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-22 X
-2 TS

87% | 1425 X | 1515 TS

+7 X
-4 TS

66% | 1274 X | 1368 TS

+1 X
-4 TS

48% | 1122 X | 1356 TS

-38 X
-2 TS

34% | 1118 X | 1249 TS

-15 X
-3 TS

21% | 966 X | 1296 TS

+37 X
+14 TS

83% | 1430 X | 1436 TS

+17 X
+2 TS

56% | 1179 X | 1389 TS

+2 X
+5 TS

43% | 1160 X | 1274 TS

+7 X
+2 TS

31% | 1086 X | 1255 TS

+19 X
+4 TS

29% | 1005 X | 1325 TS

Chat log

00:00:18Nevari lycaaaaa
00:00:18verybad -pit
00:00:18verybad -invo
00:00:18verybad -pit
00:00:18Swagga waht?
00:00:18Swagga who is banned?
00:00:18Nevari pit banned lol
00:00:18Raj -afk
00:00:18Raj -apm
00:00:18Raj -ii
00:00:18Raj -st
00:00:18paskahomovittu -tb
00:00:18paskahomovittu -tb
00:00:18Swagga -stfu
00:00:54edgarass balanar
00:00:58edgarass take him
00:00:59Nevari -swap 1
00:00:59verybad -swap 2
00:01:14verybad bala mid
00:01:40Rotkiv abba rhasta lion last ..plz
00:01:43edgarass i take furi
00:01:51Raj rhasta
00:01:54Swagga lion
00:01:57verybad furi rhasta top
00:01:59Swagga is beter
00:02:01karm abba seems more solid
00:02:01karm :P
00:02:03Swagga better'
00:02:05Misha furi u have to gang mid alot then
00:02:05Raj abba
00:02:06verybad yo
00:02:07Raj then
00:02:08Swagga yea
00:02:16edgarass i will try
00:02:20Misha furion what are u doing?
00:02:25verybad share chickkkk
00:02:26edgarass i will tp
00:02:30Swagga -clear
00:03:15verybad don't try lvl1 gang
00:03:17karm dd balanar
00:03:22edgarass dont worrry
00:05:01Misha ward?
00:07:34Nevari rune top mby
00:08:00paskahomovittu bala miss
00:08:16paskahomovittu bala miss
00:08:47ImAweirdo mis
00:08:56Rotkiv topss
00:09:11verybad can some1 up chick?
00:09:16paskahomovittu bala inc bot
00:09:17paskahomovittu with haste
00:09:17paskahomovittu b
00:09:21Misha coming
00:09:23paskahomovittu b
00:09:40verybad -2
00:09:49Raj abba
00:09:51Raj upgrade
00:09:58paskahomovittu nuke 1 of them
00:10:02ImAweirdo 3 top
00:10:38Misha -ms
00:10:53Nevari tuun kattelee bot
00:10:57paskahomovittu bala
00:10:58verybad k
00:12:08Raj ss
00:12:13edgarass ss2
00:12:16paskahomovittu lyca in forest btw
00:12:19paskahomovittu so care bot a bit
00:12:25paskahomovittu bala miss
00:12:25paskahomovittu care
00:12:26paskahomovittu b
00:12:28paskahomovittu all lanes care
00:12:38verybad -2
00:12:42Swagga wards would be nice
00:12:45paskahomovittu yap
00:12:55Raj consider it done
00:13:03Rotkiv topss
00:13:21Swagga 4 bot
00:13:32Swagga gays hunt in pacs
00:13:52verybad is your butt sore?
00:13:53paskahomovittu bala at top rune
00:13:56verybad after gayrape?
00:13:56Swagga yup
00:13:58Swagga gays
00:14:18Rotkiv f
00:14:21ImAweirdo go tower
00:14:23karm dont u have invi?
00:14:31Rotkiv i have ..
00:14:37karm and u dont use it because?
00:14:43Rotkiv i used it ..
00:15:30Misha coming bot
00:15:38Misha gogogogo
00:15:40Raj stop
00:15:40Raj it
00:15:42Raj tard
00:15:52paskahomovittu no
00:15:59karm miss
