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Chat log

00:00:13GoDsCloWn i pick younero
00:00:17Joce ...
00:00:17Joce u dont
00:00:17Joce :D
00:00:17Joce captain say what u pick :)
00:00:20Pajko dont resume
00:00:20WantedZip doom
00:00:20Misha dont unåpause
00:00:20Joce what u doing?
00:00:20GoDsCloWn why pause?????
00:00:20Pajko stfu tard
00:00:20Joce we ban 2 heroes
00:00:20Pajko go read rules
00:00:20Misha chill
00:00:20Pajko be4 play
00:00:20Joce why u dont ever read rules? -.-
00:00:20WantedZip godsclown remember to buy chick !
00:00:20Misha panda
00:00:20Joce like 90% dl-players don't do that
00:00:36niacniac brown u must get a chicken, its in rules
00:00:40Joce cods
00:00:41veuncent godsclown?
00:00:43Joce chick
00:00:45GoDsCloWn what
00:00:49veuncent doom and panda are banned
00:00:56GoDsCloWn omfg why
00:01:00Misha ...
00:01:02GoDsCloWn thats SUCKS
00:01:03Pajko xD
00:01:06Misha just dont pick them
00:01:06veuncent just in case you didnt see the huge red letters
00:01:07WantedZip omg
00:01:10WantedZip NEW PLAYER I HATE !
00:01:14Joce :D
00:01:24GoDsCloWn i played DL
00:01:25Misha go pick team heroes
00:01:27Misha fucking slark
00:01:27WantedZip so what ?
00:01:28Joce rly
00:01:31Misha gtfo really
00:01:34WantedZip just buy a freakin chick !
00:01:39Joce u are lastpick
00:01:43Joce so u buy chick
00:01:46GoDsCloWn me top
00:01:50Misha slark
00:01:50GoDsCloWn #me top
00:01:51Joce sk bot
00:01:51WantedZip sk bot
00:01:54Misha dont go to lane yet
00:01:58Misha i want to see lastpick
00:01:58Joce .....
00:02:00WantedZip skeleton king bot
00:02:01Joce SK BOT
00:02:02Joce fuck sake
00:02:05niacniac wooding soon
00:02:06WantedZip niacnix bot
00:02:07Joce blaah
00:02:12WantedZip omg
00:02:15Ofir -ms
00:02:18Joce niac u bot
00:02:20Joce -.-
00:02:21Pajko are u retard?
00:02:24niacniac im wooding soon
00:02:24Misha bad picks wop
00:02:27niacniac now stufu
00:02:28Joce AND? :D
00:02:32Joce fuck sake
00:02:34GoDsCloWn just go bot thx
00:02:35Misha lina go bot
00:02:36niacniac get fb
00:02:37Joce you rly ruined all games here
00:02:37Misha trax top
00:02:39Misha ornot
00:02:42Misha trax bot lina top
00:02:44Misha lina top
00:02:44WantedZip get fb then
00:02:45Misha trax bot
00:02:46j22koer aight
00:02:47Pajko better i top
00:02:48Joce yeah.......
00:02:53GoDsCloWn upgrade chick pls
00:03:03Misha should have put thease to imba carrys top
00:03:04veuncent why exactly?
00:03:09Misha u pick shit
00:03:12Misha hf
00:03:15j22koer :D
00:03:21GoDsCloWn you stun first venge
00:03:25Joce i know
00:03:54j22koer 2 wstuns
00:03:58niacniac pulling
00:04:00Pajko ye +jug
00:04:01Pajko :S
00:04:04j22koer y
00:04:06Misha play passive
00:04:11Pajko ye
00:04:29GoDsCloWn againm
00:04:55GoDsCloWn wait
00:05:07Pajko ss 2
00:05:30niacniac its
00:05:32niacniac my
00:05:34niacniac go away
00:05:43Joce i take only exp
00:06:33veuncent miss bot
00:06:44GoDsCloWn go
00:06:44GottHasstMich go
00:06:48GottHasstMich or nmot
00:07:15GoDsCloWn fuck you
00:07:25GoDsCloWn fuck your mother
00:07:28niacniac manners
00:07:33GoDsCloWn suck my dick
00:07:38Joce ...
