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+11 TS

92% | 1661 X | 1419 TS

+48 X
+2 TS

47% | 1130 X | 1329 TS

+27 X
+1 TS

46% | 1138 X | 1311 TS

+22 X
+18 TS

23% | 1022 X | 1227 TS

+49 X
+64 TS

NEW | 954 X | 910 TS

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-2 TS

93% | 1563 X | 1543 TS

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-2 TS

57% | 1195 X | 1378 TS

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-10 TS

16% | 1039 X | 1140 TS

-29 X
-10 TS

15% | 1012 X | 1154 TS

-49 X
-20 TS

NEW | 1071 X | 966 TS

Chat log

00:00:03MaAkoXYma -ap
00:00:09Defloratio ap -.-
00:00:10Lawok blue whats ur cs atm?
00:00:14Squirrelio -random
00:00:17MaAkoXYma cs? ^^
00:00:20Wrrcy lolz
00:00:22Squirrelio creeep stats
00:00:25GottHasstMich GOGOGO LYCAN
00:00:26Lawok just to confuse not to pick wisp
00:00:28GottHasstMich naabii
00:00:29MaAkoXYma XD
00:00:31MaAkoXYma you thought
00:00:33MaAkoXYma i will pick it?
00:00:34MaAkoXYma ;ddd
00:00:37MaAkoXYma was joking
00:00:39GottHasstMich why pudge on u ?
00:00:40GottHasstMich :E
00:00:42Lawok pick ck and some int support
00:00:45Lawok SD and ck
00:00:46Wrrcy rmk and u pick other heros?
00:00:48Lawok gott is mid
00:00:49Defloratio kk
00:00:50Aleks875 what i need pick?
00:01:04Lawok sd if u can play it
00:01:06Lawok else AA
00:01:07MaAkoXYma -random
00:01:07Wrrcy war das nh beleidigung?
00:01:08MaAkoXYma fuck ap
00:01:11svents idc i win this game anyway
00:01:11Lawok else lion
00:01:19GottHasstMich 100% sign blue
00:01:19Aleks875 i will take huscar
00:01:23GottHasstMich gg
00:01:27Defloratio wisp come down
00:01:27Lawok no u wont
00:01:28Squirrelio let me solo bot
00:01:33GottHasstMich whisp pudge
00:01:33Squirrelio /w Squirrelio DotaKeys: on
00:01:34Aleks875 why
00:01:34GottHasstMich insane lane
00:01:35svents burn can u lich?
00:01:37Defloratio aa ya ya
00:01:38Aleks875 i take huscr]
00:01:42Lawok pick support
00:01:42Defloratio didnt se :D
00:01:42Lawok int
00:01:44Squirrelio /w Squirrelio DotaKeys: Please type Hero's ORIGINAL hotkeys...
00:01:45Squirrelio /w Squirrelio DotaKeys: You typed w, e, d, v
00:01:48Lawok jakiro/lion/aa/sd
00:01:49Defloratio get SD
00:01:49MaAkoXYma SVENTS SVEN
00:01:49Lawok :DD
00:01:50GottHasstMich gg
00:01:51MaAkoXYma FREE WIN
00:01:51Defloratio -.-
00:01:54MaAkoXYma ES*
00:01:55GottHasstMich go top whispy
00:01:55Defloratio GG
00:01:55svents ofc ofc
00:01:57svents :)
00:01:58Lawok huskar bot
00:01:59GottHasstMich so u own that lane
00:02:02Squirrelio lycan woods ofc ?
00:02:05101010 y
00:02:07Squirrelio and me solo o.k. ?
00:02:08Defloratio own them hard
00:02:10svents btw my name is Sven so :D
00:02:20Lawok pudge
00:02:25Lawok do u speak english
00:02:25Wrrcy ?
00:02:27Squirrelio didnt play for a it
00:02:27Wrrcy ofc
00:02:28Lawok can i trust u
00:02:30Wrrcy xD
00:02:30svents clock rocket?
00:02:31Lawok im pretty aggro
00:02:34Wrrcy gj
00:02:47svents i come mid
