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-37 X
+1 TS

93% | 1464 X | 1577 TS

+23 X
+6 TS

77% | 1443 X | 1407 TS

+2 X
+0 TS

71% | 1326 X | 1398 TS

+1 X
+13 TS

47% | 1218 X | 1277 TS

+41 X
+19 TS

31% | 1158 X | 1118 TS

-35 X
-1 TS

89% | 1546 X | 1509 TS

-15 X
+0 TS

91% | 1543 X | 1464 TS

-10 X
-1 TS

58% | 1228 X | 1375 TS

+7 X
-4 TS

53% | 1263 X | 1260 TS

+37 X
-7 TS

19% | 1103 X | 1106 TS

Chat log

00:00:02Netukka -ap
00:00:03BoNeshaw -ap
00:00:06Netukka hm
00:00:11Netukka cm go with ursa bot
00:00:501m4n5h0w trilane bot?
00:00:58Netukka well
00:01:001m4n5h0w with woods ursa
00:01:06Netukka trilanes dont work in gc though
00:01:06Netukka :/
00:01:07BoNeshaw share chicken
00:01:09BoNeshaw check runes
00:01:111m4n5h0w 1
00:01:12Steuerfreak onw
00:01:201m4n5h0w well they work in freaking dotalicious
00:01:21creeeeeee with cm
00:01:23creeeeeee and lesh?
00:01:31Mute_Bitsch care
00:01:34Mute_Bitsch ^^
00:01:43Mute_Bitsch omw
00:01:45Mute_Bitsch w8
00:01:46Mute_Bitsch who ?
00:02:07Mute_Bitsch attack
00:02:16Mute_Bitsch XD
00:02:24Steuerfreak u pull?
00:02:26Steuerfreak or me?
00:02:27-.- well
00:02:28-.- i guess
00:02:29-.- i can
00:02:30creeeeeee cm solo?
00:02:31Steuerfreak kk
00:02:33-.- since this lane will be uber hard
00:02:52-.- or u guess i cant
00:02:54-.- i
00:03:37Mute_Bitsch lost controll of hero ~~
00:03:56-.- please
00:03:56-.- dont
00:03:57-.- push
00:03:58-.- the
00:03:58-.- lane
00:04:04-.- u cant pull
00:04:06-.- they warded
00:04:47-.- stop attacking creeps
00:04:49-.- only lasthit
00:04:49creeeeeee spam
00:04:50creeeeeee cm
00:05:00creeeeeee try to kill
00:05:40Mute_Bitsch b
00:05:40Mute_Bitsch b
00:05:45Mute_Bitsch OMFG
00:05:481m4n5h0w NOOO
00:05:50Mute_Bitsch IDIOT
00:05:54Mute_Bitsch napo
00:05:56-.- can u fucking stop
00:06:00creeeeeee zip it
00:06:00-.- attacking the fucking creeps
00:06:03-.- when they are at full hpo
00:06:05-.- hp
00:06:09Mute_Bitsch go run fountain pls
00:06:17Rotkiv cm ss
00:06:20creeeeeee shut it now?
00:06:24BoNeshaw obss would be nice
00:06:26Mute_Bitsch not
00:06:261m4n5h0w ss
00:06:37creeeeeee randomly starting to bash
00:06:38creeeeeee i failed
00:06:40creeeeeee so what?
00:06:43creeeeeee now shut up
00:06:43BoNeshaw wr inc down
00:06:46BoNeshaw care
00:07:421m4n5h0w miss
00:07:561m4n5h0w MISS
00:08:04Rotkiv ss
00:08:08BoNeshaw rune down
00:08:11BoNeshaw go
00:08:12BoNeshaw plz
00:08:141m4n5h0w omw
00:08:171m4n5h0w then kill
00:08:36BoNeshaw ffs
00:09:07mxL- miss2bot
00:09:13Mute_Bitsch #use some more often mana ?
00:09:151m4n5h0w ss mid
00:09:31BoNeshaw i come gank top
00:09:38BoNeshaw wait
00:09:47BoNeshaw go
00:10:02Steuerfreak hello
00:10:03Steuerfreak riki
00:10:05Steuerfreak silence plz
