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+2 TS

87% | 1457 X | 1508 TS

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71% | 1399 X | 1328 TS

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39% | 1152 X | 1277 TS

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Chat log

00:00:02c-yanker -rd
00:00:03c-yanker gogo
00:00:04BoNeshaw -rd
00:00:08Romeo ?
00:00:12Jesus_Crix my rubick pls =)
00:00:13Romeo what was that ?
00:00:16c-yanker k
00:00:16Bct_Murder you make rmk ?
00:00:16Jesus_Crix if you can
00:00:16c-yanker spectraa
00:00:16c-yanker spectra
00:00:16BoNeshaw -wisp
00:00:18Fxx. rubick , specrta
00:00:24Fxx. so specra , wisp ?
00:00:27BoNeshaw y
00:00:28pWny- spec and wisp banned
00:00:33c-yanker crix
00:00:34Fxx. pick sk for me
00:00:36Fxx. please
00:00:39c-yanker sec
00:00:43c-yanker and i tell u what to pick for me
00:00:44BoNeshaw ok
00:00:47Fxx. what for u?
00:00:52Jesus_Crix k
00:00:52BoNeshaw lets see
00:00:54Fxx. k
00:00:58pWny- i go toplane
00:01:02c-yanker give me pl
00:01:03c-yanker need wl
00:01:05Fxx. can i down ?
00:01:05c-yanker with me top
00:01:06c-yanker then
00:01:06Romeo can i bristle ?
00:01:08Fxx. or mid ?
00:01:11c-yanker i need wl
00:01:13Jesus_Crix -swap 1
00:01:16c-yanker -swap 3
00:01:28c-yanker get wl
00:01:30Fxx. so down
00:01:33Fxx. cent forst
00:01:35Romeo ho is wl ?
00:01:40Jesus_Crix warlock
00:01:46Romeo oh
00:01:48Bct_Murder all time forest
00:01:50Jesus_Crix enigma?
00:01:51Bct_Murder or pull all vave?
00:01:52Fxx. me down solo
00:01:53Romeo ok
00:01:54TakinBackMyLove i go
00:01:55TakinBackMyLove mid
00:01:56TakinBackMyLove then
00:01:58BoNeshaw get me troll
00:01:59Fxx. blue ?
00:01:59Jesus_Crix :/
00:01:59Romeo omg
00:02:02Fxx. man
00:02:04Fxx. why troll ?
00:02:04Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: off
00:02:06Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: on
00:02:06Jesus_Crix rubick better mid
00:02:08Bct_Murder \bard
00:02:08BoNeshaw just get it
00:02:09Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: You control Centaur Warchief [f,d,r,g]
00:02:10TakinBackMyLove well
00:02:10Jesus_Crix then i can gang mass
00:02:13Jesus_Crix with bottle
00:02:14BoNeshaw -swap 5
00:02:14TakinBackMyLove still
00:02:14Bct_Murder nu ka romeo musimes :D
00:02:15TakinBackMyLove i go
00:02:15Fxx. -swap 1
00:02:15TakinBackMyLove mid
00:02:17Jerkku -clear
00:02:21Romeo o :D
00:02:23Romeo nemaciau
00:02:24BoNeshaw cent wanna solo mid?
00:02:26Jesus_Crix well that's stupid
00:02:27Romeo zona pries tai buvo
00:02:28Jesus_Crix i think
00:02:29Romeo dbr tu
00:02:30Romeo =]
00:02:31Bct_Murder you let me ?:d
00:02:32Romeo -claer
00:02:34TakinBackMyLove dont
00:02:34BoNeshaw y
00:02:34TakinBackMyLove care
00:02:35TakinBackMyLove bane
00:02:35Jesus_Crix what does cap think?
00:02:36TakinBackMyLove suck
00:02:37TakinBackMyLove on lane
00:02:38c-yanker care
00:02:39c-yanker fb
00:02:39Fxx. i can mid
00:02:39c-yanker guys
00:02:41Bct_Murder i cant ray
00:02:41Fxx. if u wan
00:02:46c-yanker cent could be woods
00:02:47Bct_Murder fxx go
00:02:47c-yanker bot
00:02:49Bct_Murder if you want
00:02:50Jesus_Crix that's dumb
00:02:51c-yanker watch lanes before u go
00:02:52Jesus_Crix imao
00:02:56Jerkku i could also
00:02:57Bct_Murder i play good with sniper i think you good SK
00:03:00Jerkku crix ogre good lane
00:03:05pWny- i come mid gang
00:03:21pWny- try FB ?
