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Chat log

00:00:00creeeeeee [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... Pojetz with 75 seconds.
00:00:06Buttons hey pros
00:00:15taraN why did i add bronze
00:00:17Buttons fuck shit up
00:00:17mrk anyone phoenix?
00:00:17Buttons i will
00:00:17mrk or anything
00:00:17Multi_Ljep i can for sure
00:00:17Buttons tbh
00:00:17Buttons theres many picks
00:00:17ClinkzEastwood bronz = noob?
00:00:17Buttons im happy to play
00:00:17taraN anyone want
00:00:17Buttons w/e you feel
00:00:17taraN something
00:00:17taraN yea
00:00:17taraN '
00:00:17mrk have no clue
00:00:17creeeeeee becouse you didnt want to wait for longer
00:00:17mrk what he likes
00:00:17creeeeeee same reason
00:00:17creeeeeee :)
00:00:17Buttons ;/
00:00:17akibrokstas panda
00:00:17mrk huskar
00:00:17taraN no actually silver was gonna start
00:00:17taraN but
00:00:17creeeeeee it was?
00:00:17creeeeeee damn :/
00:00:17akibrokstas i want panda
00:00:17taraN phoenix
00:00:28creeeeeee minu oma oli
00:00:31creeeeeee -.-
00:00:38taraN cree you mid?
00:00:42taraN i can play rölli
00:00:43creeeeeee go carry
00:00:44creeeeeee taran
00:00:49taraN well go mid then
00:00:50mrk get aa lion
00:00:52creeeeeee k
00:00:54mrk lion sk
00:01:00mrk slardar also good
00:01:00taraN this isnt in dota2
00:01:05taraN some fresh air
00:01:08mrk lesh aswell
00:01:09Buttons seer is fucking sexy als
00:01:16Buttons do we need TS with qop rly
00:01:20taraN ok umm
00:01:21Buttons and WTF @ bara you fucking noob
00:01:21taraN lion
00:01:22taraN and
00:01:25taraN lesh
00:01:27akibrokstas panda
00:01:28mrk need lion
00:01:30Multi_Ljep :))
00:01:32akibrokstas ty
00:01:32taraN WHY
00:01:34taraN PICK
00:01:34taraN NA
00:01:35taraN :DDDDDDD
00:01:36Pojetz not for u
00:01:37Multi_Ljep chilling is believeing
00:01:39akibrokstas ????
00:01:44Buttons idd i smoke every night but
00:01:45taraN ff
00:01:49akibrokstas you serious?
00:01:52taraN i dont wonna play with scumbags
00:01:53Buttons why
00:01:58taraN who pick retardedly
00:01:59creeeeeee GOD
00:02:03XXL bara
00:02:04creeeeeee we may as well as ff
00:02:06ClinkzEastwood lanes
00:02:16taraN clinkz eastwood can show his skill in jungle
00:02:21taraN go enemy woods
00:02:22Buttons how
00:02:26Buttons shall we lane this
00:02:28Buttons bullshit
00:02:30Pojetz :D
00:02:41mrk go like this
00:02:43taraN ok fine im in a good mood
00:02:45XXL mm
00:02:48taraN with the exception of your pick
00:02:49mrk cos this slar is 2/2 atm
00:02:51taraN ill allow you to lane
00:02:56mrk which gives hope his better than bara
00:02:56creeeeeee xD
00:02:58taraN panda you must do superpulling
00:03:05XXL ^^
00:03:06creeeeeee i shouldnt, but i'm laughing :D
00:03:12Multi_Ljep dont worry
00:03:13Multi_Ljep be ljep
00:03:20mrk :D
00:03:25taraN its only funny cause its true
00:03:30creeeeeee y
00:03:37Buttons eugh
00:03:38Buttons GG
00:03:39Buttons xD
00:03:41XXL yy
00:03:47ClinkzEastwood harars
00:04:05taraN panda we get easy fb form lion
00:05:07ClinkzEastwood lol
00:05:10akibrokstas :))
00:05:12ClinkzEastwood warkeys
00:05:32XXL we should go magix sticks
00:05:35Buttons got
00:05:38XXL ah
00:05:40XXL ^^
00:05:51taraN .
