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+23 X
+15 TS

99% | 1853 X | 1648 TS

+31 X
+15 TS

74% | 1442 X | 1340 TS

+11 X
+2 TS

69% | 1320 X | 1374 TS

+17 X
+2 TS

65% | 1265 X | 1400 TS

+44 X
+2 TS

63% | 1341 X | 1317 TS

-33 X
-2 TS

95% | 1714 X | 1483 TS

-53 X
-4 TS

92% | 1656 X | 1427 TS

-3 X
-16 TS

82% | 1399 X | 1469 TS

-19 X
-2 TS

69% | 1262 X | 1436 TS

-5 X
-3 TS

36% | 1089 X | 1280 TS

Chat log

00:00:13verybad someone mind explaining me
00:00:15verybad why daydream
00:00:17Maier -ii
00:00:18Maier -water red
00:00:18Maier -weatehr rain
00:00:18verybad is in silver?
00:00:19Maier -weather rain
00:00:21Maier it's a bug
00:00:21Maier he was 50% or over
00:00:21Laier se o joku noitte adminie kaveri kait
00:00:21Laier tms
00:00:21Maier and he made a group
00:00:21Maier with some over 50% guys
00:00:21Maier others left
00:00:21Maier he stayed
00:00:21FirstBlood ban
00:00:21Maier and he can add in silver again
00:00:21FirstBlood fast
00:00:21verybad -doom
00:00:21Euforia give me wisp
00:00:21verybad any1 lich?
00:00:21Mercury gimme lich
00:00:21FirstBlood -seeker
00:00:22Euforia or lich
00:00:23Euforia mid
00:00:27FirstBlood me mid
00:00:34Euforia give wisp
00:00:42Maier get omni
00:00:42Maier omni
00:00:43Maier for me
00:00:49Maier OMNI
00:00:53Euforia dusa
00:00:54Euforia :D
00:01:07Dovahkiin i go vs sf
00:01:09Maier get invoker
00:01:10Dovahkiin ok?
00:01:10Maier i get omni
00:01:22verybad k
00:01:27FirstBlood nice omni
00:01:30verybad give tb
00:01:34Mercury what do u want?
00:01:35Mercury k
00:01:36Maier omni is a gamewinner
00:01:37Euforia want troll?
00:01:38verybad -swap 4
00:01:40Mercury -swap 1
00:01:48Maier get
00:01:49Maier chen
00:01:50Maier for last
00:02:10Maier laier + maier
00:02:11Maier w
00:02:13verybad lich top with me pls
00:02:14Maier we HAVE to own
00:02:15verybad sk jakiro bot
00:02:35Mercury i pull then
00:02:40verybad don't overdo it
00:03:05Maier care bot
00:03:09DayDream illu bot
00:03:13Maier illu bot
00:03:16Laier or mid
00:03:17Maier prolly they try fb
00:03:19Maier CARE
00:03:24Maier will pull
00:03:37Maier warded
00:04:27Laier when i shackle run next to him and heal
00:04:28Maier harrass
00:05:21Maier gj
00:05:32verybad lich go help mid
00:06:01Maier almost
00:06:16Euforia -ms
00:06:16verybad go gang mid
00:06:27Dovahkiin ss
00:06:28Dovahkiin care bot
00:06:51Mercury wtf tb?
00:07:01verybad didnt notice, too much dota2
00:07:03verybad go gang mid now
00:07:04verybad srsly
00:07:06Maier care
00:07:07Maier regen
00:07:09Maier quick
00:07:31Laier jakiro ss
00:07:32Dovahkiin cmon
00:07:48Euforia -ms
00:07:51Dovahkiin this sf is fucking good
00:08:06Dovahkiin ss
00:08:10Euforia GJ
00:08:15Laier you almost fucked up
00:08:18verybad 99% players usually good
00:08:20Laier jakiro ss
00:08:25Maier phone
00:08:25verybad i thought you realized that when you asked for mid
00:08:26Maier sorry
00:08:26Dovahkiin yea
00:08:27Dovahkiin right
00:08:27Dovahkiin :D
00:08:27Euforia me?
00:08:33Laier no, omni
00:08:49Maier had phone
00:08:50Euforia tether
00:08:51Euforia !!!
00:08:54Laier you
00:08:57Laier just said, bp
00:09:00Laier np
00:09:06Maier up chick
00:09:07Euforia zzz wisp
00:09:07Maier rasta
00:09:08Maier please
00:09:16Euforia wisp u can heal us both if u tether
00:09:24verybad merc
00:09:27verybad when i told you to gang mid
00:09:30verybad why didn't you go?
00:09:49Laier vitu ählämit
