35% | 1126 X | 1279 TS

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+13 TS

34% | 1231 X | 1109 TS

-26 X
+26 TS

25% | 1047 X | 1223 TS

+42 X
+11 TS

12% | 903 X | 1232 TS

Chat log

00:00:00lemi.livo.skodi [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... poskus with 100 seconds.
00:00:09Fxx. me 1. ?
00:00:10Fxx. or ?
00:00:13poskus not
00:00:13poskus yet
00:00:13poskus bro
00:00:16Fxx. -ban spectra
00:00:16Pojetz ban ud or roof
00:00:16Pojetz take roof
00:00:16lemi.livo.skodi me terror blade plz
00:00:16ForbeateN o rly
00:00:16ForbeateN xD
00:00:16Pojetz and ban ud
00:00:16lemi.livo.skodi pick some1 for me
00:00:16poskus no
00:00:16poskus pls
00:00:16ForbeateN -ud
00:00:16lemi.livo.skodi plz i can garantee win
00:00:16Pojetz -ud
00:00:16poskus u are
00:00:16ForbeateN undying
00:00:16poskus 17
00:00:16poskus %
00:00:16poskus u cant
00:00:16Fxx. :-)
00:00:16ForbeateN -dirge
00:00:16poskus quarantee
00:00:16poskus a win
00:00:16lemi.livo.skodi but tb only hero i play best
00:00:16Pojetz TYPE LAL
00:00:16LaSiCa cmon
00:00:16Pojetz ALL
00:00:16poskus fuck no
00:00:16poskus 17%
00:00:16poskus u cant carry
00:00:16ForbeateN -
00:00:16lemi.livo.skodi i garantee
00:00:16ForbeateN -dirge
00:00:16Pojetz idiot?
00:00:16Pojetz WOW
00:00:16TrustNoGoblin disko is hard noob
00:00:20ForbeateN so
00:00:21Romeo -clear
00:00:23ForbeateN roof?
00:00:28Pojetz u can play roof?
00:00:29Romeo spect and und baned ?
00:00:31Pojetz take it
00:00:31ForbeateN take me someth
00:00:43ForbeateN i can play but boring..
00:00:44lemi.livo.skodi tb for me ?
00:00:45Romeo was afk does it corect ? :)
00:00:46Fxx. no
00:00:53Fxx. i pick it cause i dont wanna tb for u
00:01:01lemi.livo.skodi ok i ll pick other carry
00:01:01Jambalaya anywhises ?
00:01:05poskus u are
00:01:06poskus an idiot
00:01:11ForbeateN nortorm
00:01:12lemi.livo.skodi SUCK MY DICK
00:01:14ForbeateN ..
00:01:14Fxx. and enjoy your under 17% :-)
00:01:37poskus trustnogoblin
00:01:40poskus is our hope
00:01:40ForbeateN take me dusa
00:01:43poskus i believe
00:01:48ForbeateN omfg
00:01:49Jambalaya please no dusa
00:01:50Pojetz nice pick guys
00:01:55Romeo dazle will be good ?
00:01:56Fxx. i start understand clinkz 17% :-)
00:01:58Pojetz rhasta is good
00:01:59Jambalaya me mid ?
00:01:59poskus ow yea
00:02:01Pojetz and u play this shit roof
00:02:01poskus dazzle is good
00:02:03Pojetz and stfu
00:02:07poskus captn
00:02:08poskus pls send
00:02:09poskus clinkz
00:02:10poskus top
00:02:11Jambalaya can i mid ?
00:02:14ForbeateN f u moron
00:02:15ForbeateN stfu
00:02:16ForbeateN im cap
00:02:17Fxx. y
00:02:19Fxx. clinkz top
00:02:20ForbeateN qop mid
00:02:23Jambalaya ty
00:02:28Fxx. u can run with invis
00:02:28poskus and give me
00:02:31Pojetz rhasta lane
00:02:32Pojetz with me
00:02:32ForbeateN rhastta botom
00:02:33poskus wl
00:02:35poskus in lane
00:02:38Pojetz omfg
00:02:49poskus wl
00:02:50poskus come here
00:02:51Pojetz me farm and u spam enemys
00:02:57LaSiCa k
00:02:57Pojetz buy wards
00:02:59LaSiCa k
00:03:13poskus can u pull?
