Game #2913935

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-16 X
+2 TS

87% | 1564 X | 1391 TS

+7 X
+2 TS

86% | 1437 X | 1505 TS

+51 X
+2 TS

78% | 1330 X | 1491 TS

+30 X
+4 TS

62% | 1279 X | 1356 TS

-11 X
+2 TS

55% | 1174 X | 1373 TS

-38 X
-2 TS

90% | 1534 X | 1500 TS

+3 X
-8 TS

79% | 1372 X | 1455 TS

-32 X
-2 TS

74% | 1371 X | 1404 TS

+3 X
-2 TS

66% | 1344 X | 1319 TS

+11 X
-1 TS

59% | 1232 X | 1370 TS

Chat log

00:00:02Laier -ap
00:00:21zebbelito axe u wanna wood?
00:00:25A-tzangol y
00:00:28zebbelito go their woods?
00:00:30Euforia i solo top?
00:00:30mrk ogre
00:00:44Smokeer orge mid is joke
00:00:44zebbelito and gang mid?
00:00:45zebbelito etc
00:00:47mrk meet
00:00:48Smokeer \freelose np
00:00:50mrk if somone wards
00:00:57Euforia me?
00:01:05Euforia axe?
00:01:06BoNeshaw why :)
00:01:09BoNeshaw cna gank
00:01:11zebbelito axe is their woods
00:01:25Euforia ok
00:01:25Strom wait
00:01:27Strom what lanes?
00:01:27mrk axe mid
00:01:28Euforia imba lanes
00:01:28Strom me mid?
00:01:28Euforia :D
00:01:30A-tzangol get fb
00:01:35zebbelito u mid
00:01:36zebbelito y
00:01:37zebbelito strom
00:01:38Laier ogre top jos axe mid
00:01:39Laier ?
00:01:45Zemirk go?
00:01:49Dota.m i bait
00:01:56A-tzangol they saw us
00:02:00Zemirk eisit :D
00:02:06A-tzangol me
00:02:08A-tzangol ...
00:02:09zebbelito avernus mid
00:02:09Laier ai et mee
00:02:10Laier homo
00:02:15Strom nice going there dota.m :D
00:02:23BoNeshaw ¨no emt mitä väliä
00:02:27BoNeshaw axe vie senki
00:02:31Laier oisin farmannu radi
00:02:58mrk ss
00:03:00mrk axe our?
00:03:03mrk woods
00:03:15Smokeer aba u can buy wards
00:03:17Smokeer antipull
00:03:20Laier you wish
00:03:24Smokeer chick
00:03:24Smokeer ofc
00:03:26Smokeer bonus
00:03:27Smokeer and
00:03:28Smokeer fly
00:03:28Smokeer xD
00:03:34mrk axe is our woods
00:03:44BoNeshaw k
00:03:56Dota.m baah
00:03:57zebbelito why
00:03:59zebbelito u feed
00:04:02Dota.m lol
00:04:41mrk ffs
00:04:41Strom ogre goes top rune
00:04:42mrk so lucky
00:04:44Zemirk oom
00:05:00Strom CARE TOP AND WOODS
00:05:02Strom ogre mis
00:05:04A-tzangol care tc
00:05:29Laier puck wake up
00:05:38Smokeer got problem?
00:05:40Smokeer i ahvent silence
00:05:45BoNeshaw why not
00:05:50A-tzangol tc stun cm,
00:05:55A-tzangol sec
00:05:57Dota.m y
00:06:03Dota.m cm miss
00:06:05Dota.m re
00:06:30Dota.m -.-
00:06:36BoNeshaw miss
00:06:37A-tzangol why DO U GO??
00:06:39Dota.m just go farm
00:06:40A-tzangol FFS
00:06:44mrk i get urn
00:06:44A-tzangol WHY DO U GO?
00:06:46Zemirk kk
00:06:49Dota.m stfu
00:06:53Dota.m just go farm
00:07:09mrk need ward bot
00:07:09mrk ogre
00:07:18Strom mis mid
00:07:19Strom care ogre
00:07:20Euforia gj
00:07:41Euforia hi
00:07:49Euforia hit
00:07:50Euforia nub
00:07:52mrk ss2
00:07:53Zemirk ss
00:07:57Laier this puck is joke
00:07:58Euforia >:(
00:08:02zebbelito he had bottle
00:08:24Euforia )
00:08:27Laier bone
00:08:29Laier rapee bot lanee vaa
00:08:32Dota.m ss
00:08:37A-tzangol ....
00:09:07BoNeshaw let me bottle
00:09:07BoNeshaw it
00:09:08Strom damn it, I said ban ns :(
00:09:10mrk gime
00:09:10Strom I hate that hero
00:09:14A-tzangol care top
00:09:14A-tzangol ursa
00:09:17BoNeshaw drink and give
00:09:17Strom ns goes top
00:09:19Strom care top
00:09:36zebbelito 5 top
00:09:56mrk come
00:09:58mrk guys
00:09:58Euforia :/
00:10:00Strom jesus how many
00:10:02mrk 4v1
00:10:03Euforia all
00:10:04Euforia :D
00:10:35A-tzangol courier plz
00:10:35BoNeshaw cm take obs
00:10:39Zemirk ty
00:10:41zebbelito why dead?
00:10:51BoNeshaw b8ut let me rune
00:10:56Euforia because 5 man gang
00:10:57Laier puck go gang?
00:10:58zebbelito why no wards
00:11:04Smokeer are u kididng
00:11:10Laier farmer puck? :DD
00:11:14BoNeshaw he ened 6
00:11:17Smokeer y 6
00:11:22BoNeshaw miss
00:11:57Euforia use
00:12:03Strom they got wards in bot rune spot
00:12:21mrk god im so bad
00:12:22mrk sorry
00:12:34Dota.m ¨omfg
00:12:38BoNeshaw zemirk obs
00:12:38Smokeer cm
00:12:39BoNeshaw buy
00:12:42Dota.m 2 v me
00:12:48Strom they got wards at bot rune
00:12:48Strom axe
00:12:49Strom b
00:13:01mrk omwww
00:13:02Laier gang top
00:13:23Strom christ
00:13:28A-tzangol ogre woods
00:13:29A-tzangol care
00:13:33A-tzangol b
00:13:42Dota.m care top
00:13:44Dota.m cm inc
00:13:48Laier gj
