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Chat log

00:00:22MariahCarry ggo
00:00:22MariahCarry dota2 is pretty funny
00:00:22MariahCarry btw
00:00:22creeeeeee funny?
00:00:22creeeeeee why so
00:00:22MariahCarry :O
00:00:22ESA_93 I dont like it.
00:00:22-.- neither do i
00:00:22MariahCarry so far 3-0
00:00:22ESA_93 Original much better.
00:00:22WANKmaster any1 wants omni
00:00:22WANKmaster or ud?
00:00:22BoNeshaw nop
00:00:22WANKmaster guys
00:00:22WANKmaster ud omni?
00:00:22WANKmaster -ud
00:00:22BoNeshaw i go clock or tuskar
00:00:22MariahCarry cool
00:00:22MariahCarry troll
00:00:22creeeeeee bone go clock
00:00:23creeeeeee i go tuskar
00:00:25creeeeeee lets lane :)
00:00:281m4n5h0w luci
00:00:291m4n5h0w he picks
00:00:301m4n5h0w i bet
00:00:36BoNeshaw that would be pretty imba
00:00:361m4n5h0w ohhh
00:00:44creeeeeee yesh it would
00:00:53creeeeeee :(
00:00:54BoNeshaw fags
00:00:59-.- want this? :D
00:01:04-.- i've never played omni before
00:01:13MariahCarry lol
00:01:17ESA_93 Im buying chicken
00:01:18mrk mis tahad
00:01:19BoNeshaw sorry but i play this
00:01:21slc2 ty
00:01:23-.- lanaya
00:01:24ESA_93 slc2
00:01:261m4n5h0w gah no hero i like to play
00:01:27slc2 ty
00:01:27mrk -swap 2
00:01:30-.- -swap 3
00:01:32creeeeeee i get doom
00:01:33WANKmaster imo get doom
00:01:33creeeeeee fo omni
00:01:341m4n5h0w gyro
00:01:371m4n5h0w maybe
00:01:39WANKmaster and
00:01:40MariahCarry go ench
00:01:41WANKmaster panda
00:01:41MariahCarry imo
00:01:42WANKmaster is nice
00:01:42MariahCarry so funny
00:01:451m4n5h0w woods ench?
00:01:47WANKmaster pandamon
00:01:48MariahCarry yea
00:01:49Vangelis no ench
00:01:49MariahCarry their woods
00:01:49Vangelis get
00:01:50Vangelis thd
00:01:51mrk funnily bad
00:01:52Vangelis NO ENCHA
00:01:53MariahCarry and gank mid
00:01:53MariahCarry etc
00:01:54MariahCarry ench
00:01:54Vangelis gyro or thd
00:01:55MariahCarry ench
00:01:55slc2 let me and rylai top?
00:01:56MariahCarry ench
00:01:58Vangelis ENCH BAD HERO
00:01:58MariahCarry ench is fun
00:01:59Vangelis GET THD
00:02:02-.- get ench
00:02:02MariahCarry stfu rofl
00:02:03-.- :)
00:02:03slc2 wank
00:02:03MariahCarry ench bad hero
00:02:041m4n5h0w ^^
00:02:05-.- so i solo top
00:02:06MariahCarry dumbest thing
00:02:07MariahCarry anyone
00:02:07slc2 let me and rylai top?
00:02:08MariahCarry has ever said
00:02:09BoNeshaw naa i rape with cm
00:02:09WANKmaster would be great y
00:02:17Vangelis dumb
00:02:17Vangelis ?
00:02:18MariahCarry chick
00:02:211m4n5h0w xaxa
00:02:22ESA_93 solo cm
00:02:23Vangelis ench is just feed hero
00:02:25ESA_93 carry cm?
00:02:25WANKmaster go bot
00:02:26WANKmaster panda
00:02:28Vangelis requires too much skill
00:02:29WANKmaster let them rape
00:02:30WANKmaster then
00:02:33-.- omni
00:02:34Vangelis want to guess what he does tihs game?
00:02:34ESA_93 going for mkb butterfly
00:02:37ESA_93 wait what
00:02:37slc2 thats stupid
00:02:37Vangelis farms 15 min
00:02:37-.- go bot
00:02:381m4n5h0w wasnt orange for long time
00:02:40WANKmaster i know
00:02:41WANKmaster 1 lane
00:02:43WANKmaster sucks
00:02:44Vangelis then wakes up with 700 hp
00:02:46Vangelis and say
00:02:47Vangelis oops
00:02:47MariahCarry gogo top woods
00:02:49Vangelis i got instaed
00:02:49MariahCarry take a creep
00:02:52MariahCarry and kill mid/top
00:02:52MariahCarry ench
00:02:54-.- top woods would be better
00:02:54creeeeeee tuskar rapes little girl
00:02:55-.- tbh
00:02:56-.- enchie
00:02:57ESA_93 hinttari
00:02:59creeeeeee y u do that
00:03:02mrk ongi
00:03:04mrk mine minema
00:03:24BoNeshaw pullaa?