00:03:14Fxx. fast upgrade please
00:03:17TrustNoGoblin sure
00:04:21Pojetz I SAID
00:04:24Pojetz i farm
00:04:25Pojetz idiot
00:05:02Fxx. fuck
00:05:04lemi.livo.skodi hahahaha
00:05:07lemi.livo.skodi Captain :)
00:05:42Carna stop curing me :
00:05:49Carna stop da curse !
00:05:56ForbeateN haah
00:06:18Jambalaya ss goes top
00:06:35Jambalaya b
00:06:42Carna pries for a rgen
00:06:53Carna rune top
00:06:55Jambalaya chick up
00:07:03Jambalaya please
00:07:24Fxx. clinkz lost chick ...
00:07:25Jambalaya ffs
00:07:28Jambalaya chick up
00:07:28Jambalaya fas
00:07:32Jambalaya fast
00:07:35Jambalaya ss
00:07:41Jambalaya eza
00:07:41Carna woo
00:07:43Jambalaya chick
00:07:45LaSiCa treee
00:07:57Carna god dam looser i am
00:07:58LaSiCa moron
00:08:04lemi.livo.skodi ss top
00:08:24TrustNoGoblin ty
00:08:27poskus np bro
00:08:33Fxx. MB HELP ?
00:08:43poskus ur ding fine
00:08:53ForbeateN gj noob
00:09:21Jambalaya ffs
00:09:25Jambalaya need that fucking
00:09:26Jambalaya chick
00:09:27Jambalaya up
00:09:28Jambalaya ffs
00:09:28Jambalaya tards
00:09:29Jambalaya do it
00:09:33Jambalaya supports
00:09:34Jambalaya really
00:09:45Jambalaya if u guys had up that chick
00:09:52Jambalaya i would pwnd him mid so much
00:10:24poskus care
00:10:25poskus wl
00:10:54Romeo same sec i pres stick=]
00:10:58Fxx. WHAT THE HELL !
00:11:01Fxx. used ulty
00:11:05lemi.livo.skodi gj captain
00:11:07Fxx. su
00:11:09Fxx. clinz
00:11:12Fxx. rly su
00:11:16lemi.livo.skodi you rock
00:11:22Romeo da best =]
00:11:41Jambalaya ss
00:11:44TrustNoGoblin oo
00:11:46Carna wtf
00:11:55lemi.livo.skodi care
00:11:57TrustNoGoblin no ana
00:12:04LaSiCa ss
00:12:12ForbeateN b
00:12:18Jambalaya -.-
00:12:44Jambalaya b
00:12:45Jambalaya bo
00:13:10Jambalaya omfg
00:13:13Jambalaya get reactions
00:13:15ForbeateN b
00:13:15Jambalaya tuskar
00:13:21ForbeateN b
00:13:31ForbeateN b
00:13:35Fxx. buy another chick s1 ?
00:14:52Jambalaya can u guys chick up ?
00:14:54Jambalaya please
00:14:57ForbeateN can u?
00:14:57Jambalaya wards and chick up
00:14:59Jambalaya supports
00:15:02Fxx. all miss
00:15:02Jambalaya serious
00:15:03Fxx. back
00:15:27Jambalaya leave fsf
00:15:29Jambalaya leave rune
00:15:31LaSiCa sry
00:15:37Jambalaya can't roam without
00:16:01Romeo wow
00:16:17TrustNoGoblin guysdef
00:16:17Carna comin
00:16:30Fxx. why all run ?
00:16:59Jambalaya b
00:17:00Jambalaya b
00:17:02Carna fuck this
00:17:37poskus thnx dazzle
00:17:56ForbeateN AHAHAHHA
00:17:57Jambalaya -.-
00:18:23ForbeateN gj
00:18:26TrustNoGoblin why u stay
00:18:29Fxx. still no chick ?