00:10:46Mute_Bitsch care
00:10:58Mute_Bitsch tiny
00:10:59Netukka coming bot
00:11:01BoNeshaw ss
00:11:04Steuerfreak ss
00:11:14Mute_Bitsch omw down
00:11:15Mute_Bitsch w8
00:11:32Rotkiv 5 bot
00:11:33Shinja all bot
00:11:481m4n5h0w tower and mekka ready
00:12:24BoNeshaw wr with haste
00:12:33BoNeshaw krobe plz suypport
00:12:55Mute_Bitsch omw
00:13:17creeeeeee nice stun
00:13:38Mute_Bitsch tryed best
00:13:42BoNeshaw def
00:13:43BoNeshaw help
00:13:45Mute_Bitsch cant do anything if he is out of range
00:13:51creeeeeee he wasnt
00:13:51Mute_Bitsch gj sleeping and dont helping
00:13:531m4n5h0w 65 cs
00:13:59creeeeeee i had 200 hp
00:14:03creeeeeee couldnt help
00:14:191m4n5h0w mouse
00:14:201m4n5h0w ahhh
00:14:261m4n5h0w there my mouse went again
00:14:261m4n5h0w ^^
00:14:42Mute_Bitsch omw down
00:14:43Mute_Bitsch care
00:14:50Mute_Bitsch help
00:14:52BoNeshaw b
00:14:53BoNeshaw na
00:15:30Mute_Bitsch wtf team
00:15:42BoNeshaw def at twr
00:15:59Mute_Bitsch ursa go rosh ?
00:16:02creeeeeee hmm
00:16:04creeeeeee mby
00:16:15Mute_Bitsch go i give you sight with scarab
00:16:21creeeeeee need atleast lvl 8
00:16:32creeeeeee few creeps
00:17:121m4n5h0w omw bot
00:17:17BoNeshaw buy obs
00:17:18BoNeshaw plz
00:17:20BoNeshaw i bought last
00:17:22BoNeshaw for roshan
00:17:24Mute_Bitsch b
00:17:58Netukka ?
00:17:58BoNeshaw obs rotkiv??
00:18:00BoNeshaw 11
00:18:28mxL- b
00:18:40Mute_Bitsch got dust ?
00:18:45Netukka coming
00:18:45Netukka /
00:18:58Netukka /
00:19:11Netukka cd dust now
00:19:32Netukka care riki
00:19:36Steuerfreak twr
00:19:36Steuerfreak b
00:19:51Rotkiv k
00:20:04Rotkiv do they got gem?
00:20:24Netukka stun
00:20:51BoNeshaw o lol
00:21:16-.- how fucking lucky can u get
00:21:18Mute_Bitsch soon dagon muaahhaha
00:21:26Mute_Bitsch nice reg :D
00:21:44BoNeshaw i throw u in?
00:21:47Steuerfreak k
00:21:50Netukka r
00:21:51Mute_Bitsch where you want scouts ?
00:22:18Mute_Bitsch b
00:22:271m4n5h0w lesh i gave u dust
00:22:31Netukka saw
00:22:49BoNeshaw need to farm dagger
00:23:04Mute_Bitsch they go up
00:23:09Mute_Bitsch brown in woods
00:23:11Netukka push top?
00:23:151m4n5h0w getting rune
00:23:18BoNeshaw car
00:23:22Steuerfreak bb
00:23:23BoNeshaw b to twr
00:23:33BoNeshaw come hug top twr
00:23:40BoNeshaw they will push
00:23:41Steuerfreak all
00:23:42Steuerfreak fast
00:23:46Mute_Bitsch care :D
00:23:56BoNeshaw hmm
00:24:00BoNeshaw coming or not?
00:24:02BoNeshaw b
00:24:03BoNeshaw seems
00:24:06BoNeshaw b
00:24:43BoNeshaw sa
00:24:44BoNeshaw tp def
00:25:05Steuerfreak ty
00:25:06Steuerfreak tiny
00:25:11Steuerfreak throwing me with 800 hp
00:25:11Steuerfreak :(
00:25:19mxL- b
00:25:23mxL- ?
00:25:28Netukka go
00:25:35Mute_Bitsch i def mid