00:03:23c-yanker gyrio
00:03:24c-yanker your bot
00:03:25c-yanker tt
00:03:31c-yanker wl
00:03:31pWny- 530 HP
00:03:32c-yanker with me ffs
00:03:33Fxx. nmop
00:03:33pWny- is possible
00:03:35c-yanker jezzz
00:03:36Fxx. no
00:03:44BoNeshaw miss
00:04:02c-yanker let me farm ffs
00:04:10Romeo i didnt kill it
00:04:24c-yanker ff
00:04:57BoNeshaw dont challenge
00:05:00BoNeshaw they got heal etc
00:05:45BoNeshaw gj
00:05:48c-yanker fuck this gyro
00:05:49c-yanker omfg
00:05:53pWny- hehe good job
00:05:56Jerkku y
00:05:57Jerkku :D
00:05:59c-yanker ff
00:06:04Romeo sry u die becouse of me ?
00:06:32Jesus_Crix ff
00:06:34c-yanker y
00:06:50Jesus_Crix wl is awful
00:07:17pWny- attack rocket
00:07:18pWny- please
00:07:21pWny- luna
00:07:32pWny- thanx
00:08:01c-yanker fuck this
00:08:06Jesus_Crix go farm bot
00:08:06Romeo gyro ? :D
00:08:07Jesus_Crix pl
00:08:10c-yanker this
00:08:11c-yanker guy
00:08:11Jesus_Crix i'll top
00:08:13c-yanker is to retarded
00:08:29BoNeshaw miss
00:08:31BoNeshaw magus
00:08:37c-yanker shitty noob
00:08:40Jerkku ty
00:08:42pWny- np
00:08:43BoNeshaw try
00:08:44BoNeshaw wlk
00:08:44Fxx. rubick inc up
00:08:45Romeo oh cmon u same now
00:08:46BoNeshaw hes alone
00:08:52pWny- coming
00:08:54Jesus_Crix go bot gyro
00:08:55c-yanker u fucked up our lane
00:09:07pWny- coming
00:09:21pWny- stun
00:09:22pWny- lol
00:09:26Jerkku HE HAS NO STUN
00:09:33BoNeshaw -ms
00:09:36Jerkku wtf is this
00:09:39Jerkku no stun crix?
00:09:46pWny- ???
00:09:48pWny- you got no stun
00:09:50pWny- ffs
00:09:54pWny- are you crazy
00:09:54Jerkku why no stun ?
00:10:25c-yanker luna inc
00:10:43Jerkku crix
00:10:45Jerkku can you say
00:10:46Fxx. ?
00:10:48Jerkku why no stun ?
00:10:54Fxx. cause i play mid crix
00:10:58Jerkku lol
00:11:07pWny- dude
00:11:11pWny- stun would be cool
00:11:12pWny- anyway
00:11:22pWny- you play mid that you can gang a bit -.-
00:11:30Jesus_Crix jesus
00:11:33Jesus_Crix christ
00:11:48Fxx. :-)
00:11:49Bct_Murder ogre ;/
00:11:50Fxx. fail
00:11:53pWny- ffs
00:11:57pWny- he used ulti
00:12:01pWny- allready
00:12:11pWny- atro cd of ulti?
00:12:13Fxx. troll was rly bad pick
00:12:13Jerkku you can easily win
00:12:16Bct_Murder lancer
00:12:16pWny- just wanna know it
00:12:17Bct_Murder farm alone
00:12:21Bct_Murder LANCER FARM ALONE
00:12:23Jerkku crix has no stun
00:12:40BoNeshaw hawk plz
00:12:46TakinBackMyLove rubic
00:12:47TakinBackMyLove i got
00:12:51TakinBackMyLove mid
00:12:52pWny- i buy dust
00:12:54Jesus_Crix let me farm pls
00:12:56BoNeshaw need hawk
00:12:58Jesus_Crix i'm 5
00:12:58BoNeshaw plz
00:12:59pWny- buy someone hawk and wards
00:12:59TakinBackMyLove no
00:13:00c-yanker 2 top
00:13:02TakinBackMyLove okay
00:13:06pWny- got not even boots yet
00:13:08Jesus_Crix b
00:13:20pWny- go stun
00:13:21pWny- crix
00:13:51TakinBackMyLove MORE LUCK
00:13:56BoNeshaw luck ??