00:18:38Romeo hi didnt buy it :D
00:18:41Romeo he
00:19:05Fxx. anyway
00:19:05Jambalaya my haste
00:19:08Fxx. i m not good tb
00:19:18Romeo dead
00:19:21Fxx. but still better to this clinkz
00:19:45ForbeateN b
00:19:46ForbeateN b
00:20:23poskus wtf???
00:20:25ForbeateN b
00:20:33Romeo whey just w8 till we die :D
00:20:43poskus yea
00:20:46poskus thats stupid..
00:21:12ForbeateN gank
00:21:13Jambalaya yes
00:21:16ForbeateN wait
00:21:40Jambalaya dust any ?
00:21:43Fxx. all here
00:21:44Fxx. come help
00:22:00ForbeateN b
00:22:04ForbeateN b
00:22:20Jambalaya mana me
00:22:24Jambalaya when u can
00:22:31Jambalaya man
00:22:36ForbeateN b
00:23:04poskus ffs
00:23:05poskus npo
00:23:06poskus heal
00:23:07poskus from
00:23:08poskus anyone
00:23:11poskus on poison
00:23:14poskus how hard
00:23:16poskus it has to be
00:23:29poskus ff
00:23:33lemi.livo.skodi plz leave
00:23:37poskus pls
00:23:38poskus u leave
00:24:02Fxx. imba farm clinkz
00:24:10Jambalaya chick up please
00:24:17Jambalaya kill top
00:24:32Fxx. lock
00:24:34Fxx. start suport please
00:24:46TrustNoGoblin lol
00:24:55Fxx. b
00:26:24ForbeateN b
00:26:40Carna tower
00:27:18Jambalaya mabna
00:27:18Jambalaya ffs
00:27:33LaSiCa stop control my hero
00:27:34TrustNoGoblin u fucking suck
00:27:45LaSiCa or i wiil unshare
00:27:47Jambalaya y
00:27:54Jambalaya but u never mana me
00:28:00LaSiCa say
00:28:04LaSiCa dont control
00:28:06Jambalaya look in chat
00:28:10Jambalaya and in fights
00:28:15Jambalaya i need it
00:28:19Jambalaya kill to
00:28:39Jambalaya tped
00:28:53Jambalaya ty
00:28:56LaSiCa ;]]
00:28:58ForbeateN go mid
00:29:04Jambalaya kill
00:29:20ForbeateN we must end
00:29:21ForbeateN no carry
00:29:24Jambalaya yes
00:29:39ForbeateN atack
00:30:17Jambalaya i saved u there
00:30:27Fxx. clinkz
00:30:29Fxx. just farm
00:30:29LaSiCa pls try to finish
00:30:30Fxx. please
00:30:34lemi.livo.skodi where ?
00:30:37Jambalaya lets go mid
00:30:38Jambalaya now
00:30:38lemi.livo.skodi am trying
00:30:51LaSiCa i will go for hex
00:30:53Fxx. spam ultys on big creeps
00:30:58ForbeateN yy
00:30:58lemi.livo.skodi i do
00:31:05LaSiCa need only void
00:31:10ForbeateN when i get radi go mid
00:32:07Fxx. let me down
00:32:14Fxx. 300 to buterfly
00:32:15Fxx. ...
00:32:21Fxx. but np
00:32:21ForbeateN now lets go mid :D
00:32:22Fxx. ignore me
00:32:25Jambalaya mana
00:32:28Jambalaya ty
00:32:29Fxx. ...
00:32:43poskus def?
