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Chat log

00:00:08aRkker GIEF RUBICK!
00:00:08New_Guy ;
00:00:16Momdsiw hope youre last pick is ralles brother
00:00:16New_Guy -magina
00:00:16aRkker he is marios brother xdxiitmylord
00:00:16Strom lol, "NEW" guy is their first pick
00:00:16Momdsiw xD
00:00:16Mario lol
00:00:16iBiT and im our last
00:00:16aRkker you propably got to ban Rubick
00:00:16aRkker tbh
00:00:16iBiT like wtf
00:00:16iBiT 8D
00:00:16Strom nah
00:00:16iBiT BBQ
00:00:16Momdsiw new hero on pool
00:00:16Strom lets risk it
00:00:16New_Guy why does they system love putting new player as cap? XD
00:00:16aRkker he will pick it
00:00:16aRkker xdxdddxdx
00:00:16McNabb ban sladar
00:00:16Strom system belives in you
00:00:16aRkker slardar*
00:00:16New_Guy its slardar
00:00:16Strom don't let it down
00:00:16New_Guy :DD..
00:00:16aRkker oh jesus
00:00:16New_Guy magina
00:00:16McNabb slardar
00:00:16aRkker good
00:00:19Momdsiw is this fair, you have last pick new and we got first pick
00:00:20aRkker knew it
00:00:27Momdsiw new player with new hero
00:00:30New_Guy x)
00:00:34Momdsiw and name is new guy
00:00:42DeMiaN what are new hero spell ?
00:00:49New_Guy get pugna and wd
00:00:49New_Guy pls
00:00:58New_Guy pugna and wd = ty
00:01:02aRkker lich ulti copied gg
00:01:07DeMiaN swap wd ?
00:01:20DeMiaN disney jerkku ?
00:01:23McNabb ogre
00:01:23DeMiaN can play wd ?
00:01:26Jerkku i can
00:01:30McNabb good
00:01:33DeMiaN sweet
00:01:36Jerkku what u wantt
00:01:41DeMiaN hmmm
00:01:42DeMiaN mort
00:01:45Momdsiw have you ever played that new hero?
00:01:51DeMiaN -swap 5
00:01:52Momdsiw new guy
00:01:53New_Guy i know how to handle him
00:01:53New_Guy dw
00:01:54Jerkku -swap 3
00:02:02Momdsiw take lich ulti and boom boom
00:02:02Dizney can i jungle ?
00:02:03McNabb krob?
00:02:09McNabb lion
00:02:13New_Guy you should lane
00:02:13New_Guy with wd
00:02:15Momdsiw is it possible to take void ulti
00:02:17DeMiaN y
00:02:18New_Guy yap
00:02:19DeMiaN pugna bot
00:02:20DeMiaN ?
00:02:23New_Guy no
00:02:27New_Guy pugna mort good lane
00:02:31DeMiaN ok
00:02:32DeMiaN pugna
00:02:36DeMiaN let me farm pls ?
00:02:40Momdsiw why you take mort
00:02:41McNabb rhasta bot
00:02:45New_Guy hf
00:02:45Momdsiw tell me why
00:02:49New_Guy just play
00:02:51New_Guy and chill
00:02:51New_Guy men
00:02:53New_Guy dont fight
00:02:53Momdsiw make bkb first item
00:02:56DeMiaN we need a carry mb ?
00:03:02Momdsiw you need bkb fast
00:03:05McNabb imba lanes
00:03:08DeMiaN i know i know
00:03:09DeMiaN chill
00:03:09Dizney i make vang. hood.
00:03:13Momdsiw no
00:03:15Momdsiw they have so much disable
00:03:23Dizney aradiance then ?
