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92% | 1579 X | 1507 TS

+38 X
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85% | 1412 X | 1537 TS

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+21 TS

70% | 1278 X | 1448 TS

+30 X
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70% | 1354 X | 1354 TS

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60% | 1271 X | 1341 TS

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94% | 1572 X | 1565 TS

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82% | 1395 X | 1479 TS

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74% | 1388 X | 1397 TS

-41 X
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67% | 1279 X | 1409 TS

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-1 TS

55% | 1218 X | 1345 TS

Chat log

00:00:11Norrebro muta ik plug denne gang
00:00:19Flex- <--- cm me
00:00:19Flex- or lich
00:00:19Norrebro sd muta ? ban ffs
00:00:19Flex- zip afk
00:00:19Flex- ?
00:00:19Lawok pick am or lycan for me
00:00:19Lawok :D
00:00:19Lawok imo ban treant
00:00:19Lawok and pick am or lycan
00:00:19Himbeerschorsch bossy ;)
00:00:19infect tree is not so imba
00:00:19Himbeerschorsch ofc he is
00:00:19Flex- for some reason
00:00:19Flex- he wins
00:00:19Himbeerschorsch but pick am, he is such a game breaker
00:00:19infect only when a good player plays
00:00:19infect but razzelbrazzer
00:00:19Lawok lycan is the king and queen
00:00:19infect sucks
00:00:19Lawok of all gc heroes
00:00:19infect yeah
00:00:19infect lycan highest win % by far
00:00:19Himbeerschorsch because bad player can also pwn with him^^
00:00:19Flex- except when he is vs fury
00:00:19Himbeerschorsch ZIP?
00:00:19Flex- only reason lyca has high ratio
00:00:19Flex- is cause any player
00:00:19Flex- can be good with him
00:00:19Flex- ZIP
00:00:19Lawok and u cant fail with it
00:00:19infect not you flex
00:00:19Lawok even u do
00:00:19Lawok it doesnt matter
00:00:19Lawok u stil pwn
00:00:19WantedZip OMG
00:00:19WantedZip lycan
00:00:19Lawok am
00:00:19Lawok am
00:00:19Norrebro not time for sex
00:00:19Lawok am
00:00:19WantedZip AM
00:00:20WantedZip AM
00:00:20WantedZip !
00:00:21WantedZip !!
00:00:21WantedZip !
00:00:21Lawok shit hero pool
00:00:21WantedZip !
00:00:22WantedZip !!
00:00:24Lawok :)))
00:00:24WantedZip OMG
00:00:25Lawok NUB
00:00:31Solisluu lycan
00:00:31Flex- norrebro
00:00:34Lawok it was lycan now play
00:00:35Solisluu SD LYCAN BANNED
00:00:37Lawok Lycan>am muta pick pl til mig :D
00:00:49Lawok u paly urself?
00:00:54Norrebro no
00:00:56Lawok k
00:00:57Lawok what u want
00:01:03Norrebro ck
00:01:10Lawok -swap 1
00:01:11Norrebro -swap 2
00:01:13Himbeerschorsch go venge and cm
00:01:14Himbeerschorsch now
00:01:20Himbeerschorsch i go meka
00:01:21infect i go venge or dazzle
00:01:27Norrebro dazzle
00:01:36Lawok lich babtsit me bot
00:01:39Lawok or dazle
00:01:40Himbeerschorsch y
00:01:49Himbeerschorsch i just do wards
00:01:51infect hmm
00:01:52Flex- hmm fb top
00:01:53Lawok cm dazzle top
00:01:54infect lich top rather?
00:01:55Lawok lich babysit me
00:01:57Flex- why do we need dazzle ? :D
00:02:01Flex- i can baby sit
00:02:03Flex- ohh well
00:02:04Flex- nvm
00:02:11Norrebro lich can uy mid?=
00:02:14Himbeerschorsch uff
00:02:16Flex- lich