00:14:00TakinBackMyLove 10 hp
00:14:16pWny- hawk and wards after boots sorry
00:14:18pWny- im really sorry
00:14:47Shiningstone fa53
00:14:50Jesus_Crix LOL
00:14:55BoNeshaw go plz
00:15:02Jesus_Crix i should have get mid
00:15:05Jesus_Crix 100 times
00:15:11TakinBackMyLove sure
00:15:12TakinBackMyLove i got
00:15:14pWny- kill PL
00:15:14Jesus_Crix i rlmy do
00:15:15TakinBackMyLove him twise
00:15:15pWny- now
00:15:16pWny- got dust
00:15:17pWny- guys
00:15:18c-yanker wards
00:15:23Bct_Murder ok go
00:15:27Jesus_Crix and you never ga
00:15:29Jesus_Crix gang
00:15:41Jesus_Crix you pwned a 15% wp
00:15:58pWny- finally -.-
00:16:31pWny- i come troll
00:16:43TakinBackMyLove b
00:16:44TakinBackMyLove gyro
00:16:58Jesus_Crix go
00:17:00pWny- push?
00:17:09Jesus_Crix WL
00:17:14Jesus_Crix follow me fkin bob
00:17:35pWny- carrys survive
00:17:36pWny- thats ok
00:17:40Jerkku :P
00:17:49Bct_Murder pwny i love you ;]
00:17:50Bct_Murder :D
00:17:54Bct_Murder you teamplayer ;]
00:18:00pWny- xD
00:18:06Jerkku ogre top
00:18:11Bct_Murder i wery hate NETUKKA :D
00:18:17TakinBackMyLove stay
00:18:18TakinBackMyLove rubic
00:18:19TakinBackMyLove and
00:18:20TakinBackMyLove farm
00:18:21TakinBackMyLove new
00:18:21Bct_Murder CARY UP
00:18:27pWny- b
00:18:27Jesus_Crix go gang
00:18:29pWny- bb
00:18:53Jesus_Crix my game is over
00:18:55Fxx. ROFL
00:19:07Fxx. hood , and u take me 2/3 hp
00:19:40pWny- 4rocket
00:19:55Shiningstone ops
00:20:25Jesus_Crix h8 you
00:20:27Jesus_Crix biatch
00:20:48Bct_Murder fxx man you fail
00:20:49BoNeshaw cent farm that dagger
00:20:50Fxx. so fucking ussless no ban rubick
00:20:58pWny- well
00:20:59Fxx. so fucking imba hero
00:21:03pWny- spectre > rubick
00:21:08pWny- rubick is nothing
00:21:08Fxx. rly not
00:21:10pWny- hes like zeus
00:21:12pWny- make imba DPS
00:21:14pWny- but if focus
00:21:16BoNeshaw i didnt ban spectre
00:21:16pWny- hes so fragile
00:21:35Jesus_Crix ffs
00:21:52Bct_Murder people lancer
00:21:55Bct_Murder free farm
00:21:56Bct_Murder 12 lvl
00:21:56pWny- lets push mid
00:21:57pWny- guys
00:21:59pWny- just push
00:21:59Bct_Murder and good item
00:22:04pWny- all together
00:22:06pWny- and they cant a shit
00:22:19pWny- atro comews
00:22:21pWny- comes hasted
00:22:26Jerkku rofl
00:22:38Bct_Murder troll come
00:22:38Bct_Murder up
00:23:09pWny- and atro survive again
00:23:10pWny- arghs
00:23:20pWny- we are totally splitted
00:23:23pWny- and not even able to push
00:23:27pWny- not able to gang
00:23:28pWny- nothing
00:23:33pWny- wtf is wrong
00:24:29Fxx. where u steal mana ? :-)
00:24:42Bct_Murder konga you map hack man :)
00:24:43pWny- go mid
00:25:30Jesus_Crix <3 this team
00:25:35Jesus_Crix hardcore
00:25:41BoNeshaw diffu almost
00:25:44BoNeshaw then we can push all twrs
00:25:49TakinBackMyLove you suck
00:25:50TakinBackMyLove y
00:25:58Jesus_Crix y
00:25:59Jesus_Crix bro
00:26:04Jesus_Crix you are imba right
00:26:08Jesus_Crix *you pwned mid
00:26:10Bct_Murder troll good farm?