00:13:54Euforia looked like ns
00:13:55Euforia to me
00:13:59zebbelito bg
00:14:00zebbelito they own
00:14:01zebbelito us
00:14:15Strom well that ns is fucking insane vs our heroes
00:14:16Euforia so far yes
00:14:19Strom who did you ban? thrall?
00:14:25zebbelito dno
00:14:30A-tzangol htrall
00:14:31A-tzangol ..
00:14:31Euforia ns pwns because no obs
00:14:40zebbelito we have like 7 supports
00:14:42zebbelito none wards
00:14:44Strom well should've listened to my ns suggestion .. I can't play vs that very well
00:14:45zebbelito allfarm
00:14:46zebbelito caryr
00:14:57Euforia its ok
00:14:59Strom don't lie
00:15:05Strom I've been only ganging & putting wards
00:15:09Strom + I had to re-buy chicken
00:15:11Strom someone lost it
00:15:12Euforia kill
00:15:12Euforia dem
00:15:19Smokeer abba go
00:15:19Smokeer LOL
00:16:15Dota.m b
00:16:34Laier b
00:16:35Laier b
00:16:37Laier ei o maanaa
00:16:46Zemirk kk
00:17:18Euforia >_<
00:17:19Euforia why
00:17:20Euforia u
00:17:20Laier tower
00:17:21Euforia zzzz
00:17:35Euforia mana
00:17:36Euforia giev
00:17:47Laier mid tower mby?
00:17:53Euforia all
00:17:58Euforia def mid
00:17:59Euforia goes
00:18:03Laier any1 want radi or shall i?
00:18:04Strom can't yet
00:18:07Strom they camping our woods
00:18:09mrk feel free
00:18:12Smokeer aba u need mjonir
00:18:18zebbelito ns
00:18:18Euforia go
00:18:37Smokeer ok
00:18:49Dota.m nice rubick
00:18:55zebbelito löol
00:19:00Dota.m u first use telekinesis after im dead
00:19:05Zemirk noooo!
00:19:24mrk zzzzzzz
00:19:26Euforia fukken saved
00:19:32Strom dota.m, first?
00:19:35Strom how about, no?
00:19:50Strom I had made several rounds worth of spells
00:19:54Strom by the time you made it to the battle
00:19:57Euforia y dont blame strom
00:20:06Euforia stun
00:20:07Euforia i come
00:20:08mrk oh i had no item
00:20:20Smokeer f
00:20:20Smokeer sd
00:20:21Smokeer f
00:20:21Smokeer fsd
00:20:39Laier 'lol
00:21:19mrk night soon
00:21:25Smokeer we ahve pushn
00:21:28Dota.m i got ulti in 15
00:21:28Smokeer late we iwll lose
00:21:32Dota.m b
00:21:58Strom we need moar people to tp
00:22:00Euforia i fail
00:22:12Dota.m why u also go when i don't have ulti
00:22:13A-tzangol get btm'
00:22:14Smokeer push
00:22:15Dota.m so dumb
00:22:44Laier mid tower
00:22:50zebbelito useless
00:22:55mrk agha
00:22:58mrk and roam
00:22:58BoNeshaw gj
00:22:59mrk ogre
00:23:07Euforia omw
00:23:21Dota.m axe
00:23:27Dota.m next time don't use when i got ulti
00:23:29A-tzangol y
00:23:30A-tzangol my bad
00:23:34Dota.m :d
00:23:44BoNeshaw they rosh
00:23:47BoNeshaw scout with agha
00:23:48zebbelito take the wards
00:23:49Dota.m because i waste my ulti then
00:23:51zebbelito that ursa bought
00:23:51A-tzangol yep
00:23:52Smokeer i scout
00:23:52Euforia 21min no items
00:23:53Euforia zzz
00:24:00zebbelito whit 4 support on team
00:24:07Strom dude
00:24:10Strom stop spreading lies
00:24:14Laier topwer
00:24:14Laier mid
00:24:15Strom I've bought the most wards in this game
00:24:21Euforia def
00:24:23zebbelito i said i bought those
00:24:31Zemirk -ms
00:24:47A-tzangol go ulti tc
00:24:52zebbelito alone
00:24:58zebbelito in my own base
00:25:26mrk kill
00:26:03Dota.m ok now
00:26:12Dota.m w8 to go
00:26:12Euforia bbb
00:26:13Dota.m before
00:26:16Dota.m i got ulti
00:26:26Dota.m i can't do anything without
00:26:27Euforia def
00:27:16BoNeshaw mouse stuck ffs
00:27:27BoNeshaw sorry
00:27:33A-tzangol abba
00:27:44Smokeer this emp
00:27:47Smokeer focus invoker
00:27:50Laier gj
00:27:59zebbelito ok we are useless
00:28:02zebbelito we have 0 stuns
00:28:04BoNeshaw regen
00:28:12Laier take regen
00:28:13Laier bala
00:28:14Laier bot rune
00:28:23Euforia dont give up man
00:28:25A-tzangol i get dagger
00:28:26Dota.m turtle
00:28:28Dota.m and we win
00:28:28Euforia make basher
00:28:29A-tzangol then we do something
00:28:29Euforia xD
00:28:30Dota.m we got better late
00:28:31Euforia vs ns
00:28:36A-tzangol no
00:28:38Dota.m ursa eat him
00:28:38A-tzangol what basher
00:28:39A-tzangol lol
00:28:47Euforia care
00:28:48Euforia !!!
00:28:52Zemirk :P
00:29:10Euforia obsed
00:29:11Euforia for sure
00:29:15zebbelito how could we pick 5 useless heroes?
00:29:15Euforia ns turned
00:29:16Euforia to get u
00:29:19zebbelito whit out 1 stun
00:29:21zebbelito thats normal