00:03:27Momdsiw yes
00:03:29DeMiaN go dagger
00:03:31Dizney k
00:03:35Momdsiw oh
00:03:37Momdsiw you mean
00:03:38Momdsiw yourself
00:03:39Momdsiw :D
00:03:41Momdsiw i tyhought
00:03:46Momdsiw you said for mort
00:03:54Dizney me yes
00:03:57Momdsiw just make vang hood
00:04:05Momdsiw vang dagger then hood maybe
00:04:06Momdsiw and pipe
00:04:09Dizney y
00:05:02aRkker sry :z
00:05:10aRkker was a bit asleep
00:05:37Momdsiw ill pull
00:05:44Momdsiw oh
00:05:54Dizney :/
00:06:01Dizney hope stun would return to him
00:06:19New_Guy up chick pls
00:06:25Strom lol
00:06:26aRkker -msa
00:06:37Dizney doc we kil when u come bacj
00:06:57Strom wdm is
00:07:10Momdsiw asd
00:07:22Momdsiw my bad
00:07:24Momdsiw too slow decre
00:07:30aRkker h4st3
00:07:33McNabb ss mid
00:07:35McNabb going top
00:07:37Jerkku cent
00:07:40Jerkku lets take void
00:07:40aRkker lets kill him
00:07:44Momdsiw eat tango
00:07:52Momdsiw buy roh
00:08:00New_Guy void miss
00:08:01New_Guy no?
00:08:18Momdsiw let push
00:09:00New_Guy ss lich
00:09:19Strom blah
00:09:20McNabb how can u lose top?
00:09:21Momdsiw What a out play by momdsiw
00:09:22aRkker ok that was quite
00:09:27Strom imba bounces
00:09:28aRkker straight forward so to say
00:09:34McNabb ss
00:09:37aRkker .2 bot
00:10:24DeMiaN not smart
00:10:27DeMiaN but ty for trying
00:10:35Momdsiw ye they were otu of spells
00:10:37Momdsiw only ignite on you
00:10:46DeMiaN i could blink on u
00:10:47DeMiaN to escape
00:10:51DeMiaN but whatever
00:10:59Momdsiw you cant blink on decre then?
00:11:01McNabb ss mid
00:11:35Dizney stun!
00:11:37Dizney gogo
00:11:39aRkker gonna go regen a bit
00:11:58Dizney doc u start it !
00:11:59New_Guy ogre mid
00:12:04Momdsiw kk
00:12:29DeMiaN omg
00:12:31DeMiaN so fucking
00:12:34DeMiaN imba luck
00:13:03aRkker -2 bot
00:13:08Mario MISS TOP
00:13:20Mario re mort
00:13:29aRkker :/
00:13:32aRkker you could've TP'd bot
00:13:37Momdsiw Täältä tulee teini ninja
00:13:40Strom if I had a tp
00:13:43DeMiaN i can't farm solo vs 2
00:13:44Momdsiw tower
00:13:51DeMiaN especially magi lion
00:13:54aRkker I don't have money for one either
00:13:58Momdsiw dagger farm
00:14:00Momdsiw ??
00:14:09Dizney y
00:14:29Momdsiw hes oom
00:14:59Momdsiw push top tower
00:15:08New_Guy :D
00:15:33McNabb inc top
00:15:37McNabb b
00:15:38aRkker rubick was bot
00:15:43aRkker he has my jump then
00:16:01Strom 5 top
00:16:21Jerkku rofl
00:16:29Strom i come kill mort
00:16:32Momdsiw mid twr
00:16:56DeMiaN FF-_-
00:16:57Strom couldn't risk blink
00:17:03Momdsiw fuck
00:17:09Jerkku gank
00:17:11aRkker np
00:17:22Momdsiw 0-5 mort blah
00:17:38Momdsiw so useful pick
00:17:44New_Guy ?
00:17:48aRkker got mah ulti
00:17:53Strom coming bot
00:17:54Momdsiw 0-5 mort
00:17:57Momdsiw useful
00:18:02Strom wd saw me
00:18:07DeMiaN 4assist mort
00:18:11DeMiaN that's usefull ya
00:18:48McNabb fu
00:18:55New_Guy :D
00:18:58McNabb :D
00:19:00Momdsiw Lol
00:19:10Jerkku rofl
00:19:10DeMiaN PUGNA
00:19:12DeMiaN RLY ?