00:25:48Netukka should we buy gem
00:26:09Mute_Bitsch riki with vanguard :D
00:26:27BoNeshaw dagger finally
00:26:38creeeeeee mby bot
00:26:39creeeeeee tower
00:26:51Steuerfreak riki tp
00:26:51BoNeshaw sa
00:27:48BoNeshaw b
00:28:01BoNeshaw sa alrdy dead
00:28:05-.- they got gem
00:28:23Mute_Bitsch NOOO KLAR
00:28:231m4n5h0w endlich mal wieder n gutes game
00:28:231m4n5h0w von mir
00:28:231m4n5h0w ^^
00:28:23Netukka well i think
00:28:23Netukka cm u balance
00:28:23Netukka this is over
00:28:23Netukka anyway
00:28:23mxL- fu
00:28:23Netukka well this game lasts 5min
00:28:23Netukka after this
00:28:23Rotkiv omfg
00:28:42Netukka gem
00:28:52Netukka (
00:30:23BoNeshaw 'gem destroyed?
00:30:25-.- y
00:30:28BoNeshaw good
00:30:351m4n5h0w -ms
00:30:50Mute_Bitsch dagon 3 :D
00:31:07Netukka why raising ur dagon
00:31:24Mute_Bitsch because imba
00:31:30Mute_Bitsch 2 skills for riki dead
00:31:50Mute_Bitsch XD
00:31:52Mute_Bitsch idito
00:32:071m4n5h0w war grad shoppen
00:32:101m4n5h0w solche assis
00:32:13Mute_Bitsch ^^
00:32:15Netukka creee
00:32:15Netukka b
00:32:16BoNeshaw obs at rosh
00:32:19BoNeshaw come he will try it
00:32:211m4n5h0w mach mal deine spots um rosh rum
00:32:29BoNeshaw well i scout with hawk
00:32:30BoNeshaw come
00:32:32BoNeshaw all
00:32:461m4n5h0w mit gutem micro kannste 15 sec silencen ;)
00:32:51Mute_Bitsch i know
00:32:58BoNeshaw let it be
00:33:03BoNeshaw ursa soon osh
00:33:18BoNeshaw go
00:33:19BoNeshaw all
00:33:50Mute_Bitsch XD
00:33:53-.- if that hawk
00:33:54Rotkiv nu tra kyll
00:33:55-.- wouldve been there
00:33:57-.- i couldve got
00:33:58-.- aegis
00:34:03-.- couldnt jump
00:34:04-.- had to run
00:34:06mxL- i deff bot
00:34:09BoNeshaw i said let it be
00:34:10BoNeshaw but
00:34:12BoNeshaw someone used
00:34:161m4n5h0w really necessary
00:34:181m4n5h0w to def
00:34:22mxL- yy
00:34:24Netukka 3 alive
00:34:25Netukka care
00:34:37Netukka take rax
00:34:37Netukka and b
00:35:33Netukka gem
00:35:33Netukka gme
00:35:35Netukka le fu
00:35:57Mute_Bitsch XD
00:36:02Mute_Bitsch thats why gem
00:36:13Netukka well i was going to give it to ursa
00:36:17Netukka too late though
00:36:23Mute_Bitsch sry wanted to say thats why dagon
00:36:23-.- i've destroyed 2 gems
00:36:25-.- and
00:36:27Mute_Bitsch riki easy kill
00:36:32-.- probably dodged 10 dusts
00:36:33BoNeshaw so its soon cd
00:36:33-.- fucking sick
00:36:35-.- still i die
00:37:15creeeeeee ooom
00:37:411m4n5h0w sorry ralai
00:37:441m4n5h0w wanted to safe you
00:37:45mxL- np XD
00:37:471m4n5h0w and you turn arround
00:37:501m4n5h0w in wrong time :D
00:37:50mxL- y
00:37:55mxL- shit happens
00:37:59mxL- nice try tho
00:38:02BoNeshaw hard to playw ithout supports
00:38:03BoNeshaw always
00:38:151m4n5h0w ah meine maus ^^
