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Chat log

00:00:05NotAHax :DD:
00:00:09NotAHax onnea pelaamisee herre
00:00:15NotAHax h2start junglejonte on dotainvitessä
00:00:22h2star_- HALllllååå
00:00:24DooB tajuuksa kui pahasti hävitään nota
00:00:26NotAHax you guys want
00:00:27h2star_- can i play something funny
00:00:27NotAHax something?
00:00:29NotAHax speical?
00:00:31junglejonte meepo / chen
00:00:47NoX ban wisp
00:00:50h2star_- aa
00:00:51h2star_- gör det
00:00:55h2star_- banna wisp
00:00:56Eksodick I could wd
00:00:57h2star_- assåå
00:00:59h2star_- notahax
00:01:00NotAHax he will do it
00:01:05h2star_- wr
00:01:07h2star_- ah
00:01:09Eksodick guess not
00:01:21h2star_- bala
00:01:22h2star_- for me
00:01:52NotAHax wd centaur bot
00:01:54NotAHax top*
00:01:57junglejonte i buy chicki
00:01:58NotAHax wd wards, chen chick if possible
00:01:59NotAHax ye
00:02:03NotAHax chen bot woods plz, im solo bot
00:02:03NotAHax ns mid
00:02:07Wavesofchange roff last?
00:02:11Kapo- can i have chen? :P
00:02:13NotAHax no
00:02:14junglejonte no
00:02:15Kapo- mm
00:02:16Herre y
00:02:17DooB sure
00:02:22Kapo- then what :D
00:02:23NotAHax pelaat wd tai centaur
00:02:29Wavesofchange im wr
00:02:44NotAHax ihan vitun helppo hero
00:02:45NotAHax otat
00:02:45DooB so the worst player with tiny :D
00:02:46NotAHax stun double edge
00:02:49NotAHax sitten
00:02:49Herre gg
00:02:54Wavesofchange dazzle
00:02:55NotAHax ostat dagger vanguard
00:02:56Wavesofchange swap with treant
00:02:59Wavesofchange and u play tiny
00:03:02NotAHax tappeluis teletät vihue keskelle stun ja tuhoot
00:03:03Kapo- mm ok
00:03:06Eksodick :E
00:03:06Lucky -swap
00:03:09Eksodick -swap 2
00:03:09Wavesofchange dazzle
00:03:10DooB huh
00:03:11Lucky -swap 5
00:03:12Wavesofchange can u play tiny
00:03:14DooB -swap 2
00:03:14NotAHax i alt tab sec
00:03:17Wavesofchange eksotik
00:03:21Wavesofchange can u play tiny?
00:03:23Eksodick sure but im not in the mood
00:03:28Eksodick prefer dazzle
00:03:29Eksodick :E
00:03:31Wavesofchange kk
00:03:41Wavesofchange tiny dazzle obt
00:03:42Wavesofchange bot
00:03:50Wavesofchange top lane just farm
00:03:53Lucky dazle boty
00:03:53NotAHax they wont buy sentrys
00:03:53NotAHax :D
00:03:54NotAHax 'obs*
00:03:55NotAHax *
00:03:56DooB wrong spell lol
00:03:57Eksodick no chick=
00:03:58DooB crap
00:03:58Herre chicken
00:03:59Eksodick I get one?
00:04:02Wavesofchange dazzle
00:04:03Wavesofchange chick
00:04:04Herre would be refered
00:04:38Wavesofchange omg
00:04:41Herre gg
00:04:53Wavesofchange fucking dd
00:04:54Wavesofchange on him
00:04:56Wavesofchange nice start huh
00:04:58junglejonte im coming little man
00:05:17Wavesofchange FUKC
00:05:17Wavesofchange LØKJG
00:05:18Wavesofchange LØKJ
00:05:18Wavesofchange LØJ
00:05:27Eksodick why you stop?
00:05:30Lucky bug..
