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58% | 1276 X | 1322 TS

-8 X
+21 TS

50% | 1307 X | 1196 TS

+58 X
+2 TS

48% | 1170 X | 1320 TS

+16 X
+1 TS

28% | 1012 X | 1307 TS

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+27 TS

21% | 1066 X | 1178 TS

-57 X
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79% | 1433 X | 1415 TS

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43% | 1106 X | 1338 TS

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-9 TS

37% | 1257 X | 1125 TS

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35% | 1068 X | 1306 TS

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-13 TS

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Chat log

00:00:02Xeros -apso
00:00:08Misha pl tb bot lane
00:00:11Jerkku EXEPT PHOENIX
00:00:12sebralane im wood
00:00:14Misha abba furi top
00:00:15Misha nope
00:00:15Jerkku WHO PICKS CENT
00:00:18Misha ur not woods sebra
00:00:20GCNOVA zidane
00:00:22Misha ur bot lane
00:00:25sebralane i am
00:00:301m4n5h0w cent with me
00:00:31Misha nope ur not sebra
00:00:35sebralane yes i am sir
00:00:50Misha so u be banned after this game
00:00:55Misha pl cant solo anyways bot lane
00:00:58GCNOVA how do they think to win the game
00:00:58Misha so u be there
00:01:00Eternity you have to do what mishas tells you
00:01:01Eternity ..
00:01:03GCNOVA without stuns or disable?
00:01:11sebralane well i dont want lane
00:01:13ShiaoPi where do you want me?
00:01:22sebralane why abba and jakiro lane
00:01:22Eternity furi ll take mid
00:01:24Misha let him do what he wants, i just banrequest him after the game
00:01:24Jerkku with my todays luck
00:01:26sebralane if pl carry
00:01:29Jerkku they gonna end it by 25 min
00:01:31ShiaoPi which lane?
00:01:31sebralane lane jakiro pls
00:01:36GCNOVA mine luck
00:01:38GCNOVA is sucky too
00:01:39Eternity i can solo
00:01:39GCNOVA :D
00:01:39Eternity easy
00:01:44Eternity support phantom down
00:01:47Misha since tb does not obey my orders
00:01:48Eternity if its okay
00:01:50Misha jakiro goes bot
00:01:52ShiaoPi kk
00:01:57GCNOVA faster there
00:01:57Misha but ur still getting banned sebra
00:02:03Misha since u didnt go bot lane
00:02:05sebralane i dont think soo
00:02:091m4n5h0w reg
00:02:10ShiaoPi read the rules before playing sebra :)
00:02:101m4n5h0w here
00:02:12sebralane u cant lane this shit
00:02:14Eternity you re banned bro
00:02:15sebralane pl tb
00:02:16Eternity ...
00:02:17Misha lol
00:02:17sebralane must be imna
00:02:21sebralane imbaÄ
00:02:22Eternity if he reports you re banned
00:02:24Eternity rules
00:02:28GCNOVA 3 healing slaves i can immagine what's cent gon' do :D
00:02:33Eternity ss
00:02:351m4n5h0w ^^
00:02:36Eternity re
00:02:39Misha IGOT DOTA 2KEY
00:02:44Eternity fu
00:02:45Eternity :D
00:02:48Misha 20sec ago
00:02:50Misha can u belive
00:02:52ShiaoPi fu :D
00:02:53Eternity kidding?
00:02:56Misha OMG
00:02:59101010 stop attack
00:03:04101010 just deny
00:03:05Eternity !voteban misha
00:03:05Eternity :D
00:03:13Misha go rmk
00:03:16101010 ty
00:03:18Misha I GOT DOTA 2 KEY
00:03:23GCNOVA no way
00:03:24sebralane :d
00:03:29Xeros no rmk
00:03:29Eternity thats not funny.
00:03:32GCNOVA and i dont give a shit about dota2
00:04:10Misha im too happy to repoprt u sebra
00:04:15sebralane :d
00:04:16sebralane np
00:04:29Xeros D
00:04:36Eternity tzz
00:04:40Eternity went for fb^^
00:04:46Eternity nearly got both
00:04:50Eternity you cant kill him he got stunn
00:05:25Jerkku this aba
00:05:28Jerkku isnt serious