00:02:16Himbeerschorsch im not that good
00:02:17Flex- mid
00:02:18Flex- way better
00:02:20Lawok nessaj if u dont go mid
00:02:20Norrebro y
00:02:20Lawok im mid
00:02:21Himbeerschorsch i can try
00:02:21Flex- hmm
00:02:30Norrebro well
00:02:34Norrebro we need good lanes
00:02:37infect am mid
00:02:39infect is nice
00:02:39Lawok nessaj lich bottom
00:02:40Himbeerschorsch i just lvl and go gang then
00:02:41Lawok cm daz top
00:02:41Solisluu ehm
00:02:42Lawok im mid
00:02:43Solisluu ???????
00:02:46Norrebro okay fb top
00:02:50infect cause doom is mid anyways we go bot after
00:02:54RalleBrazil SOLORALLEBRAZIL ! dont worry
00:02:55Flex- horrible
00:02:56Flex- ward
00:02:57Flex- placement
00:03:01Norrebro b
00:03:01Lawok liqvid MI
00:03:01Himbeerschorsch :(
00:03:02Norrebro b
00:03:02Flex- put behind tree
00:03:02Lawok D
00:03:02Norrebro b
00:03:03Norrebro b
00:03:03Lawok OMG
00:03:03Norrebro b
00:03:03Norrebro b
00:03:04Norrebro b
00:03:04Norrebro b
00:03:04Norrebro b
00:03:05Norrebro bb
00:03:06Norrebro b
00:03:06Norrebro b
00:03:06RalleBrazil Gonna kill ya!
00:03:07Norrebro b
00:03:10Norrebro ffs
00:03:28Himbeerschorsch am mid now?
00:03:30infect 3 top
00:03:31Norrebro y
00:03:31infect y
00:03:32Himbeerschorsch kk
00:03:36Himbeerschorsch k
00:03:36Norrebro go tri top
00:03:51Himbeerschorsch u can farm bot like this?
00:04:20Flex- NOVA?
00:04:23Flex- k
00:04:27Flex- dont skill to early
00:05:02Lawok WD ROAM
00:05:04Lawok care
00:05:09infect lol `?
00:05:19infect 20 % pwning 90 %
00:05:20infect :D
00:05:31Himbeerschorsch care bot
00:05:32Norrebro someone come bot
00:05:35Himbeerschorsch 9i do
00:06:20Lawok upg chicken
00:06:31Norrebro ffs
00:06:49Lawok UPG chicken
00:07:40Lawok MISS DOOM
00:07:50Lawok re
00:07:54Lawok åick
00:07:55Lawok pick
00:07:57Himbeerschorsch i pull?
00:08:36Solisluu gank am
00:09:21Norrebro dazxzle cm gang bot
00:09:45infect i b
00:09:54KredeC rdy?
00:09:56infect i went b
00:09:57infect care
00:09:58Norrebro ss 2
00:10:01Himbeerschorsch ss get top in 2 why dont u w8? so u can block
00:10:35Flex- nicelly timed :D
00:10:43Norrebro ffs
00:10:56Lawok i have 40 cs ss dazzle
00:11:07Flex- lool
00:11:10Himbeerschorsch bot get ownd..
00:11:14infect why are you so shit ck
00:11:16infect how can you die
00:11:18infect to 20 % player
00:11:23infect so many times
00:11:28Norrebro stfu
00:11:44Himbeerschorsch ss
00:11:45Himbeerschorsch care
00:11:55Himbeerschorsch care
00:11:56Himbeerschorsch rly
00:12:03Himbeerschorsch re
00:12:25Himbeerschorsch ss
00:13:19Flex- care
00:13:51Himbeerschorsch someone farm bot?
00:14:07Flex- really ck
00:14:12Lawok 53 cs
00:14:29Himbeerschorsch ss
00:15:39Flex- ck
00:15:40Flex- back
00:15:41Flex- BACK
00:15:48Flex- norre 0 map awaraness
00:15:50Flex- -hhn
00:15:52Norrebro i saw him
00:15:54Norrebro sos tfu
00:15:58Himbeerschorsch kill ck?
00:15:59Flex- i played with you
00:16:00Flex- several times OMFG
00:17:27infect stun
00:17:28infect grr
00:17:33Flex- ye
00:18:11infect ck vanguard
00:18:13infect n1
00:18:14infect :D
00:18:19Himbeerschorsch can u stop flame?
00:18:25infect but come on
00:18:32infect losing vs 20 % + making vanguard ck
00:18:40Norrebro stfu
00:19:11Flex- rune
00:20:36infect that fucking wd stun drives me crazy
00:20:40infect my animation is so long