00:05:55Lucky harras him
00:06:23Herre -ma
00:07:07Herre pro
00:07:50Herre -ma
00:07:55NotAHax lol
00:08:05NotAHax we cant
00:08:05NotAHax :E
00:08:07Herre pros*
00:08:10h2star_- wr
00:08:10h2star_- bot
00:08:11h2star_- rune
00:08:44junglejonte holy crap
00:08:47junglejonte only wildkins
00:08:52NotAHax lol
00:09:28NotAHax oh yes
00:09:29NotAHax that was stypid
00:09:30NotAHax by me
00:09:45DooB i fail with the sentinels
00:10:12h2star_- b
00:10:12h2star_- top
00:10:19Wavesofchange abba
00:10:20Wavesofchange be rdy
00:10:41Wavesofchange tt
00:10:56Herre -ma
00:11:19NotAHax you should pull
00:11:22NotAHax after pull can kill
00:11:23NotAHax or we push?
00:11:23junglejonte no
00:11:23NotAHax kl
00:11:24NotAHax k
00:11:25junglejonte we take tower now
00:11:45Lucky dazzle ?
00:11:48Lucky grave ?
00:12:24DooB care for balanar
00:12:24Wavesofchange y?
00:12:33Eksodick ss 2
00:12:40Herre nice caring
00:12:53Wavesofchange su please
00:13:04junglejonte they are coming bot mate
00:13:06Herre but it sure was awsome caring!
00:13:13junglejonte nah
00:14:22Wavesofchange so lost
00:14:24Wavesofchange This game
00:14:28Eksodick ss many
00:14:38Herre sentinel
00:14:41Herre no
00:14:54Wavesofchange -.-
00:14:56Wavesofchange fuck this game
00:15:07Wavesofchange b roff
00:15:09Wavesofchange he silence and kill u
00:15:42Wavesofchange FFS
00:15:46Wavesofchange fuck this
00:15:47Wavesofchange ff
00:15:47Wavesofchange F
00:15:48Wavesofchange F
00:15:48Wavesofchange FF
00:15:48Wavesofchange F
00:15:48Wavesofchange OÅHJGFSD
00:15:49Wavesofchange OHJGFSD
00:15:49Wavesofchange OJ
00:15:49Wavesofchange OÅJGSD
00:15:49Wavesofchange OUJGSD
00:15:50Wavesofchange OÅJGSD
00:15:50Wavesofchange OÅJGSD
00:15:50Wavesofchange OJGFHSD
00:15:51Wavesofchange OÅHJfhs>dbJAWER
00:15:53NotAHax You mad?
00:15:55Wavesofchange !ff
00:15:56Wavesofchange stfu
00:16:00NotAHax you mad bro?
00:16:03DooB why is there such a newbie as captain :S
00:16:09Wavesofchange this h2start is owning
00:16:12Wavesofchange and hes the fucking biggest noob
00:16:18NotAHax ..
00:16:23Wavesofchange a
00:16:25NotAHax Hes actually good player
00:16:26NotAHax you just suck ass
00:16:28Herre kapow team just owns
00:16:34Herre no further statements
00:16:34Wavesofchange stfu
00:16:37Wavesofchange i just picked crap
00:16:42Herre gj
00:16:42NotAHax You suck anyway
00:16:44DooB why did you pick crap
00:16:48Herre well argumented
00:16:59Herre as captain
00:17:20junglejonte reuse
00:17:21Lucky AJAA
00:17:22Lucky AHA
00:17:23Lucky LUCKY
00:17:30DooB look at this
00:17:32Lucky your so funy
00:17:32DooB everyone else died once
00:17:37Lucky your so funy
00:17:38DooB team kapown 0 4
00:17:42NotAHax can we try fast push?
00:17:52NotAHax i get domi
00:17:53NotAHax and manta
00:17:59Herre solidarism
00:18:01Lucky ulti
00:18:32Wavesofchange fuck
00:18:33Lucky b
00:18:33Wavesofchange U
00:18:33Lucky b
00:18:33Lucky b
00:18:33Lucky b
00:18:34Lucky b
00:18:34Lucky b
00:18:34Lucky b
00:18:35Lucky b
00:18:35Lucky b
00:18:36Wavesofchange fucking reg
00:18:38Wavesofchange noob lucker
00:18:43NotAHax you mad?
00:18:45Wavesofchange y
00:18:57Herre pro teams are pro
00:18:58Wavesofchange i picked crap
00:19:02NotAHax You are crap also
00:19:03Wavesofchange and playing like shit
00:19:08DooB who wouldn't be, this is a total humiliation LOL
00:19:12Herre I dont what have I done to get doob and the kapow siams
00:19:18NotAHax .D:D
00:20:01NotAHax i want wolf
00:20:25Lucky roof use your eyes nab
00:20:31Herre doob*
00:20:46DooB i think you have no right to call me or anyone else noob
00:20:48DooB to be honest
00:20:53Herre agreed.