00:29:25Smokeer pls wards cm
00:29:27Euforia we have tc
00:29:29Euforia and cold snap
00:29:29Euforia xD
00:29:30Strom rubick not useless and I have aoe stun
00:29:30zebbelito not stun
00:29:34Euforia and rubick
00:29:35Euforia aoe
00:29:39zebbelito aoe stucks
00:29:42zebbelito need click stun
00:29:43zebbelito venge sevn
00:29:45zebbelito ogre
00:29:53Dota.m omfg
00:29:58Smokeer ofc
00:30:00Dota.m again
00:30:01Dota.m axe
00:30:02Dota.m u do it
00:30:07A-tzangol nap
00:30:07Dota.m hunger
00:30:08A-tzangol i had it
00:30:10Smokeer we have to push
00:30:14A-tzangol be4 ulti
00:30:22Dota.m i saw but u use it aagainn
00:30:24Dota.m b
00:30:25Zemirk need all then'
00:30:26Dota.m b
00:30:31mrk let abba
00:30:32mrk farm
00:30:34mrk meka radi
00:30:35zebbelito take
00:30:37zebbelito the ward
00:30:46Laier would have it allready but this puck..
00:30:50Euforia bb
00:30:59Smokeer aba with radi
00:31:01Smokeer be smart
00:31:01Euforia GO
00:31:01Euforia B
00:31:15mrk ward
00:31:19A-tzangol b
00:31:19Dota.m b
00:31:20Euforia b
00:31:20Euforia all
00:31:22BoNeshaw can u urn me
00:31:24Euforia fight
00:31:24Euforia in base
00:31:28Dota.m i got ulti
00:31:30Zemirk ward inc
00:31:34Euforia good
00:31:35Dota.m so don't hit after i stomb
00:31:37Dota.m please
00:31:37Zemirk i can smoke
00:31:37Euforia i tornado
00:31:38Zemirk us
00:31:39Euforia after
00:31:39Laier they know your there
00:31:43Dota.m after ulti
00:31:45Euforia yes
00:31:47A-tzangol no
00:31:50A-tzangol not after
00:31:52A-tzangol they are slowd
00:31:54mrk ursa wants rosh
00:31:57A-tzangol tornado
00:31:59A-tzangol then stun
00:31:59A-tzangol tc
00:32:05Laier dont go
00:32:07A-tzangol so he has time to stun well
00:32:08mrk b
00:32:22Euforia u cant do that
00:32:24Euforia because
00:32:25A-tzangol care mid
00:32:25Euforia EMP
00:32:37Laier why you go without me
00:33:06mrk ogre no need to go
00:33:07Laier jesus
00:33:08Zemirk together
00:33:10mrk they are 5 in their base
00:33:11A-tzangol go rosh
00:33:13mrk ofc we get engaged
00:33:17mrk we have whole map to farm
00:33:31mrk fucked:(
00:33:48Laier you just made it harder...
00:33:49Laier :/
00:33:57Euforia push
00:33:58Euforia imo
00:34:13A-tzangol no
00:34:15Euforia i farm 150g
00:34:15A-tzangol turtle
00:34:16Euforia for ahha
00:34:27BoNeshaw heal
00:34:40Euforia 'let me
00:34:41Euforia agha
00:34:48A-tzangol dagger
00:34:49Euforia zzz
00:34:50A-tzangol in 100
00:34:54Euforia agha in 100
00:34:55A-tzangol go b
00:34:55Laier 150
00:34:58Laier gather
00:35:04Smokeer too late
00:35:05Smokeer ^^
00:35:14Dota.m w8 to go next fight before axe has dagger
00:35:20A-tzangol b
00:35:29Laier someone buy smoke
00:35:30mrk just wait
00:35:31mrk night
00:35:33Euforia got agha
00:35:35mrk dont go
00:35:37mrk anywhere far
00:35:38Zemirk there"
00:35:47Dota.m axe buy dagger
00:35:49Euforia care
00:35:49A-tzangol got it
00:35:50Smokeer 300g
00:35:56mrk ok
00:35:58mrk go
00:35:59mrk 4
00:35:59Dota.m try push ?
00:36:02BoNeshaw iursa aegis
00:36:03Euforia y
00:36:03Strom no
00:36:03A-tzangol not yet
00:36:05zebbelito no
00:36:05BoNeshaw if we kill him
00:36:07Smokeer focus invoker
00:36:08Smokeer 1st
00:36:08Laier ogre tuutko
00:36:10BoNeshaw we have to b aftyer he aegis
00:36:11Zemirk focus invo
00:36:12Smokeer we will without worry
00:36:13A-tzangol i am bait
00:36:14A-tzangol top
00:36:15mrk go
00:36:16mrk go
00:36:26A-tzangol ..
00:36:27BoNeshaw we hae no puck
00:36:33zebbelito 200
00:36:34zebbelito go b
00:36:39Strom got pipe
00:36:40Strom go b
00:36:43Dota.m somone radi
00:36:48Euforia ns
00:36:49Euforia radi
00:36:54Dota.m abba
00:36:55Dota.m radi
00:36:59Euforia b
00:36:59Euforia b
00:37:00Euforia b
00:37:00Euforia b
00:37:00Euforia b
00:37:02A-tzangol b
00:37:07zebbelito why u dont b all?
00:37:08A-tzangol FFS
00:37:08zebbelito why u
00:37:09zebbelito fucking
00:37:10Dota.m gg
00:37:10zebbelito aa
00:37:17Laier mana
00:37:18A-tzangol not gg
00:37:18Euforia tc
00:37:18Euforia -.-
00:37:22A-tzangol use meteor
00:37:23A-tzangol to unpush
00:37:25Laier go
00:37:26Euforia no e
00:37:29BoNeshaw i jump
00:37:30A-tzangol ok
00:37:44A-tzangol wait me
00:37:56BoNeshaw b
00:38:01mrk bird?
00:38:02Euforia wait tc
00:38:03mrk who had items
00:38:17Strom I regen
00:38:18Dota.m i have ulti