00:06:07Multi_Ljep gj
00:06:14Buttons fml
00:06:15Buttons so close
00:06:18XXL yy
00:06:18ClinkzEastwood owned
00:06:20ClinkzEastwood ?
00:06:21ClinkzEastwood ?
00:06:23Buttons rage
00:06:24Buttons @
00:06:29XXL xD
00:06:30Buttons being like 10 range too close to tower
00:06:37ClinkzEastwood matematic
00:06:44Buttons fucking engineer pro here
00:07:04ClinkzEastwood start more harras
00:07:27creeeeeee MISS mid
00:07:29creeeeeee got bot rune
00:08:01LaSiCa gj
00:08:05Multi_Ljep y
00:08:19Buttons srsly
00:08:32mrk ss
00:08:32mrk ss
00:09:01XXL hnn
00:09:01taraN panda
00:09:02taraN let me farm
00:09:03XXL .-'
00:09:06ClinkzEastwood akasha inc
00:09:08ClinkzEastwood b
00:09:14XXL so many gays in here
00:09:36akibrokstas all top
00:09:40ClinkzEastwood lol
00:09:52mrk ss
00:09:56ClinkzEastwood 4 top
00:09:57ClinkzEastwood ss
00:10:04XXL NEED KIL
00:10:14Buttons why
00:10:23XXL carry?
00:10:26Buttons not you bro
00:10:27XXL its reason
00:10:30Buttons bara
00:10:30XXL ok
00:10:34XXL ;S
00:10:51XXL blah
00:10:54XXL they dont like me
00:10:58creeeeeee mid ss 2
00:11:05Buttons ss top
00:11:06Buttons 2
00:11:08XXL we need u akasha
00:11:09XXL .P
00:11:10Buttons re sd
00:11:36mrk oh you both died
00:11:37mrk my bad
00:11:41creeeeeee gj
00:11:42mrk coulda waited for me
00:11:42taraN that went ok
00:11:46ClinkzEastwood b
00:11:46creeeeeee yea
00:11:46LaSiCa sry
00:11:55mrk not like i instantly get them
00:11:56Multi_Ljep charged didnt see aa
00:11:57mrk down to 200hp
00:11:59mrk and have dd
00:12:01mrk or anything
00:12:01mrk :D
00:12:09creeeeeee they will come again
00:12:10Multi_Ljep pearl jam its ok
00:12:11creeeeeee i think'
00:12:14LaSiCa gank troll
00:12:30ClinkzEastwood ........
00:12:31LaSiCa ss
00:12:32ClinkzEastwood nice
00:13:00mrk need wards
00:13:02creeeeeee diee
00:13:02mrk pelase
00:13:02creeeeeee omg
00:13:03mrk please
00:13:04mrk and up chick
00:13:04creeeeeee stick
00:13:11XXL :p
00:13:25Buttons anyone AB?
00:13:33taraN 3 mid
00:13:51Buttons na ulti cd
00:13:53ClinkzEastwood y
00:14:02XXL be hapy
00:14:03XXL guys
00:14:06ClinkzEastwood yo
00:14:09Multi_Ljep wards lion pls
00:14:18taraN hahaha
00:14:19taraN what a blink
00:14:20creeeeeee yea
00:14:21creeeeeee :D
00:14:23Buttons ss pands bot
00:14:25taraN kill lion
00:14:26Buttons panda
00:14:27taraN hes a joob
00:14:29mrk cmon
00:14:30mrk wards
00:14:30mrk now
00:14:33mrk we cant do shit
00:14:34mrk without them
00:14:38mrk lon
00:14:39mrk lion*
00:15:00mrk sk
00:15:01mrk cmon
00:15:01mrk tp
00:15:03Buttons cd
00:15:05Buttons tp'd to def
00:15:09mrk just giving free tower
00:15:11mrk vs mass stun aoe
00:15:15ClinkzEastwood inv
00:15:16mrk what is this
00:15:18ClinkzEastwood sk
00:15:38taraN hey guys
00:15:40taraN dont be such pussies
00:15:50akibrokstas lol good point
00:15:52LaSiCa and bara watching
00:15:55taraN i kinda failed for some reason though my guy got stuck in between animations
00:15:57Multi_Ljep low hp
00:16:01taraN or i just sucked dick
00:16:04Multi_Ljep still my miss
00:16:04taraN im not sure which
00:16:07creeeeeee :D
00:16:08mrk cmon
00:16:09mrk wards
00:16:10mrk lion
00:16:10LaSiCa and slardar all tanks watching
00:16:13LaSiCa k
00:16:16LaSiCa in base
00:16:22mrk ty
00:16:31creeeeeee u can go killing him top?