00:16:03paskahomovittu i dont know
00:16:06Swagga i didnt see him u ape
00:16:08Swagga fucker
00:16:23paskahomovittu how u die
00:16:24paskahomovittu if i sa
00:16:27paskahomovittu y
00:16:28paskahomovittu his coming
00:16:30Swagga cuz u blink ur ape
00:16:37paskahomovittu OK :D:D:D:D:D:
00:16:40paskahomovittu :DDDDDDDDDD
00:16:40Swagga i didnt see were he was
00:16:48paskahomovittu ;DD
00:16:56Raj 4
00:16:57Raj bot
00:16:58Raj come
00:16:59Raj ffs
00:17:01Raj bitches
00:17:02Swagga b
00:17:06Swagga abba
00:17:31paskahomovittu need all
00:18:07ImAweirdo ffs why u just run randomly?
00:19:55Misha dont
00:20:56Swagga hi
00:20:58edgarass noob
00:21:32paskahomovittu help
00:21:36Swagga help him
00:22:00paskahomovittu ca
00:22:11Raj gabnj
00:22:14Raj gank
00:22:26karm its night
00:22:28karm hard to gank
00:23:49ImAweirdo ffs
00:23:50ImAweirdo tard
00:23:52ImAweirdo team
00:23:52ImAweirdo easy
00:23:53ImAweirdo kill
00:23:55ImAweirdo fuckin
00:23:57ImAweirdo noobs
00:24:06edgarass ff
00:24:26ImAweirdo idiots
00:24:33Raj b
00:24:33Raj b
00:24:34Raj b
00:24:36Swagga nice gank u guys
00:24:44Misha get wards rhasta
00:24:55karm id say ty imba abba
00:24:55karm :D
00:25:03Swagga ty imba abba ^^
00:25:08Raj and
00:25:08Raj me
00:25:15Raj heal the whole
00:25:17Raj team
00:25:35edgarass u idiot
00:25:41edgarass lycan
00:25:47edgarass ff
00:25:58Misha lycan why u use ulti before u die?
00:26:07Swagga my frm
00:26:19paskahomovittu bala
00:26:32Nevari roosa spawnas
00:26:36Nevari pitäs käyä hakkee
00:26:39verybad mee smokel
00:26:42Nevari juu
00:26:43paskahomovittu da
00:26:59paskahomovittu spirit can tank
00:27:08paskahomovittu I take
00:27:15paskahomovittu most likely getting focused with aghaa
00:27:19Swagga kk
00:27:26Raj agha or radiance ?
00:27:29ImAweirdo idiots
00:27:30ImAweirdo u
00:27:30ImAweirdo are
00:27:35paskahomovittu atleast not radi
00:27:36paskahomovittu guinso or agha
00:28:13Swagga gj guys
00:28:15Misha I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:17Misha go ff
00:28:20ImAweirdo gj
00:28:21ImAweirdo windrunner
00:28:22ImAweirdo nice
00:28:23paskahomovittu gj
00:28:23ImAweirdo teamplay
00:28:31verybad rampage is not teamplay
00:28:33Nevari mr 0-4-1 could just STFU
00:28:48ImAweirdo ffs
00:28:50Misha buy wards rhasta
00:28:54ImAweirdo stfu
00:28:56Misha before u speak about teamplayer
00:28:59ImAweirdo im nnot playing with u anymore
00:29:01ImAweirdo thats what u get
00:29:02Nevari god
00:29:04Nevari good
00:29:05Nevari quit
00:29:07Misha u never have been playing with us
00:29:12ImAweirdo ow rly?
00:29:19karm im going into vlad next
00:29:23Swagga nice
00:29:50ImAweirdo banreq
00:29:52ImAweirdo i atacked
00:29:53ImAweirdo em first
00:29:54ImAweirdo :P
00:29:59Nevari y i sure get banned
00:30:01Swagga wards plz
00:30:01Nevari i was closer
00:30:05ImAweirdo no matter
00:30:06Nevari and u try to take em with ur fork