00:38:22Euforia wait for them
00:38:22Smokeer where chick
00:38:25mrk died
00:38:26mrk in their base
00:38:27Smokeer ...
00:38:27BoNeshaw wtf u did with hawk
00:38:29Laier et oo tosissas?
00:38:32Zemirk ??
00:38:41Euforia dont give entrys like that
00:38:41Laier whos that
00:38:42Euforia tc
00:38:44Euforia we lost aegis
00:38:45Dota.m lol
00:38:45Smokeer me
00:38:52Strom axe got stuck
00:38:53Zemirk motä meni?
00:38:53Laier go again
00:38:55Strom tc went to help
00:38:56zebbelito why u stay when axe die
00:38:57Euforia leave him
00:38:58Zemirk smoke
00:39:03Euforia tc stuns here
00:39:03Dota.m i tryed to save
00:39:06A-tzangol y
00:39:07A-tzangol dont
00:39:07Zemirk smoke
00:39:08Dota.m and bala was lucky
00:39:09A-tzangol thats what we say
00:39:14zebbelito -ma
00:39:18zebbelito focus minions
00:39:19zebbelito pick cm
00:39:21zebbelito puck
00:39:22Euforia they try push
00:39:23A-tzangol smoke
00:39:23Euforia imo
00:39:23A-tzangol care
00:39:25Dota.m but lets stop flame and get nice game
00:39:28Strom "minions" :D
00:39:29A-tzangol smoke
00:39:30Smokeer radi off
00:39:30A-tzangol care
00:39:37A-tzangol focus low targets first
00:39:38Euforia no ones flaming
00:39:38Euforia lol
00:39:43Laier they will turtle
00:39:54Laier go mid
00:39:56Euforia dont go
00:39:57zebbelito no
00:40:05Euforia tc start
00:40:05Smokeer care
00:40:07BoNeshaw dunno if wre strong enough for 5v5 push
00:40:08BoNeshaw imo not
00:40:18mrk need abba infront
00:40:20Zemirk wait em
00:40:21Zemirk dont go
00:40:21mrk kill invo rubi
00:40:45mrk need new bird
00:40:50A-tzangol i go
00:40:59mrk why not go
00:41:00mrk puck
00:41:03mrk ffs
00:41:36mrk puck u had
00:41:37mrk perfect
00:41:37mrk ulti
00:41:39mrk with that orb
00:41:45Laier hes too scared
00:41:46Zemirk -.-
00:41:52Smokeer nah
00:41:52zebbelito i need bkb
00:41:54zebbelito badly
00:41:56Strom this starting to go more our way
00:42:01mrk me abba was right there
00:42:02mrk ogre has blink
00:42:04BoNeshaw i was trying to say we shouldnt push 5v5
00:42:04mrk easy win
00:42:04zebbelito take mid tower and b
00:42:07Smokeer no
00:42:09mrk well we had the chance
00:42:13BoNeshaw u need bkb
00:42:17mrk y
00:42:17Laier bone ei siin oo mitää vikaa jos tää puck heittäis setit enne tc:t
00:42:31BoNeshaw tc invo combo rapes us
00:42:42zebbelito pls focus puck cm
00:42:44mrk need new wards
00:42:45Euforia when does rosh spawn
00:42:46mrk get back map
00:42:47Euforia we can push with aegis
00:42:48zebbelito they anoy
00:42:48mrk go roam
00:42:49mrk i come
00:42:53A-tzangol y
00:42:54Euforia i can focus
00:42:55Euforia cm
00:43:08Strom I kill whoever is in range
00:43:11Zemirk 1 def
00:43:12A-tzangol lol
00:43:13Laier rosh up?
00:43:16mrk no
00:43:17Euforia just saying
00:43:17A-tzangol rambo
00:43:18Strom can't really go far into battle
00:43:19Euforia cm is easy
00:43:20Euforia for me
00:43:22Strom I have 1080hp
00:43:30A-tzangol go
00:43:31Dota.m b
00:43:31Dota.m b
00:43:34A-tzangol go
00:43:38zebbelito ffs`????????????????
00:43:41zebbelito I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:43:42Dota.m b
00:43:48Strom just turtle now
00:43:51Strom we can still recover
00:43:53Dota.m ¨def turtle
00:43:53Strom lanes are far
00:43:54A-tzangol rosh
00:43:54Euforia no reason
00:43:54A-tzangol b
00:43:55Strom don't die
00:43:56Euforia to fight there
00:44:07Euforia B ALL
00:44:08BoNeshaw rosh alive
00:44:10BoNeshaw get it
00:44:11Strom fuck rosh, come base
00:44:15Laier they got ward there
00:44:22Strom we wait for zebbe
00:44:24Strom nice and easy
00:44:24Dota.m they go rosh i think
00:44:26A-tzangol i start battle
00:44:27A-tzangol ok?
00:44:28BoNeshaw we see em
00:44:29Strom WE WAIT ZEBBE
00:44:29BoNeshaw if they come
00:44:31Strom DO NOT GO
00:44:32A-tzangol go rosh
00:44:34A-tzangol we won
00:44:35A-tzangol own
00:44:35BoNeshaw b
00:44:37BoNeshaw go fight
00:44:37A-tzangol with tc
00:44:38Dota.m ofc go
00:44:42Laier tc set
00:44:44Laier b
00:44:46zebbelito he see u
00:44:47zebbelito atm
00:44:48zebbelito die
00:44:49zebbelito now
00:44:50zebbelito nice
00:45:06Strom FUCKING MORONS
00:45:07zebbelito they see U
00:45:08Laier mid
00:45:08Euforia :D:DD:
00:45:09Euforia WE GO
00:45:10Euforia :DDD
00:45:11zebbelito dota.m
00:45:11Euforia ahhah
00:45:13BoNeshaw nice bait