00:20:44infect for that grave
00:20:50infect str
00:20:51infect treads
00:21:06Himbeerschorsch gogo
00:21:26Himbeerschorsch tower
00:22:03Himbeerschorsch famr bot am?
00:22:08Lawok no need
00:22:10Flex- use chick
00:22:11Himbeerschorsch ^^
00:22:16Himbeerschorsch prolo ;)
00:22:36infect next
00:22:37infect wave
00:23:39Himbeerschorsch strange game
00:24:10Norrebro frave
00:24:10Flex- oom
00:24:15Norrebro fucking infect
00:24:15infect haha
00:24:16infect u rush
00:24:18infect udner twr
00:24:18Norrebro u can only talk
00:24:19infect alone
00:24:21infect like an idiot
00:24:24Himbeerschorsch plz stop flaming
00:24:25infect and expect me to grave you
00:24:25Flex- i can only talk
00:24:29Himbeerschorsch it looks good for us :_F
00:24:29infect when i am stunned with es
00:24:30infect :)
00:24:38infect gj looking at the map norrebo
00:24:40infect yet again
00:25:12infect inc je swapper
00:26:17Norrebro ffs
00:26:24WantedZip bad swap nej jeg sagde jeg ville
00:26:49Flex- lich luck regen :D du skulle have blivet stående
00:26:53Himbeerschorsch ^^ og hoof
00:26:59Flex- dazzle
00:27:00Flex- get wards also
00:27:04infect 62
00:27:05infect moneyz
00:28:13Himbeerschorsch b
00:28:17Himbeerschorsch dont go without am orck
00:29:07Solisluu oh no doom
00:29:10Solisluu make plate mail
00:29:41Flex- b
00:29:43Flex- b
00:29:58Norrebro b
00:30:08Norrebro amm?
00:30:12Flex- lawok
00:30:12Flex- wtf
00:30:22Lawok oh u guys came too when i initiated
00:30:23Lawok gj
00:30:27infect lol
00:30:28Flex- we were thwere
00:30:28infect we said
00:30:29infect b
00:30:30infect :D
00:30:33Lawok u said b
00:30:34Flex- \we were on the other side
00:30:37Lawok my actions said go
00:30:38Flex- yes we did
00:30:41infect 4 vs 1
00:30:43Flex- we were way to far away
00:30:45Flex- and you go 4 vs 1
00:30:46Lawok 5v5
00:30:52Flex- from there?
00:31:09Lawok ck lets rosh?
00:31:26Flex- es
00:31:27Flex- dagger
00:31:33Himbeerschorsch coemall...
00:31:35Flex- AM GATHER
00:31:36Flex- for smoke
00:32:09infect b
00:32:12infect o ck
00:32:14infect no ck
00:32:15infect b
00:32:19Lawok VISION
00:32:23Himbeerschorsch these fights suck
00:32:26Himbeerschorsch ck must go first ffs
00:32:37Flex- ck
00:32:41Flex- 0 awaraness player
00:33:01Himbeerschorsch can we play in team plz..
00:33:08Himbeerschorsch b
00:33:35WantedZip b
00:33:38Flex- CK CAME
00:33:40Flex- wqohoo
00:34:05infect rosh
00:34:06infect ck
00:34:07infect am
00:34:17Himbeerschorsch they havewards
00:34:23infect no
00:34:24Lawok fast
00:34:38Norrebro am take
00:34:41Solisluu ROSH XD
00:34:47Himbeerschorsch why not?
00:35:02Flex- es
00:35:03Flex- dagger
00:35:05Flex- so try spread
00:35:14KredeC muta???
00:35:17WantedZip y `?
00:35:19KredeC push
00:35:23KredeC før ck bliver fed
00:35:58Flex- norrebro
00:35:59Flex- come mid
00:36:01Flex- they have no doom
00:36:04KredeC need 5
00:36:08infect haha
00:36:09KredeC es
00:36:09infect he farms
00:36:10infect x
00:36:11infect :D
00:36:48infect np :)
00:36:51KredeC gogo mid fuck ham
00:36:56infect norrebo wants x so badlyt
00:37:00infect and they push mid
00:37:01infect btw
00:37:03WantedZip vi kan dø vs am
00:37:05Flex- thats why he is the most over rated player
00:37:06Flex- on gc
00:37:07infect pro :D
00:37:16Flex- he works hard for it