00:02:49Lawok go on clock
00:02:50svents lets kill
00:02:55Squirrelio go woods ffs
00:02:56Squirrelio pull
00:03:02svents rdy?
00:03:06Wrrcy go?
00:03:08Lawok yyy
00:03:19svents sry
00:03:20MaAkoXYma XD
00:03:31Wrrcy lol?
00:03:31svents im doing waterpipe :DDd
00:03:55Wrrcy u pull ?
00:04:06Wrrcy .<
00:04:07Wrrcy .D
00:04:18Defloratio go b
00:04:25Defloratio idiot
00:04:26Squirrelio !
00:04:43Lawok lvl 3 go
00:04:47Wrrcy ss
00:04:57Wrrcy es stunt
00:05:05svents lawok why so lame hero?:d
00:05:10Squirrelio rune trop
00:05:12Defloratio ss
00:05:19Squirrelio invi up
00:05:26Wrrcy .
00:05:36Lawok oh
00:05:37Lawok :DD
00:05:38MaAkoXYma i kill him
00:06:09Wrrcy wtf oo
00:06:21MaAkoXYma do you believe in stick?
00:06:24GottHasstMich whisp why not tether :X
00:06:26Wrrcy no nazi
00:06:29GottHasstMich when i tped
00:06:31Lawok cd
00:06:32Lawok sorry
00:06:33Lawok soryr
00:06:34MaAkoXYma dont
00:06:34GottHasstMich :/
00:06:35MaAkoXYma push it
00:06:35MaAkoXYma .
00:06:47Wrrcy retard shit
00:06:49Wrrcy es 5
00:06:52Wrrcy we 3
00:06:52GottHasstMich ss mid
00:06:58Lawok 5
00:07:10Wrrcy gg :D
00:07:11Defloratio nice
00:07:26Aleks875 fury
00:07:28Squirrelio gj venge
00:07:28Aleks875 suck
00:07:31Aleks875 no mis
00:07:36Defloratio he said
00:07:36Lawok please...
00:07:38Defloratio nap
00:07:40Lawok do not feed
00:07:49Aleks875 so help
00:07:50Aleks875 us
00:07:54Defloratio i need boots
00:07:59Defloratio i will gank
00:08:05Squirrelio ss 2
00:08:17GottHasstMich venge coming top
00:08:18GottHasstMich care
00:08:25GottHasstMich ss mid!
00:08:32Lawok pudge !!
00:08:34GottHasstMich #re
00:08:35Lawok play
00:08:42Wrrcy go?
00:08:49GottHasstMich ??
00:08:54MaAkoXYma ss
00:08:56Defloratio ss
00:09:04Squirrelio ss huskar
00:09:10Squirrelio rune top
00:09:17MaAkoXYma i took rune
00:09:25GottHasstMich ss mid
00:09:26GottHasstMich care
00:09:32Squirrelio i mean this minute
00:09:40101010 runes come every 2 min
00:09:40Wrrcy dead again
00:09:41Wrrcy gj
00:09:47MaAkoXYma y
00:09:49GottHasstMich if u wouldnt b
00:09:50MaAkoXYma so?
00:09:50GottHasstMich lawok
00:09:52Lawok oom
00:09:53GottHasstMich keep tether
00:09:55GottHasstMich we would kill him
00:09:57Lawok no way
00:09:57GottHasstMich u had tether on me
00:10:00GottHasstMich i went b for stun
00:10:01Lawok -.-
00:10:02GottHasstMich ofc
00:10:03GottHasstMich got ulti up
00:10:04101010 so there are no 7 min rune
00:10:07Squirrelio got good farm
00:10:13Defloratio ss
00:10:20Squirrelio now i check bot
00:10:23Defloratio care mid
00:10:24Defloratio !!!!
00:10:28Defloratio b
00:10:37MaAkoXYma how-to-kill-yourself
00:10:40MaAkoXYma dot com
00:10:40GottHasstMich xD
00:10:52Lawok GO
00:11:51MaAkoXYma gj
00:12:33GottHasstMich ty
00:12:34GottHasstMich ....
00:12:52Wrrcy b
00:13:17Squirrelio ...
00:13:52svents 3 top omfg
00:13:59MaAkoXYma upgrade
00:14:00svents haters
00:14:00MaAkoXYma someone
00:14:04Squirrelio come top i ulti