00:45:22Dota.m we got a pussy axe
00:45:24Dota.m u just look
00:45:25Euforia no
00:45:26Euforia we said
00:45:34zebbelito ff AXE
00:45:35zebbelito DONT JUMOP
00:45:41zebbelito UNTILL I 300 hp
00:45:44Zemirk OMW GET TWR
00:45:45Laier tower
00:45:48zebbelito why u dont jump those 2
00:45:51zebbelito when i have ulti on
00:45:52zebbelito and shit
00:45:54zebbelito fucking joke
00:45:55Laier tower
00:45:55Laier bala
00:45:58zebbelito u and dota.m
00:46:03Euforia stun
00:46:04Euforia tc
00:46:08Zemirk omw
00:46:11Euforia ohh nice
00:46:14Euforia my mail arrived
00:46:34A-tzangol b
00:46:36A-tzangol b
00:46:45A-tzangol ...
00:46:48A-tzangol b
00:46:57A-tzangol u wull died
00:47:06zebbelito ¨u all
00:47:07zebbelito ok
00:47:11A-tzangol b
00:47:13Zemirk gj
00:47:14zebbelito I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:47:14Dota.m wtf strom ?
00:47:14zebbelito I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:47:15zebbelito I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:47:16zebbelito I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:47:17Euforia jesus
00:47:18Euforia we lost
00:47:19Euforia :P
00:47:22zebbelito wierd?
00:47:25Strom if we loose, it's because this axe & tc are morons
00:47:27zebbelito we didnt pick 1 stun
00:47:29Laier top after
00:47:30Euforia dota.m gave a bad entry
00:47:32Euforia "go rosh"
00:47:32Strom I fucking yelled in caps that we wait for zebbe
00:47:32Smokeer y
00:47:33Euforia :/
00:47:34Strom and stillt hey go
00:47:34Laier and well played
00:47:38Euforia yep
00:47:41Zemirk rhis was gg
00:47:46zebbelito he was just as good pudge
00:47:46A-tzangol i didint go
00:47:47zebbelito lasthgame
00:47:48Strom ofcourse zebbe was so pro captain
00:47:52Strom that he didn't say anything himself
00:47:55Strom would've helped maybe
00:48:17Smokeer oom was
00:48:17Laier wtf was puck doing? :D
00:48:28Smokeer 0 mana was
00:48:31Smokeer replay wathcd
00:48:37Euforia we mgiht be able to turtle
00:48:38Euforia this
00:48:42A-tzangol we are
00:48:43zebbelito no
00:48:44Euforia if they fail
00:48:44Laier still no need to go b
00:48:45Euforia :D
00:48:47Laier we got mana boots
00:48:49Strom I'm so fucking pissed at these two
00:48:50Laier and you had full hp :/
00:48:52A-tzangol stfu
00:48:53Strom hard to focus
00:48:54Smokeer ofc suicide
00:48:55BoNeshaw they will rosh now
00:48:57Smokeer if i stay
00:48:57A-tzangol i didnt do what u said
00:48:59Smokeer i would died
00:49:00Euforia ignore them
00:49:05Laier so did we?
00:49:07Euforia teyre illiterate
00:49:11Smokeer y
00:49:12A-tzangol lol
00:49:19Laier so wtf id you die once
00:49:28Euforia we can rosh
00:49:32zebbelito no
00:49:32Dota.m warded
00:49:33mrk camp rosh
00:49:34mrk with smoke
00:49:35zebbelito we cant even move
00:49:35mrk get ursa
00:49:36mrk end
00:49:45Laier ill get some hp
00:49:52Euforia i have no room
00:49:58zebbelito =)
00:50:02BoNeshaw hawk?
00:50:07Euforia sentrys
00:50:10zebbelito i cant hit anyone
00:50:10mrk dead
00:50:10zebbelito even
00:50:13mrk still
00:50:15Euforia i tornado
00:50:17zebbelito when i go in they disable
00:50:17Euforia then go in
00:50:17zebbelito them
00:50:20Euforia and auto attack
00:50:22mrk they had ward here
00:50:23Euforia i cold snap
00:50:23mrk btw
00:50:25Euforia ur targer
00:50:26Euforia t
00:50:27zebbelito use that skill that gives !!!!!!!
00:50:31zebbelito so they cant do shit
00:50:33Dota.m no on rosh
00:50:39Laier rosh
00:50:39Euforia THIS?1
00:50:40zebbelito y
00:50:43Euforia :DD
00:50:44Euforia !!!!
00:50:54Euforia -il
00:50:56Strom jump axe
00:51:04mrk lol
00:51:04mrk cm
00:51:05Euforia rosh
00:51:06Euforia illu
00:51:07BoNeshaw ns take
00:51:08Euforia zzzz
00:51:12Zemirk !?!??!
00:51:13Laier b
00:51:13Zemirk :DDD
00:51:14Euforia focus
00:51:15Euforia guys
00:51:15Euforia :D
00:51:16zebbelito 600 bkb
00:51:17zebbelito wont get
00:51:20mrk u thought it was illu?:D
00:51:23Euforia u will
00:51:23Zemirk whete i died??
00:51:24Euforia get it
00:51:24Euforia np
00:51:28Zemirk :P
00:51:36mrk night soon
00:51:37Zemirk fuck shouldnt take 2 illu runes in a row :D
00:51:39Dota.m care
00:51:40Dota.m axe
00:51:42Euforia I couldnt use blast before
00:51:42Dota.m they got wards
00:51:44Dota.m there
00:51:45Euforia got 1 in E
00:51:45Euforia now
00:51:53Euforia they jump
