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Chat log

00:00:17sebralane gordon
00:00:18sebralane can i mid?
00:00:18McNabb y
00:00:18McNabb ehh
00:00:18Momdsiw :D
00:00:18McNabb no
00:00:18sebralane :(
00:00:18sebralane every game when im mid iv won it
00:00:18Seni0r treant
00:00:18Momdsiw me too
00:00:18McNabb anyone anything_
00:00:18McNabb ?
00:00:18sebralane garena dosent count mom
00:00:18sebralane i want furi
00:00:18Momdsiw ban es
00:00:18slc2 i would like to play viper.
00:00:18Momdsiw annoying
00:00:18Momdsiw i want furi too xD
00:00:18Momdsiw ban tb
00:00:18McNabb u see, ew cant have both furi and viper
00:00:18slc2 jep...
00:00:18McNabb ban tb
00:00:18slc2 then i go razor:)
00:00:23slc2 its good agaisnt huskar
00:00:25Momdsiw es for me then
00:00:37Momdsiw its win
00:00:40Momdsiw if oyu give me es
00:00:48McNabb k
00:00:54Momdsiw 75% win 60 games
00:01:01sebralane ur stats?
00:01:12sebralane or overall
00:01:20Momdsiw what for es
00:01:20McNabb get me necro
00:01:24slc2 lets have omni?
00:01:26svents sebra tglt kh
00:01:26Momdsiw -swap 1
00:01:26Dotson k
00:01:28svents ime munni
00:01:29Dotson oh
00:01:30McNabb -swap 3
00:01:32svents tra minu furion
00:01:34Momdsiw me + razor top
00:01:36slc2 get puck or omni
00:01:37Dotson what do we need?
00:01:42slc2 puck or omni
00:01:58McNabb get ck
00:01:59sebralane they kinda counter my furi :D
00:02:01Dotson no
00:02:02Dotson sry
00:02:03Dotson can't
00:02:06Momdsiw why you pick furi
00:02:07McNabb wd
00:02:09sebralane they can kill my tree stun
00:02:10McNabb omni
00:02:21McNabb furi go mid then
00:02:26McNabb if u want
00:02:27sebralane yes!!!!!!!!!!1
00:02:31sebralane ^^
00:02:33McNabb dont give a shit
00:02:34Momdsiw its huskar man
00:02:45Momdsiw necro or razor top
00:02:46Momdsiw k
00:02:50slc2 mayby let me insteed?
00:03:02Momdsiw take dmg suck skill
00:03:13slc2 what?
00:03:14Momdsiw i make imba blocks
00:03:20Momdsiw second skill
00:03:33slc2 i know the hero baby:)
00:03:34Momdsiw pulling
00:03:36svents ss
00:03:58svents re1
00:04:20sebralane gg
00:04:22sebralane need swap
00:04:26sebralane razor go mid
00:04:27Momdsiw you wanted mid
00:04:28Momdsiw fucking noob
00:04:34sebralane well seniro mid
00:04:36Seni0r why did u put sebralane mid
00:04:38Seni0r ?
00:04:40Momdsiw of course
00:04:42sebralane and tower dosent hit him
00:04:44McNabb he wanted so bad
00:04:47Seni0r :S
00:04:48sebralane he attack me
00:04:50Momdsiw he said he always
00:04:51sebralane and tower dosent attack him
00:04:51Momdsiw won mid
00:04:51svents cause he is pro
00:05:16slc2 fur go top
00:05:25Seni0r miss
00:05:384thePeace2 ss
00:05:51Momdsiw if he dives you with husk you sohuld hit trees to him
00:06:30Momdsiw kill
00:06:39Momdsiw viper
00:06:394thePeace2 ss1
00:07:01Momdsiw lesh go
00:07:04Momdsiw ¨viper
00:07:054thePeace2 re
00:07:32svents wtf
00:07:39svents this shit didnt stun first
00:07:42svents this lagg killing me
00:07:44svents :S:S
00:07:58Seni0r miss mid
00:08:06Dotson try to kill
00:08:11Momdsiw i come bot
00:08:11Momdsiw wait
00:08:20slc2 mis midd
00:08:36svents ok :D:D
00:08:41svents see delay on lahe
00:08:46svents see delay on lahe
00:09:32slc2 mid miss
00:09:50Seni0r :S
00:09:50Momdsiw i come bot
00:09:50sebralane imdded
00:10:104thePeace2 ss
00:10:14McNabb furi go b net
00:10:22sebralane cant
00:10:24Momdsiw got my mana boots
00:10:24slc2 40hp....