00:16:32taraN b
00:16:35creeeeeee i ult
00:16:37Buttons why not tp mid
00:16:44mrk warding
00:16:45mrk after
00:16:47Buttons kk
00:16:49taraN hey sd
00:16:53Pojetz :D:D:D
00:16:53taraN you must max cursecathcer
00:17:22Multi_Ljep b
00:17:38LaSiCa omw
00:17:39XXL troll
00:17:43XXL freefarm??
00:17:45mrk yes
00:17:46XXL cmon
00:17:47XXL guys
00:17:59LaSiCa b
00:18:03Buttons 3 top ss
00:18:08Buttons re
00:18:10taraN take top tower
00:18:19ClinkzEastwood b
00:18:26taraN fuck this
00:18:28taraN what are you doing
00:18:33mrk seriously
00:18:34mrk guys
00:18:36mrk where the fuck are you
00:18:37mrk 2 free towers
00:18:46XXL defending on bot
00:18:55creeeeeee ult
00:18:56creeeeeee coming
00:18:57Multi_Ljep nerub
00:18:58mrk not like
00:18:59Multi_Ljep ulti
00:18:59mrk early game
00:19:01mrk is our advantage
00:19:02mrk or anything
00:19:18Multi_Ljep GO
00:19:19taraN cant farm anywhere
00:19:22taraN you guys need to put pressure
00:19:25ClinkzEastwood charge
00:19:34mrk ss3
00:19:36taraN guys at top
00:19:37LaSiCa all
00:19:37XXL so low chaarge
00:19:38XXL moron?
00:19:41ClinkzEastwood def
00:19:49mrk b
00:19:49mrk 5
00:19:49mrk mid
00:19:51mrk 5
00:19:51mrk mid
00:19:52mrk b
00:19:54taraN LET ME FARM OK
00:19:55creeeeeee go bot
00:19:57creeeeeee lets push
00:19:58creeeeeee towers
00:20:01creeeeeee so troll can farm
00:20:08Buttons go?
00:20:11XXL i am goung mid
00:20:11XXL b
00:20:12Buttons b
00:20:13XXL u guys
00:20:14XXL !!!
00:20:22creeeeeee how slow are you?
00:20:30Buttons n1
00:20:30ClinkzEastwood xD
00:20:35ClinkzEastwood pro scrub
00:20:49Buttons pls l2not use silence
00:20:54ClinkzEastwood ok
00:20:56ClinkzEastwood sorry
00:21:00Buttons like 99% other NA
00:21:14creeeeeee gogo bot
00:21:15creeeeeee now
00:21:16creeeeeee omg
00:21:31creeeeeee need all exept troll
00:21:37LaSiCa go panda
00:21:39creeeeeee ok they get our top
00:21:49creeeeeee i cant tele
00:21:49creeeeeee cd
00:22:22taraN no bash
00:22:27mrk why would you
00:22:35taraN well odds were on your side
00:22:37taraN true
00:22:41Buttons OM
00:22:41Multi_Ljep :D
00:22:43LaSiCa omg
00:22:44Buttons luck more
00:22:44creeeeeee xD
00:22:54creeeeeee evasion ftw
00:23:30XXL rly morons :p
00:23:40LaSiCa you are morons
00:23:46ClinkzEastwood sick NA whut=?