00:14:05Lawok ready ck
00:14:06Squirrelio got all
00:14:10GottHasstMich i tp
00:14:12Defloratio ya
00:14:15MaAkoXYma wait
00:14:17MaAkoXYma need rune
00:14:30Lawok WTF LYCAN
00:14:33Lawok WHERE DO U ALWAYS GO
00:14:41Wrrcy on lane :]
00:14:42MaAkoXYma dont tell him
00:14:46Wrrcy +wtf
00:14:47Wrrcy ff
00:14:47Wrrcy gg
00:15:12Defloratio furi --
00:15:18Lawok this lycan
00:15:18Defloratio that was so obvious
00:15:20Lawok so lucjy
00:15:27GottHasstMich he lucked me with last fucking side of stun
00:15:28GottHasstMich ..
00:15:31svents DDD
00:15:46Defloratio gank foresy
00:15:49Defloratio forest
00:16:09Wrrcy -st
00:16:15GottHasstMich gr8
00:16:17GottHasstMich im so sick of it
00:16:17GottHasstMich SRSLY
00:16:18svents thx
00:16:22svents vgj
00:16:34MaAkoXYma NICE
00:16:36Squirrelio lycan go rosh
00:16:48101010 oom to go there
00:17:04Squirrelio ulti up
00:17:06Squirrelio and u es ?
00:17:13Wrrcy lycan down farm
00:17:25Squirrelio ffs es
00:17:27Defloratio im oom
00:17:39Squirrelio es ffs
00:17:42Squirrelio u should start not me
00:17:52Defloratio b
00:17:52Lawok need vision
00:17:58MaAkoXYma where huskar
00:17:58svents i know sry
00:18:04svents playing badly atm :S
00:18:32Squirrelio fissure then mu ulti then urs
00:18:35svents cause im tired :S
00:18:46Defloratio caremd
00:18:56MaAkoXYma care
00:18:56Wrrcy seen
00:18:59Squirrelio O.o
00:19:10Defloratio help top
00:19:11101010 b
00:19:11GottHasstMich GO
00:19:12101010 dont come
00:19:19GottHasstMich U IDIOT
00:19:20101010 ...
00:19:24MaAkoXYma what ;o
00:19:29101010 my exp
00:19:29Defloratio tell me
00:19:31Defloratio na
00:19:40MaAkoXYma eh
00:19:40MaAkoXYma ;3
00:19:41MaAkoXYma soz
00:19:48Defloratio im to low
00:19:59Squirrelio ....
00:19:59Wrrcy wtf
00:20:01MaAkoXYma wanted
00:20:02MaAkoXYma to swap
00:20:02MaAkoXYma you
00:20:03MaAkoXYma ;DD
00:20:05Squirrelio i know
00:20:07GottHasstMich dont ck
00:20:10Squirrelio i m outta luck today
00:20:11GottHasstMich ask ever
00:20:12GottHasstMich for help
00:20:13GottHasstMich again
00:20:15GottHasstMich u wont get it
00:20:19Defloratio hah
00:20:21MaAkoXYma this is my bad
00:20:21MaAkoXYma soz
00:20:22Defloratio dude i was stuned
00:20:26Defloratio and low
00:20:27Defloratio 0o
00:20:28Lawok ck wait base
00:20:30svents happens :)
00:20:31Defloratio ya ya
00:20:32Lawok and stop pussying
00:20:35Squirrelio no it wasnt...if u didnt come i would just die
00:20:52svents omg
00:20:53MaAkoXYma last hitter
00:20:53MaAkoXYma ;D
00:20:56svents :DDd
00:20:58Lawok 15sek
00:21:01Defloratio k
00:21:01svents y i failed hardly again :SSS
00:21:08svents to fcking tired
00:21:12Squirrelio omfg
00:21:12Defloratio b
00:21:13Defloratio b
00:21:13Defloratio b
00:21:13Squirrelio omfg
00:21:14Defloratio b
00:21:15Squirrelio kill him
00:21:16svents and i gtg soon :D
00:21:16Squirrelio mid
00:21:21Defloratio back huskar
00:21:33Defloratio wat a na[
00:21:35Wrrcy wtf u
00:21:50Squirrelio nice
