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Chat log

00:00:16pWny- bronze game?
00:00:17XXL yy
00:00:17XXL yy
00:00:17chodaboy y
00:00:17Pufff-Reis Roof
00:00:17pWny- ban void
00:00:17chodaboy void
00:00:22XXL pick troll
00:00:23XXL :p
00:00:34chodaboy i luna
00:00:40pWny- you go mid
00:00:41pWny- ya?
00:00:43chodaboy y
00:01:23Countertrap me woods
00:01:28XXL me solo bot pls
00:01:33reptile lol
00:01:36Pufff-Reis get cent and eza
00:01:40LaSiCa chick
00:01:42pWny- anti pull
00:01:43Pufff-Reis krob solo bot
00:01:45Pufff-Reis rest top
00:01:46XXL :p
00:01:54LaSiCa buy akibro
00:02:08reptile xxl buy chick
00:02:13chodaboy slardar top
00:02:15chodaboy chen woods?
00:02:16pWny- yaeh
00:02:18XXL mm
00:02:20XXL no need say
00:02:20pWny- let me solo top plz
00:02:21XXL ?
00:02:25Pufff-Reis krobe thrall get wards asap
00:02:26chodaboy wr bot
00:02:28chodaboy with slark
00:02:29Marhalt k
00:02:34Marhalt y
00:02:36chodaboy chen u do fine woods?
00:02:37pWny- save the ward for antipull
00:02:37LaSiCa k
00:02:38chodaboy -hhn
00:02:39chodaboy -di
00:02:39Pufff-Reis and kepp gang luna mid
00:02:43Pufff-Reis will be hard for me
00:02:45chodaboy marhalt bot
00:02:48chodaboy fuck off
00:02:50akibrokstas -clear
00:02:53XXL lvl 6 think not
00:02:53Marhalt ??
00:02:57chodaboy u bot
00:03:02Pufff-Reis thrall can at 3
00:03:02Marhalt understood man
00:03:03Pufff-Reis pls
00:03:10XXL trhall here?
00:03:20mieseskarma y
00:03:26XXL comment then
00:03:27XXL :p
00:04:19Pufff-Reis pasue
00:04:20chodaboy rune bot+
00:04:20chodaboy WHY?
00:04:20Pufff-Reis lags
00:04:20Pufff-Reis k
00:04:20Pufff-Reis k
00:04:21pWny- whos mid
00:04:27chodaboy juggger
00:04:29pWny- k
00:04:46XXL RLY
00:04:50XXL ¨LET ME
00:05:12Marhalt ss
00:05:38pWny- chen
00:05:39pWny- get some creeps
00:05:41pWny- and kill top
00:05:42reptile ss
00:05:43reptile goes mid
00:05:43chodaboy omfg
00:05:46chodaboy lucky
00:05:52LaSiCa ;]
00:06:24Pufff-Reis thrall come gang
00:06:28Pufff-Reis easy kill with ring
00:06:31chodaboy ss mid
00:06:39pWny- omfg
00:06:39pWny- chen
00:06:40pWny- go awawy
00:06:40reptile s
00:06:52LaSiCa ;]
00:06:53XXL ss 1
00:06:54XXL top
00:06:56pWny- miss thrall top
00:06:57pWny- care
00:07:01chodaboy hey thrall
00:07:09chodaboy whats going on
00:07:14reptile ss
00:07:15reptile bot
00:07:23pWny- go pull
00:07:39pWny- pfff
00:07:42pWny- 7 HP
00:07:43pWny- ofc
00:07:47reptile ss
00:07:53pWny- chen is useless btw
00:07:54pWny- no pulls
00:07:56pWny- 0 gangs
00:08:16Countertrap wind ss
00:08:17pWny- and i cant farm vs thrall and centaur
00:08:18pWny- tbh
00:08:43pWny- miss thrall
00:08:47Pufff-Reis wards ffs
00:08:47reptile ss
00:08:55LaSiCa ss
00:08:57chodaboy ss mid
00:08:58chodaboy care top
00:08:58Pufff-Reis get top
00:08:59chodaboy b
00:08:59chodaboy b
00:09:00chodaboy bb
00:09:26reptile place
00:09:32Pufff-Reis b
00:09:34Pufff-Reis luna comin
00:09:37Pufff-Reis lvl 6
00:09:38reptile slark goes mid
00:09:39Marhalt mby mid gank?
