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Chat log

00:00:19mansikka anyone roof
00:00:19mansikka ?
00:00:19Kr1st1jaN trent ban or pick
00:00:19mansikka ??
00:00:19mansikka rooooooof??
00:00:19holostoi ban
00:00:19Sepetos u 3 lastpicks go trilane
00:00:19mansikka roof
00:00:19Sepetos so pick like that
00:00:19inks ok
00:00:19mansikka anyone tide?
00:00:19inks where trilane, down?
00:00:19inks bot
00:00:19Sepetos -naix
00:00:27Sepetos u go trilane top
00:00:30Pojetz sepo will take budge
00:00:32Kr1st1jaN i can wd
00:00:34inks ok
00:00:36Kanki get as much disable as u can
00:00:36Kr1st1jaN some1 take cm
00:00:41Ollebolle -ii
00:00:41inks cm?
00:00:42mansikka cool
00:00:46Kr1st1jaN y
00:00:48Kr1st1jaN maiden
00:00:49inks ok
00:00:51Sepetos take wd
00:00:53Sepetos heal to trilane
00:00:54Sepetos imba
00:00:59Sepetos wd cm if possible
00:01:32zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:01:40inks ill take cm if possible?
00:01:42zonskass \lvvi
00:01:43Kanki y
00:01:45inks k
00:01:49zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:01:50inks and courier too, right.
00:01:51Kanki then u have imba lane also
00:01:52zonskass /w DotaKeys: You control Shliapanosis [g,c,v,s]
00:02:03Kanki rhasta
00:02:04Kanki ur top
00:02:04zonskass gg
00:02:08zonskass we lost
00:02:08Sepetos TRILANE TOP
00:02:10mansikka we won
00:02:16zonskass they have better
00:02:20holostoi oh sry
00:02:20inks what early game items for cm?
00:02:21Sepetos 1shackle
00:02:23Sepetos then max nuke
00:02:28holostoi forgot chik
00:02:31Sepetos u guys could try go support to max
00:02:32Ollebolle i pick hex lvl 2
00:02:33holostoi i buy it
00:02:33mansikka K
00:02:34Pojetz ollebolle is noob
00:02:37Sepetos no dont
00:02:39Sepetos take one shackle
00:02:42Sepetos then max lghtning
00:02:45zonskass inks noob mega
00:02:47Ollebolle i got one shackle
00:02:51zonskass farmk on it
00:02:53Sepetos then max nuke
00:02:54Pojetz pl last??
00:02:56Pojetz wtf
00:02:59Ollebolle i go shackle hex nuke nuke nuke nuke
00:03:00mansikka why not
00:03:01Ollebolle u get that?
00:03:01Ollebolle :o
00:03:02holostoi i buy
00:03:11Fxx. another reported last player
00:03:15Fxx. for no chick
00:03:21inks lol
00:03:23mansikka hell buuy it
00:03:27inks :S
00:03:48Kr1st1jaN gj
00:03:50inks gj
00:03:57Kr1st1jaN i go set wards on neutrals
00:04:18Sepetos SHARE
00:04:21zonskass omg tyhat bitx
00:04:24zonskass from here
00:04:39Sepetos -st
00:04:40holostoi tide use chik
00:04:46holostoi ty
00:04:54Sepetos -st
00:04:57Kr1st1jaN ss tide
00:05:01Sepetos how its 0 lfes
00:05:07Kr1st1jaN re
00:05:31zonskass has metor?
00:05:37Fxx. no
00:05:56Sepetos -st
00:06:00Sepetos WTF!!!
00:06:11mansikka whaat
00:06:15Sepetos 0fleshheap
00:06:16mansikka miss mid care top
00:06:22Sepetos 1kill one assist
00:06:32mansikka u havent skilled it
00:06:44Fxx. nice miss
00:06:50mansikka i said
00:06:52Sepetos -st
00:06:53mansikka miss mid care to
00:06:53mansikka p
00:06:54Fxx. where ?:
00:06:57mansikka f12
00:07:12zonskass have meteor?
00:07:16Fxx. again
00:07:17Fxx. NO
00:07:19inks what should i buy for cm
00:07:21Sepetos hp
00:07:24mansikka re mid
00:07:26Sepetos forcestaff
00:07:47inks ok
00:07:49mansikka miss mid care bot
00:08:04zonskass get fucking meteor .we could kill tjhem esy
00:08:05Kr1st1jaN go on invo
00:08:23inks omkfg.
00:08:35Kr1st1jaN fuck this
00:08:45Kr1st1jaN wind miss ?
00:08:49Sepetos yes
00:08:52Kr1st1jaN rly ?
00:08:52Sepetos was bot
00:08:59Pojetz gang bot
00:09:04mansikka mid still mis
00:09:08Kr1st1jaN 3 of us died
00:09:18Kr1st1jaN and kill 0 of them :((
00:09:20Pojetz wtf
00:09:22Pojetz _________
00:09:25Pojetz _______s-ds_dsaD_as'f
00:09:44zonskass have meteor?