00:21:57Lawok huskar leave .gc ty
00:22:02Defloratio epic nap
00:22:08Defloratio farms and feeds
00:22:17svents im b
00:22:32MaAkoXYma b
00:22:38GottHasstMich i get vision
00:22:42MaAkoXYma magna xD
00:22:47Squirrelio tried %)
00:22:51Wrrcy b!
00:22:52GottHasstMich -.-
00:22:55Squirrelio he turned
00:23:02Defloratio get wards
00:23:42svents go go
00:23:48Wrrcy ff
00:23:59Squirrelio n1
00:24:17GottHasstMich lycan fucking retard hero
00:24:23svents got dagger
00:24:23Lawok its not the lycan
00:24:25Lawok its our team
00:24:35Wrrcy -xt
00:24:37Wrrcy -st
00:24:38Lawok not too much knowledge of dota
00:24:39GottHasstMich will
00:24:40Lawok and how things go
00:24:42GottHasstMich what to you expect
00:24:43101010 my
00:24:44GottHasstMich from last pick
00:24:45GottHasstMich pudge
00:24:45101010 gtfo
00:24:45GottHasstMich .E
00:24:49Squirrelio fck u idiot
00:24:53Squirrelio i was first
00:24:53101010 RULES
00:24:54Aleks875 pudge said me leave cg
00:24:55Aleks875 XD
00:24:57Aleks875 2-9
00:24:59Aleks875 bob
00:24:59101010 i hitted first
00:25:07Squirrelio with wolves...u r so low
00:25:08Wrrcy bob
00:25:14Squirrelio i empower u even %)
00:25:19Wrrcy dead
00:25:28MaAkoXYma give me
00:25:29MaAkoXYma empower
00:25:30MaAkoXYma ;d
00:25:46GottHasstMich gg
00:25:47GottHasstMich ..
00:26:13Defloratio -.-
00:26:15Defloratio so bad
00:26:18Aleks875 2-11
00:26:19svents :DDD
00:26:20Aleks875 XD
00:26:20Wrrcy all dead
00:26:25Wrrcy u 1-7
00:26:26svents gj :DF
00:26:26Wrrcy xD
00:26:28101010 1-7
00:26:28Wrrcy its not better
00:26:28Defloratio "ff"
00:26:28svents :DDD
00:26:31Wrrcy ye -.-
00:26:36Lawok huskar u r the worst shit ever
00:26:37Wrrcy with huskar :]]
00:26:40MaAkoXYma "wp"
00:26:41Aleks875 me 1-7 cose pudge feed
00:26:42Wrrcy ff
00:26:44MaAkoXYma huskar lost
00:26:47Aleks875 2-11!
00:26:47Wrrcy lulz
00:26:49Wrrcy hahahahahah
00:26:51Wrrcy 'HAHAHA'
00:26:54Wrrcy go soon
00:27:08MaAkoXYma Aleks is retarded
00:27:09MaAkoXYma let him
00:27:27101010 XD
00:27:35svents fck D:DDDd
00:27:47Lawok ck
00:27:48101010 care
00:27:55Defloratio we have no dust
00:27:57svents but still i win idc :DDD
00:28:03svents even im playing badly :)
00:28:10Aleks875 rapira
00:28:21svents lycan :DDDD
00:28:22svents noob :DDD
00:28:28Aleks875 we can win
00:28:30101010 ?
00:28:32Defloratio su
00:28:33Aleks875 if kill lycan
00:28:33Defloratio -.-
00:28:33Lawok we ca not
00:28:37Aleks875 and get rapira
00:28:40svents why u ultied?:D
00:28:43Defloratio rapira
00:28:44svents u saw he tping
00:28:45Defloratio -.-
00:28:46Defloratio omg
00:28:48MaAkoXYma reflex
00:28:50Defloratio OMG
00:28:59svents np
00:29:00Defloratio RAPIRA Xd
00:29:03Defloratio hahahahahaha
00:29:10Lawok we have 3 whole map tele
00:29:13Lawok shouldnt be so hard to kill
00:29:37svents :DDDd
00:29:54MaAkoXYma dealing more dmg than lycan with divine.
00:29:54Wrrcy what u want to do?