00:23:50XXL u knowed it ould be suicidde?
00:23:56XXL would*
00:24:08LaSiCa so ... you go to suicide?
00:24:16XXL i just tried escape
00:24:21LaSiCa and you admit
00:24:21XXL but u come to do suicide
00:24:39creeeeeee omw bot
00:24:42mrk we need daggers for everyone
00:24:49taraN bara ss
00:25:03XXL later
00:25:05XXL 1st bkb
00:25:11LaSiCa b
00:25:22XXL chiken
00:25:23XXL it
00:25:26XXL fuxck off
00:25:30LaSiCa you was dead
00:25:32XXL got wand
00:25:35XXL if u would chick
00:25:37taraN sd
00:25:38XXL i could use it
00:25:40LaSiCa and that is suicide again
00:25:40XXL and survive
00:25:41taraN jesus
00:25:50Multi_Ljep tp
00:26:21XXL -ms
00:26:25taraN -ms
00:26:28taraN whoa
00:26:29taraN 499
00:26:31LaSiCa pls stop suicide i wont die again save your ass
00:26:33taraN with ohase
00:26:36taraN -ms
00:26:36creeeeeee hehe
00:26:40taraN how the fuck
00:26:48taraN whats this guys normal ms
00:26:55creeeeeee not sure
00:27:08XXL -ms
00:27:16mrk b
00:27:16mrk b
00:27:32mrk new wards
00:27:32mrk lion
00:27:34Multi_Ljep sec
00:27:41Multi_Ljep RETARD
00:27:50ClinkzEastwood SILENCE
00:27:55XXL well bloked
00:28:27creeeeeee again no bash
00:28:30XXL we should gank troll but no
00:28:35XXL now u know i
00:28:35XXL t
00:29:00LaSiCa w8 ward
00:29:02LaSiCa pls
00:29:04mrk im full
00:29:04taraN shitface cockmaster
00:29:05mrk someone
00:29:07mrk else
00:29:07mrk ward
00:29:22LaSiCa akasha wwar
00:29:25LaSiCa ward
00:29:29Buttons lol?
00:29:30mrk as i said
00:29:31Multi_Ljep ..
00:29:32taraN ill go rosh
00:29:33taraN come guard
00:29:39Buttons pls learn that all dota heroes are not equal
00:29:54creeeeeee best skill lvl 1
00:29:54mrk charge
00:29:55creeeeeee on sd
00:29:56creeeeeee cool :D
00:30:05creeeeeee dead
00:30:16creeeeeee def now
00:30:20creeeeeee or will u take rosh?
00:30:20Multi_Ljep go
00:30:24taraN cant take it atm
00:30:34ClinkzEastwood you even cant carry tp
00:30:35mrk sk???
00:30:42Buttons they're 3
00:31:06Buttons FFS
00:31:07Buttons WATCH
00:31:09Buttons SUPPORTS
00:31:12XXL fuck
00:31:16Buttons fuck panda off
00:31:17mrk what the fuck
00:31:17LaSiCa watch tro;;
00:31:18mrk is up
00:31:19mrk with you guys
00:31:25LaSiCa you all said gank trol
00:31:34mrk troll had like
00:31:36mrk 400hp
00:31:37Buttons can't just start chasing down heroes noone gives a fuck about
00:31:37XXL ye we need kill him 1st
00:31:40XXL next tiem
00:31:52LaSiCa i tried that but no help
00:32:01XXL was busy
00:32:02XXL all the time
00:32:08taraN ill go rosh now
00:32:09taraN come there
00:32:26Buttons inc
00:32:27mrk b
00:32:29taraN na goes scouting with invis
00:32:32mrk no
00:32:34mrk not that way
00:32:46Buttons was toying with the thoughgt of warding it but w/e
00:32:51LaSiCa gogogogo
00:32:52mrk GO
00:32:52mrk SK
00:32:54mrk sLAR
00:32:55mrk LION
00:32:56mrk :D:D
00:33:07Multi_Ljep TROLL
00:33:22ClinkzEastwood push mid
00:33:46creeeeeee i got perfect ult :D
00:33:54XXL need chiken
00:33:59taraN i dont know why they suck so much
00:34:01taraN they never insta me
00:34:04XXL akasha u going for it?