00:32:57TrustNoGoblin y
00:32:57poskus hello
00:33:42TrustNoGoblin ty
00:33:46ForbeateN WTF
00:34:02Jambalaya neeed mana
00:34:06Fxx. i m cheater :-)
00:34:10ForbeateN lol
00:34:13Jambalaya mana
00:34:25Pojetz EZALOR
00:34:28Pojetz STUPIT
00:34:29LaSiCa sry
00:34:30ForbeateN eza u suck for medal
00:34:31Jambalaya look when i say mana
00:34:33Jambalaya u never give
00:34:42Carna $off
00:34:52Pojetz good roof ulti and its win
00:35:01LaSiCa so.. win it
00:35:32ForbeateN go mid
00:35:33ForbeateN all
00:35:37lemi.livo.skodi dd top
00:35:41Jambalaya gj
00:35:45Romeo take it
00:35:49Jambalaya mid
00:35:50Jambalaya aal
00:36:07lemi.livo.skodi care top
00:36:09lemi.livo.skodi they inc
00:36:10Jambalaya gogo
00:36:11Jambalaya kill to
00:36:32Carna mana plz
00:36:35Jambalaya mana
00:36:46ForbeateN .HELP ME SOMEONE ?!?!?!??!?!
00:36:49ForbeateN f nabs
00:37:01ForbeateN what a team
00:37:01Jambalaya gg
00:37:02ForbeateN ...
00:37:11Fxx. gg
00:37:14Pojetz ok
00:37:16Pojetz pede
00:37:18lemi.livo.skodi TARDSSSSSSSSSS
00:37:26Fxx. cause of your suicide ?
00:37:33Fxx. ...........
00:37:35Fxx. and u said
00:37:37Fxx. what a team
00:37:41lemi.livo.skodi if they follow we kil lall
00:37:45lemi.livo.skodi kill all*
00:37:47ForbeateN ...
00:37:52Carna so what we go mid or
00:37:56ForbeateN GO MID
00:37:59ForbeateN AND DONT LEAVE ME
00:37:59Carna u always change ur fuckin mind
00:38:01LaSiCa just need roof ult
00:38:02ForbeateN like last time
00:38:03ForbeateN morons
00:38:06ForbeateN u left me dead
00:38:12Jambalaya w8 i need reg
00:38:35ForbeateN tuskar we must go in
00:38:36ForbeateN me and y
00:38:43Romeo =]
00:38:43Pojetz y
00:38:44Fxx. ....
00:38:44Carna tale ?e with you
00:38:51ForbeateN mid nab
00:38:52Jambalaya just get tb ganked
00:38:54Jambalaya and entree
00:39:10Fxx. ...
00:39:10ForbeateN tuskar!!!!!
00:39:11Jambalaya i scout
00:39:25Fxx. can we go togehter ?
00:39:27Fxx. end it ?
00:39:29Pojetz i take?
00:39:32poskus y go mid
00:39:47Pojetz roof u take
00:40:04Jambalaya ulti
00:40:12Fxx. ah
00:40:13Fxx. :.-)
00:40:33poskus um
00:40:38poskus whatever...
00:40:47poskus 2x orchid
00:40:48poskus ready soon
00:40:50poskus they are fucked
00:40:53Pojetz gj
00:40:53LaSiCa gj
00:40:57Carna MUID
00:40:59LaSiCa mid
00:40:59Fxx. :-)
00:41:06Carna FASTI FASTO
00:41:07poskus clinkz
00:41:08Romeo we will win if only all 5 go
00:41:11Pojetz FAST MID
00:41:13Pojetz omfg
00:41:13poskus what
00:41:15poskus do u orchid
00:41:17poskus so we wont go
00:41:20poskus on the same target
00:41:21poskus ?