00:07:38niacniac manners pls
00:07:48Misha venge mid
00:07:50Misha tell misses
00:07:59WantedZip ss
00:08:03Ofir ss
00:08:06WantedZip re
00:08:08Pajko cent wtf
00:08:11Misha venge miss mid
00:08:12Pajko double ege ?
00:08:12Misha care
00:08:14j22koer y
00:08:20Pajko wtf
00:08:21Pajko ye
00:08:22niacniac why unshare
00:08:31niacniac never used ur hero
00:08:31Pajko why didnt u do it
00:08:32Pajko omfg\
00:08:33GoDsCloWn cause you stole my creeps
00:08:36j22koer i didi
00:08:37niacniac u must share
00:08:45veuncent bot miss
00:08:49GottHasstMich care furi tp
00:08:54GoDsCloWn wait for me
00:08:55Misha mid miss
00:08:55Misha care
00:09:04niacniac no share = ban right pink ?
00:09:14niacniac ss top
00:09:24Joce ping next time
00:09:36niacniac cent with invi
00:09:47WantedZip ss
00:10:23Pajko let him come
00:10:27Joce go b
00:10:30Joce bs bot
00:10:58niacniac gank top needed
00:10:59Joce i said b
00:11:02Joce and what u doing?
00:11:03Joce ...
00:11:08GoDsCloWn go stfu nerd
00:11:13Joce l2p -.-
00:11:16niacniac gank top needed
00:11:41veuncent bot miss
00:11:46niacniac ss
00:12:07Pajko go jug
00:12:14Misha i come
00:12:27niacniac thats not a gank
00:12:45Pajko lol
00:12:46Pajko BS
00:12:52Pajko what a noob u are
00:12:54Misha why would i come there
00:12:56Pajko nc
00:13:02Pajko looool
00:13:03Misha since ur too stupid to stay at tower
00:13:06Misha u know furi can tp
00:13:08Pajko so dont come anymore
00:13:10Pajko if u are tard
00:13:14Pajko nc
00:13:20Pajko u see thet we go coz u come
00:13:22Pajko and u go b
00:13:24Pajko like pussy
00:13:30GottHasstMich dagon
00:13:30GottHasstMich :..
00:13:33GottHasstMich epic shit item
00:13:52GoDsCloWn nice miss noobs
00:14:05niacniac got dd
00:14:07niacniac veng
00:14:09niacniac go kill
00:14:10veuncent dd
00:14:15veuncent better not
00:14:33Pajko ulty fury
00:14:35Misha dont go
00:15:40niacniac kill top is easy if 2 more com
00:15:41veuncent top miss 2
00:15:48veuncent 1re
00:15:54GoDsCloWn omw leo
00:16:04Misha b
00:16:08Misha jugger copme
00:16:28Ofir -ms
00:16:51Pajko bs
00:16:53Pajko fucking
00:16:55Pajko come gang
00:17:11Joce rly
00:17:12Joce sk
00:17:15Joce why you are back?
00:17:16niacniac was shopping
00:17:19Joce ä
00:17:20niacniac u saw me back
00:17:21Joce .........
00:17:27Misha come
00:17:29Misha team def mid
00:17:29Pajko omw
00:17:33Pajko rly?
00:17:37Pajko and u cant come gang top
00:18:11j22koer didnt want bs
00:18:39Joce bs > jugger+sk
00:18:40Joce gg
00:18:47niacniac god
00:18:53niacniac god offir
00:18:58niacniac how u sucked here
00:18:59j22koer ouch
00:19:01GottHasstMich my ultra
00:19:01GottHasstMich :(
00:19:06Pajko sty
00:19:08Pajko must kill him
00:19:09veuncent silence doesnt work on items?
00:19:12GottHasstMich no
00:19:13WantedZip well
00:19:13j22koer nope
00:19:14GottHasstMich it doesntl ol
00:19:16Joce jugger
00:19:17Joce and sk
00:19:18WantedZip bs farmed mid well
00:19:19Joce can u farm?
