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Chat log

00:00:00chodaboy [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... valiante with 127 seconds. so many neWs ... :(
00:00:19Smart_boy ?
00:00:19valiante i ban the rubix
00:00:19Norrebro pick wisely guys
00:00:19valiante any phoenix?
00:00:19chodaboy yes
00:00:19Norrebro phoenix
00:00:19valiante k
00:00:20Katsuri i could take.. can more or less play it
00:00:20chodaboy get furion
00:00:29chodaboy i go viper
00:00:30Norrebro anyone lich
00:00:36chodaboy anyone lich?
00:00:40Norrebro get it
00:00:40chodaboy or tiny?
00:00:41Norrebro plz
00:00:44Norrebro choda lich
00:00:48Smart_boy i can tiny
00:00:52valiante try and get early heroes
00:00:53chodaboy ok
00:00:54valiante lots of spells
00:00:56valiante clock
00:00:57Norrebro someone lich?
00:00:57Smart_boy what u want?
00:00:57valiante es
00:00:58Nigris i get chiken ?
00:00:59valiante pugna
00:01:00valiante bb
00:01:01chodaboy i think viper
00:01:06Norrebro nigris play lich?
00:01:08valiante hes afk
00:01:08Nigris no
00:01:08chodaboy h pause
00:01:08Norrebro plz
00:01:08Nigris dont wonna lich
00:01:08chodaboy omfg
00:01:08Nigris wonan pugna
00:01:08chodaboy he paused?
00:01:14Norrebro bobby lich
00:01:14valiante i did afk
00:01:15chodaboy viper
00:01:15valiante we lan
00:01:16chodaboy for me
00:01:16Smart_boy viper?
00:01:17chodaboy viper
00:01:18chodaboy y
00:01:20Norrebro get me bat
00:01:22chodaboy -swap 3
00:01:22Norrebro for lihc
00:01:24Smart_boy -swap 2
00:01:25Nigris i get pugna or dazzle
00:01:25valiante now
00:01:27valiante 2 ranged
00:01:30Norrebro plz
00:01:31Norrebro get me bat
00:01:33valiante bat pugna
00:01:34chodaboy cent woods
00:01:34Norrebro for lich
00:01:35chodaboy -hhn
00:01:35chodaboy -di
00:01:42valiante very nice guys
00:01:43valiante :)
00:01:51valiante bat es bot
00:01:53chodaboy tiny
00:01:54valiante pugna clock top
00:01:55chodaboy cent is woods
00:01:58chodaboy ill go osolo no no i got mid np
00:02:01valiante actually
00:02:03valiante pugna bot
00:02:04valiante bat top
00:02:05Nigris me chiken ?
00:02:05BoNeshaw they got strong heroes too
00:02:07Norrebro tiny dazzle top
00:02:08chodaboy dazzle tiny nice
00:02:16valiante wards
00:02:17Norrebro viper mid
00:02:18valiante chicklen?
00:02:19valiante lasica
00:02:19BoNeshaw but we have to late imo
00:02:20valiante fsf
00:02:21chodaboy cent
00:02:22Smart_boy who mid?
00:02:23chodaboy ur good?
00:02:26LaSiCa forgot sry
00:02:27valiante pugna ur bot
00:02:32Norrebro viper go mid
00:02:35Nigris i dont wonna solo lane
00:02:35chodaboy ok
00:02:46valiante place wards
00:02:47LaSiCa i will buy chick pugna boots
00:02:50chodaboy early wards and upgrade chick ?
00:02:51chodaboy we win
00:02:51chodaboy ! 8hy?
00:02:54Nigris i skill slow + grave tiny
00:02:58Norrebro cent with quelling
00:02:58Smart_boy ok
00:02:59chodaboy no
00:03:03chodaboy get heal and slow
00:03:03valiante u will go activate it too
00:03:05chodaboy put one on grave
00:03:06Nigris got grave
00:03:07chodaboy when ur 4
00:03:10LaSiCa k
00:03:11Katsuri regen top
00:03:21Smart_boy max slow pls
00:03:29Nigris yy odfc
00:03:30Norrebro cent u pull
00:03:31Nigris no heal now
00:04:13Smart_boy harash him
00:04:17Smart_boy 5ood
00:04:19Nigris rly ?