00:51:54Euforia on him
00:51:57mrk can someone buy me tp
00:52:01mrk nvm
00:52:02mrk nvm
00:52:03mrk nvm
00:52:07Zemirk mneni jo :D
00:52:08Euforia all lanes push
00:52:13Euforia they cant
00:52:15Laier get smoke
00:52:17Laier and go mid
00:52:20Euforia let ursa farm
00:52:20zebbelito DFDSGSFA
00:52:21Euforia !!!
00:52:26Euforia jew
00:52:27Euforia greedy
00:52:28zebbelito 200
00:52:29zebbelito BKB
00:52:39Laier mid
00:52:45Euforia -afk
00:52:56Laier fast
00:52:57Euforia b
00:52:57mrk miute
00:52:57Euforia imo
00:52:59mrk 1 minute
00:53:00mrk night
00:53:14zebbelito mana
00:53:16Dota.m where the fuck are they ?
00:53:18Euforia rosh is up
00:53:19Euforia !
00:53:22A-tzangol smoke
00:53:22Strom rosh is down
00:53:22Euforia sentrus in chick
00:53:24Euforia for counter
00:53:24A-tzangol rosh is done
00:53:26A-tzangol they just did
00:53:28A-tzangol care tc
00:53:29Euforia orly?
00:53:35mrk 30s
00:53:37zebbelito why u go out
00:53:42Strom tc, you're so out of position
00:53:47mrk they 5 base
00:53:48mrk wait
00:53:53zebbelito b
00:54:28Zemirk lost
00:54:42Zemirk shouldve waited for creeps or something
00:54:43Zemirk even
00:54:46A-tzangol go
00:54:52Laier ogre
00:54:53Laier miks pysyit
00:54:58Euforia WE TURTLE THIS
00:54:58Dota.m push mid
00:54:58BoNeshaw eiks axe kuollu
00:54:59Euforia NP
00:55:00Euforia D:D.
00:55:01Laier bo?
00:55:06BoNeshaw en huoman
00:55:11Euforia zebbe see I used !!!! gg
00:55:17zebbelito strom?
00:55:22Laier joo en ite huomannu et mul meni ulti jossai vaihees :D
00:55:22zebbelito 'ban?
00:55:25Laier ni tankkasin iha turhaa ursaa
00:55:28Euforia ban wat
00:55:31Zemirk invoo pitää hardfocuu
00:55:34Zemirk silence etc
00:55:44Zemirk tai tc
00:55:45Laier invo tai tc
00:55:47Euforia dont spam
00:55:47Zemirk ne vähä niku tappo meiät
00:55:49Euforia cant see shit
00:55:54zebbelito hes russian
00:55:57Laier no tottakai ku axe sai tommose kasan
00:55:58A-tzangol lol
00:55:59Dota.m axe hearT ?
00:56:04A-tzangol shiva
00:56:11Euforia no
00:56:13Euforia make heart
00:56:18zebbelito if he didnt take those 2 lanes
00:56:20Dota.m u have to tank
00:56:21zebbelito i would have hoit
00:56:25Laier just need 1 killed and gg
00:56:27Laier like in mid
00:56:29Zemirk wait
00:56:31Euforia -il
00:56:34Laier im not there
00:56:34Laier dont go
00:56:49Euforia imba
00:56:49Zemirk go top/bot?
00:56:50Euforia :d
00:56:50zebbelito buy me a healin salve
00:56:58Zemirk wait creeosps
00:57:00Laier bot
00:57:00A-tzangol did
00:57:04Euforia theres
00:57:05Euforia 3
00:57:07A-tzangol b
00:57:08A-tzangol tc
00:57:13A-tzangol ogre blinks gg
00:57:35Laier someone need to def bot
00:57:36Zemirk sit middiii tästä
00:57:37Laier top i mean
00:57:42Smokeer i got tp
00:57:45Zemirk meen kohta
00:57:48Euforia -apm
00:57:53Laier we cant go in
00:57:54Zemirk puck gos?
00:58:00BoNeshaw just b
00:58:01zebbelito slow axe
00:58:02BoNeshaw top pushin
00:58:03Euforia wait for them
00:58:03Euforia pls
00:58:07mrk need
00:58:07Zemirk im b
00:58:08mrk to
00:58:09Smokeer ....
00:58:10Smokeer why
00:58:11mrk antiward if they have
00:58:13mrk and just
00:58:15Dota.m ¨they first go when mid is pushed
00:58:15mrk farm the map
00:58:15Smokeer well
00:58:16Smokeer we farm
00:58:18Smokeer 50min
00:58:19BoNeshaw get hawk
00:58:19Smokeer 56
00:58:21BoNeshaw i buy snetry
00:58:26Euforia orly
00:58:30Smokeer got
00:58:31Smokeer ot
00:58:32Smokeer long ago
00:58:45zebbelito bP
00:58:47zebbelito b?
00:58:49Euforia dude
00:58:54Euforia why do we have to tell u
00:58:55zebbelito why u risking game
00:58:55Euforia all the time
00:58:56Euforia ...
00:59:35Laier gg
00:59:36mrk as said
00:59:39BoNeshaw wtf u did
00:59:40mrk need to antiward
00:59:41BoNeshaw there
00:59:49Euforia push
00:59:49BoNeshaw we got obs
00:59:49Laier ei me voida noille mitää enää muutenkaa
00:59:55Zemirk basee b
00:59:57Euforia TC
00:59:58Euforia >_<
01:00:01Laier noil o 4 carryy
01:00:04BoNeshaw entryil voidaa
01:00:10Laier 3
01:00:12Euforia ok
01:00:12Laier itseasias
01:00:13Euforia OM
01:00:13Smokeer they got 4 carry
01:00:14Zemirk vaikee saada ku ne kasas
01:00:15Smokeer always have push
01:00:15Euforia OMW
01:00:20Strom wait mid creeps
01:00:21Strom easier
01:00:23Euforia we can take mid
01:00:24Smokeer well
01:00:24Euforia like np
01:00:26Smokeer wp guys