00:19:21Joce ...
00:19:21veuncent never knw that
00:19:26GoDsCloWn #omfg
00:19:30Joce just do it more
00:19:31GoDsCloWn DID ulti but
00:19:33GoDsCloWn ok
00:19:33Joce fuck sake -.-
00:19:35GoDsCloWn fucken
00:19:36GoDsCloWn BUIG
00:19:38j22koer lag
00:20:47veuncent def
00:21:32Misha all
00:21:34WantedZip b
00:21:35WantedZip after
00:21:37Misha cent why dont u def
00:21:46j22koer wat?
00:22:26Pajko w8 me
00:22:34GottHasstMich they warded
00:22:35Joce i made arcane
00:22:48GottHasstMich WHY ?
00:22:48GoDsCloWn omfg
00:22:50GottHasstMich THE FUCK
00:22:54GoDsCloWn god
00:22:54Pajko rufl
00:22:55Pajko he can
00:22:57Joce imba jugger
00:22:58Pajko run
00:22:59Pajko with
00:23:00GottHasstMich HE CAN WHAT
00:23:01Pajko 1.
00:23:02GottHasstMich RUN ?
00:23:03GottHasstMich stfu
00:23:08Pajko lol
00:23:08GottHasstMich against madness
00:23:09Ofir -ms
00:23:09GottHasstMich + yasha
00:23:10GottHasstMich he can do a shit
00:23:13GottHasstMich and me with dd
00:23:15GottHasstMich hes dead with 2 hits
00:23:16GottHasstMich but ok
00:23:20GottHasstMich steal kills from carry
00:23:22GottHasstMich and waste ulti
00:23:22GottHasstMich gj
00:23:32Pajko 1. i didnt steal
00:23:35j22koer opuich
00:23:37Pajko i did ulty
00:23:40Pajko from a start
00:23:52Joce jugger
00:23:54Joce go farm
00:23:55Joce ..
00:24:08WantedZip :D
00:24:08j22koer ahahah
00:24:08GottHasstMich gg
00:24:09WantedZip HJAHAHA
00:24:11WantedZip balance
00:24:11Joce that was epic
00:24:11WantedZip so bad player
00:24:11GottHasstMich lina imo
00:24:11Joce yeah
00:24:11Pajko nono
00:24:11Misha guess lina goes
00:24:11Misha ...
00:24:11Misha lina
00:24:11Joce good
00:24:11Ofir i am fucked
00:24:11veuncent gg lina
00:24:22Misha -ms
00:24:28veuncent teamsell?
00:24:30GottHasstMich he sucked anyway
00:24:31Misha no
00:24:42GottHasstMich lemme get that axe
00:24:43GottHasstMich pls
00:24:43GottHasstMich bs
00:24:44GottHasstMich for bkb
00:24:48Ofir gj
00:24:55Misha i take tank items
00:25:00Misha and cent takes manaboots
00:25:03GottHasstMich ..
00:25:04j22koer lol
00:25:59veuncent -ms
00:26:28WantedZip gj venge
00:26:31Joce np :)
00:27:51Ofir -ms
00:27:53Ofir -ms
00:28:22Joce care
00:28:25niacniac omw
00:28:55Joce gj
00:29:02Misha go back
00:29:09Misha we let them get back into the game
00:29:21Joce dagger cent
00:29:50WantedZip b
00:29:54niacniac b top
00:30:34Joce rly
00:30:35Joce ......
00:30:36WantedZip ¨wow
00:30:39Joce yeah
00:30:42Joce all there
00:30:42Joce :S
00:30:52WantedZip car8
00:31:06Joce aww
00:31:12j22koer take mid
00:31:13j22koer wtf
00:31:20niacniac top go b
00:31:38niacniac we must got 4
00:32:08Joce dont farm
00:32:09Misha puhs
00:32:09Joce -.-
00:32:22Joce we need to finish this
00:32:40Misha tower
00:32:45niacniac nothing i can do 1 v3
00:32:51Joce go to tower
00:32:52Joce .......