00:20:53NotAHax if chen gets full creeps +i get wolf
00:20:57NotAHax ¨we can go end sooon
00:21:18Wavesofchange u seen me in my worst game on gc
00:21:19Wavesofchange so faar
00:21:30NotAHax wow
00:21:30NotAHax ty
00:21:35Lucky use poisen dazlle
00:21:40Lucky jesus!
00:21:46Herre oh wait
00:21:48Lucky btw roof you are a newb
00:21:48Kapo- :]
00:21:49Lucky so stuf
00:21:50Eksodick it's cd all the time?
00:21:51Herre I almost forgot eksotik
00:21:55Eksodick because I use it?
00:21:57NotAHax jos näät suden
00:21:59NotAHax älä tapa
00:22:00Eksodick forgot what? :P
00:22:04Herre nuttin
00:22:05Kapo- hm ok
00:22:05Herre =P
00:22:08Herre just forgot you
00:22:10Herre but dont worry
00:22:11DooB maybe in not leet and i dont know the super cool positions for my scouts, but at least i can stay alive mate
00:22:15Herre I will remember you xmas
00:22:16Herre :]
00:22:21Eksodick aww
00:22:32Herre doob
00:22:34Herre too long sentences
00:22:43Eksodick I want some penis shaped present
00:22:45DooB lol
00:22:47Eksodick big and hard
00:22:48Eksodick ty
00:22:57Herre pic first
00:23:00Herre ur age?
00:23:18Eksodick 22 :(
00:23:20Eksodick but no boobies
00:23:27NoX when night
00:23:30NotAHax y
00:23:31NotAHax i want my wolf
00:23:32NotAHax -.-.
00:24:05NotAHax best wr
00:24:16Wavesofchange why u like this?
00:24:56Herre such a good game =P
00:25:05NotAHax FFS
00:25:05Wavesofchange ff
00:25:06NotAHax WHY NO WOLF
00:25:07NotAHax well go end
00:25:08NotAHax fuck this
00:25:09Wavesofchange !ff
00:25:11NotAHax i get centaur or somethging
00:25:12Wavesofchange terrible game
00:25:16Wavesofchange just wanna forget it
00:25:21Eksodick you wont
00:25:25DooB yeah trust me
00:25:34NotAHax go mid
00:26:15Herre !
00:26:58DooB first time i see traxex now lol
00:28:35Herre :D:D
00:28:38Wavesofchange -.-
00:28:39Wavesofchange ff
00:28:40Lucky ROOF USE INVIS NAB
00:28:40Wavesofchange END
00:28:41Wavesofchange END
00:28:41Wavesofchange END
00:28:45h2star_- ff
00:28:46h2star_- then
00:28:50Herre :::::::D
00:28:53DooB YES INVIS
00:28:55NotAHax Hevosjoukot saapuivat
00:28:55Herre uskomaton peli
00:28:58Eksodick :DD
00:29:02DooB UPSIDE DOWN
00:29:03Lucky y
00:29:04DooB INVIS!!!!
00:29:08Lucky if you lean abilitys
00:29:12Lucky its will
00:29:15Herre my stomach has turned upside down
00:29:15DooB yes mate i can learn abilities
00:29:18DooB but can you learn to play? :S:S:S::S
00:29:24Lucky okay newb
00:30:11Eksodick where's our reinforcements
00:30:49DooB RELY
00:31:01DooB herre teetkö vladimirin
00:31:09NotAHax i go look
00:31:10NotAHax for da wolf
00:31:11Herre kyllä
00:31:13Herre joskus
00:31:18NotAHax jungle get full creeps and lets go
00:31:20Herre sillä nyt ei ole väliä enää
00:31:25Wavesofchange roshan
00:31:27DooB eipä juuri
00:31:51NotAHax where are the wolfs
00:31:52NotAHax wtf
00:32:09NotAHax OMG
00:32:24NotAHax tappanu nyt 5x nää suden toivossa mutta ei voi respawn
00:32:56NotAHax .
00:33:59DooB voi harmi
00:34:43Herre wp!
00:34:52DooB very well.
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