00:41:22Carna gZT MID
00:41:29ForbeateN b
00:41:30ForbeateN tards
00:41:37Pojetz b
00:41:38Pojetz b
00:41:38Pojetz b
00:41:45Fxx. 40. min
00:41:52Fxx. clinkz have got finally orchid , u can ff it
00:42:29ForbeateN b all
00:42:33Jambalaya 700 for hex
00:42:56Romeo follow teror :D
00:43:05Fxx. 600 to mkb
00:43:06Jambalaya 300 for hex
00:43:07ForbeateN go mid
00:43:15Jambalaya need 300 and hex
00:43:21ForbeateN aka
00:43:21poskus ok farm
00:43:23Fxx. 350
00:43:23poskus so i get orchid
00:43:24ForbeateN w8
00:43:25Fxx. let me woof
00:43:25ForbeateN him
00:43:25poskus u get mkb
00:43:26Fxx. d
00:43:37ForbeateN u got 10x times better heroes
00:43:38poskus heal pls
00:43:45ForbeateN dd
00:43:46Fxx. rly not
00:43:49Fxx. mb on late
00:43:49Pojetz i take
00:43:51Jambalaya need this
00:43:52Jambalaya and hex
00:43:53Jambalaya w8
00:43:55Jambalaya donøt
00:43:59Fxx. and u dont push
00:44:01Fxx. rly dont know why
00:44:22Jambalaya omw
00:44:23Jambalaya with hex
00:44:27Jambalaya gogo
00:44:34Jambalaya eza
00:44:36Jambalaya give roof mana
00:44:41ForbeateN go
00:44:48Jambalaya i got hex to
00:45:04poskus ffs
00:45:06poskus tb
00:45:06poskus u
00:45:07poskus just
00:45:11poskus lkost
00:45:12poskus it
00:45:12poskus ....
00:45:16ForbeateN mana
00:45:16Romeo oh
00:45:18Romeo warlock ;)
00:45:19ForbeateN meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
00:45:21Fxx. i lost it ?
00:45:21TrustNoGoblin iwasdead
00:45:22Romeo your stun
00:45:23Jambalaya wee need mekka
00:45:23LaSiCa sec
00:45:23poskus he was dead
00:45:25Pojetz GO RAX
00:45:26poskus yea tb
00:45:27Fxx. cause u go figth out of base ?
00:45:27poskus late
00:45:29poskus for fight...
00:45:39Pojetz b
00:45:39Pojetz b
00:45:40Pojetz b
00:45:40Pojetz b
00:45:40ForbeateN this ezalor
00:45:40Pojetz b
00:45:41Jambalaya roof that was stupid
00:45:41Pojetz b
00:45:41Pojetz b
00:45:41Pojetz b
00:45:42Pojetz b
00:45:42Pojetz b
00:45:42Pojetz b
00:45:43Pojetz b
00:45:43Pojetz b
00:45:44Pojetz b
00:45:44Pojetz b
00:45:44Pojetz b
00:45:45Pojetz b
00:45:45ForbeateN is the worst player
00:45:45Pojetz b
00:45:45Pojetz b
00:45:46Pojetz b
00:45:46Pojetz b
00:45:46Pojetz b
00:45:47Pojetz b
00:45:47Pojetz b
00:45:47Pojetz b
00:45:52poskus ow
00:45:52Pojetz this eza..
00:45:53Fxx. lock
00:45:53poskus mby
00:45:54Fxx. dont die
00:45:55poskus noy
00:45:55ForbeateN f nab
00:45:57poskus its ok
00:45:58ForbeateN looser
00:45:59poskus not lost :D
00:46:15Fxx. we cant lost this
00:46:21ForbeateN we can win
00:46:22ForbeateN go mid
00:46:23TrustNoGoblin we can
00:46:25Pojetz ofc
00:46:25TrustNoGoblin soplay
00:46:25poskus u can always loose
00:46:27Fxx. no , we cant
00:46:31Fxx. just dazzle def me
00:46:32ForbeateN tusk nice job
00:46:33Fxx. and i pown all
00:46:34Romeo TOGETHER !
