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-22 X
-1 TS

93% | 1624 X | 1503 TS

-44 X
-1 TS

73% | 1361 X | 1402 TS

-22 X
-1 TS

71% | 1437 X | 1311 TS

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-1 TS

59% | 1219 X | 1384 TS

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+2 TS

85% | 1459 X | 1488 TS

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+1 TS
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+2 TS

69% | 1240 X | 1486 TS

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66% | 1421 X | 1252 TS

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+4 TS

21% | 992 X | 1248 TS

Chat log

00:00:00Norrebro [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... Jensefar with 54 seconds.
00:00:16Euforia norrebro bone
00:00:17Euforia gg
00:00:18Euforia can I mid
00:00:18Skinkemaden someone lich ? k jeg kan
00:00:18Skinkemaden lycan tror han banner den though
00:00:18Norrebro -inboker
00:00:18Norrebro invoker
00:00:34Norrebro anyonre furion syntes du skulle gå har carry
00:00:36Skinkemaden giv mig gyro
00:00:37Norrebro or ns k
00:00:46Skinkemaden jeg spiller ikke carry ...
00:00:48Jensefar plz get bs
00:00:55Jensefar really dont want him to get -swap 1
00:01:01Skinkemaden -swap 2
00:01:02Jensefar plz pick bs
00:01:18Norrebro furion kan du mid mod bala? eller skal jeg?
00:01:33Euforia u mid norre?
00:01:36Skinkemaden tag de
00:01:38Norrebro yy k
00:02:01Jensefar can u pull tiny?=
00:02:12Euforia i pull
00:02:33FireMal furion can you gang earli top
00:02:41Euforia yes
00:02:41Skinkemaden sup ?
00:02:51Euforia scout
00:02:52WTGD sup no courier GET CHICK zeus u know rules?
00:03:24rauskimon yes i get it asap
00:03:29rauskimon didn\t realise i was lastpick
00:03:34FireMal rune is bot
00:03:40Euforia it was top
00:03:40Euforia ...
00:04:55FireMal b
00:05:30rauskimon .._
00:05:48Jensefar what are u doing tiny?=
00:05:52Bad3vil i do mekka ss mid
00:06:31Jensefar frui top
00:06:37Isdronningen hard bot ss mid
00:06:49Norrebro gang mid furi
00:06:57FireMal mana me get that chick now
00:07:19rauskimon i already bought but
00:07:25rauskimon fb didn't relise ¨activate still ss
00:07:52FireMal allways give mana to me
00:07:54FireMal plz
00:08:05FireMal ill heal you and keep you safe
00:08:13rauskimon skinke?? run back and do it
00:08:19rauskimon nice manner
00:08:21FireMal next one mine ? its your job
00:08:30rauskimon die 2x and cant make chick even plx
00:08:37Skinkemaden u mad ? still ss mid
00:08:42Norrebro ss mid
00:08:51FireMal b
00:08:54FireMal ss mid
00:09:02FireMal mana me
00:09:17FireMal lol
00:09:25FireMal you got shield and heal didnt help shit
00:10:01Jensefar share
00:10:08Jensefar and some1 plz up
00:10:28Isdronningen free kills bot
00:10:35Jensefar sahre chick now or ill ban
00:10:54Jensefar tp
00:10:55Euforia give mana
00:11:40Euforia GIVE MANA
00:11:51Euforia dont pull
00:12:16Bad3vil denie
00:12:33Euforia gj
00:12:33Jensefar fuck off tiny plz
00:13:15Norrebro wards
00:13:33FireMal no mana sry
00:14:09Norrebro wards
00:14:18Norrebro plz someone
00:14:22Euforia eza imo
00:14:27Norrebro here
00:14:29FireMal y
00:14:31Norrebro most important
00:14:32FireMal eza
00:14:37FireMal imo
00:14:45Isdronningen sleeping?
00:14:54Isdronningen ezalor mana leak?
00:15:04Norrebro furi
00:15:30Norrebro i tp
00:15:33Euforia gj
00:16:33Norrebro eza put ure ward plz
00:16:40Norrebro we need pibe np zeus
00:17:47Euforia free farm zeus almost go u killed there tiny
00:18:08Norrebro dead
00:18:26FireMal ss
00:18:57Euforia zeus ulti
00:19:59Norrebro b
00:20:21rauskimon majonäs?
00:20:26Euforia bs farms ;(
00:20:36Bad3vil b
00:20:38Bad3vil b
00:20:52Norrebro eza
00:20:54Norrebro use mana leak np
00:21:24Euforia norre can u zeus buy wards
00:21:31Norrebro eza
00:21:31Euforia gang b
00:21:31Euforia s
00:21:32Norrebro wtf and place
00:22:12Skinkemaden wake omw with ulti
00:23:48Isdronningen mid? zeus care
00:24:41Norrebro bs
00:24:42Norrebro kill
00:24:54Jensefar let me farm top
00:24:57Norrebro b
00:24:58Bad3vil mekka on its way
00:25:05FireMal pipe on its way
00:25:09FireMal slowly but its coming i go jango
00:25:17FireMal place wards
00:25:19FireMal in base
00:25:29FireMal who is warder
00:25:34FireMal let me give you some wards
00:25:37Norrebro why