00:38:51creeeeeee bad bad
00:38:52Mute_Bitsch wtf :D
00:38:54creeeeeee :/
00:39:13creeeeeee suddenly all dead :D
00:39:231m4n5h0w imba treads on maidn
00:39:251m4n5h0w carry
00:39:261m4n5h0w carry
00:39:261m4n5h0w ^^
00:39:33creeeeeee have maiden in team
00:39:36creeeeeee still run out of mana
00:39:37creeeeeee :D
00:39:431m4n5h0w same to me
00:39:45mxL- need hp
00:39:461m4n5h0w and i got mass mana
00:39:461m4n5h0w ^^
00:39:52creeeeeee wierd shiiit :D
00:39:56mxL- :<
00:40:04Netukka cm did u stole abaddons frostmourne?!
00:40:10mxL- sure
00:40:111m4n5h0w ^^
00:40:381m4n5h0w i do mkb
00:40:401m4n5h0w now
00:40:42-.- lemme
00:40:421m4n5h0w i suppose
00:40:51Steuerfreak me b
00:41:01BoNeshaw scarabs
00:41:09Mute_Bitsch nerub wins game muaahha
00:41:141m4n5h0w niemals
00:41:141m4n5h0w ^^
00:41:16Mute_Bitsch ^^
00:41:241m4n5h0w fuu
00:41:24Mute_Bitsch ^^
00:41:26Mute_Bitsch XD
00:41:34-.- gem
00:41:35-.- i suppose
00:41:36creeeeeee lets push or sth
00:41:36Netukka they smoked
00:41:37Netukka mb
00:41:38creeeeeee boooring
00:41:42-.- go
00:41:43-.- fast
00:41:46-.- before others come
00:41:53BoNeshaw goine
00:42:10-.- care
00:42:11BoNeshaw hate scarabs
00:42:12creeeeeee top?
00:42:13BoNeshaw cant gank
00:42:19BoNeshaw share hawk
00:42:20BoNeshaw we need smoke
00:43:13Mute_Bitsch THIS SHIT RIKI
00:43:16Netukka this
00:43:18Netukka u rushed
00:43:19Netukka alone
00:43:20Netukka there
00:43:20Netukka tt
00:43:251m4n5h0w yy
00:43:25Netukka so
00:43:26Netukka stupid
00:43:291m4n5h0w nernoobian
00:43:37Mute_Bitsch no one said you have to cum
00:43:45Netukka rosh is back
00:43:471m4n5h0w ur mum wants me to cum
00:43:531m4n5h0w da ein rein
00:43:56BoNeshaw get ghost scepters
00:43:57BoNeshaw bms
00:43:59BoNeshaw etc
00:44:05BoNeshaw for ursa
00:44:19BoNeshaw rosh up
00:44:21Mute_Bitsch gem
00:44:22Mute_Bitsch give
00:44:271m4n5h0w gem gone
00:44:27BoNeshaw shinja could u share hawk
00:44:27Mute_Bitsch spast
00:44:281m4n5h0w oO
00:44:291m4n5h0w where is it
00:44:39Mute_Bitsch gem her aber zackig noob
00:44:561m4n5h0w take
00:44:571m4n5h0w take
00:44:581m4n5h0w take
00:45:06-.- gem
00:45:06-.- on
00:45:07-.- wr
00:45:27Steuerfreak fast
00:46:13creeeeeee FUCK this smoke
00:46:17Mute_Bitsch dummer spast danke das du gem geklaut hast
00:46:381m4n5h0w ja besser so
00:46:41Rotkiv mana
00:46:421m4n5h0w du hättest ihn verloren
00:46:44BoNeshaw cd
00:46:52Mute_Bitsch ich hätte schauen können wo riki ist
00:46:56Mute_Bitsch ich bin farmen
00:46:581m4n5h0w ich war im fight
00:46:591m4n5h0w idit
00:47:011m4n5h0w idiot
00:47:02Mute_Bitsch du spast
00:47:07Mute_Bitsch warst nutzlos wie immer halt
00:47:121m4n5h0w ich hab rax gekillt
00:47:271m4n5h0w why dust
00:47:291m4n5h0w i got gem
