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Chat log

00:00:15MiikLo THIS TEAM IS A JOKE
00:00:15MiikLo MAMA SHIT
00:00:15-HewaL- no u good
00:00:15101010 no its notm BODGAN is my hero
00:00:15extremewaari dont ban weaver
00:00:15Bogdan Bogdan owned 101010 so many times
00:00:15RalleBrazil i go tuskar
00:00:15Bogdan =)))
00:00:15101010 everytime
00:00:15mrk anyone want lich?
00:00:15101010 so now i am in winning team
00:00:15extremewaari ban ns and they will ban weaver and we get lich or qop
00:00:15satan-_- krob
00:00:15mrk lich?
00:00:15satan-_- lich
00:00:15mrk lich?
00:00:15satan-_- lich i think
00:00:15satan-_- i go for
00:00:15satan-_- qop
00:00:15satan-_- Oo
00:00:15extremewaari there have weaver :/
00:00:15mrk weaver
00:00:15extremewaari good
00:00:15satan-_- ah
00:00:15satan-_- )
00:00:224thePeace2 is*
00:00:29mrk get sk lion
00:00:32mrk ralle swap them
00:00:33extremewaari i will pay ns
00:00:36mrk venge
00:00:36satan-_- guys
00:00:41RalleBrazil i want tuaskar
00:00:42extremewaari fuck
00:00:44satan-_- i need to go afk
00:00:46satan-_- if i dont come
00:00:48satan-_- pls pause
00:00:53satan-_- 1 min
00:00:54satan-_- pick now
00:01:12mrk get venge lion/sk
00:01:13mrk please
00:01:19mrk venge for sure
00:01:29mrk sk lion
00:01:39mrk last sk would be perfect
00:01:42AbdA fb top
00:01:57mrk get sk
00:01:59extremewaari sk
00:02:00AbdA fb top
00:02:01AbdA gogo
00:02:02-HewaL- y
00:02:03extremewaari k
00:02:03AbdA venge
00:02:06101010 and tide
00:02:08101010 ...
00:02:11AbdA fb T OP
00:02:15extremewaari sniper top
00:02:15Bogdan sniper chick
00:02:16101010 sniper go top
00:02:16Bogdan ?
00:02:20MiikLo nop
00:02:22Bogdan snioer chick
00:02:22Bogdan ?
00:02:23101010 sniper go top
00:02:25mrk sk you can go bot
00:02:28mrk they can fb with 3
00:02:31101010 SNIPER GO TOP
00:02:32mrk or 2 of you have to buy tps
00:02:32101010 RASTA BOT
00:02:32Bogdan k
00:02:32extremewaari and u have to buy chicken!
00:02:32mrk + sk
00:02:32MiikLo i forget
00:02:32mrk lastpick always buys chicken
00:02:32MiikLo sorry
00:02:32extremewaari sniper come top and buy chicken asap
00:02:32MiikLo guys
00:02:32mrk get it as soon as possible ty
00:02:37MiikLo k
00:02:37Bogdan i will buy chick
00:02:39Bogdan ok?
00:02:43extremewaari miiklo top
00:02:44extremewaari k
00:02:44101010 SNIPER GO TOP
00:02:47extremewaari u can buy it
00:02:50AbdA why pause
00:02:50extremewaari wait
00:02:50extremewaari blue afk
00:02:50Bogdan sniper upgrade chick asp
00:02:50extremewaari sniper top
00:02:50MiikLo oka
00:02:50-HewaL- whos the last one comming top?
00:02:50extremewaari fast ffs
00:02:50101010 MiikLo go top plz, its more better when u are there
00:02:50MiikLo i upgrade
00:02:50RalleBrazil guys why u come 4 top ?
00:02:50MiikLo kk
00:02:50satan-_- ok thx
00:02:50mrk kill both
00:02:50RalleBrazil sk go bot
00:02:50MiikLo i go top now
00:02:51RalleBrazil and lion comming to u to
00:02:52101010 tnx
00:02:55-HewaL- when we go 1 the other will run
00:02:58satan-_- thank you for pause :)
00:03:02mrk wait there
00:03:03mrk he will come ward
00:03:05101010 rasta u pull ok?
00:03:07extremewaari np
00:03:094thePeace2 ill take it
00:03:11Bogdan k
00:03:20mrk what was it
00:03:25Bogdan i will buy wards asp
00:03:264thePeace2 ogtre invi
00:03:284thePeace2 ogre
00:03:34mrk THEN TELL ME
00:03:39101010 ss bot
00:03:46satan-_- share
00:04:06extremewaari liom
00:04:14MiikLo look top ffs
00:04:20RalleBrazil sk bot
00:04:23AbdA no spell ?
00:04:23RalleBrazil gj
00:04:29AbdA bala ?