00:10:35Momdsiw man my roam shaker is highest lvl
00:10:37slc2 2 l8 fur
00:10:46slc2 mid miss
00:11:02Dotson b
00:11:04Momdsiw b bot
00:11:05svents viper kill mid
00:11:08Momdsiw hujsk there
00:11:094thePeace2 k
00:11:24McNabb lal
00:11:26McNabb so guys
00:11:30McNabb u all fail mid?
00:11:424thePeace2 so strong
00:11:42Momdsiw havent failed anything
00:11:53svents kill furi
00:12:10Momdsiw i go fram fast dagger
00:12:15McNabb k
00:12:53sebralane gg
00:12:55sebralane asdfg
00:13:05Momdsiw man this shaker
00:13:074thePeace2 this s
00:13:08Momdsiw keeps team uop
00:13:084thePeace2 es*
00:13:09slc2 hehe
00:13:11McNabb man this furi sucks
00:13:16McNabb b
00:13:17McNabb b
00:13:24slc2 b
00:13:24slc2 b
00:13:25slc2 b
00:13:26slc2 b
00:13:27Momdsiw i ownt with es
00:13:33Momdsiw everytime
00:13:37Dotson b
00:13:38Dotson ffs
00:13:48McNabb lol
00:13:53Seni0r svents, PLEASE.
00:13:58Dotson gordon
00:14:00Dotson fucking
00:14:01Dotson look
00:14:03Dotson and read
00:14:06Dotson chat
00:14:11McNabb :D
00:14:36svents this lagg :DD:D:D
00:14:41svents so fcking nice
00:15:00Momdsiw :<
00:15:09Momdsiw Ff
00:15:13slc2 get tower
00:15:26sebralane ss husk
00:15:52sebralane indeed
00:15:54Momdsiw sebra fucking nlind
00:15:55Momdsiw you are bad
00:16:02Momdsiw lesh there and you run inh xD
00:16:24Momdsiw twr go
00:16:36Momdsiw ahh
00:16:37Momdsiw no tower
00:16:44McNabb need wards
00:16:45McNabb guys
00:17:13slc2 huskar here
00:17:474thePeace2 me
00:17:50McNabb es?
00:17:53Momdsiw sry
00:18:23Momdsiw ahh
00:18:27Momdsiw Man
00:18:29Momdsiw :<
00:18:30Momdsiw gg husk
00:18:39McNabb gg furi and razor pikc
00:18:50svents take it
00:18:52slc2 razor pick is nice...
00:19:00Seni0r senior, remember the name
00:19:02McNabb u noobs think u can handle but u just cant.. furi razor, when do u get it
00:19:10sebralane stfu
00:19:13slc2 but when i cam to mid he was 2 levels over me..
00:19:14Dotson sebra
00:19:14sebralane u cant handel ur hero
00:19:15sebralane 1 heal
00:19:16Dotson u stfu
00:19:17Dotson fucking noob
00:19:19sebralane per teamfight
00:19:29slc2 stun???
00:19:47Momdsiw ji farn dagger
00:19:48Momdsiw 500
00:19:48McNabb we cant win 5v5
00:19:59McNabb but if u noobs wanna try go ahead
00:20:00Momdsiw 400 for dfagger
00:20:01slc2 of curse we can win
00:20:06Momdsiw need my dagger
00:20:08Momdsiw dont fight yet
00:20:41McNabb lol he is fat
00:20:46McNabb wp razor furi
00:20:50slc2 shut up..
00:20:56Momdsiw wp team
00:20:56slc2 blame furi not me..
00:20:57McNabb i never lose mid, blablabla
00:21:16Momdsiw i have almsot full build xD
00:21:17slc2 han var 2 levels højere end mig, hvad har du tænkt dig?
00:21:21Momdsiw got my dagger
00:21:25McNabb dont know and dont care
00:21:28slc2 skal jeg trylle elelr hvad?
00:21:38Momdsiw go push mid
00:21:40Momdsiw i stay b
00:21:41Momdsiw and dagger in
00:21:47Seni0r u weere nice mid furiomn
00:21:58McNabb :D
00:21:59Momdsiw why not makle him
00:22:06sebralane was mid only fb
00:22:10sebralane soo np
00:22:32McNabb look razor anf furi.. svents sucks more than u, but he knows, so he picks support.. thats make him better han u guys
00:22:47svents haha
00:22:48Momdsiw googo
00:22:51svents good joke fcker
00:22:53Dotson sebra, first time u lose mid?
00:22:55svents tomorrow
00:23:02Momdsiw ops
00:23:06Momdsiw little small jump
00:23:11Momdsiw was too far :<
00:23:12svents i will get decent internet then we see
00:23:17slc2 omg..
