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Chat log

00:00:05Mercury -rd
00:00:17ReV0 XR or RD?
00:00:17Mercury xd
00:00:17ReV0 cd*
00:00:17yeW- :D
00:00:17yeW- -clear
00:00:17ReV0 xd* cant freakin write anymore
00:00:17ReV0 Stupid me <3
00:00:17yeW- <333!!
00:00:17Bad3vil -lycan
00:00:18ReV0 so who will you ban?
00:00:18yeW- Allchat.
00:00:18Bad3vil -ban lycan
00:00:18Bad3vil lycan
00:00:18Bad3vil .lycan
00:00:18Bad3vil -lycan
00:00:18Bad3vil ^^
00:00:18Tough its rd
00:00:18ReV0 kk lycan
00:00:18Mercury tree
00:00:18yeW- Pick Lich!
00:00:18ReV0 tree and lycan banned
00:00:25Rotkiv ROOF AND LYCAN BANNED!!
00:00:26Mercury tree and lycan--- dont pick
00:00:34Bad3vil someone get lich or pit
00:00:34Tough ROOF AND LYCAN PICK!
00:00:35Bad3vil and we pwn
00:00:37Tough eh dont piuck!
00:00:37Bad3vil rhasta
00:00:38Bad3vil dk
00:00:40yeW- my LYCAN
00:00:41Bad3vil lesh
00:00:43yeW- -clear
00:00:59Mercury weav want mid?
00:01:03ReV0 -hhn
00:01:03Buttons idm
00:01:04ReV0 -clear
00:01:05Bad3vil pit ?
00:01:07Bad3vil we need
00:01:08free.willy can i have invo mid?
00:01:10Buttons see their mid first
00:01:18Buttons omni i imagine
00:01:19Bad3vil does it realy fit ?
00:01:21Bad3vil but ur choice
00:01:35Mercury es and i are bot
00:01:36free.willy i play on tornado emp snap
00:01:36Tough rshast and lesh
00:01:50Rotkiv dazzle last :P
00:01:50ReV0 what?
00:01:51Mercury pit get wards top
00:01:52Bad3vil what a great pick
00:01:54Tough last pick trax
00:01:54yeW- :D
00:01:54Tough ff
00:01:55Bad3vil ^^
00:01:58ReV0 carry should be btm.
00:01:59Bad3vil oh dear
00:02:04yeW- well, he aint brown for nothin
00:02:05yeW- -clear
00:02:27Bad3vil we lost
00:02:28yeW- lets go
00:02:32yeW- vanguards
00:02:33yeW- dk
00:02:34yeW- -clear
00:02:49Zack-eracK UPGRADE SOME+
00:02:50Bad3vil care fb
00:02:52Mercury pit get expulsion then :D
00:02:57Mercury imba at startõ
00:02:57yeW- -ma
00:03:11DayDream rune top
00:03:15yeW- i'll pull
00:03:17Zack-eracK ESDOWN
00:03:25Bad3vil care fb
00:03:32Zack-eracK u got repel?
00:03:34Zack-eracK or heal
00:03:35Bad3vil no
00:03:50yeW- shit ward
00:05:24free.willy -.-
00:05:24Rotkiv again !! ffs
00:05:24Bad3vil ^^
00:05:24ReV0 ...
00:05:24Rotkiv how many rmk
00:05:24Bad3vil he do it again ?
00:05:24Bad3vil he do it again ?
00:05:24free.willy no
00:05:24Bad3vil than banreq
00:05:26free.willy otherone
00:06:41Rotkiv i stun then kill
00:06:53ReV0 u first
00:06:56Rotkiv k
00:06:57ReV0 u got more range
00:07:04yeW- ss
00:07:05yeW- LINA
00:07:08yeW- re
00:07:17DayDream ss omni
00:07:35DayDream re
00:07:55Rotkiv gj
00:07:57ReV0 u2
00:07:57yeW- zz
00:08:05free.willy ss mid
00:08:12free.willy re
00:08:37yeW- gang top
00:08:54ReV0 go
00:08:57Rotkiv k
00:09:11Rotkiv 1srek
00:09:21Zack-eracK b
00:09:23Rotkiv gj
00:09:36Tough invo
00:09:40Tough could u gang top maybe?