00:09:47Sepetos -st
00:09:48Fxx. again
00:09:49Fxx. NO
00:09:52zonskass get it
00:09:56Fxx. NO
00:09:57zonskass i have ulti
00:10:22zonskass come from mid
00:10:33Pojetz ss
00:10:40Pojetz re
00:11:22zonskass nhey noob, your sunstrike sucs in this situation
00:11:40inks :S
00:11:40Fxx. im noob
00:11:42Fxx. stop spam me
00:11:55zonskass kill
00:11:55Pojetz y
00:12:01Kr1st1jaN take
00:12:25Kr1st1jaN ss 2 top
00:12:38Kr1st1jaN re
00:12:46inks gank top mb
00:13:59Kr1st1jaN u steel every time ..
00:14:10inks ss 1 bot
00:14:13inks ss
00:14:55Pojetz sukaa
00:15:04Ollebolle can i get salve
00:15:05Ollebolle cm
00:15:16Ollebolle ty
00:15:18Ollebolle alot
00:15:18inks npü
00:15:19inks np
00:15:24inks was gonna sell it :D
00:15:40Pojetz tp top
00:15:54inks b
00:16:13inks care
00:16:35Kr1st1jaN god ..,.
00:16:58Kr1st1jaN pudge .,,
00:17:12inks gj!!
00:17:16zonskass y noob
00:17:17inks that was nice
00:17:22inks for me it was superb
00:17:24inks im a fucking noob
00:17:24inks lol
00:18:10zonskass v
00:18:11zonskass b
00:18:16Kanki b
00:19:12Sepetos WTf cm
00:19:13Sepetos blast ts?
00:19:17inks sorry!!!
00:19:18Sepetos and u could have run
00:19:28inks sry.
00:19:29Kr1st1jaN FUCK
00:19:30inks my bad
00:19:48mansikka viper haste
00:19:50mansikka coming top
00:19:52mansikka b
00:20:25Sepetos -st
00:21:26Fxx. :-)
00:21:37inks fucking shadow wards. :D:
00:21:41Kr1st1jaN y
00:21:41Ollebolle IDD
00:21:42Ollebolle LOL
00:21:43Ollebolle :(
00:21:47Ollebolle my bad
00:21:50inks yea
00:21:53inks shitty place to put them :D
00:21:57zonskass invoker. press alt+F4
00:21:59Ollebolle agree
00:22:04inks but nop
00:22:07inks youre good
00:22:23Ollebolle ty u2
00:22:31Kr1st1jaN get wards pls
00:23:02Pojetz :D:D:D
00:23:06Sepetos is that fuckin possible
00:23:16Sepetos why u run to my hook
00:23:37Fxx. i report u
00:23:39Ollebolle Cuz i wanted to shackle him
00:23:40Fxx. if u steal
00:23:44zonskass suck my balls
00:23:50Sepetos midtower
00:23:56Fxx. small balls ?
00:24:00zonskass y
00:24:03zonskass but suck
00:24:17mansikka :D
00:24:17Pojetz :)
00:24:18mansikka phew
00:25:03Fxx. enjoy free win
00:25:07Fxx. my team dont wanna win
00:25:12mansikka my team
00:25:13Fxx. my team dont wanna play together
00:25:15inks i think we've earned it.
00:25:16mansikka my
00:25:19zonskass how we can win with you :D
00:25:32Kr1st1jaN my team dont care
00:25:33Sepetos botall
00:25:48Sepetos take
00:25:50Sepetos rege
00:25:57Kr1st1jaN ty
00:26:02Sepetos push bot
00:26:05Fxx. pl
00:26:07Sepetos push
00:26:14Fxx. how long u wanna farm 1. ussles item ?
00:26:24Pojetz :D
00:26:42zonskass kill
00:27:05inks that was kinad stupid.
00:27:07inks kinda*
00:27:09Kr1st1jaN y
00:27:19Kr1st1jaN becose we wasnt all there
00:27:22inks youre alone with him
00:27:23Kr1st1jaN like we should be
00:27:24inks pudge
00:27:27inks gj
00:27:28zonskass epic suinstrike
00:29:14Sepetos smoke
00:29:42zonskass deff
00:30:01Kanki buy gem to base if u have money
00:30:17holostoi we cant def couse no meteor
00:30:22inks ill def mid
00:30:25Kr1st1jaN k
00:30:37Ollebolle care
00:30:39Ollebolle teal and blue
00:31:30Kr1st1jaN ???
00:31:39Sepetos got gem
00:31:48Pojetz buy items wind
00:31:53mansikka no
00:31:55inks wheres the courier
00:32:06Kanki all come bot
00:32:16zonskass viper first try
00:32:24zonskass but not pusdge
00:32:25Kr1st1jaN illu
00:32:26Pojetz b
00:32:26Pojetz b
00:32:27Pojetz b
00:32:27Pojetz b
00:32:27Pojetz b
00:32:27Pojetz b
00:32:28Pojetz b
00:32:28Pojetz b
00:32:51Sepetos go mid
00:33:21Fxx. no wards , no win
00:33:21zonskass fuck
00:33:28zonskass no brain no win
00:33:36Fxx. said 2:15 player
00:33:46Kr1st1jaN nice man rly
00:33:54inks sepetos you're good. damn good.