00:09:55Pufff-Reis ss luna
00:09:58Pufff-Reis re
00:10:37Marhalt ss
00:10:56pWny- kill
00:11:18Marhalt nice one
00:11:22pWny- -.-
00:11:33pWny- OMFG
00:11:39Marhalt u suck slardar
00:11:40LaSiCa ;]
00:11:42Marhalt rly
00:11:43pWny- no not really
00:11:46pWny- this game just sucks
00:11:48Marhalt man pls
00:11:48pWny- thats all
00:11:51Marhalt dont blame tha game
00:11:56reptile b
00:11:57pWny- omfg
00:11:58Marhalt u missed 2 stuns
00:12:01pWny- i was top vs cent and thrall
00:12:08pWny- chen was only at the time @lane
00:12:10pWny- if someone was missed
00:12:12pWny- and i could farm
00:12:14pWny- then chen cmoes
00:12:16pWny- otherwise
00:12:17pWny- he was woods
00:12:42chodaboy slardar focus on farm
00:12:46chodaboy daggger pt
00:12:47chodaboy ur goal
00:12:49pWny- jo
00:12:57pWny- miss top
00:12:58pWny- both
00:13:28chodaboy WARDS FOR FUCK SAKE
00:13:40chodaboy hahaha
00:13:41chodaboy omfg
00:13:57Marhalt dont laugh :)
00:13:58chodaboy get wards
00:14:05pWny- slark
00:14:07pWny- can u go away please
00:14:17LaSiCa ?
00:14:18chodaboy wards
00:14:19chodaboy pls chen
00:14:36pWny- 3 top
00:14:57LaSiCa gank
00:15:12reptile care
00:15:14reptile #luina
00:15:43chodaboy get tower bot
00:15:53Marhalt they are mid
00:15:55pWny- pull
00:16:01Marhalt or
00:16:01chodaboy care
00:16:02Marhalt care bot
00:16:20LaSiCa ;]
00:16:21LaSiCa sry
00:16:42LaSiCa take tower pls slard
00:16:45pWny- i try
00:17:08chodaboy TEAM FOR FUCK SAKE
00:17:11XXL hi
00:17:12chodaboy b
00:17:12chodaboy b
00:17:13chodaboy b
00:17:13chodaboy b
00:17:13chodaboy b
00:17:27chodaboy get tps PLEASE
00:17:35pWny- inc mid
00:18:17LaSiCa mid
00:18:21pWny- nice
00:18:51LaSiCa try
00:19:01chodaboy come get axe
00:19:32Marhalt shy luna?
00:20:20Countertrap ff
00:20:29Marhalt nice
00:21:10XXL ;D
00:21:11XXL shit
00:21:21LaSiCa gj
00:21:34Pufff-Reis cent dagger fast pls
00:21:39reptile axe too
00:21:41XXL all the time?
00:21:43XXL as u see
00:22:26Marhalt care
00:22:43XXL come kill slar
00:23:14pWny- i farm mid please
00:23:43Marhalt sry man all cd
00:23:46LaSiCa k
00:23:52chodaboy DEF BOT ALL
00:23:56chodaboy or slardar
00:23:58chodaboy farm that dagger
00:24:01chodaboy we win
00:24:03chodaboy when u get dagger
00:24:05LaSiCa slardar now you have free farm so use pls
00:24:07pWny- jo
00:24:10pWny- jojo
00:24:53Pufff-Reis b
00:25:01XXL no
00:25:17reptile b
00:25:41Marhalt wards
00:25:42chodaboy they have wards
00:25:47Pufff-Reis thrall banabl
00:25:48Pufff-Reis e
00:25:54reptile ?
00:25:55chodaboy dont follow me
00:25:57mieseskarma sry was auto attack
00:25:58chodaboy and take muy farm
00:25:58pWny- they push top now
00:25:59pWny- help
00:27:12XXL wtf
00:27:12reptile fuck
00:27:13reptile my fault
00:27:13XXL ??
00:27:18XXL buy nw
00:27:20reptile y
00:27:21Pufff-Reis get new
00:27:40LaSiCa try
00:27:56Marhalt wards chen
00:28:14reptile b
00:28:30XXL pew pew
00:28:53chodaboy me
00:29:02pWny- luna go top
00:29:04pWny- i make mid ok
00:29:24Marhalt I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:29:31chodaboy why the fuck do u stay?+
00:29:40LaSiCa b
00:29:42LaSiCa b
00:30:07Marhalt fuck off
00:30:39Marhalt u deserve
00:30:49pWny- great
00:30:55pWny- fine clash :D
00:30:58pWny- i die a bit 2 early
00:31:00pWny- in my opinion
00:31:03LaSiCa sry
00:31:03pWny- but anyway ok
00:31:13reptile +get that tower
00:31:14pWny- deny top tower
00:31:15pWny- dudes
00:31:20Countertrap get dust
00:31:23Pufff-Reis ya
00:31:46chodaboy i farm bot
00:31:59pWny- lets go roh
00:32:00pWny- rosh
00:32:04Marhalt ward
00:32:05Marhalt pls
00:32:19Marhalt wards win the game
00:32:31pWny- kill
00:32:36XXL soz about caps
00:32:49XXL oh
00:33:09pWny- OMFG
00:33:13pWny- haters
00:33:29Countertrap no team play
00:33:35Pufff-Reis ahahahah luna
00:33:38Pufff-Reis so bad :D
00:34:00pWny- why u stop push downlane?????