00:47:421m4n5h0w b
00:47:43Netukka thought it was gone when ursa died
00:48:00Steuerfreak go with us
00:48:081m4n5h0w blindfish
00:48:13Mute_Bitsch ich feed etz
00:48:16Rotkiv wait me
00:48:17Netukka now u do
00:48:201m4n5h0w nix neues
00:48:21Netukka u got useless dagon 4
00:48:36Mute_Bitsch dummer mongo dann lernst wenigstens das man fremde sachen ned klaut
00:48:49-.- care
00:48:50-.- i guess
00:48:51-.- or idk
00:48:58-.- im coming
00:48:59BoNeshaw wait sa
00:49:07-.- go dp ulti
00:49:08-.- tower
00:49:37Rotkiv so bad place to figt
00:49:58BoNeshaw b
00:49:59BoNeshaw sa
00:50:11-.- obv wr comes there
00:50:12-.- wth
00:50:151m4n5h0w siehste
00:50:181m4n5h0w gem auf dir fürn arsch
00:50:26-.- creeps were not there
00:50:28-.- why would he go
00:50:29-.- there
00:50:37Netukka i think
00:50:39Netukka u shuld b
00:50:431m4n5h0w n
00:50:561m4n5h0w xaxa
00:50:591m4n5h0w this shit mouse
00:51:001m4n5h0w ffs
00:51:011m4n5h0w sux
00:51:031m4n5h0w argh
00:51:04Shinja gem
00:51:19-.- i get a gem
00:51:491m4n5h0w wow nearly 1000 dmg
00:51:501m4n5h0w imba
00:51:541m4n5h0w and now useless
00:51:54BoNeshaw rosh
00:51:541m4n5h0w xD
00:51:55BoNeshaw all
00:51:56BoNeshaw now
00:52:13BoNeshaw soon up?
00:52:141m4n5h0w 1000 dmg every 30 sec
00:52:16-.- nah
00:52:351m4n5h0w any ideas?
00:53:171m4n5h0w ffs
00:53:191m4n5h0w this mouse
00:53:201m4n5h0w is so bad
00:53:31BoNeshaw stop hunt
00:53:45-.- rosh should be up soon
00:53:46-.- now
00:54:071m4n5h0w i thought we win that so easy
00:54:131m4n5h0w when we entered 1st base tower
00:54:13Netukka we should have pushed
00:54:16creeeeeee have noting to initate with also...seemed like we finish it in 20 min
00:54:18creeeeeee but now...
00:54:41Netukka huskar
00:54:43Netukka kinda rapes
00:54:43Netukka us
00:54:44Netukka now
00:54:47creeeeeee and that dagon 5....
00:54:49creeeeeee 4*
00:55:00creeeeeee u could of had almost necro 3 already by now
00:55:12BoNeshaw is it up
00:55:15-.- y
00:55:15BoNeshaw get it
00:55:20BoNeshaw scout with illus
00:55:28Netukka mb ursa
00:55:30Netukka takes gem
00:55:38creeeeeee i die almost every fight
00:55:41mxL- THEY ROSH
00:55:47Netukka blaaah
00:55:51BoNeshaw sa
00:56:00-.- go mid
00:56:29BoNeshaw there was ur entry
00:56:311m4n5h0w fuuu
00:56:36Netukka b
00:56:361m4n5h0w that was close
00:56:36Netukka b
00:56:371m4n5h0w ^^
00:56:55-.- ulti
00:56:55-.- dp
00:57:32BoNeshaw b
00:57:33BoNeshaw to defr
00:57:41BoNeshaw no tp?
00:57:50-.- had aegis on that spot
00:57:54creeeeeee that went better then expected
00:57:55Netukka noone died
00:57:561m4n5h0w i do hex or what?
00:58:00-.- mkb or vladimir
00:58:07creeeeeee well they lost aegis
00:58:08BoNeshaw bot
00:58:08BoNeshaw ffs
00:58:111m4n5h0w y