00:34:04taraN i dont even have bkb
00:34:13mrk yes
00:34:15creeeeeee well slard focused on me
00:34:17XXL yep
00:34:20XXL try fast
00:34:22creeeeeee after i already had used all spells n shit :D
00:34:26mrk well
00:34:26mrk again
00:34:27ClinkzEastwood go mid?
00:34:29mrk we werent 5v5
00:34:29taraN well
00:34:30mrk this fight
00:34:30taraN bronze
00:34:32XXL yy
00:34:33creeeeeee y
00:34:45taraN lemme farm bkb
00:34:50taraN 400
00:34:53mrk they have
00:34:54mrk tps
00:34:55XXL b
00:35:17XXL b
00:35:17XXL b
00:35:17XXL b
00:35:20taraN invis top
00:35:46ClinkzEastwood care
00:35:47taraN rosh now
00:35:48Multi_Ljep need 20 secs
00:35:49LaSiCa all
00:35:59LaSiCa eye
00:36:00mrk na invi
00:36:17mrk wardd
00:36:20mrk wtf sk
00:36:33Buttons nc
00:36:55mrk WTFFFF
00:36:55mrk WHY
00:36:56mrk WHY
00:36:57mrk WHY
00:36:58mrk :D:D:D:
00:37:05taraN 'rax
00:37:06mrk do you even think
00:37:07mrk or whats wrong
00:37:17mrk come on
00:37:18mrk so winnable game
00:37:19Multi_Ljep i dont feel like playing this game
00:37:21mrk just bkbs and daggers
00:37:26mrk but u just want to lose
00:37:50taraN rosh
00:37:52mrk just sad to lose games like this
00:37:57XXL yes
00:38:01XXL no teamgame'
00:38:04XXL just suiciders
00:38:20Multi_Ljep u have 7 deaths slard
00:38:24XXL true
00:38:27Multi_Ljep no wards at rosh
00:38:30Multi_Ljep thats problem
00:38:36LaSiCa b
00:38:40LaSiCa 11
00:39:00ClinkzEastwood mh
00:39:03ClinkzEastwood :D
00:39:04creeeeeee low low on mana
00:39:19mrk not like
00:39:20mrk slardar
00:39:23mrk outcarries troll
00:39:43XXL thats lame
00:39:49creeeeeee ou
00:40:14creeeeeee i was focused by bara again xD
00:40:33mrk just
00:40:34mrk stun
00:40:34mrk :D
00:40:39Buttons is like
00:40:41Buttons i want him to die
00:40:42Buttons no matter
00:40:45mrk well
00:40:48mrk you coulda killed him
00:40:49mrk with stun
00:40:51mrk and survived
00:40:53Buttons and panda
00:40:53Buttons ?
00:40:59mrk with lion
00:41:02mrk yes
00:41:41ClinkzEastwood DEAD
00:42:20XXL bara
00:42:21XXL infg'
00:42:25ClinkzEastwood xD
00:42:28ClinkzEastwood SEX
00:42:35mrk why are you so scared bara lol
00:42:38Multi_Ljep hehe
00:42:41XXL yep
00:42:41taraN go ff already this is boring
00:42:51XXL never ^^
00:42:53XXL come end
00:43:00taraN ok lets go as 5
00:43:07taraN and sd use your cursecatcher
00:43:10taraN i heard its pretty good
00:43:16Multi_Ljep go
00:43:16akibrokstas i know and i use
00:43:17Multi_Ljep into
00:43:19akibrokstas dont worry
00:43:24taraN i am worrying
00:43:28taraN you didnt even skill it until level 10
00:43:35XXL troll dead so why so scared?