00:23:40McNabb hey dotson u did fine mate
00:23:51McNabb but sebra should go b net
00:23:57Dotson ty
00:23:58Dotson yes
00:24:10Momdsiw booorn to bee sveeents
00:24:15svents ffs
00:24:34Momdsiw we try turtle?
00:24:35McNabb my furi too pro
00:24:43Seni0r my huskar to noob
00:24:47sebralane our cap too suppordiv
00:25:10Momdsiw blah
00:25:11Momdsiw wht items youi have
00:25:36svents blah what lagg i have :DDD
00:25:524thePeace2 reg
00:25:54Momdsiw furi
00:25:57Momdsiw tele
00:26:05Momdsiw furi tele
00:26:09Momdsiw wr like 100 hp
00:26:25Momdsiw he were destryoing our tower
00:26:34McNabb b
00:26:39slc2 jep
00:26:41Momdsiw go mid
00:26:42Momdsiw have yult
00:26:55slc2 es
00:26:55Momdsiw top b
00:26:56Momdsiw 4 inc
00:27:09McNabb b?
00:27:18Momdsiw wait they push
00:27:22Momdsiw need creeps to make good ulti
00:27:48Momdsiw -.-
00:28:18sebralane gg
00:28:18slc2 es gogo?
00:28:45Balbii SVENTS
00:28:48Balbii wtf is wrong!?
00:28:51McNabb :D
00:28:54sebralane lvl 10
00:28:56sebralane must be pro
00:29:08McNabb i had bot lane dude, cause u wanted mid
00:29:17slc2 gj
00:29:17McNabb svents leave
00:29:17sebralane indeed u had
00:29:23svents oh i am dead :DDD
00:29:27svents this lagg is so nice :D:D
00:29:48Seni0r svents, i really want you to leave:(
00:29:55svents np np
00:30:06svents sry btw
00:30:10svents tomorrow i wont lagg
00:30:12svents i promise
00:30:26Seni0r i want to play with u then:)
00:30:27Balbii can barely wait
00:30:35svents omfg
00:30:38McNabb FFS SVERNTS
00:30:40McNabb U RUIN
00:30:42McNabb WIYTH LAG
00:30:53svents new soulyah
00:30:53slc2 gogo furi
00:30:53McNabb u know that!?!??!?
00:31:10slc2 b
00:31:11slc2 b
00:31:44Momdsiw any1 can bait?
00:31:52Momdsiw blah
00:31:53Momdsiw tis over now
00:31:54sebralane I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:32:01Momdsiw dont go out base
00:32:01Momdsiw b
00:32:02Momdsiw b
00:32:02Momdsiw b
00:32:15Momdsiw saty in
00:32:25Momdsiw razor come fight now
00:32:41slc2 gogo huskar he got no dam
00:32:43sebralane i tree
00:32:45svents oh im dead again :D:D
00:32:54slc2 se??
00:32:55Momdsiw gogo wr
00:32:56Seni0r svents, please leave
00:33:084thePeace2 just breaking the game
00:33:15Seni0r svents, ur ruining the fun
00:33:16Momdsiw that went fine
00:33:16slc2 gj guys.
00:33:16Seni0r honestly
00:33:18Momdsiw we can maybe tuirtle
00:33:22svents i know sry
00:33:25Momdsiw if they plays so stupid
00:33:25Seni0r so please
00:33:26Seni0r ..
00:33:27McNabb wow this viper:D
00:33:31McNabb strong:D
00:33:40Momdsiw hes soloing whole game xD?
00:33:48slc2 what he got?
00:33:58Momdsiw atleast he has no brains
00:34:00Momdsiw dunno what else
00:34:19slc2 lets go es
00:34:20Momdsiw sebra dosent either
00:34:23Momdsiw no
00:34:24Momdsiw no ulti
00:34:31slc2 es we can take them all just com
00:34:40Momdsiw kk
00:34:41slc2 come es
00:34:41Momdsiw wait
00:35:10Momdsiw 250 for agha
00:35:13Momdsiw def mid
00:35:18Momdsiw all def mid
00:35:19Momdsiw all
00:35:20Momdsiw razor
00:35:20Momdsiw ffs
00:35:21Momdsiw razor
00:35:22Momdsiw raozro
00:35:22Momdsiw razor
00:35:27Momdsiw fucking bnoobv razor
00:35:51Momdsiw carry tp
00:35:52Momdsiw razor
00:35:54sebralane got wr?