00:19:15DeMiaN RETARd ?
00:19:16Momdsiw :D
00:19:17New_Guy he has no mana
00:19:18New_Guy noob
00:19:18aRkker ilma
00:19:26McNabb b
00:19:33aRkker ilmane wardi*
00:19:48McNabb need to push some towers
00:19:52McNabb with rhasta wards
00:19:54Momdsiw arkker kunno pelastaja
00:20:02DeMiaN wd wards mb ?
00:20:09aRkker kyy
00:21:02aRkker care
00:21:02iBiT illus
00:21:25McNabb lol
00:21:28aRkker ward
00:22:04Jerkku b
00:22:14Jerkku take top tower
00:22:21aRkker mee vittuu sen keppis kans
00:22:27Momdsiw ?
00:22:29McNabb gank top
00:22:33Momdsiw ai wartsun
00:22:35aRkker nii
00:22:56Momdsiw Itekku pelaa täl se tuntuu nii turhalta
00:23:00Momdsiw Mut sit ku vihuil tää
00:23:03Momdsiw nii tuntuu iha överiltä
00:23:28New_Guy (
00:23:39McNabb tower
00:24:04New_Guy b
00:24:05New_Guy lich ulti
00:24:15aRkker didn't have damn ultimana
00:24:17aRkker like 5 short
00:24:28McNabb lol
00:24:30Jerkku tower
00:24:45McNabb we got rhasta and we have 0 towers
00:24:47McNabb ?!?!??!!
00:24:50McNabb push fucking mid
00:24:59Momdsiw some1 pipe?
00:25:00Momdsiw i go meka
00:25:04New_Guy i can
00:25:05New_Guy in some time
00:25:08Dizney i go pipe !
00:25:09DeMiaN cent after dagger ?
00:25:11New_Guy centaur
00:25:13New_Guy go useful
00:25:14New_Guy items
00:25:16New_Guy like radi
00:25:18Dizney k
00:25:19Dizney k
00:25:22McNabb gather
00:25:23McNabb mid
00:25:23McNabb go
00:25:28Momdsiw cent complete vang
00:25:32Dizney i will
00:25:33Strom we have zero vision
00:25:41aRkker but loads of wards!
00:25:42McNabb got wards
00:26:02Jerkku mid!
00:26:12aRkker centa hs blink
00:26:13aRkker carefuil
00:26:33Strom I'm b
00:26:37New_Guy got wards
00:26:38New_Guy :D
00:26:40Jerkku imba ulti
00:26:41Momdsiw :D
00:26:44Momdsiw push?
00:26:47New_Guy go tank
00:26:48Dizney 2 late
00:27:01McNabb lol
00:27:01Momdsiw 'xD
00:27:13McNabb imba lion
00:27:15Momdsiw fujck
00:27:15McNabb no ulti
00:27:25McNabb ff
00:27:27Momdsiw i blocked with my ward
00:27:28aRkker he would've died himself too
00:27:45Momdsiw got meka now
00:27:56New_Guy i love
00:27:57New_Guy this hero
00:27:57Momdsiw come
00:27:58Momdsiw for meka
00:27:58New_Guy for sure
00:28:06aRkker PA needs to die
00:28:10Dizney oom !
00:28:26New_Guy got hood now
00:28:27Dizney im baclk
00:28:33Dizney i regen my mana..4
00:28:38New_Guy me too
00:28:39New_Guy :D
00:28:41Momdsiw stole chens creep skill
00:28:45Momdsiw can you keep creeps
00:28:46New_Guy ?