00:26:11Jesus_Crix a low bob crix
00:26:13Jesus_Crix IMBA
00:26:15BoNeshaw diffu done
00:26:15pWny- F12
00:26:18pWny- ^^
00:26:19BoNeshaw decent
00:26:25TakinBackMyLove at
00:26:26TakinBackMyLove least
00:26:26Jesus_Crix come 1v1 me nxt time
00:26:27TakinBackMyLove i dont
00:26:27TakinBackMyLove feed
00:26:29Jesus_Crix we 'll see
00:26:30TakinBackMyLove sure
00:26:31TakinBackMyLove :)
00:26:33Bct_Murder kong... maphack i think ;]
00:26:34Jesus_Crix how i rock you
00:26:43pWny- they got wards
00:26:43BoNeshaw lets go
00:26:49Bct_Murder ward all map ?:d
00:26:51pWny- i go gem
00:26:59Jesus_Crix hahaha
00:27:00pWny- go all mid
00:27:01c-yanker tt
00:27:03pWny- finish
00:27:04Fxx. 5 down
00:27:12Bct_Murder wait i need
00:27:13Bct_Murder 200
00:27:14Fxx. gyro ulty stop my invis ?
00:27:23BoNeshaw get dust
00:27:25BoNeshaw lets go push bot
00:27:26BoNeshaw twr
00:27:28pWny- i got GEM
00:27:38Romeo b
00:27:40Fxx. i got 0:5
00:27:54Jerkku rosh ?
00:27:57pWny- k
00:27:58Bct_Murder dagger rdy
00:27:58pWny- i ward
00:27:58Shiningstone sorry keys
00:28:03pWny- first here
00:28:03BoNeshaw tp
00:28:04BoNeshaw def
00:28:04pWny- push tower first
00:28:16Shiningstone will be good to use repel keys
00:29:12Fxx. so hate me ?
00:29:13Fxx. :-)
00:29:36Fxx. go pl kill
00:29:36Fxx. down
00:29:42BoNeshaw no hp
00:29:44Jesus_Crix gem on ogre
00:29:46pWny- wayne
00:29:50pWny- he is chainstunned anyway
00:29:55pWny- go all
00:30:18Bct_Murder this crix..
00:30:25Fxx. he not ther ...
00:30:25BoNeshaw b
00:30:28BoNeshaw i go heal
00:30:35pWny- b
00:30:35pWny- b
00:30:36pWny- b
00:30:37pWny- b
00:30:39BoNeshaw ffs
00:30:41BoNeshaw said b
00:30:41BoNeshaw b
00:30:41BoNeshaw b
00:30:42BoNeshaw b
00:30:48BoNeshaw run
00:30:49BoNeshaw ogre
00:30:51Bct_Murder people?
00:30:53BoNeshaw u got gem
00:30:55Bct_Murder why you dont fight?
00:30:57Bct_Murder why run?
00:30:57BoNeshaw ogre run
00:30:59pWny- k
00:31:01BoNeshaw fucking idiot
00:31:01pWny- b
00:31:04BoNeshaw i said b
00:31:05BoNeshaw many times
00:31:08BoNeshaw i was 40% hp
00:31:12Jerkku got bkb
00:31:17TakinBackMyLove push
00:31:22BoNeshaw now u go give pl doule
00:31:23Bct_Murder LANCER IMBA
00:31:24BoNeshaw ffs
00:31:28pWny- warlock farms toplane ^^
00:31:30pWny- fine hes a dumby
00:31:33BoNeshaw anything is imba 2v5
00:31:40pWny- b
00:31:44pWny- bb
00:32:06Jesus_Crix srsly
00:32:37Romeo gem
00:32:52Fxx. 0:8 :-)
00:32:52pWny- good job
00:33:03pWny- mana
00:33:10Romeo huh i foght me worst :D
00:33:17pWny- kill WL
00:33:21pWny- b
00:33:32BoNeshaw sty done
00:33:38c-yanker use your urn
00:33:39c-yanker mate
00:33:42pWny- sty?
00:33:45Jesus_Crix bored
00:33:48BoNeshaw sy :D
00:33:48pWny- deso -.-
00:33:48Jesus_Crix of =this game
00:33:55Jesus_Crix should i go mid
00:33:58Bct_Murder what i can make now?