00:03:241m4n5h0w bot rune
00:03:33ESA_93 minäpä vedän
00:03:36Vangelis ss
00:03:36Vangelis 2
00:03:38Vangelis re 2
00:03:391m4n5h0w say when i should come
00:03:451m4n5h0w got ursa here
00:03:58-.- come whenever u like
00:04:00BoNeshaw 1 only top
00:04:01BoNeshaw care
00:04:23MariahCarry gj
00:04:24WANKmaster ench
00:04:24WANKmaster mid
00:04:25WANKmaster nice
00:04:301m4n5h0w ursa ownage
00:04:33MariahCarry go harras ursa
00:04:34MariahCarry :)
00:05:20MariahCarry go again :D
00:05:32mrk kohe
00:06:05mrk ss
00:06:18creeeeeee so no chick?
00:06:331m4n5h0w ursa again
00:06:331m4n5h0w ^^
00:06:47ESA_93 ench in our forest?
00:07:12MariahCarry niec
00:07:23-.- top miss
00:07:24-.- both
00:07:48BoNeshaw pomni
00:08:20ESA_93 meijä mettä
00:08:26mrk see oli suht lamp
00:08:27mrk :D
00:09:11BoNeshaw we need ob
00:09:13BoNeshaw obs
00:09:16slc2 get wand
00:09:16BoNeshaw for sf
00:09:17ESA_93 ostan ku o rahaa
00:09:30BoNeshaw panda
00:09:32BoNeshaw tuu palloon
00:09:58slc2 doom?
00:10:00creeeeeee ?
00:10:02slc2 why do u creep?
00:10:03creeeeeee what can i do more there?
00:10:09creeeeeee used my spells 2 times
00:10:12mrk ench bot now
00:10:13mrk tower
00:10:14ESA_93 this is going to be tough
00:10:14BoNeshaw doom u could come to ball too <:/
00:10:35BoNeshaw cm come
00:10:37BoNeshaw lets get ta
00:10:39ESA_93 lets roll
00:10:41ESA_93 :--D
00:10:56slc2 3 bot
00:10:57creeeeeee 3 bot
00:10:58slc2 tp
00:11:08ESA_93 JA TUOSTA
00:11:19ESA_93 warding for u wank
00:11:451m4n5h0w Xaxaxa
00:11:54slc2 ss 3
00:12:00MariahCarry wanna get wards?
00:12:02MariahCarry or gank
00:12:03WANKmaster ta has dagger
00:12:06MariahCarry bat
00:12:11BoNeshaw oom
00:12:111m4n5h0w nvm
00:12:13BoNeshaw w8
00:12:43mrk gg
00:12:46mrk animation
00:12:46mrk didnt
00:12:47mrk finish
00:12:52slc2 top
00:12:54BoNeshaw oom
00:12:57BoNeshaw i go regen
00:13:02ESA_93 tuu tpllä
00:13:13BoNeshaw ju
00:13:17ESA_93 dont
00:13:18ESA_93 go
00:13:23BoNeshaw ffs
00:13:29MariahCarry WARDS
00:13:31MariahCarry ANYONE?
00:13:37slc2 he would have blinked
00:13:38BoNeshaw onks se täs
00:13:44ESA_93 does he have blink already?
00:13:47BoNeshaw y
00:13:52ESA_93 jessus kristtttus
00:13:541m4n5h0w stop that !
00:13:57creeeeeee nope
00:14:18slc2 i come mid
00:14:20MariahCarry why is it
00:14:23MariahCarry entire team is afk
00:14:25MariahCarry ?????
00:14:27ESA_93 kill now
00:14:30slc2 k
00:14:38slc2 rylai starts
00:14:40MariahCarry noone is trying to do anything
00:14:41Vangelis ench
00:14:421m4n5h0w omni bat wards?
00:14:42Vangelis is good
00:14:43Vangelis hero
00:14:45mrk nop
00:14:47mrk ench
00:14:47mrk wards
00:14:521m4n5h0w lol
00:14:53mrk you afked bot lane for no reason
00:14:53MariahCarry it is u fucking tard
00:14:53mrk 2 waves
00:14:57mrk so i couldnt get boots
00:15:051m4n5h0w lol
00:15:061m4n5h0w ?