00:25:44Jensefar care
00:25:45Jensefar base
00:25:53Jensefar come
00:25:54rauskimon kill?
00:26:00Jensefar all ss
00:26:01Isdronningen nice dd use
00:26:03Jensefar cant
00:26:06Jensefar come
00:26:10FireMal eza pls leave runes for norrebro
00:26:12Jensefar kill bala?
00:26:31Jensefar buy fucking wards zeus
00:26:38rauskimon i bought
00:26:40rauskimon fucking wards once
00:26:55rauskimon how the fucking many u need i upgr tiny stun
00:27:17WTGD cd
00:27:41Bad3vil Die for that zeus b omg zeus
00:28:05Bad3vil arf
00:28:07Bad3vil wrong wards
00:28:16Bad3vil ersuse chick ye
00:28:45Skinkemaden ward
00:28:47Norrebro furi plz let me
00:28:51Euforia sre
00:29:03Bad3vil b
00:29:03Bad3vil b
00:29:04Bad3vil b
00:29:07Bad3vil ^^
00:29:17Jensefar coubnter plz
00:29:45Isdronningen mine
00:30:12rauskimon tiny manaz'
00:30:18WTGD cd
00:30:25Bad3vil smoke gank ?
00:30:37Norrebro 22
00:30:40Isdronningen sound good :D
00:30:42Norrebro i got aghanim
00:30:47Isdronningen or rosh?
00:31:44rauskimon go rosh
00:31:44Jensefar omfg
00:31:47rauskimon go rosh
00:31:48rauskimon with imba
00:31:49rauskimon armor
00:31:51Bad3vil why odnt u come ?
00:31:56rauskimon stryg?
00:31:58Skinkemaden we cnat
00:32:14Norrebro furi ulti
00:32:16rauskimon with stryg
00:32:26rauskimon we could have
00:32:49FireMal gather ?
00:32:51FireMal gathjer ?
00:32:56FireMal gather ???
00:32:57FireMal gather ???
00:32:57FireMal gather ???
00:32:58FireMal gather ???
00:33:13Skinkemaden ward rosh akk mid all mid
00:33:18Skinkemaden ..
00:33:20Skinkemaden no push and go rosh after
00:33:30Skinkemaden smoke
00:33:33Skinkemaden hvis noget we need lanes to be pushed fake it?
00:34:05Bad3vil how could u go rosh ?
00:34:15Norrebro b b stick together
00:35:15Jensefar go
00:36:04Norrebro furion join us ffs
00:36:14FireMal -afk tiny when we go back from mid go together
00:36:41Skinkemaden har ulti
00:36:42Skinkemaden global go mid imo twr
00:37:23Norrebro come
00:37:28Norrebro kill bs
00:37:28Norrebro all
00:39:42Isdronningen easy kill
00:39:44Jensefar what is this tiny doing=
00:39:59Jensefar they can rax now..
00:40:05Skinkemaden nah
00:40:09rauskimon we must go rsoh iomg? wtf?
00:40:40FireMal mana me
00:40:42FireMal im healer
00:41:45rauskimon go rosh? from now on move with 5 zeus stop going alone
00:42:19Skinkemaden 1. dont go solo
00:42:26Skinkemaden 2. get them at attempt to rosh now rosh
00:42:52Jensefar come ffs they dont think we are there
00:43:03rauskimon lich more armor
00:43:05rauskimon so that
00:43:10rauskimon tuskar doesnt make so much dmng
00:43:20Jensefar smoke?
00:43:21rauskimon we can go
00:43:22Bad3vil sucky
00:43:31Skinkemaden dont
00:43:44Skinkemaden go now
00:43:51Bad3vil thats it
00:44:04rauskimon dont let him steal
00:44:10rauskimon :D1
00:44:45rauskimon tiny tele
00:44:52Norrebro push
00:45:33Isdronningen nice save
00:45:38Norrebro freekill
00:45:40rauskimon push sides
00:45:56Skinkemaden det så dumt det vi laver
00:46:51Bad3vil I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:47:02Bad3vil sor for bad game =(
00:47:17Norrebro dont pick eza :/
00:47:26Bad3vil lets ff
00:47:35Euforia lets not zeus what did i tell u?
00:48:10WTGD dd
00:48:21Norrebro furion guinsoo perhaps
00:48:50rauskimon i pushed the lane fu
00:48:52Euforia perhaps
00:48:54Euforia or perhaps push
00:49:02Norrebro eh how
00:49:08Euforia luck
00:49:34Norrebro I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel] tiny toss here plz
00:51:10Norrebro -ms tiny come
00:51:38rauskimon tiny go :> at trees
00:51:39Norrebro care
00:51:46Jensefar thx through mid top
00:51:58Jensefar all come top
00:52:06Jensefar -ms def mid ulti bot
00:52:21FireMal cant say shit to eza
00:52:23Bad3vil finish ? med ulti
00:52:40Bad3vil than dont ?
00:52:48Euforia -afk
00:52:53Skinkemaden furion backdoor nej
00:53:02Skinkemaden just be aware det var ikk bd
00:53:04Skinkemaden he will tpøs and your util
00:53:24Euforia trtle
00:53:27Bad3vil and thats great play ß
00:54:00rauskimon nice ego
00:54:00rauskimon nab got pawned
00:54:00rauskimon *'s
00:54:00Euforia zzz
00:54:00Bad3vil who leave ?
00:54:00Skinkemaden zeus
00:54:00rauskimon i think jense
00:54:44Skinkemaden zeus you have to leave
00:54:44Euforia Leave push bot and end
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