00:34:03pWny- cause 1 centaur
00:34:20pWny- me top plase
00:34:54Marhalt ward here
00:35:00Countertrap dust? no hahah
00:35:17chodaboy this napteam
00:35:28LaSiCa stop wooding
00:35:29XXL now push
00:35:32XXL luna down
00:35:33pWny- b
00:35:35chodaboy b
00:35:35chodaboy b
00:35:36pWny- b
00:35:36chodaboy b
00:35:36chodaboy bb
00:35:43LaSiCa meka
00:35:47chodaboy FOR FUCK SAKE
00:35:52chodaboy WP
00:35:52chodaboy wp
00:35:53chodaboy wp
00:35:57chodaboy why the fuck do u GO?????
00:36:00chodaboy i SAY B
00:36:11pWny- i dont care what you say
00:36:16chodaboy then we loose
00:36:18chodaboy naplet
00:36:22pWny- you get firstblooded vs jugger mid
00:36:23pWny- and now you speak?
00:36:28pWny- u got 0 idea how to use your ulti
00:36:30pWny- and now you speak
00:36:32pWny- stop flame
00:36:32Marhalt first blood can happen to anyone
00:36:34pWny- it was a fail that we go
00:36:35pWny- but anyway
00:36:37pWny- i play my own game
00:36:40pWny- and i don care what someone says
00:36:42pWny- or not say
00:36:43Marhalt thats why we lose
00:36:53Pufff-Reis cent get gem
00:36:53pWny- we dont loose
00:37:02pWny- we got alot better late then them
00:37:08pWny- slark, slard luna
00:37:10XXL 1 st hot
00:37:12XXL after it
00:37:14XXL i will get
00:37:49Marhalt well done
00:37:50chodaboy b
00:37:50chodaboy b
00:37:51chodaboy bb
00:37:53pWny- again u failed
00:37:54Marhalt gg slardar
00:38:00LaSiCa luna fail ult
00:38:04pWny- like allways
00:38:06chodaboy u fail
00:38:13reptile get
00:38:14reptile tower
00:38:15akibrokstas dont toucjh
00:38:30pWny- save 1 time your damned ulti
00:38:35Countertrap b
00:38:36pWny- and dont waste it for idiotic creeps
00:38:43akibrokstas stfu
00:38:45chodaboy they go top
00:38:50pWny- i mean luna
00:39:08chodaboy care
00:39:11chodaboy need more warsd
00:39:27Marhalt wait luna
00:40:09Marhalt no wards
00:40:17reptile go
00:40:17chodaboy need slardar ulti
00:40:23Countertrap mana pls
00:40:31Marhalt all miss care
00:40:58XXL what waste ult jug ^^
00:41:17LaSiCa mine
00:41:18LaSiCa ;]
00:41:24chodaboy need gem for that jugger
00:41:34pWny- omfg
00:41:44XXL ok that was stupid
00:41:51chodaboy we win this now
00:41:56pWny- really?
00:41:58chodaboy yes
00:42:00pWny- xD
00:42:03pWny- i told you before
00:42:05chodaboy they cant win anymore
00:42:13pWny- only DPS machine is juggernaut
00:42:15pWny- if he gets really strong
00:42:21pWny- dont give em too much time for farming
00:42:25Marhalt b
00:42:26chodaboy care mid
00:42:27LaSiCa after
00:43:18Marhalt care
00:43:38XXL 1st hit
00:43:40XXL bash
00:43:41XXL omfg
00:43:43XXL wghat luck
00:43:44pWny- i push
00:44:15XXL rly
00:44:20XXL all come fihgts
00:44:23XXL fights
00:44:28chodaboy mid tower
00:44:33XXL no 3vs5 or 4vs5
00:44:58XXL i go in
00:45:01XXL and u do spelss
00:45:06LaSiCa i go for monkey k?
00:45:18chodaboy got iinvis
00:46:11chodaboy push slardar
00:46:13Marhalt can u use mek chen?
00:46:19akibrokstas no i cant
00:46:22Marhalt i see
00:46:39reptile axe?
00:46:45Countertrap no dust
00:46:56Pufff-Reis cent ffs get gem now
00:46:59Pufff-Reis or we losoe
00:47:06chodaboy i take
00:47:13Marhalt farm?