00:15:22-.- what seems to be the problem
00:15:28MariahCarry that ur afk
00:15:33slc2 lets go?
00:15:39slc2 insta ench
00:15:43BoNeshaw k
00:15:49ESA_93 lanaya oom
00:15:58WANKmaster radi kindlalt
00:16:00WANKmaster tee
00:16:01WANKmaster cree
00:16:02creeeeeee mul on relic
00:16:04creeeeeee peaaegu
00:16:25mrk zzz
00:16:57ESA_93 toi
00:16:58slc2 oom
00:16:58ESA_93 on
00:16:59ESA_93 lihava
00:17:03creeeeeee k relic
00:17:07slc2 ball us
00:17:38BoNeshaw gj
00:17:40slc2 nice
00:17:43creeeeeee need 1 creeo
00:17:45creeeeeee p
00:17:581m4n5h0w luci frms
00:18:07Vangelis encha
00:18:08Vangelis farms
00:18:17MariahCarry bat
00:18:18MariahCarry farms
00:18:181m4n5h0w not
00:18:23MariahCarry 1 kill
00:18:23MariahCarry 0 assists
00:18:231m4n5h0w i only went mid ganks
00:18:23Vangelis so what
00:18:241m4n5h0w whole game
00:18:28MariahCarry so what?
00:18:32MariahCarry so u suck
00:18:32Vangelis useless hero
00:18:32Vangelis anyway
00:18:32Vangelis :D
00:18:32MariahCarry bat?
00:18:33creeeeeee new wards?
00:18:37ESA_93 money
00:18:39-.- what the shit
00:18:39slc2 who will leave wank?
00:18:39WANKmaster i have no idea
00:18:39mrk now look what you did
00:18:39ESA_93 i think its me
00:18:39ESA_93 u got my aura already at max
00:19:01Vangelis bait
00:19:04BoNeshaw lol cm
00:19:16BoNeshaw u max nova :O
00:19:22ESA_93 y?
00:19:30BoNeshaw bite ofc
00:19:32ESA_93 its better than frost imo
00:19:33BoNeshaw 1 nova
00:20:031m4n5h0w sf was shitted so hard in early and he got dagger already now..
00:20:09WANKmaster radi will own ta
00:20:12mrk why shouldnt he
00:20:17Vangelis he presses
00:20:20Vangelis zxc
00:20:23Vangelis he gets
00:20:25Vangelis 500 gold
00:20:25ESA_93 well lanaya is useless against radi
00:20:27MariahCarry lol
00:20:28MariahCarry so wrong
00:20:29WANKmaster ye
00:20:42MariahCarry we're 4vs5
00:20:45MariahCarry wtf are u doing foux
00:20:53mrk ss mid
00:20:53-.- nuthang
00:20:56mrk like 3
00:20:57MariahCarry ???
00:20:57BoNeshaw no dust
00:20:57mrk went somewhere
00:20:58BoNeshaw left
00:21:00-.- farming
00:21:04MariahCarry why
00:21:12Vangelis he out farms sf and luci
00:21:25creeeeeee care top
00:21:26creeeeeee 3 miss mid
00:21:50mrk 4mid
00:21:51Vangelis come
00:21:52Vangelis all
00:21:52Vangelis ?
00:22:10slc2 2 inc
00:22:27MariahCarry wtf
00:23:11BoNeshaw anyone going diffu?=
00:23:27MariahCarry lanaya
00:23:28MariahCarry PLS
00:23:29MariahCarry COME
00:23:34mrk well
00:23:34Vangelis he is
00:23:36mrk he doesnt need to
00:23:38Vangelis wankmasters
00:24:00mrk he like
00:24:01mrk 3hits them
00:24:03mrk if he farms
00:24:04mrk so np
00:24:09Vangelis he is also
00:24:11Vangelis wankmasters
00:24:14Vangelis bestfriend
00:24:23ESA_93 umm
00:24:48MariahCarry i can see that
00:24:51MariahCarry pls stop feeding
00:25:161m4n5h0w vanguard or bloodstone?