00:35:54Momdsiw only item you need
00:35:59Balbii SVENTS
00:36:04Momdsiw razor buy fucking tp
00:36:06Balbii ffs
00:36:07Balbii leave
00:36:08slc2 yeye
00:36:10Seni0r if u dont leave svents, i will banrequest you
00:36:12Seni0r for gameruining
00:36:14svents do it
00:36:16Dotson that went well
00:36:18Dotson no worries
00:36:19Momdsiw and dotson buy wards
00:36:23Momdsiw 'good
00:36:37Seni0r det har jag inte alls
00:36:37Momdsiw me and razor only normal lvsl
00:36:40slc2 we need pipe
00:36:56Momdsiw necro make agha vs huskar
00:36:57Momdsiw ?
00:37:03Momdsiw so hes useless
00:37:03sebralane lol
00:37:08Momdsiw and we win when hes dead
00:37:13Momdsiw others are nothing
00:37:21Dotson y
00:37:21McNabb i have killed him so easy last 3 times
00:37:25Momdsiw ok
00:37:28Momdsiw hex then maybe
00:37:29McNabb why u think i picked this shit!??!
00:37:31Momdsiw or shiva
00:37:36McNabb shiva
00:37:38Momdsiw you need 2 lvls fast
00:37:58Momdsiw dont push until we have good items
00:38:16Momdsiw get your hex rdy furi
00:38:57Momdsiw they cant push
00:39:04Momdsiw furi go push lines
00:39:14McNabb if u lose this game i rofl
00:39:21Momdsiw they will
00:39:21Balbii if you win this game
00:39:224thePeace2 lol
00:39:22Balbii i rofl
00:39:26McNabb yeah:D
00:39:28Momdsiw momdsiw es=win
00:39:44McNabb shiva on lesh:D:D:D:
00:39:48Momdsiw :DDD
00:39:57Momdsiw that husk so stupid
00:40:00Momdsiw no bkb even now
00:40:14Seni0r huskar-senior= win
00:40:15Momdsiw if he gets bkb its over maybe
00:40:25Momdsiw nah we grow
00:40:26slc2 lets push now.
00:40:27Momdsiw from ashes
00:40:28McNabb get ghost scepters then
00:40:28Momdsiw no
00:40:30Momdsiw need entry
00:40:34Jockwe lesh svents = life
00:40:34Seni0r when i got bkb ur screwed
00:40:41Momdsiw kk push now
00:40:41Momdsiw ^^
00:40:45Momdsiw my ulti rapes
00:40:47Momdsiw agha ulti
00:40:49Momdsiw googo mid
00:40:50Momdsiw im not tank
00:40:59Momdsiw come
00:40:59Momdsiw guys
00:41:20Momdsiw gg
00:41:21Momdsiw who has
00:41:31Momdsiw Viper has etheral blade wtf?
00:41:34Momdsiw Wtf
00:41:35McNabb why u guys wanna go mid?
00:41:37sebralane well es u shoud have jumped
00:41:42Momdsiw how i fucking jump
00:41:45Momdsiw cause i ened to tank
00:41:48Momdsiw when no1 else goes
00:41:494thePeace2 that gg
00:41:52Momdsiw i wont jump solo leshrac
00:41:54sebralane u go we all come
00:41:57sebralane u stun for 2 sek
00:42:03sebralane enoght time for wd to stun
00:42:04Momdsiw need fucking bait
00:42:07McNabb this is why u are not 80-90% mom u know that
00:42:10Momdsiw that i get proper ulti
00:42:25Momdsiw cause my teams fails
00:42:27Momdsiw i paly supports
00:42:28Momdsiw not carrys
00:42:36McNabb I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:42:44Momdsiw and im supporting noob carry firstpick
00:42:49sebralane :D
00:42:52Jockwe lagged
00:42:54Momdsiw like always
00:43:11McNabb oh comon
00:43:13Dotson svents
00:43:16Dotson go fuck yourself
00:43:35Dotson rosh alive!!!
00:43:43McNabb if i just had mid myself:.-/
00:43:54Momdsiw lal
00:43:57Seni0r you wouldnt get pwnd by senior;)
00:44:06McNabb y i wouldent
00:44:13Seni0r just kiddin man
00:44:15Momdsiw if my team could do something :<
00:44:17Seni0r we are homies
00:44:21McNabb sure
00:44:22McNabb SVENTS
00:44:22Momdsiw es highest lvl
00:44:24slc2 cardinals
00:44:27Momdsiw first pick carry 5 lvls lower
00:44:30Seni0r you shud be proud
00:44:32Seni0r huskar best player
00:44:49slc2 I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:45:10Dotson fu
00:45:26sebralane haha
00:45:29Momdsiw :D
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