00:04:404thePeace2 ss bot
00:04:45101010 crix bot
00:05:05MiikLo care
00:05:24MiikLo care orgrte
00:05:27MiikLo they are 3
00:05:32mrk re
00:05:37MiikLo b
00:05:38MiikLo orgre
00:05:39MiikLo b
00:05:46extremewaari i can see
00:05:53extremewaari now b
00:06:21MiikLo ffs
00:06:22MiikLo orgre
00:06:27extremewaari sorry blocked u
00:06:28MiikLo stun venge not tuskaar
00:06:28MiikLo ?
00:06:34101010 ss lion
00:06:37extremewaari wanted stun some1 fast
00:06:37101010 re
00:06:42MiikLo plzz
00:06:44MiikLo change
00:06:46MiikLo lane
00:07:04mrk wards
00:07:05mrk now
00:07:07MiikLo ss top
00:07:20-HewaL- 5sek
00:07:25101010 ss bot
00:07:26satan-_- miss
00:07:27RalleBrazil curior ?
00:07:28mrk ss
00:07:28satan-_- mid
00:07:29mrk ss
00:07:33satan-_- coming
00:07:33satan-_- bot
00:07:56-HewaL- no mana
00:08:02RalleBrazil curior ?
00:08:144thePeace2 ill activate it now
00:08:23mrk upgrade it
00:08:24mrk venge
00:08:25mrk now
00:08:26mrk please
00:08:29MiikLo b
00:08:31extremewaari cant be
00:08:33extremewaari true'
00:08:46mrk up chick
00:09:01mrk zzzz
00:09:02RalleBrazil ss top
00:09:06extremewaari rune
00:09:07MiikLo ss top
00:09:124thePeace2 ss
00:09:154thePeace2 re
00:09:17satan-_- sec
00:09:17satan-_- i
00:09:18satan-_- take
00:09:18satan-_- it
00:09:24MiikLo top gank
00:09:24satan-_- go
00:09:25MiikLo plz
00:09:27mrk ss''
00:09:27101010 ss lion
00:09:31-HewaL- ss top
00:09:32satan-_- go
00:09:33satan-_- ogre
00:09:51AbdA han er ved sidt twr
00:10:02mrk wards
00:10:04mrk upgrade chick
00:10:06mrk do your shit
00:10:12MiikLo ffs
00:10:14MiikLo what a team
00:10:144thePeace2 ok thats it by me
00:10:16MiikLo no gank top
00:10:18mrk ty
00:10:19MiikLo just bot and mid
00:10:33satan-_- coming
00:10:34satan-_- top try
00:10:35satan-_- ..
00:10:38101010 ss sk
00:10:42AbdA miss mid care
00:10:44satan-_- stun
00:10:58101010 re sk
00:11:12satan-_- tae
00:11:13satan-_- take
00:11:13satan-_- rune
00:11:24satan-_- skj
00:11:26satan-_- ns
00:11:27satan-_- going
00:11:28satan-_- bott
00:11:43AbdA w8 me bot
00:11:474thePeace2 ss
00:11:50mrk ssä
00:12:00-HewaL- 4 bot
00:12:07satan-_- cd
00:12:08satan-_- ulty
00:12:12mrk omw
00:12:13mrk go
00:12:26satan-_- go
00:12:26satan-_- gore
00:12:274thePeace2 aaa crap
00:12:284thePeace2 my bad
00:12:29101010 oom
00:12:33extremewaari cD
00:12:40extremewaari i go to sleep
00:13:15mrk shouldve come at start
00:13:18mrk not let me wait there
00:13:27extremewaari rune
00:13:504thePeace2 don't move my hero again, pls....
00:14:07101010 no shackle?
00:14:18Bogdan no
00:14:23Bogdan mana srry
00:15:32mrk no ball?
00:15:54Bogdan sniper 1-5
00:15:59MiikLo yea
00:16:02MiikLo because
00:16:03101010 ss bot
00:16:03Bogdan didnt buy chick didnt upgrade
00:16:12Bogdan why do u play dota????
00:16:14MiikLo nobody come top to gank
00:16:20MiikLo i was alone
00:16:20extremewaari come
00:16:24-HewaL- no swap
00:16:28satan-_- b krob
00:16:52extremewaari guys ffs
00:17:22mrk why no wards still?
00:17:25mrk we have 4 supports
00:17:28satan-_- go top
00:17:29satan-_- rhasta
00:17:30satan-_- ulty tower
00:17:354thePeace2 chiken and upgrade by me...
00:17:39mrk lion
00:17:40mrk go
00:17:40mrk wards
00:18:31MiikLo omw top
00:18:46satan-_- rofl
00:19:23RalleBrazil påush tower
00:19:29satan-_- go top
00:19:35mrk we already have urn
00:19:38mrk dont buy 2nd
00:19:39mrk and lion get wards
00:19:58AbdA lol
00:20:03mrk we have 3 urns
00:20:05mrk and 0 wards
00:20:06mrk gj guys
00:20:09AbdA fuck u
00:20:32satan-_- SNIPER
00:20:38mrk what the fuck
00:20:40mrk you just leave?
