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Chat log

00:00:16Silkki sec
00:00:16Silkki moving screen to see the pool don't panic
00:00:19Nevari bänni lich
00:00:19Silkki hmm
00:00:19Ckalle Lastpicks (orange and brown) u have to buy courier and share.
00:00:19Ckalle he's first ban
00:00:19Ckalle so I'm waiting :)
00:00:19Papaya spectre
00:00:19Nevari 5 new's in a game
00:00:19Seinis papayacoonuts?
00:00:19Papaya no
00:00:19Nevari O.o
00:00:19Ckalle I ban SD
00:00:20Papaya lately gc being overrun by new people
00:00:40Nevari anyone want lich?
00:00:53Suleman papaya from
00:01:10Silkki i make urn
00:01:15Motku can play lich
00:01:21Motku what u want?
00:01:22Papaya k
00:01:24Nevari picki riki
00:01:27Nevari riki
00:01:27Seinis waaver go mid?
00:01:27Seinis or
00:01:28Silkki hm so how u want lanes?
00:01:29Seinis i can go too
00:01:30Nevari -swap 3
00:01:31Motku -swap 2
00:01:34Silkki or we free to lolz em how we want
00:01:36Seinis weaver mid?
00:01:41Papaya y im mid
00:01:44Papaya do what u want with lanes
00:01:51Nevari lastpick buy chicken
00:01:54Ckalle AA last maybe
00:01:57shaddie -swap
00:01:59shaddie -swap 2
00:02:05Seinis -swap 5
00:02:07Motku lanes?
00:02:09Papaya courier
00:02:18Ckalle hmm
00:02:23Ckalle if riki wants solo mid
00:02:26Ckalle I can solo aswell
00:02:27Ckalle and u trilane
00:02:33Nevari i can mid if u want
00:02:37Nevari but u can have it
00:02:46Nevari also lich is like the best mid there is
00:02:48shaddie -clear
00:02:54Ckalle ye but we can't do good lanes
00:02:55Motku tri top?
00:02:56Ckalle if he's mid
00:03:02Ckalle tri where u want
00:03:07Ckalle but yellow went top
00:03:10Ckalle AA
00:03:10Ckalle top
00:03:19Nevari :x
00:03:23Nevari trilane wont work
00:03:24Nevari trust me
00:03:29Ckalle we can try
00:03:29Nevari ss
00:03:31Nevari re
00:04:30Silkki hämää
00:04:31Silkki n
00:04:32Silkki motku
00:08:30Papaya dive
00:08:34Nevari coming top
00:08:35Nevari beware
00:09:19Papaya sds riki
00:10:01Papaya ss
00:10:06Papaya hes lvl6
00:10:46Papaya omw top
00:11:00Nevari ss
00:11:00Ckalle flying would be nice
00:11:52Papaya wards would be cool
00:12:34Silkki omw
00:13:30Silkki harashed riki a bit
00:13:34Papaya y
00:13:48Silkki GO GO GO
00:13:49Motku ss top
00:13:52Papaya ss riki
00:13:58Ckalle 3 bot
00:14:11Ckalle ss dirg
00:14:21Suleman mirana miss
00:14:47Papaya kill sven
00:16:01Papaya omw bot sven
00:16:03Papaya kill again
00:16:06Suleman k
00:16:08Papaya go
00:16:21Ckalle wards plz
00:16:24Ckalle they perma gank me
00:16:29Ckalle where is our support
00:16:30Silkki come gang
00:16:30Silkki t
00:16:30Ckalle seriously
00:16:31Silkki op
00:16:32Silkki pls
00:16:34Ckalle min 13 no flying?!
00:16:48Ckalle sven top
00:16:49Ckalle b
00:17:15Seinis dd
00:17:17Seinis top
00:18:31Papaya lich
00:18:31Papaya care
00:18:37Papaya go
00:18:38Papaya wood
00:19:31Nevari oom
00:19:59Ckalle inc bot
00:20:00Ckalle u die
00:20:51Ckalle sylla relic
00:20:59Silkki l2 party
00:21:00Papaya kill top
00:21:03Silkki offer some support nukes
00:21:12shaddie toptop
00:21:19Seinis lol 2 radi *=)
00:21:24Ckalle so much radi
00:21:26Ckalle on your team o.O
00:21:43Papaya put relic on bear
00:21:45Papaya is better
00:21:48Ckalle well
00:21:56Ckalle this is what happens if u let someone else have mid :)
00:21:57Ckalle gg wp
00:21:59Ckalle ff
00:22:09Silkki 1-3 helps too
00:22:15Ckalle 0 wards
00:22:17Ckalle 3 ganks
00:22:20Ckalle 1/0 on the lane
00:23:41Ckalle 2 guys in fountain
00:23:42Ckalle afk
00:23:45Ckalle nice
00:24:07Ckalle riki no OoV or Diffuz
00:24:09Ckalle wheee
00:24:43Nevari seems it worked out better than your obv wraith+roh
00:25:08Ckalle cus I hear solo mid is so hard compared to solo vs Sven Venge
00:25:10Ckalle rite?
00:25:18Ckalle Sven Venge + ganks that is
00:25:20Ckalle without calls or wards
00:25:22Nevari said something about trilane
00:25:30Papaya no fair
00:25:45Papaya seinis
00:25:53Papaya dude learn to play sylla
00:25:57Papaya you ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS
00:25:59shaddie lets chill a bit with pushin :)
00:25:59Seinis yeah im trying to
00:26:00Papaya go bear form
00:26:02Seinis teach me
00:26:02Seinis ok
00:26:06Papaya at no moment do u stay ranged form
00:26:09Seinis ok
00:26:11Papaya bear form give u like 1k hp
00:26:20Seinis aye captain
00:26:20Papaya sylla is no carry he is push, send bear to twr u chill behind
00:26:31Papaya thats why radi is standard build cause of bear
00:26:58Seinis -cs
00:27:53Papaya see the hp difference
00:27:59Seinis yeah
00:28:12Papaya oh and when u get ult lvl2 lvl3
00:28:15Papaya go range form then ult form
00:28:18Papaya so u get hp bonus
00:29:43Silkki GO BOTTOM GUSY!
00:29:45Silkki LETS DOO EET
00:30:32Papaya sec
00:30:33Papaya gem
00:31:14Papaya gotta stop fucking around on end of games
00:31:59Papaya gogo u can win this!
00:32:08Silkki dude i think we losed this game
00:32:09Nevari y
00:32:13Papaya your rax!
00:32:14Silkki motky sry bout ur team : (
00:32:16Nevari we just turtle megas for 25 minutes
00:32:16Papaya noooo
00:32:17Ckalle I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:26Ckalle Motku played horribad
00:32:30Ckalle don't talk plz
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