00:33:02Joce dead
00:33:02Misha get that kroeb
00:33:04WantedZip da8d
00:33:05GottHasstMich go stun
00:33:20j22koer oops
00:33:20GottHasstMich U SUCK
00:33:21GottHasstMich CW
00:33:33GottHasstMich u playing a fucking tank
00:33:35GottHasstMich u retard
00:33:35j22koer my bad
00:33:40j22koer justw8
00:33:44GottHasstMich W8
00:33:45j22koer furi mad lt
00:33:45GottHasstMich WHAT FOR ?
00:33:48j22koer ult
00:33:51j22koer blink 3 sec
00:33:56GottHasstMich lawl
00:33:58j22koer vot tak
00:33:59GottHasstMich was gone big time
00:34:01GottHasstMich u just went back
00:34:03j22koer no it was not
00:34:03GottHasstMich thats all
00:34:05WantedZip gj
00:34:23j22koer you were in a hurry
00:34:34veuncent -ms
00:35:13Misha let me top cent
00:35:16j22koer sure
00:35:21Misha ty
00:35:36GottHasstMich bite me
00:35:37WantedZip go m,id
00:35:53Misha def in base
00:36:04WantedZip ulti krob
00:36:12GottHasstMich or not
00:36:12Joce ult
00:36:13Misha control lina
00:36:17GottHasstMich y
00:36:22Misha cent
00:36:22Misha go
00:36:24Misha ur tank
00:37:25WantedZip mak8 ghost sc8pt8r v8ng8
00:37:28Joce y
00:38:21niacniac item ?
00:38:24Misha dont
00:38:27niacniac bash ?
00:38:29Misha we need all
00:38:38WantedZip ac
00:38:43niacniac k
00:38:46niacniac better for team
00:38:58veuncent hehe
00:38:59Misha b
00:39:03Misha cant belive
00:39:06Misha wtf are u doing
00:39:18Joce k
00:39:33niacniac god
00:39:39Joce I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
00:39:42Misha go mid
00:39:46veuncent nice swap though
00:39:49Joce y
00:39:55Joce but i can't do all
00:40:33niacniac I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:41:04niacniac go all
00:41:36Misha they rosh
00:41:39Misha might
00:41:42GottHasstMich just w8
00:41:44Misha come all
00:41:47Misha here
00:42:07Misha come bot insetad
00:42:47Ofir I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
00:42:52Misha backdoor
00:42:57Misha cent tank
00:42:58Misha and back door
00:43:10veuncent if that's how you like it...
00:43:19Misha takes too long
00:43:31Misha dont go
00:44:03j22koer il take
00:44:07veuncent sure
00:44:11Misha no
00:44:13Misha trax
00:44:14Misha take
00:44:14Misha s
00:44:16niacniac told
00:44:21GottHasstMich xDD
00:44:21Misha for what u need it
00:44:22Joce told too late
00:44:23Joce :)
00:44:25Misha like they focus u?
00:44:43Misha dont go
00:44:52Ofir -ms
00:44:56Ofir -ms
00:44:58Misha push top
00:45:13niacniac is jango sharable ?
00:45:13Misha all top
00:45:15veuncent ill take
00:45:23Misha come top now drow
00:45:26veuncent yy
00:45:34niacniac wp krob
00:45:55WantedZip s
00:46:15niacniac i surrende
00:46:26niacniac look their farm
00:46:29niacniac ..
00:46:31niacniac gg
00:46:35Joce farm better? :P
00:46:42GottHasstMich gg
00:46:42niacniac look krob
00:46:44niacniac always dead
00:47:01Joce don't pick carry if u can't carry
00:47:02Joce imo
00:47:11niacniac immo im not playing bad
00:47:16niacniac stufu
00:47:19Joce yeah...
00:47:29GottHasstMich force out
00:47:30GottHasstMich s1
00:47:30GottHasstMich :P
00:47:34Misha nah
00:47:38Misha jsut end
00:47:39GottHasstMich :<
00:47:41GottHasstMich :P
00:48:04veuncent gg
00:48:07GottHasstMich furi u sucked
00:48:08GottHasstMich !
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