00:09:53Laier unohti kebablihan mu perhepizzas
00:09:54Laier t
00:10:04verybad merc do you see chat?
00:10:05Euforia vitun läski syö oikeeta ruokaa
00:10:12Laier ei jaksanu tänää
00:10:13Mercury nop
00:10:18Dovahkiin i go rhasta
00:10:19Euforia onks krabb
00:10:19Euforia e
00:10:20Dovahkiin stun omni
00:10:23Laier eip
00:10:30Laier sato vaa vettä vitusti ni jaksanu liikkuu mihkää
00:10:36Euforia täälläki
00:10:40Euforia tuol on hullu myrsky
00:10:40verybad get wards
00:10:43verybad and come mid
00:10:44Maier fucking
00:10:47Maier cunt
00:10:49Laier luck more? :D
00:10:54Dovahkiin sk sleeps
00:10:55Sotamursu suck more? :D
00:10:59Laier he had 5hp
00:11:17Maier wait
00:11:18Maier for me
00:11:25Maier go shackle
00:11:40Sotamursu best ulti
00:11:41Maier useless wards
00:12:37Laier b mid
00:13:03Euforia omw mid
00:13:45Laier tonne
00:13:51DayDream dd bot
00:14:20Laier nice...
00:14:49Laier suht hullu ulti
00:14:50Maier sk inc
00:14:51Maier care
00:15:13Laier b
00:15:25Sotamursu only tb go
00:15:26Sotamursu jakiro come
00:16:02Euforia wisp arcanes pls
00:16:19Dovahkiin lich
00:16:19Dovahkiin ffs
00:16:26Dovahkiin drunk player
00:16:33Sotamursu u wish
00:16:41verybad paska laier
00:16:47Laier oksul menkat?
00:16:57Maier laier
00:16:59Maier lets get twr
00:17:05verybad oon vaa ilone
00:17:13Laier koska? en yrittäny tappaa sua yksi? :D
00:17:15Maier wards
00:18:12Dovahkiin b?
00:20:11Sotamursu let me farm dagger
00:20:57Euforia ...
00:20:58Dovahkiin pff
00:21:07Euforia ei oo pakkko ks
00:21:09Euforia meni massit tos
00:21:28Euforia saat assist rahaa kuitenki
00:21:30Laier wisp
00:21:32Laier take wards
00:21:38Laier siis mitä vituta
00:21:43Laier olin tuol metäs ku se dives tornille
00:21:45Laier mitä ois pitäny tehä?
00:21:47Maier farm
00:21:48Maier go
00:21:53verybad mine
00:21:56Euforia no mitä sä siel teit?
00:22:01Laier no kiersin et saa varmasti
00:22:06Euforia ...
00:22:16Sotamursu wards
00:22:34DayDream 4 mid
00:23:38Euforia saving tornado
00:24:01Sotamursu i take bot farm
00:24:03Sotamursu ...
00:24:30Sotamursu lich give wards to me
00:24:38Euforia obsd
00:24:56Laier fight mid
00:25:44Laier paskanaama
00:26:58Sotamursu huskar use ur urn charges offensively
00:27:07Sotamursu u have 7 of them ffs
00:27:22Laier tp mid
00:28:40Laier really?
00:28:42DayDream b
00:28:53DayDream i tp
00:28:53Sotamursu def
00:29:07Euforia y
00:29:45Laier top tower
00:29:52Sotamursu I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:29:56verybad I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:29:56Mercury well that what you get for picking huskar when there is omni in pool
00:30:07Dovahkiin i picked first
00:30:08Dovahkiin sherlock
00:30:09verybad that's what you get for rolling shitty estonians in your team
00:30:29Mercury well verybad u dind play good ither
00:30:35Mercury sleeping 24/7
00:30:37Maier RAX
00:31:03Maier no
00:31:04Maier dont
00:31:05Maier we need 5
00:31:08Sotamursu MY TOTP
00:31:27Dovahkiin tb
00:31:28Dovahkiin bot
00:31:28Dovahkiin farm
00:33:29DayDream rosh?
00:34:05DayDream I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:34:10Mercury I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:34:13Sotamursu I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:35:43Sotamursu I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:36:17Maier wtf
00:36:19Maier haha :D
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