00:58:14creeeeeee and huskar lost cheese too?
00:58:17Netukka capm? :D
00:58:18Netukka camp
00:58:22BoNeshaw gem at abse
00:58:23BoNeshaw take it
00:58:24-.- vladimir it is
00:59:00BoNeshaw def top all
00:59:51BoNeshaw what a gam,e
00:59:53BoNeshaw aww
01:00:141m4n5h0w b
01:00:34Netukka need to push top
01:00:36Netukka all the time
01:00:381m4n5h0w y
01:00:45BoNeshaw sa hold buyout
01:00:46BoNeshaw imo
01:00:51-.- y
01:00:52BoNeshaw engage top?
01:00:54BoNeshaw alll?
01:00:56-.- y
01:00:57-.- we should
01:00:59BoNeshaw come
01:01:00BoNeshaw i will
01:01:16creeeeeee zzZzzz
01:01:19creeeeeee but cant go also
01:01:20creeeeeee :D
01:01:211m4n5h0w they got gem
01:01:27BoNeshaw fucking bot pusgin
01:01:30creeeeeee ou
01:01:30Netukka im bored
01:01:32Netukka should we just go
01:01:32creeeeeee husk still has gem
01:01:341m4n5h0w y
01:01:35BoNeshaw ened sight
01:01:35creeeeeee dno
01:01:36Netukka go
01:01:36Netukka go
01:01:38creeeeeee it could cost us game
01:01:381m4n5h0w riki too
01:01:41BoNeshaw care na
01:02:11creeeeeee why wont no 1 focus riki
01:02:12Netukka ulti too late cm
01:02:34creeeeeee almost had him down
01:02:361m4n5h0w i can rebuy
01:02:39creeeeeee but no help there :/
01:02:40Netukka me 2
01:02:501m4n5h0w had riki down?
01:02:53Netukka cm used his ulti far too late
01:02:581m4n5h0w i stunned double
01:02:59creeeeeee he had 1/4 of hp
01:03:001m4n5h0w tiny and huskar
01:03:06mxL- was first silenced by kropbe
01:03:12creeeeeee i cant go for tiny
01:03:20creeeeeee cuz of blade male and stun
01:03:271m4n5h0w i can still rebuy
01:03:36BoNeshaw b sa
01:03:44Netukka blah
01:03:56Netukka care
01:03:57-.- take gem
01:03:57Netukka there
01:03:58-.- some1
01:04:001m4n5h0w -ii
01:04:03-.- need 2 buy
01:04:07BoNeshaw at base
01:04:12-.- i have one
01:04:12-.- gem
01:04:13-.- as well
01:04:19BoNeshaw no slots on me
01:04:241m4n5h0w ill do hex last y?
01:04:28mxL- y
01:04:28-.- i destroy
01:04:29Netukka yes
01:04:34Netukka my hex is not coming
01:04:511m4n5h0w piss off
01:05:121m4n5h0w so they smoked
01:05:131m4n5h0w care
01:05:14Netukka the wait us
01:05:24BoNeshaw need oht
01:05:25-.- leave ne
01:05:25-.- oine
01:05:25creeeeeee 1 will bait
01:05:26-.- please
01:05:27BoNeshaw hot
01:05:27creeeeeee in a sec
01:05:291m4n5h0w we got creeps on our side
01:05:29-.- zzz
01:05:50BoNeshaw go
01:05:58-.- i got no slot
01:05:58BoNeshaw dd
01:06:07Netukka y
01:06:081m4n5h0w go
01:06:091m4n5h0w fast
01:06:10Netukka fsat go
01:06:11mxL- too late
01:06:16BoNeshaw huskar still cheese
01:06:21Netukka (
01:06:22Shinja was stunned...
01:06:29-.- take gem
01:06:30-.- some1
01:06:34-.- go take gem
01:06:35-.- some1
01:06:38BoNeshaw krobe
01:06:381m4n5h0w cheese husk
01:06:43-.- go final push mid