00:06:20Eternity maybe pull?
00:06:25sebralane warded
00:06:25Eternity warded
00:06:26Eternity tzz
00:06:31Eternity pull other spot then
00:06:41sebralane i dont know how
00:06:41Jerkku fuck this
00:06:44sebralane :d
00:07:01101010 get ice wall so you can wscape
00:07:39Misha cent going top
00:07:39Jerkku stun
00:08:11GCNOVA what did i though
00:08:15GCNOVA with that burrowstrike :D
00:08:16Eternity "killingspree"?
00:08:33Xeros ss
00:08:34Xeros mid
00:08:45101010 sk bot
00:08:47ZidanOz sk ?
00:08:54ZidanOz why are u bot ?
00:08:591m4n5h0w to safe me
00:09:01Eternity ss
00:09:081m4n5h0w go ulti?
00:09:13101010 ss bot
00:09:201m4n5h0w wtf
00:09:23GCNOVA ty tiny
00:09:241m4n5h0w go stunn in
00:09:251m4n5h0w omg
00:09:271m4n5h0w and i stunn them
00:09:29GCNOVA i though
00:09:291m4n5h0w rofl
00:09:29Jerkku GANK TERROR WOODS
00:09:31GCNOVA u would toss
00:09:32Jerkku cent
00:09:35Jerkku go with me
00:09:46Jerkku cent
00:09:47Jerkku come woods
00:09:52Xeros gj
00:09:57Misha go get him
00:10:01101010 oom
00:10:37sebralane gg
00:11:18ZidanOz brb
00:11:59Jerkku go woods
00:12:141m4n5h0w rune
00:13:05Misha sry guys
00:13:11Misha but dont care about this game so much
00:13:13Misha cant focus
00:13:24Xeros heal me psl
00:13:25Xeros pls
00:13:31ShiaoPi eat
00:13:35Eternity care
00:13:36101010 ty
00:13:36Xeros go down
00:14:07Eternity I TOLD YA
00:15:28Xeros ff stun cent
00:15:38ZidanOz ?
00:15:41ZidanOz `
00:15:43Jerkku push twr
00:16:101m4n5h0w sk
00:16:18Misha tower
00:16:51Jerkku wtf
00:16:53Jerkku just happened
00:16:55Xeros omg
00:17:08Jerkku like this we lose:D:D:
00:17:54Eternity -afk
00:17:58Eternity misha
00:17:58Eternity gj
00:18:01Eternity wp dude
00:18:21Eternity 2nd time you dont port or use ya ulti
00:18:24Eternity 2 100% savekills
00:18:40GCNOVA me
00:18:42GCNOVA no ult
00:19:361m4n5h0w b
00:19:58Eternity phantom waited for lasthit
00:19:59Eternity GJ
00:20:20101010 lol you think i come there for stun to dead
00:20:32Eternity maybe after i got ALL stunns on me?
00:20:40101010 like i came?
00:20:51101010 u saw after cent stun
00:21:10ShiaoPi grab it
00:21:36Eternity tiny
00:21:36Eternity care
00:22:18sebralane gg
00:22:21sebralane no dusr
00:22:35Eternity opshitulti
00:22:36Eternity pff
00:24:14Eternity pff
00:24:27Eternity misha totally fail mid...
00:24:33Eternity -afk
00:24:39Eternity misha gameruining
00:25:15GCNOVA a-a :D
00:26:071m4n5h0w double dagger in chick
00:26:13GCNOVA hhhh
00:26:42GCNOVA wait
00:26:44GCNOVA ult on cd
00:27:00GCNOVA ready
00:27:20Eternity pff n1 creepwave
00:27:25Xeros GJ
00:27:25Misha I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:27:44Eternity misha you re a fucking joke
00:28:04Misha sry m8
00:28:06sebralane I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:28:08Misha i just got dota2 key
00:28:09Misha really
00:28:16Eternity leave then
00:28:19Misha nah
00:28:19Eternity but dont ruin my game
00:28:27Misha im not ruingin
00:28:34Misha thease pl tb picks are ruining it
00:29:05Xeros thx
00:29:08101010 -afk
00:29:09Eternity you totally ruin it
00:29:10Xeros for help
00:29:12Misha k
00:29:15Eternity you failed 4 kills
00:29:18Eternity you just didnt port
00:29:18Misha and?
00:29:19GCNOVA mission : saving the alche
00:29:19Eternity fullife
00:29:19GCNOVA :D
00:29:21Eternity full mana
00:29:22Eternity in base
00:29:26Misha i killed alche 2times in mid
00:29:26Eternity you were afk
00:29:33Eternity y and he got radi min 22
00:29:36Eternity bad time but still better