00:33:58pWny- ah sy, fine too ;)
00:34:02Jesus_Crix but i'm too kind
00:34:03TakinBackMyLove nah
00:34:06pWny- AC
00:34:07pWny- or hot
00:34:07BoNeshaw stygi sucks for troll
00:34:08pWny- cnetaur
00:34:10Bct_Murder ok
00:34:20TakinBackMyLove his my mate so i deside
00:34:22TakinBackMyLove no matter what
00:34:25c-yanker need
00:34:26c-yanker wards
00:34:27c-yanker at roshan
00:34:33BoNeshaw like my troll? :D
00:34:35pWny- jo
00:34:44pWny- luna come
00:34:46Fxx. like my sk ? :-)
00:34:47pWny- let us make smoke run
00:34:56pWny- smoke run
00:34:58pWny- set wards woods
00:35:00pWny- and finish
00:35:01pWny- gang
00:35:04pWny- and rosh maybe
00:35:10BoNeshaw -ms
00:35:11pWny- come
00:35:14BoNeshaw mid all
00:35:15BoNeshaw plz
00:35:45pWny- go smoke
00:35:46Jerkku reg
00:35:52Bct_Murder look this crix ...
00:35:57BoNeshaw go pl
00:36:00pWny- jo
00:36:02Fxx. SOOO HATERS :-)
00:36:13c-yanker ok
00:36:13TakinBackMyLove gyro
00:36:14TakinBackMyLove give
00:36:14TakinBackMyLove me
00:36:15TakinBackMyLove awrds
00:36:15Fxx. :-)
00:36:26Fxx. my team hate u , your team hate me
00:36:29c-yanker wards would have been nice
00:36:34c-yanker why they hate me?
00:36:34Romeo i like you :D
00:36:40pWny- u got 90% ??
00:36:43c-yanker so?
00:36:44pWny- -.--
00:36:46Fxx. u are imba late hero
00:36:50Fxx. but why your team hate me ? :-)
00:36:52pWny- hes nothing vs troll
00:36:52c-yanker u got luna and troll
00:36:53c-yanker chill
00:36:55c-yanker chill
00:37:07Jesus_Crix crap
00:37:10Jesus_Crix forgot
00:37:17c-yanker this team
00:37:18c-yanker -.-
00:37:22TakinBackMyLove he
00:37:23TakinBackMyLove has
00:37:23c-yanker goes out even do u gonna push tower
00:37:24TakinBackMyLove gem
00:37:26TakinBackMyLove dumb nabs
00:37:32c-yanker take away
00:37:33c-yanker golem
00:37:34pWny- finish or rosh first?
00:37:35Jesus_Crix IDC
00:37:36Jerkku rosh ?
00:37:36c-yanker dont push lane
00:37:58pWny- gem
00:38:04Romeo cent got gem
00:38:09Bct_Murder i take
00:38:12pWny- ya
00:38:14pWny- better on you anyway
00:38:21pWny- btw.. sorry for that stun
00:38:33pWny- i make command while he starts ulti
00:38:35BoNeshaw have u seen epic vanguard trolls before :D
00:38:36pWny- lol Fxx
00:38:40Fxx. i never farm on fucking dagger
00:38:45c-yanker lemme mid
00:38:47c-yanker need that radi now
00:38:48pWny- 0 - 10 xD
00:38:50Fxx. :-)
00:38:55BoNeshaw fullbuild
00:38:55BoNeshaw gg
00:38:56pWny- be happy that we win
00:38:56BoNeshaw :D
00:39:01pWny- or we would flame you xD
00:39:04Jesus_Crix 2/9
00:39:05Jesus_Crix xd
00:39:09Fxx. its np
00:39:13Fxx. i pown last 2 games
00:39:17Fxx. i can sometimes feed
00:39:31Jesus_Crix pl?