00:09:55Rotkiv TOPSS
00:10:17Mercury top ss
00:10:19Mercury bot*
00:10:54Zack-eracK wake up
00:10:57Zack-eracK ffs
00:11:25Zack-eracK this dk
00:11:26Rotkiv GJ
00:11:28Tough hahaha
00:11:30Zack-eracK u are nothing
00:11:31Zack-eracK moron
00:11:45Bad3vil i come top
00:11:47Zack-eracK go down and help omni
00:11:49Bad3vil 20sec
00:12:01Tough fuck this omni
00:12:03Tough fuck this trax
00:12:07Zack-eracK stun
00:12:08Tough with these failpicks
00:12:12Bad3vil go
00:12:24Bad3vil go ?
00:12:26Bad3vil lol
00:12:31ReV0 omni top
00:12:32Zack-eracK why no stuns omfg
00:12:39ReV0 mid ss?
00:12:39Zack-eracK im 2x here and no stuin
00:12:41Buttons #n
00:12:48Tough i guess
00:12:50Tough not skilled..
00:12:50Tough haha
00:12:56yeW- good guess mate
00:12:57Zack-eracK yes u are nap
00:13:07Tough FUCK U ALL
00:13:09Tough IM WOODS
00:13:10Buttons invo goes bot
00:13:18Bad3vil cd t
00:13:20Zack-eracK noob
00:13:21yeW- -ma
00:13:40Bad3vil ^^
00:13:44Tough <3
00:13:45yeW- lol
00:13:52yeW- heal me at leat?
00:14:52Zack-eracK alche
00:14:55Zack-eracK srsly
00:14:58Zack-eracK play or leave
00:15:05Zack-eracK u and dk are our 2 stuns
00:15:11yeW- -ma
00:15:31Bad3vil FF
00:15:53Bad3vil super nice play and picks
00:16:06Rotkiv GO
00:16:10Zack-eracK pick are not bad just players
00:16:15Tough y
00:16:19Tough last pick trax :)
00:16:22Bad3vil ^^
00:16:31Buttons dk inc top
00:16:46Zack-eracK this page suck
00:16:52Bad3vil nope
00:16:53Zack-eracK too many unbalanced
00:16:56Zack-eracK y it is
00:17:01Bad3vil fail picks
00:17:02Zack-eracK one guy lose game
00:17:03Zack-eracK for all
00:17:05Zack-eracK not
00:17:06Zack-eracK its not
00:17:27Rotkiv SS
00:17:27Zack-eracK just failed top
00:17:37Buttons fml
00:17:37Buttons tabbed
00:17:39Buttons by fucking
00:17:41Buttons spotify
00:18:00Zack-eracK and no wards btw
00:18:30Zack-eracK 3 mid
00:19:02Zack-eracK ss mdi
00:19:19Rotkiv TOWER
00:19:21Zack-eracK dk buy new curier
00:19:28Tough andy why?
00:19:34Zack-eracK cuz u kill him?
00:19:37yeW- i did
00:19:57Zack-eracK FF
00:20:00yeW- rofled
00:20:06free.willy so
00:20:09free.willy .
00:20:10free.willy a
00:20:16Zack-eracK go ff
00:20:17Zack-eracK pls
00:20:19Rotkiv JEP
00:20:23Zack-eracK its just wasting
00:20:25Zack-eracK of time
00:21:08Zack-eracK COMON PUSH IT
00:21:20Rotkiv LETS GO B
00:21:32Zack-eracK stunM??
00:21:35Rotkiv B
00:21:36Zack-eracK one time?
00:21:37yeW- yeh n then?
00:21:40yeW- suicide once again?
00:21:42Mercury b
00:21:43Rotkiv MID TOWER JEP
00:21:44Bad3vil nlo
00:21:49Bad3vil last time we didnt
00:21:53Bad3vil but now good b
00:21:59Zack-eracK i sad this page suck
00:22:03Zack-eracK too much unbalanced
00:22:26Zack-eracK nc
00:22:29yeW- stop talkin bout unbalance lol
00:22:39yeW- u lastpicked trax
00:22:42Zack-eracK not
00:22:44Zack-eracK i wasnt last
00:22:45Zack-eracK pick
00:22:46Zack-eracK so su
00:22:49yeW- ye same time
00:22:51yeW- whatever
00:22:58Zack-eracK ffs
00:23:10Zack-eracK ok
00:23:14Zack-eracK play
00:23:20Zack-eracK whitout me
00:23:29Zack-eracK finish pls
00:23:32Zack-eracK srsly
00:23:35Bad3vil ..