00:28:48Momdsiw after take new ulti
00:28:48Momdsiw .D
00:28:51New_Guy dno
00:28:58Momdsiw some micro :D
00:29:03Strom letsk ill pa
00:29:08aRkker he can read our chat
00:29:12aRkker chathack 2011
00:29:19Momdsiw its nice to play dota after big updates :P
00:29:31Dizney pugna build new item :)
00:29:34McNabb mid
00:29:45New_Guy go
00:30:15McNabb i dont get this
00:31:14New_Guy first curse then dagon :p
00:31:19Jerkku i know
00:31:25McNabb farm bot void
00:31:27New_Guy and we shouldnt towerdive like that :D
00:31:28Jerkku i paniced
00:31:38DeMiaN yeah
00:31:47DeMiaN our lvl is too low to tower dive like that
00:31:53New_Guy nice courier:D
00:32:11McNabb :D
00:32:16McNabb nab
00:32:16Dizney lol
00:32:29McNabb b
00:32:30McNabb all
00:32:35McNabb turtle this
00:32:49Jerkku tower bot
00:32:56DeMiaN omw
00:33:22New_Guy then rosh
00:33:27New_Guy get vladi
00:33:28New_Guy mort
00:33:34DeMiaN bkb first
00:33:38New_Guy get vladi and lets rosh
00:33:43Momdsiw wd can heal
00:33:45DeMiaN cent can tank
00:33:54McNabb they rosh
00:33:55Strom they rosh
00:34:02aRkker u liek twin brothers or wut?
00:34:03Momdsiw wd heal
00:34:10New_Guy they cxom,ing
00:34:16aRkker b
00:34:16aRkker b
00:34:18aRkker get back
00:34:20aRkker we're not all there
00:34:26New_Guy now just gank
00:34:27New_Guy and win
00:34:43New_Guy pipe inc
00:34:48Strom lich, give armor to everyone
00:34:50McNabb turtle is fun:-/
00:34:51Strom especially void and ogre
00:34:56DeMiaN wards would help
00:35:12DeMiaN my farm top
00:35:13Momdsiw i shop
00:35:13DeMiaN pls
00:35:18aRkker saw
00:35:34McNabb klamt
00:35:59Strom funny, I got shackled
00:37:06Strom def that rax
00:37:07Strom at all costs
00:37:11Strom dont chase
00:37:13Strom def rax
00:37:17New_Guy got lich ulti
00:37:20Momdsiw :P
00:37:25Strom I suicided to distract them
00:37:28Strom wouldn't want to loose it
00:38:00Momdsiw we didnt get even rax
00:38:08aRkker ghost scepter for all yer int heroes btw
00:38:12aRkker against pa
00:38:31McNabb care
00:38:44Strom lol that ward is strong
00:38:46aRkker cast something else
00:38:46aRkker fast
00:38:47aRkker lich
00:38:48aRkker armor
00:38:49aRkker something
00:38:53aRkker so he won't copy ur ulti again
00:39:03DeMiaN got vang now
00:39:03McNabb well
00:39:07Strom that pugna ward needs to get taken out fast
00:39:10Strom it always kills me
00:39:11New_Guy jump them
00:39:14New_Guy when u see
00:39:33Strom dont focus cent jesus
00:39:44Dizney lol
00:39:47Momdsiw im in :D
00:40:07aRkker inc a certain PA
00:40:08Strom lol
00:40:09Dizney lol
00:40:11McNabb wtf?!??!?!
00:40:11Strom nice suicide
00:40:11Momdsiw Luulin eka et arkker tehny refun :D
00:40:37McNabb f
00:40:39McNabb I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:40:44DeMiaN b now
00:40:49DeMiaN no greed
00:41:15Momdsiw if ogre stuns 4x multi
00:41:21Momdsiw can you steal 4x multi stun :D
00:41:24New_Guy dno:D
00:41:34Momdsiw i bet theres some "bugs"
00:41:41Momdsiw with that ulti
00:42:34Strom tp bot
00:42:43Strom tp bot
00:42:48Strom tp bot
00:42:48Strom tp bot
00:42:49New_Guy D
00:42:49Strom tp bot
00:42:53Strom how many times do I have to say that
00:42:55McNabb imba
00:42:56Dizney killrax
00:42:56New_Guy HIT
00:42:57New_Guy rAX
00:42:59McNabb arkker of doom
00:43:00Dizney wtf!