00:39:43TakinBackMyLove no
00:39:43Fxx. bottle atrop mid
00:39:45Fxx. pown me
00:39:46Fxx. :(
00:39:46Bct_Murder cent imba ?;/
00:39:47TakinBackMyLove to risky
00:39:52BoNeshaw come bot
00:39:53BoNeshaw twr
00:39:55Jesus_Crix we have to
00:40:11BoNeshaw -ms
00:40:12pWny- no gem on me
00:40:17Fxx. 200 to dagger
00:40:19Fxx. and i join
00:40:22Jesus_Crix wp agin
00:40:25Bct_Murder i come
00:40:32pWny- u will die again crix
00:40:33pWny- xD
00:40:34BoNeshaw thats pretty fast rapin
00:40:35Fxx. :-)
00:40:39pWny- it ownz
00:40:48BoNeshaw rosh
00:40:48pWny- baem -.-
00:40:56Fxx. 38. min , finally dager :-)
00:41:00TakinBackMyLove OFMG
00:41:02TakinBackMyLove NEWBSA
00:41:03Romeo :DD
00:41:05TakinBackMyLove newb
00:41:06TakinBackMyLove team
00:41:07TakinBackMyLove ftw
00:41:08c-yanker leave
00:41:09c-yanker creeps
00:41:11c-yanker got radi then
00:41:16TakinBackMyLove fucking newbs
00:41:17TakinBackMyLove lean
00:41:18TakinBackMyLove leave
00:41:19TakinBackMyLove the
00:41:19TakinBackMyLove farm
00:41:25Jesus_Crix they are
00:41:28Romeo uuuu
00:41:28BoNeshaw push
00:41:28c-yanker b
00:41:29BoNeshaw bot
00:41:45BoNeshaw crix
00:41:46BoNeshaw sup
00:42:49pWny- wp all
00:42:57Fxx. me not :-)
00:43:01pWny- well
00:43:04pWny- stun would be cool
00:43:17pWny- b
00:43:19Fxx. :-)
00:43:20Fxx. cent
00:43:23Jerkku my assists is funny
00:43:33TakinBackMyLove when murder has 9-1 tells all about the game
00:43:42c-yanker leave
00:43:43c-yanker farm gyro
00:43:54Bct_Murder last game i play wiith tc my res 11-2
00:44:18pWny- crix
00:44:18pWny- ffs
00:44:19pWny- help him
00:44:20Jerkku lobve this 1v5
00:44:22Fxx. no mana
00:44:26pWny- just stun
00:44:29TakinBackMyLove I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:44:31c-yanker !ff
00:44:34c-yanker I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:44:36c-yanker well
00:44:39Fxx. i had no mana
00:44:39c-yanker u had team on your side
00:44:54pWny- you played good but not perfect PL ;)
00:44:58c-yanker well
00:45:00pWny- you die in early 1 time really cheap
00:45:01c-yanker gyro fucked uop
00:45:02c-yanker start
00:45:04pWny- thats shouldnt happen
00:45:06c-yanker cause of gyrio
00:45:07c-yanker gyrop
00:45:09pWny- ya i know
00:45:09TakinBackMyLove look at our rubick and wl and gyro so sad
00:45:11pWny- he was gay
00:45:18Bct_Murder 18-0 :DD
00:45:19Bct_Murder Omg :D
00:45:21Jesus_Crix i should have mid that's all
00:45:21Romeo so all of us
00:45:27Jesus_Crix bane mid=fail
00:45:32Fxx. 0:10 , omg
00:45:34pWny- bane was ok
00:45:36Jesus_Crix but he's proud he pwned 2 times crix
00:45:37Fxx. not
00:45:38TakinBackMyLove i failed mid is a joke this guy
00:45:39Fxx. he pown me mid
00:45:48Jesus_Crix y
00:45:51Fxx. bottle + atrop
00:45:52Jesus_Crix he is so strong
00:45:53Fxx. ---sk
00:45:54Fxx. all game
00:45:57Jesus_Crix because you 're imba
00:46:00c-yanker I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:46:01Fxx. y
00:46:02Fxx. i m
00:46:04c-yanker I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:46:04BoNeshaw got nice dps :DF
00:46:05c-yanker guys
00:46:08BoNeshaw butter
00:46:09Jesus_Crix rubick>bane
00:46:12TakinBackMyLove rubick is just epic newb dont lising to him
00:46:12Jesus_Crix from far
00:46:21TakinBackMyLove noty when you play
00:46:25Jesus_Crix whatever
00:46:29pWny- rubick good dmg but very fragile hero
00:46:33TakinBackMyLove mr 2-11
00:46:34Jesus_Crix hope i'll rape your ass soon
00:46:38Jesus_Crix bob
00:47:23Shiningstone I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:47:28TakinBackMyLove lol enfible is bugged
00:47:29Romeo I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:47:29Jesus_Crix !ff
00:47:31Fxx. OMG
00:47:33Fxx. 0:11
00:47:45TakinBackMyLove you dont loose damage when i use it on you bone
00:47:52BoNeshaw i did :(
00:47:53Romeo i
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