00:37:18Himbeerschorsch we should own them so hard
00:37:21Himbeerschorsch but we are never all
00:37:23Solisluu we couldve got rax
00:37:25infect we have no ck
00:37:25Himbeerschorsch that is so sad
00:37:27Solisluu b
00:37:29Solisluu faggets
00:37:52Flex- HE CAME
00:37:57Flex- and now he goes back to farming
00:38:01KredeC es?
00:38:11Flex- see )_
00:38:16Himbeerschorsch plz ck
00:38:17Himbeerschorsch rly
00:38:24Flex- norrebro
00:38:26Flex- you dumb shit fin
00:38:27Flex- coem here
00:38:35Flex- care
00:38:35Flex- es
00:38:36Flex- ulti
00:38:48RalleBrazil wait es
00:38:55Himbeerschorsch b?
00:38:55RalleBrazil jump in when there is curse on
00:38:57Flex- ck
00:38:58infect y
00:38:58Flex- not here
00:38:59infect no ck
00:39:01Flex- im reporting this
00:39:12Flex- cant play like this
00:39:14Flex- its a won game
00:39:18Flex- and actually since it goes longer
00:39:21Flex- less x for all of us
00:39:29infect he stupid
00:39:30infect :)
00:39:32KredeC go
00:39:39Flex- nah
00:39:41Flex- hes norrebro
00:39:44KredeC gj
00:39:46Lawok norrebro
00:39:47Himbeerschorsch heis dead
00:39:47KredeC go mid 5
00:39:47Lawok for real
00:39:49Lawok lets end this
00:39:49infect pro player dieng alone :D
00:40:01Flex- well
00:40:02KredeC ok then bot
00:40:04Flex- i got scepter
00:40:04KredeC ??
00:40:08Solisluu mid ofc
00:40:10Himbeerschorsch they just stun u^^
00:40:11Solisluu if we go somewhere
00:40:26KredeC gotta push
00:40:30Flex- dazzle
00:40:31Flex- wards
00:40:32Flex- cmon man
00:40:42infect bought 4 sets + chicken + upgrade
00:40:42Himbeerschorsch ck can u speak
00:40:44Himbeerschorsch at least?
00:40:46infect and i will buy more
00:40:48infect dont worry
00:40:55infect but no moneyz
00:41:34infect dont go alone now
00:41:35infect ffs
00:41:36infect :D
00:41:38infect this ck is fun
00:41:46Solisluu ?
00:41:52Solisluu may i ask what the hell are you doing there
00:42:32WantedZip stay b
00:42:36WantedZip go with at least 3
00:42:38Flex- norre
00:42:38Flex- bro
00:42:39Flex- go kill
00:42:41Flex- the tower
00:42:57Flex- split u0p
00:42:58Norrebro es
00:42:59Flex- from es
00:43:00Norrebro care
00:43:52infect at leats norrebro got the forest creeps
00:43:53infect :)
00:43:56Flex- yup
00:44:13KredeC got 30 sec
00:44:15KredeC to get mid tower
00:44:15KredeC gogo
00:44:17KredeC 2+
00:44:18KredeC 20
00:44:35Himbeerschorsch gone
00:44:36Himbeerschorsch ...
00:44:38Himbeerschorsch so late
00:44:50WantedZip b rosh is up
00:45:10Lawok best norre eu
00:45:10infect fuck u ck
00:45:25Himbeerschorsch got pipe now
00:45:25infect still u aint gonna come?
00:45:30WantedZip i need heal
00:45:35Norrebro not when all alive
00:45:35KredeC b
00:45:38KredeC to base
00:45:38Himbeerschorsch rosh?
00:46:07Flex- fucking
00:46:08Flex- norre
00:46:13Lawok norre u come at good timing
00:46:14Lawok xD
00:46:18Himbeerschorsch nc
00:46:22Flex- he just fucking sux
00:46:23Flex- thats all
00:46:23Himbeerschorsch he rly is losing this gamefior us
00:46:23KredeC go mdi
00:46:25Lawok basicly we are losing this
00:46:25Norrebro u suicide there
00:46:28Lawok couse u fucking cant play
00:46:30Himbeerschorsch DUDE
00:46:31Flex- WE DONT SUICIDe\
00:46:33infect we woulltn suidicde
00:46:36infect if u would ahve come
00:46:38Himbeerschorsch just come with us