00:47:16chodaboy leme
00:47:20XXL wjat ever
00:47:25XXL what*
00:47:28Pufff-Reis and stick tigether
00:47:38pWny- thanx
00:47:55chodaboy dont go die now
00:48:02XXL i will go ac
00:48:06Marhalt all mid
00:48:12Countertrap w8 jugg
00:48:13Marhalt slardar
00:48:21Countertrap he is gay<
00:48:22LaSiCa b
00:48:23Pufff-Reis not push
00:48:28Pufff-Reis def lanes and gang
00:48:32reptile b
00:48:33Countertrap b
00:48:33Pufff-Reis b
00:48:40XXL shut up?
00:48:43reptile b
00:48:45pWny- wait mE
00:48:45reptile b
00:48:46pWny- please
00:48:46reptile b
00:48:46reptile b
00:48:46pWny- wait me
00:48:48chodaboy y
00:48:49chodaboy waot
00:48:50chodaboy BASE
00:49:12Pufff-Reis all
00:49:13pWny- k
00:49:13Marhalt mmm
00:49:13Pufff-Reis go
00:49:20LaSiCa eye
00:49:38Pufff-Reis engane
00:49:44chodaboy GET GEM
00:50:02LaSiCa omg slard?
00:50:05XXL gme
00:50:08XXL gem
00:50:09XXL gem
00:50:12chodaboy nice slardar
00:50:14chodaboy u fucking noob
00:50:15akibrokstas no comments
00:50:18LaSiCa no blink just watch
00:50:19Marhalt told so
00:50:32LaSiCa seeee
00:50:32akibrokstas lol
00:50:33LaSiCa lolo
00:50:34Marhalt ahahha
00:50:39chodaboy slardar lost the game
00:50:40chodaboy imba
00:50:41Marhalt dont blame bronze game never and ever again
00:50:41LaSiCa game ruin report
00:50:43Pufff-Reis you too
00:50:47Pufff-Reis lost mid hard
00:50:52chodaboy lol
00:51:02LaSiCa def
00:51:02pWny- i dont know what you want
00:51:04LaSiCa alll
00:51:11chodaboy wp slardar
00:51:11LaSiCa cant belive
00:51:12chodaboy u fucking noob
00:51:14chodaboy u suck dick
00:51:19chodaboy go bnet for 10 year or so
00:51:19XXL bot is mine
00:51:21pWny- haha luna flame me now ;)
00:51:24chodaboy WHY THE FUCK DONT U PLAY
00:51:27pWny- mr i loose mid vs jugger
00:51:30XXL krob
00:51:31chodaboy he cant fight
00:51:31XXL u think
00:51:35XXL i am joking?
00:51:36pWny- yeah
00:51:38pWny- flame me more
00:51:40pWny- please
00:51:43reptile ?
00:51:45reptile u said bot
00:51:46XXL crashtalk
00:51:46chodaboy why didnt u fight
00:51:47reptile not top
00:51:47XXL yea
00:51:50LaSiCa slardar pls delete dota
00:51:51chodaboy when we were fighting
00:51:53chodaboy u fucking noob
00:52:00XXL huh
00:52:02LaSiCa lool
00:52:05pWny- i can send strom some chat pictures of you
00:52:05XXL mine fault then
00:52:08reptile ^^
00:52:10pWny- and then you will get banned
00:52:11LaSiCa slardar is lol of man
00:52:11pWny- so plz
00:52:12pWny- stop that
00:52:45LaSiCa see how strong are you
00:52:55LaSiCa but play like a pussy
00:53:37XXL ouch
00:53:39pWny- push and win
00:53:39Pufff-Reis thats the way to lose
00:53:39pWny- ffs
00:53:43LaSiCa try mid chen up
00:53:44pWny- i need potato chips
00:53:47pWny- my third baggage is empty
00:53:55pWny- and peanut flips
00:53:58pWny- and snickers
00:54:00pWny- +
00:54:00LaSiCa must try
00:54:02pWny- wunderbar
00:54:42LaSiCa ?
00:54:45LaSiCa wtf doing
00:54:51LaSiCa kill creep
00:54:55Marhalt sry
00:55:01XXL yep
00:55:02Marhalt thought u back
00:55:05XXL now all to the top
00:55:05LaSiCa np we lost cause of slard
00:55:10Marhalt i know
00:55:19LaSiCa see
00:55:30Marhalt he like wandering in the map with 50 hp
00:55:43XXL gg wp
00:55:46Marhalt gg wp
00:55:47LaSiCa alllllllll
00:56:46pWny- I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:56:50chodaboy luck with players = bronze games=D
00:56:52LaSiCa we could win need 1 gang
00:56:56LaSiCa ;[
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