00:23:38yeW- shup trax
00:23:39yeW- zzz
00:23:49Rotkiv MANA?
00:23:51Bad3vil geo why midas in that kind of game ?
00:23:54Zack-eracK its 20/3
00:24:00Zack-eracK cuz he proi
00:24:13Bad3vil u suck ahrd trax
00:24:14Bad3vil plz
00:24:20Zack-eracK lol
00:24:27DayDream got dagger
00:24:28Zack-eracK save 3x and i suck
00:24:29Zack-eracK kl
00:24:30Rotkiv GOOD
00:24:36Zack-eracK leave me aloine
00:24:38Mercury allmost agha...
00:24:42Zack-eracK cant ruin your game
00:25:28DayDream omw bot
00:25:30Zack-eracK ?
00:25:41Zack-eracK heh
00:26:08Tough nice try
00:26:10Tough and thx
00:26:40DayDream ty saved my ass
00:26:45ReV0 ^^
00:26:55ReV0 force staff <3
00:27:02Zack-eracK sry i suck
00:27:06Tough okay lets end it
00:27:13Tough all mid
00:27:15Zack-eracK :D
00:27:20yeW- ^'
00:27:21yeW- ^^
00:27:22Mercury all 5
00:27:24Zack-eracK we can only and your life
00:27:26Zack-eracK end
00:27:40Mercury go bot
00:27:42Zack-eracK wardet
00:27:43Zack-eracK btw
00:27:58Zack-eracK dk
00:27:59Bad3vil tp now
00:27:59Zack-eracK death
00:28:06Bad3vil ^^
00:28:06Zack-eracK :DDD
00:28:10Zack-eracK nooob
00:28:18Rotkiv SRY
00:28:26Tough cookie?
00:28:51Zack-eracK :D
00:29:00yeW- I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:29:01yeW- !
00:29:01Zack-eracK end it pls
00:29:11Tough just wait till i get my big heal ring
00:29:16Zack-eracK how i can ff this boring game?
00:29:24yeW- altqq
00:29:26yeW- should work
00:29:33Zack-eracK mb in your pc
00:30:27Zack-eracK mb hit the same guy
00:30:39free.willy so gg
00:30:49Zack-eracK repel
00:31:07ReV0 dk loses 1v1 against lina
00:31:09ReV0 ahahahaha
00:31:09ReV0 <3
00:31:24free.willy pls say without ulti!
00:31:24Zack-eracK dk is too much imba player
00:31:29yeW- go ff lads
00:31:32Zack-eracK did
00:31:37Zack-eracK but dont know how?
00:31:42Bad3vil ^^
00:32:16Bad3vil ^^
00:32:19Bad3vil gg
00:32:22ReV0 gg
00:32:22ReV0 wp
00:32:28Zack-eracK not rly gg
00:32:37Bad3vil they playedwe ll
00:33:39Bad3vil bäääm
00:34:18Zack-eracK mini stuns
00:34:24Zack-eracK fuckl
00:34:25Zack-eracK r?ly
00:34:26yeW- DOMINATING
00:34:29free.willy oh lol!
00:34:32free.willy I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:34:33Zack-eracK oh lol wat
00:34:50Tough radi recipe?
00:34:53yeW- lolol
00:34:56Buttons on chick
00:35:06Zack-eracK all the time died cuz help some1
00:35:12yeW- yeye
00:35:13yeW- u poor thing
00:35:41Zack-eracK wish i never play whit dk and alche
00:35:46yeW- haha
00:35:48yeW- ur the lowest of all
00:35:49yeW- mate
00:35:52yeW- the lowest.
00:36:28Zack-eracK your mom was low in my bad li
00:36:33yeW- yya
00:36:36yeW- try bed
00:36:39yeW- u russian fag
00:36:43Zack-eracK LDDD
00:36:43Bad3vil ^^
00:36:47Zack-eracK :D
00:36:55Zack-eracK sry
00:37:00Zack-eracK cant write that fast
00:37:01ReV0 gg
00:37:02Tough xD
00:37:09yeW- dont be sorry for u lack of knowledge
00:37:10yeW- -clear
00:37:11Rotkiv WP TEAM
00:37:12yeW- ur*
00:37:18Zack-eracK cuz she still blowjobing me
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