00:46:40Himbeerschorsch and stop
00:46:44Himbeerschorsch fucking farm
00:46:45Flex- he wont listen
00:46:48Himbeerschorsch get over urself
00:46:52Flex- now we loose mid
00:46:54Flex- gj norre
00:46:56Flex- you will get +x
00:46:57Himbeerschorsch are u doing this because they flamed u?
00:46:59Flex- but lost another game
00:46:59KredeC bot after
00:47:02Himbeerschorsch or are u just a kid?
00:47:09Flex- hes a shit fin
00:47:13Himbeerschorsch howcan we lose this?
00:47:36Norrebro yes how can u opros lose?
00:47:37infect go mid?
00:47:39Himbeerschorsch ya
00:47:42Himbeerschorsch go mid and end
00:47:43Himbeerschorsch this shit
00:47:44infect ck
00:47:46Norrebro u talk so much shit
00:47:46infect nopw come
00:47:47infect mid
00:47:53Flex- we need
00:47:54Flex- rosh first
00:47:54Himbeerschorsch plz
00:47:55Himbeerschorsch 1time
00:47:55Flex- for am
00:47:57infect no rosh is up btw
00:48:02Himbeerschorsch just mid
00:48:05Flex- or w/e
00:48:09Himbeerschorsch ck should go first
00:48:10Himbeerschorsch so np
00:48:11infect we got 30 secs
00:48:15Flex- after mid
00:48:17Flex- isnta rosh plz
00:48:22Flex- care
00:48:23Flex- es ult
00:49:03Flex- dazzle
00:49:04Flex- WTF
00:49:05Flex- was that
00:49:08infect stunned
00:49:10infect by wd
00:49:15Flex- exactly
00:49:16Flex- you run in to it
00:49:21infect trying to grave
00:49:22Lawok ck
00:49:22infect you
00:49:23Flex- not looking
00:49:28Himbeerschorsch -.-
00:49:28Flex- you could have waited
00:49:29Flex- a mom
00:49:51Flex- i think
00:49:53Flex- they gonna
00:49:54Flex- rosh now ?
00:49:55infect y
00:49:56Himbeerschorsch y
00:49:58infect and we lost this game
00:50:02infect ty norrebro :)
00:50:03Himbeerschorsch we dfont
00:50:05Himbeerschorsch lost it
00:50:08Flex- we havent lose yet
00:50:11Flex- but
00:50:13Flex- we gettign there!
00:50:21Flex- 5-5-15 !
00:50:21Lawok vision would be good
00:50:21Flex- :D
00:50:23Lawok rather than aga Rosh fast
00:50:51Himbeerschorsch maby u should get vlad by urself am
00:50:51Flex- ckl
00:50:53Flex- go solo
00:50:56Solisluu ill be sure to jump
00:50:57Flex- rosh
00:51:01Himbeerschorsch letz jsut follow ck
00:51:05Flex- ok
00:51:05Flex- :D
00:51:06Himbeerschorsch everywhere
00:51:38WantedZip wtf
00:52:07Solisluu myyyyyy bad
00:53:01Lawok WHERE IS IT
00:53:26KredeC gogo coutner
00:53:32KredeC throne
00:53:34KredeC go 5 mid
00:53:43KredeC fast
00:53:44KredeC mid
00:53:47Flex- got bkb
00:53:48Flex- :D GO MID THROINE NOW
00:54:00Flex- reuse
00:54:08infect take wards
00:54:10infect no room
00:54:13Flex- no room
00:54:14Flex- either
00:54:14Flex- :D
00:54:25Himbeerschorsch guys
00:54:26Himbeerschorsch !!!!!
00:54:28WantedZip b
00:54:49WantedZip fuckin newb krede
00:54:50KredeC gg
00:54:53Flex- :DD
00:54:59KredeC I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge] I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:55:04Flex- cm over fed
00:55:06RalleBrazil GG
00:55:35infect dont
00:55:36infect skip
00:55:37infect am
00:55:41Lawok si
00:55:42Lawok su
00:55:53Himbeerschorsch just go top
00:55:54infect sexy you ?
00:56:32Solisluu I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
00:56:33Solisluu gg wp
00:56:37Himbeerschorsch wp
00:57:02Norrebro crybabies
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