00:46:40ForbeateN aka too
00:46:44Jambalaya next time don't let tb ulti u guys
00:46:49Fxx. let go mid now
00:46:52Fxx. they cant stop us
00:46:54Carna coyuldnt fuckin tarfet him
00:47:01Carna long time i didnt play rasta
00:47:06ForbeateN mid
00:47:10LaSiCa meka
00:47:11LaSiCa me
00:47:12Fxx. w8 for lock ulty
00:47:14Fxx. and go
00:47:15TrustNoGoblin y
00:47:25Pojetz b
00:47:26Pojetz b
00:47:27Pojetz care
00:47:28Pojetz b
00:47:31poskus cool
00:47:32poskus u
00:47:33poskus huys
00:47:34poskus guys
00:47:35poskus wh8
00:47:37poskus when we have
00:47:42poskus imba entry
00:47:45poskus u let em kill me
00:47:46poskus :DDDDDDDDDDD
00:47:47poskus nice
00:47:52ForbeateN haha
00:47:54ForbeateN go mid
00:47:55ForbeateN now
00:47:55poskus I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:47:56ForbeateN end it
00:47:58poskus imba teamplay
00:47:58Fxx. sooo bad team
00:48:00Fxx. soooo bad
00:48:03Fxx. team
00:48:07TrustNoGoblin wesay w8
00:48:11poskus wh8
00:48:12poskus for what
00:48:13TrustNoGoblin y ulty
00:48:14poskus best entry ever
00:48:15poskus u are
00:48:16poskus all
00:48:16ForbeateN u had win...
00:48:18poskus on the hill
00:48:18TrustNoGoblin ulty
00:48:19Fxx. allways s1 go suicide like tard
00:48:19TrustNoGoblin ffs
00:48:20poskus and u dont
00:48:21poskus do shit
00:48:22poskus ffs
00:48:25poskus lol
00:48:27Fxx. likne nort now
00:48:27poskus suicide????
00:48:28poskus if u 4
00:48:30poskus watch me
00:48:31ForbeateN ill defend top
00:48:31poskus on the hill
00:48:50lemi.livo.skodi ty
00:48:51Fxx. nice dazzle
00:48:55ForbeateN lol
00:49:08ForbeateN I DEFE TOP
00:49:21ForbeateN mare u are just tarded..
00:49:28Fxx. why all go fucking ussless orchid ?
00:49:32ForbeateN again mid
00:49:36Jambalaya sec
00:49:36Jambalaya reg
00:49:38ForbeateN w8
00:49:38Romeo me 4 man
00:49:39Romeo a
00:49:47Fxx. guinso mutch better
00:49:47TrustNoGoblin w8 ylty
00:49:47ForbeateN b
00:49:50TrustNoGoblin thanwe push
00:50:02Jambalaya wee need all
00:50:03Jambalaya w8 us
00:50:05Jambalaya or we lose
00:50:13Jambalaya are u dumb
00:50:14Jambalaya ffs
00:50:19Pojetz :D:D:D
00:50:25Carna why
00:50:26Jambalaya idiots
00:50:29ForbeateN gg
00:50:29Jambalaya lost
00:50:30Jambalaya now
00:50:30Carna wtyf u do in the woods
00:50:30Jambalaya ty
00:50:32Jambalaya tards
00:50:33ForbeateN u ARE IDIOT
00:50:35ForbeateN U NOOOB
00:50:37Jambalaya lol
00:50:37ForbeateN FARMING
00:50:39ForbeateN WHOLE GAME
00:50:39Jambalaya lol
00:50:43ForbeateN u fucktard
00:50:53LaSiCa pls gather 2 hex meka rasta ult
00:50:55ForbeateN when we need u u are never there
00:50:57LaSiCa all mid
00:51:23Fxx. go push
00:51:24Fxx. 3 dead
00:51:25Fxx. omg
00:51:31TrustNoGoblin i got ulty
00:51:35ForbeateN wait
00:51:40TrustNoGoblin w8
00:51:42Fxx. b
00:51:42TrustNoGoblin e
00:51:44TrustNoGoblin gob
00:51:45TrustNoGoblin gob
00:51:47TrustNoGoblin go b
00:51:51ForbeateN go mid NWO
00:51:51TrustNoGoblin i got ulty
00:51:59TrustNoGoblin go all?
00:52:00Jambalaya rhasta u need to make mekka
00:52:08TrustNoGoblin or gain we die solo?
00:52:18LaSiCa gem?
00:52:24poskus def
00:52:28ForbeateN na mid
00:52:37poskus who
00:52:38poskus sends
00:52:39poskus bird
00:52:41poskus to death
00:52:41poskus ?