00:04:31valiante lvl 2 bat
00:04:31valiante go top
00:04:52chodaboy rune bot
00:05:04valiante hasted
00:05:04valiante viper
00:05:06valiante BACK TOP
00:05:07chodaboy got haste
00:05:12valiante BACK
00:05:13valiante FFS
00:05:16valiante IM TELLING
00:05:17chodaboy let them push
00:05:25valiante read chat
00:05:26BoNeshaw vipeeer
00:05:26valiante from now
00:05:28BoNeshaw woot
00:05:48valiante hes re
00:06:13valiante pull and fb top
00:06:50valiante just go top
00:06:51valiante b at
00:06:51valiante now
00:07:09BoNeshaw they got grave
00:07:11chodaboy b pugna go autoattack some place else
00:07:36valiante gj tho
00:07:36Nigris wtf u doing
00:07:37valiante b
00:07:38Nigris tiny
00:07:41Smart_boy what?
00:07:46Nigris run in woods mby
00:07:49Nigris smarter
00:07:53Smart_boy i was shopin5
00:08:03Smart_boy so that i dont lose 5old
00:08:13Nigris k
00:08:20chodaboy check rune bot
00:08:46valiante i ulti
00:08:55chodaboy SS MID
00:09:07Smart_boy pu5na like 1 hp
00:09:17BoNeshaw gj
00:09:19BoNeshaw ty
00:09:50valiante tiny mid
00:09:50chodaboy gj man
00:10:03Smart_boy iluds
00:10:07valiante tiny
00:10:15Katsuri b clock
00:10:33valiante dont
00:10:34valiante go pugna
00:10:36Norrebro come kill
00:10:37Nigris ss 2
00:10:38Norrebro vent
00:10:46chodaboy pugna mid
00:10:48Norrebro c
00:10:51Norrebro centaur ss lich
00:10:54valiante vuipåer
00:10:57chodaboy furion mid to re
00:11:09chodaboy kill top
00:11:11valiante up chick
00:11:11valiante pls
00:11:18BoNeshaw viper?
00:11:21valiante ye
00:11:38Smart_boy w8
00:11:38BoNeshaw viperer stick to ur lane
00:11:46Smart_boy ffs
00:11:49Smart_boy w8
00:11:56Nigris gang top
00:12:09valiante get tiny
00:12:10valiante now
00:12:13valiante BAT
00:12:16valiante wake the fuck up
00:12:21BoNeshaw b
00:12:23chodaboy i come bot?
00:12:25chodaboy doublekill
00:12:25valiante is he retarded?
00:12:29Norrebro no ulti PUGAN STOP AUTOATTACK PLZ
00:12:31valiante havent got tp
00:12:34chodaboy not needed LaSica u from dota league?
00:12:53LaSiCa y okay step up your ghame if u 8anna play here
00:13:23Nigris stop using chiken when i use
00:13:25Nigris dont do it
00:13:30Nigris ss
00:13:38chodaboy lich u can gank
00:13:40chodaboy we need wards
00:13:40chodaboy to
00:14:08Nigris get sentry lich gouing carry lich?
00:14:21Nigris she is
00:14:26Nigris i got chiken/hawk sentry
00:14:32Nigris wont buy more now, n hp
00:14:32Katsuri tiny went top
00:14:53BoNeshaw im oom
00:14:54BoNeshaw sorry
00:14:55valiante get lvl 6
00:14:55valiante bat
00:14:57BoNeshaw need to farm arcane
00:15:05valiante gop dazzle invis
00:15:27Nigris gj
00:15:29valiante ok gg
00:15:32valiante thought u used on bat
00:15:33Norrebro go mid katsuri and lasica imba
00:16:17BoNeshaw i tp mid
00:16:42valiante viper getting fat
00:16:43Nigris lich u wont get wards this game ?
00:16:45Smart_boy i can toss u
00:17:11Norrebro vierp
00:17:16valiante b next time decrep me pugna
00:18:47valiante GOP
00:18:55chodaboy top tower
00:19:01valiante bat
00:19:05valiante do u speak ENGLISH?
00:19:34Katsuri i just prefere to be silent.
00:19:40valiante and play retarded
00:19:46Nigris go pugna
00:20:38LaSiCa ;];];];];];];];
00:20:40valiante i ff
00:20:43Norrebro aghanim rdy
00:20:47Smart_boy 5j are u retarded pugna?