00:43:02DeMiaN too close
00:43:06New_Guy KUILL
00:43:07New_Guy VOID
00:43:07Strom meatwagon
00:43:08New_Guy wtf
00:43:09New_Guy ..
00:43:20Jerkku rax
00:43:22Jerkku easily
00:43:22Momdsiw range rax
00:43:25Momdsiw melee too
00:43:34Strom thuis ogre
00:43:39Strom cares more about his life than raxes
00:43:44Mario yep
00:43:58DeMiaN what item u want me to get
00:44:01DeMiaN radi ?
00:44:02New_Guy mbk
00:44:03New_Guy mkb
00:44:05DeMiaN k
00:44:25Strom rosh alive
00:44:57Momdsiw Vitun arkkeri :<
00:45:00Dizney i went in to safe u guys
00:45:02McNabb bøsse diz hvorfor altid mig:D
00:45:12McNabb arkker
00:45:13Strom its dead
00:45:14aRkker they just took it
00:45:15McNabb rosh
00:45:15McNabb go
00:45:17Dizney lol har slet ikke set dig
00:45:17Momdsiw iha pyllystä ku ei osata mennä viidel
00:45:18aRkker they just took it
00:45:19McNabb oh
00:45:26Momdsiw Pa tarvii lisää läskiä
00:45:28Dizney sidder og ser Handcock.. i TV
00:45:34McNabb Zzzzz
00:45:35Dizney og owner jer imens
00:45:46McNabb den nye hero er dybt godnat
00:45:47Momdsiw why we cant go with 5
00:45:49Momdsiw pa only wants farm
00:45:51Momdsiw some x
00:45:52New_Guy :D
00:45:55Strom that pugna ward is hurting me so much it's unbelivable
00:45:56Momdsiw he never with us
00:46:17DeMiaN just go 5 when ur alive
00:46:20DeMiaN got aegys
00:46:25Jerkku all bot
00:46:32Jerkku all bot and take melee rax
00:46:34aRkker it's usually so well hidden in combats
00:46:38aRkker that I can't find it
00:46:39Strom yea
00:46:40aRkker it's 3 hits from me
00:46:46Strom well you shouldn't really hunt it that much
00:46:50Strom you should focus on heroes
00:46:52aRkker ofc
00:46:53Momdsiw what spell you have now
00:46:55aRkker but I always try to look for it
00:46:56New_Guy none
00:46:57aRkker if it's close
00:47:00Momdsiw k
00:47:00aRkker if not, kill enemies
00:47:08Dizney just getting relic
00:47:26DeMiaN ok go bot all 5
00:47:31DeMiaN but don't stack
00:47:34Momdsiw cent tank it
00:47:36DeMiaN for void
00:47:36Strom wood fight good with lich ulti
00:47:59aRkker Im ead
00:48:10aRkker fucking spell steal piece of shit
00:48:17Momdsiw dam
00:48:18Momdsiw you won
00:48:18Momdsiw me
00:48:19Jerkku gg
00:48:19McNabb yep
00:48:20New_Guy :p
00:48:20Momdsiw 2-3
00:48:20DeMiaN gg
00:48:25aRkker I always try to ulti and then jump
00:48:26McNabb that hero is instant ban next time
00:48:28aRkker but this time it was a little too late
00:48:29New_Guy <3 rubick
00:48:30aRkker I told you to ban it
00:48:33aRkker please die in a fire.
00:48:36New_Guy :D
00:48:39aRkker no, die to a flu rather.
00:48:39Strom imo that hero is small part of their vicotyr
00:48:43Strom pugna ward destroyedo ur 4 int
00:48:44aRkker fucks me over
00:48:49aRkker which is one of our key heroes to have alive
00:49:08Momdsiw that rubick looks bit like mort
00:49:11Momdsiw from behind
00:49:12Momdsiw .D
00:49:17Momdsiw same cape
00:49:22Jerkku :D
00:49:23McNabb gg
00:49:24Jerkku y
00:49:26aRkker bg*
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