00:30:10Lawok I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:30:14Defloratio lycan has "RAPIRA"
00:30:15svents omfg :D
00:30:17Defloratio xD
00:30:22Squirrelio lol
00:30:24Wrrcy who hokked?
00:30:34GottHasstMich thx for unshare
00:30:35GottHasstMich .....
00:30:37Lawok got damn these players
00:30:40Wrrcy i shared
00:30:45MaAkoXYma play more silver
00:30:47Wrrcy #only green unshare
00:30:55Lawok they dont beging as this dl fags came
00:31:01svents :DDD
00:31:18Wrrcy :D
00:31:20Wrrcy 3
00:31:22svents :DDD
00:31:24Lawok HUSKAR
00:31:24GottHasstMich that uskar
00:31:24Lawok WTF
00:31:25GottHasstMich gg
00:31:27GottHasstMich :D:D:D::D:D:D:D:D:D::D:D
00:31:28Wrrcy I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:31:28Defloratio tt
00:31:29Lawok OF URS
00:31:30Wrrcy 'ff'f
00:31:32Wrrcy I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:31:32Wrrcy I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:31:32MaAkoXYma KILL ME HUSKAR
00:31:37Lawok huskar go die
00:31:50Aleks875 i dont care u
00:31:55MaAkoXYma i dont care u
00:31:55Aleks875 I want kill lycan
00:31:57MaAkoXYma RUSSIA PWN
00:31:57Squirrelio %)
00:31:59Defloratio "rapira"
00:32:05Lawok WHAT THE FUCK
00:32:06Aleks875 stfu
00:32:08Lawok U GET HIS RAPIRA
00:32:09Lawok BY THAT
00:32:15Defloratio ahahahahahaha
00:32:20Aleks875 u cant speak russian
00:32:26Aleks875 and u understand me
00:32:28Aleks875 so stfu
00:32:31Lawok priviet
00:32:32MaAkoXYma blyat
00:32:34Lawok muthafucka
00:32:35Squirrelio omfg
00:32:35Aleks875 hahaah
00:32:39burn ? ????)
00:32:39Aleks875 priviet
00:32:41Aleks875 LOOOOL
00:32:47Aleks875 u fun
00:32:49Lawok rukiver u homo
00:32:52Aleks875 learn russian
00:32:54svents suka
00:33:02Wrrcy stupid children
00:33:04burn nahui
00:33:07Lawok byebye
00:33:19svents idi nahuj toze
00:33:20Aleks875 -unstuck
00:33:26burn )
00:33:43GottHasstMich -afk
00:34:05svents fck i need to go :S
00:34:05Wrrcy -afk
00:34:06GottHasstMich huskar will be banned 100%
00:34:08GottHasstMich now hes afking
00:34:11GottHasstMich this shithead
00:34:11svents football going on :S
00:34:17Lawok furion didnt u see :D
00:34:17Aleks875 look replay
00:34:19Defloratio yes pls xD
00:34:19Aleks875 idiot
00:34:20MaAkoXYma 0-0 still
00:34:23Aleks875 wisp
00:34:28Aleks875 tgped me
00:34:28Lawok just when i came
00:34:30Lawok -.-
00:34:31GottHasstMich i saw
00:34:39Aleks875 wiusp must be banned
00:34:39svents i wanna see how barcelona pwns milan :)
00:34:45Aleks875 for for ruin
00:34:56MaAkoXYma 2 divines
00:34:58MaAkoXYma we might win now
00:35:01Squirrelio omg huskar kills me %()
00:35:10Aleks875 2th time
00:35:16Aleks875 with 5 lvl lower
00:35:16Squirrelio 2nd
00:35:17Squirrelio btw
00:35:19Aleks875 ahahaha
00:35:24Lawok if i only had svents he would have known how i play this guy
00:35:24Lawok -.-
00:35:28Aleks875 how u died?
00:35:29Defloratio wp wisp
00:35:31Aleks875 say me
00:35:31Defloratio :)
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