00:43:37taraN which means you have no clue about how to play him
00:43:42akibrokstas not enough ganks untill then
00:43:46taraN ?:D:D:
00:44:03ClinkzEastwood hater
00:44:35LaSiCa k tanks go b 1st
00:44:45XXL i was almost dead
00:44:46XXL :p
00:44:48ClinkzEastwood dont worry he got mh
00:44:58taraN go mid
00:45:16creeeeeee if you really think you can use mh in gc
00:45:19creeeeeee go give it a try
00:45:29mrk üks lasi enne
00:45:31mrk mingi sitaks
00:45:32creeeeeee tean
00:45:33ClinkzEastwood :D
00:45:35creeeeeee aga update tuli
00:45:38Multi_Ljep GO
00:45:43creeeeeee hetkel ei saa siin midagi
00:46:05akibrokstas -clear
00:46:14mrk COME
00:46:14creeeeeee so panda
00:46:15mrk 3
00:46:16creeeeeee no ult?
00:46:19Pojetz cd
00:46:21taraN he used it earlier
00:46:24creeeeeee mkei
00:46:27creeeeeee well that went bad
00:46:33taraN i dont know this kinda blows its 3v5
00:46:39taraN i cant kill them within 5secs
00:46:42taraN since no disable
00:46:46Multi_Ljep jesus i havent paly dota for 3 days FOR FUCKING SAKE I MISSED IT
00:46:55mrk all the whining
00:47:19taraN lets go smoke
00:47:35mrk need wards
00:47:36mrk lion
00:47:36mrk ffs
00:47:45creeeeeee mid gather
00:48:24Multi_Ljep got bkb
00:48:25LaSiCa gogogo
00:48:32mrk wait
00:48:32mrk 4
00:48:51Pojetz omfg
00:49:05ClinkzEastwood ofc
00:49:06Pojetz fail smoke was:D
00:49:07mrk 1 def
00:49:08mrk lion
00:49:08mrk def
00:49:09LaSiCa i go def
00:49:10creeeeeee well
00:49:11LaSiCa me
00:49:15creeeeeee lucky for them
00:49:18creeeeeee qop jumped mid
00:49:19creeeeeee :/
00:49:30taraN and lucky that na wasnt there ;:---)
00:49:32creeeeeee those bkb's are killing us
00:49:36Multi_Ljep come here
00:49:40Multi_Ljep i heal
00:49:42XXL b
00:49:44XXL too late
00:49:46creeeeeee my ult did 0 dmg to those 2 bastards :/
00:50:01taraN theyre rosh
00:50:16taraN go rosh
00:50:32mrk just focus troll down
00:50:35mrk others do 0 damage
00:50:36XXL yy
00:50:37mrk beside panda ulti
00:50:42XXL he must 1st?
00:50:46Multi_Ljep wards
00:50:46mrk rosh
00:50:47Multi_Ljep :(
00:50:47XXL panda 1st i think
00:50:51mrk no troll
00:50:54XXL ok
00:50:57XXL troll panda
00:51:02mrk ffs
00:51:03mrk bara
00:51:05mrk why are you there
00:51:07LaSiCa or we go rosh fast
00:51:12mrk fuck sakes
00:51:14mrk b
00:51:15mrk base
00:51:27XXL fuck off
00:51:30XXL troll bkb
00:51:42XXL idiot
00:51:44XXL try dave
00:51:46XXL teammates
00:51:47mrk fucking
00:51:52mrk why the fuck
00:51:52XXL bara
00:51:53XXL u ducker
00:51:54mrk didnt you run
00:51:57XXL fucker*
00:52:02mrk bara why where you there aswell
00:52:04ClinkzEastwood you got it?
00:52:05taraN throne
00:52:13mrk funny
00:52:15LaSiCa bara noob
00:52:16XXL bara thats ur fault
00:52:19mrk losing a won game then turning it around
00:52:21mrk and losing again
00:52:23Multi_Ljep hehe
00:52:25creeeeeee :D
00:52:27mrk just cos bara
00:52:27Multi_Ljep lion
00:52:30mrk is other side of the map
00:52:30XXL bara
00:52:31XXL is nice
00:52:34taraN its multi ljep
00:52:43Multi_Ljep :)
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