00:20:50LaSiCa next time su noob
00:20:56Nigris strange
00:20:58LaSiCa now su hahahahahaha go back to bnet b2b
00:21:12LaSiCa stay at fountain till end pls
00:21:16valiante clock
00:21:20valiante start gangin with me
00:21:41BoNeshaw tp top
00:21:41BoNeshaw furi
00:22:06BoNeshaw no others :/
00:22:17valiante there is no team
00:22:20valiante we have bat and pugna
00:22:26LaSiCa so...
00:22:27Norrebro i make meka
00:22:29valiante who are dumber than i seem to understand possible
00:22:30BoNeshaw well es just farm i just tp'ed a8ay 8here bat is truble is
00:22:44chodaboy gank
00:22:45chodaboy come
00:22:53chodaboy got ulti?
00:23:05Norrebro y
00:23:18chodaboy get tower top
00:23:44BoNeshaw well w8 es dagger
00:23:49BoNeshaw and we could dpo something
00:23:50valiante doesnt matter
00:23:52valiante 3 v 5
00:23:53valiante cant win true thats
00:24:11valiante look at lich and viper
00:24:57chodaboy tower u see bone?
00:25:09chodaboy b
00:25:11chodaboy imo
00:25:15chodaboy they spawn like creeps
00:25:22Nigris reg
00:25:23Norrebro get mid
00:25:30BoNeshaw bat was ok at lane
00:25:32BoNeshaw :/
00:25:44valiante he has boots
00:25:45valiante and lvl 8
00:25:45chodaboy tower
00:25:47chodaboy then mid doubnt it
00:25:56Smart_boy w8 TY
00:27:15Nigris wp
00:27:16Smart_boy lol sry i dont need dagger
00:27:21Smart_boy i did not saw ur hp
00:27:22BoNeshaw lets rape uy got tinty
00:27:24BoNeshaw dagger
00:27:26Nigris k )
00:27:47Nigris lich our captain?
00:27:57Norrebro y
00:28:10Nigris why playing dota m8 ?
00:28:15Nigris if u play solo
00:28:57BoNeshaw pugna no ward :/ :D 8hy should he? he pro from dl
00:29:13BoNeshaw u should get decre 1
00:29:16BoNeshaw abnd then ward
00:29:35Norrebro go
00:29:36BoNeshaw care es'
00:29:38BoNeshaw we need 5
00:29:40Nigris go all mid now
00:29:41Nigris lets win
00:29:43Nigris we loose late its me u kno8 me ill manage
00:30:37Norrebro iomg
00:30:43Norrebro dazzle
00:30:46Norrebro u speak so much
00:30:49Nigris follow usbob ?
00:30:50Norrebro but u sukc
00:30:56chodaboy yeah
00:31:16Norrebro this dazzle talks so much shit
00:31:16Nigris i suck xD?
00:31:23Nigris learn to play support noob
00:31:29Nigris no wards nothing for the team
00:32:04Smart_boy -ms
00:32:12Norrebro come mid viper
00:32:32chodaboy yeah
00:32:40valiante cant u just rocket
00:32:42valiante so NO BLINK
00:32:45BoNeshaw i did
00:32:46BoNeshaw buyt cd
00:32:55Norrebro go
00:32:56BoNeshaw b
00:32:56BoNeshaw b
00:32:57BoNeshaw b
00:33:01BoNeshaw tp out
00:33:01BoNeshaw tp
00:33:26valiante I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:33:32chodaboy mid
00:33:33chodaboy go I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge] guys from dl type ff
00:34:54Smart_boy -ms
00:34:57LaSiCa and you rock earth
00:35:02LaSiCa I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:35:04Katsuri I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:35:06valiante I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:35:08Smart_boy -ms
00:35:10Katsuri !ff
00:35:28Smart_boy re5 here bone no ff?
00:35:46BoNeshaw def onc
00:35:48BoNeshaw for fun k
00:36:28LaSiCa I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:36:32Norrebro and yes im carry no8 bone?
00:36:37chodaboy [DotA-GC] Game was won by Sentinel!
00:36:37chodaboy [DotA-GC] Game was won by Sentinel!
00:36:37chodaboy [DotA-GC] Game was won by Sentinel!
00:36:37chodaboy [DotA-GC] Scourge must now wait near their fountain until Sentinel destroys the throne.
00:36:37BoNeshaw I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
00:36:38LaSiCa ff last 1 add silver noW bone
00:36:52LaSiCa fast
00:36:54Norrebro es im carry ye noticed
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