00:52:58poskus ulti dazzle
00:53:32ForbeateN b
00:53:36ForbeateN b
00:53:52ForbeateN rax
00:53:54ForbeateN try
00:53:59lemi.livo.skodi gj tb
00:54:01ForbeateN gjj
00:54:06Fxx. su
00:54:13Pojetz b
00:54:14Pojetz b
00:54:14Pojetz b
00:54:14Pojetz b
00:54:14Pojetz b
00:54:15Pojetz bb
00:54:15Pojetz b
00:54:15Pojetz b
00:54:16Pojetz b
00:54:16Pojetz b
00:54:16Pojetz b
00:54:17Pojetz b
00:54:19ForbeateN b now
00:54:20Pojetz B IDIOTS
00:54:23Jambalaya b
00:54:36Fxx. extreme noob team
00:54:43poskus inluding u bob
00:54:49Pojetz same here
00:54:50lemi.livo.skodi and when tb suicide ... he did that pro :)
00:54:51Pojetz :)
00:55:23ForbeateN go botom
00:55:32ForbeateN b
00:55:47Jambalaya ffs mid
00:55:50Carna WFY
00:55:55poskus go
00:55:56poskus push
00:55:56Jambalaya eza
00:55:56ForbeateN b
00:55:57poskus dont
00:55:57Jambalaya go
00:55:58Jambalaya hex
00:55:58poskus chace
00:56:01Jambalaya b
00:56:03ForbeateN wait
00:56:04LaSiCa b def
00:56:05Pojetz defg
00:56:06Pojetz deg
00:56:07Pojetz def
00:56:13ForbeateN f u tuskar
00:56:22Pojetz pro roof
00:56:35Pojetz buy blink noob
00:56:45ForbeateN .
00:57:18ForbeateN haah
00:57:23Carna wtf i do
00:57:25Carna i miss spell
00:57:48ForbeateN b
00:58:07ForbeateN w8 rasta
00:58:08TrustNoGoblin bkb teror
00:58:10Jambalaya wee need all
00:58:12Jambalaya go top
00:58:14TrustNoGoblin or satanic
00:58:19Carna i tp
00:58:22TrustNoGoblin u heal fast
00:58:25TrustNoGoblin if u turn on satanic
00:58:26Carna in 15 sec
00:58:44TrustNoGoblin anta is to good
00:58:47ForbeateN suport me
00:59:04poskus noob
00:59:34LaSiCa gj
00:59:37LaSiCa finish
00:59:50LaSiCa b
00:59:51LaSiCa all
01:00:06LaSiCa rax
01:00:15lemi.livo.skodi noob tb
01:00:17Fxx. TY SILENCER !!!!!!!
01:00:21LaSiCa rax
01:00:22Fxx. perfect block
01:00:32Fxx. i cant win this alone
01:00:34Fxx. its imposibl
01:00:35Fxx. E
01:00:36Carna u can
01:00:38poskus u already
01:00:38TrustNoGoblin we cant lose tb
01:00:39Fxx. another unbalanced game
01:00:39poskus fucked it up
01:00:40poskus alone
01:00:41lemi.livo.skodi I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
01:00:42TrustNoGoblin i saw u logic is good
01:00:42Fxx. miss dota-league
01:00:58Fxx. this nort and clinz is sooooo epic
01:01:24lemi.livo.skodi at least am not 0-14
01:01:32Fxx. he play for team
01:01:40poskus dude
01:01:41poskus tb
01:01:41poskus pls
01:01:42poskus stfu
01:01:43poskus u were
01:01:44poskus late
01:01:47poskus to so many fights
01:01:47lemi.livo.skodi tb emo noob
01:01:50Fxx. no
01:01:50poskus thats kinda the reason
01:01:51poskus we lost
01:01:51ForbeateN go bot
01:02:22ForbeateN bot
01:02:33ForbeateN eza teleport akasha
01:03:05Jambalaya ty
01:03:10ForbeateN i did it..
01:03:11ForbeateN xD
01:04:03ForbeateN thats it
01:04:03Fxx. how is this possible ?
01:04:04lemi.livo.skodi tb epic shit noob
01:04:09Fxx. he allways hit
01:04:12Fxx. guinso
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