00:20:42mrk both of you
00:20:45101010 fight sniper
00:20:48satan-_- go
00:20:58mrk and sell those urns
00:20:58satan-_- ...
00:21:02mrk more than 1 doesnt work anyway
00:21:034thePeace2 dude, u were on midn 17th min, and no items...
00:21:11mrk what?
00:21:17mrk ive been running around since 5 minute
00:21:20mrk +2/5
00:21:38mrk and lol
00:21:48Bogdan ty ogre
00:21:52mrk i just want _supports_ to buy wards
00:21:55mrk and not get 3 fucking urns
00:22:03mrk when only 1 works
00:23:17satan-_- go
00:23:17satan-_- top
00:23:18satan-_- all
00:23:20satan-_- we have
00:23:21satan-_- rhasta
00:23:22satan-_- ulty
00:23:29satan-_- come
00:23:30satan-_- on
00:23:31satan-_- lane
00:23:36mrk im sad that i have to repeat myself
00:23:44101010 ogre mana plz
00:23:49extremewaari come here
00:23:55101010 ty
00:24:06satan-_- my ulty cd
00:24:07satan-_- try tower
00:24:09satan-_- dont rush
00:24:16MiikLo mid
00:24:16MiikLo ff
00:24:18MiikLo ffs
00:24:19satan-_- no
00:24:19satan-_- go
00:24:35satan-_- rhasta ulty
00:24:38satan-_- krob save ulty
00:24:40satan-_- we go base
00:24:54satan-_- wait
00:24:54-HewaL- b
00:24:55-HewaL- b
00:24:56satan-_- nvm
00:24:56satan-_- they
00:24:57satan-_- come
00:24:58satan-_- stay
00:24:59satan-_- here
00:25:00-HewaL- we cant go 2v4
00:25:04satan-_- go
00:25:11mrk tp
00:25:11mrk top
00:25:12mrk now
00:25:13satan-_- go
00:25:14mrk everyone
00:25:14satan-_- base
00:25:26mrk SK LION
00:25:26mrk TP
00:25:30satan-_- nice
00:25:46satan-_- care
00:25:47satan-_- ogre
00:25:47satan-_- stay
00:25:48satan-_- in
00:25:49satan-_- fog
00:26:02satan-_- n
00:26:09satan-_- b
00:26:24satan-_- run
00:26:28mrk ff
00:26:29mrk ff
00:26:30mrk ff
00:27:15satan-_- get
00:27:18satan-_- rexs
00:27:19satan-_- go
00:27:23satan-_- sniper
00:27:23satan-_- come
00:27:27mrk tards
00:27:39satan-_- go
00:27:39satan-_- top
00:27:40satan-_- sniper
00:27:42satan-_- come
00:27:504thePeace2 profi, u did nothing, so silence...
00:27:56mrk what?
00:28:07mrk im dieing so much cos im fucking only one initiating
00:28:084thePeace2 are u blind ?
00:28:09RalleBrazil ¨what shut up !
00:28:38satan-_- heal sniper
00:28:38MiikLo orgr
00:28:40satan-_- rhasta
00:28:41MiikLo give urn
00:28:45-HewaL- come top
00:28:46RalleBrazil get back !
00:28:51-HewaL- sk
00:28:54satan-_- hm
00:28:55satan-_- ok
00:28:58-HewaL- sand king?
00:28:59satan-_- try baraks
00:29:00satan-_- no rush
00:29:074thePeace2 blkow me
00:29:104thePeace2 blow *
00:29:30satan-_- nice
00:29:31satan-_- gg
00:29:324thePeace2 fucking faggot
00:29:35satan-_- krob
00:29:36satan-_- ulty
00:29:36-HewaL- sand king this was u fault
00:29:36satan-_- go
00:29:39satan-_- trhon
00:29:39mrk yes
00:29:43mrk and also 3 fucking urns
00:29:444thePeace2 some used my ulty...
00:29:48mrk and no wards until 25 minute
00:29:50-HewaL- staying mid when top is pushed
00:29:55-HewaL- I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:29:58mrk I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:30:01101010 rasta
00:30:02mrk you guys should know that
00:30:06mrk supports usually just get wards and boots
00:30:09mrk no other item
00:30:124thePeace2 I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:30:16satan-_- urn
00:30:19mrk but since this is gc you can get wards
00:30:23mrk _and_ other items aswell
00:30:244thePeace2 as i said, i have bought chicken and upgrade, so fuck off...
00:30:27mrk ?
00:30:29mrk who cares
00:30:29AbdA I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:30:34mrk doesnt mean i have to buy them
00:30:43mrk which i had to do
00:31:23satan-_- nice
00:31:24satan-_- wp
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