00:29:40Eternity than forcestaff only
00:29:42Eternity min 27
00:29:46Eternity and 3 8
00:29:52Xeros go rax
00:29:52Misha and?=
00:29:521m4n5h0w ..
00:29:52Misha what u want to tell me
00:29:521m4n5h0w i kill furi
00:29:52ShiaoPi duh
00:29:521m4n5h0w just tossing him
00:29:52101010 sebra now come kill tiny
00:29:521m4n5h0w need help
00:29:521m4n5h0w to get back out
00:29:52sebralane nah
00:29:52sebralane let him live
00:29:52Eternity you flame everytime ya team if you loose and now you play like a firstimeplayer.. get tiny
00:29:52sebralane he has feeling too
00:29:52sebralane i flame?
00:29:52ShiaoPi ye make love not warcraft
00:29:52ShiaoPi whatever
00:29:52Misha i flame in games,where i play good only
00:29:52sebralane i havent flamed a thing
00:29:521m4n5h0w furi will survive like this :(
00:29:52ShiaoPi haha
00:29:52Misha not in games like thease, where i play bad myself too
00:29:52ShiaoPi that would be sad I guess
00:29:52Misha i balance btw
00:29:52Eternity thats sad
00:29:521m4n5h0w you balance youreself? :D
00:29:52Misha im weakest link here atm
00:29:52Eternity y after he let ya freefarm now he leaves and we can get his forcestaff!!
00:29:52Misha why bother to build late dagon
00:29:52Misha and since there were no wards, cent ganged me 24/7
00:29:52Misha and still managed to kill alche 2times
00:29:52ShiaoPi well sorry about late wards
00:29:52ShiaoPi but I kind of had no cash since I left pl too farm
00:29:521m4n5h0w ..
00:29:52Eternity yy and you as furi mid ganked 0/7?
00:29:52Xeros drop
00:29:52Xeros him
00:29:52Misha im not blaming anybody
00:29:521m4n5h0w ahhhhh
00:29:521m4n5h0w ahh
00:29:521m4n5h0w cmon
00:29:521m4n5h0w i hate this
00:29:52Eternity i bet i got the best farm with 5 mins freelane... and terror dont failpick again
00:29:52sebralane 4min drop time
00:29:52sebralane np
00:29:52ShiaoPi I got 0 farm
00:29:52Eternity just cuz you want to play a hero dont pick him
00:29:52sebralane ye srry mate
00:29:52ShiaoPi pl got it on my lane
00:29:52sebralane i felt like tb
00:29:52sebralane guess its not good
00:29:52ShiaoPi droptime is 4 mins?
00:29:53sebralane y
00:29:53Misha y, or 5min
00:29:59Misha i balance
00:30:02Misha end it
00:30:36Eternity terror get items
00:30:47Xeros -ms
00:30:50Eternity jakiro take forecstaff
00:31:00Xeros -ms
00:31:24ShiaoPi where did the staff go?
00:31:28Eternity tb........
00:31:35ShiaoPi srsly?
00:31:36ZidanOz unlock ?
00:31:40101010 yep
00:31:42101010 banned
00:31:441m4n5h0w -unlock
00:31:45Eternity and he sold it
00:31:46GCNOVA -unlock
00:31:46Eternity ..
00:31:47Xeros -unlock
00:31:47101010 for item stealing
00:31:50ZidanOz -unlock
00:32:00GCNOVA go n finish
00:34:16ShiaoPi I <3 you too guys :D
00:34:16101010 -unlock
00:34:43GCNOVA hahaaaiit bugged :D
00:36:09101010 I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:36:34GCNOVA sec alche coming
00:38:04GCNOVA go mid n finish
00:38:12Eternity reported
00:38:20ShiaoPi huh?
00:39:10ShiaoPi gg I guess :)
00:39:20101010 dont use
00:39:20Eternity pff rmk a won game and loose it.. again
00:39:281m4n5h0w DIEEE ALCH
00:39:48GCNOVA -.-
00:39:53GCNOVA at least i killed him :D
00:40:081m4n5h0w hahaha
00:40:16ZidanOz tiny ? :F
00:40:19ShiaoPi NO TP FOR YOU!!!
00:40:20ShiaoPi :D
00:40:45Eternity xD
00:40:50ShiaoPi hahaha
00:40:54GCNOVA We come in peace!
00:41:06GCNOVA alche
00:41:36GCNOVA BLAH!
00:41:39Eternity SAVED
00:41:41Eternity biatch :D
00:41:42ShiaoPi almost
00:41:44ShiaoPi :D
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