01:00:27Smokeer I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
01:00:29BoNeshaw aba get bm
01:00:30BoNeshaw all get bm
01:00:31Dota.m omw mid
01:00:32Strom wait mid
01:00:32BoNeshaw ghost scept
01:00:33BoNeshaw etc
01:00:34Strom lets go mid
01:00:36A-tzangol i say b
01:00:37Euforia ZEBBE
01:00:38Euforia i buff u
01:00:40Euforia after bkb
01:00:41BoNeshaw '
01:00:52A-tzangol all out
01:00:55Strom b?
01:00:55zebbelito b
01:01:03Dota.m let me
01:01:03Dota.m axe
01:01:04Euforia its np imo
01:01:04Dota.m ffs
01:01:07Euforia I think we can push
01:01:08Laier smoke
01:01:08Euforia O_o
01:01:09BoNeshaw puck no hex?
01:01:09Laier gogog
01:01:10Smokeer why hot
01:01:13zebbelito dead
01:01:14Smokeer useless vs usra
01:01:15Smokeer xD
01:01:17mrk smoke
01:01:17Euforia not
01:01:18mrk rosh
01:01:22Euforia ROSH
01:01:23Zemirk got smoke
01:01:25Euforia fight it
01:01:29Euforia choke point there
01:01:30Strom warding is serious business
01:01:33Dota.m let ursa get rosh
01:01:35zebbelito they vison us
01:01:36zebbelito there
01:01:37zebbelito go
01:01:38Dota.m and we stay out and save him
01:01:38zebbelito rtc
01:01:46Euforia dont spam
01:01:46Dota.m come to me
01:01:47Euforia cant see
01:01:48Euforia anything
01:01:48zebbelito tneyu
01:01:48Euforia pls
01:01:49Dota.m smoke
01:01:49zebbelito there
01:01:50Dota.m smoke
01:01:50Dota.m come
01:01:50zebbelito smoked
01:01:53Laier they coming
01:01:54Euforia go
01:01:58Euforia tc
01:01:59Euforia stun
01:01:59Dota.m smoke
01:02:00Dota.m come
01:02:38Euforia zzzz
01:02:45mrk gg
01:03:04mrk noone saw rax go either
01:03:14BoNeshaw invo bought
01:03:23Euforia pro buyout
01:03:24Euforia ))9
01:03:27Laier gg
01:03:33mrk well tbh
01:03:35Smokeer y why slow farm
01:03:36mrk we only had one chance
01:03:38Laier ei teist paperi heroist kukaa voi tehä oikee mitää
01:03:40mrk when puck didnt ulti
01:03:41Euforia come
01:03:43Euforia i buff u
01:03:43mrk we coulda got like 2 lanes
01:03:44Euforia zebb
01:03:46mrk other than that
01:03:48mrk nothing to do
01:03:53Smokeer bla
01:03:54Smokeer more
01:03:58Laier well its true
01:03:58BoNeshaw toi invo tc
01:03:58Euforia tc
01:03:59Euforia here
01:04:00Euforia !!!
01:04:00BoNeshaw piti pystys
01:04:01Laier you played pussy whole game
01:04:02BoNeshaw vammane def
01:04:03Strom run mid
01:04:07mrk ulti???
01:04:09Smokeer i bla u farm
01:04:11Smokeer never push
01:04:19BoNeshaw dude
01:04:19Smokeer why i said all time push
01:04:20BoNeshaw play
01:04:21BoNeshaw dork
01:04:22Smokeer u didint listen
01:04:26Smokeer u think win 100%
01:04:29Smokeer dream
01:04:31Smokeer boy
01:04:39zebbelito b
01:04:47Laier go mid
01:04:48zebbelito why not invis
01:04:53Euforia :D
01:04:54BoNeshaw rosh up?
01:04:56Euforia disable
01:04:57Smokeer Laier going farm forest
01:04:57mrk yes
01:04:58Euforia and sile
01:05:00Smokeer np
01:05:03BoNeshaw scout
01:05:05Euforia -apm
01:05:08Euforia I tried
01:05:17Laier cm
01:05:19Laier mee def bot
01:05:19Zemirk got smoke
01:05:24Zemirk kk
01:05:33Dota.m axe
01:05:34Dota.m get tp
01:05:34Smokeer i def
01:05:35Dota.m fast
01:05:35Smokeer bot
01:05:37Smokeer u guys push
01:05:37Dota.m annd come
01:05:38Smokeer noobs
01:05:38A-tzangol su
01:05:45Dota.m come
01:05:46Dota.m smoke
01:05:46Dota.m rosh
01:05:47Smokeer cm came
01:05:48mrk they know tho
01:05:48Smokeer worng time
01:05:52mrk abba take
01:05:52Euforia yes
01:05:53Euforia go
01:05:54Euforia rosh
01:05:54mrk ogre take cheese
01:05:55Dota.m come
01:05:56Dota.m smoke
01:05:56Euforia im there
01:05:57Euforia soon
01:05:57Dota.m hereh
01:05:58Zemirk puck better go with em
01:05:59Zemirk ill def
01:06:03Euforia u need me
01:06:04Euforia wait
01:06:08Euforia B
01:06:09Euforia b
01:06:09Euforia b
01:06:09Euforia b
01:06:09mrk TAKE
01:06:10Euforia b
01:06:10Euforia b
01:06:10mrk WTF
01:06:11Euforia NO
01:06:35A-tzangol destroeyd aegis
01:06:42Laier so wtf happened
01:06:49Laier b
01:06:49Laier b
01:06:59BoNeshaw et saanu aegist?
01:07:02mrk puck
01:07:03Euforia i push mid in
01:07:04mrk where the fuck are you
01:07:10A-tzangol all b
01:07:12A-tzangol back
01:07:13A-tzangol all re
01:07:13zebbelito b
01:07:18Euforia push mid
01:07:20Euforia we can fight them
01:07:21Smokeer u diidt
01:07:24Smokeer idiot
01:07:25zebbelito not whitout axe