00:25:21-.- dagger
00:25:21Vangelis :D
00:25:22MariahCarry neither
00:25:28mrk never
00:25:281m4n5h0w ok vanguard
00:25:28mrk ever
00:25:31mrk make bloodstone
00:25:33Vangelis :DDDD
00:25:45slc2 nice
00:25:47Vangelis vanguard
00:25:48Vangelis ench
00:25:49Vangelis gg wp
00:26:00BoNeshaw come
00:26:02BoNeshaw i snowball us
00:26:41mrk bech
00:26:42mrk ench
00:26:43mrk lol
00:26:45mrk 1st one to run
00:26:46creeeeeee all so together
00:26:46mrk with full hp
00:26:51WANKmaster we lose
00:26:51WANKmaster even
00:26:53creeeeeee couldnt ult omni
00:26:54WANKmaster without ta
00:26:54creeeeeee fast enough
00:27:07WANKmaster we need to farm
00:27:08BoNeshaw melees mby stick to me
00:27:14BoNeshaw when i snowball-.-
00:27:23WANKmaster PANDa
00:27:33BoNeshaw l9ol panmda
00:27:36creeeeeee aa
00:27:40-.- :D
00:27:41creeeeeee okay
00:27:43creeeeeee ta
00:27:46creeeeeee deso also
00:28:12ESA_93 terrible
00:28:27WANKmaster I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:29:05Vangelis omni
00:29:06Vangelis teed
00:29:07Vangelis pipe
00:29:08Vangelis ?
00:29:09mrk ja
00:29:13mrk või meka võin ka teha
00:29:14mrk tegelt
00:29:16Vangelis ma teen
00:29:17Vangelis pipe
00:29:18Vangelis sa tee
00:29:19WANKmaster well they got items
00:29:19Vangelis meka
00:29:20WANKmaster we dont
00:29:27ESA_93 they got towers
00:29:28ESA_93 we dont
00:29:29BoNeshaw come hug me
00:29:31WANKmaster y
00:29:32BoNeshaw panmda and doom
00:29:48BoNeshaw come
00:29:49Vangelis k
00:29:51Vangelis mul pipe
00:29:52BoNeshaw all
00:29:54Vangelis sa teed meka siis
00:30:01BoNeshaw come to me
00:30:05BoNeshaw so i can snowball
00:30:13BoNeshaw o lol
00:30:17BoNeshaw and panda wasted mana
00:30:17WANKmaster i need
00:30:18WANKmaster ssould
00:30:32BoNeshaw we need to instagip omni
00:30:39Vangelis lanaya
00:30:40Vangelis ?
00:30:44BoNeshaw doom
00:30:46BoNeshaw close to me
00:30:48MariahCarry what an asshole
00:31:27BoNeshaw I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:31:27creeeeeee well
00:31:31creeeeeee nothing to disable ta
00:31:36WANKmaster cree sa farmisid terve aja ju
00:31:40WANKmaster kuidas sul ainult radi on
00:31:46creeeeeee no ainult radini farmisingi ju
00:31:53creeeeeee 17 min
00:31:59creeeeeee nüüd passinud baasis enamuse aja
00:32:03creeeeeee nad pushinud ainult
00:32:16Vangelis :D
00:32:20mrk tahtsin proovida
00:32:22mrk kas saab bootse
00:32:23mrk ei saanud :D
00:32:49Vangelis go
00:32:56WANKmaster I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:32:59WANKmaster go forfeit
00:33:02WANKmaster this is over
00:33:32BoNeshaw say ff
00:33:33BoNeshaw plz
00:33:40WANKmaster y
00:33:451m4n5h0w -ms
00:34:02Vangelis lanaya
00:34:03Vangelis rosh
00:34:04Vangelis for lanay
00:34:10MariahCarry nah
00:34:21-.- im cummin
00:35:37ESA_93 I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:35:55ESA_93 We lost it coz no teamplay at end.
00:35:59ESA_93 We mainly farmed.
00:36:01creeeeeee I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:36:11slc2 no doom farmed
00:36:19WANKmaster go
00:36:21ESA_93 so did u and nevermore
00:36:21WANKmaster forfeit
00:36:22WANKmaster last one
00:36:27WANKmaster what can i do
00:36:31WANKmaster if i start with 0:3
00:36:33slc2 i got none creeps
00:36:35WANKmaster we got no wards there
00:36:40WANKmaster so ench ganked me
00:36:43WANKmaster i had even no money
00:36:45WANKmaster to buy wards
00:36:47WANKmaster myself
00:36:49MariahCarry -ms
00:37:43ESA_93 Wp Encha
00:37:571m4n5h0w i only get flamed
00:38:06mrk noone flamed you
00:38:07mrk lol
00:38:10Vangelis i did
00:38:10Vangelis :D
00:38:131m4n5h0w blue and bat
00:38:151m4n5h0w flame :(
00:38:16mrk ench as a hero is bad
00:38:18mrk cos its hard to play
00:38:21mrk everyone fails with it @ gc
00:38:23mrk u just did wel
00:38:28mrk well*
00:38:33mrk so wp
00:38:431m4n5h0w ty
00:38:441m4n5h0w ty
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