00:34:04Fxx. rly balanced game
00:34:05Fxx. ...
00:34:08Fxx. sooo sick team
00:34:10inks i bet you know it. :D
00:34:11holostoi bitch invoker
00:34:14inks dont whine
00:34:14holostoi su
00:34:14Sepetos wp all
00:34:18inks thanks :)
00:34:23holostoi if u skill meteor they cant push
00:34:27mansikka why u whine always when u lose
00:34:33inks it was a nice game
00:34:34holostoi u 1shot wd and rhasta with meteor
00:34:38Sepetos bot
00:34:42zonskass sunstrike won this game... :D
00:34:44holostoi but u retard
00:34:44Fxx. cause i allways lose cause extreme unbalanced team and low team
00:34:47Pojetz rosh
00:35:03mansikka get used to it
00:35:17Kanki gimme hp
00:35:19Sepetos come bot wtf?
00:35:20Sepetos gus?
00:35:27Fxx. and how is possible
00:35:29inks omw
00:35:31Fxx. have got 0:9 wind ?
00:35:35inks brt
00:35:36mansikka lool
00:35:38mansikka easily
00:35:41Ollebolle i push top
00:35:50Pojetz dont go
00:35:58Fxx. 0:10
00:36:01mansikka yy
00:37:01inks oh fuck.
00:37:05inks got a bit arrogant there.
00:37:10inks sry.
00:37:53holostoi b
00:37:53Fxx. end this booring game plese
00:37:55Kr1st1jaN heal me pls
00:37:56Pojetz stay in base
00:37:59mansikka whyu
00:38:29holostoi hook
00:38:33mansikka orly
00:38:34Sepetos come bot
00:38:35Sepetos all now
00:38:38inks yeah
00:38:41Kanki wd needs rege
00:39:33Kanki wd
00:39:36Kanki go rege ffs
00:39:41Kanki idiot
00:39:43Kr1st1jaN zz
00:39:46holostoi useless invoker
00:39:51Fxx. y
00:39:53Fxx. my bad pick
00:39:56Fxx. 2. time invoker
00:39:57Fxx. ever
00:40:01Fxx. but im still better
00:40:03Fxx. to my tema
00:40:11inks omg ty
00:40:13Fxx. invoker is not hero for me
00:40:17inks you saved my life twice :D:D:D
00:40:21Fxx. 2. time play this hero
00:40:41holostoi u should just skill emp meteror and defeating blust
00:40:58mansikka emp tornado ftw
00:41:05Sepetos top all
00:41:05Pojetz we can still win this game
00:41:06Sepetos now
00:41:07inks y
00:41:11Ollebolle i def top
00:41:11holostoi no
00:41:12Ollebolle bot
00:41:12Ollebolle *
00:41:14Ollebolle and i go top
00:41:16Sepetos then come top
00:41:18holostoi we cant kill pusdge1
00:41:20inks btw i have shitloads of heal
00:41:24inks if u need it , tell me
00:41:25Pojetz ?
00:41:26zonskass kill him last
00:41:28inks if i cant see for myself
00:41:38Pojetz blademale ang csjo
00:41:42holostoi just def at base
00:41:48Sepetos rhastaa
00:41:49Sepetos come
00:41:52holostoi b
00:41:57Pojetz play team
00:42:03Fxx. :-)
00:42:07Fxx. nice hook :-)
00:42:08Pojetz base
00:42:25Pojetz care hook
00:42:27Kanki RHASTA
00:42:37Sepetos RHASTA WHATS UP!?!?!?
00:42:43Ollebolle i need
00:42:44Ollebolle my shivas
00:42:46Ollebolle then i come
00:42:50inks COME NOW
00:42:53inks please
00:42:53Sepetos fucku
00:42:59holostoi emp torando here plz
00:43:02Pojetz no invo
00:43:10Ollebolle shivas is on bird
00:43:11Ollebolle relax
00:43:44Fxx. s1 def throne
00:44:11inks :D
00:44:21Kr1st1jaN gj
00:44:23inks ok.
00:44:23inks :D
00:44:26Fxx. s1 said at start cm and rhasta is totaly noobs
00:44:26Kanki heal
00:44:28inks that was badass.
00:44:33Sepetos gg won without rhasta
00:44:36Fxx. anywy , rhasta and pudge win this game
00:44:43zonskass we could easy pwn top
00:44:43Sepetos rhasta wasnt even fighting
00:44:46Sepetos he farmed shivas
00:44:53inks well played guys!
00:44:55Ollebolle Pudge wants all the credit
00:45:01Fxx. 0:13
00:45:03inks and he should have it
00:45:06Ollebolle First game on this
00:45:08inks he's the best player on our team
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