01:07:26A-tzangol i tp mid in 30
01:07:28Smokeer i were died
01:07:30Laier you make fucking shiva in gamel ike this? :DD
01:07:31mrk i mean
01:07:32Smokeer and come def bot
01:07:32Smokeer and
01:07:33mrk u were
01:07:35mrk near river
01:07:36Smokeer this cm followed me
01:07:36BoNeshaw i took cheese
01:07:37mrk when top lane
01:07:38Smokeer u moron
01:07:39BoNeshaw but wtf aegis
01:07:39mrk just use spells
01:07:40mrk kill
01:07:41mrk lane
01:07:47Smokeer whine
01:07:47BoNeshaw aba et saanu?
01:07:48Laier axe destroyed aegis or what?
01:07:50zebbelito who took bot rax?
01:07:50Euforia smoke
01:07:50Euforia here
01:07:52Laier ei sitä saanu kukaa
01:07:53zebbelito :D
01:07:53mrk dont know
01:07:55zebbelito i was afk?
01:07:56Smokeer aba going farm again
01:07:57Smokeer np bala
01:07:58Euforia I took it
01:07:58A-tzangol y
01:07:59Smokeer dont worry
01:07:59Strom bot rax died some time ago
01:08:00Euforia 15min ago
01:08:12BoNeshaw tee nyt blademailii
01:08:13Euforia justgo
01:08:14Euforia imo
01:08:15Laier vittu tää retardi o syy miks hävitää
01:08:16Laier ja itkee :D
01:08:50BoNeshaw hex ursa
01:08:51zebbelito who air them?
01:08:55mrk meanwhile
01:08:56mrk shiva puck
01:08:57Laier shiva puck
01:08:57zebbelito ban on thayt
01:08:58Laier :DD
01:09:02Euforia guess
01:09:03Euforia ...
01:09:25Smokeer aba no hex xD
01:09:26Smokeer radi
01:09:27Smokeer xD
01:09:30Smokeer perfect
01:09:50Euforia -il
01:09:51mrk invo also hex soon
01:09:52Zemirk smoker u spoiled 2 games in a row now :D first that techie..
01:09:53Smokeer i havent tp
01:09:56Zemirk :P
01:10:03Laier gogogogogo
01:10:07Smokeer so?
01:10:08Zemirk b
01:10:11Smokeer blame me more
01:10:11zebbelito care
01:10:14BoNeshaw omw
01:10:20zebbelito got messser
01:10:21Zemirk just saying that dont whine
01:10:21mrk need wards
01:10:35Dota.m need 300 for my lothar :D
01:10:37Smokeer i didnt whine
01:10:38Zemirk NO ROOM
01:10:41Smokeer that guy
01:10:51Euforia why dont we fight
01:10:51zebbelito regroup
01:11:06Laier tota
01:11:10Zemirk hmm
01:11:12Laier pitäskö toi juusto antaa jollekki muulle
01:11:19BoNeshaw joo
01:11:20Euforia tc farms
01:11:25BoNeshaw bala want cheese?
01:11:29Laier ei sil o tilaa
01:11:30mrk no
01:11:30Laier mä otan
01:11:30Dota.m i come
01:11:31BoNeshaw or aba?
01:11:31Strom forest creeps a wise choice at 70min
01:11:32Strom :D
01:11:35Euforia :)
01:11:40mrk top lane
01:11:40mrk puck
01:11:41Zemirk care tc+invo
01:11:42mrk kill it
01:11:42mrk fast
01:12:38zebbelito b
01:12:44Laier def bot
01:12:45Strom can't go like that
01:12:47Laier we go mid
01:12:47Euforia axe dont blink on one hero
01:12:50mrk PUCK
01:12:53mrk KILL LANE
01:12:56Strom ns always tries to find and assassinate me
01:12:57BoNeshaw go throne
01:12:57zebbelito :D
01:12:59A-tzangol i thought we could kill cm
01:13:00Strom you guys need to keep him busy
01:13:01mrk def top
01:13:10Euforia I can try
01:13:19Laier throne
01:13:19BoNeshaw throne
01:13:57mrk throne
01:13:58Strom o_O
01:13:59mrk kill throne
01:13:59mrk 5 dead
01:14:00Smokeer go
01:14:00mrk dont go
01:14:01Smokeer tower
01:14:01mrk creeps
01:14:01Smokeer fast
01:14:02Smokeer now
01:14:03Smokeer now
01:14:04Euforia sdfghj
01:14:04Smokeer towert
01:14:05A-tzangol buy out
01:14:08Euforia 12 spells too much
01:14:09Strom I already bought
01:14:09zebbelito no have
01:14:11Smokeer they dead
01:14:12Smokeer gg
01:14:16zebbelito how u all died?
01:14:18mrk axe coming
01:14:19Laier varo axee
01:14:20Laier varo
01:14:20mrk too late:S
01:14:21Laier varo
01:14:27mrk just kill
01:14:28Smokeer tower
01:14:28mrk tower
01:14:30Smokeer ingore axe
01:14:30Euforia i kept helping you until you died
01:14:31Euforia then i died
01:14:38zebbelito ffs
01:14:39Strom go def throne
01:14:40Strom throne
01:14:40Strom throne
01:14:41Strom throne
01:14:42Strom throne
01:14:43zebbelito ffs
01:14:43Strom throne
01:14:44Strom throne
01:14:44zebbelito GO
01:14:45Strom throne
01:14:46Strom throne
01:14:47Strom throne
01:14:47Euforia GO
01:14:48Strom throne
01:14:49Strom thjronme
01:14:50Strom throne
01:14:51Strom throne
01:14:53Laier gg
01:14:56zebbelito banned
01:14:56Zemirk GG
01:14:57mrk wp
01:15:11mrk whoever spammed enough for team to listen
01:15:12mrk tactics
01:15:14mrk tacs
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