00:30:07ImAweirdo first to attack
00:30:08Misha go cry
00:30:09paskahomovittu 5 miss
00:30:10ImAweirdo get the creeps
00:30:10ImAweirdo :D
00:30:21Misha what a retard u are rhasta
00:30:30edgarass care
00:30:35Nevari yes and also captain can make u be a roshan ward for the whole game
00:30:40Nevari so how about it?
00:31:01Misha gj rhasta
00:31:10ImAweirdo gj gj
00:31:10ImAweirdo ;P
00:31:19Swagga my farm
00:31:24ImAweirdo captain cant make me
00:31:27ImAweirdo a roshan ward :P
00:31:29verybad lane command
00:31:33verybad for river down
00:31:38ImAweirdo there are
00:31:40ImAweirdo three lanes
00:31:43ImAweirdo top mid and bot
00:31:44ImAweirdo u say
00:31:45ImAweirdo i go
00:31:46Swagga need mana
00:31:53ImAweirdo u cant even make me forest
00:32:18Misha are u not fortfeiting?
00:32:29verybad do you see us writing ff?
00:33:09Swagga goin bkb now
00:33:28Swagga k
00:33:34Swagga im invis
00:33:42Misha lets kill
00:33:55Raj bringer
00:33:57Swagga b
00:34:21Swagga stupid
00:34:43paskahomovittu aegis gone anyway
00:35:16ImAweirdo drop items base
00:35:18ImAweirdo before sending
00:35:20ImAweirdo bird
00:35:22ImAweirdo somewhere
00:35:46paskahomovittu b
00:35:56Raj heklo
00:36:01Raj 1
00:36:44Raj invis
00:37:17paskahomovittu gj
00:37:20Swagga u 2
00:37:39edgarass care
00:37:49Raj mana
00:37:49Raj pls
00:37:53Raj ty
00:38:00Swagga omw muid
00:39:04Raj abba
00:39:05Raj ty
00:39:17Raj seriously havent seen a better abba
00:39:22Raj kept me alive all the way
00:39:25Raj ^^
00:39:48paskahomovittu lyca re
00:39:51paskahomovittu b
00:39:55Nevari I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:40:03Misha I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:40:24paskahomovittu n
00:40:25paskahomovittu b
00:40:33paskahomovittu lyca got dust ;D
00:40:37paskahomovittu cant escape him
00:40:42Swagga kk
00:41:11Swagga goin curiass now
00:41:56paskahomovittu go mid fast
00:41:57paskahomovittu 40 sek
00:41:59paskahomovittu lyca no ulti
00:42:15Nevari mullo cheesee
00:42:18Swagga omw
00:42:25Swagga any1 got tp?
00:43:10paskahomovittu gj guise
00:43:11Swagga tp
00:43:18Raj me
00:43:47Swagga b
00:43:51paskahomovittu 20 sek
00:44:02paskahomovittu k b
00:44:03Swagga b
00:44:04Raj omw
00:44:05Raj mid
00:44:07Raj with mana
00:44:09Raj and meka
00:44:14paskahomovittu b
00:44:47ImAweirdo anyway
00:44:48ImAweirdo wp
00:44:54Misha for u?
00:45:01Misha u did not buy a single ward...
00:45:03ImAweirdo what u want me to go and kill all
00:45:06ImAweirdo with rhasta
00:45:09ImAweirdo wards for what
00:45:10paskahomovittu gg
00:45:11verybad we want you not to suck dick and ass
00:45:11ImAweirdo we didnt gang
00:45:12ImAweirdo at all
00:45:12Misha buy wards and so on
00:45:13ImAweirdo ?
00:45:29verybad maybe you could just suck dick
00:45:30verybad or ass
00:45:32verybad but not both
00:45:34verybad at the same time
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