01:06:431m4n5h0w they push
01:06:45-.- fuck bot
01:06:471m4n5h0w its the final countdown
01:06:47Steuerfreak guys
01:06:49Steuerfreak just def this
01:06:52BoNeshaw no
01:06:53BoNeshaw def
01:06:55BoNeshaw ¨i get tp
01:06:57BoNeshaw hot
01:07:01BoNeshaw then we go
01:07:07-.- 2 charges of diffusal right?
01:07:19-.- or can i get more
01:07:24BoNeshaw no
01:07:25BoNeshaw :(
01:07:33BoNeshaw push bot
01:07:35BoNeshaw more
01:07:41BoNeshaw and get tps
01:07:42-.- we win them
01:07:42BoNeshaw ffs
01:07:42-.- mid
01:07:43-.- easily
01:07:52BoNeshaw huskar sell ur bracer
01:07:53BoNeshaw alry
01:07:55mxL- riki divine
01:07:58mxL- rapier
01:08:031m4n5h0w really?=
01:08:04Netukka no?
01:08:09mxL- duno XD
01:08:10BoNeshaw come
01:08:14-.- come
01:08:15-.- cant go before
01:08:36Mute_Bitsch b
01:08:461m4n5h0w muhahaha
01:09:30creeeeeee aegis down
01:09:33BoNeshaw i def top
01:10:22BoNeshaw aww
01:10:25BoNeshaw have to go faster
01:10:26-.- cant bo
01:10:291m4n5h0w i safed your ass there lesh
01:10:291m4n5h0w ^^
01:10:33Netukka ye
01:10:33-.- razor
01:10:33-.- can u
01:10:34Netukka :=
01:10:35Netukka thanks
01:10:37BoNeshaw ok we lost
01:10:37creeeeeee shit how we owned
01:10:38BoNeshaw u failed
01:10:41Steuerfreak whjat
01:10:41creeeeeee they lost aegis + cheese
01:10:42Steuerfreak i cant
01:10:43-.- it was dp
01:10:43Steuerfreak #1900
01:10:45-.- who kinda failed
01:10:50-.- go def
01:10:52-.- u are still strong
01:10:531m4n5h0w i died
01:10:541m4n5h0w also
01:10:581m4n5h0w but gold
01:10:58Netukka top fsat
01:11:06-.- but they probably get megas
01:11:09Steuerfreak gg
01:11:37creeeeeee just dont die
01:11:38creeeeeee with all
01:11:39creeeeeee now
01:11:41-.- well
01:11:43creeeeeee we can still lose
01:11:43-.- just go mid now
01:11:44creeeeeee like that :D
01:11:51BoNeshaw wellw e lost
01:11:52-.- we cant def
01:11:53-.- just go mid
01:11:57BoNeshaw cant get oiut of base anymore
01:11:58creeeeeee but now its fine
01:12:03-.- just run
01:12:04-.- and gun
01:12:14BoNeshaw ourthrone falls faster
01:12:17BoNeshaw 1 needst o def
01:12:20Netukka they still wont give up
01:12:32-.- razor
01:12:33Shinja we just die, lets ff
01:12:34-.- needs lifeleech
01:12:35-.- and def
01:12:36Shinja I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
01:12:371m4n5h0w ofc not
01:12:401m4n5h0w but they lose
01:12:411m4n5h0w anyway
01:12:42Steuerfreak guys
01:12:43Steuerfreak its lost
01:12:45mxL- not really
01:12:48-.- come mid
01:12:51BoNeshaw i can tp
01:12:54mxL- ff
01:12:58BoNeshaw i def first
01:13:00mxL- I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
01:13:42Rotkiv I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
01:13:47creeeeeee gg
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